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Her Name Is Julie Couvillon: Beloved White Nurse Gunned Down in New Orleans on Bourbon Street by Black Male with 20+ Year Criminal History
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Rest in peace, Julie

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New Orleans is a beautiful city, but one with a major, unmentionable problem. As the city of New Orleans own official data shows, almost all non-fatal shootings and homicides have a black suspect.

Remember this when you read about 36-year-old Julie Couvillon, a white nurse was murdered on Bourbon Street in New Orleans by a black male with an extensive violent criminal history dating back twenty years. [Nurse killed in Bourbon Street shooting ‘dedicated her life to caring for others’,, 2-24019]:

The woman fatally shot along Bourbon Street early Sunday (Feb. 24) has been identified by colleagues and family as local nurse Julie Couvillon.

The 36-year-old mother, who worked at Ochsner Health System for 13 years, was walking in the 400 block of Bourbon Street around 3 a.m. when a man who was being removed from Willie’s Chicken Shack took a security guard’s gun and started firing. Two others — the security guard and the man accused of firing the shots — were also hit by bullets. A third man was also injured in connection with the shooting, but police said his injuries were not from gunfire.

Rest in peace, Julie

Police arrested Louis M. Barnes, 37, on second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder charges.

A statement from Ochsner Health System confirmed Couvillon’s role as a long-time employee and extended condolences to her friends and family.

“We are terribly shocked and saddened to learn of the tragic passing of our friend and colleague,” the statement said. “Julie was a beloved nurse who dedicated her life to caring for others. This is a devastating loss to the nurses, employees, physicians and staff across our system. We offer our deepest condolences to her family and the families of the other victims. We ask for respect and privacy for all of the families and others involved during this difficult time.”

Friends of Couvillon shared messages Sunday on social media to remember her and express condolences.

A statement from Willie’s Chicken Shack extended condolences to the victims and their families. A company spokeswoman said the security guard is employed by Elite Protection Solutions.

“We take extra measures in hiring our own security detail to make sure our patrons and staff are safe at all times,” the statement said. “This tragedy during the Mardi Gras season should serve as a message that our community needs to be as diligent as ever to combat crime in the French Quarter.”

Louis M. Barnes is the poster child for why Donald J. Trump’s First Step Act is pure evil. No one wants criminal justice reform, save those activists who want black men out of jail to engage in the type of actions resulting in the end of the life of Julie Couvillon,

The city of New Orleans has i nstituted a $40 million crime center to combat crime, which the ACLU has attacked because it disproportionately impacts blacks.

But this new initiative didn’t do enough to keep Julie Couvillon alive.

Rest in peace.

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  1. D-FENS says:

    Thanks president Kushner. Though to be honest, probsbly NOT a good idea to be walking around NOLO at 3 AM.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  2. MuhDeek says:

    Of course the ACLU is upset with any notion of preventing crime from blacks. How can anyone want to visit anywhere near New Orleans and the negro menace? This guy is just another murder monkey on the loose.

    • Replies: @Bruce County
  3. ‘The city of New Orleans has i nstituted a $40 million crime center to combat crime, which the ACLU has attacked because it disproportionately impacts blacks.’

    …which raises the question: how could a center to combat crime not disproportionately impact blacks?

  4. An ordinary run of the mill restaurant that needs an armed security guard on duty tells me everything I need to know about the area- namely that it’s infested with criminal blacks and that safety cannot be guaranteed.

    A $40 million dollar crime center in NOLA being attacked by the ACLU because it disproportionately impacts blacks? How about attacking the ocean because it disproportionately impacts those who can’t swim and who wind up drowning when they stupidly jump into water that’s way over their heads? That would make just as much sense! If blacks don’t want to be impacted by the crime center the answer is simple- quit committing so damn many crimes. The ACLU trying to portray blacks as sweet, innocent victims who are being unjustly affected is pure horse manure. They’re just pandering to the black cult of victimhood and to leftist idiots who will donate to the cause of “social justice” in order to virtue signal and engage in moral preening. A veritable plague of useful idiots who are “down with the struggle.” What surprises me is that no one calls them out for their BS but I guess they don’t want to hear all the demented screeching that would result and therefore just choose to ignore them as much as possible.

  5. Chewie11 says:

    Unaccompanied women (probably on some sort of intoxicant) are just asking for trouble in New Orleans.

  6. Luludog says:

    It’s not safe to walk on Bourbon Street in daylight hours let alone at night. When I was there six years ago a popular white bartender was shot dead in the middle of the afternoon by an African sheboon because he honked his horn at her when she refused to get off the street.

  7. Paulbe says:

    “Disproportionately impacts Blacks”

    Cry me a f*****ng river.

  8. Thanks. Just sent the link to my kid who had to go to NO for some work conference.

    “I’ll just stay in the French quarter” is always the typical response. The Green Zone. The DMZ. Where you’re allowed to imagine you’re safe.

    Poor woman.

    Time to start leaving these animals in bloody heaps.

  9. @D-FENS

    Not the biggest Trump supporter, but really? He’s responsible for crime in Louisiana?

    A brief check of history shows me that existed before him.

    • Replies: @D-FENS
  10. If the crimanigaboo had been euthanized for his first violent offence, all the suffering and death that followed would simply not have occurred.

    The death sentence needs to be applied more widely to blacks – they are inherently more violent and place little value on life.

  11. RickTen99 says:

    And the response from the elected Democrats is……take guns away from law abiding white people. Makes sense because YT is the problem.

  12. “No one wants criminal justice reform, save those activists who want black men out of jail to engage in the type of actions resulting in the end of the life of Julie Couvillon…”

    South Africa would rid itself of the very people who contribute to its survival, while the U.S. protects those who contribute to its demise.

  13. Preaching to the choir here, but Trump’s gone as far as he can go, or was allowed to go.

    We were never going to vote our way out of this mess.

    That said, a White nurse WALKING at 3AM in Orctown? I assume she had many Black patients during her career, probably more than one handcuffed to the bed by police.

    Compassion minus street smarts = deadly gambling. R.I.P.

    • Replies: @Federalist
  14. CENTURION says: • Website

    What was this White Woman doing at 3 AM?

    Getting Drunk?

    Why wasn’t she at home with her children? That is her duty, not being out at 3AM like some slut or whore?

    • Troll: Federalist
  15. This will only get worse. The population projections for AA(Africans in America) in about 30 years are about 60 million.

    This of course is good news for the crime prevention industry. More police, more prisons, more lawyers will be needed.

    And don’t forget about Sub-Saharan Africa. The population projections are off the charts. The excess black populations will go to Europe and the USSofA (United Socialist States of America). Itz time to put a stop to immigration from Africa.

    The Africans are moving out of the modern day Garden of Eden (Sub-Saharan Africa) because the devil White man to stole all their secrets and stuff. Now the Black man wants his reparations and sheit. The Black man called upon God to give them some power in the modern world. God gave them the power of LUST and lo and behold they impregnated all that they came upon.

    And so it came to pass that the powerless will inherit the Earth.

    The Gospel according to Wakanda.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @Kim
  16. @MuhDeek

    He looks like he is Lebron James’ doppleganger..

  17. Anon[349] • Disclaimer says:

    She was 36 and he was 37 years young.
    She had worked where she did for 13 years,
    while he had worked his career 20 years so far.
    I’m sure he had more kids than she did, why aren’t you crying for the children? I have never been ejected from a chicken shack! This is a disgrace I refuse to acknowledge!

    Ooops, business as usual! Nix all that crap I just wrote. Situation normal, all f[_]《|《ed up.

  18. Anon[349] • Disclaimer says:

    Filthy thing set fire to its own house, killing dogs and cats so it could feel special.

  19. Anon[349] • Disclaimer says:

    Stupid is as this person does.

    How Indiana can out-do them all on hate crime legislation

    In general terms, I have been against hate crime laws, because they require juries to determine what is in the mind of the accused. However, if having a hate crime law makes Indiana more business-friendly, then let’s go all out for it!

    To attract international companies like Amazon, Indiana could be the state with the most highly defined hate crime legislation, instead of one that uses a generic word, such as “bias” to sort-of-define hatred. Why not steal wording from states with the most defined hate crime laws — and then add one more hate topic to our law? Let’s add the category, “politics,” to our hate list. Of late, nothing has engendered more hate tweets than to be called out as a MAGA-hat wearer, or a fan of “socialism.”

    If Indiana boasted this country’s toughest hate crime law, we could use our real world economic advantages for attracting high-tech international employers. Who else has low state taxes, and college towns with very low housing costs (South Bend, Valparaiso and West Lafayette), but with relative proximity to a world class city like Chicago?

    I say, let’s wipe out the memories of RFRA and be the best state any employer could want.

    James Dominello

    South Bend


    With respect to the Columbus murals at Notre Dame: Unless my reading of history is completely erroneous, Christopher Columbus never set one foot on land that now comprises the United States of America. He and his men did terrible things to the people he found living in various Caribbean islands, and that history must be taught, but let us not forget that it didn’t happen “here.”

    Jeanne Dams

    South Bend

    Bring it back

    I’m sad that The Tribune has decided to drop “Non Sequitor” from the Sunday edition. In fact, I am angry. This has been one of my favorite comic strips since its beginnings.

    The Tribune stated that it is betrayed by (cartoonist) Wiley Miller’s use of the f-word (in small print). But, the paper continues to publish the lies and profanity of the terrible man in the White House to whom the f-word was directed.

    C’mon folks. Please re-instate this clever, current and to-the-point comic strip, written for clear-thinking adults of all ages.

    Kent Slocum


    • Replies: @lou
  20. Hard to believe all the comments I’m seeing blaming this woman for being on vacation or business in NO.

    It’s a tourist trap. The law is supposed to keep this one place safe for humans while they let the rest of the city eats itself. How strolling around in a vacation destination qualifies you for a whore or slut or drunk or drug addict refects back poorly on you who’s knee jerk reaction is NOT to blame the black animal who infiltrated the DMZ and grabbed a security guard’s gun and shot this woman.

    It’s time to stop pussyfooting around with these types and start Paul Kersey-ing our way through our dilemma.

    Handle your own problem. Don’t help with the investigation.

    • Agree: lou
  21. Anon[349] • Disclaimer says:

    Wheels up, guns down!

    Yup, during an illegal stolen motorcycle and atv “rally” neurons were offended!

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  22. ‘Mother says daughter traumatized by school’s black history program’

    By Catherine Patterson | February 25, 2019 at 7:17 PM CST – Updated February 26 at 6:48 AM

    BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – A Black History Program at a Gadsden Middle School has many of you talking on Facebook.

    The superintendent calls it a success. But we spoke with one mother and child who said it was wrong on so many levels.

    It happened on Friday at Emma Sansom Middle School as part of a cultural diversity experience. The school selected students randomly, with half of them deemed privileged and the other half deemed oppressed.

    But one mother calls it all traumatizing.

    “Tolerance,” said Gadsden City Schools Superintendent Tony Reddick. “To teach tolerance. That’s what it was all about.”

    Reddick said the memo describing the experience is going around on social media and stirring up a lot of controversy.

    He said students were split randomly, some given gold bands deemed privileged or white.

    Others were given purple bands deemed oppressed or black. …


    What was this White Woman doing at 3 AM?

    Walking home from work, most likely.

    • Replies: @Federalist
  24. @europeasant

    It’s time to put a stop to immigration, period.  And repatriate at least 60 million non-Americans.


    Murderer was being kicked out for trying to sell drugs in the restaurant. Multiple previous offenses, statutory rape, failure to register as sex offender, burglary, assaulting a teacher, quite varied in his antisocial behaviors.

    Nurse worked in NO, not a tourist per se, might have gotten off a late shift and met friends for drinks – apparently just a nice, productive person living her li-.

    • Agree: Hibernian
  26. Anon[349] • Disclaimer says:

    There are NO black serial killers or spree killers! Got it?

    Bucks DA: Mother, daughter charged after 5 relatives killed

    (What, now they get their OWN DA?)  😉

    The Philadelphia Inquirer
    FEB 26, 2019
    5:31 AM

    MORRISVILLE, Pa. — A 45-year-old woman and her 19-year-old daughter have been arrested and charged in the deaths of five relatives, including three children, whose bodies were found in an apartment Monday in Bucks County, District Attorney Matthew D. Weintraub said.

    Shana S. Decree and her daughter Dominque Decree were charged with five counts each of homicide and one count of conspiracy in the deaths of of five family members found dead inside unit S-7 of the Robert Morris Apartments at 200 W. Bridge St. in Morrisville, according to court documents.

    Shana Decree was jailed without bail following a preliminary arraignment early Tuesday; her daughter was awaiting her hearing.
    The victims included Shana Decree’s children, Naa’Irah Smith, 25, and Damon Decree Jr., 13, both of Morrisville; as well as Shana Decree’s sister, Jamilla Campbell, 42, of Trenton, and Campbell’s 9-year-old twin daughters, Imani and Erika Allen.

    “I wanted to make sure everybody knew that the people who committed these atrocious acts are now in custody and [will] be made to pay for their crimes,” Weintraub told TV news reporters at the scene late Monday night.

    Police found their bodies just after 4 p.m. inside one of the first-floor apartment’s two bedrooms during a wellness check. Weintraub said the causes of death remain under investigation. He said it was premature to discuss a motive.

    The investigation by the Morrisville Borough police and Bucks County Detectives was ongoing, Weintraub said.

    A hazmat unit had been called to the apartments early in the investigation but subsequently left the scene.



  27. OT:
    Ghetto sow and her bastard dindu babymaker murders 5 family members. But the Oscars news still rolls days after the shitshow. The cold blooded murder of the defectives species by other nogs isnt news unless a YT does it or its a JUSSIE KIDDING.

  28. Hard to believe all the comments I’m seeing blaming this woman for being on vacation or business in NO.

    What exactly is hard to believe? Walking around NO anywhere at 3 AM is a terrible idea.

    She is a nurse which means she could work anywhere in the country and yet chose to stay in NO. She could have gotten a cab but chose to walk.

    No pity from me. I feel bad for her family however.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
    , @Federalist
  29. D-FENS says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    Kushner is behind Trump’s “sentencing reform” and much of the other (bad for us) efforts. I actually hope the SOB is impeached. Though Pence is also a shill for our little buddy in the ME, removing Trump from office might, just might, convince the MAGA hat wearing cultists that voting is worthless. Trump is either a chump himself or playing his supporters for chumps.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  30. There is a sign outside the restaurant that says COCK tails and the drink is phallic shaped.

    Is this the cultural enrichment that liberals speak of?

  31. Texian says:

    This whole thing is just disgusting. I would like to go to New Orleans but fear for my life if I do.

  32. With regards to Julie Couvillon, Bourbon Street at 3am is no place for a 36 year old mother. While the story reinforces the obvious common themes of the American criminal black, it ignores the destructive consequences of current year hook up culture and binge partying.

    This unfortunate women’s children are the primary victims here. I can’t even imagine them waking up at grandma’s house later that morning only to be told their mother is gone forever. Sickening.

  33. Asagirian says: • Website

    Racial Integration leads to BAMMAMA or Blacks are More Muscular and More Aggressive.
    More muscular black guy intimidates the white kid who is frozen in fear as pitiable wussy cuck.
    BAMMAMA leads to ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs as white girls go for alpha blacks & sneer at beta-whites.

    • Replies: @Kim
  34. I used to have to go to New Orleans when I was an OTR driver. Hated the place and hated Louisiana. A state of nothing but swamp and miscegenation.
    After Hurricane Katrina, a new spur, Interstate 12, was built off of I-10, fifty- miles north of NO which allowed a driver/traveler to avoid taking I-10 thru NO. A bedroom community, Hammond (located 50 miles north of NO), grew up out of nothing and took root there on I-12. The residents of this now flourishing city were whiteys who were flooded out of NO after Katrina and did not want to return to that negro-fuxxated cess-pool. They became daily commuters to NO. Whenever I travel from east to west on I-10, I never go through NO but take I-12. You could not pay me to go that African sewer. Why white people live in NO, or Memphis, or Atlanta, etc, is beyond me. Another whitey paid the diversity tax with their life.

    • Replies: @Federalist
  35. @John Johnson


    Work anywhere in the country? Really? Can I? Can I just pick up tomorrow, move my entire family, leave my 91 year old mother behind, quit
    My job and start up somewhere else?

    The foolish statements posted on here piss me off sometimes. You speak like a Tony Robbins-spewing clone. So easy on paper to start your life over, to change who you are, what you do or where you live.

    Sorry she doesn’t live in an area you approve of. Sorry she didn’t check with you when she decided to be a nurse. Sorry she went out to the place where the restaurants are after work without running it by you. Sorry some nog shot her during the commission of his favorite past time so you could blame her for being a nurse in NO and eating after dark.


    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  36. @D-FENS

    If she was a nurse, there is a chance that she had to work the late shift. Nurses work 12-hour shifts. Albeit for the senior citizens who paid into the Medicare system all of their lives from every paycheck, paying high premiums after they get on Medicare, too, the non-family-friendly hours seem to have more of the 2-year nurses, not the registered nurses who make much higher wages. Hospitals are apparently saving money that way. A botched minor procedure can have major consequences for frail elderly citizens, but never fear, the highest paid medical people in American history—trained in the most expensive universites—are present during non-family-friendly hours for every illegal alien birthing procedure.

    But the article about this slain nurse suggests that she was a great employee in a very useful, hard profession.

    What a complete waste of a productive life. Even if she was out late, enjoying a holiday that the residents of New Orleans are known for celebrating, that is just a typical activity for social people, and they should not have to fear for their safety near a well-lit eatery. It is just one more example of how hardworking Americans are losing their liberty—their freedom to go about daily activites without worrying about brutal attacks like this. What about this nurse’s liberty? It is a shame that a country founded on the premise of liberty has 5% of the global population and 25% of its prisoners, but what freedom did this innocent nurse have? She can’t even walk around a popular eatery, whether she was getting a bite to eat after a long night’s shift or in leisure during a holiday, when the last thing someone expects is to be murdered.

    True to form, the local news article was sanitized for political correctness, with no mention of the murderer’s race or other personal characteristics. Compare and contrast this non-descriptive description of a Black murder suspect with the extensive, psychobabble-laden discussion of race in the recent media-circus arrest of the white guy, said to be plotting a heinous mass murder motivated by white supremacy. Murder is a horrific thing—the most horrific thing—not something to play political games with.

    • Agree: Mr McKenna
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  37. Hibernian says:

    She’s a little too old to act like a college kid, but she didn’t deserve to die.

  38. Rich says:

    Terrible story. Another one down, meanwhile here in NYC the Post had a headline story because some high school kids may have said something racist a couple of years ago. No mention of this poor woman though.

  39. Trupright says:

    It is way beyond time to start using castration as a punishment for any violent crime by a young male. How many lives would be saved by that punishment?

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  40. SafeNow says:

    A tragedy, I am so sorry and angry. But hey, good to know that if perchance I am ever old and very painfully and incurably sick, there is no need to travel to Mexico to look for that veterinary drug they sell there that ends life for dying animals and suicidal humans. I need only go to New Orleans, etc. and go for a walk. A variant of Death by Cop; No need to traumatize a policeman; Death by Late-night Stroll.

  41. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Endgame Napoleon

    Fifty or sixty years ago you had crime, sure, but little crime like this. Our pal JC worked somewhat well to keep the dusky denizens in some sort of shape.

    It happened everywhere. Look at Ruben Carter, the “Hurricane”. I had a very famous woman who grew up five miles from where the killings happened-who I must not name-tell me she knew and everyone in her area knew Carter did it, but if she or anyone else SAID so their career would be toast.

    That was in ’65 right after the winds had changed. In ’62 or ’63 it would not have happened because if the cops didn’t get him there’d be the mob and they would have whacked him. Other black boxers were equally dangerous like Liston but Liston’s violence was confined to mob enforcement and the ring. The mob would have offed him otherwise and he knew it.

    But JC is dead and isn’t coming back so separation is probably the answer, although a few specially violent dindus need to be made examples of for our own sanity. Just hypothetically if you could kick one CH-53E load of the toughest Chitown gangbangers out of the helo at 2000 feet over somewhere and the dusky denizens saw then splat, crime would drop 90% for a couple of months.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  42. SafeNow says:

    These comments about the extreme difficulty of moving resonate. I am a deplorable stuck in California, and would fit-in much better in a different culture, but moving would be too difficult. This country would split-up into separate nations right now if it were feasible for most people to leave family, friends, job, etc.

  43. Well, at least he wasn’t aiming for her.

  44. @Jim in Jersey

    Agree completely. The degree of victim-blaming and -shaming in this thread is dismaying. I was once a crime victim after hours (in a relatively safe neighborhood) and sure enough, my GOPe-type friend said “You shouldn’t have been out at that hour.”

    Apparently certain hours on the clock are considered the exclusive province of the American Negro–by Republicans, yet.

  45. Kim says:

    I will make an unpopular reply to this.

    There is zero chance that there will be 60 million AA in 30 years from now. There won’t even be that many people in the entirety of North America.

    The cheap oil is all gone. The last giant oil field to be discovered was in 1962. The “shale oil” that is being produced now is what Art Berman famously called “The retirement party for oil”. It isn’t even oil – note that in moments of honesty they refer to “boe”, that is, barrels of oil equivalent – and output is mostly calculated by equating the joules in natural gas and counting it as equivalent to oil. And it is a rare company that has made a profit from shale oil in any year since 2008.

    So anyway, long story short, oil = modernity and modernity is going away.

    The future of demographics worldwide is not going to be birth rates, it will be survival rates.

    • Replies: @Federalist
    , @Mr. Rational
  46. Kim says:

    It doesn’t have to be like this. But young white men have to be radicalized about how and when to be violent. Hard to do without fathers in their lives.

    A KEY element in self defense training is to learn when to pre-empt, that is, when to “go first”.

    Very often, the one who goes first will win. It is very hard to come back otherwise, if the bad guy gets to do the initial entry on you. (You can only come back if he fucks up his initial entry.)

    So that is the mindset issue, and it is there that young men today are socially hamstrung. Worrying about “he is big” and so on is not productive. The Mexicans don’t worry about that and it is absolutely true that a determined and angry person can be a problem for anyone of almost any size.

    So when to “pre-empt”? We all have to have our own rules. Maybe you could say “If he lays a land on me”. That is an okay rule but could leave it too late as it doesn’t deal with the sucker punch, which is very common.

    My own rule is “If he tries to intimidate me, physically or verbally. If he raises his voice at me, swears, threatens, gets too close, closes his fists, etc.”

    If you can see what it coming, you have to act first.

    The next point of training is to make sure that you can hit hard, accurately, and continuously on available targets. Don’t restrict yourself to only hitting the face and jawline or only using the knuckles. People turn away so these face and jaw targets become hard to hit. So you have to be able to use open hands and hammer fists also, to the top, side and back of the head if these are the targets on offer. These will render KOs, and fast KOs are what self defense is all about.

    This is the very most basic stuff that our sons need to learn, along with fighting into and out of an MMA high guard.

    Finally, make a punching bag at home that is round, like a basketball or maybe bigger, – not too hard, you don’t want to hurt your hands – so that you can practice using various hands to attack the head from all angles. This is not possible to do with a standard punching bag.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  47. @Anon

    “A teen who was involved in the incident, 16-year-old Jamel Anderson, told CBS Miami he feels the incident was racially motivated.”

    We’ll likely be reading the name ‘Jamel Anderson’ on this blog sooner than later.

  48. Sorry she doesn’t live in an area you approve of. Sorry she didn’t check with you when she decided to be a nurse.

    Being a nurse allows her opportunities all over the country.

    People move all the time with less.

    Sorry she went out to the place where the restaurants are after work without running it by you.

    There are safer areas she could have gone to. Why are you so defensive?

    It’s a terrible idea for women to walk around NO at night, especially if they are White.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  49. Dothan AL – Career criminal Jeremy Jermaine Jones attempting to elude Dothan police kills 63-year-old Houston County, Ala, resident Paul Roberts. An innocent bystander killed by a perpetrator who should have been behind bars.

    ‘Man police say caused deadly wreck had been in and out of prison’

    “…Sentenced to 18 years in prison for a 2011 burglary conviction, the Alabama Department of Corrections released Jones on October 29, 2013, per records.

    Then, three months later, a Houston County Grand Jury indicted him for escaping from a work release program. A judge sentenced him to 20 years. However, by August 2016 Jones had been released again.”

    ‘Friends remember wreck victim Paul Roberts as selfless’

    Lance Griffin | Feb 26, 2019

    The Music Hall on Bermuda Street in Ozark will stand silent Friday evening as a tribute to a man whose drums shattered the night and whose smile won many friends.

    Bandmates and friends just can’t muster up a song right now, not when the pain that comes from the senseless death of someone close is so raw.

    Paul Roberts and his wife Patricia were driving on the east side of Ross Clark Circle Monday night when their vehicle was struck by a man driving on the wrong side of the road. According to police, the man had committed multiple felonies and was running from the law when the wreck happened. The wreck killed Paul Roberts and injured Patricia. …

  50. @John Johnson

    Why am I defensive? Because she is likely one of us until proven otherwise.

    Mid thirties, medical professional, mother. That’s usually when folks get woke.

    Why are you so dismissive? Was she dating a nog? Sprog children you know of? Are you so accepting of negro violence that you’re content to stay home the rest of your frightened, little life and tell everyone else to do the same?

    This was a white woman casually murdered by a nog in the commission of an unrelated felony. All you idiots can come up with is stay home or move? Change jobs? Don’t work past dark?

    The rest of us live in the bold reality painted for us by bad politicians. Should she have been carrying a gun? Damned right. But that’s no reason she should be murdered in NO.

    You all sound like the idiot cops who tell you your car got stolen because you didn’t lock it.

    Really?? So if I leave my door open it’s ok to steal someone else’s property? If I have to go out after dark it’s ok for some nog to kill me?

    Solidarity. The lack of it is why we’re losing.

    • Agree: Federalist, byrresheim
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  51. @Trupright

    That would attract lawsuits like roadkill attracts flies, but…

    Juvenile criminals can be kept in custody until age 21.  Hold the bad types in juvie until age 21, but allow parole at 18 IF they get a vasectomy.

  52. AceDeuce says:

    Hell, groid crime dropped dramatically in NYC for several months after Bernie Goetz tuned those boogies up on the subway.

  53. AceDeuce says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    I agree. Based on her job as a nurse, and just her presence at that hour, she very well may have just gotten off work. That said, N.O. is a very dangerous town, and Bourbon Street is only a few blocks from some really bad areas.

    A few years ago, a white woman was killed by a groid waiting for a bus in downtown Philly at 3 or 4 AM–she worked in a hospital and was just headed to work.

  54. @D-FENS

    Agreed. There will be no saving this country at the ballot box. No politician will ever address the base issues or admit the whole affirmative action plow was a dismal failure.

    We see now the blatant idiots being sent to Congress with no basic knowledge of how a constitutional republic is run. They don’t need to. They’re communists and they go from one lie to a bigger lie without ever being called on the carpet to explain themselves.

    As for our beloved president, I like to watch the left come unglued whenever he speaks but we are in the same place now as we were under Obama. Same wars. Same crime. Same assaults in the constitution. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day but with all the questionable appointments and decisions it doesn’t look like anyone even looked at the instructions for building Rome.

    Since when does ‘draining the swamp’ start with adding more water and alligators?

    We’re on our own.


    Hey look! A conclusion!

    Why don’t you jump over it?

    Another one…siding with the nogs.

  56. Why am I defensive? Because she is likely one of us until proven otherwise.

    Mid thirties, medical professional, mother. That’s usually when folks get woke.

    Get woke? That’s a silly liberal term.

    Medical professionals are told about racial differences in school. They’re the last people to live in denial of them. Whites that live near Blacks have figured it out by 25. They pick a side. They figure out that liberals have lied but either choose to live the lie or not. Only Whites in the burbs can be older than 25 and live in denial.

    36 and walking around bourbon st at night means she has picked her side. Don’t kid yourself.

    Are you so accepting of negro violence that you’re content to stay home the rest of your frightened, little life and tell everyone else to do the same?

    Frightened little life? I don’t live in fear of negro violence. However there is something called risk assessment. She could have had a drink in a safer area, period.

    Really?? So if I leave my door open it’s ok to steal someone else’s property? If I have to go out after dark it’s ok for some nog to kill me?

    I’m not blaming the victim for the crime. The crime was clearly perpetrated by the criminal. However walking around bourbon st at 4 AM is a good way to find yourself as the victim of a crime.

    Solidarity. The lack of it is why we’re losing.

    The loss here rests on the family and said loss would never have happened if she simply had a drink at a safer place.

    I would bet 1 million dollars she had done this a hundred times before and would have called this website rayciss for suggesting she do something different.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
    , @Anonymous
  57. If only Obama had a son. My mistake. That was used before.

  58. @John Johnson

    I would bet 1 million dollars she had done this a hundred times before and would have called this website rayciss for suggesting she do something different.

    …and if it turned out to be true I would’ve stopped the bus and let you throw her under it.

    It’s your willingness to do so without proof that pisses me off.

  59. It’s Mardi Gras season. She should be able to go out and have fun. She was 36 years old. She probably was drinking moderately but other than that, it is very unlikely that she was on “some kind of intoxicant.” Regardless, how does that make her more likely to be hit by a stray bullet?

    Don’t blame the victim asshole.

    • Replies: @Federalist
  60. @Mr. Rational

    Walking home from work, most likely.

    No. Not on Bourbon Street.

  61. @Sick of Orcs

    It’s Mardi Gras season and it’s Bourbon Street late at night. That’s why she was walking. There would have been a lot of people around. A lot more white than black. It’s not like she was alone in a dark alley. She was killed by someone shooting randomly.

  62. @John Johnson

    She wasn’t walking around. She was on Bourbon Street. It’s Mardi Gras season. It’s crowded and there are cops everywhere. If some asshole starts shooting and you’re around, you could get killed.

    Granted, it’s about a million times safer being at home than partying on Bourbon Street. But it’s not like she was just walking around the projects looking to get killed. Through the nights of the weeks leading up to Mardi Gras, there will be hundreds of thousand of people on Bourbon Street not getting shot.

    I’m not excusing the savage who committed this murder. He should suffer a slow and painful death. But when people act like this woman was doing something crazy or asking to get killed, they don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

  63. @Truth-hammer

    Bullshit! You are either lying or insane.

    After Hurricane Katrina, a new spur, Interstate 12, was built off of I-10, fifty- miles north of NO

    I-12 was around for about 40 years before Katrina.

    Hammond (located 50 miles north of NO), grew up out of nothing and took root there on I-12.

    Hammond didn’t grow up out of nothing after Katrina. The population pre-Katrina to now grew 10% maybe.

    Also, it’s not a Whiteopia. It’s almost 50% black.

  64. @Kim

    The cheap oil is all gone.

    Yeah, that’s why the price of oil is at an all time high now. Oh wait, it isn’t.
    Well, but you’re probably right that the population of North America will go from about 580 million to under 60 million in 30 years.

    I will make an unpopular reply to this.

    No, you made a retarded reply.

  65. @Federalist

    Supposed to be a reply to Chewie.

  66. @Kim

    There is zero chance that there will be 60 million AA in 30 years from now. There won’t even be that many people in the entirety of North America.

    The cheap oil is all gone.

    The cheap uranium is very much with us, and we have literally century’s worth of total US energy consumption already sitting in warehouses.  Some of it gets used as anti-tank munitions or control-surface counterweights on aircraft or gamma-ray shielding, but most of it is just sitting there waiting for us to build the S-PRISMs to make it useful.  There’s a move on to convert the fluorides (especially UF6) to oxides so it’s not a toxic hazard if it leaks.

    The people who remain after the oil is gone will be the ones who either have the social restraint to live where populations are dense enough for district heating, or have the low time preference to build their houses so that a little electricity is all they need to keep them warm (this is what’s already been done in Sweden).  This pretty much describes… northern Europeans and NE Asians, and nobody else.  Where Africans are allowed to remain the whole system will collapse, so it’s a pretty good bet that the Africans will be the ones who get kicked out.  You don’t need a furnace to survive winter in Liberia, so that’s a good bet for where their survivors will wind up.

  67. @Kim

    As much as I’d like to agree with your several sensible points, it’s also true that whoever first escalates from verbal to physical assumes responsibility for everything which follows, and this is very much how judges usually view the matter.

    Things are a bit different nowadays with the ‘de facto’ policy where the white person is always wrong after an encounter with a POC, but frankly I interpret that as just one more reason to avoid POCs.

  68. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Johnson

    We don’t know any of this.

    People make mistakes, people use bad judgment once or twice in their lives, it catches up with them sometimes. I feel bad for this woman, because she is my kin, at least distantly. Her killer is an alien, and in his particular case an alien that needs removing from our planet.

    You assume she was a left wing shitbag. I assume she was an average person, with like most average white people some foolish notions taught in school, in most churches, and in the media.

    Unless and until proven otherwise, I stand on her side.

  69. dree says:

    During Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street has a two to four policemen on every single corner of every single block. It is literally the most safe street in the entire city for the entire year.

    • Agree: Federalist
  70. L in TX says:

    The only thing I don’t like about this blog is how so many of the commenters blame the victims and express lack of sympathy. If the victim is an SJW, then I would feel that they got what they deserved, but there’s no evidence of that in this case and many others. The thought has crossed my mind more than once that if I’m ever a victim of a black crime and get featured on this blog, I’ll see lots of comments from people saying they have no sympathy and I must have somehow deserved what I got.

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