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Blacks Are 13% of London, England's Population: Blacks Represent 50% of the Murder Suspects in London
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Shot. [Chilling moment thugs square off in brazen broad daylight machete showdown: Abdul Kefia and Twayne Bailey confronted each other with the weapons in Newcastle city centre, Mirror UK, April 6, 2019]:

Chilling footage captures the brazen moment two young thugs confront each other with machetes in a city centre.

Abdul Kefia pulled the fearsome blade from his hoodie after an argument with Twayne Bailey turned vicious.

A court heard Bailey then took a huge machete out of his friend’s rucksack before the two men faced up to each other in Newcastle.

CCTV cameras recorded Kefia, 26, running towards Bailey, 21, while swinging his machete.

Bailey then threw his weapon in the direction of the older man in a desperate bid to stop him in his tracks, Chronicle Live reports.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the men then chased each other with the blades.

But Kefia was on Friday jailed for 20 months for affray and possession of an offensive weapon. Bailey’s 11-month prison sentence for the same offences was suspended for two years.

Kefia denied the offences but Bailey admitted them.

Sentencing them, Recorder Andrew Haslam said: “People arming themselves with offensive weapons can’t be tolerated by this court.

The 13/50 ratio appears in London, England too…

“There is no good reason for anyone to have a machete in their possession in public.”

Chaser. [Black murder victims and suspects: London v UK, Sky New, July 28, 2018]:

Black people in the capital are disproportionately the victims of murder when compared with other groups, new figures have revealed.

A Sky News freedom of information request to every police force in the country showed London was unique when it came to murder statistics.

Almost half of murder victims – as well as suspects – were black despite the ethnic group accounting for just 13% of London’s population.

White people in London make up 60% of the population, but only account for 35% of murder victims and 24% of murder suspects.

Numbers for the rest of the country painted a different picture, with murder victim and suspect figures more or less proportionate to the make up of the population.

Nationally, 3% of the population is black, 5% of murder victims are black and 13% of murder suspects are black.

White people make up 86% of the country, 89% of the UK’s murder victims and 81% of its murder suspects.

The ratio is found globally in areas where western civilization is retreating to darkness.

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  1. Anon[272] • Disclaimer says:

    Praise the Lord they don’t have guns like we do otherwise Merry Olde England would have to send in their version of the Guard. Ha!

    • Replies: @Ghastly Oik
  2. Anon[272] • Disclaimer says:

    $8K was raised to install security cameras in a neighborhood in Saint Loogie!

    Q: If a neighborhood is roughly 30% black, what percentage of the $8K was raised by blacks?

    A: None whatsoever! This is the easiest word problem of all, teach it to your kids!,_St._Louis

    In 2010 the neighborhood’s population was 54.9% White, 29.7% Black, 0.3% Native American, 8.6% Asian, 3.7% Two or More Races, and 2.8% Some Other Race. 7.3% of the population was of Hispanic or Latino origin.

  3. Anon[272] • Disclaimer says:

    I thought you didn’t take candy from strangers, nowadays you don’t try to sell things to them. 😉

  4. london is 60% europeans now. wow. how many are english. half of that maybe?

    easy to see how khan could get elected then.

    • Replies: @Ghastly Oik
  5. London is lost… Between the muzzies and the no go zones and the murderous Africans, London is dying. Muslim mayor… a negroid type princess…it a matter of time before she falls. The horrible part is that they let the government basically take their guns. Major gun control… YT doesnt have a chance. From empirical world power to the dark ages in 60 years.

    OT: 4 adults, 2 kids shot and wounded at Chicago baby shower. ya ya ya… the usual suspects. Seriously… does this shit happen at human baby showers?? Anyone??

  6. My DY says:

    Blame your White politicians for all this.
    Blaming non whites won”t serve any purpose.
    An average black person hurts the “White Identity” movement less than your average “White Leftist” does.
    Don’t forget that the biggest genocides of Whites were committed by other Whites.
    American Civil War, Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Somme, Holodomor, Bombing of Dresden and Hamburg and many other unnecessary slaughters that took place in the last 3 centuries, were all committed by White people against other White people.

    Even today, the biggest enemy of the White people are other White people(leftists).
    They are the ones who are enabling other minorities against Whites in a strange display of Ethnomasochism.
    Blacks and Hispanics are not your enemies, White leftists are.
    I read a survey which stated that White leftists are more likely to support immigration than an average Hispanic.
    That’s how strange the situation is.

    • Agree: The Bland Enchilada
    • Replies: @Jeff
    , @pv2
    , @Jim in Jersey
  7. Blacks are 13% of the population of London. Blacks are 50% of the murder suspects there.


    One shouldn’t be.

    This statistic mirrors violent black criminality in the US. This is what’s called a pattern–and a statistically significant one.

    What’s shocking is that the persistent and measured overrepresentation of violent criminality among black men still surprises some people.

    It’s hard to believe.

    Then again, many people firmly believe countless strange things.

    On the subject of ‘race differences’, good (white) liberals keep searching for a societal cause of black dysfunction that involves ‘education’ or ‘poverty’… white racism.

    Will these tired presumptions ever fade away?

    The bigger mystery here is why so many people are so pre-programmed and so naive about race; so in denial about innate racial differences.

    These misconceptions are ultimately due to the liberal propaganda that pours out of Hollywood, mainstream ‘news’, and which permeates our schools and colleges.

    Ironically, ignorance is sometimes learned.

  8. Ed says:

    Interesting I actually thought the black population of London was higher. Maybe the UK isn’t as far gone as I thought.

    • Replies: @Amerimutt Golem
  9. Retreating to darkness.

    Yes, we are. Machete, hammer, firearm, etc… Fools with tools.

    ‘4 adults, 2 kids shot and wounded at Chicago baby shower’

    APRIL 7, 2019

    CHICAGO (AP) — Two men who opened fire on a crowd of people gathered for a baby shower, wounding six people, including two children, may have acted in retaliation for an earlier gang conflict, police said Sunday.

    Authorities have only “shards of information” about what happened at the family gathering in Chicago because witnesses are not cooperating, a police spokesman said, but investigators hope the serious nature of the children’s injuries will prompt someone to talk.

    “This is a very tragic incident. You have two young children, an 8-year-old and a 10-year-old, clinging to life,” Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. …

    The remaining details of Africans in action can be found at:

    • Replies: @Bruce County
  10. Gunga Din says:

    13/50 in Old Blighty, too. Fancy that.

  11. KenH says:

    Whites aren’t 60% of Londonistan’s population. My guess is that they are only about 40-45% and the other 15-20% are Paki and Arab Muslims.

    London’s blacks are 50% of the murder suspects while being only 13% of the population. In the U.S. blacky is about 13% of the general population but commits 52-55% of all murders. So given the striking similarity in murder rates it cannot be dismissed and attributed to “the legacy of slavery, “institutional racism” and so called white privilege. This is result of allowing black African DNA into white nations.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational, Mr McKenna
  12. Harry and his half-breed magpie travel the world at British taxpayers expense to promote shit like this…and here they have it in their own back yard. The queen must be so proud.

    • Replies: @Eonic
  13. RickTen99 says:

    London is no different than American big cities, loaded with minorities, crazy liberal policies, and a citizenry whose values are 180 degrees different than more rural communities. Crime rates in cities are double and triple the rates of rural areas, yet the cities control the government, they usually control whatever group that makes the laws that are useless when applied to the rural. Living in Illinois and having lived in Chicago but now living in a rural area, the difference is amazing. Leave your garage open, nothing gets stolen, everybody owns a firearm yet there are no daily bloodbath shootings, people are respectful, polite and good neighbors. Cities attract the bottom feeders and of course loads of negroes which results in the abnormal numbers of violent crime. Know negroes, know crime. No negroes, no crime.

  14. They wanted those thugs in their country so, now, hard to feel sorry for them.

    • Replies: @Ghastly Oik
  15. I have no idea how we became so damn stupid as to think it was a good idea to bring these sub humans anywhere near us, nor how we became so weak that we cannot shove them away from us. Diversity will be our epitaph.

    • Replies: @Boomer Realist
  16. “There is no good reason for anyone to have a machete in their possession in public.”

    Excuse me, your honor…let me introduce you to the two reasons you just gave us.

    These savages bring a little bit of the ol’ country with them, don’t they? Mostly bluster and bravado. No real skill on display. If the Brits were armed, rather than being ‘loyal subjects’ they would be able to plant these things in the ground before they hurt someone else.

    Instead, this will fester and get more dangerous until it’s out of control just like everywhere else the African is present.

    Right now it’s all new to them so they’re still fighting one another for turf. Once it’s established…we’ll, we all remember the Jamaican drug posses, don’t we? The new Africans will show these brits a new level of violence and mayhem the likes of which haven’t set foot in that country since the Middle Ages.

    Congrats! Hell rang the bell and you opened the door.

    Sadly, they’re not alone.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  17. Wherever they are, they commit violent crime at 5 times at least, their numbers. Yet politicians talk of incarceration by disproportionate numbers as racist. When blacks of school age are discipline or expelled at similar numbers, that’s racist. When they can’t achieve or learn at the same rates of other races, that’s racist. Every excuse in the book to avoid reality and promote egalitarianism, just nonsense, something our forefathers saw through 300 years ago

    • Replies: @anon
  18. Texian says:

    13%? Isn’t that the number we always hear that is the African population of the USA? Our 13% do at least as much damage as their 13% if not more.
    Some things never change.

  19. anon[170] • Disclaimer says:

    White people in London make up 60% of the population, but only account for 35% of murder victims

    just another example of White Privilege

    what is the British govt doing to make those numbers more fair to oppressed minorities?

  20. anon[170] • Disclaimer says:
    @Archie Bunker

    Wherever they are, they commit violent crime at 5 times at least, their numbers.

    they also spread STD’s at 5-15x the rate

    what else are they doing to destroy your society?

  21. Jeff says: • Website
    @My DY

    Are Jews considered white?

    • Replies: @Paintjob Theory
  22. Is anyone surprised by this? They’re 13% of the NATIONAL population, here in The States, and commit violent crimes at the same, high percentage rates.

  23. @Lord Inquisitor

    “I have no idea how we became so damn stupid as to think it was a good idea to bring these sub humans anywhere near us..” Yes, God put them in a place surrounded by ocean on three sides and the Sahara Desert on the fourth for a reason, and if we hadn’t taken them out, they’d still be there and only there.

    • Agree: Anonymous0619
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  24. @GuamanianPie

    They wanted those thugs in their country so, now, hard to feel sorry for them.

    Did they?

    In 1968: A Gallup poll suggested that 74% of the population supported his (Enoch Powell’s) repatriation suggestion.

  25. @Feedsackroad

    “witnesses are not cooperating” They fail to cooperate with civilization moments after they are hatched.

  26. The horrible part is that they let the government basically take their guns. Major gun control… YT doesnt have a chance.

    They had a shooting spree a while back and they rolled over for the government. The conservatives there never cared about guns because they are more the royalty type that doesn’t think the masses should have them in the first place. Only dainty fox hunting royalty should have them.

    I have no doubt that the dysgenic theories of the British losing their strong men in world wars are true. That in conjunction with the fact that British royalty rewards pansies with connections over men with guts. Terrible dysgenic trends and as with the US there isn’t a party that is willing to face the role of genetics in modern society.

    Seems to me that too many Europeans have also bought into American liberal preening. As if it is backwards to have an ethostate. It’s total reality denial. Won’t be long until most Eastern European countries surpass Western European standards since they haven’t embraced third world invaders.

    I’m worried about Europe but not too worried. The Communists were certain they would be taking Germany after WWI. They had the same arrogance you see with today’s leftists. They were certain they would exploit the current laws into their favor. Basically take over via Democracy and establish a German Communist state in alliance with the Soviet Union. Let’s just say that things didn’t go as planned for them.

  27. London is no different than American big cities, loaded with minorities, crazy liberal policies, and a citizenry whose values are 180 degrees different than more rural communities.

    Too many egalitarians/liberals/socialists the world over are incapable of thinking for themselves and actually believe that “diversity” is what made US cities technologically advanced. Well they were technologically advanced relative to the rest of the world before the third world was allowed in.

    But most Whites seem incapable of critical thinking when it comes to diversity. Even most conservatives buy what they see on TEEVEE but just have their low taxes/Christian morals spin on it.

    Diversity in cities also isn’t a new phenomenon. There have been African cities with plenty of diversity and yet they didn’t have a tech boom or create the internet. Then you have to explain Asian cities that completely lack diversity and are technologically advanced.

    You see liberalism falls apart so easily when it isn’t pushed as propaganda. It’s just sad that most White people are unable to see this. I don’t think it is a problem of intelligence. I’ve met too many smart people that totally buy into liberal BS. In fact smart people are probably more likely to buy it since it is sold as the intelligent and modern belief.

    On the bright side the current genetic trends work against liberals. The farther left someone is the fewer children they have. Liberals are also more likely to abort their children. Liberals think genetics don’t matter and that they can just convert new recruits. But twin studies suggest that politics and genetics are intertwined.

  28. pv2 says:
    @My DY

    Who is Mao Zedong? 60M dead easily

  29. I still haven’t heard of a liberal that can’t wait to vacation a second time in Paris or London. The morons that run those cities are going to watch their tourist dollars drop just like liberal managed Black cities in the US.

    I also don’t hear about rich liberals going to vacation in those cities. You hear about them going to some small town coastal Italian city or the Irish countryside. Just as they don’t vacation in Detroit or Baltimore. Funny that.

    Liberals don’t realize how full of s— they are. They talk about how much they love diversity and live next to Whites and vacation in areas that aren’t filled with Muslims.

    I have a relative that is a hardcore liberal and lives in a big house in a White neighborhood. The house is mostly empty so I’m still waiting for her to take in a South American immigrant family. She after all has plenty of room and values diversity.

    • Replies: @Anon
  30. Trevor says:

    When I read the 60% white and the 13% black I was thinking the remaining 27% were mostly muslims who probably accounted for most of the rest of the murders as well as muslim Sadiq Khan being elected mayor.

    However you think the muslims are
    included in the 60%. If that is the case, then who are the remaining 27%?

    • Replies: @Trevor
    , @KenH
  31. El Dato says:

    Blacks Represent 50% of the Murder Suspects in London


    Chilling moment thugs square off in brazen broad daylight machete showdown

    Looks like knife-equipped amateur hour.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  32. Trevor says:

    Or are total muslims 37-42% ? That would make sense.

  33. Ravenna says:

    I can believe this. I mean American is 7% black male but black males consist of 50% of homicides….It’s a reason one should never let down their guard

  34. @prime noticer

    London is 60% europeans now. wow. how many are english. half of that maybe?

    easy to see how khan could get elected then.

    2011 Census: 45% of Londoners white British.

    ‘White British’ is an ethnic census category. White British includes Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish, and being the capital of the UK, it has always attracted large numbers from Scotland, Wales and Ireland – North and South.

    White British people in London who are English and with English ancestry must be below 30%. I’d be happy to bet as low 20-25%.

    • Replies: @Amerimutt Golem
  35. Anon[272] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Johnson

    Maybe Conan O’Braindead will revisit Haiti, maybe he’ll even build a winter retreat somewhere in that tropical paradise! 😉

  36. @Anon

    Praise the Lord they don’t have guns like we do otherwise Merry Olde England would have to send in their version of the Guard. Ha!

    The criminals have guns. The criminals higher up the food chain. The stabby types are low level thugs. Unfortunately there are a lot of low level thugs.

    Of course, the law abiding public are not allowed guns. It is advisable for a white person involved in any kind of confrontation with a black person, to back off, run away, avoid if at all possible. Any incident can be recorded by the police as a ‘hate incident’, which isn’t a crime, but is still recorded.

    Some examples:

    According to an investigation in the Mail on Sunday, a dog pooing outside someone’s house was treated as a hate incident in 2015-16. ‘An unknown dog has fouled outside of victim address and victim perceived this to be a racial incident’, read the police log. Failing to clean up your dog’s poo is careless and unpleasant – but who would have guessed it fell foul of Britain’s hate-crime laws?

    Meanwhile, another alleged hate crime, uncovered by the Mail on Sunday, involved a dog barking at the alleged victim.

    A pensioner in Buckinghamshire was investigated by police for beeping her horn at a stationary car at a petrol station, The Sunday Times revealed recently. She says the driver in front was inside the car, so she had no idea the driver was black. Nevertheless, she was questioned by police and her beeping was recorded as a ‘racially aggravated public-order offence’. She says she has now had to give up charity work as she worries that being quizzed over a racist incident will come up on any background checks.

    Even the politicians in charge of overseeing Britain’s hate-crime laws are not immune from this kind of political policing. When then home secretary Amber Rudd delivered a speech on immigration, an Oxford professor reported her to the police, who duly treated it as a hate incident. He later admitted, on the BBC’s Daily Politics, that he hadn’t even read the speech, but had read about it. As, under hate-crime laws, hatefulness merely needs only to be ‘perceived’ – not ‘intended’, ‘proven’ or even ‘witnessed’ – Rudd’s non-crime incident still sits on a police log.

    In 1968, Enoch Powell gave his famous ‘Rivers of blood’ speech to a Tory meeting in Birmingham, saying his constituents feared that in 20 years “the black man will have the whip hand over the white man”. Looks like he was spot on.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  37. The numbers in the UK are strikingly the same as the US. However, I would like to point out the error in the numbers: Since the murders are overwhelmingly committed by black MEN, it means that 50% of murders are not committed by 13% of the population but by a mere 6.5%. You decide if this is nature or nurture.

  38. KenH says:

    However you think the muslims are
    included in the 60%. If that is the case, then who are the remaining 27%?

    You are correct and I misread the chart. The other 27% are very likely Indians, Sikhs and Muslims, either Paki or Arab. But Muslims probably make up the lion’s share of the remaining 27%.

    No doubt 20-30% of Londonistan’s whites are self hating whites and screaming leftists which is how Saiq Khan got elected.

  39. In Michigan it’s somewhere around 12% responsible for 61%. This from an MSP report.

  40. @Jeff

    They are white when convenient. Google image search ” fellow white people” for a real eye opener.

    On topic. These ratios are consistent every place in the world where black Africans exist in the presence of white Europeans.

  41. $8K was raised to install security cameras in a neighborhood in Saint Loogie!

    Q:If a neighborhood is roughly 30% black, what percentage of the $8K was raised by blacks?

    A: None whatsoever! This is the easiest word problem of all, teach it to your kids!

    Kinda makes logical sense, though. It would be like rats and roaches chipping in to buy more bait stations.

  42. @My DY

    I’ve always said, when the shooting starts remember to save plenty of ammo for the traitors who gave you such a target-rich environment.

  43. @KenH

    This is result of allowing black African DNA into white nations.

    And the solution is its removal, as the black Africans want white DNA removed from Africa.  Total separation.

    Let the Africans deal with the partial bloods.  They are not ours, they are theirs.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  44. @Boomer Realist

    if we hadn’t taken them out, they’d still be there and only there.

    TBH, Arabs took them out en masse long before Whitey did, and in vastly higher numbers.  The difference was Arabs treated them as dangerous animals, emasculating the boys (total removal of penis and testicles) and killing the children of the women.  Whitey treated them as humans.

    Whitey got the raw end of THAT deal.  They were and ARE dangerous animals, not humans.

  45. @Jim in Jersey

    Of all the people that contribute here Jim.. You have a very direct view of the way shit really is. You dont even use rationale… you are a” matter of fact” man…It is the end…you will fight to the end… you give us the option of listening or ignoring your wisdom… I choose to listen. I thank you for that sir. Target- rich environment.. I love it…Aim for mass.. tap twice.. We have a right to “our” countries!!!!!

    • Agree: Anonymous0619
    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  46. anon1 says:

    Blacks are a plague everywhere they go. Powell warned them.

  47. @Mr. Rational

    Nationally, 3% of the population is black

    This indicates that Britain could still reverse the rot, if they’d a mind to. But they don’t. Watch their TV shows, for example–the same negro idolatry that infests our own MSM, and very often the same ‘tribe’ behind it all. Nope, they won’t be happy until their nation is wrecked.

    • Replies: @Anonymous0619
  48. @Ed

    It is going.

    The figure for London is only for real ‘blacks’. It hits nearly 20% if you add equally feral mulattoes that English blondes, Scottish and Irish redheads are raising- the fastest growing demographic.

    Then include millions of ‘Asians’ (Pakistanis, Indians etc) and other ‘wogs’ like Roma.

  49. @Ghastly Oik

    The English have been fleeing Londonistan since 1948 when the first blacks arrived on the Windrush ship from Jamaica.

    The Usual Suspects had a hand in this ethnic cleansing e.g Peter (Perec) Rachman, Polish-born Jew, who according to (((Wikipedia)));

    He then filled the properties with recent immigrants (blacks) from the West Indies. Rachman’s initial reputation, which he even promoted in the media, was as someone who could help to find and provide accommodation for immigrants.

    However, some suggested he was overcharging these West Indian tenants, as they did not have the same protection under the law as had the previous tenants.

    By 1958 he had largely moved out of slum-landlording into property development , but his former henchmen, including the equally-notorious Michael de Freitas (aka Michael X/Abdul Malik), who created a reputation as a black-power leader, and Johnny Edgecombe , who became a promoter of jazz and blues, helped to keep him in the limelight. A special police unit was set up to investigate Rachman in 1959, and uncovered a network of 33 companies controlling his property empire. They also discovered Rachman was involved in prostitution and he was prosecuted twice for brothel-keeping.

  50. @Jim in Jersey

    Americans maybe but not Brits.

    Brits are total cowards. They talk big online under anonymity but are easily intimidated by the Nanny State.

    Surely the brutal beheading of Drummer Lee Rigby and the awful rapes of thousands of English girls plus others murdered like Charlene Downes and Kiss Donald in Scotland at the hands of Pakis should have triggered a revolution by now.

    Look at how Brexit is being reversed by ‘Treason’ May and Soros with his African stooges in parliament like David Lammy and Chuka Ammuna.

    Perhaps all the Bravehearts died in WWII which ironically is what led to the unfolding demographic disaster.

    • Agree: Anonymous0619, anon1
  51. El Dato says:
    @Ghastly Oik

    When then home secretary Amber Rudd delivered a speech on immigration, an Oxford professor reported her to the police, who duly treated it as a hate incident.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer person with zero real-world skills pushing for state surveillance wherever it may be installed.

  52. Realist says:

    Blacks Are 13% of London, England’s Population: Blacks Represent 50% of the Murder Suspects in London

    In the class of worthless bastards blacks fight above their weight in London….and everywhere else.

  53. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Jim in Jersey

    The traitors will find a way to pretend they were always on your side anyway.

    Leftists only stay leftist as long as they are in power or can actively contribute to the destruction of a civilization.

  54. lavoisier says: • Website

    The white English liberal thought that the problems with black criminality and dysfunction in the United States were because of racism. When they had few migrants of African heritage they were doing a lot of virtue signalling about how noble they were and how they could make a multi-racial society function because of their innate virtue.

    What happened to their multicultural utopia?

    I know, I know, white racism has not been completely eradicated. And until this happens, black people will continue to score low on the functional side and high on the dangerous side.

    White liberals are fools wherever they live. And their foolishness is destroying everyone, including what is left of a productive black culture.

    • Replies: @Oleaginous Outrager
  55. lavoisier says: • Website
    @El Dato

    Looks like knife-equipped amateur hour.

    The way they are lined up against each other suggests some familiarity with this particular martial art!

  56. Mentioned in posts on SBPDL at the time of the murders now five years later the case comes to trial. The judicial system is subverted by the inability to effectively adjudicate black criminality. And let’s say he is convicted. Then what? A life sentence? True justice is a chimera in BRA.

    ‘Not forgotten’: Man accused in KC quintuple killing goes to trial after five years

    APRIL 05, 2019

    The first Monday of every month, 93-year-old Jeanne Stewart meets with her neighbors in the quiet, tree-lined cul-de-sac on Woodbridge Lane in south Kansas City. They go out to dinner.

    The friendly sessions are a time to share stories, reminisce and talk about the future. “It has made us all much closer,” Stewart said.

    The neighbors have been doing this ever since someone walked into the Woodbridge neighborhood in September 2014 and unleashed a reign of terror that ended with five dead.

    At dinner last Monday, one topic of conversation was the upcoming trial of Brandon Howell, who is accused in the shotgun slayings of Susan Choucroun, 69, Lorene Hurst, 88, and her son Darrel Hurst, 63 and the beating deaths of George Taylor, 80, and Anna Taylor, 86.

    On Monday Howell is scheduled to stand trial in Jackson County Circuit Court on five counts of first-degree murder. …

    According to court records, the killing started after Howell allegedly tried to steal a classic Jaguar at the Taylor home. A woman inside the house called 911.

    Witnesses said they heard several gunshots and saw George and Ana Taylors’ Toyota Highlander race down the street. One witness said the driver pulled in front of Choucroun’s house, got out and shot her before climbing back in the SUV and speeding away.

    Responding police officers found Choucroun dead from a shotgun blast in her driveway next door to the Taylor home. They then found the Taylors badly beaten in the basement of their house. They died later at a hospital.

    Officers found the bodies of the Hursts in the front yard of Lorene Hurst’s home. She and her son may have just returned from the store when they were killed, also with a shotgun.

    Howell was arrested later that night as he walked along Interstate 29 in Kansas City, North, with a shotgun in his right pant leg. He had two spent shells in a pocket along with the keys to the Highlander, prosecutors allege. …

    • Replies: @DINDUNUFFINS,esquire
  57. @Mr McKenna

    Britain is already wrecked. Near total submissiveness to unjust “hate speech” laws. Authorities that ignore mass rape and molestation of native British girls while exerting max effort to police the speech and thoughts of white citizens. And a willingly disarmed populace that has no recourse to resist…assuming enough of them even had the will to do so.

    Keep sneering across the pond, fog-breathers…while you still can. Your future gaze will be directed eastward. ☪️

  58. How did whites in the UK allow blacks to become 13% of the population of London?
    A once great city has been virtually destroyed by dieversity.

  59. ‘Blacks Are 13% of London, England’s Population: Blacks Represent 50% of the Murder Suspects in London’

    So if, say, we had one hundred thousand people and ten murders, thirteen thousand blacks would have committed five of the murders, while eighty seven thousand non-blacks would have committed committed the other five.

    That is to say, the fraction of blacks committing a murder would be .00038, while the fraction of non-blacks committing a murder would be .000057.

    Blacks would appear to be seven times more likely to commit a murder than non-blacks. In spite of British blacks being from a completely different background than American blacks, the ratio is almost identical.

    It’s remarkable.

    Interestingly, the source also provides the data necessary to extract the homicide rate for non-black, non-whites — that is to say, the population that isn’t black but is notionally subjected to racism, poverty, cultural alienation, blah, blah, blah.

    …White people in London make up 60% of the population, but only account for 35% of murder victims and 24% of murder suspects…'

    Applying the same model we used above, we’ve got 40%-13% that are neither white nor black, or 27%, or twenty seven thousand. Those twenty seven thousand appear to commit five minus 2.4 of the murders, or 2.6 murders. That comes to 0.000089. The whites themselves commit murders at a rate of 2.4/60,000, or a tidy 0.00004.

    The non-black, non-white rate would be about two times the white rate — something like what one might reasonably expect given racism, poverty, cultural alienation, blah, blah, blah. In any case, it certainly indicates what happens if one isn’t white, but isn’t black. One is reminded of the difference in such indices between Mexican immigrants and native American whites, or for that matter, between working-class and middle-class whites. Environment causes some modest differences. It doesn’t produce the sort of radical difference we see between blacks and all others.

    The black rate is nine and a half times the white rate. It would appear the much higher multiple would be the consequence of genetic difference. What environmental burden — precisely — is imposed on blacks that isn’t imposed on the great brown other?

    The truth is evident. What’s to be done about it is, of course, another matter.

  60. @Feedsackroad

    Hmmm sounds like the Manson murders for Christsake! And I never hear or see anything about this.

  61. England has been under Tribe dominated media crapstorming for a long time.
    The 1967 Jive & Lies film/movie/flick “To Sir With Love” with a fictional Black actual STEM graduate, but unemployed, “engineer” of something or other suffering a temp gig as a long term substitute teacher so he could…get this…pay his bills —HAR DEE HAR HAR—comic relief, played by the “clean and well spoken” Proto-Obama character, Sidney Poitier, sans ANY dialect accent…Brit or Island, is too disgusting in its crass, sweaty manipulation for me to dwell upon it for more than a few minutes…
    except to say that one of the core conceits of it is the Id driven, unclean, potential-but-unrealized Mudsharking, carnal intent and Jungle Fever of one of the white skin colored slut trashcans in a class of similarly skin toned East End London losers.
    Prescient, Non ?
    What hath media, Tory AND Labour perverts wrought ?

    The Sex Pistols had it right; NO FUTURE FOR ENGLAND !

    Diana’s red headed but Royal bastid actually married to a divorced but soon to spawn mud maiden reminds of abdicated due to preference for BJs over The Crown…Eddie “Windsor” hooked up with Wallis, the skinny, unattractive, ex-Opium Trader divorced wedding ring hooker.

    If The Brits ever get around to another civil war, they really ought to unload The Royals in the process, that aren’t even English.

  62. @Bruce County

    Well, I do thank you for the compliment considering the talent of the contributors present.

    Having been born in Jersey City and moving to a suburb of Newark in the 60’s, I watched in real-time as my state turned from the ‘garden state’ into a steaming pile of shit at the hands of our captors. Folks that remained are now no more than weeds in their own garden; tough, sinister and fighting for every bit of nourishment.

    Unfortunately I am not alone. This has played out across our once great country and what had been the ‘average citizen’ is now, more or less, pockets of resistance. We’re angry, armed and not willing to give another inch.

    I have no faith in any politician or party. I have allegiance only to my family and country. I know enough to know we can’t vote our way out of this when we only have two candidates of their choosing to pick from. I know that if you promise lazy people free shit at someone else’s expense, they will keep you in office indefinitely. I see those types of politicians as the lowest form of life, even more so than the nogs they feed.

    And I don’t hate blacks. I don’t hate anyone, really. It’s a wasted emotion. Oh, I hate the things they do and steer clear of their company but my anger is reserved for those who have placed them in this dangerous place, leeching the lifeblood from the American dream. Those are the ones who need to be remembered and sought out when this shit goes sideways. At that point, the nogs will just be in the way with their rioting and looting.

    The scalps that need to be taken will not be breaking store windows or stealing Converse bassetball shoes. There’s enough basic-haters waiting for that to happen. Those paying attention know where the problem lies. If everyone in the know pledges 10 scalps this would be a finer place to be, after the conflagration.

    Freedom of speech doesn’t mean giving your enemies a platform and then being silenced. Freedom of association does not mean there can be black-only press conferences but no such thing as a white-only anything. Girls are not boys and boys are not girls and they each have a scouting organization. The military is not a social experiment and certainly not a weapon to be abused as it has been. Actors, singers and comedians are the minstrels and court jesters of modernity. Why, in the holy name of God, do we seek their counsel and report on their emotional outbursts?

    There is much wrong with the world that can easily be remidied by just ignoring it. A little backbone goes a long way.

  63. Its worse than that…blacks (and half blacks, who are often lumped in with blacks in homicide stats) are now (as of the january 2018 annual school census) 26% of Londons 11-18 year old secondary school population (1% more than NYC if you can believe it…London now more africanized than NYC…who’d of seen that coming 20 years back) I’d imagine in the 18-30 age range they are around 25% too, accounting for illegals.

    They are less ghettoized than the muslims too, so there is really no getting away from them. That being said, they don’t (yet) seem to have quite the same level of hostility towards whites as do americanized-africans.

  64. PK has it nailed: “There’s no getting off this ride.” The British are more concerned with Easter candy than being hacked to death in the streets.

    ‘British supermarket apologizes for Easter chocolates after some consider them racist’

    LONDON – British supermarket company Waitrose has issued an apology after complaints emerged on social media about one of its products.

    CNN reported that Twitter user Livia A. Aliberti tweeted March 7 about the naming of the three chocolate ducklings from the company

    “Overheard women saying, ‘This is not right,’ I agree,” she wrote. “Doesn’t look good at all.”

    The tweet included a photo of milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate ducklings. The packaging had each named Crispy, Fluffy and Ugly, respectively.

    Although some on social media said the name Ugly was likely referencing the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, “The Ugly Duckling,” others said it was racist to give the name to the darkest-colored duck. …

  65. @Colin Wright

    I’ve done some playing about with statistics on this…it sounds far worse if you consider it in context of the two population groups (white, black) sizes…(figs for England/Wales, no London specific ones available)…

    The Home Offices most recent ‘Race and Crime report’ and their tally on inter-racial murders. (table 3.19)
    It states, for where the race of the killer and deceased are known, in the three year period ending 2016, 24 blacks were killed by whites, and 79 whites were killed by blacks. Simply put, blacks killed whites at about 3.3 times the rate of the opposite.

    HOWEVER, as there are 79 killers of whites in that black cohort of 1,865,000, every 1 in 23,000 blacks is a killer of whites (assuming no multiple murders) By comparison, as there are only 24 white killers of blacks, out of 47,000,000 whites, the chances of finding a white killer of blacks is barely 1 in 2 million (1,958,333)

    ie, blacks, as a whole, are only 3.3 times more likely to kill a white than vice versa. But given the still relatively small number of blacks, taken as individuals, they are nearly 100 times more likely to be killers of whites than vice versa.

  66. @Jim in Jersey

    The difference between the U.K. and the US. Here, there are many places where TNB ends with whitey grabbing a gun.

  67. Not disagreeing… but nowadays when you grab your gun, better grab a shovel too.

  68. Safety is why the majority of Black people who would never commit a violent crime should side with whites when it comes to standing up for the police, even though the police are often unfair to Blacks, whites and other groups due to numerous factors, including the fact that they have a super-dangerous and mostly low-paying job and also because they stick together—right or wrong—and Blacks should understand that since most of them do the same thing in schools, in workplaces, in politics, etc.

  69. @lavoisier

    I know, I know, white racism has not been completely eradicated. And until this happens, black people will continue to score low on the functional side and high on the dangerous side.

    So as long as we have white liberals, the situation is unsolvable.

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