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Chicago Sun-Times Writer Laments Major League Baseball's "White Problem" (Too Many White People Are Still Employed in the MLB and Not Enough Blacks)
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Too many white people are still employed in Major League Baseball. The goal is to limit their opportunities as in the NFL and NBA!

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The 2018 National Basketball Association Racial and Gender Report Card (RGRC), put out by the University of Central Florida, gleefully reported “80.7 percent of the NBA’s players were people of color,The percentage of players who were classified as African-American in the league was 73.9 percent. The percentage of white NBA players was 19.3 percent. They gave the grade of an A+ for the diversity in the league (lower number of whites the better in this scoring system).”

THE 2018 RACIAL AND GENDER REPORT CARD: NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAUGE noted, “During the NFL’s 2016 season, the percent of African-American players increased from 69.2 percent in the 2015 season to 69.7 percent in 2016. The percent of white players decreased from 27.9 percent in 2015 to 27.4 percent in 2016.” They also awarded the league an A+ for its diversity (or lack of whites, a fact worthy of praise).

Major League Baseball is only 7.7 percent black, thus a problem arises. Too many white people are still employed, meaning baseball has a “white problem.”[Beyond the pale: Baseball’s so-called black issues caused by its white problem, Chicago Sun-Times, April 27, 2019]:

I’m the problem.

If not the problem, then at least the issue.

Me, those who look like me, sound like me, view the world through a light-colored, male prism that sets agendas, makes rules and decides what’s mainstream or “normal” in American culture – or its subcultures, such as baseball.

“Middle-aged white men,” said Diamondbacks outfielder Adam Jones.

Just look at the average baseball press box during a game, the average baseball front office, the average executive walking around Major League Baseball’s headquarters in New York.

And then when you hear about the racist messages and taunts players such as the Cubs’ Carl Edwards Jr. must endure – or the absurd thinking that went into suspending Tim Anderson of the White Sox for his use of a certain word – it should start to become self evident to those who would continue to traffic in tired white-splaining of non-white experiences, in this game and in this society:

The so-called black issues in baseball – whether it’s the causes behind the extreme under-representation of African-Americans or the continual incidence of racist jeers and treatment – are white problems.

And if the first step in solving a problem is to admit it exists, maybe it’s time that the next conversation on this issue begins there.

“It sucks, but you’ve got middle-aged white men telling everybody else what to do in the world,” Jones said. “I didn’t make that part up. That’s just what you see on TV. That’s what you see in real life. It’s history.”

It’s certainly baseball.


Jones made headlines in 2016 when he explained that the reason you don’t see the kind of social-justice protests in MLB that Colin Kaepernick inspired in the NFL is because “baseball is a white man’s sport” and that there are so few black players in the majors (7.7 percent) that “you might as well not kick yourself out of the game” by speaking up.

Despite gains in hiring diversity in recent years, according to an annual study, MLB’s top eight ranking decision makers are all white men, including the commissioner, its two deputy commissioners, and chief baseball officer Joe Torre – the league’s discipline head.

Baseball already knows it has a demographics problem when it comes to getting young people to watch its increasingly slow-paced game and what that might mean for the future.

What’s said less often is that its middle-aged-white-guy skew continues to prove problematic when it comes to growing the game relative to other American team sports.

Black players for decades have talked about a game they sometimes play during slow moments between innings.

“I play the same game. I know the game you’re talking about,” Edwards said. “Count the black fans.”

It usually doesn’t take long.

“I love everybody,” Edwards added. “But at the end of the day, that’s just what we’re surrounded by.”

The demographics gap not only is about fan bases and the executive structure, but it also impacts the game’s ability to attract non-white American players and often how it’s portrayed by the media.

The anti-white mindset pervades every aspect of American life. 59 percent of MLB rosters are white (41 percent are people of color, but an insufficient number of these players are black), meaning the league has a “white problem” until the rosters have the same racial breakdown as the NFL and the NBA.

Do you get yet? Diversity is nothing more than chasing away white people and limiting the number of opportunities for whites.

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  1. The sport of dog sledding is predominantly white.. Im sure what point they are trying to make.

  2. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    There are a lot of blacks in MLB, they just are not classified as blacks because they have Hispanophone names and come from Spanish speaking countries. But the eye doesn’t lie, they are black.

    Blacks have been less and less interested in baseball as fans since the death of the Negro Leagues. Few blacks are passionate about baseball. Basketball and football, as played today, are more interesting to blacks.

    And what of it? Let each group watch the sport they like best. The government should have nothing to say about it.

  3. an ongoing complaint for at least 10 years, possibly going back 15 years.

    joe morgan being the most vocal about it, but a recurring comment that comes up peripherally every year in written MLB coverage, both on the internet, and in newspapers. not as frequently mentioned on television or radio coverage, probably because you have to say it out loud while people are looking at you, and be willing to stare down any controversy right then and there.

    it’s mainly about africans from the US, who are down to 8% or 9% of players.

  4. 216 says:

    The corporations are committed to Woke, for reasons of marketing and “labor relations”.

    This is a shot over the bow against MLB that if it isn’t on the “right side of history”, the ad dollars will start flowing somewhere else. It’s not an idle threat, see: Sleeping Giants

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  5. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    I hope the ad money does go elsewhere. Hockey, maybe. Maybe we could make curling popular here?

  6. Absolutely un-noteworthy TNB.

    Blacks throw chairs at a Wendy’s in Florida:

    They are not like us.

    • Replies: @Oil 'n Water
  7. Anonymous[921] • Disclaimer says:

    In terms of true racial diversity, baseball is easily the most diverse of the major american sports. Whites, blacks, white and black Hispanics, and by far the largest percentage of Asians in any of the major sports. It just goes to show that when the word “diversity” is used today, it means the number of blacks involved and no other race.

    If basketball and football were more popular and more developed in the early part of the 1900’s , blacks never would have taken an interest in baseball. Those sports are more fitted to their athletic talents and also more conducive to their obnoxious look-at-me behavior when playing or watching.

  8. Chewie111 says:

    So….. 59% of the MLB rosters are white and whites are 62% of the U.S. population.

    Since that is actually a mild under-representation and they consider it a “problem”, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to determine they just hate whites and don’t like seeing them succeed. Plain and simple.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  9. I ahd thought that Basketball was popular among African Americans because of the structure of the equipment… it can be played on top of high rise buildings and in smaller concreted parks…

    Football I had thought was popular because of the money and the ease with which you could enter this sport… it is a meritocracy because of the large amounts of cash

    Baseball I had thought of as the traditional European colonial settler sport because of the need for larger playing fields and less need for purely physical power… it is a game of fashions and manners… to hit a home run doesnt take so much power as skill

    Americans are social engineers and dont mind being totally brainwashed

    A society of Socialists and Totalitarian Dreamers


    Funny thing is that I am white but my father is Black middle eastern??

    how would I fit into USA fake racial categories

    • Replies: @Bruce County
    , @ThreeCranes
  10. Just look at the average baseball press box during a game, the average baseball front office, the average executive walking around Major League Baseball’s headquarters in New York.

    Or the news room at the unreadably juvenile Sun Times. A demographic replacement program is way overdue. Gordon Wittenmyer, and other people like him, have a unique opportunity to give up their jobs until the employee demographic of the newspaper reaches the magical 75- 80% people of color.

    • Agree: Hibernian
  11. The whole argument is baseless, since blacks are not underrepresented in any meaningful way. Baseball has become internationalized; about 30% of MLB players are foreign (mostly Latin American but with a small number of Asians). Americans thus account for 70% of MLB players. Blacks account for 11% of American players, compared to 12. 1% of the population. American blacks have moved from being overrepresented in the 1970s to proportionally represented at present.

    If you are unhappy with MLB becoming internationalized, the solution is to forbid foreigners from playing. Most likely blacks would then be about 11-12% of players, but that would certainly not make the Chicago Sun Times happy.

    The fact that the discussion continued as long as it has just shows that our mainstream press can never pass up a chance to whine and wag its finger at white males. The answer is fairly simple. Stop reading the Chicago Sun Times.

    • Agree: Augustus, Bubba
    • Replies: @the grand wazoo
  12. Paul says:

    There are far too many blacks in the NBA and not enough Asians. Some of the blacks have got to go!

  13. m. says:

    tell someone who gives a s**t, join the racist band-aid protest group

  14. millionaires that play childrens games are not that interesting..wisdom and knowledge are not to be gained watching sports…..its goyim diversion…watch this and dont figure out whos screwin you daily

  15. Living in Chicago, you would think the last thing he’d want is more Africans in anything, he must be a cuke who admires them from a safe distance

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  16. anon[138] • Disclaimer says:

    The 2018 National Basketball Association Racial and Gender Report Card

    we need to make these kind of lists about jews and publish them

    who owns these NBA teams? jews

    • Replies: @Annie Oakley
  17. @Anonymous

    There are a lot of blacks in MLB, they just are not classified as blacks because they have Hispanophone names and come from Spanish speaking countries. But the eye doesn’t lie, they are black.

    They don’t get counted as black by American blacks, who dismiss them as “Puerto Rican”, “Dominican” or “Cuban”. Only American blacks are “authentically” black… 😁

  18. Look at most local high schools and you’ll find a surplus of black football and basketball players and a drought of black baseball players. Baseball lacks the strut-a-bout [email protected] moments so sought after by the black ballplayer and frequently found in basketball and football.

    • Replies: @Known Fact
  19. Truthfully, I could give a shit about baseball or any other team-sportsball. I played them as a kid, never dreamed of being a pro, and basically ignored all of it once I reached adulthood. Yet some of my contemporaries can quote you chapter and verse of every player who ever touched a ball and tell you what they are for breakfast the day of their biggest game. I see that as a wasted life.

    These same grown men have no idea how their government works, how money is created, how to fix a toilet, etc.

    “The great distraction” is working as intended. Keep the masses fat and happy and give them sportsball to watch and they can steal our money right out in the open. Create controversy within sportsball and it will be discussed incessantly for MONTHS as if it were the most important topic in the world.

    Keep you spoiled, primadonna packs of brainless ball players. Discuss which multi-million dollar contracted minority is the most downtrodden with like-minded sports dads who hurl profanities at coaches and refs making certain of a ‘next generation’ of sportsball idiots takes root and flourishes.

    And somehow in society this is an allowable and acceptable ‘measure of a man’.


  20. Chimpouts are an everyday occurance in South Florida.

  21. Augustus says:

    Make the Sun Times staff 75 – 80% Black?

    It’s in Chicago. 75% of Chicago’s Blacks probably aren’t literate.

    • Replies: @216
    , @AR in Illinois
  22. Hibernian says:
    @Archie Bunker

    Chicago is 1/3 each white, black, and Hispanic. Two thirds POC but only 1/3 black. It’s not much blacker than Boston or Pittsburgh but almost as POC as Baltimore. A unique situation; Houston and LA may be somewhat similar.

  23. abdeziel says:

    So, now having a significantly higher percent black infestation-er, occupation, er population of a given sport is equality and represents the real demographic? smh

  24. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    One more example of what kind of people are employed by the media. The media and corporations are the enemy of America.

  25. Gunga Din says:

    First, it’s “knock down the ‘color barrier’ and let our people play, that’s all we ask.” Then, it’s, “there aren’t enough black coaches!” Then that morphs into a demand for black head coaches. Then, “front office people. ” And eventally, calls for blacks to be owners. “Well, why shouldn’t there be? After all, the majority of the players are black!” And that, dear friends, is how Africans-in-America whine and worm their way into taking over a sport (industry) invented by White Americans. About the only sports I watch anymore are Indycar, a little golf and the Winter Olympics. 3 guesses why.

  26. Rich says:

    Hockey, golf, tennis, motor sports and shooting. Martial arts too. That’s where Whitey needs to direct his attention. Powers that be have given the other sports away.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  27. I’ve often offended sportsball fanatics when they bring up the subject of sports by telling them it is of no importance in the overall scheme of things. So what if someone hit or threw a ball X distance? That pales into insignificance compared to medical researchers who’ve found the cure for many diseases as well as effective treatments for many others. What’s more important? The fact that someone found the cure for polio, created vaccines against rabies (for example) or the fact that someone dunked a basketball in a hoop? It really makes the F-tards bristle with anger and hostility when anyone points out the ludicrousness of their position and their obsession with trivial sports “accomplishments.” It’s like teasing a little girl over the latest teen “heart throb” and their going berserk and wanting to scratch your eyes out.

    I remember being at a pizza buffet one time that had a big screen tv and a friend and I were watching a news program that was coverering a serious issue. There were only a few people in the restaurant and those were families with kids who were more interested in a game room off in another section. So, we had the tv to ourselves when suddenly a few sportsball fanatics came in thinking they were going to sit down and watch a feetsball game on the big screen. We refused to let them turn the channel and some were furious and others looked like they were going to burst into tears. About ten minutes later, the show we were watching came to an end and one of the fanatics hysterically asked if they could turn the channel NOW. We said that would be fine. They rushed the tv like heroin addicts in the throes of withdrawal symptoms rushing to grab a needle for their next fix. It was a pretty disgusting sight.

    Anyway, what makes negroes so special that they feel they need to be represented in everything even if most of them have no interest in it? Just got to put a black face on everything for the sake of looksatme? As is, whites cucks complaining about the lack of diversity is just so they can engage in virtue signaling and moral preening. Both groups are pathetic.

    • Replies: @216
    , @lou
    , @Achmed E. Newman
  28. @nicholas nicola

    That is funny. ha ha..
    Just like blacks coming here and piping up.

  29. Or the news room at the unreadably juvenile Sun Times. A demographic replacement program is way overdue. Gordon Wittenmyer, and other people like him, have a unique opportunity to give up their jobs until the employee demographic of the newspaper

    Well these idiots still don’t get that White men disproportionately read the newspaper and place business ads.

    Most businesses aren’t dumb enough to insult their main demographic. Newspapers however are managed by liberal idiots that still think their racial utopia is coming and that everything will have equal proportion once the meanie Whites are a minority.

    • Replies: @Bruce County
  30. 216 says:

    There are a lot of angry ‘activists’ that are disappointed that a college degree didn’t mint a bourgeois lifestyle for them. BLM was full of them.

    Leftist foundation money offers a solution, the activist goes to work for a foundation, or their non-profit gets grants. And anti-corporate sentiment seems to vanish from people previously sympathetic to Marxism.

    Giving journolist jobs to PeeOhCee would quiet a couple dozen of above-average IQ for each major metropolitan area. The displaced whites would be forced to do something else in the real economy, and with a new chip on their shoulder that A/A squeezed them out of BuzzVice.

  31. Truthfully, I could give a shit about baseball or any other team-sportsball. I played them as a kid, never dreamed of being a pro, and basically ignored all of it once I reached adulthood.

    Baseball makes more sense as a kid game where they don’t catch every ball and it’s exciting to see them get something like a double play or home run. You see the pros hit a home run and they still look bored.

    Take a look at the fans of any MLB game. It’s heavily boomer White men and whoever they took with them. Even in Black cities it’s mostly boomer Whites that go to the games.

    It should be obvious that:
    1. Black people really don’t care about watching baseball. They will put their kids in baseball but that is only because there is money in it.
    2. Hispanics don’t go as much as Whites to games and probably don’t spend as much on food/merchandise.
    3. MLB is dependent on boomers meaning younger generations are losing interest

    If that wasn’t enough there is the issue of money corruption. The MLB is by far the worst.

    But this Chicago writer is unhappy about the imperfect diversity of the players.

    Sports writers are some of the most delusional people in the media. Some Chicago hospitals have more gunshot victims than war zones but this idiot is concerned there aren’t enough Blacks playing a kids game.

  32. 216 says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    I’ve often offended sportsball fanatics when they bring up the subject of sports by telling them it is of no importance in the overall scheme of things.

    Sports are an important part of civic identity, whether we like it or not, and I certainly don’t. Major cities are willing to increase taxes to build stadiums for private profit. Insignificant in the grander scheme, sure, but not in the here and now.

    Watching ballgames substitutes the place of religion and nationalism, while being stewed in a consumerist advertising frenzy.

    I think it is helpful to break the conditioning by pointing out the contempt that a lot of (black) athletes feel towards the fanbase, along with the criminality. The average person tends to realize that Hollywood is a den of debauchery and diva behavior. What they ignore is that athletes are much the same. The people have wised up on the former, witness the continual decline in awards show ratings.

    The major problem for conservatives is that they are averse to the quickest method of curbing celebrity arrogance. Slapping a 75% marginal tax on all income above $5 million per annum (adjusted to inflation).

  33. @John Johnson

    Racial utopia is coming….Yippeee!!!! Fucking Hurrah!!! And what a spectacle that will be. We are bearing witness to their corrupt and destructive powers already. They think its going to get better when they can’t even see what the hell is happening already.
    Please… everyone…. sit around the fire and join together in gleeful unison and lets sing Kumbaya.
    Hand up at fire….Yes Brucey ??? “Yes teacher, may I be excused I really need to puke”.

  34. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    They dont. This is a quasi governmental shakedown outfit working the diversity rackets for sinecures, consulting fees, lawsuit settlements etc.

    It’s appended to a, theoretically, research university in Orlando.

  35. Skeptic says:

    In a completely unrelated comment, my own observation is that fans at baseball games, major and minor league, are as a group the friendliest and best behaved fans of all the major sportsball fans.

    • Agree: Archie Bunker
  36. “And if the first step in solving a problem is to admit it exists, maybe it’s time that the next conversation on this issue begins there.”

    Absolutely true, except the races in this instance, should be reversed…there needs to be a general admission that we have a nation-wide black problem.

    OT: Have searched, but can’t find anything on Pompeo’s supposed fact-gathering in South Africa.

    It took reporter Laura Southern only a few days to gather information in SA, yet it’s been over seven months since Trump’s announcement (in August). My only conclusion is the investigation didn’t happen or it did and the administration doesn’t want to be branded (again) as racist because of facts damaging to the ANC.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  37. Anon[602] • Disclaimer says:

    Actually there are lots of black baseball fans! Remember a few years ago in Baltimore when they rioted because they couldn’t get into the ballpark?

    Yeah, they wouldn’t let anyone inside so white people could look at a stadiums worth of seating and not see one black body in the stands.


    • LOL: Bruce County
  38. Here’s an off-topic sub-topic…

    I just watched “The Enemies Within” from 2016. Pretty good documentary about how the communists have infiltrated our government at every level.

    Clearly, I don’t have enough ammo.

  39. The accusations of being a racist has nothing to due with actual racism, it is just a method the left uses to silence people that don’t agree with them. If you’re a liberal you get a pass for any racist language you have ever used. People will never see another episode of ‘Dukes of Hazard’ because of the Confederate flag on the vehicle. In fact just calling the car General Lee is enough to get the show banned. However the liberal t.v show MASH used to have a black doctor nicknamed Spear-Chucker Jones. But the producers discovered that there were no black doctors in any Korean war MASH units so the character was written out. Talk about racism! Ted Danson famously wore black-face when he was dating the disgusing and ugly Whoopie Goldburg, but none of his shows will ever be banned. Kate Smith has not became a non-person because she once sang a racist song in the 1930’s, it’s because she dared to sing ‘God Bless America’.

    • Replies: @Non PC Infidel
  40. OT: Insane. No other word for them. Whites return to black neighborhoods because of the proximity to downtown. Blacks complain because the porches on the white-built homes resemble ‘overseers’ perches.’ What the! Overseers?? These SOBs live in some sort of fantasy land. Blacks make up crap as they go along. Overseers’ perches. What a bunch of crap! “Looks up der Cornelius. Doezn’t dat der porch remind ya of dem overseers’ perches?” “Sho nuf, sho nuf, Maybelline! Iz feel like I’m back hoeing cotton. Lawd have mercy! Somebody call the Federal government. Somein must be dun!”

    “‘Gone With the Wind’ houses, beach houses, slave houses,” Octavia Rainey calls them. Rainey, 63, has lived her entire life in a nearby neighborhood, and to her, the second-story porches rising around her look too much like overseers’ perches.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  41. dvorak says:

    And what of it? Let each group watch the sport they like best. The government should have nothing to say about it.

    Jews in baseball — team owners, GMs, commissioners, union lawyers and journalists — are not going to allow that kind of live-and-let-live policy.

  42. Forbes says:

    I’d have thought the writer Gordon Wittenmyer should’ve received special mention for his white-hating self–if not his illogic and innumeracy.

  43. @anon

    You got that right. The Jew list. You know one could let out the n word in public and people would grimace. Same with spic, gook, etc. Try saying the word Jew in public really loud and watch people squirm in their chair as their butthole puckers

  44. These kind of unmanned White men can’t die off too fast. Yesterday would be too late. So contemptible.

  45. @nicholas nicola

    “how would I fit into USA fake racial categories”

    Depends upon how you behave.

    Behave like a nike and you’ll get treated like one. Behave like a civilized human being and you’ll be treated like one. The least important thing, from our perspective, is the color of your skin. Americans are the most color blind, tolerant people on the planet. Hands down.

  46. lou says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    Adrenaline is a powerful thing—

    hey rushed the tv like heroin addicts in the throes of withdrawal symptoms rushing to grab a needle for their next fix. It was a pretty disgusting sight.

  47. Cf says:

    They’re going after hockey for being too white also

    • Replies: @Bruce County
  48. USA 1943 says:

    SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS ENDGAME, About Changing Culture of heroes

    Off topic, but in the Movie Avengers Endgame, it looks like/strongly hinted, Captain America will be replaced by his former sidekick (Early 1970’s Comics) The Falcon/Sam Wilson (Same name as Uncle Sam/Sam Wilson) Thor will be replaced by Valkyrie (Who looks nothing like the Blond Haired Blue Eyes Character from the Comics) Actress Tessa Thompson who plays the movie Valkyrie said Marvel is looking to have Valkyrie be the first openly either Gay or Bisexual Super Hero, Not sure who will replace Iron Man, but he did have a Daughter. So it looks like Marvel is doing away with its longtime/mainstay heroes, who happen to be White in exchange for More Diversity, Bruce Banner/Hulk is now looking like Hulk all the time Green, but he now has Banners Brain, but not appearance, And Captain Marvel (Marvel Version, not to be confused with DC’s Shazam) is a Woman, Captain Marvel (Marvel version) was a man originally in 1970’s Comics. So White Male Heroes at Marvel are on the way out, just as Historic real life White Heroes like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and thousands of others are being villified. Almost seems like a Cultural War against White People is going on, and the White Heroes they are keeping seem mostly goofy

  49. @Anonymous

    The government should have nothing to say about it.

    Hahaa .. haaa … ha … cough, cough, aah … cough, ha haaaa! Please DO NOT DO THAT when I’m trying to eat a sandwich!

    Don’t get me wrong, #427, your statement is a true one. However, the last time you heard anyone say that, who could actually DO a damn thing to keep it that way, was Ronald Reagan, though many would go back to Barry Goldwater*. Now, we’ve got the White Nationalists or just White defenders, such as most readers here, a crowd of which is half full of freaking Socialists wondering “what went wrong?”

    OK, Socialists, you are all for Big Feral Gov’t running things, but only in the way YOU want. Right, that’ll happen. You brought all of this stuff on yourselves, Big-Gov proponents. Thanks for nothing.


    * OK, Dr. Ron Paul has always said this, but he was one man out of 454.

  50. @Jim in Jersey

    I used up my [AGREE] a minute ago, but this is right on the money. It’s bread and circuses to keep the masses happy, like in ancient Rome during its unraveling. Applebees, Chili’s, Ruby Tuesdays, and Friday’s* have the bread, and ESPN via that cable has the circuses. I’ve unintentionally (was on a van ride) heard some of these sportsball pundits go on and on – I think they are IN LUV, is what it is. It was sick.

    A thing I’d like to add to your great comment, Jim, is that, if a serious number of people TURNED OFF their cable connections, the money flow would be seriously restricted, and stuff would have to change. I haven’t had it for 20 years and counting.


    * Are they really the same exact place?

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  51. @Non PC Infidel

    I wish I had one [AGREE] / minute today. That was another great comment, and I admire your and your friend’s sticking to your guns. Very good.

    Just about TV in general that we get subject to daily, at an auto shop one day, as I waited for the guy to get me a battery, the TV was on with some inanities (not sports this time). Well, the only guy that’d been watching seemingly had left, so I turned the thing off with the remote. 2 minutes later, the guy came back on asked me why I turned it off.

    “I didn’t know you were staying. You left. I don’t like TV.” “Well, why didn’t you just turn it down?” Good point, I guess, but I really don’t like even seeing the stupidity. “I don’t know. I don’t like it.” Well, then it turned out the system was so computerized that it was not an easy thing to get it back on! I was just smiling and snickering at the the TV watcher and an auto-shop guy trying to fix this, and then the right battery this time came out, and I left. It kinda made my day, which maybe is sad … I dunno….

  52. @Jim in Jersey

    It’s been on sale at the gun shows since, let’s see, right at November 8th, ’16.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  53. @Cf

    From Canada here… They can go after hockey all they want…Its taken 100 years and only a dozen or so malatto mutts have made the cut…So good luck with that. And it will be the Americans that will destroy the game by trying to inject more defectives into the sport.
    These white boy hockey players have class.. one only needs to look at the nogs and how they dress in bakkaball. Filthy mutts. Gross.

    • Agree: By-tor
  54. By-tor says:

    Jan. 1999 was the last time I had cable. US television is nothing but pro-Pentagon propaganda and diversity cult mainstreaming.

  55. @Achmed E. Newman

    A thing I’d like to add to your great comment, Jim, is that, if a serious number of people TURNED OFF their cable connections, the money flow would be seriously restricted…

    I no longer believe that’s true. Big companies seem willing to court disaster in order to promote their anti-American ideals. Dick’s sporting goods, Levi Strauss, CNN all have made notable ‘career ending’ moves and yet continue to flourish. They’re too big to hurt and the nogs have too much surplus income (from our pockets) to spend in order to make up the difference.

    • Replies: @216
    , @Achmed E. Newman
  56. ‘Police: 7 shot, 1 fatally, in latest Baltimore violence’

     April 28 at 6:58 PM

    BALTIMORE (AP) — A gunman fired indiscriminately into a crowd where people were gathered for cookouts on a street in Baltimore, wounding seven people including one of them fatally, the city’s police commissioner said.

    Authorities said the shooting happened around 5 p.m. on a block in the city’s western district.

    Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said a black male approached a crowd on foot and began firing in what he called “a very tragic, very cowardly shooting.”

    Harrison said the shooting appeared to be “extremely targeted” but he did not immediately elaborate on a possible motive…

  57. @Mr. Rational

    This is why black infested areas do not have many sit-down restaurants. In my town, most of their eating places are walk up to the window, order, receive your stuff and get the hell out. Blacks know the score with their own.

  58. @Full Metal Realist

    I’ve never watched the Dukes of Hazard. However, one of the free channels I access via my Roku box is called Pluto TV. I noticed that the Dukes of Hazard tv series is in their line-up while scanning what old tv shows were available.

    • Replies: @Archie Bunker
    , @Known Fact
  59. @Feedsackroad

    I remember a time when we setlled our indifferences with a good ‘ol ass whoppin’.This may have been at a party or a BBQ. The person knew it was coming and those there knew better than step in. As I have said before, in those days we dusted ourselves off and had a beer.. Lessons learned. Those days are gone
    As the temperature rises so does the drift towards another summer of African Savagery. The numbers don’t matter anymore..All that matters that we know what is happening. Understanding pattern recognition and staying alert may save your life. All we have to do is survive.

    • Replies: @By-tor
  60. 216 says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    Companies are only interested in 18-34 for consumption goods, and 25-54 for capital goods.

    Most conservatives are older than 50, and of marginal interest to advertisers as they don’t spend much, especially after retirement. Brands intentionally avoid younger conservatives, witness the Papa Johns fiasco.

    If Conservadads really wanted to wield their power in the strongest fashion, they’d have to steer Junior away from college. But that risks the wrath and divorce from Moderatemom.

    For the particular case of CNN, their international division is said to be the real moneymaker. The domestic wing is also under continual threat from further-left MSNBC. The biggest media dons also don’t care about profit, see Bezos, Jeff.

    Conservatives are also really bad at boycotting, and conservative leaders don’t encourage it. A lot of low-information conservatives mistakenly thought Trump was calling for a boycott of the NFL, and switched off in response. But he and Pence did not actually do this, muddling the message. Further, Rupert Murdoch and donor class NFL owners wielded behind the scenes influence to restrain Trump. Fox News would never get permission to call for boycotting the NFL on FOX broadcast.

  61. They act like blacks aren’t being *allowed* to play baseball. They just don’t want to. As others upthread have pointed out, it’s not a “looks at muh” sport.

    If you get a hit, you don’t get to dance around like you won the lottery. If you strike someone out, you don’t get to wag your finger at them and point to your name on the back of your jersey.

    If you did those things, you’d get a fastball at your earflap the next time you were up.

    There are many “in yo face” moments in baseball…but they are subtle. Blacks don’t exactly do subtle. I mean JFC they dress like clowns, are loud, disrespectful, and can’t even enjoy a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese without fighting.

    I’m soooooooo tired of blacks complaining about, well, everything while their contribution to society is music, running fast, and violent crime.

    • Agree: Bruce County
    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  62. @Boston John

    What do you expect from a newspaper from Chicago? let’s count the white’s working at your local DMV or SS office, or any other state or federal office. Well maybe not the IRS, for obvious reasons.

  63. @Hibernian

    A city of 2.8 million, Chicago, at one third negro, would be almost a million. Now does my original statement make sense?

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  64. By-tor says:
    @Bruce County

    The warmer temps bring predatory Afros, no doubt about it. Even a white Univ. of GA college sports star is a target. Well, he was waiting on an Athens, GA city bus near campus, which is a hazard.–year-old-uga-student/article_cab66264-65bc-11e9-9de2-7b49e4c2fdb8.html

  65. @Non PC Infidel

    I remember it well, from the seventies, corny humor, bumbling sheriff, couple good old boys in a orange charger, and South Dakota small town girl Cathy Bach making daisy duke shorts famous

  66. @Jim in Jersey

    That’s EXACTLY what’s wrong with this country. White communists who want control and are willing to kill their own kind to gain that control. Blacks, queers, women, mooselums, etc. are already under their control. This is the reason why ANYONE in those groups can do ANYTHING they want including violent crimes and not be prosecuted. While us white men can’t even breathe without threats of job loss or prosecution. I am of the opinion of Patrick Henry. Give me liberty or give me death. Our founding FATHERS WERE 100% RIGHT. No blacks except as property. No women except as keepers at home and mothers. No queers. No mooselums. No “diversity” of any kind. Now that’s living. Not just living but living in freedom pursuing your own happiness.

  67. The game of “Count the Black Fans in the Crowd”, is popular? They should be thankful that Whitey pays to attend the games, and their bloated salaries aren’t dependant upon the number of Black attendees in the crowd.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  68. @Achmed E. Newman

    No, no…way ahead of the game.

    We had a guy named Florio back in the 90’s who attempted a gun grab. Been stocking up and eating out of my supplies ever since.

    Not my first rodeo.

  69. @Jim in Jersey

    Jim, I’m not talking about boycotts here. I agree with you and have written about the attempts at boycotting some big businesses, such as Dick’s over their anti-gun stance.

    This is different. Where do you think all those millions to the players, coaches, etc. come from? Not that much of it is from those people AT the games. The TV revenue is a big chunk of the money, along with royalties or cuts of the merchandise sales. ESPN gets their cut of your cable bill, whether you watch it or not (which is kind of the problem – the bundling). In turn, they’ve got pay the sportsball “industry” lots of money for the games.

    Ditch all of that. I can’t even read the whole internet anymore on a day off, so why do I need to have more lying infotainment blared at me from some idiot box panel?

  70. @Feedsackroad

    I bet they wish they had BBQ Becky now…

    • Agree: Augustus
  71. @Feedsackroad

    Right, the unspoken baseball code of conduct in fact frowns upon the “[email protected]” behavior so beloved by SportsCenter. Although closers do get to act out quite a bit because they never have to bat

  72. @Non PC Infidel

    I would not be surprised to see them run the show but blur out the flag on that car

  73. JR1967 says:

    Obviously the quality of the Chicago Sun-Times has changed since the days of Mike Royko, and not necessarily for the better.

    • Agree: Endgame Napoleon
  74. AceDeuce says:

    “Too many Japanese practicing Karate”

    “Too many Indians doing Yoga”

    “Too many black blues singers”

  75. AceDeuce says:

    There are no “black neighborhoods” where whites didn’t first build/live there. Then groids come in and ruin them, then groids act like the neighborhoods are “theirs”. They sure don’t think YT’s neighborhoods are YT’s.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  76. @Augustus

    No, they’re not. But that, like everything else wrong with their race, is whitey’s fault. Dey just needs mo’ money fo’ dem programs!!!

  77. @Rich

    Horse racing too. Bet that comes around soon to be the next “too-white” sport. Clown World indeed.

    • Replies: @Known Fact
  78. @Warren V. DeCee

    Yep, my thoughts exactly. These morons can’t even figure that out though. Look at the idiots in the NFL that continued to kneel after that first year when whitey got pissed and a lot of them stopped coming to games.

  79. @AR in Illinois

    Thoroughbred horse racing is similar to baseball, with lots of whites but also plenty of Hispanic jockeys and trainers, not to mention the stable workers. There’s a few black trainers and jockeys, mostly kicking around the smaller circuits. It also has some successful female trainers. And a few female jockeys, but of little impact since Julie Krone.

    I suspect heavy metal will be the next whipping boy. Very white, mostly male.

  80. @Anonymous0619

    African-Americans hate foreigners, especially ones who speak little or no English, and routinely treat them with utter contempt and derision.

  81. @Jim in Jersey

    Another sportsball stupidity that has crept into society is the notion that if someone is “good” at something, that somehow excuses the most loathsome, arrogant behavior, as if succeeding at a kid’s game exempts you from normal human mores.

  82. @AceDeuce

    The White people where I lived in the 60’s sure were spooked when the Africans moved in. This was in the days of block-busting by real estate agents.

    The area went African in a matter of months.

    I rented a place right next to the “Jungle”. In one month the whole block went jungle.

    “The Negroes in the forest brightly feathered
    They are saying, Forget the night
    Live with us in forests of azure
    Out here on the perimeter there are no stars
    Out here we is stoned – immaculate””

    There were no “talented tenth” living there as I could see.

  83. Our elites/rulers, call them whatever you wish, are just making sure that the system continues till one day in the future, when our nation becomes predominantly “mulatto”. Then racism will be cured, and our country will be singing kumbaya while we drink coca cola and watch sports.

    Itz a slow descent into darkness. Our population at that time time in the year 2100 will probably be somewhere in the vicinity of one billion. White people will be about a third of that.

    The only solution is for White people to have more children, at least three per family.

    The other solution is to immediately stop immigration from the third world. That will never happen because out rulers need population growth to keep the economy constantly expanding. Without population growth our financial system will implode. This scares the BeeJezuz of of them.

  84. It has the same ratio of Blacks to whites as many government agencies, whether they are headed by whites or Blacks. White government agency managers get credit for hiring / retaining mostly minorites. In the corporate jobs with an 80 / 20 majority-minority ratio, the manager is usually Black, and the overwhelming majority of hires are Black females, specifically fellow moms. Other corporations with reverse-racism cronyist setups include companies with big government contracts. When whites apply, they are often told by temp agency staff that they are “not culture fits,” even when job experience, education and legally required licensing suggests a work-related fit.

  85. Mr. Grey says:

    In baseball, the ball is white. This is obviously the problem. The ball isn’t white in basketball or football. How can black people relate to the white ball? It’s a sign telling them racism is okay and that they don’t belong. Is there any wonder why they don’t want to play baseball? And for those that do, seeing that white ball aggressively hurled at them over and over again must destroy their self-esteem, causing them to fail at making it in the big leagues.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Oleaginous Outrager
  86. baythoven says:

    Or similarly:

    Interesting how much more the sports media support African-American bias over a span of just 12 years. Sheffield is ridiculed; Hunter heard with more respect; Jones (here) quoted as if he’s the lone voice of wisdom.

    I used to regard sportswriters as nothing more than gossip columnists for men, but they’re worse than that now.

  87. Hibernian says:
    @Archie Bunker

    In reply to both of your replies to me, I was just trying to provide some perspective. BTW, I’ve lived in Chicago almost continually for 40 years.

    • Replies: @Archie Bunker
  88. @Mr. Grey

    Home plate is white. The other bases are white. The pitching “rubber”, white. The lines on the field? White again. It is endless, focused violence on the self-esteem of the black man. How are they supposed to survive the hideous psychic assault of playing the *SHUDDER* White Sox? In Chicago of all places!

  89. 1776blues says:

    The real reason, if it has not been stated here, there are fewer blacks in baseball is they’re not elevated to star status and assigned to the pros after they’re drafted. Baseball for the majority is a long process to make the big leagues. The majority of black athletes lack the commitment, determination, and hard work it takes to make the big league.

    The best player in baseball is white, his name is Mike Trout, however a writer for ESPN by the name of Jeff Passan is ready to elevate a player, Ronald Acuña Jr as the best player and who is barely into his second season. Every time I see articles mostly by Jews that cry about the lack of blacks in baseball or as coaches/managers/owners in any sport I instantly know the point being made is anti white. He may have posed his claim as a question but it was obvious what he meant. Passan: One year in, is Ronald Acuña Jr. ready to claim Best Player in Baseball title?

    Last I read baseball has about a third of hispanic players.

    • Replies: @baythoven
  90. @Hibernian

    My comments were made from my observations from a semi, when my comment about a Chicago sportswear seeing enough black people in his city, how can that be refuted. I don’t need to live in a sewer to know shit stinks

  91. baythoven says:

    I recall a Jewish columnist, about two years ago (or less?), writing about how boring the white baseball players are, and how he finds the POC’s in baseball so much more entertaining because they’re more demonstrative and passionate. Of course, his view was antithetical to baseball tradition, or to any concepts of courtesy and respect for fellow players, but hey, so what if it’s a knock on Whitey.

  92. My comment has been in moderation since April 28, 2019. So long SBPDL. It was nice while it lasted. Tired of my thoughtful comments either end up in moderation limbo or not published at all. All the older commenters like myself have decided to just not come back.

  93. AnalogMan says:
    @Former City Boy

    their contribution to society is music, running fast, and violent crime.

    Music? Did I miss something?

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  94. @AnalogMan

    I think he means hating the white man set to African rhythm.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
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