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His Name Is Darren Partch/Her Name Is Wendi Miller: In 1.8% Black Irvine, CA, Black Man - Allegedly Hunting for a White Man - Murders Two Whites
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The city of Irvine, located in Orange County, California, is roughly 50 percent white and 1.8 percent black.

This past weekend, a black man was “allegedly hunting for a white man named Jared” the night of what would turn out to be a murder spree, ending when brutally killed two other white people.

His name is Darren Partch. Her name is Wendi Miller. [Accused killer of ex-hockey pro and advocate may have been on jealous rampage, NY Post, 4-29-19]:

The suspect behind the grisly slayings of a former hockey pro and a criminal justice advocate in California may have been on a jealous rampage targeting romantic rivals, according to a new report.

Jamon Rayon Buggs, 44, faces murder charges in the deaths of Darren Partch, 38, and Wendi Miller, 48, who were found April 22 by Partch’s roommate at a Newport Beach condo.

No motive has been released by police — but the homicides occurred the same weekend Buggs scoured the neighborhood for a man who had a history with a woman Buggs previously dated, news station KABC reported.

Buggs, a personal trainer, was allegedly hunting for a white man named Jared when he showed up at another apartment in Irvine.

But Esther Lau, who was inside at the time, said Buggs fled after firing a bullet and seeing her Asian boyfriend inside.

“He looked through this peephole here and just saw that the two guys playing games did not match the guy that he was looking for,” Lau told KABC.

Detectives later told Lau that Buggs and the man he allegedly was looking for dated the same woman.

“He came looking specifically for that person, saw that it wasn’t him and then left,” Lau told the station.

He was later arrested in connection with a series of attempted burglaries at the apartment complex.

Buggs was already in custody when charges were filed against him for the Easter Sunday homicides.

Miller and Partch were last seen together early Saturday at a bar in Laguna Beach. Friends said Miller, who lives nearby, offered to give Partch a ride home before they were shot to death at his apartment. The relationship between the slain pair is unclear.

Partch played minor-league hockey for several teams, including the San Diego Gulls, and Miller was the CEO of Wings for Justice, a nonprofit advocacy group focused on the family court system.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office said Buggs and Partch were acquaintances. There is no evidence, however, that Miller had any interaction with the suspect prior to the homicide, the Orange County Register reported.

Buggs’ first appearance in court is scheduled for Monday.

Darren Partch was a white man. Wendi Miller was a white woman. They were brutally murdered by a black man (Jamon Rayon Buggs, who was “allegedly hunting for a white man named Jared.”

One can only wonder the true motive behind the slaying of Partch and Miller, the true racial motivation behind the black-on-white murder in 1.8 percent black Irvine, California.

Rest in peace, Darren and Wendi.



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  1. anon[383] • Disclaimer says:

    and Miller was the CEO of Wings for Justice, a nonprofit advocacy group focused on the family court system

    Wendi Miller was a white woman


  2. indocon says:

    The white murder victim was a “criminal justice advocate”…..

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  3. RickTen99 says:

    No foul, no penalty. Killing white people is ok for negroes due to the new “restorative justice” agenda now sweeping across the USA. Too many darkies in prison must be racist therefore its YT’s fault so negroes can get even by having free rein to kill, maim, rape, rob, and steal at will.

  4. Anonymous[327] • Disclaimer says:

    The guy’s murder is obviously a tragedy, but as the first commenters pointed out, the woman seems to have been slain by one of her pets. I wonder if she realized her life’s work was a complete farce before Buggs pulled the trigger?

  5. Hard to feel sympathy for the female since it appears she was an SJW. I’m wondering if she had also burned the coal in the past. Sounds like there’s more to this story.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
    , @Justme
  6. anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    I really hate seeing these stories, one after another, just endless. The photos of the murder victims are really sad to look at. It would be nice to bring the death penalty back and have it administered within five years of sentencing. Since we now have DNA evidence which can make an ironclad case there’s much less of a chance of a wrongful conviction as there was in the old days. Of course there’d be screams of disparate impact on blacks and all that but perhaps they should stop murdering people to begin with.

  7. Kinda crazy but these are the types you really worry about.

    This is California so everyone is disarmed. Legally. Criminals have no qualms about this because jail time on a gun charge is just street cred. When you cross the line into that lifestyle and have nothing to lose, negatives becomes positives.

    So you have an armed, delirious black man, searching the city for a white man who supposedly dating someone he considered a permanent parking space for “muh dik”, happens upon an unsuspecting couple with no previous ties to this guy(it seems) and he murders them both in a mid-directed splash of blind rage.

    In a saner world, you would put your hand on the butt of your pistol as this raving lunatic approached and issued a stern warning. If that didn’t stop him, perhaps the contents of your pistol would. Instead, you’re forced to be a spectator at your own murder because the government decided that you aren’t responsible enough to defend yourself with a gun. Only the highly-exalted police could be given that responsibility. (Que the last police shooting where 123 rounds produced 3 hits on the intended target and 4 hits on bystanders)

    You wanna talk ‘clown world’? I see that term now being thrown around a lot now. It can even get you censored/banned on some sites. If this isn’t ‘clown world’ then I don’t know what is.

    How have we, as hard-working Americans, allowed ourselves to be painted into a corner where we are being run by a government that was installed only to govern from an administrative position? How have we allowed things to slip so far that to speak in common sense is met by ridicule and legal counter actions?

    Not a fan of the Kennedy’s but John once said:
    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

    Have we gotten to that point yet? I wonder how long the extremists(who always launch first) are going to wait before taking action? Once they do it becomes a ‘join or die’ situation forcing the fence-sitters and angered indignants to pick a side because the inevitable will be far worse than whatever is currently happening.

    As I’ve said before, we can’t vote our way out of this. They can bring in as many illegals as they want and push to let them vote. They can float the idea that criminals in prison can vote. (Imagine voting for prison reform – from prison). On its face, the ideas are stupid and far reaching. In reality, it is just a matter of time before they are a fact of law.

    We sit now at the tipping point. We watch the teeter-totter of our world dip below our favor. We watch as our formerly great nation dissolves into this unimaginable quagmire where picking out your clothes in the morning requires legal counsel so as not to ‘offend’ anyone. We watch. We wait. Still, we wait for those same elected officials who marched us into this swamp to magically change course and lead us to salvation.

    Not gonna happen.

    Whatever you think of President Trump, he is too late and not enough. If he is indeed on our side, then he’s got a lot of explaining to do. If not, then it’s time to declare it as a loss. If after this long in office he can’t clear the place out and start indicting those who’ve taken their treason to this level, then I have to question his competence or commitment. So many questionable rulings/decisions/about faces can’t be chalked up to ‘political chess’.

    If that’s the case, then we’re losing the chess game as well.

  8. The Truth says:

    I was beginning to wonder whether anyone else recognized Wendi’s entire mission was founded on complete BS. Reports that Wendi was a psychologist who treated domestic violence was based on her false claim to that. She was never a psychologist. She had no psych degree. She never in the history of California’s behavioral health department was issued a license to practice any manner of mental health treatment. She was never issued a certificate for domestic violence advocacy (40 hours training required by Calif law). And she publicly and prolifically claimed that her then minor daughter was sexually assaulted by her exhusband and that the family courts are corrupt because no investigator found sexual abuse and the children were given to her ex husband.

    Then she left her kids with her husband in Colorado Springs and headed out to Orange County, California where she used her story of Family Court victimization and her minor daughter’s story of sexual assault to raise money for a nonprofit organization that helps kids and domestic violence victims. While I shouldn’t have to point this out, she was exploiting her daughter for financial gain and it was sickening.

    Wings for Justice never had enough money to help anyone except for Wendi Miller. That is public information because it’s a nonprofit.

    What she was most interested in is chasing stories that she could exploit to raise money for herself. I know of no child that she ever actually helped. I do not know of any domestic violence victim that she actually helped. She was charismatic in the beginning but it didn’t take much thinking to recognize that Wendi was about Wendi. There is nothing more she would have loved, however, than to have all of this media attention–that was her reason for living and it is certainly ironic that she had to die to get the attention she sought.

    With respect to the black man in the white city, the whole story does not jive. I want answers.

    • Replies: @indocon
    , @Quoted at CH
  9. Anon[602] • Disclaimer says:

    How many times should a state take a felon in possession charge? Only if the feds don’t take it! Until felon in possession charges mirror the length of federal penalties we will continue to see convicted felons, supposed “ex-cons”, doing short time and getting out to commit crimes when they should’ve been locked up for years to come.

    Note the man was a personal trainer. Always find out the legal status of anyone with whom you have dealings. There are certifications which can be easily had which are easy enough for felons to achieve. Nothing against criminals, ex-cons, etc. except for the fact that they are the amateur version of government thugs often with far less intelligence.

  10. OT: Stay Armed…etc etc. Anyone else notice the great deals to be had with .40S&W firearms and ammunition? I just picked up a new M&P40 (Gen1) for $375. I also bought a 9mm M&P barrel and a few 9mm M&P magazines that I can swap out to convert it as needed. In the meantime I’ll shoot a case of Winchester .40S&W JHP that I got on sale as well. For us .40 fans this is one hell of a buyers market but I’m not sure how much longer it will last or if .40S&W will just disappear off the face of the earth by 2030.

    • Agree: Feedsackroad
    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  11. indocon says:
    @The Truth

    Irvine is half white and half asian. I wonder at what point do NBM’s start to notice that AA’s might be their problem also?

    • Replies: @SafeNow
  12. @Anonymous

    For real murder stories, some of these comments are mean. Any cause she championed for profit or not-for-profit is nothing compared to murder.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @anon
  13. anon[368] • Disclaimer says:
    @Endgame Napoleon

    if she was an SJW-type she probably supported illegal aliens, fake refugees, etc

    “Wings for Justice”

  14. SafeNow says:

    I live near Irvine, and can tell you it is the most manicured (behavior, not just landscaping) community imaginable. That is why affluent Asian-Americans settle there. If a blade of grass is unruly, or the kid’s violin is out of tune, that is a crisis. I can only imagine what the impact of this murder will be. If I had to guess, I would predict greatly enhanced, and visible, security.

    • Replies: @lou
  15. OT: Charlotte. On pace to eclipse last year’s 58 homicides within the first six months of 2019.

    ‘Woman shot to death at southwest Charlotte hotel was Sunday’s 3rd homicide’

    Updated: Apr 29, 2019

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are investigating Sunday’s third fatal shooting after a woman was found dead inside a southwest Charlotte hotel.

    According to investigators, Tyrena Inman, 30, was shot to death around 8:30 p.m. inside a room at the Extended Stay America hotel on Yorkmont Road off South Tryon Street…

    With three homicides in just one day, officers are begging for unity.

    “Just to say there’s one umbrella solution to fix our violence problem in Charlotte, there’s just not,” said CMPD Maj. Mike Campagna. “There’s a lot of things that can be done, I think, but they have to be done holistically as a community-wide effort that has to involve faith communities, our schools, our medical facilities, our academics. People need to be involved in the solutions.”

    Sunday’s first deadly shooting was reported around 1 p.m. in west Charlotte. Officers said they found Daimeon Terrell Johnson, 40, suffering from a gunshot wound on Catherine Simmons Road. He was rushed to the hospital where he later died.

    The second fatal shooting on Sunday happened about an hour after the first. Police said Shalecia Shav’ea Williams, 21, and a man were shot inside an east Charlotte apartment complex on Snow Lane. Both were rushed to a hospital, but Williams did not survive.

    Sunday’s deaths bring the total number of homicides in Charlotte to 43 for the year. In 2018, there was a total of 58 homicides for the entire year…

    • Replies: @JR1967
  16. @AR in Illinois

    There’s always more to the story but I guess I try not to be so much of a ‘conclusion jumper’.

    Yes, she works in the court system. Yes she’s a non-profit advocate. Yes, she’s home with a guy 10 years younger than her. None of these are quite so damning. Being immersed in the legal system can effect anyone. She could be defending black children from their abusive, addicted parents. Who knows?

    My focus here centered on a black man rampaging through the city without anyone putting a stop to him. I had to go back and re-read that he fired a shot into the asian’s apartment and still wasn’t apprehended!

    Hunting for a white man with a gun in his hand? Don’t look so hard at the target. The target is the same color as you. It could have just as easily been a working single mother or a female, conservative judge who puts felons like him where he belonged. It could’ve been you. Or me.

    A little solidarity goes a long way. A violent negro just killed a white couple for no apparent reason and your only thought is to find a reason.

    Shame on you.

  17. Hibernian says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

    It’s happening right now in Caracas.

    • Replies: @By-tor
  18. JR1967 says:

    Looks like Charlotte is trying to outdo Atlanta as a more dangerous city though given Atlanta’s long reputation for crime that will be tough to do.

  19. For us .40 fans this is one hell of a buyers market but I’m not sure how much longer it will last or if .40S&W will just disappear off the face of the earth by 2030.

    40 isn’t going anywhere.

    Too many guns on the market.

  20. By-tor says:

    The ongoing wholly illegal US coup to install an unpopular US-paid puppet, and thereby cause Russia and China to lose untold billions in investments is happening. The people of Venezuela know who is behind it as do the Russians and Chinese.

  21. anon19 says:

    Stay armed and be wary. Very wary.

  22. Truth says:


    “Oh, snap, I though you was that nigga Justin. Y’all all look alike, my bad…”

  23. lou says:

    Buggs pulled the trigger?–gees what a line.

  24. DK5 says:

    Hello, I’ve known this family for decades…I agree with some of your points & some I’m curious how you know the information (current info on who the charity has helped – her education etc) could you please advise how you are able to know these things? Are you personally acquainted with Wendi? Thanks

    • Replies: @Joe
  25. lou says:

    I visited the University there, it was brown asian. east indian.

  26. @The Truth

    Good post, but it’s ‘jibe’, not ‘jive’. Latter is black slang from the ’60’s.

  27. Marty says:

    Well, as a black guy once told me on the basketball court while a fight broke out among the others, “black people are messed up, man.” So Truth is onto what really happened here. See, it’s not that this guy figured he needed to kill to retain exclusive possession of a piece of quiff to which he wasn’t married. Rather, these “victims” failed to confirm Buggs in his specialness. They prolly let him know he looks like that guy on Room 222, or something. I was his lawyer, that’s the tack I’d use. ‘Course, want to get the case transferred to downtown L.A. if possible.

  28. @Blue Juice

    Agree with the sentiment but not the caliber. Not that the .40 isn’t a beautiful, competent caliber, I just prefer to keep it in the NATO calibers for just the reasons that concern you.

    9mm, .223, 7.69xALL. Just good to know that when the time comes, you can just head down the street and tip over your nearest white helmet and see what falls out. It will certainly not be .40!

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @By-tor
  29. D-FENS says:

    I have lived in Irvine for over 20 years. It was great when I first moved here. The town is basically owned by a real estate development firm called the Irvine Company. Because housing prices are so high, new housing is either multimillion dollar homes or apartments. The multimillion dollar housing is targeted at Chinese investors. The apartments are required to have unites allocated for “affordable housing” and are attracting what you would expect. Traffic, crime, graffiti and trash have noticeably increased. Also, many are using home equity loans to buy new homes and are renting their old homes. which again, attracts less desirable neighbors.

    Noticeable increase in negroes walking around. Also more homeless passing through. A nearby middle school in a neighboring city has 7% negroes. Some government program must be sending them here.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  30. D-FENS says:

    The shit we’re stirring up in Venezuela is to secure an alternative oil supply in the event the Straits of Hormuz are closed during the attack on Iran that (((Trump))) is determined to have.

  31. By-tor says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    There won’t be anyone in white helmets. They will all be the numerous and well-armed Americans from the military, FBI, ATF and or militarized local ‘law enforcement’ as they were in Little Rock in 1957, Kent State in 1970, Waco, TX in 1993, New Orleans in 2005, NYC in 2011 and Boston in 2013 along with those from ICE, DEA and DHS who are at every airport, inland ‘border zone’ and port of entry in the US post-Sept. 2001.

  32. Joe says:

    @dk5, I saw your comment about agreeing about Wendi. Why hasn’t one word been said about her current husband or why she left Murrieta to be in Laguna and I heard that Biggs was also from Muirietta. For the public’s sake and her kids, I think the rest of the story should be reported. There is no way that those things are coincidental, not to mention that Biggs was not a burglar, but targeting.

  33. @D-FENS

    “Noticeable increase in negroes walking around”

    Same in my area. The Africans in America are being moved out of most cities and sent out into the surrounding areas. Some report stated that the population of Africans in Chicago has dropped from 1.2 million to around .7 million. Now in their new environs they will slowly destroy the suburbs and the countryside. The only people not affected by this are people living in very expensive areas. But of course the football and basketball high school teams can now win championships.
    The slow destruction is good for business and employment. Some will suffer but some will gain.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Feedsackroad
  34. anon[283] • Disclaimer says:
    @Endgame Napoleon

    What goes around, comes around- at least on occasion. Hard to feel sympathy for someone dedicated to destroying the country and the lives of its citizens. No one should mourn the death of his enemies, and it’s high time people saw and recognized them for it. As Stallman, and I’m no fan of his, said of Steve Jobs- I’m not happy he died, but I’m glad he’s gone.

  35. anon[157] • Disclaimer says:

    “Noticeable increase in negroes walking around”

    Same in my area. The Africans in America are being moved out of most cities and sent out into the surrounding areas.

    this happened in my area about 3-4 years ago. i live in town of ~30,000 just outside a larger city of about 300,000 and our smaller town used to be almost free of blacks. Then one day they had some kind of march over the bridge connecting the two cities and since then there are more and more blacks all the time, prob 25% by now

    this had to be something coming down from fedgov

  36. @By-tor

    Ah… you’re remembering the invasion, not the occupation.

    Initially, there’s great clamor and Ferber. When it does down, the numbers shrink and the vulnerabilities begin to show.

  37. @By-tor

    There won’t be anyone in white helmets. They will all be the numerous and well-armed Americans from the military, FBI, ATF and or militarized local ‘law enforcement’

    They were numerous and well-armed at Bundy Ranch too.

    Did you notice something about that?  They were forced to back down.  This is probably the reason for the red-flag laws, to try to grab guns on other pretexts.  That will work until neighbors start coming out and running the police off when they pop in for ANY reason.  Dollars to donuts the citizens will start relieving the gendarmes of their weapons, vehicles and gear.  Maybe their uniforms, too; imagine video of them being marched away in their underwear, hands on their heads.

    Armed citizenry like that can tell the cops “if ANYONE comes back to try to do this again, YOU and YOUR FAMILY are going to pay” and make it stick.  That will make the cops stand down on these un-Constitutional orders, no matter how much they may seethe about it.

    If the totalitarians can’t depend on the local cops to do their bidding, they’re beaten.  They don’t have enough men under arms to do without them, and maybe not enough even with them.

  38. @europeasant

    Now in their new environs they will slowly destroy the suburbs and the countryside.

    True story: Until a few years ago Feed Sack Rd was a quiet rural place. The tranquility was shattered, however, with the arrival of – you guessed it – the all-American black family. Not a single living thing remains on their property. Every tree has been removed. Their sole purpose seems to be the acquisition of automobiles and riding back and forth to the store. Keeping up the place is not a concern and septic tank maintenance is definitely not a priority. Keeping their quarrels to themselves isn’t high on their agenda either. From time to time at a distance of over two-hundred yards we are treated to serenades of profanity and rage the likes of which cannot be described. Tuesday was such an evening. How anyone can stand out in their front yard and bellow for a rage-filled hour is a mystery to me. It’s a matter of time before the shooting starts. Last year the property owner adjacent to this madness fenced and gated his place and purchased a protective breed dog. Feed Sack Rd: Another casualty on the road to Diversitocracy.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  39. Justme says:
    @AR in Illinois

    The female victim, who Ive known since high school, was not the woman who dated the murderer or ‘burned the coal’ as u (the racist) put it! She was an innocent victim! Know the facts before u making yourself look even more IGNORANT!

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  40. @Justme

    The female victim, who Ive known since high school, was not the woman who dated the murderer or ‘burned the coal’ as u (the racist) put it! She was an innocent victim!

    Looks like you missed this little gem up in Comment 1:

    Miller was the CEO of Wings for Justice, a nonprofit advocacy group focused on the family court system

    Anyone who helps poz society and destroy the family is NOT innocent in any way, shape or form.  The “family court system” is one of the primary destroyers of actual families.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  41. @Feedsackroad

    Keeping up the place is not a concern and septic tank maintenance is definitely not a priority.

    Don’t you have nuisance laws and rules about certificates of occupancy to crack down on this?  Enough unpaid fines and the county can foreclose on the property and throw them out.

    Keeping their quarrels to themselves isn’t high on their agenda either.

    Disorderly conduct is another thing to hit them with.  If you haven’t run them off yet, it’s because you’re not even trying.

    Failing that, people who won’t maintain their septic probably don’t have insurance either.  One little accident and they don’t have a house anymore, and voila, they have to go away.

  42. Frankly, I’ve seen fact presented here (not by you) concerning the woman’s background, etc., which raise speculation of her character.

    You chiming in, defending this woman – whom were told you’ve known since high school – with no offer of corroboration, means about as much as the other contributions.

    Clearly, the background of the victim isn’t important unless there was actual involvement between her and her murderer. Otherwise, I’m regarding it as another black-on-white crime. Could’ve been your wife, mother, daughter, girlfriend. Son, father, uncle, boyfriend.

    The message here, which you all seem happy dancing around, it that a black man deliberately targeted a white man and woman and murdered them both.

  43. @Jim in Jersey

    I don’t feel sorry for any of the victims here especially the SJW who was involved with criminal justice reform (aka: lock them up form less time, prosecute them for lesser crimes, execute none of them). The irony here is thick).

    You are an adult with both agency and the freedom to live where you want. Inform yourself and then live with the consequences of your choices. Choose the state that has the legal environment you want to live in… and then live there.

    Me? I wouldn’t even drive thru CA, or, NY or NJ because they will not allow me to carry the means to protect myself and my loved ones.

    In the final analysis, there are very few true adult victims… mostly volunteers or co-dependents. Don’t want bad stuff happening to you? Don’t go where bad stuff tends to happen.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  44. @Mr. Rational

    Thanks for your input, I didn’t feel like responding to the trollster.

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