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How Can We Blame This On White Gun Owners?: At High School Football Game in Alabama Between All-Black Schools, Black Gunman Shoots At Least 10 People
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What happens when a 100 percent non-white high school plays a 99 percent non-white high school in a football game in the state of Alabama? It should be noted for those unfamiliar with the two high schools, almost every student is black.

Why does this matter? Because the following event can’t be blamed on white gun-owners who fund the NRA with their lavish donations. This mass shooting involved only black people. [UPDATE: 9 shot, teen arrested in football shooting,, August 31, 2019]:

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) Mobile police have arrested a teenager in connection to a shooting at Ladd Peebles Stadium on Friday night.

Deangelo Parnell, 17, is charged with nine counts of attempted murder, according to a spokesperson for the Mobile Police Department.

The shots were fired in the concourse of the stadium near the end of the LeFlore vs. Williamson High School football game. At least ten people were injured. Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste tells News 5 those injured range in age from 15-18. Five people were critically hurt.

News 5 is working to get more information.

UPDATE (10:18 p.m.) — Mobile Police say at least 10 people have been shot at Ladd Peebles Stadium. Police say the age of those injured ranges from 15 to 18. Mobile Fire-Rescue confirms 10 people were transported to area hospitals. The five patients transported by MFRD were taken to the hospital in critical condition, but with non-life threatening injuries.

Three other patients were transported to the hospital via private ambulance service and two others were driven to the hospital by private vehicle.

Police say two people are in custody. Police say they are questioning them, but have not confirmed if they are the shooters.

Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste asks “Why are the young people bringing this type of violence to public events. They’re bringing their beefs that they have with each other in their neighborhoods and they’re putting other people in harm’s way. ” Chief Battiste and the Mobile Police Department has been advocating to prevent teen violence in the city.

“We’re going to have to be more aggressive on our end, the city, as to how we hold the individual accountable when they go before the courts. We have got to make sure they understand that we will not tolerate juvenile violence in our community,” says Chief Battiste.

Chief Battise says they will make sure the suspects are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

“This is unacceptable for people to not to be able to come out and enjoy an event watching their children play at a football game and watching their children perform in the band,” says Chief Battiste.

Chief Battise is asking parents, if their children were at Ladd Stadium and are not at home, to call local hospitals or to reach out on their cell phones to make sure they’re okay.

Police say they are still getting witness statements as they continue to investigate the shooting.

Shots ran out...”


Two all-black high schools are playing one another in football, and a black gunman opens fire in a mass shooting no one will talk about on a national scale, because it reveals the truth about gun crime in America: invariably, when a shooting happens, the person responsible for the gun crime is black (the New York Times confirms 75 percent of mass shootings in America are committed by blacks).

Somehow this is the fault of white gun-owners, though.

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  1. Oh well.. boys will be boys.
    Don’t pay attention to this story,now go watch Netflix.
    No loss here.

  2. Drew458 says:

    There may be some small hope: this is one of the stories covered at CNN this morning. No pictures of the crowd, no pictures of anybody going into an ambulance. The news crew showed up hours after it happened and managed to interview one bystander.

    MSNBC got a short video of the police chief. ABC news mentions the shooter by name. NBC news quotes someone who said this was because of “street beefs”.

    So it did get some coverage, “above the fold” but not the top headlines.

    This story doesn’t fit the media’s definition of a mass shooting, so it won’t get more than a passing notice. OTOH, had the shooter been a white guy, coverage would have been 24-7-365.

  3. Augustus says:

    “Mobile police say at least 10 people were shot…….” The perp has been charged with nine counts of attempted murder.

    Why not ten counts? Nobody likes #10? I’d hate to be that kid.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  4. Wow! What level of privilege did it take for the only white people in these pictures to end up having to medically cater to blacks (everyone else)?

    Those are some nappy headed bros!

    I hope the team mascots are okay!

  5. @Augustus

    No kills?The perp should’ve practiced and trained at the range more often.

  6. Possumman says:

    Maybe you mean “street beeves”

  7. So, when a black 17 year old shoots 10 people in a black school against black school football game, not one black community leader nationwide condemns this black shooter for his actions…and black community leaders nationwide wonder why this crap continues on a weekly basis? They know exactly what is going on. And where did this 17 year old get a gun, does Alabama allow 17 year olds to carry? Hardly. But CNN is vewy, vewy quiet about this. And how many run ins with police did he have? The left will claim this is somehow Trump’s fault or the NRA’s fault. Trump and the NRA. That’s their two “go to” villains for these mass shootings by blacks against blacks.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  8. Oy vey. That Scientist tried to kill the other scientist, astronomers, physicists and other black contributors. I blame white men.

    • Replies: @Joe
    , @Twodees Partain

    Covered here previously, a white man murdered in Baltimore. His exit-facilitators have been convicted and await sentencing.

  10. m. says:

    sneaky white-dude in blackface @ work again

  11. Paul, you ask how whitey can be blamed for this?

    Between the 2 schools, one half of one percent were white so there you have it.

  12. HT says:

    Our government is basically looking the other way with regard to our massive black crime problem. How did we get to the point that we are allowing young feral Negro males, about 2% of the population, create such havoc, destroy our cities, and make it unsafe for even a once routine trip to the grocery after dark?

  13. How can these incidents be blaimed on white people : Very simple just do it, with no rhyme or reason, just simple say : Whitey is the cause by virtue of his very existance for all of these bloodlettings or put bluntly : If all white people were eliminated and we would then install communism , everything would then be okay in our POC socialist utopia and such occurances would then be impossible.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and pro Jazz artist.

  14. There is no “Gotcha!” moment which will take down shitlibs. marxist academics and politicos know damned well who the problem is, but it’s a problem which benefits each.

    Stories which don’t fit the fake news narrative will simply be ignored.

  15. the script is clear in these cases. they blame the guns. it was the NRA’s fault.

    flowchart for shootings:

    1) shooter a straight white man – white men are america’s greatest terrorist threat. disarm them.

    2) shooter anybody else – guns are the problem. we need to disarm americans (hint – white men).

    it’s really only about one thing. disarming white men.

  16. ““We’re going to have to be more aggressive on our end, the city, as to how we hold the individual accountable when they go before the courts. We have got to make sure they understand that we will not tolerate juvenile violence in our community,” says Chief Battiste.’

    Yeah right Larry.

    Image result for Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste

    Maybe if you’ll just get a little more taxpayer funded gold and diamond chest bling things will straighten up.

    • LOL: Love Street
  17. They finna to get ready to start bridgin’ dat mean ol’ nasty “gap” in a comprehensive collaborative effort with the feds.

  18. @HT

    How did we get to this point?
    (((Subversives))) , and LBJ etc. got that ball rolling downhill.

    • Replies: @HT
  19. Joe says:
    @Rabbi Schozberg

    OT but the 99% black Alabama high school reminds me of story about a high school in Milwaukee’s ghetto. Marshall High is over 99% black with a handful of white and other non-blacks. Three years ago there were only two white students in the entire senior class and they ended up being the class valedictorian and salutatorian.

    So what was the (black) administrators solution to this dilemma? They eliminated the years old tradition of valedictorians and instead decided to have the top 10 students come on the stage to be honored, that way they could recognize eight black kids along with the top two white kids. You can’t make this stuff up!

    • Replies: @Logan
  20. m. says:

    hard to shoot accurately if you have to use one hand to hold up your pants, plus that sideways (not upright) positioning makes it hard to use the front site. but it looks cool, right? what happened to fist-fighting?

  21. Man, those white supremacist extremists are getting devilishly crafty. This one was clearly a master of deep cover. Too bad the dog ate his manifesto.

  22. MarkinPNW says:

    Gotta have a “legal justification” – err -Thirteenth Amendment loophole* – to keep up a fresh supply of press-ganged slaves – err- “convicts” into the slave plantations – err – “prison-industrial complex”. How else to bring industries back from China without paying living wages to American “clean hands”** workers than by having slaves -err – “inmates” work for 10 cents to 1 dollar an hour while the taxpayers foot the bill for the slaves – “inmates” food, clothing, shelter, and medical care.

    So what if the Black Community gets destroyed, and the fallout spills into non-black communities to further divide and conquer all the various “deplorables”. Perhaps a feature, not a bug.

    *”…except as punishment for a crime.”

    ** referencing Brezhnev’s rejection of Gulag labor in favor of “clean hands” for the Amur-Baikal-Mainline railroad project in Siberia in the 1970s. Another example of how the good-vs-evil of the Cold War has become inverted.

  23. HT says:
    @Love Street

    And Lefty judges.

    • Agree: Love Street
    • Replies: @Germanicus
  24. @HT

    Our government is basically looking the other way with regard to our massive black crime problem.

    Orcs are a boon to government. A dependent underclass and menace, they fuel the assault on our rights and provide employment for the law enforcement/prison/affirmative action/racial grievance/academic complex.

    TL;DR Orcs are worth more to government than you, lowly taxpayer.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  25. Noman says:

    Toxic Black Masculinity. Never see that meme in advertising.

    • Replies: @Dani
  26. @UsedtobefromFlorida

    White culture is to blame — these poor gun men were “self hating blacks”….hang on, where have I heard that before?

  27. They WILL blame us because obviously the REAL reason we oppose gun control is so blacks can continue to get guns to kill each other. I remember hearing that exact accusation in a blues song called “Soul Emergency” a few years back: “The NRA keeps lying and black children keep dying.”
    That’s not a conspiracy theory, of course. Because whites are the villains, it must be true!

  28. I have stayed with friends in New York state, Ct, Mass, NH, SC, CA, even Georgia and seen no sign that my hosts felt they needed firearms to defend their homes and families but I do understand the arguments for needing the means of self defence in Amrrica, even concealed carry. But I have never heard good reason given for why it is not possible to put the squeeze on gun ownership and possession in the US so the weapons available ate much less lethal and the chances of guns being in the hands of the immature, the disturbed and the proven bad are diminished.

    How might that have applied to the 17 year old shooter’s case? Assuming CCTV and AI didn’t pick him up at a crotical stage (and of course I would say police should be able to say that they were concerned that he was under age and acted accordingly) shouldn’t the lawful owners of the gun be prosecuted for not keeping it secure?

  29. Dani says:

    Noman, WOW, no, you sure DON’T see any such theme/meme in advertising/commercials – considering how justifiably in-your-face appropriate it would be, it simply could and would never be done, for reasons of which I’m sure you’re well aware. In fact the more I just turned it over in my mind, “toxic black masculinity” is about as legitimate of a label, for lack of a better word, as we can get here in the United States.
    How awful that I am waiting with bated breath for Mr. Kersey to put something out on this Texas ABSURDITY. Seeing the “breaking news” on Fox actually enraged me. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me as the words were thrown up on the screen as the Fox News jackass very awkwardly stumbled through his opening lines on the teleprompter – he was reading it off as if even HE could barely stomach to get the words out. The “video” was NOTHING. How do 30 people get “injured”? Why was it that even in the breaking moment of announcing MASS SHOOTING, they just HAD to include the word WHITE in front of the word MALE? I am very angry. It doesn’t matter that I am female and not even a gun owner. All that matters is that I am white and old enough to remember a time when I, along with my family and friends/classmates/co-workers, were proud to be American – we didn’t talk about or discuss this, it was just a given.

    • Replies: @Anon
  30. @HT

    And all these funny sounding degrees, in what exactly?

    Chief Battiste earned his master’s degree in Justice Administration and bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from Faulkner University

    This is straight out of Orwell’s Newspeak. “Justice Administration”, “Human Resources Management”. What? Humans are considered resources I learned.

  31. Logan says:

    the truth about gun crime in America: invariably, when a shooting happens, the person responsible for the gun crime is black

    Invariably is more than a bit too strong.

  32. Logan says:

    Three years ago there were only two white students in the entire senior class and they ended up being the class valedictorian and salutatorian.

    Quite a wonder they survived!

    • Replies: @Big Al
  33. Biff says:

    I did notice the white shooter in Texas was front page news, and described as a “white man” while the shooting in Alabama was a mere footnote/back page news, with zero description of persons involved.

  34. padre says:

    I didn’t hear anybody blaming “white gun owners” for this shooting!

    • Replies: @HT
    , @Jim in Jersey
  35. Yeah, but whites aim. Blacks…not so much. Kinda good news til some doped out white dude decides to go out in a blaze of infamy. Then it’s back to “white supremacy” and gun control.

    Odd we’re not hearing much about the shooter in Texas other than his skin color. More shooters? Or was there a Bernie manifesto?

  36. @Rabbi Schozberg

    I agree, Reb, It’s half antisemitism over there already.

  37. Nobody is willing to look at the real cause for this upsurge of gun violence in the last 30 years. Mass shootings is a recent phenomenon. This has become a wide-spread problem since the introduction of Psychiatric medicines. Coincidence? I think not. All one has to do is to read the warnings on any given psychiatric drug. For instance, the warning on Chantix, a smoking cessation drug, from their website:

    “Some people have had new or worse mental health problems, such as changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping CHANTIX. These symptoms happened more often in people who had a history of mental health problems. Stop taking CHANTIX and call your healthcare provider right away if you, your family, or caregiver notice any of these symptoms. Before starting CHANTIX, tell your healthcare provider if you ever had depression or other mental health problems.”

    And Chantix isn’t considered a psychiatric drug. SSRI’s are main drugs of choice for depression. They have similar warnings that include not abruptly stopping the medicine because it can make matters worse.

    I highly recommend reading Peter Breggin, “Medication Madness,” and Robert Whitaker, “Anatomy of an Epidemic.”

    Since 1 in 6 are taking some form of Psychiatric medicine, this is a serious problem. Couple this with mass government propaganda campaigns and you drastically increase the risk of serious behavioral outbursts.

    The problem is not guns. They are only the symptom of a much bigger problem.

  38. “This is unacceptable for people to not to be able to come out and enjoy an event watching their children play at a football game and watching their children perform in the band,” says Chief Battiste

    The Chief tries to trivialize the entire incident, or perhaps that’s the actual attitude. Young men are simply expendable, and, as long as they keep the killing to other young men, nobody much cares, because that’s what young boys do. After all, a multiple marriage in which the women do most of the work only needs one survivor and a lot of young men dying to keep the neighboring tribes a bay. It’s an attitude that one would expect in an R society with constant inter-tribal warfare.

    If it shut down in general mourning after every inter-tribal (or even intra-tribal) death, it would be shut down much of the time.

    In this case, the young warrior managed blue on blue instead of blue on red.

    Remember, I’m not trying to explain the actual events, merely Chief B’s reaction to them.


  39. Here in the UK, the only reported mass shooting reported was in Texas; between Midland & Odessa. First person shot was a policeman who stopped the gunman’s vehicle. He went on to shoot at motorists and passers by before abandoning his car and hijacking a postal truck. He was eventually shot dead by police at a cinema complex. There are 5 confirmed dead. They don’t say if he was black, white or hispanic.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  40. @Love Street

    No kills?The perp should’ve practiced and trained at the range more often.

    Wouldn’t have increased the mortality rate.
    Pistol rounds don’t have much velocity, energy, or momentum compared to rifle rounds, and so do much less damage than rifle rounds. The Hollywood scenes in which a person is shot and keels over are fiction. Unless crippled (leg shot) or CNS injured (brain or spinal cord) there is little physiological reason for a pistol shot person to stop even stop running for at least as long as the person could hold his or her breath. It’s one of the reasons that knife attacks from close range are so dangerous to pistol users. This means that pistol rounds just don’t kill that many of the people shot (1 in 3 (?) with urban level treatment).

    Shots into a crowd can’t be precisely aimed — the target is too confused and the crowd is rapidly dispersing and its members moving quickly. To get a higher mortality rate, the shooter has to do what the University of Virginia killer did — lock the doors, anchor people by wounding them, and then finish each off by walking over and shooting in the head.
    Note that the Texas mass killer of yesterday (2019/08/31) shot at individual people who were unwarned, hence sometimes easier to hit than running crowd members.

    or perhaps your post was an attempt at sarcasm by a moral superior?


  41. WILDKYLE says:

    Tru dat .is that the correct language?

  42. @Wizard of Oz

    “But I have never heard good reason given for why it is not possible to put the squeeze on gun ownership and possession in the US so the weapons available ate much less lethal and the chances of guns being in the hands of the immature, the disturbed and the proven bad are diminished.”

    My native town of Chicago is a great example of why it is not realistic, let alone possible. During Chicago’s handgun ban 1982 – 2014(?), the city was regularly at the top of the nation in regards to firearm related homicide/shooting rate and total homicides/shootings.

    To be frank, laws are only as good as the people who are required to abide by them. In Australia you do not have to worry about living among millions of inner city feral negros. You notion that putting the squeeze on ownership and possession will only work to disarm law abiding people. It’s an interesting pathology gun restrictionists are afflicted by; they assume those who are intent on breaking the law to begin with will suddenly realize that THIS law they must obey, or else!

    All you have to research are the shooting rates broken down by race, to realize that the 100 million+ gun owning whites are not the problem. Even if you ban all the guns, you still have violent feral negros rampaging through inner cities, and while they might not be able to count to 10, they will figure out other ways to attempt murdering their marks. (See the knife attack epidemic currently happening in GB)

    Now the above may not be good reasons for you, but they are the reality. Alternatively, perhaps you can pontificate from your perch in Perth how exactly it is possible to go about disarming an entire nation of law abiding, gun owning, white Americans?

    “shouldn’t the lawful owners of the gun be prosecuted for not keeping it secure?”

    LOL yeah, and if your car is stolen and it’s used as a getaway car in a bank robbery, you should be prosecuted as well.

    Punishing the victims of robbery, because their property was used by people with bad intentions. Perhaps we could prosecute the robbery victim’s parents as well, for conceiving the victim of robbery in the first place? After all, if he was never born to begin with, he wouldn’t have bought the gun, and the perp would never have been able to steal it.

    • Replies: @Wildkyle
    , @Augustus
  43. And don’t ever ever forget this:

    The Kenyan Foriegner gave a direct order to exterminate several thousand Orthodox Christian Russians in Eastern Ukraine……..

    The Kenyan Foreigner gave a direct order to exterminate thousands of Syrians in Syria….

    How’s that for Negro violence…….

  44. m. says:

    hey chief: get your dindu judges to start sentencing “appropriately”, then let us know how it works

  45. @HT

    How did we get to the point that we are allowing young feral Negro males, about 2% of the population, create such havoc, destroy our cities, and make it unsafe for even a once routine trip to the grocery after dark?

    Rhetorical question, perhaps, but here’s how it happened, as far as I can tell:

    Black citizens looked like ideal urban population back in the 1950s.
    * Half with IQ < 85, so no anchored to the city by population's need for welfare to survive in an urban environment, the population is used to (indeed, creates) low maintenance housing _and_ fewer people from that population need be found patronage jobs, so patronage expenses should be low.
    * The population is essentially unorganized, hence a few suborned people could be converted to "spokesmen" for the entire group, _and_ (since most of the population would not vote) effectively control the representation for the population.
    * The population would not ask why the city was doing nothing about its loss of economic base.
    * The population would also drive any other population away _with full deniability by the city government_.
    * This state of affairs would be permanent because the IQ deficit would be permanent.
    * The population would actually be a source of income for the city, a partial replacement for its loss of transhiping and light manufacturing. Remember, very little of the money appropriated for care of the poor reaches the poor — most off it goes into overhead, the Civil Service needed to "administer' the disbursement of funds. That money is (given urban bookkeeping) fungible city income, and that does not include taxes on secondary businesses supported by welfare spending.
    * The existing non-white population of the time could be securely controlled by forming an alliance with Yankeedom [1] (which had been largely responsible for the Civil War, were still trying to make Reconstruction thought of as a triumph of US policy, and had effective control of the scholarly community and its communiications. )

    Of course, as is always the case with political utopias, this proved untrue:
    * Patronage jobs expanded to displace the original group of government administrators. the "permanent rule" foreseen is now failing. Among other things, this means that urban service and infrastructure are both failing.
    * The tax base necessary for the city's poverty revenue proved Insufficient to maintain city infrastructure (although they did slow its rate of decline).
    * The external tax base necessary for the city's poverty revenue, and, indeed, the political and military base for such measures as borrowing and deficit spending, has now been lost.
    * The secondary political entities (mainly Finance, but also software to an extent) are cyclic, and appear to be near a decline to cyclic low point. This may be connected to loss of political base and consequent lost of legitimacy required for manipulation of monetary policy, but could equally be due to misallocation of capital funds to urban maintenance, or to simple business cycle as software/solid state computing reach market saturation (Kondratiev Winter). Or, of course, due to both.

    And we have the situation you described: "allowing young feral Negro males, about 2% of the population, create such havoc, destroy our cities, and make it unsafe for even a once routine trip to the grocery after dark" plus desperate attempts by urban areas and Yankeedom to restore their political utopia by importing yet more foreigners to serve as their political base. Sort of like the old trick of inviting foreign troops in to settle a civil war: the foreign troops end up running the country (that's how the Anglo Saxons came to run England, for example).

    I was in a good position to watch the formation of this state of affairs during the Lindsey Administration in NYC, living in the area as I did and being closely enough associated an NYC with a Reform Jewish labor racketeer at the time to get the general sense of the intent of the changes that occurred back then. It took me decades of experience, reading many books, a research degree, and several original research results, plus watching the system (actually, the urban system and several other related systems) fail to see what my observations at the time meant, but the arc of early success and later failure fairly clear now.

    Minerva's owl flies at dusk, we're too soon old and too late wise, and Fortune's wheel never stops turning.


    1] (sorry, the .pdf map seems to be gone, but the book cover shows well enough where Yankeedom is. "Yankeedom" means "area of European settlement from the New England area".)

    • Agree: AceDeuce, Augustus
  46. Badger says:
    @Love Street

    The sideways./no-sights with elbow cocked out like a chicken wing style of marksmanship is not conducive to accuracy.

    • Replies: @Augustus
    , @Pepe the Frog
  47. @prime noticer


    it’s really only about one thing. disarming white men.

  48. HT says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Why do gun control advocates always blame the legal white gun owner instead of the black criminal who gets his guns illegally? In a free country we will never be able to guarantee complete safety for anyone but how does taking guns away from law abiding people solve gun violence issue when the vast majority of it is by people who already cannot obtain a gun legally? Also if you notice with regard to the highly publicized mass shootings, nearly all of those take place in areas such as schools, where everyone has been disarmed, making them sitting ducks for a killer. These shootings never take place at a police station or a gun range where lots of people are armed. The worst thing you can do if you want to stop mass shootings is ban guns.

    England has very strict gun laws but that doesn’t stop the violent non-whites. They just get knives and stab you to death and no one there can have a gun to protect themselves.

  49. The majority of White Americans refuse to face this issue. They will not because they do not want to be tagged as “racists.” I have gone to school with them, served in the US Army during VN with them, and have dealt with them as a Peace Officer in SoCal for many, many years. Blacks are violent, physical people. They imbibe hatred and resentment of whites at their mothers’ breasts. They are told if you see Whitey with something you want, hit him in the head and take it. I had one tell me that when I was in college.
    This will not change. For every Ben Carson or Walter Williams, there are legions of savages out there in the real world that have no problems with “knock-out games” or “polar bear hunting.” When they cannot hunt us, they hunt one another, as this incident in Alabama and the weekly death toll in Chicongo both illustrate.
    As the Failed Socialist States of America continue to economically, culturally, and socially disintegrate, so will more of these type of incidents take place. But, they will be squashed by the MSM in favor of the most recent mass shootings involving non-blacks(cf. Odessa-Midland TX). The polarization and Balkanization of the USA is on schedule. Plan accordingly.

  50. @Drew458

    CNN? MSNBC? ABC? Why are you watching those disseminaters of misinformation? Especially how they portray Flyover Country white Christians. Let’s not give them one minute of our time.

  51. Can you imagine being the 1% white at a 99% black high school? Three years of misery. And what are their parents thinking letting them go there?

  52. @Love Street

    “Teens,” eh? Those violent Swedes again. When the lutefisk runs out, look out.

  53. Chief Battise is asking parents, if their children were at Ladd Stadium and are not at home, to call local hospitals or to reach out on their cell phones to make sure they’re okay.

    Attention ghetto “fathers”… There is a first time for everything.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  54. Wildkyle says:

    Spot on, and thank you. God Bless

  55. m. says:

    correction: front sight, not site. can’t spell for s**t.

  56. @Wizard of Oz

    …shouldn’t the lawful owners of the gun be prosecuted for not keeping it secure?

    The victim of a burglary or home invasion? If an arsonist broke into my tool shed and stole a gallon of gasoline, would you blame me for the building he subsequently burned? Would you also blame the gas station?

  57. Weather has been absolutely gorgeous up here in the northeast.

    Imagining Chicago is enjoying the same, beautiful climate.

    Should make for a great weekend?

    Any predictions on the numbers from the extended (magazine) weekend in ChiCongo?

    My guess is 33 shot, only 5 killed.

    That’s somewhere in the 3-5 million dollar range to bury them or patch them up for the next time.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  58. Jacksonville Florida has recently experienced school game event shootings, the demographic same as Jacksonville “ Gun Violence” generally.

  59. @Non-dualist

    The problem is not guns. They are only the symptom of a much bigger problem.

    Several bigger problems, bit this one (use of psychoactive drugs (antidepressants, prescribed opioids, fraudulent treatments for medical conditions) is quite big enough to address aggressively.

    Generally speaking, there is not enough knowledge of how either the brain (hardware analog) or the mind (software analog) works. Professionals who prescribe psychoactive drugs have no idea of what they do. This popular science level account [1] shows astonishingly poor medical judgement in their use.

    In practice, psychiatrists are butchers, eliminating whatever people they’re given. Of course, there’s the Catch-22 justification: you’d have to be insane to risk your life by taking poorly understood drugs. You will almost certainly be prescribed such drugs if you consult a psychiatrist or take opioids above the absolute minimum needed to tolerate pain, so by definition the people who do that are insane, and not much of a loss to society when they die. On this justification rests the entire profession of psychiatry. IMHO, of course. I had a friend who actually received a PhD from the New School in psychology (no MD degree), and as far as I can tell he did it for the joy of dominating his injured clients [2].

    Not to be critical or anything. You note that I’ve left out the “larger purpose” critique, and confined myself to the immediately obvious. I’m just trying to establish that there is a tort here, and perhaps to save a few readers from unduly relying on the professions and prescriptions described.


    “serotonin”. That level of knowledge is about on that of the witches who boiled willow bark to treat headaches. or neolithic trepanners. Sure, it works sometimes, or at least appears to, but no idea of _how_ it works, or everything that it really does. It’s synonymous with “magic”, and is used that way. Same with opioids for pain relief, as has also been documented:

    2] Or, in Harry Harrison’s words, “happy over outwitting a middle age nut”.

    • Agree: El Dato
    • Replies: @Non-dualist
    , @AnalogMan
  60. Anonymous[711] • Disclaimer says:

    You think the black guy who shot up this football game or any black kid that shoots a bunch of people in Chicago this weekend was on smoking cessation medication?

  61. @Jim in Jersey

    Just cheated and looked at and I see they met my homicide estimate already, so since it my topic, I’m amending my guess to be 12 dead with 45 wounded.

    Only heyjackass numbers are being honored just like over at secondcitycop.

  62. Anonymous[711] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    Can you imagine being the 1% white at a 99% black high school? Three years of misery. And what are their parents thinking letting them go there?

    You think the 1% is white? Like you said, white students wouldn’t be able to survive there for 4 years. I’m thinking Hispanic or some sort of desperate southeast asian, likely here illegally, with a family that begrudgingly sends them to that school so as to not alert attention to themselves.

  63. @Wizard of Oz


    Bear in mind the IQ of these perpetrators is like that of Martin Byrant. You are talking about borderline mentally-impaired people all of whom possess automatic weapons.

    Australia has had its share of gun crime in the suburbs. Why your suburbs are so dangerous compared to your city centers is odd. But at any rate, there was a huge rash of shootings during the Ecstasy craze of the late nineties among the Italian and Cypriot gangs in Western Sydney. And Chopper, of course.

  64. Augustus says:
    @Love Street

    Handguns: nowhere near the lethality of a rifle. They are a compromise so cops can carry them relatively easily (although even that can be disputed when we see everything police officers carry during a normal day). Takes, on average, 5 to 6 handgun rounds to kill someone with a handgun. That’s averaging out ALL calibers, as larger ones might take less, but no handguns are anywhere near a rifle for efficiency.

    A 30 caliber rifle at 2600 to 3000 fps opens a much larger wound channel than a larger diameter pistol round at 800 to 1600 fps. I’m just talking averages, because most Law Enforcement Officers are better trained than an old, civilian guy with bad eyes like myself. They are much more likely to hit the heart, main aorta, or occullar vault, even with a small 22 and end any fight quicker and more efficiently than me with a 40 caliber, or even a 10mm.

    Think of a 357 magnum running maybe 1350 fps and hitting a human chest cavity. It doesn’t guarantee stoppage, much less death. During the Reagan Star Wars days, they worked on magnetic cannons to shoot a bb-sized steel ball bearing to many thousands of miles per hour. One bb can turn an entire house to dust at that rate.

    So now we know how gang members in Chicago blast away at each other with a crowd of Innocents in the middle, hit 10 people with 20 rounds, and only 16 to 20% die, or how 8 cops surround a guy in a truck, firing 35 rounds, with 7 hitting him, and he walks to the ambulance.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
    , @anarchyst
  65. @Wizard of Oz

    Just read your comment in its entirety and all I can come up with is – shit, are you for real?

    Stop trying to sound intelligent when you say things like ‘let’s blame the gun owner if their firearms are stolen’ and ‘let’s make firearms less effective so criminals will only steal the weak ones’.

    I feel for you because it’s hard to come back from those profound depths of stupidity. You could post your PHD and respond in Latin and it won’t make you sound any smarter.

    I’ll even remove race because that’s likely unpalatable for you.

    ‘Criminals be criminals’. They don’t respond to logic. They have no regard for your laws so addin more laws only makes politicians appear to be ‘doing something’, no matter how ineffective. Guys like you, I’m guessing, applaud such efforts and say ‘good try but that didn’t work, let’s do it again’.

    Your gun control laws are a failure. More of the same won’t suddenly make them a success.

    Pulse your little social experiment of ‘equalizing the races’ has also failed so bringing in more and different races won’t speed up that success either.

    The only solution is ‘crime gets punished’ and ‘everyone works at their own level’. There should not be such a thing as a ‘career criminal’, just a long-term prisoner. And you may not have many blacks working at NASA but that’s just the breaks of the game.

    • Agree: Love Street, Augustus
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Krinsh
  66. HT says:

    You won’t because the media will not even cover it in terms of any relevant coverage. Two days later, poof! Its gone because it is outside of their narrative parameters since it’s all blacks involved.

  67. Anon7 says:

    “Somehow this is the fault of white gun-owners, though.”

    Now this from the NYT article:

    Over all, though, nearly three-fourths of victims and suspected assailants whose race could be identified were black. Some experts suggest that helps explain why the drumbeat of dead and wounded does not inspire more outrage.

    “Clearly, if it’s black-on-black, we don’t get the same attention because most people don’t identify with that. Most Americans are white,” said James Alan Fox, a professor of criminology at Northeastern University in Boston. “People think, ‘That’s not my world. That’s not going to happen to me.’ ”

    Michael Nutter, a former Philadelphia mayor, who is black, said that society would not be so complacent if whites were dying from gun violence at the same rate as blacks.

    So, it’s about getting attention. But what entities are responsible for focusing attention? The media, I suppose. Not the general white population.

    My conclusion is that the media MUST spend 3/4 of its time and attention covering black-on-black gun violence AND clearly identify it as such.

    Problem solved!

    Except for one thing: I watch the newscasts from 80% black Detroit on TV, and I can tell you that they faithfully cover every shooting in (lurid) detail. So is the problem lack of attention from the local media? Perhaps it is the national media that needs to give more coverage.

    I’m looking at you, New York Times.

    • Replies: @Charon
  68. Augustus says:

    But we be lookin’ to style for our gas station or liquor stow robbery on camera. I always flash my grill at the camera. When I run away they all be seein’ muh name in magic marker on the back of muh shorts, jus where mama stuck it. They says CB. Everybody know I be Coo Breeze.

  69. m. says:

    hey d-suckers: inanimate objects don’t commit violence, thugs do. maybe the chief can also get rid of the crimesha-foxx clones in the da office – good luck with that.

  70. @Augustus

    Gonna have to disagree with several statements in there…

    Not so much the effectiveness of handgun rounds but your claims of the level of expertise of the police in general.

    Police actually have a poor track record when it comes to shooting prowess. They make up for it in volume and a relationship with the courts. Sure, maybe some of the cops who compete on the shooting teams might impress the hell out of me but rank and file cops who qualify with their service arm and never see the front sight till next time are hardly more competent than a civilian shooter.

    Also, the ability of a handgun round to cease aggression has been more than adequately demonstrated. If it hadn’t, police would be carrying rifles or shotguns. Just look at the numbers anywhere.

    Handguns are quite able to stop an attack. Handguns are able to stop an attacker within your precious ten foot boundary. The Tueller drill is simply meant to put pressure on the shooter not to convince him to give up!

    Don’t want to beat a dead horse but I’ll be keeping my handguns. I know their capabilities and shortcomings and I’ll bet my life on them any day of the week.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  71. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    They are probably only “white” according to the Texas definition thereof per their “Most Wanted” list (maybe no European blood at all), and their parents probably can’t afford anything better.

    • Agree: Charon
  72. anarchyst says:

    I hope you are being facetious when referring to “law enforcement officers” being better trained in the use of “lethal force” than the ordinary concealed weapon holder.
    If you are serious in your assertion, I must respectfully disagree.
    While there may be individual “law enforcement officers” who take the “use of lethal force” training seriously, almost all police officers do not.
    Observe the shootout at the empire state building in which NYPD officers “sprayed and prayed”, not hitting the perp, but wounding many innocent citizens.
    There are many other cases in which “law enforcement” officers wantonly and indiscriminately used “lethal force” and have wounded or murdered innocents and have “gotten away with it”, not suffering any legal consequences for their behavior.
    Police officers have an advantage not available to us mere mundane citizens. They possess “qualified immunity” which in almost every case shields them from the consequences of their actions, no matter how egregious or even criminal in nature.
    You should not sell yourself short when it comes to the use of “lethal force”. I’ll bet that you could outshoot most police officers if it became necessary.

  73. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    Ha . Yeah the chief should have asked for the grandmothers to see if they granchillens was at Ladd stadium .

  74. @Wizard of Oz

    Watch Bowling for Columbine

    Moore points out who is the culprit.

    It’s the freaking US Media.

    That’s why all the other countries with more guns per capita he compares the US too don’t have those problems.

    Somehow the conservatives and gun friends have overlooked that nice detail.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  75. @Non-dualist

    Yeah we got Chantix to quit jonesing for a Newport and Trintellix to ease the pain of no more Forties

  76. El Dato says:
    @UK Observer

    Apparently white.

    Certainly not gangland related. Anger issues / Psychotropic drugs?

    Little is known about the identity of the gunman and his motives. Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke told a news conference that the suspect had been identified as a white male in his mid-30s. While police said that they “have an idea” about the identity of the shooter, they refused to release more details until they double-check the information.

    Literally going postal.

    From a famous book:

    The incidence of muckers continues to maintain its high: one in Outer Brooklyn yesterday accounted for 21 victims before the fuzzy-wuzzies fused him, and another is still at large in Evanston, Ill., with a total of eleven and three injured. Across the sea in London a woman mucker took out four as well as her own three-month baby before a mind-present standerby clobbered her. Reports also from Rangoon, Lima and Auckland notch up the day’s toll to 69.

    [The Hipcrime Vocab, by Chad C. Mulligan]

    Background: ‘mucker’ is an Anglicisation of ‘amok’. Don’t believe anyone who says it’s a shifted pronunication of ‘mugger’. You can survive a mugger, but if you want to survive a mucker the best way is not to be there when it happens.

    [You’re an Ignorant Idiot, by Chad C. Mulligan]

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  77. @El Dato

    Stand on Zanzibar.  Recognize that style anywhere.

    • Agree: Counterinsurgency

    Ben Carson attempted to stab a childhood friend, but his knife broke on the victim’s belt buckle.

  79. 83 year old white man who shouldn’t be driving accidentally injures blacks, blacks angry the dotard isn’t going to be doing hard time. Funny the “activists” focus on what they feel the victims deserved more than actual justice. If this had been some old bitty sheboon driving her car home from church, one hour in jail would’ve brought about riots.

    Community activists criticize bus shelter crash charges

    “I just think that [the victims] deserved a little bit more from the county attorney.”

    Author: Jennifer Austin
    Published: 7:16 PM CDT August 31, 2019
    Updated: 7:20 PM CDT August 31, 2019

    MINNEAPOLIS — Some Minneapolis community activists are criticizing the charges brought this week against a man accused of driving a van into a bus shelter, severely injuring five people.

    George Reeves Jensen, 83, of Champlin, was charged Friday with five counts of criminal vehicular operation after the July 9 crash in north Minneapolis.

    “He’s never done a moment, a minute, an hour, a day in jail,” said community activist Spike Moss, during a press conference Saturday to speak out against the charges.

    Moss and several others say the charges are too weak. According to Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman Friday, if Jensen is found guilty, he won’t face prison time.

    “I just think that they [the victims] deserved a little bit more from the county attorney, who has a reputation of being a tough prosecutor,” said Ron Edwards, another community member at Saturday’s press conference.

    According to the criminal complaint, witnesses told investigators that they saw Jensen pull the van up in front of the shelter and talk to three women.

    According to the complaint, Jensen circled around, hit a bus, and drove onto the curb, ramming into the bus stop and severely injuring five black men.

    The charges state that Jensen gave conflicting statements, acknowledging that he’s been to the area and sometimes gives one woman money to help her out. He said he accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake, but the complaint says he couldn’t explain why he needed to hit the brake or why he was on the sidewalk.

    RELATED: Video contradicts what driver told investigators about crash that injured six men

    RELATED: Driver charged after van crashes into Minneapolis bus shelter
    Photo by: KARE
    The scene after a van crashed into a north Minneapolis bus shelter on July 9.

    Freeman said while investigators doubted Jensen’s story about hitting the gas instead of the brake, they didn’t find any evidence that Jensen intended to hurt anyone.

    “We spent a lot of time trying to find out more and we don’t have it,” he said. “In order to charge someone with attempted murder, we have to prove that the person intended to murder that individual.”

    Jensen’s attorney told KARE 11 that they plan to hold a press conference ahead of Jensen’s first court appearance September 23 to address the crash.

  80. Big Al says:

    No doubt that they were forced to do other “peoples” homework.

  81. McMedic says:
    @Love Street

    Well, I’m sure they were holding the gun sideways.

  82. Nachum says:

    Chris Rock: “You can’t go see a movie opening day, you know why? ‘Cause niggas is shooting at the screen! What kind of ignorant shit is that? ‘This movie’s so good I gotta bust a cap in here!’”

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  83. Yeah well thankfully DEA/FBI white guys don’t distribute guns and meth in poor neighbourhoods, or create red and blue-themed street gangs, to keep Negroes fighting amongst themselves, while also keeping chicken-shit white-Jew Nazi assholes from blaming everyone but themselves for being owned by the aforementioned white-Jew Nazi assholes.

  84. Anon[390] • Disclaimer says:

    Would you prefer “toxic black and/or white matriarchy”?

  85. Jami says:
    @Love Street

    You’re sick. No loss here! Children were shot. Idc what color they are. You disgust me. You make all whites look bad. Keep this fucked up thinking to yourself fuck free speech when you’re talking about kids you asshole

  86. @padre

    An immediate call for further gun control, which has no control over the criminal population, shows that whites are being blamed and punished for this.

  87. @Love Street

    Tell us, what would be the proper amount of time to pay attention to this story? How many hours a day should we be thinking about a black on black crime in a city we don’t live in? Enlighten us to the “pondering on blacks” vs relaxation ratio we should be employing.

    Or better yet, bugger off and mind your own business.

  88. CENTURION says: • Website

    A civilization, be it Black or White can not afford the bills for this.

    We are talking up to a million dollars in Medical costs for all this, all caused by, and for, a group of people who can not make that kind of “wealth” to pay for it.

    Every dollars expended in this one event had to come from White Tax Payers.

    This will soon collapse….

  89. @Jim in Jersey

    Interesting. Part of the pathology of American inability even to make inroads at the margin on the gun crime problem is that that a shutter comes down which stops nuance being even heard. I didn’t suggest prosecution of gun owners whose guns were stolen yet that is the supposition of the emotional responses.

    I did relate my tentative suggestion to the case of the 17 year old and I could have extended it to any of the cases of white boys shooting up schools. If random inspections of gun owners premises to check the way firearms were secured were followed up by prosecutions and removal of guns where the unstable and under age were not substantially blocked from getting their hands on the guns it would be sure to cut down the number of mass shootings. Whether the impact would be regarded as justifying the effort would depend on various factors including the intelligence of police action. In black areas I speculate that it would be worth using electronic detection to do an initial frisk of jyst about everyone in public places so police could zero in with reason for physical search which would take gun toting criminals off the streets.

  90. @Nachum

    Nachum———In order for comedy to be really funny,or for satire to really sting; it needs to contain a kernal of truth. Chris Rock nailed it.

  91. @Jami

    You said ‘children’ and ‘kids’.

    Neither is true or accurate. Your over- the-top hand wringing over Love Street’s dismissal of a typical black gathering that ended in gunfire shows either your denial of the problem or your agreement with hisbits currently being addressed.

    Blacks are the problem. Wherever they go, this occurs. It’s expected and encouraged. They’re weaponized against us. We’re forced to fight them according to a set of rules that they are not held to.

    So piss off.

  92. @Counterinsurgency

    Just because a pistol round is less powerful than one from a rifle does not mean it is not deadly.

    Watch some perps (mostly in robbery attempts) getting popped in a few of the surveillance videos replayed by the concealed carry groups.

    Pistol shots get them down and un-dangerous pretty quickly.

  93. KenH says:

    Unfortunately, there was a shooting in Texas committed by a white guy which claimed four lives (five if you count the dead shooter) and injured 21. It seemed the media, even FOX, mostly ignored the Alabama shooting but they are all Johnny on the spot for the Texas shooting. They immediately identified the shooter in Texas as a white male in his mid 30’s, but we don’t have a description of the Alabama shooter since he was black and to identify him as a black male would be racist and hateful.

    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @Augustus
  94. Gene Su says:

    An old liberal adage used to be that if the law wrongfully convicts an innocent man, it is ten times more unjust than if the law wrongfully allows a criminal to walk free. This is because there are now two victims: the original victim of the original crime and the wrongfully convicted man. Whether you want to abide by that adage is your opinion.

    However, modern liberals have twisted that adage into something much different: If a white man unjustly murders a black man, it is one hundred times worse than if a black man unjustly murders a white man. This is because, according to Marxist critical theory, the US is controlled by a white power structure and any wrongdoing by whites demonstrates that they can’t be trusted to deal honorably with blacks. While it is less sound in principle, it sure does appeal to the visceral base emotions of blacks.

  95. @Wizard of Oz

    “Part of the pathology of American inability even to make inroads at the margin on the gun crime problem is that that a shutter comes down which stops nuance being even heard. ”

    You’re still blaming guns. Taking away guns will not stop violence, it will simple change the way violence is administered by people who are inherently violent.

    ” I didn’t suggest prosecution of gun owners whose guns were stolen…”

    That is in fact, exactly what you did. From your previous comment:

    ” shouldn’t the lawful owners of the gun be prosecuted for not keeping it secure?”

    The rest of your comment is pure fantastical nonsense. Randomly searching and seizing private property? The Bolsheviks would have loved you, Trotsky.

  96. @Wizard of Oz

    You’re a dangerous apologist and I’m done with you

  97. @Wizard of Oz

    You’re being wildly unrealistic. First, the government can’t be trusted to conduct searches. They would be used as political purges, as would the proposed “red flag laws”. The average American citizen supposedly commits three (3) Federal “felonies” each day, so finding pretexts would be easy. Flynn’s case showed just how easy it would be.

    Second, organized searches of Black neighborhoods would be enough to arrest most of the residents. The half of the residents of such areas with IQ 85 or less, who can’t hold down jobs, operated an unlicensed economy that involves various illegal substances or illegal acts. Any attempt to search these areas would yield a riot in fairly short order.

    Hispanic areas are involved in a highly organized drug trade. The general population would not riot, but serious resistance would be mounted by the organized gangs – bribes to public officials, an “I saw nothing ” policy enforced by the police department, and so on.

    You may be shocked to find that the US has sunk to such a low. Imagine how shocked I am.

    As far as “pathology” goes, it isn’t a pathology. It’s a way for most citizens to serve as peace officers, and usually provides coverage that no police force could provide. For groups that don’t value peace, firearms users are not peace officers, and the areas inhabited by these groups are not peaceful. They won’t be peaceful no matter what actions government takes. If you want pathology, look at a Western European city, which the government has populated by foreigners who have driven out the native population and then fight each other. Grenade attacks in Stockholm [1], for an example. Solve that one first, then get back to me on the “pathology” of firearms in the US.



    • Replies: @95Theses
  98. But I was told not to look at life as being Black and White…

    Oh, well…

  99. Noman says:

    “How Can We Blame This On White Gun Owners?”

    Easy, leave race out of the news reports.
    Comments on a non-race based news report are blaming the shooting on NRA members, the 2nd Amendment, legitimate firearm owners, anybody and everybody, except the black male responsible.

    Also, there was a news report about local law enforcement getting access to Palantir to wage war on pre-crime. Commenters are sure that this will lead to continued racial stereotyping of black males as violent offenders.

  100. @Wizard of Oz

    The whole issue with gun control is that it’s a method for the government to have CONTROL over it’s citizens. People who read this blog regularly know that the government, media, Hollywood, and the education system are waging an outright cultural war on white males. Why in the world would we give up our sole means of protection?

  101. Richard B says:

    They immediately identified the shooter in Texas as a white male in his mid 30’s, but we don’t have a description of the Alabama shooter since he was black and to identify him as a black male would be racist and hateful.

    Yep. And the #1 reason the MSM, and not just the MSM, does this and gets away with it is because Whites are constitutionally incapable of racial self-preservation.

    When non-Whites, (blacks, jews, latinos, muslims, etc) are attacked, ie; concoct a hate hoax, they don’t say,

    “One of us was attacked.”

    and go about their day.

    They say,


    and immediately spring into action.

    And Whites?

    Even when a boy is thrown from a 3rd story railing in a shopping mall, nothing.
    Or when a child is thrown from her basket to the ground by a black person. Same thing. Nothing.

    Even that young man who stole a plane and killed himself didn’t have the good sense to put that plane to better use.

    Getting Whites to wake up to what’s coming would be like teaching a hamster astronomy.

    It’s just not going to happen.

    Individually and Socially, as in Social Class, they’re most certainly capable of some kind of self-preservation. But not racially.

    Which, of course, is how they’re being targeted. Since all non-Whites know what Whites are incapable of facing and accepting.

    For this reason the future of Whites is going to be grim. Very grim.

    • Replies: @KenH
  102. Charon says:

    Local media almost always covers black gun crime. Sometimes they even show the perps. This happens on a daily basis in every city which has a black population.

    National (and international) media cover white gun crime. They always show the perps and always mention their race. This happens once every week or two, or three…

    • Replies: @By-tor
  103. Augustus says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    You’re right in most cases, but the cops I know, practice a lot at one of the ranges I visit. They’re the only ones I get to talk to, and they shoot pretty well. However, the main advantage police have in a shootout is a bullet proof vest. I’ve noticed a bad trend of late in Chicago (where I use hey for stats). The gang members used to kill 13 to 14%, roughly, but it’s crept up a little. Looking around the range, I’d guess they’re practicing more too.

  104. Augustus says:

    Wow! Great summary and analysis of unintended consequences. You sir, have me thinking and rereading.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  105. @Wizard of Oz

    Interesting. Part of the pathology of American inability even to make inroads at the margin on the gun crime problem is that that a shutter comes down which stops nuance being even heard.

    There is NO nuance.  We live in an environment of false-flag shootings by people who are likely mind-controlled; the matchup to the needs of the Deep State operators to drive certain things out of the news cycle is too perfect for it to be anything else.  We cannot give an inch to them, period.

    I didn’t suggest prosecution of gun owners whose guns were stolen yet that is the supposition of the emotional responses.

    You suggested putting “the squeeze” on the innocent.  That’s tyranny.  Rather, anarcho-tyranny:  bullying the innocent while letting the problem fester.

    I did relate my tentative suggestion to the case of the 17 year old and I could have extended it to any of the cases of white boys shooting up schools. If random inspections of gun owners premises to check the way firearms were secured were followed up by prosecutions and removal of guns where the unstable and under age were not substantially blocked from getting their hands on the guns it would be sure to cut down the number of mass shootings.

    I could describe your proposal in the scatalogical terms it deserves and then describe you in the terms you deserve, but I’ll be nice once.


    Most of these shootings, mass and otherwise, occur in what its denizens call “the ‘hood”.  Almost all of the guns are illegally held, mostly stolen.  Unwarranted searches of legitimate owners would do NOTHING to affect them.  Again, what you propose is NAKED TYRANNY.

    Those are fighting words.  If you proposed this to my face, your odds of surviving the next sixty seconds would be considerably less than 100%.  I am totally fed up with the crap such as what you spew.  Stay out of my country; keep it in your leftist “paradise” that your leaders are filling up with turd-worlders who’ll do to you what Africans have done to the USA.  Yes, you’re next.

    If you wanted to do something about criminal shootings, you would start by going over social media for things like “No lackin’ challenge”.  You’d scan the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts of the underage and felons looking for pictures of them with guns other than at e.g. shooting ranges.  Then you’d use that reasonable suspicion to conduct legitimate, evidence-based searches of both the subjects and their premises.  And when you caught them, you’d prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.  That would make the hood rats FEAR doing anything with a gun they did not legitimately hold and use, which is roughly none of them.

    You would NOT TOUCH THE INNOCENT.  You would ONLY GO AFTER THOSE WHO PROVIDED EVIDENCE OF BREAKING THE LAW.  And yes, most of the ones searched and prosecuted would be black, and there would be howls of “RAYCISS!”.  You’d have to ignore them, or even use libel law to sue the howlers into silence.  When criminals provide public evidence of their wrong-doing, for the police to ignore it is misfeasance at best, treason at worst.

    • Agree: Alfa158, Augustus
    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  106. Whitey invented firearms, so, once again, it’s whitey’s fault.

    But gunpowder was first developed by the Chinese, you say? Not to worry, Chinese are white, because they also enjoy white privilege. So it remains whitey’s fault. Problem solved.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  107. Augustus says:

    Punish parents for conceiving victims? Okay, but only if the parents are white. We must follow our media masters’ example, and maintain that white people are evil, while all others are innocent victims.

    Call we name that process Conceptual Guilt?

  108. @Anonymous

    No, The black kids in Chicago and at this football game was due to Machismo. Smoking cessation medicine is only one of the psychotropic drugs. There are SSRI’s, ADHD and others.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  109. @Counterinsurgency

    I agree whole heartedly. Although, I am alittle confused by the statement:

    You note that I’ve left out the “larger purpose” critique, and confined myself to the immediately obvious. I’m just trying to establish that there is a tort here, and perhaps to save a few readers from unduly relying on the professions and prescriptions described.

    No worries.

  110. joe2.5 says:

    “US Congress defines a mass shooting as a single incident in which three or more people are murdered, though looser definitions exist. Of 114 mass shootings between 1982 and this May, 110 perpetrators were male, 64 of them white, 19 black, 10 latino, and eight asian.”
    Quote from

  111. People who can blame terrorism in Syria on Assad would have no problem blaming this on white gun owners, or even on Martians. Welcome to the Western MSM!

  112. So now we know how gang members in Chicago blast away at each other with a crowd of Innocents in the middle, hit 10 people with 20 rounds, and only 16 to 20% die, or how 8 cops surround a guy in a truck, firing 35 rounds, with 7 hitting him, and he walks to the ambulance.

    There is another factor which is that those gang members are most likely buying the cheapest ammo which is fmj.

    The other factor is that energy really drops from a 9mm or 40 when you get to 50 or 75 yards.

    So they are basically spray and praying with cheap ammo and out of range. That is why so many are wounded.

    In their proper range (under 25 yards) handguns are absolutely deadly, especially with a modern bullet.

    As for accuracy most people simply can’t shoot a handgun well, and that is at a range and not under duress. I’d like to see more carbines in police departments. MP5s or 10.5 AR-15s up front and ready to go.

    • Replies: @Tony Schnee
  113. Duke84 says:

    Whenever there’s a mass shooting but few if any fatalities you can be almost certain the perp is black.

  114. @Counterinsurgency

    Relevant article, documenting urban reliance on borrowed money (apparently in all industrialized countries):


  115. @Complex Pseudonymic Handle

    Previous longer comments on this were apparently a bit too graphic, so I’ll just say this:

    Pistol shots get them down and un-dangerous pretty quickly


    Not always. See:

    Techniques exist to ensure takedown during close encounters, but they don’t work over more than about 10 feet, with just tout of reach and stationary being preferred.


  116. Augustus says:

    Often taking medicines is not the problem, but stopping them is the problem. Anyone remember the name Lori Dann from way back in the ’70s? She took some heavy duty anti-psychotic (Haldol?), for those days. She stopped taking the medication for a week or two, then became the first person I can remember who randomly shot up a grade school. Prior to that, all I remember were a few targeted school shootings at high schools with boyfriends shooting rivals for girlfriends, shooting tormenting bullies, or ex girlfriends.

    How many medicated people have we all known who could function and work until their meds ran out. Then they turned violent. If they didn’t have good insurance, they would often find out refills were too expensive and run out for periods of time. That can be dangerous for those around them.

    I watched an Indian pharmacist refusing to refill a woman’s prescription because the woman’s state ID ran out the previous month. The line got longer and longer as the woman said she had three little kids in the back seat of the car and needed her meds so she could get the kids home and ready for bed. I’m thinking state ID because she lost her license, and if she doesn’t get medicated she may harm her kids. She’s walking back and forth getting more and more agitated and angry while arguing that she really needs her meds, so I shout up there saying, “For God’s sake give her the medicine!” Woman threatened to call police on us. Some nurse behind me says, “Give her a few days worth to give her time to renew her ID.” Another guy yells out, “So the ID’s old, it’s still got her picture on it!”

    I was proud others were getting angry, but Indihra Gandi, chief pharmacist, still wouldn’t give the woman her meds. I left and never used that pharmacy again. Anyway, that’s the new, heartless, senseless America we now live in. I was picturing that woman going home, getting more and more enraged, and harming her family, or heading to the grade school the next morning, dropping off the kids and driving over some other mother’s children. But Mrs Gandhi got to show her authority. Never would have happened back in the ’50s when America was still America.

    • Replies: @loren
    , @anarchyst
  117. Augustus says:

    The black kid may be a minor, so they will use that as the excuse not to identify him. We seem to always get the white kids’ names. Must be white privilege to get your name in the media.

    • Replies: @KenH
  118. luludog says:

    Wake up to the videos on TV of hurricane ripping Bahamas and all the black Bahamians struggling to get through it and black officials speaking to news crews. Then switch to the aid kitchens in the states showing hundreds of volunteers making sandwiches and putting together survival packages to rush to the victims. Guess what color all those people are?

  119. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    The high school I would have gone to, if I hadn’t been able to get into a talented/gifted program at a better school, breaks down like this, as of 2017, according to

    African American: 63.8%
    Hispanic: 31.3%
    Asian: 2.1%
    White: 1.4%
    Two or more races: 1.1%
    American Indian: 0.2%
    Pacific Islander: 0.1%

    Out of a student body of 1866, 26 of them are white. I feel for them.

    The school I went to was about 45% black at the time. Latinos were a rarity back then, but I do recall a good number of Indians (dot not feather) and Asians (oriental). I’m guessing nowadays they combine those two and simply call them “Asian”. I think I was subject to sample bias or whatever though, because they tended to be in the talented/gifted programs that I was in, so I saw them more, and less of the “general population”. So, the school probably WAS 50% White.

    Anyway, interestingly, the black population of my old school is now 56.9%, as of 2017. So, it seems like the blacks haven’t infested, too badly. However, the stats tell the whole story…

    African American: 56.9%
    Hispanic: 16.8%
    White: 11.6%
    Asian: 10.6%
    Two or more races: 3.7%
    American Indian: 0.2%
    Pacific Islander: 0.2%

    The Whites really gave up about 38-39% of the school’s population, as the Latinos made inroads, and the blacks and Asians increased.

    Those stats are copied and pasted directly from Notice how they’re labeled? Isn’t calling us simply “White”, whereas every other group is given a more descriptive label, just a bit…wait for it…racist? If you’re going to say “White”, then you should also say “Black”. In this case, I’d think they would have at least said “Caucasian.” Or is that word no longer a thing?

  120. 95Theses says:

    When I first heard of this mass shooting on the radio morning news, I knew that the shooter was Black (or some other minority) because there was absolutely no mention of race!

    Much like the homogenous nondescript references to “teens” in news coverage of riots or various assorted forms of mayhem, it’s a dead giveaway that by not mentioning race, the individuals concerned are indeed minorities of some stripe.

    What’s funny is that news agencies actually think we don’t know what they’re up to. Their buffoonery screams for attention where every attempt to coverup the facts is so patently obvious. And so the opposite effect intended is the one achieved.

  121. Whites avoided violence by not being there. Get it. Just leave blacks alone. If they wanted to move they would. Let them be black. We have the other 95% of the country. What is so difficult about that?

  122. loren says:

    Asians can be very ‘officius’–thats the word?
    do everything to the letter of the rules, no ter how dumb the rule is.

  123. Augustus says:
    @Complex Pseudonymic Handle

    The point was that it takes more hits, on average, with a handgun to kill. As to putting someone down with a handgun round, it depends on where the person is hit. A rifle has a better chance of knocking someone off his feet than a handgun.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  124. Another football game related shooting in Alabama. This one seems to have gone largely unnoticed outside of the local news coverage.

    ‘7 injured in shooting in parking lot of Fairfax Kindergarten in Valley, Ala’

    September 1 at 12:26 PM

    VALLEY, Ala. (WTVM) – Seven people were injured in a shooting in Valley, Alabama late Saturday night.

    The shooting happened in the parking lot of Fairfax Kindergarten located at 300 Boulevard. Police were called to the area at around midnight Sunday in reference to shots being fired and several injuries…

    The investigation of the shooting revealed there was some type of party being held at Fairfax Kindergarten when an argument occurred between some of the men present. They went into the parking lot where at least one man started shooting. Police say the argument appeared to have been over something that happened at the Lanett vs. Lafayette football game on Friday…

  125. anarchyst says:

    The blame cannot be put solely on the pharmacist.

    A major problem is the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and the so-called “war on (some) drugs”.

    The pharmacist could lose her license if it was found out that she dispensed the medication without obtaining proper ID from the customer.

    In fact, there are DEA “plants” who go from pharmacy to pharmacy to “trip up” pharmacists on purely procedural regulations.

    You see, the DEA (and every other government agency) has to create “crises” in order to justify their existence, and to obtain increasing tax dollars to justify their “missions”.

    The latest “crisis” is the “opioid epidemic” which is not an epidemic at all, but just another way for government agencies to further justify their existence.

    Patients who are in dire need of opioids for daily life are not only penalized for being in intractable pain, but quite often are cut off from their needed pain relief by government agents who investigate doctors for prescribing “too many” opioids to their patients in need of pain relief.

    It is interesting to note that these “drug warriors” are not doctors or other medical personnel and (should) have no business interfering with the doctor-patient relationship.

    If I had my way, the DEA would be sued for “practicing medicine without a license”.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  126. 8 shot dead in Chicago over the weekend.
    National media blackout.
    Here’s my video if you care to watch

  127. SOG says:

    In this day and age, why are there all Black schools?

    High School is where we learn to socialize with people of different races, ethnicities, sexual orientation and more.

    If a young man, of any race or ethos attends an all male high school, he may never learn to socialize with girls/women.

    A young black man that attends an all black high school, may never learn to socialize with people of different races.

    The key is diversity!

  128. @counterinsurgency
    Not always. See:

    Techniques exist to ensure takedown during close encounters, but they don’t work over more than about 10 feet, with just tout of reach and stationary being preferred.

    That was a rare case and it didn’t make sense that FBI agents were packing revolvers while looking for heavily armed felons that had already shot multiple people. Only a Federal government department would conclude that the solution is to go to a much larger round that smaller agents would undoubtedly have a hard time shooting accurately.

    Being able to keep fighting after being shot in the arm or leg is mostly Hollywood lore. Sure it happens once in a while but anyone being able to take 2-3 rounds of 9mm at under 50 yards and keep fighting is extremely rare. The bigger limitation with handguns is accuracy at range. I can shoot 10mm at 25′ but I have to keep a careful hold. With a carbine I could do it left handed with a sloppy hold and have a group around 10x better.

    But with that said I think a high cap 9mm is the bare minimum for concealed carry in a Black area and police/security guards should really have something like an MP7. That would never fly with liberals or libertarians due to complaints about militarizing the police. Well yes the police in these areas should be militarized. They should have equipment that matches the situation.

  129. @Wizard of Oz

    Really PK? Even this response is getting stopped?

    Wiz, You’re a dangerous apologist and I’m done with you.

    By the way, the Wizard of Oz was a fraud.

  130. The fact that it was not reported shows that black lives don’t matter to white America. Nothing new. Not a man bites dog story. It happens all the time.

  131. Today, in honor of Labor Day, Joe Biden laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier.

  132. @MontanaGuy

    Spoken like a guy in Montana.

    God bless you brother, but there’s nowhere to go around here where you don’t come in contact with them.

    And your idea that we somehow control 95 percent of the country?? I would think even in the larger Montana cities you’re already seeing our problems. I know most large Colorado cities have fallen.

  133. @Augustus

    Depends very much on ammo selection too.

    Lots of big strides in modernizing ammunition over the past 10-15 years. While ball ammo still suffers the same issues it always has, hollow points have stepped up their game and made the pistol a much more viable weapon.

    I know they’ve poo-pooed the term ‘stopping power’ but in reality it only refers to the ability of a round to stop a fight. Ball ammo will kill – eventually. They usually bleed out from a through-and-through sometime after the incident. A good hollow point will stop within 12-16 inches and dump all of its kinetic energy into its target. Hydrostatic shock and trauma will cease aggression.

    So pick your ammo and aim well.

  134. This is because, according to Marxist critical theory, the US is controlled by a white power structure and any wrongdoing by whites demonstrates that they can’t be trusted to deal honorably with blacks

    The other side of critical theory is that Blacks can do no wrong because they are ultimately victims of said white power structure.

    Conservatives are not much different in that they believe Blacks are victims of “big government” and Democrat policies.

    Both sides don’t seem to view Blacks as morally responsible. The cause is either White men oppressing them or White liberals trying to help them with wasteful programs. So everyone agrees that Whites are to blame, it’s just a debate of which ones.

    Of these two explanations I find the conservative position to be the worst. Conservatives are supposed to be the adults in the room but they have jumped to this Rush/Fox/Cons Inc explanation that is mostly emotional

    • Replies: @Anon
  135. @Non-dualist

    “SSRI’s, ADHD and others…”

    Don’t forget “purple drank.”

  136. Piglet says:

    To answer your question, there are all-black schools because all of the young people in these many areas are black.

    You wrote, “The key is diversity!” Putting aside for a moment the poor education one is likely to receive at an all-black school (learning is impaired by being harassed, beaten and robbed on a daily basis), if you wish to send your (white?) kids to one of these all-black schools so they can learn to “socialize” with their tormentors, be my guest. Don’t demand that someone else’s kids get sent. Volunteer your own, and let us know how that worked out for you.

  137. KenH says:
    @Richard B

    For this reason the future of Whites is going to be grim. Very grim.

    Indeed. Twenty years ago I thought the Republicans would have no choice but to embrace some degree of pro-white politics or at least a viable nationalist third party (with pro-white sympathies) would emerge. Nothing of the sort has happened and things are far worse today than then and radical leftism and anti-white hatred is now mainstream in the Democrat party while the Republican party continues to move left on race and culture. Nearly 40% of of the white electorate has been brainwashed into (((left wing and anti-white zealotry))).

    In short, pro-whites have absolutely no political representation while every other racial group does in spades.

    Even though I come across lots of white people who don’t like the demographic changes they seem to think life will continue to go on more of less as it does now with minimal inconvenience to themselves. They have no idea that Jewish power combined with the sweeping demographic changes ensure that whites are about to enter into a long dark night of political repression, periodic massacres and quite possibly, genocide. Get ready for Bolshevik revolution 2.0.

    Life forms that don’t adapt to a hostile environment die out and I think whites are adapting but at a much slower pace than is needed to ensure our survival.

  138. KenH says:

    They can’t use the black shooter’s name or photo since that would play in to racist stereotypes that innocent blacks have been trying to play down for decades. But it’s ok to create racist stereotypes of white men and insinuate that all white males are mass shooters waiting to happen, so best to summarily arrest all of them now.

  139. Anon[395] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Johnson

    Well said. Very probative for anyone who wants to rebuild social trust.

  140. anarchyst says:

    I disagree with your premise that “diversity” is desirable in schools.

    Black destruction of public education has been going on for a long time now…

    It was just as bad in the 1960s.

    In fact, Detroit’s Northeastern High School had a “black students union” that was successful in getting the American flag removed from the front of the school and replacing it with a “black nationalist” flag.

    The ordeal that white students had to go through was harrowing, to say the least.

    White students did not use the restrooms, as a “beatdown” by multiple blacks was usually the result. Blacks never fought one-on-one, the “pack mentality” was evident then as is today.

    Blacks did not want to learn, the same situation that still exists today.

    Those few blacks who attempted to learn were criticized by their (black) peers for “acting white”. Most of them succumbed to the attitudes of their peers.

    Teachers were deferential to blacks, although there were a few teachers who tried to carefully shield their white and asian students from predatory blacks, giving them additional attention and coursework, knowing that they could excel in spite of the, violent, raucous atmosphere.

    Blacks were NEVER called to account for their violent, criminal behavior. School administrators and teachers were afraid of them.

    Anywhere blacks go, they destroy…

    • Replies: @Love Street
  141. Paul, Paul, Paul.
    White gun owners are to blame because:
    1) they paid taxes that built the school and outfitted the football team; and
    2) they insist on Second Amendment rights for everyone.

  142. By-tor says:

    Good luck trying to authenticate any US ‘mass shooting’ committed by a white male since Sandy Hook from publicly available sources. Try researching the Summerfield, TX church ‘massacre’, the event in El Paso, TX, or the 2018 M. J. Stoneman High School ‘shooting’ committed by the well-known delinquent Nikolus Cruz ( who still does not have a trial date for his crime. )

    The Pulse Nightclub

    How is it possible to have 49 KIA and only a tiny bit of ‘blood’ in one bathroom corner? It’s not. Why is much of the evidence destroyed with explosive breaching devices and hammers? All cell phones were allegedly taken up by police, hence the lack of any footage of any sort. Where are all of the the spent rifle casings and markers left by FL investigators that we see in the CHI and Baltimore crime scene investigations? There are none in the club. Why not? The perp was allegedly KIA by police, so why the secrecy? The club was, as expected, demolished.

    The nightclub looks to have subjected to extreme vandalism and demolition, not the scene of a shooting massacre. I’ve seen plenty of war zone and watched footage of terr raids committed by Sunni mercenaries with blood and bodies on scene and also of bodies being removed by medivac personnel, and this is not what that looks like. Just like the anti-gun activist DEM FL House
    candidate and phony Orlando-area female cardiologist who was paraded about on TV- who later admitted she did not pull 77 bullets from anyone and was fined by the state of FL for impersonation- this is what a hoax looks like.

    Here is real crime scene evidence, and the building where so many were killed by the terrs detonating explosives is still intact as well:

    The Russian public was shown the below video in real time, but in the 24/7 ‘news’ of the US, next-to-nothing is ever released for scrutiny.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  143. @anarchyst

    TNB.. going strong since 1965 !

  144. @SOG

    I’m imagining your comment is tongue-in-cheek considering you SOG moniker.

    Unless it stands for silly ol’gay or slay all gringos…

    • LOL: Love Street
  145. Augustus says:

    Thank you for that reasoned explanation.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  146. Τexas shooting
    Gunman kills 7, injures at least 22 in rampage that started with a traffic stop – CNN
    Officials Finally Identify Odessa Shooter – as Seth (Aaron) Ator.
    The police conceal his name “Aaron”, and release only a 2001 mugshot.
    Are Main Stream Media going to mention that Seth Aaron Ator is in fact a deranged Israeli?
    “Before officials announced the gunman’s name, there was widespread outrage across social media about why the shooter’s identity was being concealed.
    Many said that the shooter would not have been afforded the same privilege if he was Black or brown… the Odessa shooting may have been committed by a White supremacist.”
    Now they’re running for cover

  147. @MontanaGuy

    Whites avoided violence by not being there. Get it. Just leave blacks alone.

    This only works if THEY leave YOU alone.

    They won’t.  They are always leaving the places they’ve destroyed in search of the things they want.  That’s always where Whitey is (because only Whitey can make those things), and it will eventually be where YOU are.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  148. anarchyst says:

    You are very welcome,


  149. @Augustus

    Thanks! Machine politics has its own way of thinking, one that takes some getting used to.

    A standard introduction is “Plunkitt of Tammany Hall”, Plunkitt was a Tammany Hall Ward boss, in Gilded Age era (in various offices 1869 to 1904). The book was written by Riordon from Pulnkett’s words for the _NY Times_, 1905. It was unusually frank, and is still used as a university text book. It presents Tammany the way Tammany would have liked to have seen itself, and it is a excellent illustration of political thinking of the sort that I use in the post that interested you.


  150. @Jami

    Jami nice try, Those ghetto, future inmates certainly don’t look like my children. Trying to shame us over not being concerned over those who hate us is not going to make me feel bad in the slightest.

    • Replies: @Jami
  151. @Mr. Rational


    Australia has been full of gun violence and gangs for years. You don’t know this because you are an American who has never traveled (Except perhaps under base perimeter) much overseas. And you have definitely not been to Australia. I’m a white American who has worked and lived overseas my entire life-I was only too glad to leave Phoenix for Dubai-and I know Oz well. You would not have the economic freedom of movement to visit Australia, so let me pinpoint some differences.

    …Australia’s living standard is far, far higher than that of the US. I am from Michigan, a real pit, and there is nowhere like Flint in Australia. You’ll choose Sydney to walk through in the dead of night over any American city.

    …Australia has importing Vietnamese boat people (Ask Linh) forever. And Lebanese. And Balkans riff-raff. They have all caused problems in Australia. The Italian mafia has a greater hold over Melbourne than in the US. During the Ecstasy boom in the nineties, bodies of Cypriot and Albanian and Italian gangsters were piling up in Melbourne-Dino Dibra made John Gotti look like an saint.

    …Australia has also had Ivan Milat and Martin Byrant, both of whom killed American tourists.

    …Vietnamese heroin gangs battle it out with guns in Sydney suburbs everyday. Unlike the US, where blacks are too stupid to kidnap other black drug dealing czars and Mexicans to disorganized, Chinese do this all the time in Australia.

    …Australia has now completely restricted immigration. You probably would not be able to immigrate. Even with a college degree, I couldn’t. But it is too late. The Vietnamese and Lebanese and Sudanese got in before Australia turned itself into an island fortress.

    …The reason American society is more concerned with white spree killers and organized crime is that they are high IQ. Blacks shoot one another and get caught. Watch FIRST 48. They don’t kill 200 people like Whitey Bulger and get away with it. They don’t have FBI agents on their payroll like Bulger did. Black spree killers do not plan for years like Brevik. They get pissed off at some other thug who “be dissing dem on da Facebook” and they smoke crack and suddenly have an outburst. No black thug could ever be capable of a mass shooting of sixty people because they don’t have the capacity to play two years into their future like Brevik. They don’t even have the intelligence to shoot a rival gangster from sixty yards away so they don’t get caught; their mind is too fogged up on blunts and 40 ounces. Mestizo Cholos represent a different threat. The Indians at the bottom of the food chain on the street are morons, but the mostly-European or even full-blooded whites at the top of the cartels like El Chapo are formidable adversaries.

    America has a contiguous border with a Third World country. This is the problem. Australia has no borders.

    There are other reasons why Australia is a superior country to the US. Wages are higher and not as many people are completely impoverished. A forty year old man cannot live on a teenager’s wage.

    In your own case, blacks do not pose much of a threat in your area because you are obviously rural. Blacks don’t want to live in the rural US. Unlike rural Australia, the rural US is nearly a Third World country where poor whites have to drive five miles over potholed dirt roads to get to a Wal-Mart and there is no public transport because even town government is too cheap to care about its demographic.

    I know this because I was born in Ann Arbor, went to college in the hick area of mid-Michigan where CMU is and ultimately ended up in Phoenix.

    Thankfully, at that point, I got a job in Dubai.

    • Replies: @sb
    , @Mr. Rational
  152. AnalogMan says:

    witches who boiled willow bark to treat headaches

    It worked, didn’t it? Hippocrates prescribed the same. Where do you suppose aspirin came from?

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  153. @Badger

    See also, the Rhodesian Bush War. In particular see Operation Dingo, the November 1977 raid on a terrorist base in Mozambique (Rhodesian casualties: two killed, eight wounded. Terrorist casualties: three thousand killed, five thousand wounded). Or if you don’t like that one, Operation Snoopy, the September 1978 raid on terrorist training camps in Mozambique (two Rhodesians killed, several hundred ZANLA terrorists killed, over a thousand wounded).

    Average IQ of 55 plus a genetically encoded predeliction for laziness equals cannon fodder, no matter how many AK47s, antitank rockets, and even tanks and jet fighters the Soviets gave them. They make Iraqis or Syrians look competent at warfare, and that’s when they are at least nominally organized and have at least nominal training.

    When they are armed only with shiny nickel-plated potmetal .22 revolvers and shiny potmetal semiauto .22 pistols that they barely know how to load or unload without shooting themselves in the process, they tend to lose decisively to armed citizens, even when they have the element of surprise on their side and attack from ambush with superior numbers. Note also the growing popularity of training-related firearms sports like IPSC, IDPA, USPSA, and Three-Gun. Even a “mediocre” IPSC “B-class” shooter is Death come a-walking compared to these mooks.

    For all that the Democrats no longer bother to hide the fact that they consider the Crips, Bloods, Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, MS-13, Locos Intocables, Latin Kings, and so on, to be reliable paramilitary auxiliaries, it also seems to me that this is a pretty weak reed for them to wager their future on. This is significant for several reasons, not least of which is that wypipo are waking up to the nature of the We Hate Whitey Party and mostly no longer voting for people who want to tax them into penury in order to write blank checks for “de repa-ma-rations,” make their children a hated minority in the country they built, and put them all on cattle cars.

    This, by the way, is why the Democrats are so eager to bring in IQ-55 Turd World mystery meat colonists illegally, sign them up for El Guelfare and Los Gibsmedats illegally, and sign them up to vote illegally. People who have an IQ above room temperature see their bullshit for what it is and are unwilling to vote for them, other than a certain (((Tribe))) that makes up their intellectual and financial leadership.

    The correlation of historical forces is in our favor. Do not despair. Our victory is inevitable. The Saxon has begun to hate.

    • Agree: Glock45
    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  154. @Pepe the Frog


    Che Guevara was so disgusted by African revolutionaries, who would take Friday off to cross enemy lines and visit whorehouses, that he returned to South America.

    If you haven’t noticed, nobody gives a hoot any longer if AA’s riot in industrial graveyards like Ferguson. It mattered in Los Angeles, but for the most part if crack houses burn down nobody cares. Whites are gone anyhow.

    As far as profitable crime goes, the cartel-backed Mexican gangs have a vertically-integrated drug distribution system. And crack cocaine is no longer popular. Black gangs no longer have an economy to stand on.

    Anyhow, it is no sweat off the back of the ruling elite. They’ll all move to Switzerland where they bank their money. They all have dual-citizenship anyhow. So no worries for them.

    • Replies: @loren
    , @Counterinsurgency
  155. sb says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I”d be interested to know how long you have actually spent in Australia . Your version doesn’t sound like the country I know ‘
    You may be unaware that probably every gun fired with malcontent in Australia is likely to make the news . I’d expect that that a US city of 100,000 would have more gun crime than Australia”s 25 million

    Australia makes a fair bit of crime focussed TV and movies which purport to be stories of everyday existence but in the real world most people everywhere have never heard gunfire
    Ethnic crime gangs mainly fight turf wars for the drug business . Juvenile versions mainly do petty shoplifting ( & don’t have guns )
    I well know that there are many ( sometimes entertaining ) Australian story tellers / BS artists cluttering up the bars of Asia . Take their stories with a large grain of salt

    I might add that it beats me why so many non Americans can get so fussed about America’s gun culture

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  156. @sb


    I’ve been in and out of Cranberra. I tried to immigrate as a young man, but didn’t make it. I worked with heaps of Australians from Perth to West Sydney.

    The wogs wasted one another in Melbourne suburbs like the Sunshine Boys in the nineties to such a degree that even Chopper Reid found them excessive but Ecstasy has declined in popularity since the nineties when Dino Dibra et al were killing each other over turf. Oddly enough, while Ecstasy was popular in the US, there was never the degree of turf wars over its sales that Melbourne had.

    If you are going to tell me Vietnamese in Perth don’t have a mafia and don’t sell heroin I’ll eat my hat. It was the Vietnamese who introduced kidnapping to Oz. Again, we can blame this on the US. It was America that created the boat people crisis.

    Yes, Martin Byrants are rare in Oz. I credit the government for taking steps to prevent retarded madmen from accessing automatic weapons. But if the US offered to buy back automatics like the Australian government did after Byrant, nobody would hand in their guns. Period. They’ve tried buy-back programs and they just don’t work in the States.

    Should you tell me that some Lebanese or Albanian kid in Melbourne who has suddenly decided to become a gangster after watching SCARFACE too many times cannot go out on the street and get a gun somewhere, I’d say you were an out-and-out liar. You’ve had Neddy Smith and Henry the Abo and a bunch of other gangsters who shot other gangsters. The weird thing is that they tended to do it in hotel lobbies.

    Of course the US has more gun crime. This is not even up for debate. But you have had your Byrants and your Neddy Smiths as well.

  157. @Jeff Stryker

    Australia has been full of gun violence and gangs for years. You don’t know this because you are an American who has never traveled (Except perhaps under base perimeter) much overseas. And you have definitely not been to Australia.

    I was quite aware of all of that, TYVM.  News of the Apex gang has made it even to my semi-rural corner of the world.  (I will not say exactly where, but you and I have far more in common than you would believe.  And I could visit Oz if I wished, but after 9/11 I find I don’t like air travel any more.)

    Even here, though, there are the seeds of trouble.  A virtue-signalling church (female minister, of course) sponsored a family of Jamaicans, so there are now several coal-black teenagers in what was once a Whitopia.  I can only hope that they find no job prospects here and settle somewhere far away.

    One thing I am keenly aware of is the legacy of Australia’s 1996 gun confiscation.  I saw news coverage of an absolutely mint lever-action rifle, beautifully engraved, cut in half in the middle of the action in what should have been deemed felony vandalism.  I am aware that many law-abiding Australians live in fear of minority criminals while the criminals are handled with kid gloves because “rayciss”.

    So far we have fought that off here.  I hope to keep it that way, and I won’t be moving to any place that abrogates my rights.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  158. @Kolya Krassotkin

    So then, blacks using the white invention of firearms is ‘cultural appropriation’, no?

    Where are the SJW’s when you need them.

  159. @Mr. Rational


    Australian criminals are mostly Italian and Greek and Lebanese mob guys. The gun crime is similar to New Jersey where some dirtbag is “whacked” in somebody’s basement and then buried somewhere or shot in an Italian restaurant or something. Italians and Greek crime families want to stay on the street as long as possible and you don’t do this by shooting some 11 year old at a football game.

    Lebanese have raped women in Australia, but it is not the epidemic of black-on-white rape of the US. There are not many nursing home rapes in Australia.

    Many posters here fear a situation like Zimbabwe but I would argue that ghetto blacks don’t have the organization for armed raids on white farms in the US if the Saxon cut the food supply (However the left might pull the same number as the Communist did on the Kulaks, as another poster mentioned). Every time there is an inner-city riot in the US they will sound off about invading the suburbs but let’s face it, they are incapable of maintaining supply lines or even going without rock cocaine for 24 hours. And they know this. They got their asses shot off by a handful of Korean shopkeeps in LA. This is why race riots never bleed over into the suburbs. Rape and drug dealing do, which are sort of a form of urban guerrilla warfare, but not war.

    • Replies: @loren
  160. anarchyst says:

    If you believe anything fraudster Michael Moore puts out, you have problems, my friend…

    Michael Moore’s “schlockumentaries” are anything but honest and are based on half-truths and outright lies. Moore is an out-and-out leftist communist who does not “practice what he preaches”. He lives in a multi-million dollar estate but decries others who do…

    In “Roger and Me” he claimed that GM CEO Roger Smith refused to meet with him and dodged every attempt to meet with him. In fact, Roger Smith offered Michael Moore an interview, but was promptly rebuffed. This meeting would have destroyed the whole premise of the movie.

    In “Bowling for Columbine”, Moore’s flawed premise was that the free, unrestricted commerce in lawful firearms was responsible for that deadly event. He brings up one bank’s successful marketing of its services by insisting that firearms were being given out to depositors in an indiscriminate fashion. Once again, Moore failed to note that every firearms transfer was done in a lawful manner, with federally-mandated “background checks” being performed in every case.

    In “Sicko”, his “schlockumentary” on the American health-care system, he used Cuba as a prime example of a good health care system. What he failed to mention was that the average Cuban citizen has no access to high-tech health care, but is relegated to a lower tier of service, having to supply their own bed linens and yes, even medications. The high tech health care services are available only to foreigners and communist party officials–not the average Cuban citizen.

    All of Michael Moore’s “schlockumentaries” are “full of holes”, lies and fabrications.

    Michael Moore is not to be trusted.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @loren
  161. Only whites invented guns.

  162. Krinsh says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    Ironically there are lots of blacks in NASA, why do you think we’re not on Mars yet nor colonized many other planets?

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  163. @anarchyst

    Interesting description of Cuban healthcare. I think now you have an obligation to explain how come dirt poor Cuba has life expectancy of 79.5 years and infant mortality rate of 4.3 per 1000 live births, whereas in rich USA corresponding numbers are 78.7 years and 5.7 per 1, 000 live births (source:

    Something does not jibe here, matey.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Pepe the Frog
  164. @Krinsh

    Check out “Whitey on the Moon”

  165. anarchyst says:

    Cuban health is related to diet.

    Under the communist system, ordinary Cubans do not have access to “junk food” (highly processed foods) that foreigners and party officials have access to.

    In addition, “foreign foods” are very expensive; ordinary Cubans cannot afford to purchase them.

    When your food supply is limited and all you have is chickens and octopus to eat, your nutrition is limited. This is why you see very few fat Cubans, most of them being communist party officials.

    It might interest you to know that American-based resort hotels operating in Cuba are required to pay their workers a “minimum wage” of $9.85 per hour. The Cuban government “steals” the worker’s American “minimum wage” and “gives” the Cuban worker about $25.00 per month.

    The communist “workers’ paradise” in operation…

  166. @John Johnson

    Very solid point about the ammo.

  167. @anarchyst

    OK, this might explain life expectancy. Although this suggests that maybe we should change our “free market”-instilled diet to a more authoritarian one and live longer and healthier (less fat) lives.

    How does the diet explain infant mortality, though? To the best of my knowledge, fetuses in the womb don’t eat.

  168. loren says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Did you know ‘Che’ had a real name [obama does too]???

    Ernesto Lynch…Ernie Lynch……..bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  169. loren says:

    His opus–STUPID WHITE MEN.

  170. loren says:

    There is a eco documentary about ‘peak oil’ that mentions when USSR cut off money, average cuban lost 20? pounds.

  171. loren says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    It was America that created the boat people crisis.-No, it was the USSR, nitwit.

    Why do you use a gay porn guys name?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @JudgeSmails
  172. @AnonFromTN

    You believe propaganda from a Communist government? Is everyone in Cuba nine feet tall and bulletproof too? I know our (((newsmedia))) always loves to recite to us fawning accounts of the New Soviet Man and his bold experiment in Scientific Marxist-Leninism administered by (((their cousins))), but come on. Clearly every adult knows agitprop when he sees it.

    For that matter, I suspect that, were anyone to look more closely at the figures for the US, literacy rates, infant mortality, and life expectancy differ significantly, and predictably, among various identifiable populations based on the degree of enthusiasm for heroin, cocaine, “Cisco” brand fortified wine, and solving inter-personal problems with gunfire among the different groups.

    What we do know, though, is that Cuba’s per-capita GDP is less than half the global average, under $9000/yr at last estimate. It is, in other words, economically in the same general area as Botswana. Literacy rates, infant mortality, and life expectancy tend to track rather well with per-capita GDP, and those are the places I’d look to start making comparisons and predictions.

    Botswana has–at least according to figures released by its government, and who wouldn’t believe the self-aggrandizing official propaganda of a backwater Third World thugocracy?–currently an average life expectancy 66.8 years, 88% adult literacy rate, and an infant mortality rate of 30.8 deaths/1000 live births, and furthermore claims to have made tremendous strides forward since 1990 on all these figures. The truth is anybody’s guess but I doubt it’s anywhere near this rosy in reality.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  173. @AnonFromTN


    The best of all it’s free for Cubans; it’s the foreigners who have to pay. But the Anarchyst is right, there is a kind of class structure in those supposedly classless communist societies. And there are diseases of wealth as well as diseases of poverty, just depends who prefers which.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  174. @anarchyst

    Those party functionaries probably expect the workers in the resorts to earn a lot more by prostituting themselves and their relatives to the tourists, selling them black market cigars, etc. And I suppose many do.

  175. @loren

    Why didn’t America accept as many boat people from Vietnam as Australia did after the war?

    Or USSR for that matter.

    Come to think of it, very few Vietnamese wanted to go to USSR. Like zero.

  176. @AnalogMan

    It worked, didn’t it?

    Yes, both boiling willow bark to treat headaches and neolithic trepanning worked. The practitioners had no understanding of why or how they worked, however. That meant that they could not improve the techniques in the sense that aspirin in a bottle is an improvement and and aseptic surgery is an improvement.
    But perhaps my examples were ill chosen. This next section is horribly unpleasant, even by my standards, so don’t read it if you don’t want to be moved to tears.

    Metallic arsenic was used as a desperation beauty aid by somewhat desperate women who wanted the pale skin that is an early sign of arsenic poisoning [1]. The retention of arsenic in the body was not understood, nor was the biochemistry of arsenic poisoning.

    Heroin was used as a “non-addictive” substitute for morphine in cough syrups, and thought to be non-addictive because (the story goes) none of the chemists who developed it and tried it out on themselves became addicted (because they didn’t have “addictive personalities”). Again, the fundamental biochemistry of opioid use (blocking cell receptors, development by cell of extra receptors) understood.

    The chemical warfare compound LSD [3] was widely recommended (by Timothy Leary [4], not only a Harvard faculty member but Irish!) and given wide coverage in a media that was, in the late 1960s, doing all it could to encourage street drug use. The advice managed to kill or injure an apparently large but uncounted number of people back then, and residual effects are still managing something similar today. Nobody back then quite understood the biology of LSD, and apparently it still isn’t today.

    I hope this makes clear the dangers of using “medicines” whose effects and biochemistry are not understood. My further point is that human biochemistry is far from understood now, so there is always enough risk associated with taking medicines that they should be avoided if possible. Take drugs _after_ eating properly and taking enough exercise (I recommend the “slow burn exercises” program, myself) and getting enough rest, and only take drugs or consent to surgery if your condition is serious. Life is a one pass algorithm.


    1] James Bennett.
    “Arsenic-Eaters and Cucumber Creams”.
    _Cosmetics and Skin_.

    “From 1898 through to 1910, diamorphine was marketed under the trademark name Heroin as a non-addictive morphine substitute and cough suppressant.”
    No substantiation of the non-addicted chemists here, but note that Heroin was advertised for the 12 years it was sold as “non-addictive”. Presumably Bayer (the manufacturer) had some grounds for saying that.



  177. @Jeff Stryker

    Anyhow, it is no sweat off the back of the ruling elite. They’ll all move to Switzerland where they bank their money. They all have dual-citizenship anyhow. So no worries for them.

    They’re not very competent outside their social speialties. That plan is like standing under a tree during a rain storm in an orchard, and planning to move to another tree if your tree starts leaking.

    The “build end of the world shelters” is also not very smart. Supposedly during the Congressional hearings on the sinking of the Titanic one of the questions was: “Why didn’t the passengers take shelter in the watertight compartments?”.


    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  178. @Commentator Mike

    I know full well that there is class structure in self-proclaimed class-less “socialist” societies. I lived in the USSR for 33 years. Still, the wealth differential between party apparatchiks and ordinary people was orders of magnitude smaller than in today’s Russia or the US. In my book, ~10-fold differential can be justified by real differences in people’s abilities and productivity, but 100- or 1,000-fold differential is a clear indicator that the society is sick. Sick societies, like sick people, don’t necessarily die quickly. In most cases they slowly deteriorate and weaken, and then the carrion is eaten by vultures, external and/or internal.

    • Replies: @jack daniels
  179. @Pepe the Frog

    I do not believe any propaganda – I am fully immunized against it by 33 years in the USSR. But that includes globohomo propaganda – I recognize BS when I see it. When all MSM tell you the same things, like in Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia, I know for sure that these things are lies.

    Let’s not forget that drugs, including fortified wine, as well as guns always appear in the “free market” (free for the robbers, not for the robbed) societies. Drug problem in the USSR was a lot less widespread than in today’s Russia, although it is still less prevalent there than in the US. Gun crime was a rarity back then, a lot more common now (again, in this Russia is also way behind the US).

    Life expectancy does not necessarily reflect country’s wealth, it depends much more on priorities. My almost 30 years of experience in the US show that the US health care system is hopelessly screwed. It is geared towards squeezing maximum profit, not towards providing care for sick people. In fact, you have to be remarkably healthy to deal with the US healthcare. It is almost impossible to get doctor’s appointment the same day, often hard to get it even the same week. At least half of the enormous healthcare costs in the US go to useless parasites: insurance companies and malpractice lawyers. Not to mention the bills: if you have insurance, they are sky-high, but if you don’t, they are even higher. A serious health problem would bankrupt you w/o health insurance, but when you get really sick, you lose your job, and therefore lose health insurance. This factor drags down life expectancy and drives up infant mortality in the US.

    I don’t think that the life in Cuba is rosy (although I’ve never been there), but the life in the US is not particularly rosy, either. So, I wouldn’t bet my money in which of these two countries life expectancy is higher and infant mortality is lower. I also know that pesky dictator Castro sent teachers and doctors to other countries, whereas self-appointed “democratic” countries send bombs on people’s heads. If I lived in a country needing help, I’d prefer a “dictator”, not a “democrat”, to provide it any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  180. @Jeff Stryker

    Not true. There were plenty Vietnamese in the USSR in 1991, many of them are still in Russia.

  181. @Counterinsurgency


    Meh, NZ and Australia are island fortresses. Have a few million? Please feel free to be a citizen.

    South Africans all fled to Oz if they could.

    Hong Kong and Tokyo will be happy to give them citizenship.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  182. @loren

    It was America that created the boat people crisis.-No, it was the USSR, nitwit.

    Why do you use a gay porn guys name?

    LARPing maybe?

  183. @Jeff Stryker

    Meh, NZ and Australia are island fortresses. Have a few million? Please feel free to be a citizen.

    Right, that’s the first approximation. Note, though, that so many people have been setting up private The End of The World As We Know it (TEOTWAWKI) shelters in New Zealand [1] that I seem to remember reading about the NZ national government trying to slow the influx.

    When i read about such shelters, private or government, I always sort of wonder about their re-integration plan. If things are bad enough to need a TEOTWAKI shelter in New Zealand (or the desert Southwest), what kind of place do the sheltered think they will have when it’s time to emerge?
    Do the government types think that the populace will shout with joy while showering them with checks for back taxes?
    Do the private types think that their various assets won’t have been commandeered by people/organizations who will want to keep them, and influence enough with the new government (TEOTWAKI, remember)?
    Do they really think that the surviving populace (for a post-TEOTWAKI population have lost members to starvation etc. during the discontinuity) will really be happy to see people who have been living in relative comfort while they and their relatives have been starving because world wide supply chains have broken down?

    If the shelters can perform some vital service (serve as a fortified store, what used to be called a “factory” back in the 1600s with a factor and some thick walls), then they might be tolerated. I haven’t seen any shelter plans that include a large stock of trade goods, and I doubt that there’s a one that has a year or twos provision, housing, and weapons, about three companies of infantry with heavy weapons for the person who wants to try a more direct approach to supporting the civil society (by re-establishing or supporting government).

    If the shelters can’t do anything useful, well, there is a story I read (perhaps in one of the Camus/existentialism type novels) maybe 3 decades ago about a French Bishop who had done all that he could for a plague stricken French city, and then withdrew to his castle and shut the gates, living off stored supplied. It was his own TEOTWAKI shelter. Supposedly the French population started shooting dead animals , some mule/horse sized into his courtyard. Previous charity or not, Bishop’s inability or otherwise to help them physically, the didn’t like being abandoned by their supposed spiritual shepherd / representatives. That might or might not be the current popular template, but this is the age of resentment.

    And that’s why I think they’re not thinking ahead. A real shelter would require interaction with the surrounding society during the transition. Only thus, participating in the formative stage, might one find a place in the post TEOTWAKI society. IMHO, of course. Never saw a TEOTWAKI while it was happening, although I did see the immediate aftermath of WW II (a TEOTWAKI) in the US.



    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  184. @Jeff Stryker

    Jeff Stryker——–If America is going to continue to accept refugees after every war.America needs to pick it’s fights more carefully. We need to smack Norway,Scotland, Switzerland,Australia,etc. Let’s label White South Africans as terrorists,and import them all.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  185. @Counterinsurgency


    LOL, if SHTF Maori biker gangs would be raiding those holed up in those shelters and having fun shooting them up. They’d probably pump poison gas through their ventilation shafts, or just some noxious gas to drive them out into the open to shoot up or worse. They wouldn’t stand a chance.

    • Agree: Counterinsurgency
  186. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Scottish consider their Appalachian spawn to be shockingly poor and backward. AA Gill the Scots reporter for the BBC tracked down his cousins in West Virginia somewhere and you could tell how embarrassed and sorrowful he was at their poverty. How many Scots want to move from Edinburgh to West VA. Scots wouldn’t move to Appalachia if you paid them!

    Which Norwegian wants to move to Minneapolis?

    Australia? No Australian would move to the US if you nuked Sydney. All they see is a bunch of white people reduced to defecating on public streets in San Francisco and dying of Opoids. Somehow, Australia is a better country.

    Americans all go on about how great the constitution is and blah blah but Australians and New Zealanders all have higher standards of living than the US. The average white in Sydney would not want to move to the US. What for?

    Muslims probably will never overrun the US. Their countries are too far-flung and even if they arrive there will never be enough of them to create the situation that Sweden or UK are coping with.

    As we can see, relations between Jews and Muslims in the US on the Left are going south pretty quickly.

  187. Whitewolf says:

    A 100% diverse team vs a 99% diverse team. The utopia anti-Whites hope to to spread all over the US.

  188. There should be a law against conservative writers calling out hypocrisy. Over the last 50 years conservatives have called out enough hypocrisy to fill a stack of encylopedias, but nothing ever happens to change things. Kersey is too busy calling out hypocrisy to analyze the political dynamic that makes it possible for the NRA to be blamed for black crime. Hint: it has to do with the Rainbow Coalition strategy in which the philanthropic left weaponizes blacks to vote for the candidates they prefer by constantly reminding them they are oppressed and discouraging behavior that would render them self-sufficient.

  189. Jami says:
    @From Detroit suburbs to rural Philippines

    I’m not trying to make you feel bad but your comment puts all black kids in one lump they aren’t all ghetto and waiting for their time in prison. No more than all white kids are povershed or rich. They make up 13oercent of our society and cause the most problems. I’m not making excuses I’m simply saying your comment is wrong in so many ways. I grew up being told we’re to stick to our race all that. I still believe that way for all races. As I said. I’m just saying some of those kids are just like ours. Wanna good life. Not the ones in this particular incident…. I’m speaking on black children as a whole as you did

  190. dc.sunsets [AKA "Astonished"] says:

    Bullets traveling at handgun velocities do damage exclusively by direct destruction of tissue as the bullet passes through. A 115 gr FMJ .355″ projectile is still moving more than fast enough at 100 yds to fully penetrate a typical person. Whether Lashivious is firing cheap Winchester White Box FMJ or expensive Winchester Ranger-T 147’s it probably isn’t all that relevant to the “killed/wounded” ratio.

    My guess is that the evolution of improved wound management at the ambulance level and improved treatment at the ER probably have the larger impact on decreased mortality. (Pun intended.)

    We tend to get hung up about these armchair debates when the truth probably is that Lashivious doesn’t really care about lining up his targets on top of the front sight. The goal often appears to be what author Rory Miller calls a Status-Seeking Show (search it), only instead of a beat-down, the tool of choice is a very loud, easily operated (but poorly mastered) pistol. It’s Sam Colt’s “equalizer” put to Africans’ social-violence purposes…any clown can do it.

  191. @Jami

    Then we, like you, are tired of constantly planting/watering/cultivating miles and miles of negros in order to find one that bears fruit so all the leftists can gather around and scream ‘See? It works!’

    The amount we have given up on in this backward, foolish social experiment will probably be recoverable in time but the most time that passes, the less likely it is to happen at all.

    I’m not saying all black children are bad. I will go on record as saying most are a problem and should be dealt with as such.

    You’re stuck in this baby/bath water dilemma. Just stop.

    • Agree: Love Street
  192. @Jami

    Young blacks are encouraged by the wealthy white left (aka “the Jews”) to be aggressive sociopaths who blame whitey for everything and put all their hopes of success into supporting politicians. What’s in it for the whites is that the politicians carry out their radical cultural agenda — Tranny Storybook Hour and the like. Many blacks refuse to go down this road but so many go along that black culture begins to presuppose social dysfunction as the norm. I don’t condemn blacks except they really need to focus more on this aspect of the problem. Farrakhan is one who does, whatever faults he may have.

  193. @AnonFromTN

    There have always been people e.g. Rockefeller with 1000 times the wealth. Capitalism rewards the successful entrepreneur as well as his customers. What’s more important is whether, in amassing wealth, they provide the little people with the opportunity for a good life. That seems to be up for dispute more today than before the collapse of manufacturing and family businesses etc.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  194. anarchyst says:
    @jack daniels

    Henry Ford CREATED a market which had not existed when he paid his employees $5.00 per day when the average wage of the day was around $1.25 per day. His premise was not entirely altruistic as assembly line work was monotonous; a way had to be found to retain employees, as well.

    Of course, the wall street types and the banksters howled that Ford’s wage rates would destroy capitalism (as they knew it-those at the top reap all of the benefits while the proles are forced to live on a bare subsistence wage, due to the machinations of those at the top).

    Guess what??

    The OPPOSITE happened. Henry Ford knew one of the basic tenets of a truly free, capitalistic society, that a well-paid work force would be able to participate and contribute to a strong economy, unlike what is taught in business schools today-that wages must be kept to a bare minimum and that the stockholder is king. Our free trade politicians have assisted the greedy wall street types and banksters in depressing wages on the promise of cheap foreign labor and products.

    A good example of this is the negative criticism that Costco receives for paying its employees well above market wages. These same wall street types praise Wal-Mart for paying its employees barely subsistence wages while assisting them in filling out their public assistance (welfare) forms.

    Any sane person KNOWS that in order for capitalism to work, employees need to make an adequate wage. Unfortunately, this premise does not exist in today’s business climate.
    Henry Ford openly criticized those of the “tribe” for manipulating wall street and banksters to their own advantage, and was roundly (and unjustly) criticized for pointing out the TRUTH.

    Catholic priest, Father Coughlin did the same thing and was punished by the Catholic church, despite his popularity and exposing the TRUTH of the American economy and the outsider internationalists that ran it . . . and STILL run it.

    Our race to the bottom will not be without consequences. A great realignment is necessary (and is coming) . .

  195. Blacktail says:

    “How Can We Blame This On White Gun Owners?”

    Hate will find a way…

  196. 95Theses says:

    Great comment. And, yes, Sweden does indeed have a big 𐐒øm𐐒 problem. We have on full display the disastrous consequences which always result when unassimilable Muslim populations are introduced into Western societies.

    Will the government – whose first duty to its people is to protect life – take the necessary (and completely doable) measures to end this crisis? We know the answer to that question.

    Mr. Wizard – as with many Americans – is clueless on the meaning of the Second Amendment and what the Founders and Framers intended in regard to it.

  197. And Ya says:

    What did they really expect? I knew the outcome as soon as I heard a black vs white school. Way to go, game organizers. How stupid are they anyhow?
    Ask Colin.
    Andrew Jackson did the Liberia deal to send blacks to Liberia.

  198. @95Theses

    So 95Theses——–Don’t you just love the peace,harmony,prosperity, and FAIRrrrrNess that occurs when women run the country.Today Sweden. Tomorrow America. P.S. Women don’t always vote for fairness. Sometimes they vote for really nice hair. That’s what one of the ladies at work did when John Edwards was in the Democrat primary. By the way,said female had her master’s degree.

  199. @Sick of Orcs

    In 1991 I did a second-year undergrad subject called ‘Income Distribution‘, we read a lot of Gary Becker (this was before ‘Human Capital’ was released, and the year before Becker got to the head of the queue for the faux-Nobel Sverige Riksbank prize).

    One of the assigned readings that wasn’t Becker, was “The Economics of Education“ (I think it was the one by Geraint Johnes), which disabused the class of the notion that there was any alpha in tertiary education per se.

    One other paper that we were assigned – the name of which I cannot recall – outlined 5 reasons that relative poverty is a very helpful thing for the political class.

    As to specifics:

    First among those reasons was the (false) idea that the middle-classes required protection from the underclass, and that government would provide that protection efficiently (i.e., the correct amount, delivered at minimum cost and maximum bang-for-the-buck).

    The second reason was the good old “scared straight” idea: the middle class sees the privations suffered by the underclass, and gets the idea that unless they are productive and compliant, they might be relegated. “There but for t he grace of the political class, go I“.

    The third reason was a “scapegoat” idea – it gave politicians an identifiable set to point at, and to blame for government failure; that set has no mechanism for organising a rebuttal. “We would have no budget deficit, and much lower debt… but for welfare recipients

    There is no need to enumerate the other 2 reasons that poverty is permitted to persist (and is, in fact, subsidised): the first 3 are sufficient.

    Oddly, it is not among my papers from the time (I generally kept all my notes, textbooks, assignments, and assigned readings for all subjects: somehow in the last quarter-century only those for Income Distribution have been misplaced, but they’ll turn up eventually).

    Also oddly (and this might be of interest to Ron Unz): when I hit ‘Reply’ to this comment, the username was pre-filled as “The Germ Theory of Disease” – which is a genuine ‘handle’ for another commenter – and an email address that looked genuine (at a .net domain whose name indicates that the individual might be 36 hours into a 40-hour fast).

    Normally, I don’t bother to check the username and email address boxes – I just take it as read that they’re filled.

    It would be hilarious if my credentials were used by someone else to submit a comment (either deliberately/vexatiously or inadvertently).

    Stopper Victor: Stopper Actual. Set deniability to ‘Ultimate’. How copy, Over?.
    Stopper Actual: Stopper Victor. Good copy, over.

  200. White oppression made him do it.

    The black on black shootings will continue until reparations are enacted.

  201. @95Theses

    The (((usual suspects))) have engineered and financed this invasion to destabilize and destroy their enemies.

    Who are their enemies you ask? Why it’s anyone and everyone not (((them)))

  202. @Kratoklastes

    Also oddly (and this might be of interest to Ron Unz): when I hit ‘Reply’ to this comment, the username was pre-filled as “The Germ Theory of Disease” – which is a genuine ‘handle’ for another commenter – and an email address that looked genuine (at a .net domain whose name indicates that the individual might be 36 hours into a 40-hour fast).

    Turns out you can fix that by deleting all cookies for your browser. Usual caveats on that – you might want some of the cookies. You want to put a string of randomly selected characters in the Email address, or use an anonymous e-mail server to get a unique identifier for your Unz handle.


  203. Anounder says:

    >First among those reasons was the (false) idea that the middle-classes required protection from the underclass

    You don’t live around Negroes and other non-Whites in major amounts.

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