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High Rates of Black on Black Violence in St. Louis Prompts Black Alderman to Call for Deployment of National Guard to "Restore Order"
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Its called Bell Curve City for a reason… [‘We are not in Afghanistan’: St. Louis alderman wants National Guard to fight crime,, April 8, 2019]:

ST. LOUIS – An alderman in St. Louis, fed up with murders and violence in the northern part of the city, wants Missouri Gov. Mike Parson to send in the Missouri National Guard to restore order, KSDK reported.

“My blood is boiling. I’m not mad, I’m hurt. I’m saddened,” Ward 3 Alderman Brandon Bosley told the television station. “This is not normal. We are not in Afghanistan.”

Bosley said an incident Saturday was the tipping point. A man was shot twice in the face after a confrontation in an alley that began when the shooter would not move his car, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

“I’m done waiting,” Bosley told the newspaper. “Before it gets too bad, we need to do something measurable. Extra hands. Extra guns. Guns bigger than the ones on the street.”

Bosley told the Post-Dispatch he and the city board of aldermen’s black caucus had been talking for weeks about petitioning Parson. He is hoping the board will pass a resolution to send National Guard troops into the worst neighborhoods of St. Louis to battle crime.

“There is a war going on in this city and it’s not white on black. Everybody’s talking about a race war. White people are not coming to the black side of town shooting up black people,” Bosley told KSDK. “It is black people coming from wherever they come from to shoot up the other black people in the city, and we need help to save ourselves.”

Parson could not be reached for comment.

If the governor decides to send in the National Guard, it would not be the first time it has occurred. In 2014, then-Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency in anticipation of a grand jury announcement regarding the fatal shooting in Ferguson of 18-year-old Michael Brown, the Post-Dispatch reported.

In a statement, St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson did not address Bosley’s plea, but called the shooting tragic.

“Guns are too often used to settle differences,” Krewson said in her statement.

St. Louis is 49 percent black and 43 percent white. In 2017, 137 of 138 homicide suspects were black. It’s not just the northern part of the city in need of the national guard.

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  1. anon19 says:

    The Ferguson effect?

  2. Duke84 says:

    What would they call it if the National Guard really was deployed to stop black crime? Racism,of course.

  3. Credits to the good Alderperson for noticing it is not Whites driving across town to shoot up his constituency, but black people coming from WHEREVER (bomb it, I say ;b).

    Otherwise, the idiocy is breathtaking.

    Using the Guard to quench an anticipated riot in Ferguson was a posse comitatus grey area,
    but somewhat within their competence.
    What he is talking about is GUN (waah!) bilence or, as in Little Britain, KNIFE bilence
    (in preparation there: SPOON bilence!).
    Even if they had a sufficiently trained and motivated MP battaillon on call – which they don´t –
    the military is singularly unsuited for that purpose (IOW there is a reason we have police).
    About the only successful example was Mussolini´s use of the Bersaglieri against the Sicilian Maf,
    but they merely provided the muscle for ordinary police going door-to-door against a well known and easily identifiable structure.
    Is it just me, or has the Elder REALLY just proposed going full The Siege on his electorate?
    He … MIGHT … succeed in reducing de bilence, but he sure as hell wouldn´t get elected dog catcher anywhere anymore. I take his contribution as the usual “won´t somebody please think of the CHILDREN?!” but without breaking eggs [yawn].

    – An added complication here is they would have to use White personnel for discipline and corruption reasons (raping, looting, fraternizing) which in turn would be perceived as an occupying force and further escalate the situation.

    So fuggedaboutit, Bosley.

  4. “… and we need help to save ourselves.”

    Don’t they always

  5. Yawn. Same old same old. Just further proof that these things dont belong in western civilization. Considering how blacks breed and “rear” their children, why should we care as long as te killing goes on in their neighborhoods. Bigger guns are the solution? Just more evidence that the Second Amendment shouldn’t be for blacks period.

  6. “…and we need help to save ourselves.”

    (After trillions wasted) “Yeah, we noticed.”

    • Agree: Augustus
  7. Never a good idea to call out the military to serve as police. They’re not trained particularly well in the role and it sets a precedent.

    I’d rather see the national guard brought in as military and using artillary and air strikes, level the parts of the city that have been lost to civilization.

    The alderman is correct in his assessment of the situation. It is unacceptable.

    Since he is correct, he will be summarily ignored and marginalized. He may be drummed out of office but certainly will not be re-elected.

    Imagine a black man actually trying to effect positive change in a black community instead of just setting up committees to funnel money into his own pockets while ‘discovering’ that black are to blame for their own station in life.

  8. I would be all for this if it meant that dangerous black thugs would get taken out by the National Guard. However, we all know how this would play out. What good will it do if blacks are a protected class in BRA? We’ve heard pleas like this nonsense before from black alderman in Chicago for several years. It’s all just childish jibber-jabber.
    I work with a few officers who are also in the National Guard. Their commanding officers are terrified of actually getting called into the South Side of Chicongo to patrol the streets and man checkpoints. They know damn well the savage would eventually start taking shots at the Guardsmen and steal their Humvee’s and weapons. I remember the Missouri Guard standing in Ferguson during the riots in November 2014 and then March 2015 and they looked shakier than cafeteria jello. Their eyes were as wide as saucers when a police officer got shot in the face standing at attention next to them. If you’re going to send troops into any American city to fight the savage you better send in some bloodthirsty trigger-pullers and they better have rounds in the chamber ready to go…

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Augustus
  9. RickTen99 says:

    Looking for a good realtor in north St Louis, want to buy a home. My life insurance policy gets cancelled if I commit suicide but doubles if I’m a murder victim. Looking to leave some money to the kids, chances are good if I go there.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @athEIst
  10. If Blacks are intent on shooting each other how would calling in the National Guard change their minds?

    • Replies: @res
  11. El Dato says:

    “Guns are too often used to settle differences,” Krewson said in her statement.

    What is the correct frequency for guns being used to settle differences?

  12. CENTURION says: • Website

    Here is how you “restore order”:

    WHITE neighborhoods ONLY
    NEGRO neighborhoods ONLY
    White Cop Patrol around White Only areas
    Negro Cops do what ever shiiit they want in the negro areas

    Segregated Schools
    Segregated Restaurants
    Segregated Universities.

    The negro is 100% encouraged and mentored on how to run a skoool, a chicken shack, rib joint, whatever, but they are restricted to their areas, ONLY

    The negro has their own “justice” system, within their negro ONLY area. No white man’s law will ever be “forced” upon the proud negro.

    • Replies: @Bruce County
  13. El Dato says:
    @Blue Juice

    Time to rewatch “Southern Comfort”

    “In 48 hours, they’ll be home with their families. There’s just one problem… They’ve just crossed a line they never knew existed. And the farther they go, the closer they get to nowhere.”

    Opening Weekend USA: $116,943, 27 September 1981, Limited Release

  14. Gunga Din says:

    Instead of the Guard being sent in, have the CDC declare young black men a national health hazard and quarantine them.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  15. Conservatives have called for this a few times in Chicago during peak killing season aka summer.

    But what is the guard supposed to do? Especially in a PC society? Just drive around as a show of force?

    Search and seizure laws would still apply and CNN would be following them everywhere.

    There are probably also legal issues with them stopping people unless there is a declared emergency.

    I’ll give this councilman credit however for being honest and breaking the liberal taboo of pointing out that Blacks are killing each other and without blaming guns.

    I don’t have much of an answer for him except for looking at what has worked. Curfew + stop and search seems to be the most effective. The ACLU might file a suit but let them. Drag them through court and make them admit that stop and search saves lives. Liberals in these cities will happily flip on the ACLU if it means reducing negro violence.

  16. res says:
    @Meteetsee Ranch

    Common enemy. They would start shooting at the National Guard instead. And since the National Guard would probably never be permitted to shoot back, black deaths would go down.

  17. He said this strategy is partially motivated because of the massive shortage of St. Louis police officers.

    So you are having a hard time recruiting St. Louis police officers? WHAT A SHOCKER.

    Come join the St. Louis police department where YOU TOO can get attacked by a giant negro and end up depicted as the perpetrator before the evidence is even analyzed. SIGN UP TODAY while positions are still available.

    He also hopes it would serve as a deterrence.

    If we had an Army member that was standing right there in a Humvee, or just sitting there, period. Nine times out of 10 the four people that got shot on this one particular corner wouldn’t have gotten shot

    But how many street corners are there? The guard is a part time job and most these guys work 9-5 or are in college. They can get called in for a declared emergency but you can’t just use them as cops for a year or even a summer. Are we going to pay them for all this time spent standing on street corners?

    I think a lot of these cities are doomed because of welfare dysgenics and little can be done in the short term. Our social engineering liberals have created a system that selects for thug behavior and irresponsible women while the talented tenth are often despised in their own communities. This is what Shockley warned about but liberals put their heads in the sand and called him waycist.

    The “reset” might not be far off. One of these cities is going to lose it. I mean full scale riot and destruction. Could easily be this summer.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  18. ‘This is not normal. We’re not in Afghanistan.” No, you’re not. You’re in Africa and experiencing the full wonders of your blackness. Enjoy your rich and vibrant culture. You deserve it. Bye!

    • Agree: Bruce County
  19. another day in Wakanda.


    Screw the National Guard…

    Send in the Warthogs and Gunships.

    • LOL: Anonymous0619
  21. This is a Prime Example of the Evolution of the Next Step of Excusing Black dysfunction; they know they can no longer claim White People are coming into the Black Side of town because Evidence.

    It is now “Out of Town” Blacks coming into the area to commit crimes against the Law Abiding, Society Enhancing Blacks That live there. It’s Only these Out of towners that commit crimes, and this is repeated across the nation, though that Out of Town City where they all live is never pointed to on a Map, but they alllllllll know for a fact that they come from there.

  22. eah says:

  23. MarcB. says:

    I thought Memphis was until I stayed overnight at a hotel in downtown St. Louis.

  24. As a white man blamed for all the country’s problems I say that white men in the national guard should be exempt from any duty in St. Louis. If whites go in there the blacks will cry racist oppression. They’ll riot and loot. Let black guardsmen go in there. Let them try to stop the thugs from killing each other. But arm the black soldiers. Let them shoot back if fired on. Then what will the race baiters do? Jesse, Al and Obama will be whining and we all love to see that. The thugs will continue to kill each other. The black guardsmen will defend themselves by shooting back and probably taking a few thugs out. It’s a win-win situation.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  25. Anon[221] • Disclaimer says:

    You don’t need to waste money on a house, it’s a walk in the park! Ha, ha, ha!

  26. “This is not normal. We are not in Afghanistan.”

    Nope…its just the African mean.

  27. Sam says:

    “This is not normal. We are not in Afghanistan.” Wrong, bro. Dis be normal, for groids, wherever dey be on da planet. However, he is correct in saying it isn’t Afghanistan. It is probably much worse.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  28. @El Dato

    Excellent movie. Just re-watched it about 2 weeks ago. Powers Boothe is right up there with the great George C. Scott in terms of acting ability.

  29. You know it’s bad when even the NEGROES are calling for the National Guard to be deployed on the streets of Saint Louis and admitting that Whitey isn’t the problem!

  30. Hopefully the cost for this intervention will be deducted from the reparations we’re supposed to pay.

  31. lou says:

    Nduli’s sister-in-law, Patricia Malewo, said the 68-year-old Congolese native rushed outside to confront Harrison and tried to tell him the tow was a mistake. His vehicle at the time had been parked in its assigned spot outside the complex on S. Gessner Road, she said.

  32. El Dato says:

    Ah man, this be bad times to mention National Guard intervention

    May 4, 1970: Remembering The Kent State Shootings – When the National Guard Killed 4 Students

    One of the questions asked over and over again by those who investigated this incident was: why did the guards fire into a crowd of unarmed students? Some of the students interviewed after the shooting claimed that very few of the protesters believed that the weapons were even loaded.

    But the National Guard didn’t only have loaded rifles – they also had cannisters of tear gas and bayonets fixed to said rifles. All of these tools were used against the gathering of unarmed students, with the justification being that the students were throwing rocks.

    That was when campuses where mostly nondiverse. And riot control hadn’t become a distinct skill & business domain.

  33. Augustus says:
    @Blue Juice

    I’m old enough to remember all the different riots in the 60’s after MLK was assassinated. Guard units left a lot to be desired in every city where used. When things slowed and died in most cities, Detroit riots were still going strong. As you suggested, they needed hardened troops. Johnson advisers found such a group down south. Enter the 101st Airborne. Riots in Detroit ended after 1 day and a night (less than 24 hours). Sometimes the world just needs to be reminded whites are very patient and slow to anger compared to other tribes, but that tentative response time should not be mistaken as weakness. Othertimes the world
    needs to be reminded how white people kill. They are the most efficient race ever when it comes to killing. People who fail to understand them need to read a few thousand years of history. It’s all there in the open.

  34. These beasts may resemble us, but they’re not the same species. It’s that simple.

  35. Medvedev says:

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. Always someone else’s fault … this time out of town Blacks murdering local Blacks. Whenever you have Blacks in large numbers you have violence.
    After the collapse of USSR and the 90-s Russians has stopped drinking so much … and homicide rate has fallen drastically. Just 15-20 years ago murder rate was 300% higher. But with Blacks it’s impossible to educate them … you throw trillions in welfare, subsidies, affirmative action, rejecting qualified Asians and Whites over underqualified Blacks, no wonder our infrastructure is collapsing. Americans were able to build great huge infrastructure projects for a fraction of the cost today that continue to serve us today: dams, viaducts, highways, plants. Nowadays California infrastructure is collapsing, having 5 times more people … shouldn’t we have 5 times more money to spend? Nug, we merely have money to patch our falling infrastructure because of huge welfare spendings and government overruns. More and more our society resembles Idiocracy.

  36. We need a Glass Steagall Act to separate depository womb production from speculative “work” production.

    But never fear, Elizabeth Warren, another womb-productivity-based feminist from the Sixties, has a better plan to stop this blood flow, which is mostly perpetrated by Black men. Plot twist: It’s one more layer of pay-per-birth welfare for working single moms.

    Never mind that there is already a free daycare program, adminstered by the Department of Human Services, on top of the up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credit cash given to single-breadwinner moms on the premise that they use it to cover daycare. Most just show a small daycare expense when doing their “taxes”—often a check to their moms that their moms give back to them. “Poor” moms qualify for this tax cash, in increasing amounts with each kid produced, even though the moms just……..part time, like half of all “employed” persons in the USA.

    These single-breadwinner moms have to work part time. Otherwise, they would go over the earned-income limits of the welfare programs, rendering themselves ineligible for the other layers of neoliberal free stuff from Uncle Sam for single-breadwinner parents with US-born kids: reduced-cost rent, free EBT food, monthly cash assistance and electricity assistance.

    Married moms, another key component of the wage-suppression system, have their non-refundable child tax credits, recently doubled by Trump, a Rightist Neoliberal. Married moms often work part time to add keeping-up-with-the-Jones’ income to a spousal income. Many of them do not have to work at all due to ample spousal income, and they don’t work hard, but do dominate many absenteeism-friendly, discriminatory, all-mom office jobs, just like their single-mom peers.

    These Anti Feminists drive down wages, hours and job availability for all of the many single, childless women and the single moms with kids over 18 with one, earned-only income stream and no welfare eligibility. Womb-privileged Anti Feminists also drive down wages, hours and job availability for the many underemployed / unemployed men, standing around idle on the street corners of violent Baltimore and St. Louis.

    There is no reason other than ubiquitous, cronyist, womb-based discrimination that male genitalia, the lack of birth-canal exits among female applicants, having a college degree and / or legally required licenses should prevent a person from getting / retaining a job in say one of the many voted-best-for-moms call centers staffed by nearly 100% non-college-educated moms, underwriting jobs staffed by nearly 100% non-college-educated moms, sales job (requiring licensing) staffed by nearly 100% non-college-educated and un-licensed moms, credit-processing jobs staffed by nearly 100% non-college-educated moms, etc.

    What does prevent it is 1) bold and un-punished discrimination by women (moms specifically) in a huge number of office jobs, staffed with almost all mom underlings and managed by crony parents who are nearly as absentee as their underlings in these back-watching Establishments. I am not talking about their extremely generous pregnancy leave or their PTO. I mean what they take off on top of that: whole days, whole afternoons, whole morinings and whole weeks, frequently.

    “Poor” moms are above firing and above the discrimination-policing apparatus created, in part, by fake feminists due to their unearned income from government. They are above firing because unearned income from Uncle Sam and the US Treasury Department covers their major household expenses, enabling them to work part time for low wages or in temp jobs that pay a little more, collecting welfare between the gigs.

    Rich moms are above firing despite the same copious absenteeism due to the crony-parent job network that has helped to halve the size of the college-educated, American middle class by enabling dual-earner parents to keep two household-supporting jobs with benefits under one roof, no matter how much time “the talent” takes off from work.

    Rich and “poor” moms, plus the crony dads who are getting in on the In-Rome-absenteeism action, are accommodated in retaining jobs despite protracted amounts of time off that would get any single, childless person fired. Non parents are subject to firing for a fraction of that off time, minutes.

    The biggest reason crony parents get away with it is the computers that do more of their work. If employers really needed them—the rich and poor moms alike—they’d be frantically calling them to get back to work. They would lose business otherwise.

    A potent combo of womb-productive sex and cronyism and / or welfare is the glue that holds this Womb Productivity Based Low Productivity Economy tenuously together.

    The truly poor, non-welfare-eligible, womb-less sections of the bottom 80% that are most likely to react violently against others are not in any way served by one more freebie from government for part-time-working moms. Yet, Elizabeth Warren thinks all that needs to be done to achieve a peaceful nirvana in the underemployed USA is a Universal Freebie Daycare program.


    Maybe, that’ll get the birthrates up past the 48 million Xers and the 76 million-strong Millennial generation, sired during this ramp up of pay-per-birth welfare for citizens & noncitizens in single-breadwinner households that stay under the earned-income limits for neoliberal, womb-productivity-based, feminist welfare programs by working part time.

    In about 18 years, those government-incentivized babies will provide employers with even more excess workers than the current 95 million US citizens — ages 16 to 65 — out of the labor force and the some 7 million citizens counted as employed each month only due to recent UC applications, coming to a total of 102 million, which is almost half of the US citizens of working age.

    It’s the moms (and the welfare-eligible legal / illegal immigrants) that are working — part time — since they don’t need to worry about wages or hours sufficient to cover rent. It’s the womb-less, male progeny of the welfare-eligible moms who end up standing around on street corners, getting into trouble since they are insufficiently employed. It is the non-violent females in those communities—unable to afford rent in a safe area—who are most endangered by the oversupply of underemployed males.

    There is nothing feminist about it, nor anything worthy of glorification except what’s in the imaginations of womb-privileged Sixties feminists.

    Rosie the Riveter it is not. Coming together to work hard for the war effort, after which moms returned to their homes to do the work of raising their own children, rather them shoving that work off onto low-wage daycare workers or elderly grandparents, so that they did not dilute the wage base of the biggest middle class in US history it is not. Those stay-at-home moms retired into paid-for homes, whereas most of the moms in the bottom 80% who took the career advice of the Sixties feminists will not. Nor will most of the single, childless females.

    But the top 20% of dual-earner parents will retire into Barbie-princess palaces after work lives that included a lot of shirking of sacrifice due to the libertine absenteeism privileges of womb-productive, careerist moms at all incomes levels. The top 20%ers had the money and the time off to take all of those lengthy, family-friendly vacations while saving for retirement and paying off a posh-zip-code home. After they reach 65, they’ll have two larger SS checks per household based on their top-5 earning years in above-firing crony-parent jobs and two 401ks or a 401k and a state retirement from say a public school teaching job, with summers off to be with their own kids and an overwhelming majority of mom employees.

    That was the unstated goal of feminism: wealth concentration from locking down two, salaried, safe, non-job-creating positions for DNA-dynasty moms in the top 20%.

    After the pay-per-birth welfare well dries up due to old wombs, welfare-eligible moms join the single, childless women facing the real job market—the one where earned-only income from part-time / churn and temp jobs must cover all household bills, but does not since so many moms can afford to work for less due to spousal income, rent-covering child support or their pay for sex and reproduction from Uncle Sam.

    Pro-woman it is not, certainly not in the case of non-womb-producing females.

    Elizabeth Warren says that she’s afraid there are more women like her out there, more single moms capable….of….becoming….lawyers…and corporate-owned, globalist politicians…..

    That is another fake problem conjured up by feminists since too many lawyers were educated, resulting in lots of mommies working at home as lawyers, part time, reducing the number of full-time, household-supporting jobs in a field that people jumped through a lot of academic hoops to enter. Then there’s the robots, taking over the entry-level law jobs, in a field headed for even greater automation.

    No, Sixties feminists: The USA does not need to forage among the ranks of single moms, looking for even more prospective lawyers, much less more bought-off politticians doing the bidding of the Cheap Labor Lobby, offering part-time-working moms even more accommodation in absenteeism-friendly jobs and more unearned income streams from government to reward womb-productive sex (while that womb productivity lasts).

  37. @Bruce County

    Screw the National Guard…Send in the Warthogs and Gunships.

    Don’t forget the 30MM “depleted” uranium ammo for those Warts, too, just like in Fallujah and Basra. We want to make sure future generations are born with even MORE defects. Share and share alike, I say. Obviously it would be a horror show, and I’m not so sure that outside of protecting Federal Buildings or a Uni Campus, even troops on the ground, armed, shooting it out in Black neighborhoods with civilian criminals would be deemed highly unconstitutional. The entire notion is unthinkable. What, you gonna send em door-to-door? I know! Let’s send in Blackwater to clear the Hood!

    Ain’t vibrant life forms just swell?

  38. @unreconstructed confederate

    The thugs will continue to kill each other. The black guardsmen will defend themselves by shooting back and probably taking a few thugs out. It’s a win-win situation.

    The thugs would just make the Guard’s path in and out a living hell. Then it escalates, hits the TV, CNN on rooftops. It ain’t win-win, it’s lose-lose. You’re paying for the intervention, you know. Better we on the outside stay uninvolved much as possible. Sorry it’s happening I guess, but really, why should a Blue City’s violence and sloth bother me? Riots in the streets of Portland Oregon? Or UCLA? Or DC? Why should I care about them? Further, why should all this not instill a sense of schadenfreude as it clearly has for many here and elsewhere (I’m not necessarily knocking that)?

    And all we have to do is nothing. Just watch from afar. They prove themselves every day.

  39. @Sam

    However, he is correct in saying it isn’t Afghanistan. It is probably much worse.

    Even when the shooting was still going on in Iraq between Shiites and Bathists, the death rates in places like Baltimore and Detroit and Chicago were higher than Baghdad and Basra and Falluja per hundred-thousand population. Muslims settle their scores with murder, too. That’s why best for us to vacate the Middle East and let them sort it out between themselves. Stongman wins over there. A new order has to be set. In any case, if they don’t have us to kill, they kill each other. The point is to stay out of the line of fire.

  40. athEIst says:

    Walk aroud at night. It’s a sure-for.

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