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His Name Is Robert McKeithen: Just Outside Biloxi Police Headquarters, White Officer Ambushed by Black Male and Shot to Death
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Officer Robert McKeithen was a 24-year veteran of the Biloxi Police Department, who was planning on retiring at the end of the year. He was a white man, just doing his job, when a black man walked up to him and opened fire.

Officer McKeithen was shot just outside the main headquarters of the Biloxi Police department by a 19-year-old black male. [‘A sad day for the City of Biloxi’: 24-year veteran of Biloxi Police identified as officer killed in shooting,, May 6, 2019]

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – Officer Robert McKeithen, a 24-year veteran of Biloxi Police Department, has been identified as the officer who was killed Sunday night outside the city’s public safety building.

Police identified 19-year-old Darian Tawan Atkinson as the man accused of killing the officer. Police say once captured, he will be charged with capital murder.

“It’s a very sad day for the City of Biloxi. A 24-year veteran for our department Robert McKeithen – and there’s no easy way to say this – was murdered last night right here in our parking lot,” said Biloxi Police Chief John Miller. “Robert was an unbelievably fine policeman. He did a great job; took care of the citizens of Biloxi for almost 24 years.”

An earlier news conference was held at 9 a.m. Monday to update the public on the shooting.

McKeithen died just after 10 p.m. after being shot multiple times outside the police headquarters, according to the chief.

“Robert was planning on retiring at the end of the year,” said Chief Miller. “He leaves behind a wife, two stepsons, and a stepdaughter. He was a wonderful family man. That’s where he spent all of his time, with his family.”

Authorities are looking for Atkinson, who is accused of shooting the officer outside the Lopez Quave Public Safety Center on Porter Avenue. That’s the main headquarters for the Biloxi Police Department.

According to Chief Miller, first responders rushed the officer to Merit Health. The chief was there just before midnight when he received the news that the officer had died in the emergency room.

Investigators say he approached McKeithen outside the building in the parking lot, opening fire and shooting the officer multiple times. McKeithen was on-duty and in uniform at the time, said the chief.

Authorities released surveillance photos that were captured from him entering the building.

They also released a description of the suspect, saying he is a thin man between 5′7″ and 5′10″. When he approached the officer, he was wearing a black T-shirt, navy blue shorts and a rolled up red skull beanie. He also had dark high tops with red heel caps.

Will we learn of the motivation behind the killing of this white police officer just outside the police headquarters in Biloxi?

Odds aren’t good considering the description of the suspect initially put out to the public identified him as a “thin man” and failed to note he was a black male.

Rest in peace, Officer McKeithen.

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  1. After the thin man.

    Saw this story earlier. Sad indeed. Certainly not what you’d expect a cop killer to look like with his Capri pants and where’s Waldo hat.

    Here’s a man, armed and trained and licenced to kill and even he can’t defend himself adequately.

    It’s time for constitutional carry. No criminal record, no problem. That should be the law in each of the fifty states.

    The goal was not to treat the criminal savages with kid gloves. The goal was not to let the court system run roughshod on the population.

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @Logan
  2. Would really like to sit a liberal down from the media and have him explain how this isn’t a hate crime.

    This was a straight up execution.

  3. Will we learn of the motivation behind the killing of this white police officer just outside the police headquarters in Biloxi?

    We already know the reason, Mr. Kersey. Something done “gong-rong” so that St. Darian Tawan, the Sweet Innocent Misunderstood Black Angel had to smite the YT in uniform. The truly amazing thing is that not only will the Lügenpresse endorse this theory, but a not insignificant percentage of Officer McKeithen’s fellow officers, the prosecutors and city officials will solemnly agree. We might even see the victim’s family offer special forgiveness for the SIMBA in the name of their Judeo-Christ diety.

    Just another day in what you’ve always called Black Run America, known elsewhere as Clown World. I recall that someone at your old blog used to keep a very long list of things that had gone wrong (gong-rong in Ebonics) which ranged from robberies and home-invasions to prayer-meetings and birthday parties as reasons negroes had to kill someone.

  4. Nah, his Sibbyl Rites as well as hit right to an unprejudiced jury were already violated by mentioning the clothing.

  5. A bit OT but related.

    We had a killing in Puyalllup last Friday. A pair of 16 year olds robbed a small grocery store and killed the 79 year old storekeeper.

    Read the account. All the critical details of the event save one minor detail of the suspects decription.

    Searching for more information located the folliwing:

    Well, we have a picture, but still no mention of ethnicity. Some papers did identify the suspect by name despite his age.

    This is the icing on the cake:

  6. unit472 says:

    I use a personal math in these matters. Eliminating a 19 year old negro for a 58 year old white is not the best trade but it isn’t the worst. The ideal situation is for one or more hoodrats to be imprisoned for life for the killing of another hoodrat. That’s a twofer or better.

    The problem is that in majority black cities prosecutors and jurors don’t mete out sufficient prison terms for the negro killers police do track down. Anyone who is a fan of negro homicide and watches TV shows like the First 48 notices that in Cleveland, e.g., a murder case is often plea bargained down such that the killer is sentenced to just 10 or 15 years for his crime. When the killer is only 18-25 years old this puts a worthless unemployable negro ex con back on the streets while he is still young enough to commit more mayhem.

    Ideally we should adopt my system. Serious felonies should be punished by artificially blinding the convict by installing opaque cataracts for a period of time. A blind person is not much of a threat to the public so most could simply be released back to their families. If incarceration is deemed necessary prison security need only be minimal.

    • Replies: @Known Fact
  7. These orcs kill without fear.

    Right outside a police station too….

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  8. Oh I’m sure it was just a “random attack”.

    Just like the white kids who were run over, tossed off a balcony, etc, etc… 😐

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  9. This happened close to home. The orc was laughing and joking as he was apprehended and brought in. Worse still is the outpouring of support for his heinous crime on his FB page.
    The good news is someone is out there making a list and checking it twice.

    One day, in the not too distant future, we’ll be outnumbered and the (((dollar))) is going to collapse, with the economy. We’ll see who gets the last laugh then.

    • Replies: @Feedsackroad
  10. Even Fox didn’t have the guts to run it as a headline.

    Yahoo news, one of the remaining major outlets to allow comments didn’t put it on the main page.

    Didn’t we have a case not that long ago where “some Hispanics” were blamed?

  11. @Terminal Lance

    Worse still is the outpouring of support for his heinous crime on his FB page.

    FB: a front row window seat into madness.

    One day, in the not too distant future, we’ll be outnumbered and the (((dollar))) is going to collapse, with the economy. We’ll see who gets the last laugh then.

    Couldn’t agree more. The business of government has been reduced to buying time.

  12. Logan says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    The problem is that a surprise attack is a surprise attack. If someone walks up behind you and shoots you, no weapon will protect you.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
    , @dc.sunsets
  13. @John Johnson

    That sounds really fishy.

    I’m figuring one of two things. These guys had some dealing with the mother and this is retribution(they had the male and his one year old and chose to discard them?).

    Or, the step father worked it out to have the step daughter removed. The hit in the head was a standard ‘nots me’ indicator.

    Question that wasn’t answered. Did he actually have a flat? Said he heard a popping sound and pulled over just at the same time these guys supposedly rolled up?

    Took the family for a ride, KO’d the male, left his one year old, took the step daughter and drove back to get the car?. For what possible purpose? Now they have a stolen car to get themselves caught with?

    Bonus! A man sleeping along side highway 6 in Houston doesn’t arouse interest from the police anymore? Really?

    In and out of consciousness for 24 hours? Driving around with them in the back of the pickup truck? All three perpetrators present?

    So they made a day of this kidnapping, drive back to get the Altima and dropped the male and his child at roadside for a siesta?

    This is why I could never be a cop. I would’ve beat the truth out of this guy at that point.

    They wonder why they get caught. They really do. To them, this is ‘thinking it through’.

  14. Anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:

    Re: the articles posted by PNWmossback

    Wait, what?

    So two blacks rob a store and one of them murders the clerk/owner. Then the other black turns around and murders the one who killed the clerk and steals his car and the loot. And now the murdered murderer is hailed as an innocent victim with a gofundme page set up by his family? And in all those stories, the race of the killers is never mentioned once, while the name of the dead killer is featured prominently in the hopes that the low information reader (who doesn’t realize “Thuo” is a common Kenyan surname) will believe that he was asian like the murdered shopkeeper.

  15. @John Johnson

    Sorry, since you revealed that you are an anti-narrative Rebel, you won’t be invited on the MSM shows to ask this inconvenient question. Even the national “press” used to feel a duty to warn people about dangerous areas, but now, they leave that to the local newspeople along with most of the on-site reporting.

    Not too long ago in North Carolina, a young local reporter and a cameraman were killed in another hate crime of this ilk. They could have used an on-site policeman. She was just standing there on the job, ready to interview a local person, and a former colleague walked up to shoot them both dead. The murderer was not thin…

    But he did accuse the two likely liberal, slain, young people who grew up in an era when racism was not at all in vogue of racism, with absolutely no proof, using it as an excuse for his evil deed. The MSMers didn’t even defend their fellow, white reporters on that, even though they know they weren’t racists.

    Nothing breaks the narrative, so why would the murder of a policeman? The media spend quite a bit of time villifying the police, actually. Police aren’t perfect, but without them, the people working or living in poorer areas would be in an even worse situation. This guy died without ever getting to enjoy his retirement after working in a gritty job for decades. It is horrific that someone can do that in an instant, taking everything from someone.

    • Replies: @James Edwards
  16. THIN MAN arrested instead of police turning him into Swiss cheese on sight.

    He’ll spend the next 40 years at Crossbars University where he’ll be a legend for killing a cop.

    Forty years, even if he gets the death (from old age) penalty.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  17. @Logan

    Agreed, everyone is touchable. They can’t keep presidents or kings safe from harm, despite going to great lengths.

    If someone is intent on doing harm to someone else and willing to suffer the consequences, they become a fearsome adversary.

    Bat Masterson once told me (no he didn’t) that once you make the decision to immerse yourself in the lifestyle of bandits and lawmen, you shed all notions of ‘normalcy’ and become something else entirely. I spoke with Wyatt Earp in the phone a week ago(didn’t either). He said, ‘Anyone you don’t know walking up on you is a potential threat. Folks you don’t know are considered a threat. Some folks you know, too.’ While we were busting caps the other day, Jim Cirillo (never) said to me, “You have to be aware of your surroundings at all times. There are no surprises. Not even on birthdays.”

    My point is, you’ve got a gun on your hip because there’s a target in your chest. Some clown comes across the parking lot with a where’s Waldo hat, you look up.

    I would.

    • Replies: @Logan
  18. White Woman Newscaster correctly points out that the past 3 Mayors of Baltimore were: Black, Female, Criminal and that it was time for a new leadership direction.

    Loses Job because of it.,amp.html

  19. @Baron Munchhausen

    Just another case of, “You cain’t say dat! You WHITE!” How dare she point out the obvious and make black people look bad! As is, since she was already fired, she shouldn’t have apologized and should have said something like, “Listen! The last three mayors of Baltimore have been corrupt, criminal black women and that’s the facts. You may not like hearing it but here’s something else you won’t like hearing- stop electing incompetent black criminals just because of the color of their skin, you black racists!”

    I’d sell my home, tell the city of Baltimore to go to hell and move to the whitest area I could find if I were her.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Augustus
  20. @Baron Munchhausen

    White Woman Newscaster correctly points out that the past 3 Mayors of Baltimore were: Black, Female, Criminal and that it was time for a new leadership direction.

    Loses Job because of it.

    Asking one honest question has no place in BRA. Judging from the new faces behind the news desks white journalists are going the way of the passenger pigeon.

  21. eah says:

    Thanks — at the last link you see someone has put up a gofundme page, with a $45k goal, for the guy who, per your second link, is actually thought to have killed the old woman during the robbery — he was apparently later shot to death by his fellow robber.

    Another heartwarming America 2.0 story.

  22. eah says:
    @Baron Munchhausen

    Thanks for posting that — per the story she later issued the usual ritual apology, which of course did her no good — she should have spared herself the further indignity.

  23. Augustus says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    First, she needs to sue her previous employers for wrongful termination. I hope it’s “wrongful” to be terminated for stating the obvious truth.

  24. @unit472

    I had a social studies teacher 50 years ago who advocated torture rather than incarceration as a deterrent, but your plan is even more refreshingly original

  25. @Baron Munchhausen

    Even the way she posed the question was pathetically sugar-coated, for all the good that did her. One wrong thought and you are a non-person white person. The disgusting apology must have been a condition of her severance package.

  26. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    He’ll only be 59. If he doen’t get shanked or get a disease from prison buttsex he’ll make that easy.
    Hanging or electrocution would be better in every way for society.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  27. Logan says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    Fair enough.

    However, by definition the perp has a huge advantage. He knows he’s about to attack, and you don’t.

    For example, we’re walking towards each other and at the last moment you swing at my face in the Knockout Game. The chance of my reacting in time to parry your attack and respond is slim, unless something about your body language alerts me.

    Humans, even when aware an attack may be coming, normally have a minimum 1/4 second response time to even begin to react. That’s a huge space of time, considerably less than it takes your fist to go from your side to my face.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  28. lou says:

    Hedge guy–White Man from Connecticut defends his family from a would be Black rapist in Antigua. After a terrible battle, the unarmed Banker defeated the knife wielding Black – who died in the struggle.

    Kudos to this Hero. The Government of Antigua is backing their native son and charged the Hero with manslaughter.

    Post this story far and wide. If they’re going to act like that, they they’re too good for our tourist money.

    Beyond that, there’s nothing the Left hates more than a White guy defeating minority thugs in personal combat. This goes against generations of programming about how weak we are and how we deserve to die anyway.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  29. OT in Chicongo: Amusing and true story from the front lines. Last night outside a downtown club filled with the Savage “shots rang out”. It took 3 police districts to help restore order. There were shell casings and hair weaves spread out over 2 city blocks and the Kennedy Expressway (This was a cold and rainy Tuesday night…can’t wait for summer!) Some of the offenders jumped into a Rolls Royce Wraith (a $300,000 automobile) but after crashing on the expressway fled on foot leaving their girlfriends behind. One of these sheboons got upset that we were impounding their vehicle with their phones and purses in it and got into a pushing match with some of the officers. I told her she would be thrown to the pavement and handcuffed in 5 seconds if she didn’t back off. She yelled, “white boy you couldn’t touch this ass!” I yelled back “Touch it!? I couldn’t get my arms around it!” Stay Armed, Stay Alert, Stay Away and Stay Alive

  30. @Mr. Rational

    Hey, PK, can you give us a list of the blacklisted words and phrases so we can work around them?  I’m still waiting for my comment to be approved.

    • Agree: CENTURION
    • Replies: @Truth
  31. @Logan

    In the short run, we’re not yet at a point where we all don body armor to go to the store.
    In the medium run, we seem likely to be faced with increasing fear about needing to do so.
    In the longer run, the only way to reduce one-off’s like this is to re-segregate with high walls.

    If we want to live in peace, we should realize the necessity of living only among those who are predisposed to be peaceful. Whether those of African or Native American ancestry are more predisposed to violence by genetics or by some other reason, prudence surely suggests that we who are predisposed to peaceful societies should systematically exclude those who are not.

    Only those who produce peace and prosperity are entitled to enjoy them. The best way to preserve that is to exile anyone who breaks the peace and can’t act to yield prosperity.

    I truly don’t understand why letting each person rise or fall to the layer THEY are predisposed to produce is deemed mean or evil. Nature is the ultimate arbiter.

    • Replies: @Logan
    , @Logan
  32. @Endgame Napoleon

    “Police aren’t perfect, but without them, the people working or living in poorer areas would be in an even worse situation. ”

    The murder of the officer is heinous but I wonder if it’s not the case that the police do more to protect the guilty criminals than they actually protect the innocent.

    I’ve read history, and the fact of the matter is that professional police were instituted as replacement for the Vigilantes, who were very efficient in apprehending and executing those who were suspected of committing crimes.

    As someone who should have left California decades ago but hasn’t yet, I know I fear the police more than the criminals because if I ever have to defend my self I know that the police are going to arrest me and the judge is going to toss me in to prison with the friends of the people who I had to defend my self against.

    • Replies: @Non PC Infidel
    , @Logan
  33. Logan says:

    Not bad ideas, except we need a way to determine those who are “more predisposed to violence.”

    Working by race or ethnicity is simply much too low-resolution, besides of course being unjust to majorities of the affected races. (In some cases probably not very large majorities.)

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  34. Cubs investigating a fan allegedly flashing a “white power” sign behind NBC Sports reporter

  35. CENTURION says: • Website

    THIS is the scary part.

    Our children will live as White slaves under the “New America”……..

    Already, about 30% of Whites vote against the White Race, so we really don’t need to get to 49% White people, since at around 60% White voters, the race-traitors among us will vote us into slavery:

    What we will get is:

    1) All guns illegal.
    2) Massive Taxes (since “they” know the White Race earns and works for most of the money)
    3) It will be impossible for a White man to get a job
    4) It will be impossible for a White man to get into college
    5) It will be impossible for a White man to get “justice” in any court.
    6) Most important, it will be Open Season on raping White girls and women.

  36. AceDeuce says:

    Anybody see the young blackimal sailor in Virginia–a Navy corpsman–who became a “corpseman”?

    He murdered two white female sailors, then killed himself. De Pohleez be baffled, yo.


    • Replies: @Bruce County
  37. @Logan

    As I said, everyone is ‘touchable’. There is no proper training for an armed assault at the rear where you DON’T take damage. If you don’t see your attacker, you have no chance of defending.

    I just watched a documentary about the gangs of El Salvador. The cops live next door to the MS 13 and 18th street members. They’re losing cops by the truckload down there. Talk about ‘head on a swivel’! Anyway, if they want you, they’ll take you. Matter of time and planning. Just don’t make it easy for them. A little ‘head on a swivel’ could save your ‘head on a pike’.

  38. AceDeuce says:

    Anguilla, not Antigua, FWIW.

  39. @James Edwards

    I lived in L.A. from 1980 to 1987. Had a part time job at L.A. Int’l Airport doing aircraft conversions. In the later years, when I’d drive home, if I saw a cop down the road, I’d pull off in a subdivision, drive through the neighborhoods and come back out on the main road far below where the cop was. The reason? There was a husband and wife cop team operating in the area out of the Hawthorne police department- he’d pull over motorists on some flimsy reason, get them down on the ground, his wife would show up in her cop car, get out and proceed to kick them in the head multiple times while her husband held them down. When I left L.A., there were over 100 lawsuits on-going about it.

    We had a joke in L.A.: What’s the biggest gang in the city? People would usually say something like, “Crips?” or “Bloods?” We’d say, “No, the police department.” At one time (years after I’d left) the feds actually had to come in and take over due to all the corruption and abuse.

    I knew a lady who’d been a cop and quit. She told me her first job was working on the vice squad and the other cops were taking the drugs and money from the dealers and keeping it for themselves as well as forcing prostitutes to give them “freebies” as well as stealing their “earnings.” She switched from that position over to working with young female offenders in juvie and that was the last straw for her- the system was infested with bull dykes who were raping the kids. She said that if you tried to do anything about any of it, you’d be blacklisted and treated worse than dirt. She said that since she couldn’t do the job she was hired to do and couldn’t make a difference, that’s why she quit- too many forces arrayed against her.

    Lol. Usually when I tell these stories, cops, ex cops or family members of cops will get really offended and call me a cop hater or accuse me of being someone who’s been in trouble with the law and arrested many times- none of which is the case. When I tell them that and that my father was military police, I get accused of being a liar. Of course, the same thing happens when I say something negative about something Trump has said or done even though I voted for him- then, I’m a commie pinko leftist suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, a “soy boy” and “need my ass kicked” and I’m lying about having voted for him. People can be such blind, partisan idiots.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  40. @AceDeuce

    “then killed himself”….love those kind of endings. Another beer bartender.
    $28,284 x 10 years minimum in prison…tax payers dollars saved. Yeah.
    One less murderer on the planet..double yeah!!

  41. Anonymous[200] • Disclaimer says:

    f the cubs & their w/power investigation. non-whites & illegals can’t s**t without their arthritic “hand” signs. FU, s**t-cago

  42. Thanks for the edit Paul.. I guess nog is on the NOT ALLOWED list.
    Been away for a bit… My Mom passed away on April 24.. pretty sad last few weeks.
    A god fearing woman who was slowly seeing what is happening to us as whites.
    Bless her soul.

  43. @Bruce County

    So sorry to hear about your loss.

    • Replies: @Bruce County
  44. @Alex from NE

    Life no meaning to a large percentage of blacks. They have almost no fear of punishment and some argue the concept of consequences, cause-effect relationships, is a difficult concept for the average black male to understand.

    Now, bear in mind that the average canine has a basic understanding of cause-effect via training, one must therefore conclude that either blacks are less intelligent than dogs, or their cultural norms fail to teach youth simple concepts.

    It is difficult to have a consistent level of outrage when there are a notable percentage of police who are corrupt and deserving a good dirt nap. However, if we can demonstrate that this officer was in fact a good man, well than shitravious should stand trial.
    Video and physical evidence confirm his guilt? Quick trial. The only pleas should be for a quick death, or a hanging.
    Before his sentence, his Momma loses her house and all her things, save photos and documents.
    His momma, siblings, grandparents, children, and grandchildren are permanently banned from ALL social welfare. Including Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. All assets of the accused are given to the victim. His execution is public.

    If the family makes a scene? Bulldoze their homes too.

    • Replies: @Annie Oakley
  45. @Non PC Infidel

    @non Pc

    I 100% believe that.

    The now Chief of my home town police department used to bust parties and threaten us with jail as a patrol cop. He rapped my buddy’s sister after doing a line of coke off her chest. All while in uniform.
    He took all our money and left laughing. She claimed rape and the county attorney wouldn’t persecute. A few years later the county attorney is busted for statutory with a minor he was leading the criminal charges against her pimp.

    Crooked cops are worse than thugs. But remember, cross either and you’ll get shot.

    I became politically active because of the liberal dung whole of hypocrisy where I grew up.

  46. Just a matter of time before insurance premiums on Buckhead businesses become prohibitive to doing business. No underwriter in their right mind would write the policy.

    ‘BOLD BURGLARY: Can you ID guys who broke into Buckhead store?’

    May 9, 2019

    ATLANTA – Police need your help identifying three burglars who used a rock to smash a window at a Buckhead jewelry store. 

    Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes obtained video of the burglary at Aydin Jewelers on Peachtree Road. In it, you clearly see three people park near the store, walk up to a window and smash it in.

  47. Logan says:

    Even if wearing body armor, you aren’t protected against being shot in the head.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  48. Logan says:
    @James Edwards

    professional police were instituted as replacement for the Vigilantes

    Not really. Medieval and early modern law enforcement was done by elected officials such as sheriffs, usually working through volunteer or semi-pro constables and watchmen.

    Vigilante groups tended to develop in colonial and early America in frontier areas where even that minimal level of law enforcement wasn’t yet in effect.

    Vigilante groups also, with the exception of those that handled a specific situation and immediately disbanded, invariably quickly became corrupt and started killing the wrong people for the wrong reasons. They usually provoked the establishment of anti-Vigilante groups, often called Moderators, which then would fight something along the lines of a civil war.

    Vigilantes were almost never a good thing, though no doubt necessary at times.

  49. OT in Chicongo:

    Video and internet story to my post above about just another Tuesday night shootout:

    If the link doesn’t work go to and look for “VIDEO: 40+ Shots Fired in River North”

  50. @Jim in Jersey

    Thank you for your kindness sir. It takes a special person to reach out like that.
    Its powerful when a total stranger can bring a tear to your eye.
    In a sense we are all in this together. Thats what good folks do.
    Her father (my grand father) was part of the Barnardo Boys shipped over from England as part of a farm labour scheme when he was just a boy in 1914. Basically a white slave. It is a horrible story. He made good in his life.. Few are asking for reparations, few went on to be murderers and rapists. I am proud of where my family came from and what they accomplished.
    Again, thank you Jim.
    Just one of the thousands of stories

    • Replies: @Anon
  51. @Anonymous

    My preference in lieu of immediate execution is hard labor in a gulag–perhaps in Alaska–with only the barest necessities. Too often prison is another paid vacay/family reunion/rite of passage for the melanically-gifted.

  52. Truth says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Here you go, Sport:

    Any word you wouldn’t have said at your mother’s dinner table.

  53. @Logan

    Yep. Lots of real estate remains uncovered.

    And it’s very, very hot. Almost as good an insulator as goose down. I don’t see how cops wear it in warmer climates….ever. Even Level 2A.

    I sometimes wonder if the production lines for armoring automobiles (discretely) will be humming if things get “sporty.” A quick online search suggested the costs (plus vehicle) run $20-40K or more. (I don’t think that includes the mini-gun turret I one saw on one of the cable shows…)

  54. Anon[218] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bruce County

    The orphan trains are a legacy of white America that is all but forgotten. Many people don’t know about the history of our government ripping white children from anything they knew and putting them on westbound trains. The kids would go through farm country and be given away at stops where the locals would show up for free laborers.

    Sure, there were Indian schools, reform schools and other institutions that chewed up and spit out any person in its clutches. But people want to think most white folks are related to royalty, owned slaves, went to private schools. That is how the “limp-wrist class live”, that’s who has “white privelige”. And for clarification, Francis Fukuyama is “whiter” (read: crazy imperialist money worshipper) than I’ll ever be, going by his politics.

    Some of the worst offenders are other whites. They believed the candy-coated crap their mummy and duddy spoon fed them as well as schools, churches, fraternal organizations and other country-club habits of the well-to-do. I’ve begun treating many middle class whites pretty poorly. Perhaps I shouldn’t treat my own too poorly but when these children in adult bodies anger me with their ignorance I let them how I feel.

    • Replies: @Bruce County
  55. @Logan

    In my fantasy future I see a world of city-states where each city has it’s own rather explicit, unique rules. Some allow pot, some don’t. Some allow booze, some don’t. Some allow pron. Some don’t. And so on, endlessly.

    You live there only by explicit consent to abide by the rules of the place. If you (or your kids, etc.) refuse to live as promised, you’re shown the exit. (There could be actual retributive punishment for committing certain actions like murdering an innocent person, but again, it would vary by place.)

    I know, this is very Utopian in a non-Gnostic Heresy way. I don’t want to fix the world, I’d just like to find a corner of it where the people share most of my predilections, preferences and annoyances.

    You know. Like Japan for the Japanese.

    The trouble with seeing race or ethnicity as too blunt is that kids do revert to the mean. We all now notice that it’s not the immigrants to America who join terrorist cells, it’s usually their kids.

    We’re all born to a segment on the spectrum for each and every human attribute. I think we get some choice over where on that segment we display our “phenotype,” but just as a person born to a segment of the IQ spectrum that is 90-100 can’t exhibit at 130, or a person predisposed to be around 5’5″ is unlikely to hit 6’3″, we don’t have within us volition to be what we are not born to be.

    That’s how I see it, anyway. But then again, I’m a biologist by education. It’s a particular lens.

    • Replies: @Logan
  56. @Bruce County

    Bruce, I’m sorry about your Mom. Bless her soul indeed.

    • Replies: @Bruce County
  57. @ShermanFan

    Excellent idea. I’d travel to see something like that. I might even pass out fudge brownies to the audience.

  58. Most if not all of southern Mississippi is a shit hole. Most government agencies are almost exclusively black and dumber than a box of rocks. Most times they’ll have one token white man or woman. But that’s about it.

    I travel to Tupelo about once a month. Tupelo is racially segregated. One side of town is black and one side is white. As MS honors my CCW permit, I’ll enter that state. Just recently we were at a large grocery store near the first of the month. All the older whites and blacks were there spending their Social Security checks. I saw about 5 black males, all in their 50’s and 60’s just roaming around. They were probably looking to scam some other white lady and worm their way into her lives. Older Whites in that area still have old money, many from the Civil War days.

    I had one follow me in the store. I’m just an average white woman. I have long hair down to my lower back. I had a black man come up to me say oh I love your hair and your accent. I don’t have an accent. I had no idea my husband heard him as I thought he was on the other side of the store. He promptly walked over and told the man, I’m so glad you like my wife’s hair and accent, now go away. Oh yes sir, no offense sir, sorry. He hightailed it out of there. Never saw him again.

    My point is MOST blacks are up to something. Always looking to steal, swipe, or con someone. If a black person approaches you, they’re up to no good.

    This is where naive whites don’t get it. Blacks are a biological weapon, similar to Ebola virus. They can and will kill you. When one approaches you, ignore them and leave.

    • Agree: Bruce County, AceDeuce
    • Replies: @Feedsackroad
  59. @Annie Oakley

    My point is MOST blacks are up to something. Always looking to steal, swipe, or con someone. If a black person approaches you, they’re up to no good.

    This quote should be mandatory reading in grades K-12.

  60. @Annie Oakley

    Many thanks Annie. Gotta say, theres some damned good people here.

  61. @PNWmossback

    The shooter in the grocery murder is named Robrie. Irony alert.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  62. @Sane Left Libertarian

    I guess his mother and baby daddy saw this day coming.

    • LOL: Bruce County
  63. @Anon

    The Barnardo Boys story is not the ripping of children from families. Britain had entered the war. Her cities were rife with disease and poverty. Families were starving. many gave up their children to the good doctor and his agency. Many never expected they would never see their children again. The children were well looked after in boarding schools and got educations.
    Then came the government transfer program. Many children were excited at the prospect of going to a new country .. a great adventure.
    It didnt turn out that way. Some were lucky to be boarded by good families others were not. It wasnt meant to be a slave trade!!!. Again, I stress these new immigrants didnt carry on and constantly bitch and complain like the natives and the negroes. They got on with life. Thats what civilzed humans do. We rise above adversity and we seldom look back. We learn.!!!
    My grandfather never talked about his story. I only learned of it many years after he passed and was shocked. I hold no ill will towards either governments..(British or Canadian). I would not be here if he didnt cross the Atlantic. Period.
    Those were very different times.

    • Replies: @Logan
  64. Logan says:

    just as a person born to a segment of the IQ spectrum that is 90-100 can’t exhibit at 130

    Sorry, as a biologist you should know that’s just untrue.

    Black Americans have an average IQ of about 85. Which should by your claim mean that there are no black Americans with an IQ of 130. Which is inaccurate.

    Black Americans with 130 IQ are a good deal less common than white Americans with the same score, but they certainly do exist.

    • Replies: @Archie Bunker
  65. Logan says:
    @Bruce County

    How to take care of abandoned or mistreated children has been a social problem for a very long time.

    Various efforts of the past: orphan trains, Indian boarding schools, orphanages, etc. are now denounced as racist and evil.

    Before we go too far down that road, we might want to take a look at our present methods, the foster care system and all that. It’s pretty much a horror show, but gets little attention because it’s dispersed.

    The orphan trains, for instance, had instances of children abused as slave labor. But it had many more children who were adopted and loved by their new families.

  66. @Logan

    Mostly in wakonda however

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