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Blacks in 64% White Minneapolis Push for Police to Stop Pulling Over Blacks for Most Traffic Violations
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Minneapolis is 64 percent white.

The city is 18 percent black.

Did you know the rate of those wounded by gun violence in the city is actually higher for black women than it is for white males?

It’s true. [Black women caught in the crossfire of Minneapolis gun violence,, 1-3-19]

Why not just make it illegal to pull black drivers over? That’s coming, if true social justice is implemented…

An MPR News analysis of Minneapolis shootings from January 2016 through mid-December 2018 found 89 African-American females — including three girls aged 17 and younger — were wounded by people with guns. Seven African-American women died as a result of being shot.

In 2016, 338 people were wounded by gunfire in Minneapolis; 41 were black women. It’s a rate of gun violence higher than that for women of all other racial or ethnic groups. That rate is also higher than for white men.

Proximity to violent behavior and firearms are key factors in the rate of gun violence victimization of black women, said Sasha Cotton, who heads the city of Minneapolis’ Group Violence Intervention program.

Because African-American men, she said, are often the targets or perpetrators of gun violence, “their partners, their families, their community members are going to also have increased risk for being victims and perpetrators of that same violence, just by sheer proximity.”

While women are sometimes active participants in gang or group violence, they are more likely to be victims of abuse, said Cotton.

Why is this important to note?

Because the Minneapolis Police Department is under fire for daring to make the city safer by pulling over drivers of vehicles with serious equipment problems… all because too many of those pulled over for broken blinkers, brake lights, or headlights are black. [Citing racial disparity, Mpls drivers seek moratorium on certain traffic stops,, 2-7-19]:

Some drivers pulled over by Minneapolis police say what was frustration has now turned into fear.

In a meeting Wednesday, a group voiced concerns about traffic stops for equipment violations – a blinker, a brake light, a headlight. MPD data shows African Americans are more likely to be pulled over for equipment violations, and some black drivers say that has led to harassment by police.

“They stopped me for no apparent reason, and then when I go to the precinct to complain, I get charged with trespassing by the same cop I am complaining about,”

“And the interactions are gruff. They’re not respectful, they’re a rough type of interaction, and I can sense that at any moment I could lose my life. I can sense an impending potential for death.

So, the group is asking for a moratorium that would keep police from pulling them over for equipment violations.

“They’re not gonna protect me and you’re not gonna protect me. I have no other recourse but to protect myself.

Chief Arradondo said he needs a lot more information before considering any moratorium.

“To me, to simply pull off a tool I think I need to engage more of our community. I think I need to listen more, learn more, be educated and make sure in the ultimate I’m doing what’s right,” Chief Arradondo said.

The chief also said there is a big benefit to traffic stops – they actually end up decreasing some violent crime.


“In the past two years in Minneapolis, particularly the fourth precinct, we have seen through our efforts of our group, our gang enforcement activity that has been conducting a lot of the traffic enforcement in north Minneapolis, we have seen a two-year decrease in the victims of gunshot violence in Minneapolis, and particularly north Minneapolis,” he said.

At least one woman said she feels a moratorium is not the answer.

“They are recovering guns, and I thank God that they are. I don’t know where we’re going with this, but for me this is a safety issue,” she said.

More black women are the victim of gun violence in the city than even white males, though white males represent a far greater percentage of the city’s population. This is because black males shoot them, or they are with black males who are being shot at by other black males.

Blacks are pulled over while driving their vehicles in Minneapolis because they fail to maintain their cars and are in violation of the law for this inattention to the integrity of their car. As the police note, routine enforcement of this law helps crack down on other, more serious crimes, because broken windows policing works.

All of the standards in our society must be lowered, loosened to the point of non-enforcement because of the failures of blacks to abide by them.

Be it fare evasion being decriminalized across the nation to protect blacks, to police in Austin, Texas stopping the arrest of those committing ‘petty theft‘, all laws will have to be abandoned in pursuit of social/racial justice.

• Category: Race/Ethnicity 
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  1. Rich says:

    Are there any cities that have actually given in to the crazy demands of blacks? In NYC they give them lip service, but keep arresting them, what happens when a city eventually gives up? Are there any blacks, anywhere, who are actually against crime and support the police? If there are, we never see them in the news.

    • Agree: AR in Illinois
    • Replies: @Rando
  2. I’m a regular reader of SBPDL. I am commenting here just to see if I can indeed comment freely. Everything about my name, etc., is fictitious, but the thoughts are really mine.

    Minnesota is one of those states that is so wrapped up in political correctness they let criminals go free.

    If I might use a different example, a Somali cop (a black male) recently shot a white woman for no apparent reason while responding to a call. The entire city seemed to protect this man even though he committed a heinous crime. What saved the Somali cop from being arrested (as a white shooting a black would have been) was political correctness. Blacks are a protected class of people; ergo, the demand to be free of faulty equipment stops by police. Now, to see if I can post this, or not!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  3. I know this is not PC & also too associative. Not to be taken too seriously. But- don’t blacks, as a group, share some characteristics with particularly dysfunctional women (OK, not exclusively, but the HPD- Histrionic Personality Disorder is 4 times more frequent in females than in males). Charcteristcs are, among others:
    onal characteristics may include:

    Exhibitionist behavior

    Constant seeking of reassurance or approval

    Excessive sensitivity to criticism or disapproval

    Pride of own personality and unwillingness to change, viewing any change as a threat

    Inappropriately seductive appearance or behavior of a sexual nature

    Using somatic symptoms (of physical illness) to garner attention

    A need to be the center of attention

    Low tolerance for frustration or delayed gratification

    Rapidly shifting emotional states that may appear superficial or exaggerated to others

    Tendency to believe that relationships are more intimate than they actually are

    Making rash decisions

    Blaming personal failures or disappointments on others

    Being easily influenced by others, especially those who treat them approvingly

    Being overly dramatic and emotional

    Influenced by the suggestions of others

  4. It’s ASTONISHING just how racist cops are.  Driving While Black is not just a thing in Minneapolis, but everywhere.

    There are DWB stops in St. Louis:

    There are DWB stops in North Carolina:

    There are DWB stops in Sacramento:

    And it’s AMAZING how clever these racist cops are.  One study of racist traffic stops found that police decided to stop Blacks disproportionately based on nothing but hits on their radar guns.  Imagine being able to tell race with a radar gun!  We have to add a new type of racism to institutional, cultural, implicit and environmental racism:  electromagnetic racism.  Somewhere there is a school of racism which enrolls traffic cops from around the country and teaches things that even university physics and electrical engineering departments don’t know yet.

    Or maybe it’s just the universe discriminating against Black people, in everything, and it’s not actually anybody’s fault.

    • LOL: silviosilver
  5. unit472 says:

    The offense is ‘driving while poor’ and police use it with a vengeance because the ‘traffic stop’ is the only real method for a patrol officer to interrogate a person and make an arrest. You have to produce your drivers license, registration and proof of insurance when stopped even if only for having a cracked tail light lens. Poor people, particularly poor negroes, often can’t produce these minimal documents. This leads to another cop being called for ‘back up’ and a real criminal investigation to find out what is going on. It affects whites too but mostly those with beards and tattoos.

    I’ve reviewed the mugshots of people arrested in Florida for years now. More than 3/4 of males arrested have facial hair ( black, white, latino it doesn’t matter). Criminals don’t realize how they stand out to the police so, of course when a cop spots multiple black males driving in a crummy car he has a reasonable belief there will be drugs or guns or warrants on at least one of the occupants.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  6. Anonymous[375] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. Pepper

    Actually, he was charged with murder and charged with manslaughter. Any google search will bring up multiple articles on this subject.

    • Replies: @Dr. Pepper
  7. Anon[178] • Disclaimer says:

    Dismantling the law to stop the penalties that are ultimately both deterrent of bad / dangerous behavior (in this case car neglect) as well as motivation toward minimal social standards is a direct dismantling of society.

    Why do blacks want to be here? If they have trouble keeping up with basic law abidance, then it seems that less civilized nations are more appropriate for them. They will be held to lesser standards there, and civilized cities like Minneapolis then need not be incrementally diminished to accommodate them.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  8. “To me, to simply pull off a tool I think I need to engage more of our community. I think I need to listen more, learn more, be educated and make sure in the ultimate I’m doing what’s right,” Chief Arradondo said.

    This guy’s a fifth generation Minnesotan, apparently. Such a sublime command of the language.

  9. Why not just make it illegal to pull black drivers over?

    In many places this is already the de facto status quo.

    Cops realize that it’s far more risky to their careers–even their lives–to arrest black lawbreakers.

    Simply not worth the risk, the risk of becoming famous in the worst possible way.

    The number of cops in prison for killing white males is vanishingly small.

    • Agree: Hibernian, Bubba
    • Replies: @Fergus
  10. de-policing will be a major feature of america heading into the 2020s. i’ve talked about this before.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  11. Testing. Testing.

    Well, finally! Hope everything has gotten ironed out and I wish PK the best of luck in this new venture. Or at least, new venue.

    I stumbled on some links the other day searching for ‘black crime’ which were eye opening. It was the black perspective(or at least the left perspective) of ‘why’.

    Naturally, it’s all our fault. They’re prolific criminals because….racism, slavery…the usual hog wash.

    I’m more of an Occam’s Razor type of guy. I don’t search for oranges under apple trees. Usually the simplest answer covers the question pretty well. Simple answer is, they are prolific criminals because they are generally lazy, mischievous and violent people. Same as the criminal element of the white race, just in greater proportion.

    However, with a complicit media under reporting their shenanigans and the entire leftist government running block for them, we are the ones to suffer for it.

    And we’re also the ones who will, in the end, protect ourselves and our loved ones, from them.

  12. @Bardon Kaldian

    I agree with you 100% on that issue. We have to have 10 posts to be able to hit “agree”. All the reasons you mentioned are part of the reason many women can’t really choose what is good for them. They react with their hearts, and not their brains. With that said, I love them, but they should not decide national issues that have to do with the well being of white people. Blacks are much more tribal as can be seen from the OJ Simpson trial, and the fact that Black Lives Matter seem to have more white women than black people. This guilt trip syndrome is a sickness mostly relegated to the white race (maybe because we evolved where cooperation was needed to survive). Many white women are giving the negroes what I call the “mother hen” protection. They learned this from the current media they watch during the daytime; and also, they are much easier to brainwash.

  13. Unfortunately for Stephanie McNabb she failed to heed the proximity rule and – like the women in Milwaukee – paid dearly.

    ‘Man beat woman in a jealous rage, cops say. Eight days later, she was shot to death’

    FEBRUARY 11, 2019 01:46 PM


    A Palmetto woman police say was shot multiple times by her recent ex-boyfriend after he broke into her home early Sunday morning, was not the first woman to fear for her life when he was in a jealous rage.

    Flozell Murell III’s ex-fiance told detectives that she was afraid he would kill her if he found her. She had escaped from their home after he beat her and held her against her will in December 2016, court records show.

    Less three months after being released from jail in that case, Murell was accused of beating his most recent ex-girlfriend, 41-year-old Stephanie McNabb, after another jealous rage.

    Murell is now charged with killing McNabb early Sunday. …

    • Replies: @I.P. Daily
  14. “the city is 64% white”

    Ah, but for how much longer.

    The schools are only 35% white…

  15. Black’s comprise 13% of the U.S. population, but are responsible for over 50% of the homicides. What’s even more telling is black males are just over 6% of the U.S. population, but commit almost half of the murders. Facts are not racist. Truth has no agenda.

  16. I wonder if Ward Clever was ever robbed in his driveway while checking the mail? If so, I missed that episode. If you believe you can blindly go about your day oblivious to your surroundings you are living in a fairy tale.

    ‘Woman: Gunman robbed in her Gwinnett County driveway’

    By: FOX 5 News
    POSTED: FEB 09 2019 09:54AM EST

    SNELLVILLE, Ga. (FOX 5 Atlanta) – A Gwinnett County woman came face-to-face with a gunman in the driveway of her own home.

    For Elaine Dervales, it all started as a regular trip home from the store, when instantly, in her driveway inside a subdivision off Lee Road in Snellville, everything changed.

    “I left my car running, pulled the brake to check my mail,” Dervales said. “I walked back up about 5 feet, sat back in my car, and when I tried to close my door he was inside my door and he was about a foot from my nose with what looked like a 38 revolver.”

    Dervales said a gunman demanded her valuables.

    “He just quickly pointed the gun and said ‘Give me your purse. Give me your phone.’ And I was like slow motion I reached this way and this way,” she said. 

    She told investigators it only lasted about 10 seconds and the man wore a hoodie.

    Shaken from the incident, she plans on changing her routine.

    “Now i wont stop, I will go straight into my garage and put the door completely down before I unlock my car door and I’ll check my mail tomorrow,” she said.

    Dervales has a message to the man who stole from her or anyone else who plans to steal from others that she says is rooted in her faith in God.

    “That is my home. He gave it to me and he marked out every inch of that square in that subdivision. It’s mine, it is covered in his blood, and that’s my home,” she said. “No devil, no demon, no wicked thing, and this young man, he needs to know Jesus.” 

    • Replies: @Dixiegirl
  17. CENTURION says: • Website

    This is my first post since coming over from PK’s original “page”
    Let’s see if this goes through

    • Replies: @Bruce County
    , @Dixiegirl
  18. Rando says:

    Subway fare jumping in NYC has been made a non-arrestable offense because the vast majority of arrests for it were blacks and therefore “racist”.

  19. 404?

    Your homepage says ‘We’re sorry. That page could not be found’, and shows no articles.

    EDIT: it now shows up after I commented, but still comes up empty on another browser.

  20. OT:
    But meanwhile over at Negro University…SCI Pheonix Prison.
    Quote: Bill Cosby’s spokesman says the comedian thinks prison is an ‘amazing experience’

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  21. Inspector says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    I’ve never met a woman like that *koff*


    Good to see you over here Centurion…

  23. Just checking in from the old site. It’s called LEGAL immigration!

  24. Just once, just once, I’d like to look at the local news and not be greeted with the smiling face of the likes of Maquavious having been arrested for robbery, or rape, or assault, or homicide, or all of the above.

    ‘Police: Georgia College student shot 3 times, robbed of car in Milledgeville’

    by WGXA staff
    Tuesday, February 12th 2019

    MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — An 18-year-old Georgia College and State University student was shot three times and robbed of his car in Milledgeville Monday afternoon.

    Milledgeville Police say Maquavious Malike Hall, 19, from Milledgeville, is charged with Aggravated Assault, Motor Vehicle Hijacking, and Possession of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime.

    According to police, the incident happened in the area of Barrows Ferry Road around 1 p.m. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the male victim.

    He told officers he was shot three times and robbed. 

    “The suspect took the young man’s black 2012 Toyota Tundra,” police say. “After taking the vehicle, the suspect was involved in a wreck in the same area of the incident. A passerby reported seeing the suspect flee the scene on foot, after the accident.”

    MPD officers along with Department of Corrections K-9 located Hall in the woods off Barrows Ferry Road.

  25. Whenever blacks suffer the consequences of their own group behavior, they always begin screeching that it has a disparate, unfair, and discriminatory impact upon them and is therefore racist. Doesn’t matter if you’re talking about their being disciplined in school for acting out more than any other group, misbehaving in shopping malls and getting banned or commiting traffic offenses. Even commiting serious crimes and being sentenced to prison more than any other group is racist. How dare you hold them accountable and make them look bad!

    Unless every other group is punished to the same degree that blacks are- even if they’re not commiting offenses to the same degree as blacks-blacks will flip, trip and spazz out about it. Essentially, it’s nothing more than a manipulative tantrum designed to get everyone to give in to them so they can escape the consequences and is the negro equivalent of a toddler falling to the floor, screaming and spinning in circles while drumming their heels on the carpet.

    I recall an article several years ago about negroes in some northeastern state complaining that they were being stopped more than anyone else for traffic violations and that it was unfair, discriminatory and racist. Then, an independent org set up camera’s and, lo and behold, they were committing offenses at a far greater rate. Color me shocked! Once the evidence was clear, they immediately shut up as they couldn’t claim other races were doing it too and the cops were just letting them go. Their little victimhood routine fell flat on its face.

    As for this story and negroes complaining that the cops are “gruff” as well as disrespectful and rough during traffic stops, I’m sure if the cops are wearing body cams, this lie can easily be disproven by reviewing the tapes. It’ll be no different than in the show “Bait Car” when negroes are caught stealing a car and then lie through their teeth about what’s going on.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  26. Racial profiling is one of many gremlins that blacks believe sabotage black life. Nevermind the greatest saboteur they encounter is themselves. This same issue has been raised in the Alabama Legislature each and every year for the past fifteen years. This could be the year political fortunes work in their favor.

    ‘Alabama senator wants to identify, stop racial profiling’

    Posted Feb 5
    By Mike Cason

    An Alabama state senator is again proposing a bill to identify and ban the practice of racial profiling by police.

    Sen. Rodger Smitherman, D-Birmingham, first introduced a racial profiling bill 15 years ago. He said the issue is probably more important now because of tensions between law enforcement and citizens.

    Smitherman has filed his latest bill in advance of the legislative session, which starts March 5. …

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  27. @Anonymous

    In your search, did you notice that it took quite a long time for those charges to come about? Many white people in Minnesota walk in abject horror at the thought of offending anyone who might say they are racist! They were sniveling cowards afraid to call the man out for murder (the mayor and leaders). They only acted when the outrage grew too large to be ignored. The black cop shot the woman dead for no reason. Can you imagine – PLEASE – just for a second if a white cop did that to a nice black lady trying to get help? If the man were a white, he would have been IMMEDIATELY taken off the force and put in jail. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, that is the outcome. In Tennessee, a white cop was shot by a black because he (the cop) was hesitant to protect himself. Why was he hesitant? BECUASE OF THE BLOODY DOUBLE STANDARD BETWEEN THE RACES! Many white cops would rather risk their life than lose their job and be accused of being racist. The media and the left have made it ABUNDANTLY clear after Michael Brown (the gentle giant) that white cops had better walk a straight line and not arrest blacks too much. I think that is what this discussion is about; how blacks want to do crimes but get away with them (because they are oppressed babies.) If they don’t want to get arrested THEN FOLLOW THE LAWS. Thanks for your input! Take care.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Fergus
  28. Countless future crimes, in both property and violence categories, are prevented by routine traffic stops that get these people off the street, whether for outstanding warrants, or gun/drugs present in the car. There are plenty of people who need to be in jail for the safety of all of us, and at this point I don’t care what mechanism puts them there.

    • Agree: Bruce County
  29. Hmm, new site. I like the “reply / vote” option. The requirement to become a frequent poster (in order to use those features) is, I assume, to reduce trolling.
    Any large city is a already a no-go-zone for Civilized People. POC are discovering that they too are only prey for their own kind. Karma can be a real b*tch.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  30. “They stopped me for no apparent reason, and then when I go to the precinct to complain, I get charged with trespassing by the same cop I am complaining about,”

    Well, we can take it to the bank that this person was harassed – no doubt. He dindu nuffin. It was all a one-sided incident. Right?
    In reality, if said harassment had actually occurred, the howling would have been so deafening as to lead to a ghetto payday in the form of a discrimination law suit and the termination of at least one rogue cop.
    Reporting on police overreach typically emanates from three sources: the press, the “victims,” and some high ranking police or political official.
    NEVER, is direct input asked from those who actually have to deal with this population on a daily basis – the police who have the most experience attempting to handle people conditioned to believe in habitual persecution. Entitled people at their worst.
    Just another dancing around the real problem, which too often leads to further racial accommodation.
    More is always needed.

  31. @unit472

    Interesting point. Too subtle for this rag.

  32. Should I be crazy enough to hire a nanny to care for my children rest assured any applicants named the likes of Oluremi Oyindasola will be stricken from the list sight unseen.

    ‘Maryland nanny convicted of fatally force-feeding baby’

    Wednesday, February 13th 2019

    PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. (WJLA) — A live-in nanny in Maryland was convicted of second-degree murder on Monday after fatally force-feeding a baby in her care.

    Oluremi Oyindasola now faces up to 70 years behind bars. …

    • Replies: @I.P. Daily
  33. @Standup Broad

    POC are discovering that they too are only prey for their own kind. Karma can be a real b*tch.

    They’re not that insightful.  They believe that Whitey does the same as they do, but gets away with it.  THAT is why they’re screaming “OPPRESSION!” and “RAYCISS!”.

    It would make an interesting exercise in CBT to slap the shit out of them every time they say something like that and force them to retract the libel, but other than getting them to watch their mouths it would be a waste of time.  It won’t give them brainpower or make them worthwhile citizens.

  34. Nog stole a car with two children inside.

    Not his Car
    Not his Children

    Ran from police with the children inside to his residence and barricaded himself inside.

    When officers gained entry he charged at them with a three foot sword

    But it’s the policeman’s fault for shooting this worthless Nog with a record of criminal behavior longer than your arm.

    ‘ When it’s an African American dey always shoot first and ask questions later’

    This is Nog Logic

  35. Just once I’d like to see a politician tell this easily offended bunch where they can stick their demands for an apology.

    ‘Georgia congressman scolded for Confederate book displayed in office’

    By: Tamar Hallerman, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Updated: Feb 13, 2019 – 4:17 PM

    WASHINGTON – A federal employee union is demanding an apology from Georgia Congressman Drew Ferguson for a Confederate book displayed in his D.C. office this week.

    Several Georgia members of the American Federation of Government Employees were visiting the West Point Republican’s office on Monday when said they saw a copy of “Gen. Robert Edward Lee: Solider, Citizen, and Christian Patriot” protected under a glass enclosure in the lobby. …

    • Replies: @Dixiegirl
  36. denbar says:

    Re: the black nanny phenomenon

    I’ve seen it a lot in the city in which I live. There seem to be countless rich white professional parents who feel the need to entrust their small children to black women during the day. I’ve commented about it here in the past. Even if the ones I witness are the “good” black nannies, all they seem to do is congregate together in the mall and talk to each other all day while their poor charges cry from hunger and/or neglect.

    I guess it’s all to allow the parents to virtue signal to their friends and colleagues about their “black friend”, the nanny. Saying that they are allowing a black woman to raise their child may seem like a shield against racism charges to them too. Perhaps they understand that kids are subconsciously racist and this is a means to break their kids of that “original sin”.

    At the same time, what sane parent concerned about the well-being and more importantly the developing brain of their child would want a black anywhere around their kids in these formative years? The kid isn’t going to learn anything worthwhile from this caregiver and, if anything, will pick up bad habits and grammar.

    In the same mall, I see asian grandmothers also out for walks with small children. Do you think an elite professional asian couple would ever think to leave their children with anyone other than family, especially black nannies?

  37. “In 2016, 338 people were wounded by gunfire in Minneapolis; 41 were black women. It’s a rate of gun violence higher than that for women of all other racial or ethnic groups. That rate is also higher than for white men.”

    Hold on! You mean to tell me the female part of the February-American species catches less hell than their men but more than white women? I’d say it’s racist but it’s black-on-black violence, Black Lives Matter won’t touch it. If you want to make us feel sorry for these creatures you’ll have to work harder than they do! Ha, ha, ha!

  38. @Feedsackroad

    “They had been a couple on and off for about 25 years. A protective injunction issued in 2002 ordering Murrell to stay away from McNabb was still in effect when he convinced her to return to the relationship recently, court records show.”

    So a 41 year old woman had been spending time with this melanin-enhanced cad since she was roughly sweet 16! He may have not put a ring on her finger but she saw in this man the love, passion, intelligence and wisdom of Mother Africa. I guess it’s gonna take a village with one less person.


    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  39. Anonymous[243] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. Pepper

    There was a female officer in Chicago viciously beaten. She stated she was hesitant to shoot because of the black backlash.

  40. Learning to shoot is no longer an option or a hobby. Going forward every White who can should carry.

  41. 52.2 percent of homicides were committed by blacks (2013, FBI stats). Nearly all of those were committed by males ages 18 to 49 who comprise about 4 percent of the US population.

    So, about 4 percent of the population is committed about half of the homicides.

  42. Carl Sagan was right. No one is coming to save us from ourselves. What’s next? Audits of the family photo album to discover what we wore Trick-or-Treating?

    ‘Colleges launch yearbook audits amid Virginia governor scandal’

    UPDATED ON: FEBRUARY 13, 2019 / 7:06 PM / CBS NEWS

    Charlottesville, Va. — The governor of Virginia postponed an event Wednesday celebrating Black History Month as he deals with the fallout from a racist yearbook photo. The scandal has prompted schools across the country to page through their histories — and re-examine campus culture.

    Pouring through the University of Virginia’s old yearbooks, history professor Kirt von Daacke is uncovering countless examples of blackface and other mockery of minorities. …

  43. The Minneapolis police chief’s name is ‘Arradando’. I ain’t never heard of no Swede with the last name a Arradando. What, there were no Swensons or Johanssons who were available to be the police chief. Christ on a cracker!

  44. Gunned down in your own front yard in front of your 2-year-old daughter earns ‘teen’ a 35 year prison sentence. Unfathomable.

    ‘Teen Who Fatally Shot Dad in Front of 2-Year-Old Daughter Gets 35 Years in Prison’

    Posted on February 12, 2019 5:47PM

    Gerard Grandzol, 38, was shot while hesitating to remove his daughter from his vehicle during a carjacking

    With his wife recovering from the C-section delivery five weeks earlier of their newborn, Gerard Grandzol took the couple’s 2-year-old daughter and the family dog to Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park on Sept. 7, 2017, where they tossed a Frisbee.

    Returning home to his tree-lined street around 8 p.m., the much-loved neighborhood activist was approached by two young brothers as he exited his parked Audi SUV. They told Grandzol to surrender his wallet and car keys.

    Grandzol, 38, turned over the former, but told them he wanted to grab his daughter, still secured in the vehicle’s back seat.

    “We don’t care,” said Marvin Roberts, then 16, who next fired two fatal shots at Grandzol’s head, prosecutors said, according to NBC Philadelphia.

    Surveillance footage showed the brothers laughing afterward, reports …

    • Replies: @Bubba
  45. Fergus says:
    @Dr. Pepper

    There has been zero coverage of this murder since it took place in the national media, although if it had been a white cop gunning down a black woman for no reason I believe the media would not be so silent. Having said that this man still hasn’t been brought to trial. Why? Further any bets he will not serve a year in prison. I’ll bet he gets off on an insane plea. Six months in the looney bin and out.

  46. Today I was watching a show about tow trucks and meter maids in a big city.
    I saw one black fellow being given a courtesy warning to move away from a fire hydrant he was sitting beside. When the meter agent came back he gave him a ticket while the man kept squawking about getting the ticket.
    Also folks who ignored parking signs.

    Every event was someone else’s fault in their eyes.

    These folks truly are a different mindset.

  47. Fergus says:
    @Mr McKenna

    Actually cope are far more likely to shoot other whites than blacks. So I am intrigued by your source that you allege indicates the number of cops who shot whites is small. Further by small do you mean that if a cop shoots a white person he has a one per cent chance of going to prison? Ten per cent?

    I am currently watching the recent murder of two whites in Houston by the police there. I doubt the police will get off on this one. But hell, I look at the numbers, I’m a CPA, and apparently you have a better source than I do.

  48. TTSSYF says:
    @Bruce County

    He must have really liked comparing notes with his fellow prisoners. Probably picked up a few pointers.

  49. TTSSYF says:

    Every sensible human being profiles in just about every aspect of their life, whether they admit it or not. I inadvertently drove into the ‘hood a few years ago and, after conducting some quick “profiling,” decided to exit as quickly as possible.

  50. Dismantling our society…one brick at a time.

  51. Dixiegirl says:

    I contacted Drew Ferguson’s office and let them know in no uncertain terms that I’d never vote for him again. Despicable.

  52. Dixiegirl says:

    Good to see you here! I’m trying to figure this out as well. It says I have to post ten approved comments before I am allowed to click on “agree.” But I’ll keep trying because the SBPDL community is worth it.

  53. Dixiegirl says:

    Stay away from Gwinnett County. Mex gangs and hindi have taken over. Better yet, stay away from Atlanta altogether.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  54. When you just can’t fix stupid you have this… I wonder if Conan Obrien will send help for them..


    • Replies: @I.P. Daily
  55. I used to see blacks driving older Lincoln Town Cars w/ the rear almost dragging on the ground. Come to find out that often the air suspension would give out post-warranty and was hugely expensive to repair, hence no repair. I also see many blacks driving expensive cars w/ collision damage repaired w/ tape, the damage not being new obviously because of the amount of rust on the exposed metal. And apparently mufflers are a non-repairable item.

    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  56. @Feedsackroad

    Thankfully, it wasn’t a white child in this case. Olukubembe or whatever her name is has to be one of the ugliest people I’ve seen.

  57. Mark G. says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Black males may share some characteristics with women because in many cases they had no fathers around and therefore had no male role models in the household while growing up. They are also vain about their looks and spend much time on their physical appearance and clothing, as do women. When they grow up, black women will pick them for their sexual mates based on their personality and appearance instead of their ability to be a family breadwinner. This is the opposite of the way middle class white males are raised and then picked as mates. When I was growing up, my father encouraged me to control my emotions and not act like a baby and he acted as a role model by getting up and going to work every day and staying married to my mother and not mistreating her. Boys in single mother households don’t have this example and it is the worst for young black boys.

  58. Hey! We can comment now!

  59. @North Detroit

    North Detroit and the older Lincoln Town Cars comment, I think you’re onto something with this. The blacks loved those sedans and they drove them into the ground.

    • Replies: @SKIP
  60. @prime noticer

    The surge in violent crime ending around 1993 is often (probably correctly) blamed on an analog of “de-policing,” “de-imprisoning.” To the extent that this new approach is implemented, it will produce the same results.

    This ACLU approach to crime suppression actually results in more dead and maimed blacks. It’s kind of how the “no-snitch” culture of blacks keeps more of their murderers in place to keep killing, or how black women’s reticence over getting their rapists (essentially 100% black, since whites simply don’t rape blacks at above a rounding error off zero percent) arrested simply means more black women are raped.

    There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who realize that they are their own personal bodyguards, and those who think, erroneously, that personal safety is something they can phone for, when needed, and that they largely exist in a safety bubble.

    Lots of ways for people to self-nominate for a Darwin Award these days. I can’t help finding the Amy Beihl or David Ruenzel model entertaining.

  61. Bubba says:

    President “Law & Order” Trump and Vice President Jared Kushner will have these thugs out of prison in less than 10 years since it was their 1st time murdering a white person.

  62. @Dixiegirl

    That’s what Gwinnett Gladiator has been saying for years.  I hope he follows us over here.

  63. @Bruce County

    They are stuck in St. Louis-du-Sud.

    Pardon my French, but isn’t that “Saint Louis of the South”? I’m sure the people of St. Louis and Ferguson, MO now have a great place to vacation!

  64. SKIP says:
    @Detroit Refugee

    While in Kuwait (a country where a 5 year old car is old!?) I had the displeasure of working around a bunch of American blacks. One of them was driving a 1972 Cadillac Deville or some such, I had to ask where do you people find those typical cars??????? He took serious offense at “you people” I didn’t care then or now….I hate them as do the Kuwaiti Arabs.

  65. Here are the cops on display in full plumage, the same cops conservatives like Paul Kersey know and love – blindly.

    BTW, the traffic stop was for an alleged turn signal violation.

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