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Her Name Is Melanie L. Crow: Honoring the Life of the White Female Who Lost Her Life in the Racial Terror Attack on Burnette Chapel Church in Nashville in 2017
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Previously on SBPDL: Black Immigrant from Sudan Who Attacked Nashville Church in 2017 Was Aiming to Kill “At Least 10 White Churchgoers”…

We now know in 2017, a black immigrant from Sudan targeted a church in Nashville, TN, because he sought to kill “at least 10 white churchgoers.” A month after the events in Charlottesville, Emanuel Samson visited Burnette Chapel Church of Christ to kill white people.

He succeeded in only killing one white person, thankfully, because one of the white members of the church had a concealed carry license and was able to stop the carnage.

But, the details of the racial terror attack are finally coming out as Samson’s trial is underway (a judge sealed all of the details surrounding the attack until the trial). And the details reveal a man who “laughed” about killing a white woman in phone calls to his girlfriend. [Black man, 27, ‘LAUGHED from behind bars in calls to his girlfriend about the white woman he shot dead and the seven others he injured when he stormed a church as revenge for the 2015 Charleston massacre’, Daily Mail, May 24, 2019]:

A suspect charged with fatally shooting a woman and wounding seven others at a Nashville church in 2017 reportedly laughed about it with his then-girlfriend. 

The October 2017 calls were replayed in court Thursday in the trial of 27-year-old Emanuel Kidega Samson. The shooting rampage killed 38-year-old Melanie L. Crow of Smyrna, Tennessee. 

She was shot in the church parking lot while heading to her car to get a cough drop, and dropped her Bible and notes from the worship ceremony that had just concluded, Deputy District Attorney Amy Hunter said.

Jurors began deliberating in the afternoon and will resume Friday. A transcript of the calls shows Samson said he heard the shooting victims saying ‘some funny (expletive)’ when he was on the floor of Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in September 2017 after being shot during a tussle with a churchgoer.

Samson says in one of the calls that he and his then-girlfriend are able to ‘look at the humor in any situation’.

‘When I put the two bullets in my chest and laid down and I was on the floor and I could hear what everyone was saying and some people were saying some funny (expletive) bruh and, I was like, if Maya were here listening to y’all’s whack (expletive), bruh,’ Samson said in one call.

Samson also says in the calls that he wanted to intimidate jail guards, adding that he has an ‘intense African look’.

And the couple also brag about how good Samson looked in news coverage. 

‘Big sexy hashtag, hashtag,’ Samson said in that call.

Prosecutors played the calls to rebut Samson’s previous testimony denying such comments.

Defense attorney Jennifer Lynn Thompson said the calls that prosecutors played were just a handful of 1,500 that Samson made. 

Samson, who used to attend the church, left a note about a 2015 shooting massacre at a South Carolina black church and aimed to kill at least 10 white churchgoers in revenge, Hunter said.

Hunter has explained that a note in Samson’s car cited white supremacist Dylann Roof’s massacre at a black church in Charleston in 2015. It also referred to the red, black and green Pan-African flag, sometimes called RBG.

‘Dylann Roof is less than nothing,’ the note read, according to Hunter. 

‘The blood that 10 of your kind will shed is that of the color upon the RBG flag in terms of vengeance.’ The note included an expletive and ended with a smiley face, Hunter said.

Thompson described the note as the ramblings of someone with schizoaffective disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder who was having hallucinations.

At a hearing in April, it was revealed that a psychiatrist diagnosed Samson with ‘schizoaffective disorder bipolar type’ and PTSD after an abusive, violent upbringing.

Prosecutors said Samson left a suicide note for his girlfriend and sent a goodbye video to his cousin, according to Thompson. 

Samson testified that he didn’t remember committing the crime. He said his mental health disorders have caused lapses in memory and constant shifts from feelings of ecstasy to the thoughts of suicide he said he experienced the morning of the shooting. 

Churchgoer Robert Caleb Engle has testified that during the rampage, he twice confronted the gunman, who was wearing a tactical vest and a motorcycle-style mask with a clown smile on it.

Engle said he was pistol-whipped three times in the head.

At one point, he pushed the gun back on the shooter and a shot fired, striking the gunman and sending him to the ground.

Engle said his father kicked the gun away, stood on the shooter’s hand and told Engle to go get his gun out of his truck.

Engle came back with his weapon, put his foot on the shooter’s back and stood guard until first responders arrived.

A judge’s order had kept many details of the case secret until trial.

Her Name is Melanie L. Crow.

She was murdered in a racial terror attack on Burnette Chapel Church in Nashville in 2017, and a judge’s orders kept the details of her death secret for nearly two years (an inconvenient racial truth surrounding the terror attack the media and the judicial system in Tennessee decided to keep from the public eye for as long as possible).

Remember her name, because the media in Nashville and throughout the United States of America have no desire in you ever knowing it, or understanding the true hate motivating the black man who targeted a white church to kill as many whites as possible in 2017.

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  1. Thank you for publishing this information.

  2. Live by it, die by Samson.

    44 mag to the skull.

    Enough people saw him do it, swift justice.

    Was it a hate crime? Yup.
    Was it capital murder? Yup.

    Say goodnight.

  3. Samson also says in the calls that he wanted to intimidate jail guards, adding that he has an ‘intense African look’.

    And an odor to match.

  4. Odd huh? He planned the attack, but suddenly can’t remember it. Yet he remembers what people said. It sounds like he’s lying. Plus, they’re trying to make it sound like he’s a mental case to get him off death row.

  5. bro3886 says:

    Brandon Howell, a black racist criminal who mass-murdered at least 7 whites sentenced to 5 life terms:

    Nobody knows this guy’s name, for the usual reasons. Howell isn’t the only one who is evil, the media that deliberately downplays racist violence against white is just as culpable in these and thousands of other such murders and tens of millions of other hate crimes over the last half century.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational, Augustus
    • Replies: @Logan
  6. D-FENS says:

    Enough with all this winning!

  7. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,…….

  8. Just a tidbit from days long ago in the garden…Most of you will understand.

    Green, yellow, and red bell peppers are not actually the same vegetable.
    These vegetables are not always the same plant. Though some green peppers are unripe red peppers, green, yellow, orange, and red peppers are all unique plants with their own seeds.

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @ShermanFan

    “This is kind of carnage shouldn’t be normal,” Councilman-at-Large Jerell Blakeley said. “Too often when the weather breaks, violence rears its ugly head in this city. This capital city needs help.”

    Damn weather again!!!!

  10. @Bruce County

    Why is it that we can discuss the genetic temperament of virtually all other mammals, especially down to unique breeds and their historic origins, yet with people, well, it’s completely racist?

    There are volumes of study on the subjects of behaviors associated with great apes, that’s scientific, yet dontravious shitarious jones, he’s a good boy, just getting his life straight, any preconceived notions as to his propensity to act violently, well, that be racist.

    • Agree: Oil 'n Water
  11. @John Johnson

    To be fair, it was hot.


    “I’m sick and tired of this city not being able to enjoy a nice spring day without the prospect of absolute mayhem and carnage committed by a dissolute and wicked few,” Blakeley added. “They must be stopped.”

    Strangely enough, he did not blame the gun for drinking and then going off. He blamed the ‘wicked few’.

    I’m assuming that’s a new street gang.

  12. I would love to see this sob get the death penalty, but Tennessee , unlike Texas and a few other states seems to be namby pamby about using it. I dont CARE if this primate has PTSD and childhood trauma. Many of us didn’t have ideal upbringings, but we dont use it as an.excuse. This waste of DNA is just additional proof that whites should avoid blacks as much as possible.

  13. Why is it that we can discuss the genetic temperament of virtually all other mammals, especially down to unique breeds and their historic origins, yet with people, well, it’s completely racist?

    If you really want to make liberals squirm then ask why there aren’t subspecies of humans. Just a rational explanation of why the standard taxonomic definition doesn’t apply.

    I’ve actually seen Anthro majors try and explain this within the realm of political correctness. It’s really amusing since there are subspecies of animals that were not separated as long as Europeans vs Africans or Aboriginals. The wolf is one such example.

    • Agree: Augustus
  14. They should’ve killed the bastard on the spot.

  15. unit472 says:

    Whatever you think of Elon Musk there is no doubt this single South African immigrant has created more jobs in the US than all the other African immigrants combined. That is if black immigrants have created any jobs at all beyond mom and pop restaurants or small retail stores. The plain truth is negro immigration should be prohibited because they are a dysfunctional population who add no value to any society.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  16. It would be… interesting if Samson was struck down by some invisible force and turned into a burning pyre in the prison yard.  (This would be expensive but doable with off-the-shelf tech.)

    The news accounts of Samson’s demise would have to cover it as something supernatural (because newspaper reporters have no clue about physics, and neither do their editors).  The event would strike fear into a host of anti-Whites of all colors.  And if it happened again to e.g. Antifa or BLM elsewhere in the future, it would create even more fear.

    Such a pity that if there was an engineering team capable of carrying this out, it would all but certainly be infiltrated by at least one treasonous SJW (but I repeat myself).

    • Replies: @Augustus
  17. @John Johnson

    It’s supposed to be 91 in Baltimore today. 93 on Wednesday. Wonder how many times we’re gonna hear “shots rang out?”

  18. @PO'd in PG County

    It’s supposed to be 91 in Baltimore today. 93 on Wednesday. Wonder how many times we’re gonna hear “shots rang out?”

    They’re warming up. Black mayhem and terror marks the official start to summer in Baltimore.

    ‘Several arrested after reports of juveniles fighting near Inner Harbor’

    May 25, 2019


    Baltimore City police made six arrests Saturday night after fights involving juveniles near the Inner Harbor.

    City police said officers from the Inner Harbor Unit observed a large group of juveniles near the harbor around 6:30 p.m. A short time later, police said officers began to receive reports of the juveniles fighting.

    Additional officers were called to the downtown area to assist, and officers made six arrests.

    WBAL-TV 11 News reporter Karen Campbell reported there was a large police presence at Pratt and Light streets. Witnesses told 11 News that “hundreds of teens” were seen jumping on cars, hitting other people and “trying to take their belongings.”

    No injuries were reported.

    The Office of Emergency Management said there was a large pedestrian presence in the area of Light and East Pratt streets near the Inner Harbor, causing traffic delays.

  19. @PO'd in PG County

    Reason for this is, the ‘winter’ ammo has a cook-off temperature of 78 degrees.

    Summer ammo has a much higher cook-off temp of 80 degrees.

    That thermometer goes up and you’d better be ready to whip that baby out when she starts shootin’.

    That plus, it is so important to rotate your stock. No one wants to be caught dead with last season’s ammo. It’s like wearing white after Labor Day.

    Chicago is one of those cities where ammo is sold with a freshness date.

    Best if used in a murder before XX:XX

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  20. @PO'd in PG County

    It’s supposed to be 91 in Baltimore today. 93 on Wednesday. Wonder how many times we’re gonna hear “shots rang out?”

    This story in the paper I refuse to link to:
    “Crowds of youths draw police attention to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor”.
    It really is an art to be able to write a newspaper story several paragraphs long that conveys no sense of what occurred. The media are the enemy of the people.

  21. Today is a great day in America. To be perfectly honest there aren’t many of those anymore. Today we get to witness the greatest “white” sports spectacle ever on this rotating orb of shit and the uttering of 4 famous words. Gentlemen, start your engines.!!!! No kneeling and no shots rang out.
    Like most years they will try and appeal to the wider audience with token a negro offering. Possibly the banging of a bongo drum or some freed AA drug dealeR . For me it ranks as the best sporting event for human kind next to the Stanley Cup Championship. Where real men with real guts and grit compete for one of the most prestious trophies ever. The Borg-Warner Trophy. A close inspection of said trophy will reveal it is a humans trophy, with human faces and names adorning its 5’4″ 130 lb beauty. Not one Laturdiuos or Shitavious to be found on it. No dreadlocks and boot lips.
    Last nite while channel surfing I couldn’t help but see the sickest scenes on the screen. The most grotesque form of negro worship!!! The Toronto Raptors fans and the sports press that covers this ghoulish circus act. Truly a disgusting spectacle. White people embracing greasy filthy negroes. Bug eyes, sweat, tattoos and bushmaster hair. 20,000 screaming and cheering negro lovers.
    Today is YT day…500,000 beautiful white people. Yes today is a great celebration of white acheivement. Engineering, science and technology. What commercials will interupt my one day of white celebration one only can guess. Pray with me that the organizers wont turn it into a shit show with a performance by a crack dealer or his big assed wife.
    Happy Memorial Day long weekend my fine friends. Drive safe. Love your family. Clean your guns and lock your doors. We are the greatest peoples to ever walk this planet.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  22. AceDeuce says:
    @John Johnson

    It’s the same reason that hot, humid, densely-populated cities like Tokyo and Singapore have so many murders every summer……

    Oh, wait.

  23. @Bruce County

    Amen to it all.

    Just got a pair of laser pistol cartridges for 9mm & .45. Putting an edge in some skills and using them to see how accurate/fast I am out of leather.

    I always said there is a zen to shooting. When you were a kid and picked up that first toy gun, you were probably as accurate as you would ever be. No fear, no disappointment… nothing to step in the way of just having a good time!

    With your first real pistol came all the rules and regs to follow. Sight picture, squeeze, bang. You spend the next ten to twenty years getting back to where you were as a child with no expectations and nothing to prove.

    • Replies: @Bruce County
  24. @Jim in Jersey

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you sir.
    Got some Angus and shrimp on the barbie.. Birds are singing, beer is cold and nary the sound of rap music or a basketball thumping in the distance.
    Its days like these I am happy to have evolved with a fully functional brain, to walk upright and enjoy some of the beautiful things in life without killing something other than food.

  25. It’s the same reason that hot, humid, densely-populated cities like Tokyo and Singapore have so many murders every summer……

    Oh, wait.

    Well you see if they had guns it would be a bloodbath. That’s why Idaho and Wyoming have so many killings once it get warm. You can’t drive around Boise without hearing gunshots. Especially around 85′, that’s the killing temperature for Whites.

    Anyways happy memorial day to everyone.

    I’m just hanging out with my kids and having a good time.

    • Replies: @By-tor
  26. Anon[154] • Disclaimer says:
    @PO'd in PG County

    I think it’s like I learned long ago…

    You can tell the temperature by the chirping sounds of crickets as the higher the temperature, the more chirping you hear from them. Moon crickets are known for the higher frequency of gunshots in warmer weather.

    I’m no science guy, but I think I have it pegged. 😉

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  27. By-tor says:
    @John Johnson

    It’s hot outside in NW FL as everyone in the ‘community’ knows a soothing bath in a Wendy’s sink is one way to beat the heat.

    • LOL: Augustus
  28. Augustus says:
    @Mr. Rational

    An outbreak of human spontaneous combustion? Great idea!

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  29. @Augustus

    Using the term “human” loosely, yes…. ^_-

    • Agree: Augustus
  30. Anonymous[356] • Disclaimer says:

    It would not have prevented this Somalian mass murderer from enetering the country legally, likely with a bunch of help from eager immigration attorneys, Catholic Charites or other Immigrants Rights First groups. But a Southern Border Wall would have prevented multiple other murders of US citizens.

    A real-life BatMan, Mr. Fisher, builds border walls for a fraction of the cost, and his work is on time and under-budget. Yet, because he builds things without gouging taxpayers, the US Congress and government bureaucrats have bypassed his bids on occasion. Ask yourself why? Do their cronies get the contracts?

    Do your elected representatives put public safety and fiscal soundness first?

  31. 95Theses says:

    This reads as if Emanuel Samson was aiming to best Robert Rozier’s record of murdering seven white women – at the behest of some NOI franchise.

    In 1985, he decided to join “The Brotherhood”, Yahweh’s secret group, that required murdering a “white devil” and returning with a body part to join it. Rozier would admit to killing seven white people to please Yahweh. He was arrested and charged with murder on October 31, 1986. After agreeing to testify against Yahweh’s organization, he was sentenced to 22 years in prison. After serving ten years of the sentence, Rozier was set free in 1996.

    Rozier was placed in the witness protection program under the name Robert Ramses.

    Murder seven white women and get witness protection, to boot? Sweeeet!

  32. Logan says:

    Minor nit.

    Killings like his are usually classified as serial murder, not mass murder.

    Kind of scary to me at the time. My old neighborhood. Used to walk and bike all over around there as a kid.

    • Replies: @JR1967
  33. JR1967 says:

    Nashville is the new Atlanta.

  34. Logan says:

    Possibly. But this was Kansas City.

  35. This beast has to be brought to the stake and burned to death

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