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Black People Lament How White People Are Turning Martin Luther King Jr's Birthplace in Atlanta (Old Fourth Ward) Into a Thriving Community
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Old Fourth Ward in downtown Atlanta, the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., used to be – in the words of the Atlanta Business Chronicle – “a troubled region full of rundown properties.”

A 2011 New York Times article notes the community was 94 percent black in 1990 and was less than 75 percent black at the time of the 2010 US Census; in 2016, it’s less than 50 percent black.

Of course, if you remove the people who rundown properties, blacks, the area will magically come to life once you sprinkle in enough white people. [Life returns — slowly — to MLK’s old neighborhood, CNN, January 27, 2016]

It’s not magic: remove blacks and replace them with whites and see a rundown community quickly come to life (conversely, remove whites and replace them blacks and a once-thriving community will quickly disintegrate into… ” a troubled region full of rundown properties.” [‘This can’t happen by accident.’:For generations, African Americans have faced unique barriers to owning a home — and enjoying the wealth it brings. In Atlanta, where predominantly black neighborhoods are still waiting for the recovery, the link between race and real estate fortune is stark., Washington Post, May 2, 2016]

Scholars in Atlanta lament what white people do to “a troubled region full of rundown properties” when the community loses its majority black population, with one Georgia State professor actually worried about “the fabric of the community” displaced by whites. [Can anyone stop Atlanta’s rapid gentrification?, Creative Loafing, February 3, 2015]:

And Georgia State University Sociology Professor Deirdre Oakley, who’s studied gentrification, says changes in education and income levels are often a sign that new people are moving into a neighborhood, not longtime residents improving their life circumstances.

“Here in Atlanta, traditionally a [predominantly] African-American city, these neighborhoods aren’t just becoming more affluent, they’re becoming more white,” Oakley tells CL . “The question is: What has that done to the fabric of the community who lived there before these neighborhoods gentrified?”

There is no “fabricof the community,” dear professor, when individual black people are collectively creating”a troubled region full of rundown properties.” The black population in these highly desirable locations represent the detriment to progress.

Some white people lament how they positively impact property value, where once a house was constantly depreciating when blacks were the majority race in the community only to start appreciating when white people start to move into the area and drive up the value of otherwise worthless property. [How Gentrification Really Changes a Neighborhood: I knew the price of my new home in Kirkwood, just not what it would cost the neighbors who’d lived there for generations, Atlanta Magazine, March 1, 2016]

Though no one in the world laments what black people collectively do to individual white people’s property value (see Clayton, DeKalb, Fulton, Rockdale, Gwinnett and Fayette County in metro Atlanta, as outlined in Black Mecca Down ), a recent discussion was held in Atlanta on white people were doing to improve the once dreary quality of life black people had created in Martin Luther King’s birthplace.

A friend of mine attended. Here’s his report:

Some months back I learned that there was going to be a panel discussion or a symposium at the Capital City Club on Gentrification in Atlanta.

Since I own or did own a number of intown vacant lands, this subject was of interest to me. I hoped to learn where gentrification would go next as well as to get facts and figures on what had happened in Atlanta in the past few years in regard to gentrification.

However, the program proved to be limited to a gripe session and offered little to nothing in the way of information to those in attendance.

There were 7 speakers on the program.

All but 1 of the 7 were African Americans.

The sole White was Jim Burress, the station manager for WABE Radio, Atlanta’s public radio station (or more accurately “government radio station” since “public” radio was funded and initiated by government money and consistently takes a pro-big government, anti-taxpayer position on most issues).

While the Republicans – understandably in view of NPR acting as virtually a press agent for the liberal wing of the Democratic Party – have taken a pruning ax to funding for NPR, NPR still receives a significant percentage of its money from the government. However, NPR is careful to try to camouflage this. Its periodic announcements during the day refer to such-and-such a program as being “brought to you by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.”

If the cuckservatives and Republicans had any backbone, they would make it a condition of NPR receiving government money for the network to announce instead, “This program brought to you by the Federal Treasury paid for by your tax money.”

WABE’s license is held by the scandal wracked Atlanta Board of Education so really nothing that took place at the seminar in regard to Burress was any surprise. When the federal government created National Government Radio back in the 1970s the licenses were placed in the ownership of dependable supporters of The System such as minority dominated school boards.

Everyone on the panel was in agreement. They were all opposed to gentrification.

The Blacks complained about how White people were moving in. “There goes the neighborhood.” The lone White, Burress, complained that his employees at WABE could not rent apartments or buy homes cheaply in hip, trendy gentrified neighborhoods. He thought that this was extremely unfair and that something needed to be done to enable the journalists to live in neighborhoods that were out of their price range.

One of the Blacks was a policeman with the City of Atlanta Police Department.

He was a jovial and rather likable figure.


He said he had grown up in The Old Fourth Ward. Some months before his brother and sister had come back to Atlanta. He took them for a sentimental ride through “the old neighborhood.” He and his siblings were shocked at how White it had become. He reported that his sister remarked, “Where are the people who look like us?” The policeman and his siblings were not pleased to see the neighborhood lost to White people.

“Fair Housing Laws” apparently are to be interpreted so that Blacks can buy in White neighborhoods but it is a subject for displeasure when Whites buy in Black neighborhoods and “push us out.”

The other African Americans complained about their people not being able to afford housing costs in gentrified neighborhoods and their being forced to move to the suburbs. Having to move to the burbs subjects them to the inconvenience of long and expensive commutes. Whites can certainly relate to that, in view of the fact that they have been subjected to this for years.

There were desultory and rather limp suggestions and references to ways to keep Blacks in the neighborhood. These suggestions took the form of things like a report on some apartment building (I think located somewhere in The Old 4th Ward) in which several hundred units exist on which tenants pay only about $30.00 a month. The speaker said that the overwhelming majority of these tenants were African American single mothers. This facility apparently predated gentrification and it seemed to be the consensus that it would not be likely that more of them could be easily funded now after gentrification has taken place.

I was especially interested to hear what Jim Burress would have to say. As the sole token of racial diversity he obviously stood out by skin color alone. Alas! As with “diversity” in general there was no interest in diversity of opinions, ideas or ideology. His talk was all of the same piece as the talks of the African Americans except that he chimed in by talking about the plight of young journalists who are priced out of the cool, trendy Atlanta neighborhoods where members of their generation like to hang out and flirt with each other.

He thought this was extremely unfair.

When the question and answer period came, I raised my hand and asked Burress a question.

I told him that urban pioneers (like myself) had bought properties in what are now the cool neighborhoods where his young journalists want to live long before the neighborhoods became hip. Not only did such investors risk their money. They risked their safety and even their lives. Now he was demanding that the fruits of the vineyards that other people had planted at the risk of the persons and money be made available today at yesterday’s prices to people who have taken no risks. There are neighborhoods today that are where The Old 4th Ward was 10 years ago. Capital View, Capital Manor, Adair Park. You can buy houses there for $65,000 that are already habitable and fix them up. This is going on. Urban pioneers are there. Wouldn’t it be fair that his young journalists at WABE start at the beginning point and take the risks that others had taken when they went into The Old 4th Ward?

Burress as a good journalist had a clear answer to my question.


Burress said that his journalists shouldn’t have to wait. They have a “right” to get into the gentrified desirable neighborhoods right now. They should not have to wait. They are entitled. And they are entitled to SAFE as well as hip neighborhoods. It would be wrong to make them take any risks.

After the program adjourned I made my way up to the speakers’ table to speak with Burress. He eyed me rather warily and hostilely as I approached.

I tried to break the ice by quipping that I must be a masochist because I, a conservative Republican, was a faithful WABE listener.

Burress did not crack the faintest twitch of a smile and made no response.


I pressed on.

In addition to his remarks about the plight of young journalists who did not have the money to live in neighborhoods they could not afford, Burress had also trotted out that most tired of all contemporary liberal bromides: the need for a “conversation” about race. Speaking from the standard template he and similar self-loathing Whites use, he had explained to the audience that Whites just didn’t want to hear about race, that Whites have never faced up to the issue of race, that Whites haven’t heard about race, that we need to “end the silence” and so on.

It’s as it Burress and his ilk really expect people to believe such tripe…after 3 generations of non-stop guilt trip propaganda aimed at Whites from the politicians, the priests and preachers, the public (and private) schools, the colleges, the universities…

Having heard Burress trot out this favorite line, I wanted to challenge him (and WABE) to have a real, a genuine, a legitimate “conversation” about race…by featuring people like Jared Taylor who had a different point of view on the subject and would express the opinions of the considerable percentage of Whites who don’t by in to the guilt trip.

So, I made the point that no dissident voices are ever featured on NPR in general and on WABE specifically in these discussions about race. Perhaps WABE should have someone like Jared Taylor appear…

I was going to fill in the information about Jared in the expectation that it was likely that Burress had never heard of Jared…but I didn’t get to that part.

Perhaps Burress did in fact know who Jared was.

Burress glared at me and replied, “God damn you!”

He then backed away from me, not turning his back (for fear of harm?) until he was some steps away at which point he turned and hurried out of the room.

So ended my trip to the Capital City Club to listen to the program on gentrification.

America is irredeemable, though the story of white people restoring life to an area of Atlanta black people had – when left to their own devices – managed to turn into “a troubled region full of rundown properties” brings a huge smile to my face.

That it’s Martin Luther King Jr. birthplace makes the smile even bigger.

(Republished from SBPDL by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity 
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  1. Paul-

    Your friend sounds like a great guy. Perhaps you can get him to contribute to SBPDL more often. Yes, it's hardly surprising that they want a Mercedes and want to pay for a Kia. What is actually surprising is that people don't just call them out on it.

    Gentrification is interesting. Many blacks own property in the ghetto, and benefit from gentrification. When property values rise, they can take their profits and move to a different craphole, as your friend suggested. Instead, they think they should be entitled to the accompanying drop in crime, but not the accompanying rise in cost. As if the two are somehow unrelated, or, as Spike Lee seemed to believe, that the whites bring the police and therefore the crime rate drops because, well, racism. From the other sides of their faces, they claim that ghettos are overpoliced, and that white flight is also evil.

    Blacks are unredeemable. The jury is out on America. Ask me on November 8.

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The key difference between White Flight and Gentrification, is that while blacks are being forced out by high prices, Whites are forced out due to fear for their lives and the safety of their family and trying to save as much of the dwindling value of their largest investment (their home) while they still can.

    When a neighborhood turns black it means your home's value tanks FAST. Once word gets out that your neighborhood is soon to be black, you wind up having to sell it for 1/2 what you expected it to be worth all those years you worked hard and made good decisions. Then you have to pray that what you walk away with is enough to land your family in a White neighborhood that isn't just another sinking ship.

    These blacks have some fucking nerve to complain about Whites repairing their ravaged ghettos.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I hope this story makes it into the book. Imagine how many more "man on the street" stories there are out there. Instances where BRA apologists throw down the gauntlet, demanding a "conversation" only to withdraw the offer when the challenge is accepted.

    That's the key . . . like most other words, the liberals have corrupted the meaning of "conversation." They don't want the "conversation" to happen, because by definition, a conversation allows dialogue. The left isn't interested in any dialogue, only their monologue. They love their monologues more than any Bond villain and any talk show host combined . . . but to be fair, most liberals are way more self-involved than Jay Leno or Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Is there nothing these pathetic whites won't apologize for?

    I'm sorry for investing and putting work into my property- it was really selfish for me to plant that garden and share its crops with the neighborhood, I'm sorry for fixing up the house and repainting it too. In the process, I made the neighborhood more livable and desirable and made the value of other home owners properties appreciate. I can't believe I did this. I really am a monster.

    Yes Paul, you're right without a doubt. Completely irredeemable.

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks and brainwashed whites don't want a conversation on race, they want to lecture whites and attempt to impress everyone with all the talking points that they still remember while earning that useless college degree.

    Compromise, sacrifice, and even ass-kissing have their place- all these behaviors are completely useless and actually counterproductive when dealing with blacks. Kindness is not seen as compassion, but rather as weakness to exploit.

    Besides virtue signaling, I have no idea what these types of whites are attempting to achieve through placating blacks and putting them on a victim pedestal. There is never any give back or return on investment with these people- it truly is a one-way street with them. Maybe not having a God to worship has left them with a void in need of filling, at this point I really don't care as they can waste their lives trying to make headway with these "people" – if they feel like prostrating and flagellating themselves, it's a free country.

    I have been on the other side, and believe me, it left me more resentful and angry than I would care to admit.

  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe we can create a series on economics 101 in Ebonics so these proto-humans can learn the basic concept of supply and demand.

    Only in a black mind can creating value be seen as a bad thing.

    They cannot be brought up, all that can be done is to bring everyone else down. The explanation is simple, right in our faces, as Paul has been demonstrating for us in the last few blog posts in particular. It's not complicated, and it sucks for black people, but that is reality.

    Reality doesn't concern itself with fairness.

  7. Martin Luthor King was not a god neither was Nelson Mandela they had their fualts and Mnadela was a big time Terrorists for the African National Congress and a leftist as well and King said some bad things about this Nation

  8. The Under-Man is unconvertible. He will not bow to the new truth, because he knows that the new truth is not for him. Why should he work for a higher civilization, when even the present civilization is beyond his powers? What the Under-Man wants is, not progress, but regress– regress to more primitive conditions in which he would be at home. In fact, the more he grasps the significance of the new eugenic truth, the uglier grows his mood. So long as all men believed all men potentially equal, the Under-Man could delude himself into thinking that changed circumstances might rise him to the top. Now that nature herself proclaims him irremediably inferior, his hatred of superiority knows no bounds.

    This hatred he has always instinctively felt. Envy and resentment of superiority have ever been the badges of base minds. Yet never have these badges been so fiercely flaunted, so defiantly worn, as to-day. This explains the seeming paradox that, just when the character of superiority becomes supremely manifest, the cry for levelling "equality" rises supremely shrill. The Under-Man revolts against progress! Nature herself having decreed him uncivilizable, the Under-Man declares war on civilization.

    These are not pretty facts. But we had better face them, lest they face us, and catch us unawares. Let us, then, understand once and for all that we have among us a rebel army — the vast host of the unadaptable, the incapable, the envious, the discontented, filled with instinctive hatred of civilization and progress, and ready on the instant to rise in revolt.

    —-The Revolt Against Civilization

    Also it's cute that your friend the "urban pioneer" still believes that the Republicans and Democrats are actually anything different apart from rhetoric.

  9. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    That's happening everywhere. In Houston, the negroes are pissed because property taxes have gone up due to gentrification.

    The comments on public radio are dead-on as well. The amount of negro-centric programming is astonishing. It's always about gun violence, or hip hop music, or the plight of single mothers or drug dealers.

    One favorite topic is saintly white folks who befriend the nogs who raped and murdered their children. They usually exchange poignant letters and send them packages at Xmas.

  10. And the demons will go out of their way to destroy anything nice and white…
    They gotta keep it real.
    Gnome sayin?

  11. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Black should get nothing but slapped in the mouth everytime they bitch about slavery. No one alive today has ever been a slave. The whole race is conditioned to throw out the race card when it suits them. But let a white guy do the same thing and you are a racist. How do you argue with the truth ? When did saying and doing the right thing become the wrong thing ? I'm sick and tired of these dark clumps of DNA always getting away with this crap. The gorilla who was shot at the zoo paid the price for little trayvons "parents" being black. Typical black behavior blacks not watching there kids. Or maybe the orc couple thought the gorilla was the mama orcs uncle. Compare the pictures the gorilla and the black "mother" look related to me. I'm truly fatigue ridden over this race of things. Maybe some of these predictions about this summer will come true. I will not be suprised if it does. Something eventually has to givr. People are sick of the way things are going. You work everyday of your life just to achieve your goals and these worthless bags of crap get it handed to them. I hope they rot in hell. If I could keep what I earn. I could provide for my family. But no I gotta take care of mine and someone else's. This is bullshit. Why don't we as taxpayers get the chance to direct where our taxes go ? When you fill out your w4 they know what tax bracket you're going to be in. So why can't you direct your money to programs you agree with ? I'm sure somewhere someone would check the feed and house and provide phones for the orcs,but it wouldn't be me.

  12. It's these liberal white enablers who are the problem folks…

  13. Just a thought about the comment "Where are the people that look like us?". A couple of years ago there was an exhibit in one of the public buildings in town of art by an " African American " artist from Chicago. One of the remarks on her bio was coming to Minnesota and saying " Where are the people who look like us?". My thoughts were "Why are you here?" They complain when their own people make their neighborhoods unlivable, then complain when they come up here and we are white, and have built clean, functioning cities without black labor of any kind. I've said it before, they just can't stand to see a white man be happy. The first white explorers in Africa commented on their pleasure in the suffering of others, and even their tormenting and torturing animals. The P.C. police are busy trying to scrub that bit of historical observation out of existence. But if you observe, and listen, they still have that trait today.

    When I was younger, I took the family to Como park, and visited the conservatory. Now in the conservatory there is an aquatic plant pool with goldfish, I suppose you'd call them Koi. Some visitors would use it for a wishing well, and throw coins in, even though it was discouraged. So there was a group of young white girls with a black youth, who thew their coins in and made a wish. He, of course didn't have a coin, so they gave him a dime, which he threw as hard as he could into the water saying" I wish I hit that mother f***** in the head" Yeah, it's like that. Out side, we encountered more black youth, throwing rocks at the monkeys with great delight. This goes beyond disadvantaged youth, this is being a bit short of the genetic material to make you a functioning member of society. These are the kinds of experiences, day in, and day out, over the course of a lifetime, that make one a race realist. Like I said before, I didn't learn this from my parents, they were liberal bleeding heart Catholics, whose view of the world was deliberately shielded from the awful reality of the nature of blacks. A whole lot of people were led down a garden path, only to find it turn into a jungle inhabited by savages. And they've gotten worse, more dysfunctional, more barbaric in behavior.

    But, back to the "artist", she looked white, some miscegenated cross breed, like that NAACP imposter, only tanner. Her art consisted of paintings by famous white artists, cut from magazines, with photos of the faces of black celebrities glued on the people. One exhibit was a dingy, worn out, pink bra, with a stick tied to it. Just a little stick, nothing else. And of course, she had the obligatory AA degree in usleness. Never saw one black person looking at her exhibit. Not even many whites. The usual reaction was " Why is this garbage here"?

  14. White people cannot help but succeed. And when we move, we take it with us. As Robert E Lee said, "Wherever you find the black man, everything is coming down around them."

    I think it would be hilarious if a white person bought MLK`s birthplace. If left in the care of negroes. in another 20 years all that will be left is a weed and trash filled lot, with maybe a plaque.

    Stay alert, stay alive.

  15. First, nothing but TNB, wondering where "are the people who look like us" (whur be da brofors n babies mammas at?) In a nice neighborhood…. the reason it is nice is because there aren't any.
    Second, Burress sounds like someone who knows exactly who is paying him, and has toed the party line. Not a thought can even be formed that doesn't a) blame YT, b) accept any personal responsibilty, and c) most importantly, doesn't impact him in any meaningful way. It has been said before, but before the dindu issue can be dealt with, his type will need to be handled first. Harshly.

  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    To change the subject a bit: Remember that shooting at UCLA yesterday? A White professor was murdered by a student "despondent over grades". The professor has been identified, but not the student. That tells me they want this story to fall off the front page before they show that he's some non-White.

  17. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I am working on an off-Broadway musical that I expect to make it big. It is very progressive and edgy and will stimulate conversation and make America face its past. Let's have the conversation.

    It is titled "LUTHER!"

    It is the story of a poor White boy in Appalachia who becomes upset when he learns the local rich folk, all who are Black, make his people use different water fountains and bathrooms. He starts an uprising, has marches, and demands Justice. He becomes a leader for all his White folk and goes into the history books. An angry negro assassinates him at the end.

    This will be a fun musical as well. Maybe some folks here can help come up with a few of the musical numbers?


  18. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I'm so glad somebody confronted a white person like Burress. They live in their little bubble, saying their memorized lines with no more thought than someone under anesthesia during surgery.

    I say it's time to take back what's left of the historic, well-built structures of our central cities and AFFH the Negros to balsa wood built suburban homes, preferably a new area a ways away from already inhabited suburbs. I think they deserve their own new subdivisions in the exurbs with new school districts to cater to their "special" needs. I'm tired of them suffering in their bad zip codes (that part was sarcasm).

    Wouldn't it be great if we got a President Trump who said he wanted the whole country cleaned up? Paint the houses, replace the rot, mow the damn lawn and burn that pile of junk in the yard. How about we built into the tax structure of the blacks new suburbs the money to do all exterior maintenance so the place never looks ghetto? Just thinking out loud on my 3rd cup of coffee before I take my white privilege to a job that pays less than half of what I made before 0bama took office.

    The true icing on the cake would be renaming all those MLK Blvds. to their previous white names since the MLK name seems to attract so many guns and people gone wrong in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    And if we bring our manufacturing back to the US, there'll be plenty of janitorial and simple jobs for blacks to do so they have less time on their idle hands to make their neighborhoods the devil's workshop.

  19. Oh shit whitey is moving in here comes the nieghborhood!

  20. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Let's talk about race. But if you have an opinion that differs from the liberals, "God Damn You".
    They, meaning the worthless scum of mankind, "have a right to" and are "entitled to" the fruits of someone else's labor, or it's "God Damn You".
    So we now have the liberal viewpoint, turn it all over to them or it's "God Damn You".
    Well, speaking as one of the damned, F**K Y*U!
    Now, come and take it, but before you leave, make sure your affairs are in order.


  21. The ENTIRE negro problem boils down to genetics. And yet that is the ONE thing we can not discuss in public!

    Unbelievable. We are doomed to complete chaos and White genocide if we do not start speaking the truth publicly!!

  22. DWL letter to local editor here decries that CNN fixated on UCLA murder-suicide lockdown all afternoon, while the Chicago carnage over the holiday weekend is virtually ignored. I mean, OH! The humanity! and where are our priorities! and have we no decency! What the DWL is (unfortunately for the impending fate of first-world western civilization) unable to comprehend, is that negroes killing negroes is perfectly normal. A rational person fully capable of critical thinking, doesn't lose their shit when a fox kills a rabbit. I'm not beside myself when my cat brings home a mouse.. or a bird; it's what she does.. and she does it by genetic design. She's a predacious little killing machine. I accept it. In fact I rather admire it. But oh my! Something must be done in Chiraq! Where is our COMPASSION people!! I mean, c'mon.. there's just really nothing to be done.. is there? YT keeps insisting that the negro function in an environment he's not evolved by natural selection in which to function. It's not rocket science folks (it's biology science).. Human beings' astounding fixation to attempt to defeat nature, is downright fetishistic at this point..

  23. PK, thanks for the report from the front lines.

    "a troubled region full of rundown properties."

    Ah, the region is "troubled."

    No doubt its streets have "gone wrong" and shots routinely "ring out" while aspiring rappers are victims of "gun violence."

    i.e., the region is full of blacks.

    Again, we might note the use of passive voice. Some mysterious force "troubles" Atlanta. Just as that same force has "troubled" Selma, Detroit, Newark, Gary, Baltimore and etc. Of course, in all these cities there is one constant: the usual inability of blacks to maintain the civilization which White people created.

    But this reality is not on the table for public "conversations" about race because it flies in the face of DWL ideology. I say DWL (disingenuous white liberal) because somewhere down deep, blacks understand the racial aspect. Which is why they oppose gentrification. They know they can not compete in an open market, whether it is in city building or a debate on ideas about race.

    And as long as the racial aspect is not on the table, cities like Atlanta will continue to decline.

    Troubling, is it not?

  24. They sure don't like Whitey cleaning up their mess, do they?

  25. Paintjob Theory, thanks for the quote from "The Revolt against Civilization." Lothrop Stoddard and many more nailed it a century ago.

  26. I've been saying this for years, coddlers and enablers are the worse. Always enjoy when one of them gets bitten.

  27. Frontpage has an excellent story, How the Democratic Party Ruined Atlanta." The title is off, should be blacks ruined Atlanta. Good read.

  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Gentrification is going on in Detroit too. Don't worry though, there is still approximately 138 square miles of ghettoized darkness that "folks" should feel right at home occupying. For every dwelling worth over $200,000, there are thousands more that are worth $1.98. Blacks in America will never have to worry about shitty places to live.

  29. "And if we bring our manufacturing back to the US, there'll be plenty of janitorial and simple jobs for blacks to do so they have less time on their idle hands to make their neighborhoods the devil's workshop."

    Would YOU like to hire some black Africans to work for/whith you? You must be on your third Long Island iced tea if you think that negroes will, or are capable of doing anything productive or constructive.

    They must, each and every one of them, be removed from our lands if we are to survive as a race, prosper, and maintain any standard of first world civilization.

  30. The White enabler Buress spouted typical communist BS. In order to play the liberal game we have to use their tacticts against them. Logic and facts do not work.

  31. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Buress is a homosexual media host that contributes to NPR. The shocking thing is that he is also an anti-White liberal activist.

    This is the other side of homosexuality. Most gays just do their thing but then you get guys like Buress that spend every waking moment trying to undermine White society. They don't have kids so they have plenty of free time and they also don't have to deal with the school problem. They lock themselves away in a gated condo and take out their frustrations on White society by spinning these dishonest narratives like how society just needs to talk about race. We all know the last thing liberals want is an open discussion on race because once the biological facts come out their foundation of blank slate/paint theory is undermined.

    Homosexuality foments anti-White activism. I don't really care about the causes of homosexuality but I don't buy that it is 100% genetic. There are too many lesbians in my area that fit the description of "lesbian by lack of boyfriends" and you would have to be blind to not notice this pattern.

  32. Oh shit whitey is moving in here comes the neighborhood!

    June 2, 2016 at 5:23 AM

    LMAO !!!! As long as there goes darkie, out like yesterday's trash, everything is good! No more hood! No darkie, no hood, then you know the neighborhood is good !!!

    Keep on keepin' on, PK !! You ARE the general of this army.

    11-08-16 is OUR day !! Hopefully anyways…

    I overheard some darkies talking this past week at my place of employment where they were talking politics and made mention of something along the lines of if the Republicans get into office. I was standing at a distance listening in. One of them looked up and saw me standing there and it got silent real quick. They are most definitely fearing the possibility of Trump being president. This is really going to be great. They know that their time is up if Trump gets elected. Fk em !

    I don't know if Trump could be the force to turn this irredeemable nation around, but it's obvious that if something doesn't change for the better that it's only going to get worse.

    Open them FEMA camps and put ALL these boot lips in it with their coddlers !!!
    Then wall them all off from the rest of civilized society !!!

  33. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    A couple of days ago a commenter mentioned we like minded people need a way to identify one another. That person is right.

    The term "redneck" came about from different groups, fighting for freedoms, wore red scarves or any red material around their necks.

    The poor people of Western Europe need to do the same, go underground and have an identifying symbol.

    We are now living in Orwell. We must come together. We need to decide on a unifying identifier.

  34. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The White enabler Buress spouted typical communist BS. In order to play the liberal game we have to use their tactics against them. Logic and facts do not work.

    Logic and facts do not work but their tactics involve suppressing the opposition. We don't need to do that nor do we have that kind of access.

    Buress blabs into a microphone and keeps out any unwanted facts that would undermine liberalism.

    Liberals absolutely love one-way mediums. They want to tell a fuzzy narrative and without pesky rational Whites asking questions or pointing out inconsistencies.

    The internet is the only way to sidestep them. Once a White person learns about biological racial differences they immediately become skeptical of someone like Buress. We have to get people on the fence that are confused by what they see and what liberals are telling them. Buress and his ilk are snake oil salesmen. There is no point in trying to debate them since they will just do their best to control the debate. We need to turn the public against them so they are run out of town just like scammers of yesteryear. They need to be tarred and feathered and put on a rail.

    I was in a forum recently where a liberal admitted that the social sciences won't look at racial biological factors for egalitarian reasons. So how exactly are they a science? These people are fraudulent. This is all a giant egalitarian fraud and the last thing they want is a debate. Liberals like Buress know damn well what they are doing. They are part of an unspoken war against Whites and reality, which is really a war against nature.

  35. The interesting thing with liberals is that they will claim that there are legions and legions of racist whites whose resistance to their agendas are to blame for every problem. Yet, they never actually locate one and have them speak for themselves and present their side in their own words. Their views are always presented for them with no specifics.

    They require a strawman to rail against, not a legitimate opponent they have to debate and defeat with facts.

    The claim that they desire a "conversation on race" could not be more false. The last thing they would ever want is to engage with non-kept opposition in an open format.

    This is their main opposition to the alt-right. The old right could be counted upon to avoid racial language and concede a deference on such topics. With the internal defeat of the old establishment right, their dog and pony show is over.

  36. UCLA shooter an Islamic dark skinned mystery meat freak. Killed a smart White guy.

    Jihad!!! Also killed another girl. News just coming out…

    Kill Whitey!!

  37. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Bingo. The moment they went from wall-to-wall coverage of the shooting to talking about Trump University lawsuits, it was clear they knew the shooter wasn't white.

    CNN is covering it sparsely today, but still pretending he's a white American. Ashley Banfield at about 11 this morning said he was "from Minneapolis" and traveled to California "with 2 guns and several bullets." (Weapons expert that she is, I'm surprised she didn't call it a "Barney Phyfe Pack.")

    He's actually a dark-skinned South Asian with a degree from a university in India. He came to the US and got a masters and doctorate and never left. HB1 visa, anyone?

    CNN is scared shitless he might be a Muslim, and that wouldn't do.

  38. The curious thing is when these topics about "gentrification" come up, no one asks about the white population that was there prior to blacks. It is only an issue if displacement goes the other way.

    One of the things that always blows my mind is the row homes of the mid-Atlantic seaboard. When you look at the conditions of the homes in Philadelphia and Baltimore and compare them to the row homes of Washington D.C. in Georgetown – it could not be more obvious. They were all constructed around the same period and functioned for over a century. Yet, only the ones that remained in the possession of whites are still nice. The only real change was the race of the people occupying them.

    A similar thing occurs in New Orleans, a city which I am far more familiar with. The design of "shotgun" and "double shotgun" homes were used in the reconstruction era to the 1920's. When you see the old black and white photos of the historic Bywater and Irish Channel neighborhoods, the communities looked fantastic and pristine, populated by blue collar shipping families and factory workers. As whites moved out and blacks moved in, the neighborhoods went into decay. From the 1970's to the Katrina era – these very structures themselves were synonymous with poverty and danger.

    In the post-Katrina era, the flow went the other direction. Young white hipsters began buying these homes, fixing them up, and improving their values. These two neighborhoods are now the hottest ones in the residential retail market. It is absolutely mind blowing to see what a difference the population swap does. It is crazy to see places undergo such a dramatic transformation from a place you wouldn't be caught dead in, to a place full of joggers and coffee shops with well maintained sidewalks, stoops, and yards. Of course, we also have people raising hell about "gentrification" and the like. Plus, there is the knowledge that these black inhabitants have merely been shuffled off to some functional white suburb somewhere else to ruin.

    That is what sticks to me more than anything – these are not "success stories" of "urban renewal" – these are sacrificing other marginal whites stories, so young high wage earners without children can have the big city adventure, and the working poor trying to raise families can inherit the garbage.

  39. I was in a forum recently where a liberal admitted that the social sciences won't look at racial biological factors for egalitarian reasons. So how exactly are they a science?

    Equality is Ptolemy's epicycles in geocentric cosmology; only a heretic dares question it.  It's certainly worse than phlogiston; at least nobody was ever burned at the stake for publicly noting when and how its predictions were wrong.

    I'd love to turn this into a sound-bite or a meme, but I'm not that clever.

  40. Unfortunately most of them are like that here in Atlanta. Just hateful.

  41. After your daily check-in with PK, always nice to see what the orcs have been up to here:

  42. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The ENTIRE negro problem boils down to genetics. And yet that is the ONE thing we can not discuss in public!

    That is why the internet is causing chaos in liberal and cuckservative circles.

    The genetic factor can be discussed to the dismay of our fraudulent leaders that think the masses need to be fooled for their own good.

  43. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Equality is Ptolemy's epicycles in geocentric cosmology; only a heretic dares question it. It's certainly worse than phlogiston; at least nobody was ever burned at the stake for publicly noting when and how its predictions were wrong.

    I'd love to turn this into a sound-bite or a meme, but I'm not that clever.


    I actually once visited a school for homeopathy and it was downright creepy. Every student and professor and had that ultra fuzzy vibe that screams get your logic and facts out of here. The cafe was vegan and I think the girl working the counter wanted to jump on me after I asked if she could make me a bacon cheeseburger. Sometimes when women are involved in liberal activities it gives them a sexual craving for a red blooded, meat eating politically incorrect White American male. Of course they would rather not have this craving but it is like forbidden fruit and is more in tune with their primal desires. They also spend a lot of time around effeminate and self-loathing males which no woman is sexually attracted to. A bit off topic but there are some fascinating sexual dynamics with liberal women. I'm happily married but I do find it amusing.

  44. Anonymous said…

    That's the key . . . The left isn't interested in any dialogue, only their monologue. They love their monologues more than any Bond villain and any talk show host combined . . .

    June 1, 2016 at 8:52 PM

    Agreed. But at least the Bond villains are interesting and have their own style.

  45. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The curious thing is when these topics about "gentrification" come up, no one asks about the white population that was there prior to blacks. It is only an issue if displacement goes the other way.

    That is what I hate about Oakland gentrification. Liberals talk about the place as if Africans were there first. Much of Southern California was empty because the place is mostly a desert. It was Whites that built aqueducts and turned the place into an orchard. Oakland was once a nice area but as with many areas liberals want it to remain a ghetto while blaming Whites for not paying enough in taxes to make it better. Liberals basically want to keep Blacks on reservations while Blaming Whites and taxing their income over 50% to pay for this egalitarian utopia.

  46. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This is their main opposition to the alt-right. The old right could be counted upon to avoid racial language and concede a deference on such topics. With the internal defeat of the old establishment right, their dog and pony show is over

    Their only real opposition is alt-right. Conservative Inc doesn't question paint theory because most of its members believe it. So they just get into endless debates about government spending which gives liberalism the upper hand as liberals can depict themselves as trying to spend money on the poor. Conservative Inc tries to position itself as based on "values" but that doesn't translate into a check from the government.

    But what really astounds me about people like Erick Erickson is that they are exactly like liberals in that they refuse to look at what has failed. Chicago now has charter schools and they aren't outperforming White public schools. Please Conservative Inc, explain this to me.

  47. Off topic, but I need some advice. I have to be in Jackson, MS at the end of this month for a business trip. Anyone on here have any first hand knowledge of the Jackson "No-go" zones?

  48. Hello, I'm the french boy, it makes a long time i have not posted on this site. I want to congratulate you to put Trump in the final. I hope you are happy. So tell me has he really got chances to win? Latinos annd Asias support him or only white? From France newspapers he's the devil..but really lots of french hope that he will win. Because he looks like antisystem, anti immigrants, politically incorrect.
    Tell me please!
    Au revoir

  49. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The funny thing about liberals is that the ones that live around Blacks don't actually want Whites to be unarmed. This is because they know the odds of a White male attacking them are extremely slim and would prefer the possibility of a White male being able to save them in a dindu attack.

    However their egalitarian cult forbids even having such thoughts, much less acting on them. Thus they have no choice but to support "gun control" for everyone even though they know that the problem isn't with Whites owning guns. In fact if they ride public transportation they would prefer White males to not be liberal wimps but instead be fearless and armed.

    But this is only true for liberals that live near Blacks. In White or mostly White liberal areas they swallow everything they are told about guns and violence. White liberals in the burbs are some of the worst because they are able to deluded themselves and do not have to make decisions where they have to choose between personal risk and liberal cult beliefs.

    The leading proponents of gun control from libtopias tend to be politicians and celebrities that have their own armed guards and armored vehicles. Liberals on the streets know damn well what is going on but are caught between wanting gun control for Blacks but also knowing that they must follow cult rules regarding race.

  50. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Off topic, but I need some advice. I have to be in Jackson, MS at the end of this month for a business trip. Anyone on here have any first hand knowledge of the Jackson "No-go" zones?

    All Black cities are the same and have general rules you should follow.

    Take a taxi everywhere. Avoid uber, car rentals or public transportation. I realize a car rental is sometimes required but be careful with gas stations. Do not be the guy that walks a few miles from the hotel to save some money.

    No night trips, especially to mini marts, bbqs, chicken/waffle places or bars. Do as much as you can in the morning.

    No cheap hotels.

    Avoid taking out an iPhone in public.

    Avoid public restrooms.

    Don't dress up unless you have to.

    Always carry a knife and mace or taser if you can't be armed.

    Use a drop wallet. Throw $40 in a cheap wallet with an old ID and an expired credit card. It's important to have some cash in the wallet because many people have been killed by angering Dindus for not having money. Keep your real stuff hidden on your body somewhere. Take a $100 Visa pre-paid for small purchases.

    Do your business and get out. Find R&R in an outside small town. Tens of thousands of Whites would be alive if they had been told to follow these rules.

  51. Anonymous Gwoobus Harmon said…

    They require a strawman to rail against, not a legitimate opponent they have to debate and defeat with facts.

    The claim that they desire a "conversation on race" could not be more false. The last thing they would ever want is to engage with non-kept opposition in an open format.

    June 2, 2016 at 9:32 AM

    Exactly. If a true "conversation on race" was ever conducted, the whole Liberal/Socialist/DWL/BLM, etc. facade would collapse. Some points to ponder:

    1. The Slave Trade:
    a) Europeans did not raid the Dark continent and enslave anyone
    b) Was started by Africans and Middle Eastern Muslims
    c) Africans captured other African tribesmen and sold them at auction at coastal ports
    d) Europeans were late comers on the scene; the last to participate, the first to abolish

    2. U.S. Slavery:
    a) First slave owner was a free black man
    b) Around 1.5% of the whole population were slave owners; and a percentage of those were free blacks
    c) It existed not only in the southern, but northern states, including the so-called neutral states (Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri & West Virginia)

    3. The Emancipation Proclamation:
    a) Lincoln did not consider blacks equal to whites. In his mind they were inferior.
    b) Lincoln used the E.P. to punish the Confederate states for attempting to secede. Slavery was still practiced in the northern as well as neutral or border states after this Presidential usurpation.
    c) Did not outlaw slavery. If it had, then the a Constitutional Amendment would not have been necessary.

    4. Liberia:
    a) A settlement that was to be used for freed slaves
    b) Many freed slaves moved back
    c) Whites cannot become citizens (I'd be wont to become one anyway, just an ironic twist on the black's equality meme)
    c) Look it up. Detroit in Africa. It's were the Dallas, TX "Ebola Man" lived before lying his way into the U.S.

    I could go on, but just a small outline of the things that would, and could, destroy the SJW narrative. In general, no matter where you go in the world, if there's a majority black population, you get mayhem and destruction.

  52. I have a friend who lives in Atlanta and is a photographer, a few years ago he started a photo series called "Forgotten Atlanta" documenting the run down, broken, destroyed, ruins that are left of some neighborhoods there. I was surprised by the quantity of places he found, and he told me that was just the tip of the iceberg. Here's a link to some of his work if anyone's interested.

  53. "We need to decide on a unifying identifier."

    Whatever you could think of would be "racist". Immediately the poor negroes feelings would be hurt and the entire Government would pursue that unifying identifier to the end of the earth.

  54. My father was born and raised in NYC around the same time that Ex-New Yorker was, and has many similar stories about those times. We left there and headed west in the early 80's, but he is still amazed when he reads stories about how places like Harlem, Hoboken, and Brooklyn have all become ultra gentrified areas where people are buying apartments for $1million plus. He was there when NYC was selling burned out derelict buildings in Alphabet City (a huge drug area in the ABC blocks in Manhattan) for $1 with the condition that you had to make them habitable, which wasn't worth it in those days. Today those buildings sell for an average of $5 million each. What changed, gentrification and Guliani.

  55. That has to be a punch in the Negroes gut. Most of the Negroes over 40 years of age have seen what happens when Whitey foots the bill for everything. And without the heavy hand of the government they will end up just where they belong. Out of the way of society.

  56. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I am seeing so much hatred for White men. They've really waged war on us.


    Jennifer Rubin ‏@JRubinBlogger

    'Trump’s core base of support — white, lower-income males w no college education — is immune to reason or persuasion.'


    Maureen Fox ‏@maureenfox

    "it's "Sad!" that white men have lost their exclusive control of this country & other viewpoints are now heard."

  57. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I wish being a white person would be a unifying identifier. You would think by now, with all the hate YT going on, white people would start pulling together as a team.

    Nope, they just seek diversity and tolerance, thinking they will wear it like a badge and be identified as “anti- racist”

  58. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "The sole White was Jim Burress, the station manager for WABE Radio, Atlanta's public radio station (or more accurately "government radio station" since "public" radio was funded and initiated by government money and consistently takes a pro-big government, anti-taxpayer position on most issues)."

    Jim Burress is a gay SJW:

    It appears he got sick after plague-touristing to an Ebola hospital:

    But much of that appears to be scrubbed.

  59. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    To blanc,

    As I turned realist, it wasn't this site or any other leader's endorsement that made me pro-Trump- he was an easy choice before Paul or anyone threw in their opinion, and it's for multiple reasons, clear as day.

    He doesn't follow the old script.

    If you want to distill it down to one thing, this would be it. We have a lame-faced Republican lawmaker who is currently telling everyone that he wishes Trump were more boring and would follow a script.

    This is how detached these @ssholes are that they would even say something so stupid out loud for anyone to hear.

    People on ALL SIDES are sick of this BS, everyone knows our system is rigged like those of "lesser countries", we just have a better sheen on it.

    Someone comes along who:

    Doesn't need to be a whore to corporate America and party leaders

    Can speak bluntly and stop insulting our intellect and give the finger to PC rule

    Addresses "tough" topics and is thus an actual trailblazer and does not need to be given the nickname "Maverick"

    Has actual experience in the business world and becoming a billionaire over decades of honing his abilities

    A white man who isn't ashamed of being white and who is not afraid of being attacked in the media

    And along with another hundred great things I could say about the guy, he has a hot [email protected] wife and I visibly smile each time I see him in the media. I would do anything for the guy at this point, and he wouldn't even need to pay me. That is what leadership is, and it is even easier to see true leadership on the heels of an Obama lead-from-behind presidency.

    And Trump had the "audacity" of proudly proclaiming "All Lives Matter"

    People aren't excited about Clinton, everyone is excited about Trump, whether it be positive or negative. And most everyone would say he is the president that America deserves.

    This is coming from someone who once voted for Nader and who will be voting for a Republican for the first time in their life. A lot of us, just like you in Europe, get it. We are talking, planning, and mobilizing an effective response to the invasion of our countries and cultures. It won't be such a great party for anyone once white people aren't there anymore- all of the great things that are possible in our societies die with us, and it is disgusting to think of how we are being targeted for racial and cultural destruction on both sides of the pond.

    I have faith in whites, even if some of our numbers actively work against us. Keep doing your part over there as we will here and keep in contact so we can share ideas and successes. By and large, we are all thinking the same things so please know this. Usually we just aren't allowed to say it.

  60. Negro fatigued anyone?

  61. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    French Boy @ 12:40
    Exactly. Trump is routinely crucified in American newspapers too, compared to everyone from Lucifer to Hitler. Yet the votes keep rolling in.
    I suspect the French government is afraid of Trump today just as they were afraid of the first American revolution in the 1770's. There is just as much to be lost by the hidden powers in France as there is to be lost in America, if, that is, people start looking behind the curtain.
    That's where Trump's popularity comes from: the hope to pull back the veil and expose the ridiculous nonsense for what it really is, or if not then at least it's a vote for the establishment to go fuck itself.
    Trump is not the messiah, but he is a step in the right direction, and we don't go that way very much these days…

    (back after a long haitus, hello again all)

  62. Note that when Jim Burress "married" his boyfriend, he tincupped online friends to fund the "honeymoon":

    And he works for NPR.

    This guy thinks handouts and degeneracy are the way the world works.

  63. rex freeway said…

    That has to be a punch in the Negroes gut. Most of the Negroes over 40 years of age have seen what happens when Whitey foots the bill for everything. And without the heavy hand of the government they will end up just where they belong. Out of the way of society.

    June 2, 2016 at 2:13 PM

    You would think so, but no. No, they do not give a fuck. As long as the gravy train keeps rollin`, they don't care where its headed. They`ll ride it right off a cliff.

    Poor future time orientation and all that…

    Stay alert, stay alive.

  64. "" AZDesertRat said…

    Off topic, but I need some advice. I have to be in Jackson, MS at the end of this month for a business trip. Anyone on here have any first hand knowledge of the Jackson "No-go" zones?

    June 2, 2016 at 12:36 PM""

    Jacksonville, MS is the Ground Zero of negro dysfunction. That is the capital of "New Africa", seriously. They have their own flag and everything. To give you an idea of the conditions there, recently a famous (White) Bass Fisherman was murdered there and it took practically an act of God to get the negro sheriff to get off its ass and even view the video tape of the Urk Hi that killed him. Turns out the fisherman said something racist like "Stop stealing my car, boat and trailer" to the Orc because he caught it in the act of stealing his $80,000 QuadCab Ford SuperDuty towing half a million dollars of professional Bass fishing boat, a 250hp Evenrude engine, 30 or 40 thousand dollars worth of trailer and unknown thousands in fishing gear with this guys face plastered all over it and the negro gave him back 125gr of hollowpoint "STFU White man".

    It was like trying to get Justice on "Planet Monrovia" (See the movie: Lord of War).

    If I have to spend the night in that town, I would be behind a locked door, the dresser pushed up against it and a Magnum in my hand.

  65. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Basically, the FSA (Free Shit Army) treats all the gibs like a buffet line. It's almost closing time, but since they walked in before closing time, they intend to make as many trips to the trough as they can. They want to gorge themselves up to closing time and beyond.

  66. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It would be fun to bait these stupid fuckers. Make up flyers for the grocery store that claims "Free Groceries for Every 50th Customer". The way the negro network functions, it would only take one or two to get the word out quickly. Then simply park within view and enjoy the show.

  67. Well Mr. Burress is somewhat right. People do in fact have a right to live in a peaceful prosperous neighborhood. But where he and the rest of us race realists disagree is in what makes a peaceful prosperous neighborhood.

    No blacks.

    White Folk do indeed have a right to live where there are no blacks. When they do, they make the neighborhood "trendy" and "hip" because other whites see how nice it is to live there and want to live there too. Oh sure they won't come out and say it is because there are no blacks but they know. Everyone knows, even Mr. Burress.

    So there you go. By golly, there's a right that isn't in the Constitution! One of those rights we're going to have to take up arms and fight for in the near future and when we win, it will be written into our new Constitution so there's no doubt.

    Hail victory, comrades!

  68. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    And today in white history…

    1966 – Surveyor 1, the U.S. space probe, landed on the moon and started sending photographs back to Earth of the Moon's surface. It was the first soft landing on the Moon.

    July 20th, 1969 President Kennedy puts a man on the Moon.

    March 28th, 2016 President Obama puts a man in the woman's bathroom.

  69. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    52% of working age Atlantans are White but 97% of the city's employees are Black(exclusive of police, fire and schools). So much for equal opportunity. The Fourth Ward was a originally a nice place with suburban villas but was burned by United States troops. After the Civil war it was rebuilt as the wealthiest part of town but was destroyed in two accidental fires in the 1910's. Lebanese immigrants rebuilt the area into a more modest but still very nice neighborhood. It became black in the 1940's. Great location!

  70. Anonymous said…

    It would be fun to bait these stupid fuckers. Make up flyers for the grocery store that claims "Free Groceries for Every 50th Customer". The way the negro network functions, it would only take one or two to get the word out quickly. Then simply park within view and enjoy the show.

    June 2, 2016 at 4:39 PM

    Nope. Make it Air Jordan`s. Limited edition even.

    If you could figure out a way to send a text to every Obamaphone about the first 100 customers in line at Foot Locker tomorrow morning get a free limited edition pair of Air Jordans, and Mike will be there to sign them, the chimpout would be epic! Make it for a Friday morning in August… It`d be a looong weekend. lol

    Stay alert, stay alive.

  71. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Funny you should mention the Obamaphone. I've been wondering how it is that all these "spontaneous" events manage to come off so neatly. Wonder if there is a special texting app that only works for those phones. Don't mean to sound like a tin-foil brigade member, but how hard would it be? The discount carriers (Tracfone, Straight Talk, etc.) piggyback on other carriers towers. Supposedly nation wide coverage, except if you wander into an area not covered by the carrier your cheapo carrier hitches a ride with . . . phone no worky.

    So if a phone can be coded as a carrier specific signal, I'm sure certain other phones could also be routed as a subset of a use group, kind of like the "trunked" 800MHz radios public safety agencies switched to awhile back. Yes, I'm aware of social media being used for some events. But that traffic passes through servers not controlled by the allhabet agencies. Suppose those special phones are being used for domestic insurrection purposes? Would TPTB rely on corporate servers that could be compromised, when they could conduct "black ops" through secure channels that are already routinely used in sich a way?

  72. I envision a bawdy number wherein our hero engages in a night of carousing at the local brothel, that ends with Luther force-fucking a black prostitute in a dirty flophouse while the choir sings "Tonight I'm fucking for jeeeesus!"

  73. I haven't even finished reading PK's post, much less gotten to the comments (to which I always look forward to reading) and I must say…

    You must have gentlemen to gentrify neighborhood. A neighborhood should not need gentrification. A neighborhood in need of "gentrification" should not, by a rational definition of the word, be deemed a neighborhood.

    Chivalry isn't dead, but in some places it obviously never existed!

  74. i bet Mr Buress doesn't live amongst the vile beast he so loves.
    Hypocrites one and all.
    The bigger the lib the farther away they live isolated and protected from the reality they know exist.
    But that reality is for others to suffer while they shout from afar.
    Just look at that idiot in the White House. Where's he moving to come November?
    Not to some shithole amongst his own people but to an affluent white area.
    Hypocrites one and all.

  75. As well as Dr. King being a philandering whoremonger.

  76. Wouldn't it be nice if a white person bought it (if it were possible) and turn it into Section 8 housing!

  77. Excellent advice for anyone traveling to ANY major city in America.

    Sadly, we don't see whites exercising this level of diligence around blacks. They'd rather be the next victim than be accused of racism.

  78. Hmmm, maybe NPR should pay their young employees a "living wage"? Like, $100K/year? What are they, an oppressive capitalist employer, keeping down the poor, downtrodden journalism graduates? That would only be "social justice", right?

  79. The Old Fourth Ward is still a very dangerous place to live. Gunshots still ring out at night. The urban pioneers are very brave people.

  80. Its plausible, however I'm sure it would rub the FCC the wrong way

  81. Whites don't want to talk about race ? Whites don't want to hear about race ? We have it shoved down our throats every day ! Let's have an honest debate,one where whites aren't preached to. If slavery isn't brought up what would the blacks have to complain about ?

  82. Without slavery blacks wouldn't have a leg to stand on. It's the only 'round in the chamber' Which is why, sadly, an honest discussion will never happen

  83. Anonymous said…

    Funny you should mention the Obamaphone. I've been wondering how it is that all these "spontaneous" events manage to come off so neatly. Wonder if there is a special texting app that only works for those phones. Don't mean to sound like a tin-foil brigade member, but how hard would it be?

    Suppose those special phones are being used for domestic insurrection purposes? Would TPTB rely on corporate servers that could be compromised, when they could conduct "black ops" through secure channels that are already routinely used in sich a way?

    June 2, 2016 at 6:20 PM

    Well, if 15 years ago, if someone had said that the Federal govt was monitoring and recording EVERY electronic communication in the country, they would have been considered a "tin foil hat" type… Until it was true.

    What you theorize is not only possible, its probable. It`s not something blacks could pull off,(hard to conduct an insurrection when you get up at noon)but sounds right up their SJW handlers alley.

    Just because your paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

    Stay alert, stay alive.

  84. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The funny thing is, I used to work for a telecommunications company. If you watched the Lillehammer Olympics back in '94, you saw it because the company I worked at built all 24 of the C-Band satellite uplink amplifiers, which was how all the various networks broadcast their coverage to the outside world.

    There is a general understanding that consumer grade tech is running about 20-25 years behind military tech. Internet came into being in 1993? What we know as the internet was first used as the DARPANET for military communications and data sharing in 1969.

    A poster pointed out that the FCC would have to be complicit in all of this. Why would they be the odd man out? Every other agency of the federal government (hail HYDRA!) is along for the ride, so why not the FCC? The encrypt/decrypt key for these messages could be buried in the phone updates / software patches, and if the traffic is being routed through secure .gov servers . . . "Who shall keep watch over the guardians?" Latin might be a dead language, but those Romans weren't no dummies!

    Even our regular phones have a "Presidential Alert" feature. Check it out. You can configure your phone to receive texts for AMBER Alerts and severe weather events as well . . . but the Presidential Alert feature can NOT be disabled. (I know, it's not a bug, it's a feature). So is there perhaps another "ALERT" text app that is only routed out to certain phones?

  85. "Off topic, but I need some advice. I have to be in Jackson, MS at the end of this month for a business trip. Anyone on here have any first hand knowledge of the Jackson "No-go" zones?"

    Google NYT 2010 census. You will get a map that provides census data (% negro, hispanic, White, population change etc.) by census tract.

    Cross index with google maps.

    I always use this to plan visits to other areas or check out news articles where race is probably a factor but not mentioned.

    Isn't there a negro available to replace you for this trip? How about a White liberal?

  86. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Ah yes, aside from "strong police presence," "gentrification" is a word loathed by the black community. Gentrification means upstanding, usually young, clean, law-abiding, working whites enter a neighborhood that used to be black and begin changing the community.

    With white influx, businesses aside from liquor stores and gas stations selling loosies begin to open and thrive. Typically, this is followed by the local police force beginning to patrol the area more frequently, which I stated above is disliked by blacks.

    Perhaps instead of Section 8, welfare vouchers being given to blacks so that they can live in the suburbs surrounded by white people, gov't money for housing vouchers should be granted to recent college graduates to rejuvenate communities.

    I live in Detroit. I know the author of this blog likes to point out the inadequacies of my city due to the infestation of blacks – which is a valid assertion. However, there are boroughs of the city that are lovely and gentrified by young whites. Midtown, where Wayne State University is (and where I live); Corktown, a traditionally Irish neighborhood; West Village, East Indian Village, the New Center Area and Downtown are all boroughs that have gentrified greatly over the last half-a-decade from young whites moving in. The outlying neighborhoods in sprawling Detroit that are still dominated by blacks are still rundown and dangerous.

    What I'm trying to say is there still is hope. Whites are slowly taking back Detroit.

  87. The only areas that are ok to go in town are Lou's Full Serve, Mainship, Keifer's or any Fondren Restaurant and the Highland Village area. Everything else in the City of Jackson is a dump now.

  88. Conversation on Race – 93% of black men are killed by other black men. –

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