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Boston University Study on Gun Homicides in USA Admits the Racial Truth of Firearm Violence: Young People of Color (Blacks) Are Primarily Responsible for Fatal Shootings 
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Yet another major university study on gun crime/fire homicide in America proves what we all privately know (and what Family Guy in the show’s infancy dared admit in the guise of a joke), yet dare not publicly speak – guns don’t kill people, dangerous minorities do. [Young People Of Color Are The Most Frequent Victims Of Gun Homicides,, November 25, 2019]:

Overall crime in the United States has been declining since the early 1990s. But the same cannot be said for gun violence, which has seen a slight uptick in recent years. A new report from Boston University found that uptick has been led by an increase in homicides of young people — particularly of young black and Hispanic men.

Researchers at Boston University, led by Dr. Bindu Kalesan, looked at national gun violence data from 1999 to 2016. From 1999 to 2014, gun violence rates stayed steady. But after 2014, there were increases in rates of both fatal and non-fatal firearm related injuries.

The research showed many differences in how gun violence affected communities. For example, the rates of suicide were high for white men, while black men were more likely to be victims of homicide.

Kalesan believes the problem of gun violence is a complicated one and can’t be solved with sweeping legislation.

She says it’s key we “understand the communities and provide interventions, which are specific for that community,” Kalesan said, “rather than passing some strange law like a bump stock ban.”

A Patchwork Of Laws

Kalesan found that even in states that had passed gun control legislation, mortality rates kept rising. She believes this is partially due to a lack of community resources but also because states across the country have different gun control laws.

“We need something at the national level — the federal level — which is very restrictive to be able to make anything effective in any state,” Kalesan said. “And we haven’t done that yet!”

Kalesan argues that a law like a universal background checks would address some of the problems that affect homicide rates and the trafficking of illegal guns. But without it, background checks in states don’t make much of a difference to homicide rates because guns can be trafficked from states with less restrictive gun laws into states with more restrictive laws.

Why are we so afraid to admit the racial reality of gun crime in America? Because the entire criminal justice system – and the reasons behind the lack of enforcement of violent gun crime – would become apparent.

There is no white privilege in America.

Seth MacFarlane admitted the truth about gun crime in a joke almost two decades ago: “Guns don’t kill people, dangerous minorities do.”

Social policy in America shouldn’t be based off of individuals, but on pattern recognition. And once we can de-couple ourselves from white guilt impeding our every judgement, we can once again base law and social policy on reality instead of wishful thinking.

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  1. nymom says:

    Not to be insensitive but if the black community itself is willing to accept this high rate of gun violence among themselves, why should we interfere…

    It should only be when they leave the confines of their neighborhoods and/or hurt innocent victims that we need be concerned.

    Many of these shootings are gang related or personal vendettas between the victim’s family and the perps…

    Again, if the black community doesn’t wish to take action why should we…Many in the community are probably glad to get rid of a bunch of trouble-makers since those appear to be the main victims and perps of these crimes (with a few rare exceptions). At least that’s the take I am getting from the statistics.

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @Jero
  2. AshtonS says:

    America does not have a gun violence problem. It has a Negro (And, increasingly, Mestizo) problem. This is a forbidden truth no politician, left or right, dare speak of.

    • Agree: Unit472, dc.sunsets
  3. Vinnie O says:

    If you’re buying your guns illegally in an alley someplace, the only background check is to ensure you ain’t a police informer.

    Chicago has had some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country since the 1960s. This hasn’t stopped or even reduced shootings.

    It’s kinda like arguing that the way to reduce bank robberies is to pass more laws saying it’s now EVEN MORE illegal to rob banks.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  4. File under guns don’t kill people – dangerous criminals do:

    Man charged with sexually assaulting, murdering UIC freshman Ruth George

  5. Doright says:

    Young People of Color (Blacks) Are Primarily Responsible for Fatal Shootings

    Really? Who would have guessed?

    • Replies: @Swamp Fox
  6. Anonymous[402] • Disclaimer says:

    I find the American use of the term “people of color” odd because in Britain to refer to a non-white as “coloured” is considered an offensive racial slur, if you referred to non-white people as “people of colour” in Britain you’d get some odd looks to say the least.

    Yet in America, “people of color” is apparently the politically correct term. Just another example of how language can be very different even in countries that speak the same language.

  7. The scope of the problem is still unknown to Joseph and Janine Sixpack.

    I first read a version of 13/50 (or general number of crimes committed by YBMs) in the mid-90s from a quoted black youth minister and thought, That can’t be right.

    Perhaps an infographic posted everywhere? Fake news would not report the flyer’s stats at first but would with enough pressure.

  8. @Johann Ricke

    In this case the victim is an middle class type black woman.

    No gun was used.

  9. Yawn. The latest of thousands of similar “studies.” It’s always “Young People of Color Are the Primary Victims of Gun Homicides.”

    It’s never “Young People of Color Are the Primary Perpetrators of Gun Homicides.”

    Which is the never-to-be acknowledged truth.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  10. @Johann Ricke

    Man charged with sexually assaulting, murdering UIC freshman Ruth George

    At least she didn’t get the Full Lori Roscetti treatment (double-raped, sodomized, beaten, then ultimately suffering a caved-in skull courtesy of a concrete block.)

    Anyone who attends UIC who doesn’t grasp just how dangerous is that area is a complete moron. Anyone who is in that area at night and alone, especially a woman, is a moron^10.

  11. “People of Color” is a veiled slam on those of us who apparently lack color entirely. We’re just blank sheets of paper, without agency or value, who “deserve” to be shredded by PoC whenever the mood strikes.

    As with “Gay,” such terms are intended to dehumanize people like me (who are colorless and “opposite-of-gay,” for exactly the same reason shoot-em-up TV and Movie plots often put masks on the legions of “bad guys” the “good girl” mows down with her belt-fed machine gun. Obscuring someone’s humanity is a necessary step to making it enjoyable to murder them.

    Refuse to be dehumanized. Or die.

  12. Once AOC ascends from from lower class Puerto Rican welfarero status to wealthy grifter status, I wonder if “ellix” will join the Boston University alumni donor class.

  13. CDebussey says:

    Cue up the excuses for this obvious truth, that anyone with more than 3 brain cells has known for decades. As someone who knows people in big city LE, these simple truths plague their lives like a raging virus with no cure or plan of attack. They simply arrest, rearrest, wash rinse and repeat until these savages hit the big time with a murder charge. In the meantime DA’s are falling all over themselves trying to fight for who can be the most lenient in sentencing for these societal destroying primates due to them being “victims” or something else ridiculously incorrect. One cop told me that the days of proactive policing in most of these neighborhoods has been over for a long time, most civilians simply don’t know it. He also mentioned the disgusting hypocrisy of blacks wildly pissed off about the ultra rare instances of officer involved shootings involving these violent heathens, compared to the relative silence about facts related to murder rates of the inner city negro. It’s my opinion that carcass removal is far cheaper and much less invasive in the lives of humans to bother with trying to stop them from what is clearly their natural impulses.

  14. I love this time of the year when those of means share their bounty with those less fortunate. The media does their very best to interview white people who are receiving a basket to make their Thanksgiving a blessed event, as well as two black volunteers. However the cameraman sometimes goes off script to show you the real deal. One of the best was a volunteer bringing a basket to the front door of the nest because the needy family was too lazy to walk to the parking lot. After walking down the littered sidewalk, they turned into the driveway. For a SPLIT second, a red Cadillac SUV was in full view, I had to back up to make certain what I saw.

  15. @Anonymous

    Journalists and politicians use the term ‘people of color’.

  16. Augustus says:
    @Female in FL

    Look at it this way. They were soooo poor they had to drive their own vehicle, because they couldn’t afford a driver. Think about it. Having all that White privilege, would you stoop to driving your own vehicle. Of course not!

  17. @Johann Ricke

    Damn.  Anything that even LOOKS like that should be subject to arrest for first-degree ugly.

  18. HT says:

    Unfortunately most whites still believe that if we just try harder and spend more money, blacks will some day be just like white people.

  19. Austin says:

    This was done to frame things in a whites/oppressor vs everyone else way. It was not until the last decade that phrase people of color became prominent when identity politics has really become mainstream.

    For many decades up until the 2010s it was typically “minorities” was the phrase used.

    • Replies: @Swamp Fox
  20. @Anonymous

    People of color = people of NEVER RELAX.

  21. @Female in FL

    For a SPLIT second, a red Cadillac SUV was in full view, I had to back up to make certain what I saw.

    Those Caddy payments aren’t too much when Whitey pays for your housing, food, medical plus Bastard Bonus Bux.

  22. @Johann Ricke

    The vic, Ruth George, was a pretty Indian girl. Had her family embraced Gandhi’s view of blacks she might still be alive.

  23. Swamp Fox says: • Website

    I know how I refer to them.

  24. POC=People Of Crime

    • LOL: eah
  25. eah says:


  26. @dc.sunsets

    Female college students are notoriously naive and not especially cautious. The predators know it.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  27. eah says:
    @Johann Ricke

    He’s a parolee –> link — another totally useless, dysfunctional black male:

    At the time of the killing, Thurman, 26, was still on parole for a robbery conviction from 2016 for snatching an iPhone from a woman’s hands before fleeing in a stolen car, court records show. He was sentenced in August 2016 to six years in state prison but released from prison in December 2018 after serving little more than two years. He had been given credit for spending an additional seven months in custody while awaiting trial, according to the records.

    Thurman’s court-appointed attorney, Assistant Public Defender Valerie Panozzo, said in court Tuesday that Thurman has a history of mental health issues. The high school graduate has worked as a dishwasher and at the city’s animal shelter since his parole, she said, but he was homeless, “bouncing from place to place.”

  28. @Anonymous

    Anonymous(402)——–Just out of curiosity,what is the British equivalent of “dindu” or “dindu nuffin” ????

  29. @Johann Ricke

    Look at that Dead , soulless shark eyed …

  30. So… let’s go back to talking about Emmett Till.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  31. @Female in FL

    Female in Fl————–Blacks can always afford life’s luxuries.White people are forced by Uncle Sam to provide Blacks with life’s necessities. P.S. I once joined my church deacons in collecting and passing out Christmas presents to the community’s less privileged children. Black baby mamas loudly complained about brands,colors,wrapping paper,etc.etc.. I told the deacons to hell with serving Christ by serving Blacks.Miserable A-holes.

    • Replies: @loren
    , @Captain Kane
  32. Swamp Fox says: • Website

    It is like a police spokesperson stating that there were a lot of Air Jordan shoeprints around a wet crime scene… obviously.

  33. loren says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    toys for tots = toys for non whites.

  34. loren says:

    desmond made the news years ago.

  35. SafeNow says:

    If not guns, then knives. There is no public-policy solution, only personal strategies. Plan A: Give a wide berth to all blacks; if a black pharmacist or plumber is insulted because you have deviated your path, then, unfortunately, so be it. Avoid the dark, and avoid quiet streets. If an assault is imminent despite these precautions, then “turtle-up” to protect the face. Or, plan B is to move. Perhaps to a very small city in Iowa, 98% white, nearest interstate 15 miles away.

  36. @eah

    And of course, every last one is a dindu:

    We DEFINITELY need a spay and neuter program, stat!

    • Agree: HammerJack
  37. @dc.sunsets

    My God I recognized that name immediately. Its been so many years. It all came back to me. Horrible story.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  38. D-FENS says:

    Language is very important to the Left and they are masters at it. They must constsntly rename/rebrand their failures so no one catches on.

    colored -> negroes -> black -> African American -> person of color -> underrepresented -> youth -> teen -> justice involved individual

    • LOL: Swamp Fox
  39. AnalogMan says:

    It’s just part of the continuous evolution of PC.

    Once upon a time, the normal usage was something that you can’t even say, now; not even on this blog. But “negro” was an acceptable substitute. Then “Colored People” came into vogue; they even have a National Association. But as inevitably happens, any term used to reference these people takes on negative connotations. For a while, “Black” was popular in a defiant way, but it lacks dignity. So “People of Color” is the approved appellation now. You’d think the terms are hardly distinguishable, but apparently it Matters. I recall an American politician getting a public spanking in the media for using the former, outdated term.

    What will take its place when “POC” becomes a “Racial Slur”? It will, you know. There’s nothing that you can call them that will survive the association in polite discourse.

    • LOL: Swamp Fox
    • Replies: @truthwarrior
  40. @Sick of Orcs

    Add in untaxed income from braiding hair, unlicensed daycares, or selling drugs & stolen property, and you’re making a nice living.

    I have advocated for years on here about bartering your services, giving discounts to people who pay cash, having yardsales or selling goods at flea or farmers markets and earning as much as you can in cash. The less you pay into the system, the better, starve the beast.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  41. @David In TN

    The groids know they can play the “oh, because you racist” card when hitting on young white women who decline their advances, and the young women will usually give in to show they aren’t racist.

    • Replies: @Exador
    , @dc.sunsets
  42. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Around Christmas in Pittsburgh, toys are given to needy families. Two years ago, someone on the local news channel screwed up and showed the vehicles the people had that were coming for the free toys – many large SUV’s (because the city happened to be towing cars that day). Some stated that it was a tradition to go down for the free toys. If someone can afford a large SUV, they can afford their own toys.

  43. Jero says:

    I dont know, because they’re most definitely human, and interfering in humans killing each other probably isn’t a bad thing?

    And who is this “we” that you speak of? Some fantasy group of people who have all the same exact opinions on everything as well passably similar physical traits? Maybe if you live in a town or smallish city, such demographic observations are worth a look, but anything on the state and national level is just identity politics. There is no national community of any people in the US. Except for maybe the one.

    Individuals exist that might look like they belong to your groups but dont identify as a member.

  44. @eah

    I looked up this story. The U.S. MSM won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.

    The three men who have fathered 81 children with 46 different women…

    81 children? Correction: 81 children they’ve admitted to.

    Attorney Warren Campbell told Action News 5 if a person does not pay child support, the state ends up paying and there is no legal way to stop people from having children.

    See Mr. Rational’s comment for what should be the obvious solution to this problem, wherever negroes run free.

  45. @Priss Factor

    Wow, did you hear about that story too? Apparently he was lynched by some white racists simply because he was black. It’s in all the big papers this year. The so-called “prestige media”.

  46. @Female in FL

    Years ago, our office used to take up a collection around Christmas time, to give to some charity or other that helped needy people. I used to give to it, without even thinking.

    Well, awhile back, one of the secretaries (guess the race) started pushing and needling for our office to make a donation to some charity her church was pushing. That charity focused on helping solely on, once again, guess the race. That’s when I stopped donating. I don’t mind donating to a charity that helps ALL people, regardless off race, as long as it’s done equitably. But, this particular Christmas was a real eye opener. Also, most of the people in our office are White. So I was looking at it mainly as a way to fleece Whitey.

    This time around, an email went around, saying that our office “adopted” a family for Christmas, and we were “responsible” for bringing holiday cheer to two darling little boys. No race was mentioned, but I can’t remember the last time a White person named their kids after dead presidents. I think one of the kids was 7, and the other was 1 and a half. For the wish list, the 1 1/2 year old “wanted” among other things, a toy truck and a train set! Right on…how many 1 1/2 year olds are lusting after a train set?!

    Needless to say, I won’t be subsidizing, this Christmas. At least, not at the office.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  47. Exador says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    This reminds me of a case several years ago at UGA in Athens, GA. A woman was raped in her bedroom. Several people saw the black sneaking around her windows, but nobody called the police because they didn’t want to appear ‘racist’.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  48. loren says:

    r selection versus y selection. or is it k?

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  49. @Exador

    Racism saves lives, starting with one’s own.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  50. @loren

    r-selection = large litters, little or no parental investment

    Think breedeR or other words ending in R.

    K selection = few offspring, high parental investment

    Think ‘It’s OK to be k.’

  51. I’ve told these stories before so I’ll keep this as short as possible.
    A friend of mine worked for a charity that had locations all over town that was involved with the Toys for Tots program. Anyone who signed up for the program was allowed to get toys from only ONE location and yes, it was monitored. Even so, negroes (who were the vast majority of those who signed up) would try to scam the system by going to multiple locations to get toys. When denied, they’d chimp out. One went berserk and pushed over and smashed a display of glassware. Another faked a heart attack and put on a spectacular floor show whereupon the sow’s sista screamed they were going to sue. An ambulance had to be called for the critter. As she was being carried out on the stretcher, my friend said he saw her smiling with a smug and satisfied look on her face. Another sow screamed that she didn’t give a damn about any other kids when told if she was given more toys it would mean someone else’s kids would have to do without. Some of the sows would lie and screech that they hadn’t gotten any toys anywhere and that everyone was being racist and were tryin’ to ruin dey kids Xmas because dey beez black.

    My friend (being from a foreign country and unused to negro antics) was confused by the fact that all these negroes were driving really fancy and expensive cars yet “couldn’t afford toys.”

    Toys for Tots is infested by greedy, grasping negroes. It’s like those Xmas “angel trees” where people would put wish lists for their “impoverished kids” on the tree and all the names would be like Sharmeeka, Da’Quan, Trevarious, Loquisha, Jamal, Da’Derrick and so on. People (you guessed it-white!)were supposed to pick a name from the tree and fulfill the wish. Upon realizing that no white kids were getting a damn thing, people stopped bothering with the trees so then the names were eliminated in an attempt to get people re-involved. It didn’t work. The jig was up!

    Negroes are so classy!

  52. @Johann Ricke

    Looks more like an NFL player. Oops

  53. @AnalogMan

    “Political Correctness Is Going to Destroy Our Nation” ….Ben Carson

    Even Carson could not get away with this observation, as he got slammed from the BLONDE congresswoman Virginia who also wants to take guns away from her neighbors.

  54. @Non PC Infidel

    I wouldn’t give a yo yo to Toys for Tots. The local news station makes a big deal about that charity. The last few years, they have had to plead for donations because they aren’t getting enough toys to “fulfill the need.” They blamed it on Toys R Us going out of business. I differ because more and more people see who is benefitting.

  55. @Non PC Infidel

    That was heartwarming terrific story, more please!

    • Replies: @Non PC Infidel
  56. @Love Street

    The mall closest to my house is now officially dead and will close its doors for the final time at the end of January. In the meantime, the mall out west in a solid white area is thriving. The only difference is the mall near my house is within a few miles of a negro area. The death knell of the east side mall was when a negro tried to return a pair of pants to a store against the rules and, when denied, took out a gun and shot the clerk to death. It also didn’t help that the police had to put up mobile police towers in the parking lots to stop car break-ins, thefts and robberies. One lady in particular who worked there and got off after dark told me of how terrified she was to walk out of the mall to her car after she got off work. Another told me how unsafe she felt even working there.

    In the last few years, I remember going to the mall a couple of times and seeing negroes beating the hell out of each other on the escalator with green plastic baseball bats. On another visit, a negro was walking by the food court screeching at the top of his lungs that “dey’s goan respeks me!” It had become quite the hoodrat hangout at one time and I’m sure shoplifting was through the roof. Even I stopped going.

    I moved into the area about two years after the mall had opened back in the mid 80’s and, back then, it was thriving too and quite a nice place to go. Of course, now that the mall is dead, it’s claimed that on-line shopping and bad management is what killed it. Nope. If that was the case, the other mall would be a corpse too and it isn’t. It was something else that killed the mall but most won’t mention the gorilla in the room. If they had only kept the Congo Cruisers (city buses) arriving from the black area out, it might have been saved but, then again, it was very close driving distance from da hood.

    At a theater chain nearby, management had to call the police because hoodrats showed up and it was noticed that they were all packing illegal handguns in their waistbands. They were arrested. Just down the street, a negro was stopped by a cop during a traffic stop, got out and fired a shotgun at the cop. Arrested of course but claimed he wasn’t trying to kill the cop- he was just tryin’ to scare him off. Lol.

    About 2.75 miles from my house is Chipman Street where Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were held and torture murdered by five horrible negroes during the Knoxville Horror. About a mile away from my house is a Dollar General where the manager got into a gun battle with an armed negro and killed him. The manager was black and got fired. The perp was found dead in the woods some distance behind the store where he’d ran after being shot. Even closer is a chain restaurant that has to have a security guard to prevent robberies. They used to keep a cop car parked in front of the restaurant at all times.

    I could tell more stories but that’s enough for now

    • Replies: @Love Street
  57. @Non PC Infidel

    It’s not just Christmas when they pull this shit with charities, they have back to school drives, Halloween handouts, getting free turkeys at Thanksgiving, and so on, and yes it’s always the same when the local news covers these events, nice cars and well dressed sows with weaves, braids, done nails, and gold teeth, with 3-4 keeds in tow getting free stuff.

    • Agree: Non PC Infidel
    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  58. @Non PC Infidel

    Congo Cruisers, Hilarious!

  59. Augustus says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    Oh snap!!! So now no one is donating? I had signed up as LeQuan Aurelius Augustus in hopes of getting a new Major League Baseball 2020 version video game. Mine’s 3 years old and now NHL Hockey is 2 years old.

    Thank Gawd that I’ve had the forsight since 1970 to list myself as black on the census reports. I’m fittin’ tuh git muh share when you honky muthas has to finally pay dems reparations.

  60. @Sick of Orcs

    I’m stealing the bastard bonus bux, it’s too good.

  61. @Augustus

    Lol. On that note, can you imagine giving negroes 40 acres and a mule somewhere in Montana, the Dakota’s etc? They wouldn’t know what to do with any of it and would sell it off (not likely possible) and wind up losing it for unpaid property taxes. The mules would die of starvation.

    I can hear the negroes now. Whut? I ain’t gettin’ a Lexus, a mansion wid a swimmin’ pool and a million dolla’s? Dis be some boolsheet, man! Ain’t nobody want no damn mule and no vacant land wid nothin’ on it! Dey ain’t even a well to git no water at!

    • Replies: @Augustus
    , @Sick 'n Tired
  62. @Non PC Infidel

    Whites would be able to acquire the land from them for cheap, like when the Dutch settlers bought the island of Manhattan with glass beads & trinkets, except with blacks it would be Popeyes chicken sandwiches, Jordans, and weaves made from real hair, not synthetic.

  63. @Augustus

    “…I’m fittin’ tuh git muh share.”

    Sorry, Augustus (or LeQuan, depending), I be heavy with what you’re sayin,’ bro, but Ms. T’itanica Bunz, she be way ahead o’ you in da gibs line, nome sayin?

    • LOL: Augustus
  64. @Sick 'n Tired

    This is a fundamental breakdown of parenting, and a testament to the helplessness of most people in the face of herding behavior.

    Most men and women are herd animals first, humans with agency a distant second. Those who are high-spectrum herders will almost-literally throw their own children into a volcano rather than be seen as apostates in the herd’s dominant religion (which today is “universalism.”)

    My kids were (and my grandkids will be) raised to understand that there is no more dangerous animal on Earth than another human being, and that each and every one of them should be respected the way one would respect a feral tiger.

    No matter where you live, the goal is to always be the less-attractive, less-accessible prey for whatever predators may or may not be present. Women who allow themselves to be alone and isolated, day or night, might as well paint a target on their butts. But humans, as I noted, are herd animals and very few realize that acting to skew the statistical probabilities against victimization is worthwhile. Most people just roll the dice.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  65. @Father O'Hara

    And the 20-something woman (whose name escapes me) with emotional handicaps who was arrested at O’Hare Airport, taken to jail and then, over her parents’ pleading objections released before they could get to Chicago from California.

    A couple nice police women (who happened to be black) dropped her off wearing nothing but short-shorts and a cutoff top in the midst of a housing project…supposedly they had a good laugh about that.

    She was taken into one of the high rises, she literally jumped from a 7th story window (it’s believed she was trying to escape being raped) and she (almost sadly) survived the fall.

    She’s a permanent invalid, and Chicago’s white taxpayers paid out a hefty settlement for that, while I’ll bet Big $$$$$$ that the two policewomen who dumped her in the Jungle among the apes went on to retire on nice pensions. They should have been shot on sight.

    • Agree: Father O'Hara
    • Replies: @Lost in Illinois
  66. @dc.sunsets

    Here you are, another heartwarming story from the shitty of big shoulders.

    Not to worry though, the convicted felon who was accused of killing her served part of a 12 year sentence so justice was served.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  67. @Lost in Illinois

    Not to worry though, the convicted felon who was accused of killing her served part of a 12 year sentence so justice was served.

    Actually, in this particular case justice was delayed, but not denied.

    One of the two men killed in a mass shooting last weekend outside a Grand Crossing neighborhood bar had served prison time for his part in a high-profile case that resulted in a mentally ill California woman falling from the seventh floor of a South Side public housing high-rise.

    Marvin Powell, 36, was among seven people shot early Sunday morning after a fight inside Reynold’s Lounge in the city’s Grand Crossing neighborhood spilled outdoors.

    More than a decade ago, he was locked up for kidnapping in a case that left a stain on the Chicago Police Department, highlighting how its officers needed better training in dealing with people struggling with mental health issues.

    In May 2006, Christina Eilman, 21, was arrested at Midway Airport while experiencing a bipolar breakdown. She was held by Chicago police overnight and then released the next day without assistance several miles away in a high-crime neighborhood.

    The former student at the University of California at Los Angeles was abducted and sexually assaulted before plummeting from a seventh-floor window in the last remaining high-rise of the Robert Taylor Homes. She survived but suffered a severe and permanent brain injury, a shattered pelvis and numerous other broken bones and injuries.

    Powell was accused of holding Eilman against her will and attacking her before she fell. He initially faced criminal charges including kidnapping and sexual assault. He was convicted on charges related to Eilman’s abduction and given a 12-year prison sentence — a term that was shortened by parole and credit he received for serving more than four years in the Cook County Jail while the case made its way through the courts.

    A lawsuit against the city of Chicago filed on Eilman’s behalf dragged in the courts for six years. The 2012 settlement to Eilman for $22.5 million may be the largest single-victim police lawsuit settlement in the city’s history.

  68. @Sick 'n Tired

    We go pick up dem toys fo JaVarius an Takeesha,den we be gon ta Popeyes fo dem chicken Sammitches an grape drank. Fuck Trump dat rayciss mufukka!

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