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Corporate Media, White Liberals and White Celebrities Help Convince Texas Court to Stop Execution of Black Man Who Raped/Murdered White Woman in 1996
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PK NOTE: Pick up a copy of the late Lawrence Auster’s new book Our Borders, Ourselves: America in the Age of Multiculturalism. Mr. Auster was a good friend, and he is missed.

Because the corporate press , allied with (primarily) white liberals and white celebrities cried out in unison to defend a convicted rapist/murderer, a Texas court has momentarily stopped the execution of Rodney Reed.

This black man was to be executed on November 20th for raping and murdering a white woman back in 1996. He had been implicated in other sex crimes as well, but in the case of Stacey Stites, the 19-year-old white female he was convicted of raping and murdering, DNA evidence (semen) found on her body provide clear evidence Reed was the murderer.

But because the narrative “innocent black man wrongly accused of raping/murdering white female” rallied the corporate press, white liberals and white celebrities to defend Rodney Reed, a perfect storm erupted to persuade the state in Texas to stop the execution. Many on Reed’s side are now arguing the sex was consensual (straight out of To Kill a Mockingbird), never mind the fact Ms. Stites ended up dead. Just an inconvenient fact, when another innocent black man is the victim of a racist criminal justice system.

The real question is: why has it taken 23 years for Rodney Reed to finally face execution? [No, There’s Not ‘New Evidence’ To Exonerate Rodney Reed, And His Execution Should Proceed: Despite the celebrity narrative, Rodney Reed was justly convicted of raping and murdering a 19-year-old woman, and indicted for raping several others. He deserves his sentence, The Federalist, November 13, 2019]:

There’s been a marked increase in celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian using their platforms to try to spring criminals from jail. Some of these cases may merit clemency, but one that does not is the current criminal du jour, a convicted murderer and rapist named Rodney Reed.

While the celebrity public relations effort is gaining momentum, the facts and circumstances of the case are being twisted to support an insidious false narrative that does not serve justice. Because Reed is scheduled to be executed on November 20, the campaign for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to delay his execution is hot right now.

But the evidence that was used to convict Reed still holds up. Thus delaying his execution or granting clemency would be a bad decision, suspending justice from a man convicted of heinous crimes and sowing doubt into the public’s mind about the integrity of the American justice system.

A Young Woman Is Raped and Murdered

The basic facts of the case are as follows. On April 23, 1996, Stacey Stites, a 19-year-old girl engaged to be married in just a few weeks to a police officer, was found dead in a field about 45 minutes east of Austin in Bastrop, Texas. She had been raped and assaulted.

Over the course of the investigation, DNA samples were taken from 25 potential suspects, only for each to be ruled out. It took investigators nearly a year to even identify Reed as a suspect, and only then after he had been implicated in other sex crimes. DNA collected during those investigations ultimately linked him to Stites’ rape and murder. His semen was found in her body and his saliva on her breasts, dating from within the same timeframe as her rape and murder.

At trial, prosecutors recounted how Reed initially told investigators he “didn’t know her, never met her, never talked to her, had no idea who she is” — until they told him they had DNA linking him to the crime. Faced with that damning proof of a connection, he subsequently claimed a consensual — although conveniently secret — relationship with Stites, for which there is no corroborating evidence besides two-decades-later hearsay. He still maintains his innocence.

Other circumstantial evidence is also compelling, such as Stites’s truck having the seats and mirrors adjusted to a 6’2” person, Reed’s height, and the fact he lived near the area and was often seen outside walking around in the middle of the night.

Reed’s legal team claims Reed had consensual sex with Stites before her rape and murder. It also provided witness statements suddenly claiming to remember their secret relationship nearly two decades after the fact, but the supposed relationship was never hinted at or suggested by anyone in the year prior to Reed being identified as a suspect and there was zero corroboration for his far-fetched claim until claimed remembrances two decades after the murder.

Rodney Reed Has Been Indicted for Several Other Rapes

Reed’s team also sought to cast suspicion on Stites’ fiancé. He was ruled out as a suspect during the investigation, but 11 years later was convicted and sent to prison for the kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman in his custody in 2007.

Prosecutors reject that idea that Reed is innocent and point to indictments alleging he brutally raped a 12-year-old girl, repeatedly raped the mother of his two children (once in front of them), repeatedly raped and assaulted an intellectually disabled woman he was “dating” (whose rape ultimately provided the DNA sample connecting him to the Stites capital case), and the rape of another woman who was walking home in a secluded area.

The candidates for the Democrat Party nomination for President have made it quite clear criminal justice reform (letting black and brown criminals out of jail) is one of their highest motivations for seeking the job. This is not hyperbole: the corporate media, white celebrities, white liberals, and probably 98 percent of blacks in America believe any and all non-white person on death row and in jail are a victim of a racist criminal justice system and deserve immediate exoneration.


Failure to understand this is one of the primary reasons the Republican Party is so inept when it comes to defining (and owning) the law and order vote, because they fail to understand how determined the corporate media, white celebrities, white liberals, and probably 98 percent of blacks are in opening the jail doors across America and partying like it’s July 14, 1789.

Rodney Reed is a convicted rapist and murderer. He should have been executed decades ago by the state of Texas, but now an overabundance of white guilt has momentarily kept him alive. Because in the current year, how could any white woman ever decline the advances of a black man? After all, that’s the main lesson of To Kill a Mockingbird.

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    This woman only got one year for killing a woman for an unlicensed butt-lift. That’s a measly six months per butt cheek!

  2. Rodney “Louis Till” Reed should be set free to babysit for all the activists that worked so hard to free him. Kim Kardashian, let’s go! You’ve got a new child “rearer”!

    We need to set Mr. Rodney “Louis Till” free so he can have children and we can compare the progeny to Emmet Till whose father was hanged for rape in post WW2 Europe.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce

    Gun violence descended in Pleasantville at a high school football game gone wrong when the shots rang out!

  4. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:

    Coming from the same media that tells us that Epstein wasn’t murdered. No surprise there…

  5. Rahan says:

    He was just sharing his culture.
    Of course it includes surprise enrichment and vibrant euthanasia–that’s what makes America strong.
    Everyone fighting for this man’s rescue from white supremacy is a hero and should be celebrated.
    The Poles already have such an annual celebration, which all other countries also need to adopt:

  6. Anonymous[840] • Disclaimer says:

    Many on Reed’s side are now arguing the sex was consensual

    We know that “consensual sex” against a white woman has to be proved by a white man, but has to be disproved for a black man.

    OTOH, this doesn’t all sound so clear-cut to me:

  7. Glock45 says:

    To Kill a Mockingbird is literally required reading in most public elementary schools nowadays. (((They’ve))) gotta inject our white children with the white guilt virus as soon as they can start reading.

    Which is reason #50,000 to get your kids out of public schools.

    This is the only reason why the book was ever a “best seller” and “critically acclaimed”…almost all the copies sold are by public schools to use it in their brainwashing curricula. And their (((friends in Hollywood))) certainly helped out by turning this cheap, predictable, crappy, third-rate story into a (((blockbuster movie))) right after the book came out.

    Funny how that worked…

  8. Gunga Din says:

    Sounds like a TFN. And, Paul’s right; we are fast approaching when TNB will no longer be against the law.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  9. Another reminder that mind-fucked degenerate white liberal hell bent on destroying a civilized society is TRULY your worst enemy.

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @Love Street
  10. kikz says:

    it should’ve been put down long ago…. btw, typo last sentence… should be ‘lesson’ not less….

  11. anon[844] • Disclaimer says:

    the MSM have discredited itself to oblivion in the last few years ,celebrities are more irrelevant than ever and only known for their hipocresy,lets hope the next piece of the system discredit hinself even more

  12. @NC Realist

    Also the other (((“Whites”))) leading the way to hell too.

  13. President Rosenberg.

    The president of Macalester College is asking his Board of Trustees to remove college founder Edward Duf­field Neill’s name from a campus building following public pressure from student activists and journalists who raised concerns about racist and sexist views the man promoted in the 1800s.

    Macalester President Brian Rosenberg announced his decision on Neill Hall, which was renamed after the founder in 2013, at a faculty meeting this week. He said in a statement that his recommendation “is based on the racism reflected in his historical writings, which are extreme even by the standards of his time.”

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  14. What I find amazing is the fact the white feminists are not fighting to have this man executed! Had the guy been white, he would be dead by now. I think media figures are given WAY too much leeway in deciding outcomes. The jury said this man was guilty and desevered the death penulty. Therefore, this guy should die. Another thing the media do is obfuscate the truth, or tell half truths. Trayvon Martin was not an innocent kid killed by Zimmerman, but was a black predator. The same goes for many of the other so-called black martyrs like Michael Brown.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  15. DNA collected during those investigations ultimately linked him to Stites’ rape and murder.

    How dare they even think of using DNA, after its co-discoverer was so thoroughly sanctioned for his racist views.
    Dr. Watson, meet Galileo Galilei.

    • LOL: Augustus
  16. HT says:

    More black privilege as we work toward decriminalization of all black criminal activity, even murder. Even though he is 100% guilty this will soon result in a new trial with phony exonerating evidence allowed and a black jury that will say not guilty. If the races were reversed he would have fried long ago.

  17. How long until: DNA BE RAYSISS!

  18. @Glock45

    Do you think TKAMB won’t be required reading in private schools?

    • Replies: @Glock45
    , @Alden
  19. CDebussey says:

    Hurdle number one accomplished, now to figure out how to get that conviction tossed out as we all know Texas juries are stacked with filthy, racist whitey’s. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if this piece of subhuman garbage gets his death sentence commuted and eventually gets out of prison to the joy of idiot liberals everywhere. After all it’s the horrific circumstances these heathens are forced to deal with that make them rob, rape and murder.

  20. AceDeuce says:
    @Lancelot Link

    Daddy Till was killed for rape and murder, not just rape-and on more than one victim.

  21. AceDeuce says:

    Look how many cuck YTs including “conservatives, swallowed the BS about how the Central Park 5 are innocent. That was the same con game they’re doing with this boy. YT is mostly too stupid to think for himself. He swallows the groid BS.

  22. It is psychopathic – really a kind of mental sickness – for a society to have the death penalty. The USA had no executions for nearly 10 years, 1967-77 … it was a terrible crime to restore its use.

    Aside from Muslim countries, it is mostly only a few ’empire fantasy’ nations, China, Japan, India, and Belarus, along with the USA, which still retain it … About 85% of world countries no longer do this, realising it is never ‘fair’ in application, almost unavoidably racist in places like the USA, intrinsically sadistic, and does not prevent crime

    Criminals are typically gamblers, and the higher the stakes, the more the temptation, they like to wager against the hangman

    Countries began to abolish the death penalty around 2000 years ago, Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms of ancient India. With thousands of Asian scholars coming to the famed university of Nalanda in northern India – in existence for about 1,700 years till Muslim invaders destroyed it – other Asian peoples, including both Japan and China! – also abolished the death penalty at points during the first millennium CE

    In one of the positive Talmudic decrees of ancient Jewish rabbis, they opined that any judge who imposed the death penalty in ‘even seven times seven years’, possibly had ‘murder in his heart’, and since 49 years was longer than most any judge’s career, this essentially meant it was forbidden

    Venezuela led the way with full abolition of the death penalty in modern times, although Portugal was one of the first European countries to stop using the death penalty, after 1846, and little San Marino is said not to have implemented it for many centuries

    It’s time for the USA government to stop these sick perverse ‘executions’ which often become slow-torture sessions of poking needles for an hour etc … a bullet back of the head would be much more merciful

    California’s new governor Gavin Newsom, is bravely terminating the death penalty there, giving a reprieve to 737 people waiting to be put to death, that is about 25% of all those awaiting judicial execution in the USA

    Seems the USA death penalty, can likely end in January 2021 as the Republicans leave the White House – the new President can do the same nationally, and should do so. Barack Obama should hang his head in shame that he didn’t end it when he had a chance.

    As much as the Right is correct on many things, the death penalty is not one of them

  23. Glock45 says:
    @David In TN

    Do you think TKAMB won’t be required reading in private schools?

    Oh I am sure some private schools have TKAMB as required reading too…but, judging anecdoctally (as I know quite a lot of people who send their kids to different private schools) probably nothing like it is with public schools.

    But that doesn’t detract from my point; and, besides, there’s a third option besides public and private schooling.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  24. @Glock45

    Oh, I agree with your point. I’ve met people who think TKAMB is a true story, when actually it’s fiction.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  25. KenH says:

    They made us watch To Kill a Mockingbird when I was in 7th grade. Blacks were depicted as humble, honorable, noble and most importantly, innocent. My school was 98% white so I didn’t know that a large number of blacks were the very opposite of those things until I was almost 20 and had to deal with them more frequently.

    Harper Lee’s follow up novel, Go Set a Watchmen, isn’t as praiseworthy of blacks as I understand. I have the book but haven’t found time to read it.

    • Replies: @Harriet Tubwoman
  26. AceDeuce says:

    Most of the high functioning Asian nations still have it: China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Most of them have a strong Buddhist history. As does Hindu-majority India, which also does. Most of the higher function Caribbean nations still do Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, Belize.

    Nigeria, arguably the most advanced African country, still does.

    The European countries-the vast majority, only officially ended the DP in the 1960s and 1970s-not that long ago, and during that blissful period when they had been rebuilt from the war, and before the demographic replacement now going on.

  27. KenH says:

    It seems Kim Kartrashian’s new mission in life is to free every convicted violent negro criminal in America. Texas governor Abbott better grow some cajones and allow the execution to proceed. Otherwise, it will set a bad precedent and show the celebrity set that enough hell raising and publicity is all it takes to get preferential treatment for violent black criminals.

  28. @David In TN

    I’ve met people who think TKAMB is a true story

    But do they think Wakanda is real?  That’s the acid test of utter delusion.

  29. I live in Central Texas and have been actively following the news concerning Rodney Reed. The Austin American-Statesman has assigned two reporters who have written stories about the incident on an almost daily basis for the past two weeks. They have failed to cite the misdeeds of Reed but have promoted the suggestion that Ms Stites was actually killed by her white boy friend who was enraged that she was sleeping with a black man. The Statesman editorial board stated that the all white jury convicted Reed of the crime simply because he was black. Slur? Mr Kersey has failed to mention that her fiance, named Jimmy Fennell was himself not exactly a choir boy having been convicted of sexual assault of a woman who was in his custody while acting as a deputy sheriff and sentenced to eight years in prison, just recently released. The “new” evidence, provided by at least two people, heard him say “she (Stites) got what she deserved.”
    I cannot imagine how this incident will turn out. On the one hand if Reed is innocent then Fennell is a likely suspect and may be brought to trial. What a circus that would be.
    For those interested the recent issue of Time published a story, available on the internet which I believe outlined the misdeeds of both Reed and Fennell in a fair manner.

    • Replies: @Simply Simon
  30. @Glock45

    One of the TKAM film stars would get endless requests from convicted felons and rapists for her photograph from every prison in the country. She only sent the smallest of photos to those who sent a stamped envelope.

    Despite repeated invitations she didn’t attend any of the events for the anniversary of the film and distanced herself from it as much as possible. She wouldn’t participate in surviving cast member reunions.

    The idea is that see, there are no black rapists only black male victims. Now shut up stop crying and don’t call the police on that black man. You don’t matter, your white crime experience doesn’t matter according to the brainwashers.

    Have a barf bag ready for this one.

  31. @KenH

    The part of the movie I liked was when Scout and Boo went to the graveyard and saw the foot prints, Cat’s Paw. There’s a subliminal message in there. The Cat’s Paw was a symbol of the Wobblies, the Industrial Workers of the World.

    What decent parent lets their children go to a graveyard alone at night? So much for Atticus.

  32. @Brabantian

    If anyone should be holding their head in shame, it should be you! Have you ever got that call that you need to come to the morgue? Huh?

    You mentioned the slow poke of needles. What a load of bullshit. My father was hit so hard by the hit and run driver (who was eventually caught and nothing happened to him) that he died immediately. Dad was minding his own business walking across the street. The asshole that killed him was drunk and high on coke.

    It took the undertaker a full day to make his head look decent so he could be viewed by the family at his funeral. That’s who I feel sorry for, the victims.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational, Augustus
  33. There is no chance for justice beyond the place an attack happens.

    Anything else is ‘law’ and subject to change.

    There was no justice for this girl.

    Make sure the same isn’t true for you and yours.

    Stack’em high.

  34. @Brabantian

    The Talmud, you say?

    The holy book that describes Gentiles as born-unclean cattle whom Jews are free to rape, cheat and kill?

    Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent. The bastards we execute go far more gently than their victims did.

  35. @Brabantian

    The president doe not have the authority to end the death penalty. That right is reserved by the individual states.

  36. Augustus says:

    China still uses the death penalty – a lot.

    I like the single bullet idea. Russia uses it. They give 6 months for an appeal, and then shoot them in the FRONT of the head. It’s eye-to-eye. They like the idea that a bullet is cheap, and time and money are not wasted on appeals for serial murderers and serial child molesters. I agree with them. Burial in a box at prison saves taxpayer money too. To salve your conscience, I would be willing to only use it when DNA is available as proof.

    The death penalty works well as a bargaining chip. How many families have the locations of loved ones remains revealed for burial because the killer prefers to bargain for life? How many times do murderers give up their accomplices and coconspirators to save their lives? Why foolishly eliminate such a bargaining chip just to placate the squeamish leftists and Hollywood perverts?

    • Agree: Oil 'n Water, Mr McKenna
    • Replies: @By-tor
  37. Twenty-Three yrs.???? Why was he not executed within six months. This is unbelievable.
    Reminds me of Julia Love, in Atlanta, torture and murdered by slum blacks who was finally
    executed in twenty yrs. But, only one was finally executed. In Gunsmoke the murderer hanged within days. Yet, another gimmick to allude justice. The old days were the best and brightest days.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  38. @Simply Simon

    I apologize for writing that Mr Kersey failed to mention Jimmy Fennell also had a criminal record when it is clearly stated in the story.

  39. @Lancelot Link

    Macalester President Brian Rosenberg

    Once again a Rosenberg busily undermines his host nation, this time by erasing goy history.

    They can’t help it.

    Birds gotta swim,
    Orcs gotta rape
    And Chosen have to ruin.

  40. @Song of the South

    Orcs employ prisons, police, courts and lawyers. They’re no good to anyone if they’re dead, except us.

    We lowly taxpaying oxen don’t count to the State, my friend.

  41. @Dr. Pepper

    What I find amazing is the fact the white…

    Why are you amazed? Blacks are idols in the civic religion (cult) that dominates America.

    It’s the “tyranny of low expectations” multiplied by “it’s my dog, so it doesn’t bite” syndrome. Most whites in the USA today see blacks (correctly) as a group of largely incapable-of-self-control creatures, but they simultaneously see blacks as pets.

    Yes, PETS.

    Those who are perpetually and permanently the recipients of handouts are either pets or slaves. It is beyond obvious that to most (white) Americans, blacks are pets, akin to a pet dog that sometimes tears up the new carpet, craps on the floor or bites the neighbors.

    But the need to make excuses for one’s pet(s) is strong. I learned during a time when I worked in Biological Research using dogs as the “animal model” that there’s never a good reason to have a bad dog as a pet. If your dog is a danger to you, your kids or others, you put it down, and if you can’t delegate that action, you have to have the stones to do it yourself…otherwise don’t be a dog owner.

    We’re surrounded by those who cannot make sense of their own stupidity with regard to black people (in general.) They use the “NABALT” excuse to keep petting the dog that bites them, even after it tears the faces off their own children.

    Until this cargo cult’s grip on America relaxes, those who don’t protect themselves are not protected at all. They’re like Timothy Treadwell, living among mostly indifferent but extremely dangerous fauna.

    • Replies: @Love Street
    , @HammerJack
  42. @Brabantian

    The death penalty is poorly administered by the state, but delivering it at the “point of sale” is ideal.

    When an innocent man or woman is targeted by a violent criminal, the best outcome of all is for the former to go home unharmed and the latter to go to the morgue.

    For those who would like to clean up the gene pool, an addendum would be to send the (dead) violent criminal’s children into the wasteland beyond the walls of civilization. The best theory on why white people are less-prone to murderous violence than are Africans is that, during the Middle Ages in Europe, people were hanged for violent crimes (and often their children, if they had any, were subsequently even-less-likely to survive the harsh conditions then extant.)

    Violent crime remains much lower today than at the most-recent cyclical peak in 1993. Protecting oneself may seem unnecessary to many people…but those who favor preparation for the rare (but catastrophic) encounter are now legion. LOTS of normal people now have concealed carry permits and carry the means to stop an attacker….cold.

    [For the dull, cold in this context is ambient temperature…]

    Self-protection is a trend still in its early stages. From gated communities to carrying concealed weapons, the trend for self-defense is up…especially as the state’s competence to contribute to order continues to evaporate.

    PS: If you think the men and woman unequivocally found guilty of the Knoxville Horror should be treated to 3 squares a day, comfortable beds, etc. for the rest of their lives, I do not wish to live in the same polity with you. They should be fed into a slow-motion wood chipper on Public TV.

  43. Augustus says:

    Timothy Treadwell?

    When I was a kid in Alaska, I saw a Kodiak bear raise up on it’s hind paws. It was probably 13 feet high, but to a 6 year old, it looked as tall as a two story home. I learned a valuable lesson right then and there: That fathers can throw a skinny 6 year old over their back and run like a deer if need be.

    Rule 4 for survival, after shelter, water, and food was if you see bear sign, or worse a bear, get the hell out of the area immediately, even if you’re carrying a 45/70.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  44. By-tor says:

    Russia no longer uses the death penalty as the practice was ended by its high court in 1999 and formally removed from penal code in 2009. The last state execution there was in 1996.

  45. @Augustus

    It’s amazing to see how so much behavior of white rape/murder victims resembles the actions of Timothy Treadwell prior to him getting his girlfriend and him eaten alive, literally alive, by bears.

    The fact that insane, self-destructive cultists have seized the levers of power and insist we all take the same risks they deem “wise” is the basis for my view that, no, we can’t all get along.

    We cannot (I cannot) coexist with people who have raised self-destruction to a holy sacrament.

    Keep in mind…that bear can run 40 mph and kill you with a single slap of its massive paw.

    A man (or woman, or even a 10 year old kid) can shoot you from four, forty, or even 400 feet away, hitting you with a tiny bit of metal-jacketed lead moving at 900 to 3000 feet per second.

    The bear is formidable, but there’s nothing more dangerous on Earth than a human being. ONLY a human can kill at a distance. We exist, at all times and all places, in an open-air zoo, and it’s been fashionable for decades to mix the predators in with the prey, after encouraging the former to multiply like rabbits.

    [I know you know all this, by your story, of course.
    [[Oh, and it’s often difficult to tell the predators from the non-predators.]]

  46. @dc.sunsets

    🤔 “put it down”

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  47. AnalogMan says:
    @Love Street

    I love dogs. Some would say, inordinately. But I have to agree.

    I believe it was Winston Churchill (and I’m no fan of the bastard) who said that it is sometimes necessary to kill things, and that, when it is necessary, it would be cowardly to shirk the responsibility; but at the same time, you owe it to the creature to do it in the kindest way possible.

    That sounds to me like an ethical approach, though that last part would go against my grain in many cases I can think of.

  48. Swamp Fox says: • Website

    Dr. Phil just had a show about this murderous POS.
    Not once did his celebrity backers bring up his career as a violent serial rapist. Nor did they ask him about his victim. Personal things about her, since they were ” lovers”, would help to exonerate
    Jay Z look alike (read “ugly as homemade shit”).
    DNA places him on+site. Reap the whirlwind, orc.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  49. @dc.sunsets

    Amazing posts from you here. Sort of scorched-earth, not that I disagree.

    Would you believe, I’ve never heard of Timothy Treadwell before.

  50. @Swamp Fox

    Dr. Phil…what a libtarded idiot he is. I don’t know how you could stomach even 5 minutes of his garbage “show”.

    • Replies: @Swamp Fox
  51. Swamp Fox says: • Website
    @AR in Illinois

    You have to know the enemy and occasionally check in on them.
    But I was spewing a Tourette’s torrent of invective at the Talmudvision and blood pressure was playing bouncy castle on my headbone, brother.

  52. Alden says:
    @David In TN

    Not the private schools my 4 children went to and my 8 grandchildren now attend. We checked. It’s in some libraries and school reading lists but not required. Another great thing about private schools is that MLK worship month and black worship month are minimal unlike the public schools where it goes on from the first day of school in January to the middle of March.

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