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Black Crowd Taunts Philadelphia Police Officers, Laugh At Them During Shootout with Black Career Criminal
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Diversity is our strength!

Say it over and over, like a mantra.

Just remember: just because you repeat it again and again, doesn’t mean it to be veracious.

A quick reminder for those not aware of Nicetown-Tioga’s – a community in Philadelphia – demographics: 91 percent black. [Crowd Taunts Philadelphia Police Officers, Laugh At Them In Midst Of Gunfire During Standoff In Nicetown-Tioga, Philadelphia CBS, August 14, 2019]:

While Philadelphia police officers were dealing with a gunman who shot six of their own during a standoff at a home in the Nicetown-Tioga section, cops also had to deal with being taunted by some bystanders. CBS3’s Alexandria Hoff reports a crowd of people laughed and yelled at officers in the midst of gunfire during a standoff on Wednesday.

Police say officers were serving a narcotics warrant on the 3700 block of North 15th Street around 4:30 p.m. when the suspect opened fire. As police exchanged gunfire, officers escaped through windows and doors.

Six officers were shot and transported to local hospitals. The officers have since been released.

From 4:30 p.m. until 8 p.m., gunfire did not cease for more than 40 minutes at a time. For some, the near constant sound of shots felt like nothing more than a reality of where they live, and for others it brought back memories of a war zone.

“It’s unsafe, but this is the hood. This is what we live with everyday,” one woman said.

“When they started dumping with the firepower and stuff like that, they did it in front of the day care, the babies were out and everything, that’s crazy. I’m a discharged veteran. I thought I was in a DMZ zone. It’s triggering PTSD, all types of things, all of this needs to be resolved. It’s senseless, seriously senseless,” another woman said.

Sources tell CBS3 that the scene was sheer chaos as officers were taking fire. Video from Chopper 3 showed officers with guns drawn at the scene.

Sources tell CBS3 the suspect was live-streaming some of the shootout while he barricaded himself inside the home.

Police say the gunman surrendered and was taken into custody shortly after midnight.

Maurice Hill shot six police officers during this standoff. The black community in Nicetown-Tioga still sided with him over cops, even though his extensive criminal record included crimes largely committed against other blacks in Philadelphia:

Hill’s criminal record dates back almost two decades and includes convictions on illegal gun possession. He was first arrested as an 18-year-old in 2001 for illegally possessing a gun with an altered serial number, court records show. He was found guilty on five counts related to that arrest.

In 2002 he was arrested yet again and eventually pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance and criminal conspiracy.

Hill would continue to be arrested over the years, with his crimes escalating in severity. In 2008, he was convicted of resisting arrest, criminal trespass and fleeing from police. Three years later, he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and most recently was found guilty of perjury, in 2013.

Krasner confirmed that Hill was convicted of federal weapons crimes in 2010 and was under the supervision of federal authorities up to around 2016. Federal court records indicate he was convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm and sentenced to four years and seven months in prison, plus three years of supervised release.

However, Hill was not convicted of dozens of other charges, including kidnapping, terroristic threats, illegally possessing guns, possession of controlled substances and simple assault. Other charges, like receiving stolen property and more gun and drug charges, were dismissed through the years.

Court records also indicate that Hill repeatedly violated his probation. In fact, he had a probation violation hearing scheduled for next Tuesday.

Never forget: diversity is our strength!

Failure to adequately believe this will immediately cause a ‘red flag’ violation, and you’ll be forced to forfeit your 2nd Amendment right.


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  1. If ever proof was needed to show that we are not the same species this is one of those moments. No civilized being acts like this. No other human on the planet acts like this. A breed apart. A disgusting race of feral, emotionless, dead eyed savages. Not a mas shooting but an armed shootout .. is there much difference??

  2. Low IQ.

    No impulse control.

    Fueled with anti-white hate from the Jmedia.

    Wish they would go back to africa.

    • Replies: @kikz
    , @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Check out ALL the tweets !!!!! Well worth it!!!

    Alexandria Hoff @AlexandriaHoff via twitter:

    “I mentioned this at 10 and since I was harassed during that live shot, I’ll mention it here too. A major moment of disappointment this evening was watching a crowd of people taunt police officers, laughing and yelling at them in the midst of the gunfire.” #PhiladelphiaShooting

    Alexandria Hoff reporting (and exposing) the bare naked truth right on the front lines…!!! Now some groids and SWJ’s are calling her what ?!?? Oh no 🤦‍♂️ not the dreaded played out “R” word!!!

    A reporter from the media reporting the truth from the front lines now being accused of “fanning the flames 🔥 of tensions between the police and the folks that live there” lmaooo… (hmmm, and those folks are?) Drumroll 🥁 plzzzzzz!!

    THIS will never end peacefully. Be well prepared in advance, folks !!!!!

    • Agree: Augustus
  4. Loren says:

    off topic

    near new haven

    ‘Community Members’ [cough] were in this neighborhood in Dec, stealing cars. They were in my own driveway … raiding the suburbs must be a nationwide phenomena … the words gone out apparently, get whitey where he lives. They went to my neighbors house, he is an officer of the court, which brought the state police and AGs office here as well as the local PD.
    Not having any luck they went up to what we call Mafia Hill — Paul Manaforts old neighborhood — and did steal 2 cars up there, nice ones too.

    The very next morning community members in one of the stolen cars got unto a shootout with Hartford Police in front of the state capitol. Such is life in our little lefty paradise.

    The state legislature — worried that too many ‘community members’ are in prison — have responded by decriminalizing many aspects of car theft, reducing it to a misdemeanor, raising the age of culpability etc. Now the action seems to have moved to eastern Ct, with raiders operating out of New London, formerly a Whaling Port, now a welfare colony.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  5. It gets worse.

    As I’ve often said, black hoodrats and their famblies and supporters think they should be able to do anything anytime anywhere they want without any consequences. Civilization is oppressive to them and anyone enforcing civilized rules or laws upon them is seen as an act of disrespect and is to be resisted even with violence. In their low IQ minds, it is an attack on their “culture” and an attempt to keep them down, oppress them and do them wrong. They want to live in a violent, third world jungle environment and that’s why everywhere they nest turns into a shithole.

    There is no solution to this idiocy. If the cops withdraw and crime goes up, they claim the cops are racist and no one cares about black people. Then, when the cops go in and start arresting all the hoodrats which happen to be their friends, family members and associates or even just some random piece of crap, they start screeching that the cops are racist and it’s an attack on the black community, that da man is trying to destroy the black community.

    If this country had any common sense, it would start sterilizing these morons so they can’t breed more morons. I mean, mental patients that are diagnosed as retarded and/or psychotic aren’t allowed to breed and since half the black population falls below the threshold to be declared retarded, the same rules should apply to them. It’s not a human rights violation when the psychotic/retarded are prevented from breeding nor is it a civil rights violation so the time to do it is NOW. Failing that, it’s time for these communities to be isolated and contained so their primitive third world jungle violence and jungle mentality cannot affect civilized areas. That should be the job of the cops- not trying to discipline them or make them behave. They need to be contained and controlled like they used to be via segregation and sun down towns.

    Of course, what will happen is precisely nothing and you’ll have more hordes of screeching black retards throwing rocks and other items at the cops or shooting them while continuing to destroy every environment they’re allowed to infest.

    Pardon my anger- I’m just so sick to death of them.

    • Replies: @kikz
    , @Augustus
    , @Mr. Rational
  6. Failure to adequately believe…

    That’s what this is all about: Believing – or at least pretending to – the dose of BS served up daily by MSM.

  7. The Maurice Hill Nicetown-Tioga standoff is a great example on how NOT TO conduct a high-risk search warrant and armed barricaded suspect incident. There has been a concentrated effort since the Obama years for police to “de-escalate encounters with people of color”. Well, the Philadelphia Police nearly de-escalated their way to 5 killed police officers (the 6th was injured in a traffic accident).
    This was more like Third-World policing you would expect to see in Lagos or Caracas. The Philly PD had no control of the incident scene. Black subjects could be seen walking around the inner perimeter recording and talking on their phones, ripping down crime scene tape and taunting and threatening police and journalists. When those savages didn’t want the police to retrieve evidence and other suspects/witnesses in their neighborhood they forced them to retreat. Maurice Hill should have still been in prison or been shot by the officers on the scene and yet Mayor Jim Kenney doesn’t focus on the offender but blames the NRA and asks for more gun laws {snicker}. This doesn’t install a whole lot of confidence in the public for their police and government to protect them when SHTF.
    Make no mistake there are still competent and determined police working the street (I still work alongside some) and they have the tools (Level 3 body armor, carbine rifles, armored cars, etc.) but if they’re handcuffed by leaders with an political agenda and undermined by a court system that lets dangerous criminals walk free because of their race then those police departments are essentially defunct, being held together by chicken-wire and duct-tape. Embarrassing and irredeemable…

  8. Philly negroes are the bottom of the barrel. Throw in a negro loving mayor, a Soros backed district attorney and it’s a recipe for a disaster. There is not one section that’s safe. Frank Rizzo would not recognize that filthy city.
    All is not lost, football season is right around the corner, whitey can cheer on their beloved Eagles.

    • Replies: @Patricus
  9. Orcs are a higher threat level than other races. Our wise ancestors knew it, regardless of their faults.

    Since police must deal with orcs, they should’ve arrived with overwhelming force, ready to take down the suspect and control the crowd.

    Shooting at a cop should mean a death sentence for the suspect, regardless of race.

  10. Philly cops went back with food for the residents. Unbelievable.

  11. Selfish-rude-immoral-foul mouthed-hating-black racist africans……on a leash. Owned and operated by your local POS leftist liberals. Photos courtesy of the jew owned M S M. History “gone bad”.

  12. The blacks should be laughing at whitey–the Philly locals know “tolerance” is for suckers.

  13. BCB232 says:

    It was funny watching Hannity cover this last night – his demeanor seemed uncomfortable. You wonder what he is thinking – does he think like us or is there massive cognitive dissonance. I think a lot of people intuit what we see (the implicit psychology) but their explicit psychology won’t allow it.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  14. The black community in Nicetown-Tioga still sided with him over cops, even though his extensive criminal record included crimes largely committed against other blacks in Philadelphia:

    And that is the core of our problem.

    Any large population of human beings has a portion that is “anti-social” (to pick one word that at least resembles the problem). With diverse “communities” (hah!) in a landscape dominated by one group, other groups will feel more allegiance to their co-ethnies than to the state.

    There is a large contingent of idiots today who think they are going to break from their shackles by breaking the hold of the dominant group. Not going to happen. They are simply forging stronger shackles.

    “It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.” – Edmund Burke

    • Agree: 95Theses
  15. Are comments “broken” on this thread?

    • Replies: @Realist
  16. Cliff says:

    Without cops the Morlocks will eat the elitist Elois. Lying Liz Warren is leading the charge of the Elois against the police. I remember last year when a police officer in Weymouth Ma. was executed. She had the elitist gall to cut into the line of mourners at the wake of the slain officer. A family member of the slain police officer politely asked her to leave by saying ” Get the fuck out of here.”

    • Replies: @NC Realist
  17. Realist says:

    Black Crowd Taunts Philadelphia Police Officers, Laugh At Them During Shootout with Black Career Criminal

    Stupid is as stupid does. To expect anything rational from a dysfunctional race with an abysmal average IQ is folly.

  18. Never forget: diversity is our strength! DIE-versity will be my strength.

  19. @NC Realist

    This line had me in stitches, “They say putting a high-end grocery store in the space would outprice residents, which could cause even more problems.”

    • Replies: @NC Realist
    , @eah
  20. kikz says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Excitables…. prefer chaos.

  21. kikz says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    your link is trashed… jumps to some Hewlett Packard Svc pg.. fyi.. 🙂

    • Replies: @Non PC Infidel
  22. We certainly have come along way since the civil rights act in the 60s.

    It used to be that decent citizens were able to walk down the streets without fear of coming into contact with such violence.

    Now we see that armed cadres of police are not even safe walking down the same streets.

    Yup, give me diversity and give me death.

    • Replies: @The Bland Enchilada
  23. @Female in FL

    Amazing…the endless stupidity that comes out of their potato chip holes. Even more amazing the stupidity of the next store that locates there.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  24. M.Anthony says:

    “Filthadelphia” as some say. I live an hour plus north of this war zone and I stay away. I’m safer (by a hair…) going to Chicago.

    Blue Juice’s comment above pretty much nails it.

  25. Gunga Din says:

    “… the black community sided with him (the shooter) … even though his extensive criminal history, … included crimes committed against other blacks in Philadelphia.” Kinda says it all, doesn’t it?

  26. Here’s another point to ponder. In more cases than you think….some of these cars ARE NOT stolen. They maybe be REPORTED stolen after the low-life owner who has decided he/she no longer wants the car…. “accidentally” left it unlocked or keys in the switch etc. Then the insurance pays the low-life for the destroyed robbery rolling drive by shooter stolen vehicle….with no responsibility….and the rates for you and i go through the roof. It happens everyday. My homeowners ins went up 200.00 dollars this year. Their reply : Oh this was an “across the board” increase for all policy holders. I have/had no claims ever. Yep.

  27. @Female in FL

    No effin’ kidding!!!! Like feeding a pack of dingo’s after they ate a baby. Absolutley dispicable.

  28. @kikz

    Oh no!!!! Not another mass shooting!! Start the racist attacks on the deporables now!!!! Take whiteys guns now before this gets out of control.
    OOOPs .. wrong color.. wrong century.. wrong narrative….wrong America.

  29. @Robert Dolan

    Well Robert,if we sent all the Black felons back to Africa, it could tip over like Guam.Wouldn’t want that on your conscience.

    • Replies: @Former liberal
  30. @Gunga Din

    Of course Blacks sided with the Black shooter even though most of his crimes were against other Blacks. Blacks should only face sever punishment for crimes against Whites and White property. Murder,burglary,assault,etc. in the hood rate a small fine and court costs. Let them eat each other. One more in the pot means one less collecting “benefits”.

  31. Pretty soon America’s new breed of leftist DAs will be right out there with the neighborhood thugs, jeering any cop who tries to do his job

    • Replies: @HT
  32. @NC Realist

    It’s just one of the MANY external costs of the celebration of diversity!!!!

    Booga Booga !!!

    The video associated with this story is the outcome of what happens when 1st world civilization standards meets 3rd world standards. There’s no getting off this ride…

    I can understand completely why someone like Trump would have interest in buying Greenland. In a day in the not to distant future with the growing issues of global warming, GL will be the last liveable place on earth before it all goes up in smoke….

    • Agree: NC Realist
  33. Earlier I pointed out the Pennsylvania governor was a negro lover. Today he signed his executive order regarding gun violence. Besides appointing a blue ribbon panel to do a study, he came up with this beaut. He wants state police to expand and support gun buy-back programs and increase monitoring of hate groups and white nationalists..

  34. eah says:
    @Female in FL

    “They say putting a high-end grocery store in the space would outprice residents, which could cause even more problems.”

    What exactly had you “in stitches” about it? — I’m not sure what “problems” they have in mind, but I have no doubt that most of the people who live nearby could not afford to shop regularly at eg a Whole Foods (not that it’s likely WF would open a store there) — believe it or not, there are many decent black people, including in these lousy neighborhoods plagued by criminal Blacks — and not being able to conveniently shop at a proper grocery store, something most Whites take for granted, is a real problem for them — Malcolm X often talked about this in his speeches back in the 1960s, which was one reason for his popularity: he directly addressed the daily problems of ordinary people.

  35. @Female in FL

    Charming lad he is…I wonder if he read this from another UNZ story.

    The perception that mass shootings are a “white man’s problem” lingers around the country because white mass shooters tend to get more publicity. And, the twisted young male who goes on a public shooting spree fits a certain kind of media narrative. But when we actually study the mass shootings that took place in 2019, it’s clear that Patrick Crusius and Connor Betts are not the norm, but aberrations.
    Mass shooters have no particular ideology. Crusius and Betts were opposites ideologically. (Though both cared deeply about the environment.) Nor are mass shooters a white problem or a black problem. Over the same bloody weekend, William Patrick Williams, who is African-American, appeared in court after being arrested by the FBI for planning to shoot up a Texas hotel with an AK-47 rifle.
    Looking at the data from the Mass Shooting Tracker, widely utilized by the media, as of this writing, of the 72 mass shooters, perpetrators in shootings that killed or wounded 4 or more people, whose race is known, 21 were white, 37 were black, 8 were Latino, and 6 were members of other groups.
    51% of mass shooters in 2019 were black, 29% were white, and 11% were Latino.

    Keep in mind that “black males” between 14-35 (prime killing age) only make up about 4% of the population. Therefore committing over 9x the mass shootings as white males.
    I didn’t go to an all black school so my math may be off a bit.

    Funny isn’t it, that the media never reports in this manner. It would be deplorable of them to skew their anti white rhetoric with facts and statistics. Truth is not a liberal trait.

    Annnnnd…. its Miller time.

  36. HT says:

    This is nothing. If you think blacks act uncivilized now, just wait until whites go below 50% of the population.

    • Agree: Feedsackroad
  37. HT says:
    @Known Fact

    Looking for any reason to prosecute police while the thugs do as they please.

  38. D-FENS says:

    Most cops are not our allies (Bluejuice and a few others excepted). When it comes time to enforce “red flag” laws, they will do so without reservation.

  39. Patricus says:
    @Female in FL

    Congratulations to northerners for winning the Civil War.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  40. @M.Anthony

    If you’re in Lehigh Valley, that’s not Groid Free Territory; lots of Legume Munchers as well.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  41. @Gunga Din

    Look no further than the Freddie Grey Empowerment Center for the answer to your question.

  42. eah says:
    @Female in FL

    In 2017 Pennsylvania had the 3rd highest overdose death rate at 44.3/100k –> link

    In 2017 there were 739 homicides in PA (presumably not all by firearms) –> link

    Taking the population of PA as 12.8m, this means there were approx 5670 overdose deaths in PA during 2017 — that’s > 7.5x as many overdose deaths as homicides, and since not all homicides are by firearms, that multiple is even greater if you just look at firearms homicides.

    So death by overdose is a far greater problem in PA than homicide by firearms.

  43. @Female in FL

    I left PA in ’97, not going back.
    It was nice before (((Shapp/Rendell/others))) Mudslided the State; before that the WASPs that shoveled in Da BLAX from the South for cheap Demonrat votes.

    PA used to be 2A friendly and a bastion in defense of that Right.
    It was one of the first States to establish State pre-emption and supremacy over lesser polities regarding firearm restrictions and INFRINGEMENTS.
    Carry permits for straight citizens were easy to obtain.
    Frank Rizzo in Philadelphia kept a lid on BLAK misbehavior.
    The First Ring suburbs were still mostly free of BLAX.
    Humans knew where not to go in Philly.
    BLAX knew where not to go pretty much everywhere else; or they’d get wasted.
    Then, the yew know hews took over; and it’s been downhill ever since.
    Now, it’s BLAKtime, all the time.

    • Replies: @Female in FL
    , @El Dato
  44. A quick reminder for those of you not aware of Nicetown-Tiago’s – a community in Philadelphia – demographics: 91 percent black.

    Talk about hell on Earth. I can’t imagine being in the remaining 9 percent of the population. How would you survive? Heaven help them. Could you imagine looking out the window to see the parade of humanity passing. Who would live in such a place?!?

  45. @Female in FL

    “He wants state police to expand and support gun buy-back programs and increase monitoring of hate groups and white nationalists..”

    Gun buybacks are a gift to the scumbags in an area. They can steal a shotgun in the suburbs and trade it in at the buyback for a thousand dollar Wegman’s gift card. Genuius plan, eh?

    • Replies: @bruce county
  46. @eah

    “Malcolm X often talked about this in his speeches back in the 1960s, which was one reason for his popularity: he directly addressed the daily problems of ordinary people.”

    The problem is that he was only addressing the problems of the ordinary people who lost their local grocery store and not the everyday problems of the ordinary people who owned and tried to run a grocery store in that kind of neighborhood.

    Maybe the fact of the matter is that the ordinary people of an inner city, all black neighborhood includes the assholes who routinely steal from a store and assault the owners and employees, and even rob the store from time to time. The ones ruining the store are never disciplined by the other neighborhood people for this kind of behavior, and are even defended when the store owner fights back or calls the cops.

    Fuck MalcomX, posthumously.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @eah
  47. JR1967 says:
    @Female in FL

    Just another example of the twisted thinking of a cucked white POS Politician who blames guns instead of the black leftist thugs who carry out this act of terror. Let this happen in a country like China or Russia and their governments would have no problem taking Swift action against low life thugs like the ones in Philadelphia.

  48. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    LOL! Definately deserves to be recognized as the comment of the day!

  49. AceDeuce says:

    Funny, I don’t see groups getting together to support the El Paso or Dayton shooters, but the groids of Philadelphia say: “Hold muh malt liquor”.

    “Hundreds” of “koh-mooni-tuhy” members are fixin’ to rally for the groid who shot it out wif’ da po po.

  50. WSG says:

    Where exactly are these “decent black people,” Chuckles the Jester? I’ve met 3 unicorns, 2 leprechauns, and an elf, but I’ve never met a decent black. Something about a frog and a scorpion…

    • Agree: BengaliCanadianDude
    • LOL: Love Street
    • Troll: eah
    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  51. AceDeuce says:
    @Twodees Partain

    Those “ordinary people” CREATED their own problems.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  52. Augustus says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    Maybe this is the Democrat plan. Allow them to keep reproducing down in the ghetto to dumb themselves down even further. Then in another generation or two they’ll be too stupid to tie their shoes or hike up their pants. They’ll dumb themselves down to where the Dems will have no problem hunting them down and getting rid of them. They can be replaced with some other group more capable of trouble shooting and replacing circuit boards on industrial robots.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
    , @El Dato
  53. You can’t make it up.

    ‘Former Reed aide used city funds to buy machine guns, investigation reveals’

    Aug 16, 2019 – 5:01 PM

    ATLANTA – An investigation by Channel 2 Action News and our partners at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has found that a one-time senior aide to former Mayor Kasim Reed used city money to purchase two machine guns, which did not go to the Atlanta Police Department.

    Jim Beard was Reed’s chief financial officer for six years and a close adviser to the mayor.

    Federal authorities subpoenaed records about Beard’s tenure in June. Among those were records of gun purchases.

    Emails reviewed by Channel 2 Action News and the AJC reveal Beard ordered the guns in late 2015.

    Channel 2 investigative reporter Richard Belcherconfirmed an Atlanta police officer told federal authorities his name was used without his permission to buy the guns.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  54. @Cauchemar du Singe

    You’re absolutely correct. First day of deer season was akin to a DDay invasion. Left in 05, Lehigh Valley suburbs are filled with NY, NJ libs. Better have bullet proof glass driving through Allentown.

  55. eah says:
    @Twodees Partain

    The problem is…

    If Trump were to talk about the plight of lower class Whites you would probably not see that as a “problem” — but Malcolm X, a black man, talking about the plight of Blacks was a “problem”.

    For years X was with the Nation of Islam, which was in part an ‘uplift’ organization: via its philosophy and specific programs, it tried to address problems among Blacks, eg crime, school performance, alcohol and drug abuse, etc.

    If you listen to some of his speeches, he often blames Jews for running these (“mom and pop”) stores with overpriced goods — he usually addressed urban audiences, eg in Harlem, where there weren’t many (if any) of the kind of very large food stores (supermarkets) you find today — Jews were prominently involved in the Civil Rights movement, which he saw as somewhat hypocritical since Jews also fleeced black urban customers at the same time — and those “mom and pop” type stores didn’t go broke due to shoplifting.

    The ones ruining the store are never disciplined by the other neighborhood people for this kind of behavior,…

    “LOL” — do you think every shoplifter blabs it all around? — and anyone who hears or knows about it should ‘tell on them’ or call the police? — you are nuts — newsflash: a small minority of Blacks shoplift, and they keep it to themselves or a very small circle — in fact:

    Prevalence and Correlates of Shoplifting in the United States

    The odds of shoplifting were significantly higher in men than in women. Native Americans had higher odds than whites, although blacks, Hispanics, and Asian Americans had lower odds of shoplifting than non-Hispanic whites.

    This study found Whites are actually more likely to shoplift than Blacks.

    Anyway, typically stores are closed because they underperform: they do not meet minimum profitability requirements when compared to similar stores in other locations — shoplifting is only one factor that affects profitability — in many cases it may not even be the most important — I saw grocery stores close in every suburb I lived in (eg Kroger closing all 14 stores in Raleigh, Durham).

    Whether you think so or not, a big majority of Blacks are law-abiding — and they need, and most would greatly appreciate, a decent, convenient place to buy food.

    That you would respond negatively to such a simple message shows what a dumb piece of shit you are.

  56. @Female in FL

    Philly cops went back with food for the residents. Unbelievable.

    In Clownworld, nothing is beyond belief.

    We don’t have to hate orcs, but we sure as hell shouldn’t be treating them like gold for no good reason.

  57. @M.Anthony

    Please don’t take that I think the Chicago Police Department is any way superior or that our politicians here are any better than Philly. I can definitely see a Maurice Hill standoff in this city next summer. Chicago is past the tipping-point and will eventually turn into Philadelphia, Oakland and Baltimore and probably sooner than later. It just sickens me to see what “de-escalation of encounters with people of color” (yes…that is a class taught in our police academy here now) has brought big-city policing to.
    In the ghettos of Chicago we can no longer secure and hold a large crime scene (unless it’s during the morning hours when everyone is sleeping). 15 years ago I was on crime scenes that extended 2 city blocks. Crowds were never allowed to gather nearby and if anyone dared cross the perimeter it was reasonable to slap some sense in them and immediately arrest them. Now we can’t even hold a crime scene that is more than a few car lengths? “De-escalation” has led to “de-policing” and created a ticking time bomb.
    I also don’t like disregarding street tactics and tactical skills that were learned the hard way through blood and sweat over the years. (“The lessons that we learn are written on the tombstones of others” as Reid Heinrichs says.) Since when do the police jump out of windows and run away from 1 active shooter contained in a house?! Yes, he was armed but he was the quintessential bad guy at that point, an armed evil lunatic who was resisting a valid search warrant, and isn’t that what most police sign up for…to get the bad guys? Why didn’t SWAT continue to clear the row house and eliminate the threat after they stealthily made entry on the 2nd floor? The suspect had used all the ammo in his AR at that point (that whole future time orientation thing again) and was armed with a .380 pistol while SWAT had the tactical advantage. And as their police commissioner kept babbling about hundreds of rounds being fired why were the black “Tiogans” allowed to walk freely around the block past crime scene tape? Everyone at this site knows the answer of course. Treating violent black criminals with kid gloves like they are protected retarded children eventually leads to total surrender of law and order. We are now choking on our diversity.

    • Agree: brandybranch, AnalogMan
  58. @BCB232

    He is a republicuck. He’ll say that the negroids are acting the way they are because they are “democrats”, and because they’ve been “enslaved to the democrat plantation”. I’ve actually read and heard these things from Republicucks.

  59. A bit OT but I’m fascinated by this story:

    Mostly I’m wondering what nickname the female victim in this story would be branded with if her assailant were black and what the narative spin on the story would be.

    “Lobby Lucy” attacked black homeless man and called him racial slurs when he just wanted to come into the building?

    That kind of works but is not really catchy. I’m gonna keep this one in the back of my head because irony suggests its only a matter of days before an eerily parallel incident with a black attacker will pop up and demonstrate how stupid the spin can get.

  60. @WSG

    Sorry, you’ve angered eah.

    Somehow, eah believes that although we are so diametrically different, we can all still live together peacefully once we figure out the ‘riddle of the naughty blacks’.

    So, the ‘good blacks’ suffer because their own kind destroys anything good in their neighborhoods (soon to become just plain ‘hoods’) and us neanderthal whites don’t want them coming into our areas to do the same.

    Garden variety appeaser.

    • Replies: @eah
  61. HT says:

    These ghetto cesspools are going to become like war zones where even police will not venture into.

  62. Hill’s criminal record dates back almost two decades and includes convictions on illegal gun possession. He was first arrested as an 18-year-old in 2001 for illegally possessing a gun with an altered serial number, court records show. He was found guilty on five counts related to that arrest.

    I seriously doubt that. There’s no way in Hell that this negro wasn’t arrested dozens of times when it was a minor.

    • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  63. Hill would continue to be arrested over the years, with his crimes escalating in severity. In 2008, he was convicted of resisting arrest, criminal trespass and fleeing from police. Three years later, he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and most recently was found guilty of perjury, in 2013.

    When prosecutors are plea bargaining with hood rats, “criminal trespass ” means that he was caught burglarizing someone’s house.

  64. @Twodees Partain

    I would think that in order to participate in the buy back program you need to have proof of ownership of said weapon and no weapons without serial numbers should be accepted. Stolen guns go for less than 100 dollars on the street… so putting large chunks of cash in the hands of the nogs would be very counter productive..

  65. @Kyle Kiernan

    “The judge also ordered Vincent to stay away from the victim.”

    That’s telling him!

  66. AceDeuce says:

    a small minority of Blacks shoplift

    Uh, no. Just no.

  67. @Augustus

    “Then in another generation or two they’ll be too stupid to tie their shoes or hike up their pants.”

    They crossed that bridge years ago. The mainstream celebration of ebonics, rap music, ghetto culture, baby daddys, and all around ignorance has been going on for about 30 years now, or 2-3 generations in the black community. Mostly due to liberals and bleeding hearts making excuses and applauding mediocrity, celebrating them for doing mundane common sense/everyday things.

    We are seeing the results of these policies and generational welfare payments. Their dysfunction is like owning an aggressive feral dog that’s never been trained, and getting mad when it attacks people or shits in the house.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  68. @Kyle Kiernan

    I saw this story as I scrolled down the article. I was surprised to see the description of the shooter.

  69. eah says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    Actually, as I’ve suggested before, perhaps even to you (?), if you click on my moniker “eah” and read my comment history, you’ll see I’m a convinced White Nationalist who believes Whites should have their own polity, and must remain the super-dominant ethnic group within it — also that re Blacks specifically, due to HBD average SES of Blacks will always be significantly lower than that of Whites, which creates an irremediable problem for any polity shared by Whites and Blacks (the über-problem of exorbitant black criminality gets enough attention here).

    and us neanderthal whites don’t want them coming into our areas to do the same.

    I did not say anything about that, not one word; nowhere did I call Whites ‘neanderthal’, or in any way imply that — ?

    Garden variety appeaser.

    I don’t see how saying there are decent Blacks, that a majority of Blacks are not criminal (both obviously true), and that they would appreciate better food stores, makes me a “garden variety appeaser” — whatever that is.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  70. Luludog says:

    According to you, the only reason grocers are fleeing the urban jungles is racism.

  71. @Kyle Kiernan

    Also slightly off-topic, but I did something the other night that might have earned me the name of “Dirt(y) (bike) Harry”…rather than the alliteration, I felt like referencing some pop culture. I was back in my old neighborhood a few nights ago, and at a small local park that closes at dusk, noticed some “yoofs” on dirt bikes. Something, again, that’s not allowed in this park, at any time.

    Well, up in Baltimore, “yoofs” on dirt bikes and ATVs are an epidemic. A few years ago, I remember during the summer, a “yoof” would play around in that park on his dirt bike in the summer, but he was pretty harmless. The park was always empty, it was before sunset, and he really WAS young, and didn’t act destructive. But, apparently they’re multiplying. Also, there have been a rash of break ins in the area lately, something that seems to be more common.

    So, I called 911, and reported three people on dirt bikes in the closed park, after dark, who looked suspicious, and mentioned how I’ve heard there’s been a rise in break-ins in the area lately. However, I did NOT give my name (I’m sure they could get it through phone records if they wanted), and I did NOT stick around, and let myself get recorded making stupid comments like some of these other people do “BBQ Becky”, “Swimming Pool Sarah”, or whatever).

    A few months ago, I joined one of those online “Nextdoor” or whatever forums, but for my old neighborhood back in PG, rather than where I live now. It’s rather boring where I live, although I might join it eventually, just to keep abreast of any decline in the area. Anyway, the disfunction back in PG is astounding! Hate to say it, but I get a kick out of people whining about how they thought they moved away from the crime, but that it’s just as bad in the “good” areas of PG as the ghettos they left. The only difference is now they’re paying $500K and up for housing, for the “privilege” of living in that kind of squalor.

    • Replies: @Kyle Kiernan
  72. @bruce county

    No, I believe that but-backs are a ‘no questions asked’ sort of affair. The idea is to get guns off the street.

    Of course, the orcs don’t participate and instead lots of trash and a few family heirlooms get handed in (which are snapped up by clever policemen).

    The photo op is used to propagate the lie and crime goes merrily on because criminals – surprisingly – won’t turn in their guns for a bag of groceries.

    I’ve got a few old crappers I’d be willing to part with but my area isn’t famous for buy-backs. I’d roll them over into more ammo for the ones I got.

  73. @AceDeuce

    The ‘small minority of the small minority’ theory.

    Someone should consult PK’s statistics. The minority is what we’re trying to avoid.

  74. @eah

    As I’ve said once before, I’m not spending time researching your comment history in order to respond to a nonsensical, wrong-headed response.

    I can glean everything I need from your comment – from your comment.

    Once you bow to the idea that there are ‘some good blacks’ and we aomehow need to step around them while combatting the others, you lose me and most others here.

    If a ‘small minority’ of blacks were the problem, the other blacks would absorb them and still move forward. You know, like whites and most other races.

    However, youll notice that doesn’t happen. The clean up in Baltimore recently show that in spades. Pun.

    If only a small percentage of blacks created a mess, the other ‘good black’ would absorb and persevere.

    Show me where that happens.

    You think you’re more interesting than you really are. Instead, we see you as the one trying hard to be the ‘lone voice of reason’ when the horse thief is caught, who says “maybe there’s a good explanation to how he came into possession of these stolen horses”.

    Yeah, there is. He stole them.

    You sound like the product of too much tv.

    • Agree: Female in FL
    • Replies: @Love Street
    , @NC Realist
  75. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    I worked on a case at a law firm that involved prison informants and prisoners. The prisoner records were eyeopening: 18- or 19-year-old boys in jail 25-to-life for murder-robbery, murder-rape, etc. There’s no way that they were a bunch of church choir boys who suddenly turned bad at age 18. They probably started running in problems with the law as far back as age 12, at the latest, and it continued to escalate until they killed someone at age 18 or 19.

    Before the 19th Century, there was no distinction in law between crimes committed by minors and crimes committed by adults. On paper, children could be executed. In the 19th Century, the idea behind juvenile courts was that children weren’t responsible for their actions and could be reformed. As recently as 1959, Salvadore Agron, there was an uproar in NYC because a 16-year-old Puerto Rican gangbanger murdered two White boys. He was sentenced to death, but his sentence was eventually commuted and he was released.

  76. Hispanics and Asians will not cater to Blacks – only Whites do. In a hypothetical third-world America, they will be slapped down by their fellow third-worlders.

    The alternative is that the US will breakup into two or more countries.

  77. @Jim in Jersey

    The “Good ” blaggs are usually the ones who haven’t got caught yet. Always scheming and scamming like thier masters ..So never relax.

  78. @Non PC Infidel

    If this country had any common sense, it would start sterilizing these morons so they can’t breed more morons.

    It wouldn’t be very hard to do.  Just mandate custodial sentences to age 21 for all of them meeting some dysfunctionality score, but allow them out at age 18 if they agree to be sterilized.

    That doesn’t make them cause less trouble themselves, but dysfunctionality could also be used as the criteria for giving them a nice chunk of cash to give up their US citizenship, go to Africa and be put on the no-fly list to keep them from coming back.  They probably wouldn’t last long in Africa but that would not be our problem anymore.

  79. A half Century after the Civil Rights act and lack of decent grocery stores, food supply still a problem.

    Go figure. Helpless.

    On the other hand, must be My Fault.

  80. El Dato says:

    They can be replaced with some other group more capable of trouble shooting and replacing circuit boards on industrial robots.

    The way things are going, these will have been produced in China. They will probably self-fix with a cargo dropped by drone jumping in from Shenzen.

    (And who needs industrial robots in a continentwide ghettoland-with-gated-community leftovers anyway?)

    • LOL: Augustus
  81. El Dato says:

    How wouldn’t want to have 2 fully functional AR-15s in the apartment’s weapons rack? (Ok, FN P90 for me instead, but that’s just me)

    Emails obtained by Channel 2 and the AJC document that Reed’s chief financial officer first ordered the weapons in late 2015 and was quite anxious about getting them.

    So is he a prepper and what did he expect to happen in January 2016?

  82. @bruce county

    Not as far as I know. It’s a photo op for the pols and police, mainly. The whole idea is ridiculous, starting with the name of the program “gun buyback”. What is it, did they sell the guns and now they want to buy them back?

  83. @eah

    “That you would respond negatively to such a simple message shows what a dumb piece of shit you are.”

    Really? Unlike you, I know, and have known a lot of black people and I know better than to assume the best of anybody, white or black. Grocery stores fled the hood by the end of the ’60s because of shoplifitng, assault on owners and employees, robberies and vandalism. Insurance against vandalism and robberies became unobtainable.

    You’re so obviously triggered than anyone would see Malcolm X for what he was that you’re ready to flame me for pointing out the obvious. The obvious facts just ruin your little fantasy about noble black folks living in “food deserts” because the eevull joos closed their stores just for fun to see the po’ cullut folks starve and/or live on Twinkies and 40’s of Olde English.

    Grocery store owners do what they do in order to make a profit and provide for their families. When their location goes bad, you seem to think that they owe it to the idea that there are still a few good people in the ruined neighborhoods where their stores are being robbed and vandalized, to stay and be completely ruined financially because of what some mouthy black ex-con said 45 years ago. It isn’t hard to see which of us is a “dumb piece of shit”.

    Malcolm Little was murdered by people who looked like him. That doesn’t make him a saint, nor does it make everything he ever said true.

    I see that you’re also claiming in another comment to be an intelligent human being. Too bad you just blew that image with this comment.

  84. @AceDeuce

    For a small minority, they certainly have caused one hell of a lot of retail businesses to leave their AO. Our old pal eah, who has just thrown a public fit over my saying, “Fuck Malcolm X, posthumously”, has been triggered into making some outrageously foolish statements on this thread.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  85. AnalogMan says:

    If Trump were to talk about the plight of lower class Whites you would probably not see that as a “problem” — but Malcolm X, a black man, talking about the plight of Blacks was a “problem”.

    That whistling sound you heard was his point passing right over your head.

  86. @Jim in Jersey

    I may have spotted eah’s problem…… minority should have been majority……with the emphasis on majority. Yes…..small majority…..oh… oxymoron. <<<< that makes sense.

  87. @AceDeuce

    Yes, they did. They also continually create more problems for everyone else outside their neighborhoods.

  88. @NC Realist

    How often must this situation arise?
    Blacks loot and steal from businesses in their “community”, and then complain when no one wants to invest in those same businesses.
    Look at Africa.
    They cannibalize railways and electrical grids for the pennies that can be made from selling scrap iron and copper, and then complain that their country has no railroads or electricity.
    They are locusts.

  89. @Jim in Jersey

    “I was safer, in a B-29 bomber, over Japan, during the war, in an air raid, than the residents of Washington DC are, walking in the White House neighborhood.”
    — George Wallace, 1963

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  90. @Gunga Din

    Blacks have yet to evolve beyond an “Honor Culture”.
    “Honor Culture” dictates that every grievance be addressed directly.
    An eye for an eye.
    This encourages them to seek direct retribution against anyone even suspected (in their own feeble minds) of insult or “disrespect”.
    White people, meanwhile, developed a “Dignity Culture” wherein citizens are all equal and grievances are handled through an established system of courts and written laws.

  91. @Loren

    Out west too.

    2 miles away there is a large apartment complex that was built in 2004-2005. The first wave was from Katrina, then Houston, and the area hasn’t been the same.
    They (the shiftless black male youth) will roll through our neighborhood, generally once every couple months, looking for open cars and ones that are easy to take.
    I chased them off once, the County Deputy up the street another time.
    Shopping nearby is like a trip to the ATL. This was a great area, before they got here.

  92. @eah

    there are many decent black people, including in these lousy neighborhoods plagued by criminal Blacks — and not being able to conveniently shop at a proper grocery store

    If they want “convenience” they will have to earn it–by cleaning up their own communities.

    Most folks here think history proves they cannot and will not do it–so “no convenience” is the way it will be.

  93. @PO'd in PG County

    Well handled. Report anonymous and shut up. Get gone if needful.

  94. Loren says:


    Mayor Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, said such far-right organizations were “impacting the entire nation” by targeting women, minorities and immigrants with hate speech.

    “If they’re going to come out here every single month until we do whatever they think” it would cost taxpayers millions of dollars for law enforcement, he said during the news conference.

    The threat to return to Portland on a regular basis “feeds in to that sense of fear,” Wheeler said.

    “We do not want them here in my city, period,” he said.


  95. Realist says:
    @another fred

    Are comments “broken” on this thread?

    Not broken…but eliminated. All the pictures and comments about the fat black woman were eliminated. Evidently someone got to Kersey….could be his mentor Taylor, who is always afraid of offending blacks and Jews.

  96. @eah

    Why does it matter that groceries at that proposed Whole Foods store were over priced? Not like the Dindus were going to buy steak. Those high end grass fed,organicly raised,massaged with beer cow cuts were going out the front door with shop lifters,and out the back door with Black employees.

  97. @Jim in Jersey

    Yeah. He apparently found the “strength in diversity” on his deathbed, but I don’t hold that against him.

  98. I haven’t seen PK’s blog is a week, or so, but I see the negroes are being negroes! I would let them kill each other with drug overdoses. Why should an officer go in their and risk their life over people who don’t respect them?

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