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In 2016 New Jersey, Blacks Represent 13% of the Population of the State and 72 Percent of Homicide Suspects
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The statistics are right there, if you just know where to look. New Jersey is a 59 percent white state. Its population is 13 percent black.

The 2016 New Jersey Uniform Crime Report provides an interesting look at violent crime in the 59 percent white state. 

  • There were 205 arrests for homicide in the state in 2016. In 205 arrests for homicide where police identified race, blacks represented 147 of those suspects arrested.
  • Though they represent just 13 percent of the state population, in 2016 New Jersey, blacks were 72 percent of homicide suspects…

Per capita…

Despite being…


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  1. They are an alien, incompatible species and must be removed from our midst.

    • Replies: @Augustus
    , @Trevor
  2. o.72/0.13×0.87/0.28 = 17.2x overrepresentation “per capita”.

  3. I wonder what the real rate of Black on White Crime is.

    The majority of Whites live away from large concentrations of Africans.

    If you remove those people from consideration, how close to singularity, a 1 – 1 situation if you will, of probability to be a victim when you live around Africans ?

    You can’t get bit by a shark if you never swim in the ocean

    And when you remove the young and the old, just what exactly is the Per Capita Rate?

  4. @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    It’s like an old Simpsons joke.

    Wiggum: (shaking head) “We may never know what prompted the attacker.”

    Lou: “Chief, he said he hated Whites.”

    Wiggum: (still shaking head) “We’ll never know.”

    • LOL: 95Theses
  5. D-FENS says:

    A new agitprop organization has sprung up. Race to Dinner encourages White women to host a dinner for “women of color” in order to acknowledge systemic racism of Whites.

  6. Anonymous[498] • Disclaimer says:


    Just making a prediction. I know a lot of you have sworn off any and all forms of popular entertainment, but there has been a HBO miniseries called “Chernobyl” about the disaster of the same name that has been getting widespread praise. I won’t say more about its merits than I think it’s really well done and actually dares to suggest that Soviet communism wasn’t a good thing.

    That being said, it’s only a matter of time before the praise for this series gets to a point before the SJW backlash starts in full force, and not because it doesn’t sugarcoat communism. Since it’s trying to be a somewhat accurate portrayal of events that took place in the Soviet Union in 1986, that means that there have been absolutely no blacks (or people of color for that matter) in the cast through the first four episodes that have aired (only one remains). Watching the show, I actually expected a black nuclear physicist to show up at any moment and be the one to figure out what went wrong (I guess there’s still time for that to happen in the last episode, especially if any non-Russians are ever shown).

    So next week, after this show wraps up on Monday night, I expect a bunch of “woke” articles to get published on the usual sites calling for people to temper their critical acclaim of the show on account of the stunning lack of diversity of the cast. “Lack of diversity” in 2019 in any entertainment venture (which more specifically means “no blacks”) is tantamount to failure. I remember Paul posting on his old site about similar articles criticizing the movie “Dunkirk” a few years back, and even that movie went out of its way to show a few black French-Algerian soldiers in one scene. So save for them rewriting history and having a black Soviet scientist show up to save the day in the last episode, I’m expecting the criticism of “Chernobyl” to start soon. The outraged won’t be able to criticize the acting, the writing, or the direction, so they’ll essentially be upset that the series was allowed to be made.

    • Replies: @luludog
    , @Anonymous0619
    , @Noman
  7. Augustus says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Subspecies, Rational, subspecies. Species sounds too equal. 😉

  8. So, New Jersey is sort of a microcosm for the country. Running around 13%, which is considered the percentage of Africans in America, they are responsible for 70-80% of the crime problem in the state. That reflects equally the average of the country.

    Also, the state is unofficially segregated by property value and property tax. You don’t have a lot of riff-raff blacks in the nicer areas of Bergen, Essex or Morris county. You also don’t get a lot of blacks in the rural areas of the state (Nothing to steal).

    We have conceded many of the formerly productive cities to contain them. Newark, the Oranges, Paterson, Jersey City, Trenton, Camden… all of them worthy of an airstrike. Black majority, black leadership, black policing. The trifecta.

    So yes it’s true, most of the crime numbers, state and national, are black on black. When whites venture in amongst the blacks, they become part of the statistical database. What puts them there? Work, court(always in heavy black areas), white kids buying drugs, and commuting would be my best guess. What puts blacks in the white areas is simpler. Opportunity.

    Civilized people become complacent. They just do. We build a good life and forget we have to defend it occasionally. Blacks build nothing and never become complacent. They never stop looking for their next meal ticket because they never have a plan for the future. At least other than the gibs they receive from the government. That’s their baseline. Everything they can make on top of that through theft or intimidation is gravy. That’s their day to day existence.

    NJ is also one of the most corrupt states in the union. We gladly send you Cory Booker. Short term Newark mayor after the hugely corrupt Sharpe James destroyed what remained of that city from 86-06. Newark was just a stepping stone for Cory. He thinks he’s gonna be president. Not sure how the blacks will receive him though. Hell promise more free shit but he’s an Oreo for sure(black on the outside) but he’s never lived in a black neighborhood in his privileged life. Mom and dad were in the right place at the right time for AA hires when IBM was looking to show how diverse they were. Kid grew up in Harrington Park. I’m sure the neighbors were ecstatic.

    There’s also Bob Menendez. Under investigation for corruption and still gets re-elected. You can’t make this stuff up.

    Shirt of a civil uprising, there will never be sane, qualified leadership in this state. We’ve been doomed for 80 years or so. I forget the reasons but yeah, we’re doomed.

    On the bright side, no one pays attention to the gun laws. They say ‘turn them in’ and walk away with egg knowledge their face. Tried it with ‘assault rifles’ some years back. Huge embarrassment for them.

    Too many people living off the government tit to ever allow the vote to swing in a positive direction.

    Personally, I think anyone on government handouts should not be allowed to vote.

    But that makes sense so forget I said it.

    • Replies: @NowInFlorida
    , @Noman
  9. Trevor says:
    @Mr. Rational

    As I was browsing the Internet yesterday while leaving a page I caught a news blurb about a 9-year old arrested for murder in Baltimore.

    I could not find it again nor with a Google search. However the Google search turned up numerous cases of 11,12,13, and 14 year olds of both sexes committing murder just in Baltimore. The victims are often babies and elderly.

    Unlike white children they are fully grown predators and already procreating at these low chronological ages. Their behavior is totally unlike white or Asian children.

    Based on behavior and morphology alone they are certainly an alien species.

    There is a YouTube comment explaining that their DNA is less complex than whites or Asians indicating a more primitive creature. They have no Neanderthal or Denisovan DNA as do the white and Asian “races”. But they do have a significant amount of DNA from “ghost” species of unidentified animals and unidentified proto humans that whites and Asians do not have.

    Experts in the fields of medicine, genetics, anthropology, and others know that there are real differences that they cannot talk about because of PC. James Watson the foremost geneticist of our time was crucified for hinting at it.

    The ability that some have to somewhat function in this country is likely due mostly to their hybridization with whites over generations.

  10. Only 72%? I would have figured it was much higher.

    Good news in Asbury Park, however. The gays and developers have pushed them back across the tracks into Neptune. Less than ten percent on the boardwalk on Memorial Day. Beautiful there now with the most obnoxious people being young white drunks.

  11. @Baron Munchhausen

    As you know the DoJ no longer publishes useful raw data; besides, what would get YOU ten for “hate crime” is not even counted when BellCurvious does it to you.
    So, from the slightly dated crunches of Edward K. Sims:

    – From a spike in the lower 1990s (“crack wars”) murders dropped sharply over all demographics and continue to, except in blacks who steadily rise since 2006, with marked steps for O´Bummer and Ferguson.
    – 3/4 of black violent offenders are male 16-24; the sharp drop at 25 is present in Whites too, but black geezers are still slightly more violent than White yoof.
    – Blacks murder Whites 20x more often than the reverse (per capita, probably worse now)
    (In absolute numbers they still murder a lot more blacks unlike, say, rape; for every yoof self-defended by wayciss YT – i.e. whose life “matters” – over 40 are killed by their own)
    Gang assault, >300x
    Rape, >1000x (i.e. the reverse does not happen)
    (National averages, a correction for “proximity” is not feasible; IOW if you see blacks, the probability is already higher 😀 )
    – Urbanization raises violent crime by a factor of slightly over 10, i.e. rural blacks are only slightly more violent than urban Whites.
    – For big cities, the correlation between % blacks and murder rate is r=+0.77
    (0.2 = “weak”, 0.4 “significant” and 0.6 “alarming”)
    – Correlation with ambient temperature is good.

    Other than that, it is things beyond your control:
    – blonde cheerleader just refused to blow him (amazingly common motive)
    – wrong president
    – right president
    – bad shoe day
    – “unarmed teen” has just been self-defended (RED FLAG!)
    In absolute numbers urban black rates fluctuate between ~20 and 70 per 100.000 and year.
    Rural White background ~0.7
    Oh, and “race of offender unknown” means “NAM”.

    Armed with the above and the publicly available stats (they may be able to hide the racial assaults but not the bodies) you should be able to get a rough picture.

    – All ezzes I could give are obvious and have already been repeated here countless times.
    Hope this helps 😉

    • Agree: Augustus
  12. Glock45 says:

    A new agitprop organization has sprung up. Race to Dinner encourages White women to host a dinner for “women of color” in order to acknowledge systemic racism of Whites.

    I laughed hysterically, because this just shows how out of touch these people are.

    If I were to guess, the people who put this “Race to Dinner” together were all shitlib whites who live in comfy suburbia, far, far away from blacks, and who believe their own lies that your average, everyday, Laquisha, is some wise sage-like negress, who actually has thoughts to contribute to a “conversation about race” in America, and that, hosting these Laquishas to some dinner at your house will effect some sort of “change.”

    Yes, please do so! Host your stupid, virtue-signalling dinner to acknowledge “systemic racism.” Invite a bunch of Laquishas into your comfy white suburban homes.

    Go ahead and see what happens!!

    Maybe they will bring their boy friends and keeedz too and destroy your homes and lives. Sorry, but this late in the game, these virtue-signalling, self-hating whites DESERVE any pain and suffering they get.

  13. These “people” are a plague. We need a homeland.

    • Replies: @Noman
  14. Police video show black mobs attacking whites in Baltimore during Memorial Day weekend.
    And, of course, they turn on each other.

  15. Dem niggaz sho’ ‘nuf be a lot mo’ woke in Jersey dan in Norf Carolina.

  16. CENTURION says: • Website

    And while these vapid stupid white “womyn” are hosting the uppity negresses, the “sistahs” will be ripping off every room in your house and sending photos to their “men” to show how to break in, steak everything, and fuck the white women………………..

    • Agree: Anonymous0619
  17. Thanks for the new site D-FENS. is a hoot, just another racial socialist program and should be a real eye-opener for the “Beckys” out there. Sure enough the program director for this verbal abuse on white women is a mudshark (with really bad tattoos), Jessica Majerus. The great thing about this site is that you can schedule to host a dinner online. I have scheduled 5 so far using the names of white women killed by blacks recently. I urge everyone here to do the same and it even lets you leave remarks on their page. Maybe we can make them “feel our pain”…

  18. luludog says:

    There were blacks in Chernobyl – the coal miners were black when the soldiers came to pick them up.

  19. @Anonymous

    I saw a preview for that. It looked very interesting. Almost like a horror movie trailer…except it really happened.

  20. @D-FENS

    Thanks for the link. I “contacted ” them and asked them about the 70% single motherhood rate and their thoughts in the 6% ( black males) committing 54% of homicides. Pretty sure I won’t be hearing back from them

    • Replies: @Bruce County
    , @Loren
  21. @D-FENS

    Race to Dinner

    Race2Dinner should make certain to have plenty of to-go plates. When the dinner is over Tawanda, LaShonda & Co will load up a weeks worth of leftovers. I’ve never seen any of them leave an event without six plates of food piled so high they can’t see over it.

  22. @Anonymous0619

    The comments on the “Daily Mail” website’s version of this article appear to be evenly split between “His was a mission of justice, regardless of the means” and, “How can you judge someone’s behaviour in the past, against the current, modern standard of behaviour?”
    Or, put more plainly:
    “You shouldn’t hold a corrupt, whoremongering, Negro, accountable for his transgressions.
    Because, that was a different time.”
    Kinda like slavery.

    • Replies: @Anonymous0619
  23. @Baron Munchhausen

    I often wonder the same thing myself, Baron.
    Homicide clearance rates are notoriously low in Africanized, American cities.

    • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  24. @Rich fleming

    I just did the same .. I asked if i could see a criminal record check on the women that will be coming to my home.
    Every one here needs to flood this site.

  25. CENTURION says: • Website

    I feel sorry for this World.

  26. CENTURION says: • Website

    There is another “shooting”and you will notice THEY DO NOT MENTION the name nor race of the killer…………..That means he/she is NOT White.

  27. Anon[249] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m calling it!

    Black male.


    2 prior DWI’s.

    1 prior DV.

    Just lost an EEO claim… With prejudice! 😉

    • Replies: @Trevor
    , @Loren
  28. Noman says:

    “Race to Dinner”, of course, whites will have to organize, fund, and host the dinner.
    Probably pay transportation costs as well.
    Black women only need to bring their anger and appetite.

    Have Popeye’s cater the dinner?

  29. @Jim in Jersey

    I fled New Jersey for Florida. You should too.

  30. Noman says:

    HBO, Netflix, et al. are propaganda organs of the Master Race.
    “With all due respect: Stalin-approving Russians don’t want to live in his time – poll”

    “However, a new survey by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM), showed that only 5% of Russians would want [to live in] in Stalin’s era during the times of mass repressions, industrialization and WWII.”

    In America they are pulling down Confederate statues.
    In former USSR they are pulling down Soviet statues.
    Soviet heroes like Felix Dzerzhinsky, which, for some strange reason, was erected at a university (maybe it was a Soviet “reeducation center” back in the day.).

    “Students campaign for removal of campus monument to ‘father’ of Soviet KGB ”

    ” Students have petitioned the president of Russia’s Higher School of Economics for the removal of a monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky, head of the first Soviet security police who oversaw mass persecution after the 1917 revolution.

    In a letter from students, Dzerzhinsky is described as “a founder of the Soviet system of state terror.” It refers to his monument on the school campus as a “justification of terrorism” that “casts a slur on the school’s reputation.”

    Dzerzhinsky led the Cheka (All-Russian Emergency Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage) security police after the 1917 October Revolution until 1922 – a period referred to by historians as the Red Terror. It was marked by mass repression and the killing of any perceived counterrevolutionary elements, which resulted in tens of thousands of deaths.”

  31. Noman says:
    @Blue Juice

    Site goes off line in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.

    Still slaves in their heads. Depending on someone else to do for them. Being useful tools serving the social reformers and loan sharks.

  32. Noman says:
    @Fed up in middle America

    You don’t get a homeland. That concept is reserved for the Master Race, because Yahweh said so thousands of years ago.

  33. Noman says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    Then you have the Republicunts, like former NJ Governor Tom Kean, chairman of the 9/11 Lies Commission.
    Lived in NJ for work. Now retired in the almost opposite Nevada, except for the political corruption, which is endemic to the ZUSA.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  34. Loren says:
    @Rich fleming right……6% is all men of color…3% is the 15-50yr olds….the high Testosterone group.

  35. @Blue Juice

    What a great idea! I left ten entries for them. Anyone care to top that? 😁

    • Replies: @Loren
  36. AceDeuce says:

    I was in a large urban area recently, and I picked up a local newspaper, a once-quality product now reduced and devolved into a dumbed-down, cucked out shell of itself, Like most of it’s kind that are still surviving, the content ran thusly:

    20% general schoolmarm flailing and lecturing on how white=bad and nonwhite=good.

    10% personalized attacks on individual badwhites-from Donald Trump to Kate Smith to Thomas Jefferson to BBQ Becky, mixed with puff pieces lionizing blacks/browns and their “schtruggles”.

    10% “entertainment”-covering TV shows, movies, and books that lecture that white=bad and nonwhite=good.

    10% dredging up past history in a biased, slanted, one-sided way to further reinforce white=bad and nonwhite=good.

    The other 50% consisted of news stories basically covering how nonwhites were, in one capacity or another, destroying the city in real time.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  37. @Blue Juice

    What can I say? You inspired me to do the same. My first one was Channon Christian (r.i.p. to her and Christopher Newsome) . If you don’t recognize their names, Google them. I also left 5 invites from 4 other dead whites murdered by blacks along with a rather lengthy email about my feelings towards their site. Cannot wait to never get a response.

  38. Perhaps hosting this lovely dinner party will help you realize your wrongs.

  39. Trevor says:

    His name is DeWayne. That says black right there.

  40. @The Bland Enchilada

    “How can you judge someone’s behaviour in the past, against the current, modern standard of behaviour?”

    I wonder how many of the people defending Martin Luther Kang with that logic were previously screaming for Robert E Lee and Thomas Jefferson to be erased from our history? 🤔

    • Replies: @D-FENS
  41. gkruz says:

    Stop this constant cucking for Asians. They are no friends of Whites and present a differet sort of threat to us than blacks or hispanics, one that may be even more fatal in the long run.

  42. Loren says:

    2 prior DWI’s.

    1 prior DV.

    what are they?

    • Replies: @Anon
  43. Loren says:

    Mrs deWayne, widow of serial killer.

  44. @Glock45

    There could be a lot of fun scheduling abuse dinners with the Race2Dinner” idots and just never showing up, or having it a KFC and never showing up, or sending them to an landfill address, and the possibilities are endless. I think I might go with having them show up and pointing them to a small table outside on the back porch while real people dinner is held inside.

  45. Loren says:

    wiki–The perpetrator was DeWayne Craddock, a public utilities worker for the city.
    Some reports allege he was fired from his job the day prior to the shooting.[10] The suspect died after a gunfight with the police

    Wiki has yet to make a page for DWC.

  46. Just use your data to establish an index number for each state (NJ; 72% black homicide suspects/13% black population = 5.5 Vibrancy Index) higher the number the worse off your state.
    This index can be calculated for any size political entity, state, county, city, town, whatever. Should chart easily as well. Handy shorthand figure to know about anywhere you are thinking about moving to or visiting.

    • Replies: @L in TX
  47. Loren says:

    At tonight’s news conference about the Virginia Beach shooting, police chief James Cervera said he would only say the gunman’s name once: “Then he will be forever referred to as ‘the suspect.’ “

  48. Anon[249] • Disclaimer says:

    Feelin’ 7-Up, I’m feelin’ 7-Up! These suspooks are suspooky! Couple attacked? A couple of what were attacked?

    Suspects sought in brutal attack on couple in downtown Baltimore

    Police: Couple attacked by juveniles at Inner Harbor Friday night

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) – Baltimore City Police are seeking up to seven suspects in the brutal attack of a young couple outside a downtown restaurant one week ago.

    Police say the unprovoked attack occurred around 10:30 last Friday night in the 200 block of Light Street near Harborplace.

    According to an incident report, both victims were transported to Shock Trauma where the woman was treated for severe injuries to her eye and face. Witnesses found her unconscious and bleeding on the sidewalk.

    Baltimore Police Colonel Richard Worley says “You see the couple walk out and they had no idea the kids are there and you see them come from the right and it’s just one after another and they just attack them and they fall to the ground and they’re standing over them beating them and kicking them.”

    Col. Worley adds “it was a vicious attack and unprovoked. The couple were walking to their car…and out of the side came six to eight juveniles, young adults and they just viciously attacked them. They said nothing, just punched and kicked them.”

    Meantime, Baltimore Police say they plan on deploying a similar number of officers at the Inner Harbor this weekend as they did last weekend when hundreds of teenagers jammed downtown streets.

    Body-worn cameras show teens running down streets and, in some cases, assaulting other teenagers.

    Six young people were arrested either for assault or disorderly conduct.

    Col. Worley says officers “will be stationed throughout the harbor strategically in different locations to address any issues that arise.”

    Despite altercations involving young people last weekend at the Inner Harbor, Col. Worley says that should not discourage anyone from visiting downtown this weekend, including teenagers.

  49. @AceDeuce

    That’s pretty much the entire mass media in microcosm, except for the part about nonwhites destroying cities. Normally that’s given short shrift. Doesn’t fit The Narrative.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @Glock45
  50. @Trevor

    There it is, in a nutshell.

    And our glorious leaders know it. They just don’t know what to do about it. So they’re improvising and came up with this plan to promote race mixing as a means to raise Black civility and IQ. They don’t really know if this will work or whether the ultimate outcome will be deleterious due to the simultaneous lowering of White civility and IQ. So they’re crossing their fingers and praying.

    It’s all based on hope and faith–like our money system–which is why skeptics and disbelievers must be so thoroughly squelched.

    Alas, we know better. Even with a lever long enough to move the globe it cannot be done because there is no fulcrum. A tire only moves a car forward because it leaves granules of itself attached to the rough gravelly bits of the road. The Left refuses to acknowledge that what we will gain in one we will lose in the other.

    Blinded by the dogma of their Faith they insist that these encounters defy the laws of Physics and will be frictionless, win/win exchanges.

  51. @Loren

    Yet if the suspect was White he’d be paraded around as a klan-loving Trump-supporter.

  52. @Trevor

    I have a girlfriend who teaches in Akron, Ohio. She first taught in a middle school: most of the students were indifferent to learning and life goals were confined to committing crime and collecting welfare. She then taught first and second graders because they were still sweet at that age, though she knew of a second grader who threatened to fellow students with a switchblade. She observed that he would be in jail before he was old enough to be high school. She said that they could tell if a kid would turn out bad in the fourth grade.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  53. @Trevor

    Steve pointed out that after Roe v. Wade, contrary to common belief, the women whose goals in life didn’t include collecting welfare were more likely to undergo an abortion. The women most likely to have the baby were the lazy or strung out. They now make up the majority of births in the black community. A reverse Darwinism: survival of the least fit. People who couldn’t hold down a job pumping gas or dusting furniture have large families. Decent blacks aren’t reproducing themselves.

  54. @Glock45

    These liberals are not self-hating; quite the contrary, they are proud of themselves. They’re the ones with the “Hate Has No Home Here” signs on their front lawns. To them, virtue consists of saying the “right” things and holding the “right” attitudes.

    I wish the fate of German women at the end of WWII on these social justice warriors.

    • Agree: Anonymous0619
  55. @The Bland Enchilada

    Typically, one gangbanger whacking another. Plus, the “no snitch” rule.

  56. @Blue Juice

    Some Indian broad named Saira Rao in also involved. A white hater. Why doesn’t she just go back to India, where she belongs.

    • Replies: @Loren
  57. @Blue Juice

    Some Indian broad named Saira Rao in also involved. A white hater. Why doesn’t she just go back to India, where she belongs.

    • Replies: @Anon
  58. Loren says:

    New Yorker arrested–he killed home invaders–the home invaders were someone and their aunt.

  59. @Anon

    And yet the police chief was criticized for daring to remind his men to be careful when dealing with these “teens” because “some of them are criminals”. By doing so he was “encouraging racial profiling and excessive force”.

    Honk, honk! 🤡🌎

  60. AceDeuce says:
    @Mr McKenna

    True. I should have added the qualifier that that particular information is packaged and delivered carefully to avoid racial implications, and one has to read between the lines/infer a great deal.

    Not to mention that many items are given next to no or no coverage at all. The sheer volume of misdeeds by feral “citizens” or the banana republic local government means that they have to report on some things, and those are carefully spun and edited.

    • Agree: Mr McKenna
  61. @Loren

    Maybe he was pissed about his water bill.

    • LOL: Augustus
  62. D-FENS says:

    MLK’s behavior (plagiarism, rape, violence against women) actually violated the standards of the day

    • Agree: Anonymous0619
  63. Glock45 says:
    @Mr McKenna

    Doesn’t fit The Narrative…

    Speaking of The Narrative, a few days ago, the local city newspaper had a huge front page news item, complete with a big color photo, about some obese, 85-IQ negress who, allegedly, talked a veteran down from jumping to his death off of a bridge, thereby saving his life.

    My kids thought it odd that such a story made it to the front page, complete with a big color photo of the negress-heroine.

    “Not at all odd!”, I explained to my kids: “See kids, had the “hero” in the story been white, especially a white male, this story wouldn’t even had made the paper, let alone get front-page, full-color coverage. It’s just like the ads kids: 80% of the ads these days are filled with cool and clean-cut (dare I say “white presenting”) blacks. Same people who do the ads are the same people pushing stories like this; it’s the same Narrative! They will do ANYTHING to show black people as cool, hip, smart, heroic…anything but negative!”

    But then I added what was odd about the story…since when do these inner city negresses start giving eloquent lectures about how “such incidents show the need for more funding of veterans’ programs”, which the story quotes her as saying afterwards.


    So….either this story didn’t even happen and really is fake news, or the shitlib reporter just decided to embellish the story for further Narrative-reinforcement.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  64. @Anon

    Sure thing Col. Worley, I’ll make certain to come to Blackimore and spend some cash. LMAO

  65. Loren says:

    what is his race? i cant find information on him,

    [Search domain]
    The Story of Mr. McArthur Wheeler.

    On one fine morning in Pittsburgh (PA), in the year 1995, a man aged 44, known by the name McArthur Wheeler decided to rob a bank. Since he thought he knew a lot about a peculiar chemical property of lemon juice, he decided to smear the juice on his face before executing his plan to rob the ba

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  66. @Blue Juice

    Thanks!…great idea!…I’ve arranged for a dinner also, altho those traitor white, SJW libtards might not have an appetite after reading my remarks!

  67. Augustus says:

    I have to smirk picturing these virtue signalling women inviting blacks to case their homes for things of value.

  68. Augustus says:

    “That should not discourage anyone from visiting down town ….”
    Right. I bet that restaurant is full every night now. Ahahaha!
    That Worley guy’s a real comedian.

    • Replies: @Anon
  69. @gkruz

    Absolutely agreed. Blacks and Hispanics represent absolutely no threat to a sane white people. For instance, in the antebellum South, the Negro knew his place and that was that. The only reason blacks and hispanics seem bad right now is because whites have been cucking on race since 1865, but especially since 1964.

    Asians (East and South), as well as Jews are clearly a much larger problem.

    It comes from a coping position. WN’s don’t want to feel all alone; they want to have some allies. So they say but muh based Asunz. Chang says “yes dum wite man we agre” until its time to stab whitey in the back.

    • Replies: @gkruz
  70. Loren says:


    Neighbors described him as reclusive, though: “No pet, no wife, no visitors, no nothing,” one neighbor told USA Today. “I’ve never even seen that man take groceries up to his apartment.”

    Chillingly, one man, Joseph Scott, an engineering technician, told AP he “bumped into” Craddock in the men’s restroom minutes before the carnage. “He was not evil. He was just another guy who had problems,” said Scott, who avoided the bloodshed. CNN reported that Craddock had taken a moment to brush his teeth, quoting Scott as saying, “I said, ‘How are you doing?’ He said he was doing OK. I asked, ‘Any plans for the weekend?’ And he said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Well, have a good day.’ And he said the same to me.”

  71. Anon[242] • Disclaimer says:

    DWI = Driving While Intoxicated

    DV = Domestic Violence

  72. Anon[242] • Disclaimer says:

    They serve up a knuckle sandwich that’ll lay you among the sweet peas! It’ll be packed, I’m sure! 😉

  73. @Noman

    There are no republicans in NJ.

    None that would ever see a high office, at least.

  74. gkruz says:

    Yes, blacks in particular understand and respect nothing but power and terror. If they still lived in fear of Whitey’s wrath, legal and extralegal, they wouldn’t be getting away with riots, thefts, rape and blatant murder as they now do. (Obviously, I don’t consider arrest and imprisonment to be “getting away with murder.” That’s only damage control. Death should be the only deterrent to black-on-White murder.)
    Same with hispanics, they would not be overrunning Claifornia and Texas with such outright sneering arrogance, bragging that they will replace Whites and Make America Mexican Again if they had an ounce of their old fear of the gringo and his swift justice.
    Asians born in America are much more likely to give the game away than their immigrant forebears. After being raised in the media’s anti-White saturation and getting a good dose of inculcated racial resentment from their (((Marxist))) teachers at college, they strive to outdo blacks and hispanics on the anti-White hate train. Just witness, for example, Sarah Jeong.
    I don’t entirely agree, however, that blacks and hispanics absolutely pose no threat to sane Whites. While the odds of being victimized by them increase with the likelihood of being a whigger or a liberal cuck, the Black Plague like never before can show up on anyone’s doorstep or on any sidewalk in ways they never could before. It’s best to assume you are always moving through enemy territory and be prepared for the worst…..
    We have had the fight ironed out of us in a generations long program of mental rape and pacification, and we better get it back fast. Cukservatives, “race realists”, and those who prrattle on about Democrats being the real racists better soon realize that we do not live in Disney World of multi-cultural enrichment where Whites must share eveything they created with anything that crawls her and demands their cut, but in a Darwinian/Nietzschean world where the nice guys don’t finish last, they just don’t finish at all.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  75. Trevor says:

    I have re-read my comment 3x and still cannot find any “cucking for Asians” as you put it. I was comparing the 3 commonly accepted major races – negroid, Caucasoid, and mongoloid. One of those includes Asians.

    Your comment suggests deficient reading comprehension – unless maybe you were trying to make a joke?

    While the second part of your comment is correct, it has nothing to do with my comment because I did not raise that issue.

  76. Loren says:

    I noticed it is a rainbow coalition [thanks rev jackson]…a black, an asian and an inked [tatts] up coal burner, low functioning YT.

  77. @Ris_Eruwaedhiel

    She said that they could tell if a kid would turn out bad in the fourth grade.

    This is one reason why I think suspension and expulsion should be used liberally, and the failures flunked out permanently starting at the end of 5th grade.  When on out-of-school suspension, the little brats become their parent’s/custodian’s problem.  Including feeding them; no free breakfast or lunch.  Video cameras should record the classroom and document misbehavior for the record.

    Failure to behave or perform should get the “responsible” adult hauled in and forced to watch video of the offending actor and acts or review the academic record.  The process should be enough of a nuisance to make certain that the adults condemn misbehavior and insist on performance, because “mama don’ want yo ass ’round da house all day.”  The response of the “responsible” adult should also be on video, and used as prima facie evidence of contributing to the delinquency of a minor if they excuse or approve the misbehavior.  This could be used to cut welfare and/or housing subsidies and restrict where vouchers could be used.  When the entire “community” is feeling the pain, maybe “the village” will try to raise the children correctly.

    There should also be liability attached to psychologists who approve mainstreaming on IEPs when the subject commits assault or other crimes, so that the victims have recourse.  If the subject is transferred to another psychologist, the record of settled and pending claims should go along… and also to the psychologist’s insurance company.  Nothing would get the violent cases out of mainstream classrooms faster than blanket refusals of the psychologists to approve mainstream placements for them because their insurance would be cancelled.

  78. L in TX says:
    @Kyle Kiernan

    I’ve also found the racial dot map to be a useful tool in evaluating places I’m thinking about moving or visiting. It’s very helpful in making sure I don’t inadvertently move to a no-go zone.

  79. Anon[242] • Disclaimer says:

    You can find out all about her here!

    Sadly, she doesn’t say much more than she’s a lawyer through and through, she has kids, she’s helped come up with media with non-white protagonist kids and who supports her. Her supporters think little of the nation which they couldn’t live without. 😉

  80. @Glock45

    “such incidents show the need for more funding of veterans’ programs”

    ROFL! Sometimes I wonder if our MSM hacks are just testing us to see what they can get away with. But then I spend some time among ‘woke’ peeps and learn anew that they buy every single thing the MSM are selling.

  81. @gkruz

    There is a late-teens black in our larger neighborhood.
    Had 2 run-ins with him.
    He’s a transplant from Houston and really low on the scale.
    He’ll be in Prison within the year.

    No matter what, if you can carry, do.
    On your property, NEVER answer your door without a firearm.
    And always make sure the is a very bright blue-white LED light over the door that shines outward.
    -the bluish color impacts their low light vision
    -the light position shadows you, an officer will hit you with a flashlight, but if you have a security door you can easily use the interior door to block the beam.

    Simple steps they (cops and criminals) use on you, use on them.

    Once you have confirmed there is no threat, turn on the interior light. Never open the screen/security door. Leave it locked. The benefit of a security door, ol Rufuss can bark and snarl, but no one can claim they feel threatened.

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