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His Name Is Tim Fletcher: Two Black Males - One Out on $50,000 Bond for June 1st Shooting - "Randomly" Murder White Motorcyclist in Alabama
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Two black guys “randomly” murder a white motorcyclist in Alabama. One of those black males was out on a $50,000 bond for a first-degree assault charge stemming from a gun incident on June 1, 2019:

Wilcox County Sheriff’s Officials say 20-year-old Tim Fletcher of Pinehill was shot to death just outside Camden. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is now the lead investigative agency in the case. Wilcox County deputies said Fletcher was on his motorcycle when he was gunned down in cold blood.

The shooting happened just outside Camden along Highway 162. Maurice Powell, 17, and Marlon Mendenhall, 18, are charged with capital murder.

Wilcox County Sheriff Earnest Evans said, “We think there’s another suspect. He hasn’t been apprehended yet. May be a juvenile. We’re not sure. “

But the big question is motive. Sheriff Evans said authorities “don’t know the motive at the time.” He said there’s no indication the suspects knew the victim.

Evans said, “We don’t know whether it was drug activity or just meanness or what. We just don’t know.”

Court documents show Mendenhall was arrested on June 1 of this year on first-degree assault charges after he was accused of shooting a man in the leg with an assault rifle. The records also show he was out of jail on $50,000 bond when Fletcher was shot.

Court records also show Maurice Powell was arrested on first-degree domestic violence for the shooting of his stepfather, Larry Purnell, on June 1. Records show Purnell is the same man who is the alleged shooting victim of Mendenhall, also on the same day.

It happened in a heavily black county in Alabama, where a well-liked 20-year-old white male was “randomly” gunned down as he rode on his motorcycle. [Brutal murder in Wilcox County stuns community,, June 24, 2019]:

A brutal crime in a sleepy community leaves people in Clarke and Wilcox Counties with more questions than answers.

Investigators said a young man on his motorcycle was gunned down in cold blood.

Now, the tight-knit community is remembering the victim, 20-year-old Tim Fletcher.

“Tim loved everybody. He was a friend to everybody. He had friends from every walk of life,” said Cynthia Fletcher, the mother of the victim. “He lived life to the fullest. He was always doing things to make people laugh. He wanted people to be happy.”

Deputies in Wilcox County said Tim Fletcher was shot to death along Highway 162 just outside of Camden.

Fletcher’s pastor said the community is having a hard time grasping the ruthless murder.

“I’ve talked to a lot of the old timers that have been here for generations and they can’t really remember anything comparable,” said Chris Kynard. “The community is stunned. it’s still not really real to them and everyone wants to help. do everything they can to help the family. it’s not even real to us. it’s just hard to believe that it could happen right here in our little town.”

Investigators said the two teens responsible for the killing are from the little town of Pinehill. Maurice Powell, 18, and Marlon Mendenhall, 17, are in jail charged with capital murder. The sheriff’s office said another arrest could follow.

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  1. eah says:

    Compare the national media’s reaction to this story to their reaction to the Covington Catholic kid smirking at a brown man banging a drum in his face.

    • Agree: CENTURION, Loren
  2. Charles says:

    Possibly the murders of whites will cause the whites in that particular area to begin to understand. Perhaps not. But no one outside the local areas where the murders happen will ever hear of crimes like this. Paul Kersey’s dispatches and books will someday either be obliterated from existence or they will form a chapter in a history book which chronicles the Second American Revolution. I cannot say which one will come to pass.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  3. Anon[990] • Disclaimer says:

    They better double his bond for this case to let him know they’re serious.

    • Agree: Sick 'n Tired
  4. Anon[990] • Disclaimer says:

    They just wanted to see a white guy get shot and while riding his motorcycle. That’s all it is, no motive other than 400 years of slavery, same reason they rape white girls.

    • Replies: @UrbaneFrancoOntarian
  5. 95Theses says:

    Again, provided your local/state laws allow, there are handgun carry options for traveling by motorcycle. RAMmounts offers a fully adjustable handlebar mount that keeps your firearm secure, but within easy reach.

    No, it isn’t concealed, and you will have to remove it once you arrive at your destination. But not once since I installed one on my mountain bike in 2015 has anyone yet even taken note of its presence (or at least if they did, never mentioned it). By the way, my FNX–9 fits in the preferred holster quite well.

    I LOVE just being able to travel down bike paths (or residential streets) secure in the knowledge that I can exert some measure of control over my destiny. Unfortunately, this young man, Tim Fletcher, wasn’t yet old enough to make use of this carry option. But for those who can, I heartily recommend this product.

    Remember: If you’re more than three seconds from your firearm, fix it.
    — Kevin Michalowski, USCCA

    RAM MOUNTS (RAM-B-149Z-GUN1U) Hand Gun Holster Handlebar Mount

    UTG Belt Holsters which work with the RAM mount (one is left-handed, the other right-handed – I don’t remember which)

  6. indocon says:

    The county where this murder happened is at the edge of Alabama’s black belt, 72% AA population,

  7. Around orcs is ALWAYS the wrong place and time.

  8. These two miscreants will receive a standing ovation at a future BET awards ceremony. The citizens of Alabama – unable to connect the dots – will fuel future cold-blooded murders and the demise of their way of life cheering on their beloved Crimson Tide and Auburn Tigers.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @JR1967
    , @Tj
  9. anybody notice how a black guy can literally shoot somebody and be out of jail in less than a month, but a white guy who waved a confederate flag would still be in jail without bond?

  10. I’d bet anything it’s just their primeval “gibsmedat” instinct kicking in.

    No impulse control.

    You have something. They want it. They take it.

    Be it, nice neighborhoods, beautiful daughter, nice cars…It doesn’t matter.

    • Agree: CENTURION
  11. kikz says:

    condolences to the family… Godspeed, child.

  12. Gunga Din says:

    “Wrong place, wrong time.” The euphemisms they come up with when a black murders a White.

    • Agree: 95Theses
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  13. @chattanooga gal

    Nothing can be done to change negro behavior.

    Whites and Asians can be domesticated and can domesticate themselves. That is why we have civilizations. The Negro can not be domesticated. It is the difference between the horse and the zebra. Genetics. So, blame your favorite GOD or blame Evolution, but don’t blame the White Man. The difference between the Horse and the Zebra is not just the “color of their skin”. A zebra is not just a “painted” horse who doesn’t get enough attention or no opportunity to pull a wagon. Genetics.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  14. The burden lies partially with the parents. This is what happens when you fail to have The Talk: non-black version.

    Thankfully my oldest, being the perceptive 10 yo boy that he is, has already figured out many of these points and even couches the rationalizations in the kind of sanitized euphemisms that uber-liberal Good Whites could recognize and digest, like when they say “we moved here for the schools.”

  15. Anonymous[168] • Disclaimer says:

    Even if an average white person heard about this “local news story” in passing, the first thing that would flash through their pre-programmed minds is that the murdered white man must have performed some horrible racist act that provoked and thus justified the black to kill him. I’ve been as brainwashed as the next person in my lifetime, and to be honest, my first subconscious thought upon reading this headline was, “stupid white hick doing stupid hick things”, despite being able “to see”.

    After years and years of brainwashing, one really can’t help what the first thing that pops into your mind is. The problem is that that’s all it takes to lose it all in a confrontation with a black. People on this site often criticize the ambushed cop or guy like this who isn’t carrying a weapon for not being situationally aware. The problem is that even if you are otherwise racially aware, the hesitation the decades of pre-programming can create where for a split second you wonder what this “fine African-American scholar-in-training who approaches me could want” will cost you your life.

    I also noticed in this story what could become a new euphemism for “typical black behavior”, namely, “meanness”.

  16. Mary says:

    They have had their reparations

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  17. HT says:

    A white riding a motorcycle in a mostly black area is a bad idea especially after dark. I just won’t do it because at some point you might have to stop for a light and then you are a sitting duck even if you are armed.

    • Replies: @Loren
  18. @Anonymous

    Yeah, a firearm wouldn’t have helped the victim this time. Situational awareness be damned, no one is ready to have two nogs roll up behind you and pop one in your brain case while you’re on your scoot.

    Seeing them in your rear view might tip you off but I’ve seen blacks behind me before and no ones ever thrown a shot at me.

    But just because it hadn’t happened doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

    Head on a swivel.

    • Replies: @Bert
  19. @chattanooga gal

    I wondered the same thing, not just with this story but many others where some dindu is out commiting crimes after being released on $50k, $100k+ bonds for multiple violent crimes. Where are they getting the bail money, since all I ever hear is how poor they are that they can’t afford $12 photo ids from the DMV, bus passes, or provide breakfast & lunch for their own kids? What are they putting up for collateral if they are reluant on section 8 vouchers, have no credit, or only lease a car?

  20. Glock45 says:

    Just imagine for a second if a black motorcyclist were gunned down by two white males in Alabama…

    Go ahead, imagine.

    How would local and national media react?

    We’d never hear the end of this modern-day lynching.

    We all know. And it’s really gotten to the point that, more and more whites are waking up to the lies, the double-standards, the hypocrisy, and the reality that the Left and their (((handlers))) want us dead and gone.

    And then it hits you: this isn’t going to end well, is it?

    We’re not voting our way out of this mess.

    Donald Trump? He isn’t going to save us, especially as it is apparent that he is nothing more than an empty windbag at this point, who talks tough but never really delivers. Over a week ago he was talking about getting ICE to deport millions…he’s already backed down from that, along with all the other things he talked tough about.

    One-and-done Donald.

    The Republican Party? They aren’t going to save us either, as they careen towards extinction with the “browning” of America, and it’s not like they’ve done anything but surrender to the Left anyways throughout the years they DID have power.

    All we’ve got is each other. Start preparing. Start reaching out to the like-minded IRL. Start getting ready for the huge life-or-death struggle that will be upon us sooner than we expect it to.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  21. El Dato says:

    Court documents show Mendenhall was arrested on June 1 of this year on first-degree assault charges after he was accused of shooting a man in the leg with an assault rifle.

    Shouldn’t that be “shooting a man’s leg off with an assault rifle”?

  22. JR1967 says:

    Used to be one of those big college football fans, but no more. This will be the first autumn where football will be a low priority for me and will instead enjoy just the season itself.

  23. JR1967 says:

    As a person in the 50 plus age bracket, my concern is the eventual outcome of our country once the millienials/ Gen Zers have full control, given the staggering amount of white-guilt brainwashing they have had, thanks due to a large amount from the American Public Schools and Colleges.

    • Replies: @Kyle Kiernan
  24. JR1967 says:

    Alabama would do good to clamp down on crimes like this, especially when the whites are still 69 percent of the population, unlike here in Georgia, where whites barely are 54 perecent and could easily be a non-majority by the next decade thanks largely to the exploding growth of the Blue Island of Metro Atlanta.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  25. @JR1967

    Good possibility that there will be a lot of backlash when the programs break under the beat of life’s evidence. Despite what many like to believe lots of people are in fact rational and when their experience contradicts their indoctrination often enough, particularly when others are standing up and declaring as they do here and other places, they will react to the program and that can be a harsh event.
    There was a good line in a D’Souza book on education “after a few experiences, its not prejudice, it’s a value judgement.”

  26. Wilcox County Sheriff Earnest Evans said, “We think there’s another suspect. He hasn’t been apprehended yet. May be a juvenile. We’re not sure. “

    “We’ve spoken to him, but due to his poor vocabulary, grammar, and syntax, we’re not sure if the suspect is a four year old white kid or a twenty five year old black man. We’re not sure.”.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  27. OT:

    • Replies: @El Dato
  28. @Anonymous


    This is an old Tennessee expression for vicious behavior.

  29. El Dato says:
    @Cagey Beast

    > Whitey can’t go to the moon if you shoot him at the red light.

  30. @JR1967

    I got news for you, GA is lost.
    That black-face grimace barely lost the last race.
    ATL is both black Mecca and a heaven for disaffected NE liberals. I can’t even recount all the scornful looks, comments, and snide remarks, then there was the Southerners.
    Northeast Yankee transplants on one side, passive aggressive southerners on the other, and the black man all around.
    Sure the weather is lousy, but I did enjoy the tax increase, the graft, corruption, and BRA TNB of Fulton and DeKalb. Don’t worry Gwinnett, it will be there soon enough, as all the whites flee to Hall, Jackson, and Forsyth.
    A miss a few things about it, but it isn’t the blacks or the politics.
    Our friends in the neighborhood had better standing because they were “successful”. We never shared that they had 2 mortgages to buy their house, were underwater, and both of their BMWs were leased. Our domestic, average vehicles were ALL paid for and we put 50% down on the GA McMansion house. Appearances matter, substance less so. Don’t offend the darkies, people may say things about you.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  31. @Gunga Din

    I was just about to comment, Mr. Din, but I ctrl-f’d on “wrong place”. WTF? Is any highway down which one may be riding his motorcycle the wrong place? What right places are left? What times of day are not wrong times?

    Maybe we should have it written out exactly what are the right places and what are the right times for those places, just to make it clear, so this doesn’t happen again.

    What a cop out, to say something like that!

  32. … leaves people in Clarke and Wilcox Counties with more questions than answers.

    No, there are plenty of answers too. They just don’t make the news, and many times, don’t make it out of people’s mouths.

  33. @Glock45

    Excellent comment! (Used up my [AGREE].)

  34. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    ” Paul Kersey’s dispatches and books will someday either be obliterated from existence or they will form a chapter in a history book which chronicles the Second American Revolution.”

    Nothing will be obliterated from existence if people don’t allow it to happen. The defeatist attitude that many white people have in our society today is one of our main problems. We need to adopt the motto, Fight to the death, never give up that which is ours!

  35. Loren says:

    YES–In LA, on sunset blvd, if I recall…someone told me he stopped at the light and a latino walked up to him and stabbed him, trying to steal his motorcycle.

  36. D-FENS says:

    Salt Lake City is 2.5% negro. Yet it turns out that the man accused of the murder of a whore who plied her trade over the internet was a negro. The tip off should have been that the slut’s body was burned.

  37. Been riding motorcycles for over 40 years. Besides all the dangers one faces when riding, such as cagers not paying attention while driving because they’re daydreaming, texting, using their cell phones, driving while drunk, high on weed or drugs, etc., one would think that blacks shooting a white biker is something new. It’s not. Years ago, back in the 1980’s, I was shot at by a black male standing on a street corner when riding through my old (formally white) neighborhood in Detroit….he missed.

    A couple of years ago a White father and son minding their own business while riding their Harleys down the highway, were both shot in the back by a black guy driving his car with his white girlfriend sitting next to him. The son was killed and the father badly wounded. The black guy then drove his white girlfriend back to their apartment were he then killed her.

    This is just part of the one sided Race War between blacks and whites that has been going on for decades where whites are the only casualties, because the MSM purposely keeps Whites ignorant of all the daily black on white violence. If the media didn’t hide these crimes, and instead reported them on a national scale, whites would be outraged, up in arms, and fighting back.

    • Replies: @95Theses
  38. ‘No Bail For Haverhill Man Charged In Murder Of Former Groveland Town Inspector’

    June 28, 2019

    GROVELAND (CBS) – A man was arrested for a brutal murder in Groveland last week, the first killing in the town in 27 years.

    Leedell Graham, 48, of Haverhill, was arraigned Friday in Haverhill District Court on one count of murder in the death of 82-year-old Patsy Schena. He will be held without bail.

    Schena was found dead in his home on Governors Road June 21. The Essex District Attorney’s Office called the crime “shocking and brutal.”

  39. Tj says:

    I live in Mobile and the local media has been reporting this and showed the black guys with their mug shots. They are 17 and 18. everyday around here is more black on black murders. Maybe they will kill themselves off. All of them. These young idealist young people do not realize the dangers of hanging with these people. Now I know there are good black people. But they do not speak up. And these young white girls with black babies just kill me. I could rant on but will stop. Love reading these comments on this site. More like minded people yea!!

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @WSG
    , @ShermanFan
  40. @Tj

    Maybe they will kill themselves off. All of them.

    Not happening.  For every thug that eats it, the thug who killed him sires four more.

    What we need to do is identify the morons and violent cases and remove them from the gene pool.  Irradiating the balls of the nascent thugs as soon as they show their colors, and doing the same to the sheboons and all the academic failures (not reading by third grade?  done) would make certain that they wouldn’t create any more like themselves.

    These young idealist young people do not realize the dangers of hanging with these people.

    They’re brainwashed by our “equalist” overlords, who live in gated communities and don’t have to deal with the diversity they force upon the rest of us.

    Now I know there are good black people. But they do not speak up.

    They won’t stand up to their own thug class.  They’re useless.

    And these young white girls with black babies just kill me.

    Homeschooling prevents kids from being infected with “social justice”.  Homeschool or die.

    • Replies: @Tj
  41. Logan says:

    A minor point, perhaps. But the chance of this being an accurate statement is essentially zero.

    he was accused of shooting a man in the leg with an assault rifle.

  42. WSG says:

    The fact that the so-called “good ones” don’t acknowledge, let alone deal with the dysfunction of their race proves that there are NO good ones.

    • Replies: @Tj
  43. Tj says:

    Yes thanks for your reply!

  44. Tj says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Just a bit of history from the south, when the slaves were outlawed the southern plantation owners thought letting them breed to make more slaves was a good idea. If only they knew! In other countries who also bought the slaves from Africa, I read where they castigated them so they could not breed and take over..

    I think we have the most of them living here in the south in the bad areas. Since the last slave ship emptied here they are proud of it and think we owe them everything.

    One more thing my daughter in law says she has no problem seeing blacks and whites dating and making babies and that is just my generation. I keep telling her what happens when her daughter who we love so much brings home a black boy. She says it won’t happen and then they get tired of me and my talking about it and I hush up. 🤔🤔🤔.

    Does anyone here encounter the same with the younger generation?

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  45. Bert says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    Whenever a vehicle that I deem suspicious starts passing me, I brake enough to ensure that it passes rapidly and doesn’t linger alongside. Situational awareness of someone who’s seen a few things.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  46. @Tj

    I do. All the time.

    My daughter says the same thing. Generational thing. Gays. Blacks. Homeless. They’ve become accustomed to it as outnparents became accustomed to rock and roll and we grew accustomed to rap/hip-hop. Didn’t like it, but you get used to hearing it.

    Right in front of me, I’m looking at a Starbucks ‘gay’ cup wit a rainbow straw celebrating LBGShit.

    Then they have me. The jersey city reference point. They know full well where I stand and I think my voice is heard and understood.

    They go to schools in bad neighborhoods equipped with chemical mace/pepper spray. My own daughter had a 4” .38 that stayed with her during her entire college experience. My girlfriends daughters got stun guns and pepper spray.

    So although they believe (still) that black arenjust dark whites and the homeless are just down on their luck folks, the more life they live and the more interaction with the things they support, they will eventually change their point of view. Hopefully without some tragedy as a touchstone.

    So keep it up. Speak the truth to them. They hear you. They will someday come back around to reality and be angered at the ones who misled them and put them in danger.

    The left is gambling that they can pull this off before the next voting generation mixed with the illegals and triple-voters flush our entire way of life down the crapper, forcing white men to set real boundaries with very real consequences.

    • Replies: @UrbaneFrancoOntarian
  47. @Bert

    I do something similar but you can’t eyeball your six full time.

  48. @Tj

    That’s the way it was in the ATL. Every night, a new freshmen class at the NU.

    My all-time favorite is the window licking basketball star who held up a gun store.

    But you know, by and large, just a bunch of low IQ, talentless thugs, desperate for relevance in a world that passed them by in 1865.

  49. @ShermanFan

    Sherman Fan——–Georgia is NOT lost. I praise the hell out of Atlanta to any Black customer i see in Greenville,S.C. Y’all just take a right down I-85, can’t miss it. Wonderful,WONDERFUL place. Rolling in money.Get you some.

  50. @Anon

    I doubt they even think at that complex of a level.

    More like “Ayo ooga booga. Here whitey. Shoot. Ha ha”. Or maybe there’s no reason at all. I doubt slavery crosses their mind as they go into shooting mode, though.

  51. @Jim in Jersey

    Damn, you guys in the South must be way “behind” Canada because even every Boomer up here supports gays, race mixing, weed, hedonism, and atheism.

    But yes, many young people are unfortunately cucked. That said, many aren’t as well, and as we grow we gain more experiences. I can tell you that in Canada, there are far more racist Gen Z people than there are Millenials or Gen X.

  52. @UrbaneFrancoOntarian

    White Gays can be annoying,but they are rarely dangerous. As far as warm feelings for Africans in America,White support is directly affected by proximity.If you have the ability to isolate yourself by income or geography,the more liberal one tends to be. The rest of us use chain link,big dogs,and firearms. That’s life in the South.

  53. @UrbaneFrancoOntarian

    Just had this sort of conversation with girlfriend’s oldest son. Hes 25 and working at his first real job and doing very well.

    Like most kids/‘young adults’, he had an opinion on race and government and politics but they were based on childhood learning and emotion.

    As I’ve said before, everyone is a liberal until they get their first paycheck.

    Well, he’s gotten his first, second and more of those paychecks and still can’t put enough money together to get his own place, pay off his student debt or pretty much anything else as each paycheck is gobbled up by government bureaucracy, other people’s healthcare, other people’s welfare, etc.

    IMHO, this is why the left is moving so feverishly to turn things toward granting Citizenship to illegals and bringing in so many ‘refugees’. They’re hoping to get a legal consensus before the next generation has their eyes pried open to their bullshit.

    Remember, one paycheck away from having their eyes pried open.

    Be there when it happens. Explain it all to them. Watch the anger build.

    It’s become my favorite pastime.

    “Hey dad/jim, what’s FICA?”

  54. @chattanooga gal

    This bail is lower by an order of magnitude than my bail was for a failure to appear on a driving on a suspended license (for failure to pay an installment of a traffic penalty). My bail? 1.5 million!!! Orange county CA. But this nog was presumably a felon in possession of a firearm used it in a violent crime June 1 and was out on bail in a month? And yes how can they provide collateral for bail when they can’t afford to pay bus fare or for a 12$ i.d. to vote, good point someone made. Really I’d like to know!!

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