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Beto O'Rourke Knows the Truth: His Whiteness Is a Liability in the New, Non-White Democrat Party Yearning for Non-White Candidates
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Whiteness is no longer an ally as the ascendant People of Color coalition dominate the Democrat Party

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White males have no future in the Democrat Party. Beto O’Rourke, who just announced his candidacy for the Democrat Nomination for the Presidency, has proven this in two embarrassingly revealing interviews where his whiteness is an admitted liability.

Shot. [BETO O’ROURKE: “I’M JUST BORN TO DO THIS”:Riding around with Beto O’Rourke as he comes to grips with a presidential run., Vanity Fair, March 13, 2019]:

O’Rourke is acutely aware, too, of perhaps his biggest vulnerability—being a white man in a Democratic Party yearning for a woman or a person of color, a Kamala Harris or a Cory Booker. “The government at all levels is overly represented by white men,” he says. “That’s part of the problem, and I’m a white man. So if I were to run, I think it’s just so important that those who would comprise my team looked like this country. If I were to run, if I were to win, that my administration looks like this country. It’s the only way I know to meet that challenge.

“But I totally understand people who will make a decision based on the fact that almost every single one of our presidents has been a white man, and they want something different for this country. And I think that’s a very legitimate basis upon which to make a decision. Especially in the fact that there are some really great candidates out there right now.”

Chaser. [O’Rourke says he’ll be ‘more thoughtful’ in talking about his family, The Hill, March 15, 2019]:

Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke said Friday he’ll be “more thoughtful” when talking about his family after joking on the campaign trail this week that his wife has been raising their children “sometimes with my help.”

“Not only will I not say that again, but I’ll be more thoughtful going forward in the way that I talk about our marriage,” O’Rourke said during a recording of the podcast “Political Party LIVE!” in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, according to CNN.

The former Texas congressman, fresh off launching his White House bid this week, said he would also be more thoughtful in “the way in which I acknowledge the truth of the criticism that I have enjoyed white privilege.”

The Democrat Primary is going to be something to watch, where the Democrat candidate who attacks whiteness the most will prevail. In an act of prostration, even O’Rourke has declared his own whiteness a near disqualifying liability… but he’s to desirous of attaining power to get out of the way and allow true diversity to take over (as if he believes he is somehow exempt – by identifying and admitting his whiteness as an unearned privilege – from the racial takeover of the Democrat Party).

There’s no getting off this ride…

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  1. Rich says:

    It should be impossible for any White person to be nominated as a democrat, and any Whites who run as democrats are obviously “racists” who don’t believe minorities are smart enough to do the job. They are worse than Hitler in attempting to prevent people of color from achieving their dreams of overthrowing the evil White patriarchy and should be treated the same way the Mensheviks were treated following the Bolshevik victory.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  2. Soy-boy Beta cuck.

    He panders to the Hispanics, panders to the minorities, to the anti-gun sheep, he is a fake, liar, POS.

    Beto says the border is safer than big cities.

    Ever been to ElPaso? Absolute dump. All of it. The nice parts? Still a dump. Demming, NM is safer. Down near the border, you used to be able to hear the rounds dropping, so little energy in the 22LR at that point, but still.

    Not supposed to fire back, but you know, it’s Mexico, and they started it. They sit on a hill and watch for smugglers. Using 22LR to confuse. A few hundred miles west, they will carry heavier hardware. Best to have an AR10 or similar. The border is no joke, 50 miles inland isn’t any safer.

    • Replies: @TigerRed
  3. Politicians exploiting ethic tension. It’s deja vu 1850.

  4. Anonymous[209] • Disclaimer says:

    “Meanwhile the 10000 ton boulder of demographic change rolls ever
    forward, gaining momentum and possibly destroying all in its path.
    Eventually, when the white population of the USA realizes the truth of
    the situation, war will erupt. Soon the replacement of the whites within
    Texas will hit its apogee and with the non-white political and social
    control of Texas;and with this control, the electoral college will be
    heavily stacked in favor of a democratic victory so that every electoral
    cycle will be a certainty.”
    – Brenton Tarrant

    The media and governments are doing their best to censor, criticize, mock, and minimize Tarrant’s “Manifesto.” After reading it, I can understand their concern. It is a pretty good read.

  5. Bubba says:

    The Democrat Primary is going to be something to watch, where the Democrat candidate who attacks whiteness the most will prevail.

    Indeed, it certainly will. The loser “Beto” (even hispanics wonder about that nickname) is getting plenty of airtime from the MSM lately, but I don’t think there is any way he’ll be nominated. It’s eventually going to be a black woman (President) and a homosexual latino or black man (Vice-President) on the ticket. All the whites Dems running are only for show to badmouth white people and promote more gibsmedats for blacks and hispanics.

    • Replies: @Anon
  6. White males have no future in the Democrat Party

    The two leading candidates in the polls are both white males. True, it’s still early, but if the base was as hostile to white men as the author claims, even that wouldn’t have happened.

    Furthermore, post-Obama, just being a PoC is no longer enough. See Corey Booker’s flailing campaign. Kamala Harris comes across as a Clinton in blackface.

    The base may not hate white men nearly as much as the jewish media does.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  7. Luludog says:

    Here’s Beto on a Saturday night: Umm….Let’s see who I’ll pick for my vice president:
    Asian, Black, Latino, Muslim?
    Eenee meenee minee mo catch a n_____ by his toe. If he hollers…..
    Oh damn, no matter what I do, they’re all gonna holler.

  8. Augustus says:

    I’ll never understand Democrats. The whole of their party is destructive, and every American should see it by now.

    Yet here they are speaking in some incoherent babble about white privilege, and looking for another affirmative action president. We’ve had Obama, and now they want another affirmative action failure, this one must be female. What’s next, a transsexual? Why can’t leftists learn and adapt? My theory is they keep repeating the same stupid behaviors because they operate on emotion far more than on intellect. Easier just to react as their leaders want them to react than to calmly, and rationally think. If something seems to feel “right,” it has to be right. They have destroyed whole future generations over their emotions. We have grade school aged children who should be smiling and playing, who are now talking about how they want to be activists when they grow up. We’re heading toward an emotionally immature society trading “activism” for producing. I feel we’ve peaked as a society, and are plateaued, now drifting backward toward the drain. This trend will only be gaining speed.

    We’re now irredeemable and not reversible any longer. We double down on stupid and no longer learn from mistakes.

  9. mongo77 says: • Website

    george soros has already gave this clown thousands ..and he lost the first time…..texas dosent like him

    • Replies: @L in TX
  10. RickTen99 says:

    Coming to a geography atlas in the future; The Mexican Socialist Republic of New America”. Bet on it.

  11. Ed says:

    Beta Beto.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  12. They speak as if this is all happening organically and this O’Rourke character sprung up from the grassroots to challenge the status quo.

    Instead he’s just another typical, political hack regurgitating the same tired, marxist line.

    Join me in assuming we are powerless in this political power play. Even your vote is worthless because you have no say in who your candidates will be. It’s all theater. It’s a for show.

    Be ready when the balloon goes up, though. It’s gonna get ugly fast if you want my prediction. I don’t claim to know the day or hour but make sure you have plenty of ammo for your voting machine.

    That’s the last place your vote will count.

  13. Beto is going to get blown out of the back of the pack and end up as a standing joke. He has disqualified himself on so many issues and non-issues even the leftist media is crucifying him for his sheer temerity in running. He’s a side-show.

  14. I happened to catch a film clip of O’Rourke skateboarding across the stage at one of his rallies and I burst into laughter. He might think that makes him appealing but it just makes him look like a 14 year old hipster douchebag trappped in an adult body. I don’t see how anyone could take him seriously after that. Maybe whoever is selected as his VP running mate can roll onto stage riding a scooter (or perhaps a Big Wheel) while chewing and snapping their gum and blowing bubbles.

    I’m hearing circus music or the theme song from the Benny Hill show.

  15. USA 1943 says:

    A lot of the Democrats think this is still the party of Truman and JFK.
    1. They think it is STILL the party of the working man, The reality is it is the party of Elites and leeches looking for handouts/ Free this/free that, It is no longer Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country, It is now I want free everything.
    2. It is no longer love of God, Country and Family, God was boo’d at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, It is the party that Continuously bashes the USA as being awful, sinful, hateful and oppressive, it is ALWAYS the left, Democrats that burn the flag, refuse to stand for the flag etc, and as for family, they do not seem to be fans of the family, CERTAINLY NOT THE TRADITIONAL FAMILY, they think it is just as legitimate for a man to be be married to a man, or a woman to be married to a woman.
    3. They have become CLEARLY Anti-white.

    The Changes are disgusting, the Democratic Party has regressed beyond recognition, I am not a fan of either party, but the Democratic party has gone off the rails.

    Many still vote for the Democrats as they are not really followers of politics and are unaware of the negative changes.

  16. BETA or Cory or Camela are all the same: anti-White.

    Whether Trump wins in 2020 or not, he will be the last republican president. Without aggressive deportations and ending birthright citizenship (which isn’t law) the most a border wall would have done is prolong Texas and Florida turning blue until 2028.

    Since we have no wall it will be 2024.

    I predict we’ll have secession of some kind before outright shooting wars. Secession is lazier and keeps sportsball seasons intact.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  17. Pat Boyle says:

    Something’s missing. We have Beto and we have AOC. Together they form the comic relief. OK. But where are the serious candidates? You know the ones who enunciate the serious issues?

    We have AOC predicting the end of the world. When I lived in San Francisco I used to go to Union Square if I felt the need to hear crazy people. Some of them spoke in tongues and ended their testimony by going into a fit. Many of them also predicted the end of the world. It’s a popular trope.

    Very entertaining.

    Beto is like that. We have always had people like him. But in the past they showed up on TV on David Letterman (after the girl with the large breasts and before the psychic chimpanzee). Now they’re showing up on CNN.

    People forget Trump stood out from the pack because he brought up serious but neglected issues. He talked about our contributions to NATO. That’s not the kind of issue that a clown like Beto brings up. If you are just trying to seize the headlines and can disregard your personal intellectual credibility you claim the world is ending.

    All throughout the run up to the election Trump was talking about the kind of deals our diplomats were making. He talked about issues that everyone knew were issues but the professional politicians had ignored. He was the serous candidate. Hillary – when she could keep on her feet – carefully stressed the results of her focus groups. She stood staunchly and bravely for whatever the market researchers had found. If she had been told to, she would have told us NASA had determined that the moon was made of green cheese. She would have labeled skeptics as “cheese deniers” and hinted that that was another form of white racism. White Racism/Green Cheese.

  18. If he thinks that it will drag him across the finish line, watch out for Beto to have a homosexual or tranny “revelation” or incident.

  19. L in TX says:

    “texas dosent like him”

    Unfortunately Texas does like him pretty well. Ted Cruz beat him by only a tiny margin.

    His nickname Beto already shows he thinks his whiteness is a liability. His name is Robert Francis O’Rourke, not Roberto or any such name for which one would expect to see the nickname Beto.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  20. AceDeuce says:
    @Thulean Friend

    You’re not wrong-well, kind of.

    You’re only talking about the thought processes of WHITE libwipe voters. Some indeed, are maybe dimly aware that nonwhite/female isn’t a panacea. Trouble is:

    They can, and will, be easily bullied and browbeaten into falling in line.

    The rest of liberal whites are still cuckin’ hard and do indeed equate nonwhites and /or women as automatically superior.

    As far as nonwhites themselves, that’s ALL they see. They will vote for “color” en masse, given any chance at all to so so. Ask a certain lumpy female politician, circa 2008. It was “her time” wasn’t it? Every nonwhite let in is another Dem voter-eligibility be damned. Trump, unlike others, may have enough spine to at least try (operative word) and stop election fraud in 2020. Good luck. Riots, anyone?

    There will be more “centerists” running hard left than hard leftists running center. And the hard left base will hold them to it. They are all left. Some just hide it a bit better. The really hard left will just run roughshod over the lib lites. Nonwhites will all side with the loons of color.

    Once the Dems do get their candidate, they, unlike the Stupid Party, will march in lockstep, especially going against matter who gets the nomination. So in a way, it doesn’t matter

  21. Anon[220] • Disclaimer says:

    Beto is a diminutive for Robert/o. Kinda common, actually.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  22. Anon[220] • Disclaimer says:

    Call someone names and act loony and they’ll ruin your career and insinuate your children are at risk.

    Let your kid run around in the street unsupervised and get hit my a car and you can expect to be killed, even if the tyke isn’t badly injured.

  23. @lou

    The families of these girls endured the horror of their murders. Now they must endure the horror of their killer’s trial. Every year for the past twenty years on the anniversary of their murders the local DA kept this case before the media. This is going to be a long drawn out politicized trial. The rape and murder of two white high school girls. An accused black male. Alabama. It will be a spectacle.

  24. He is in the clear. He claims to be Irish. So he isn’t white.

  25. D-FENS says:
    @Pat Boyle

    Problem is, Trump only talked about those issues. At best, he bought us 4 years.

  26. @Rich

    In an act of prostration, even O’Rourke has declared his own whiteness a near disqualifying liability

    Beto’s running as a sort of white stepin’ fetchit. It’s gonna be fun.

  27. @Ed

    Beta O’Rourke. I like it!

  28. NYMOM says:

    “Ted Cruz beat him by only a tiny margin.”

    Exactly this is almost the same scenario with that AOC winning in NYC. She won by a small margin since a lot of people didn’t bother voting. Also she is in a very gerrymandered district…a small part of a middle class district in Queens was tacked onto a part of the Bronx…Now some are saying she didn’t even live in that part of the Bronx. Her family had a coop there (which they couldn’t sell, Parkchester is notorious for this sort of situation) and she just used it as a mailing address…

    I believe the media will turn again “Beto” as he was just a convenient tool they used to try to get Ted Cruz out of the Senate…now that it hasn’t worked “Beto” will eventually be relegated to a footnote in history…

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  29. newrouter says:

    beta? He be Frank in my book? Or beta Frank. Right Francis?

  30. John Doe says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    Yes ! Welcome to Clown World 🌎

  31. @Non PC Infidel

    I’m hearing circus music or the theme song from the Benny Hill show.

    You called for Yakety Sax?

  32. Other than the race-pandering, Beto’s speech is watered down with typical vagueness. Neither his family life nor his college bad-boy bio are political issues. Trump, the campaigner, went straight for the big issues—including immigration—with atypical, blunt-force language. After all of that bellicose campaigning—by doing nothing on immigration except expanding legal immigration—Trump has proven that the republic is malfunctioning if not beyond repair. The Republican-led Congress boldly ignored what Americans voted for on immigration, treating it as if the voting never occurred. Thereasa May is doing the same thing with Brexit, although she is as amorphous as the typical contemporary candidate, never making explicit declarations on any substantive issue. The candidates who win almost always use Beto’s approach, so after they are in office, voters do not expect much. This has helped to conceal the deterioration of our lobbyist-ruled republic for decades, whereas the gap between Trump’s bad-** directness on the campaign trail and his timid, corporate-controlled leadership reveals that the republic has no clothes. Voters no longer count. It’s just an Election Show.

  33. anon[184] • Disclaimer says:

    “Secession is lazier and keeps sportsball seasons intact.”

    Secession is the only realistic option now. It is hardly lazy, and I don’t give a damn about sportsball. And what victories have you people won? Zero. So, why stay on that losing path? Keep chasing unicorns if you want – walls and deportation ain’t going to happen. It’s gotten to the point where they are even floating the idea of letting illegals vote in local elections — when they aren’t demanding ICE be abolished. At this p0int, anyone who thinks otherwise is either deluded or lying to prevent the natural transition to partition. SMH. These boomercons are going to have us fighting an unwinnable war until we are totally routed and end up with nothing. I’ll take my separate country where my people live in peace and relative safety thank you very much.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  34. @Pat Boyle


    Thank goodness you’re here I almost threw in the towel.

    • Agree: Feedsackroad
  35. @NYMOM

    The guy is more embarrassing than I knew.
    I’m no fan of NR but this is fun:

  36. Medvedev says:

    Nancy Pelosi (78), Joe Biden (76), Hillary Clinton(71), Jerry Brown (80), Sanders (77) this is the last generation of senile White Democrat elites. Elizabeth Warren (69) and Schumer (68) look like a truly young fellas among them. The future for whites in Democratic party is to bend on their knees and ask for forgiveness from minority overlords whose IQ is 10-15 lower (Ocasioi-Cortez springs to mind). Just like 46-year old Beto does.

    On the other hand minority Democratic elites Kamala Harris (54), Booker (49), Ocasio-Cortez (29), Tom Perez (57), Ilhan Omar (37), Tulsi Gabbard (37), Michael Blake (36) are on the roll as Blacks, Puerto-Ricans, Muslims and others voting along racial/ethnic/religion lines with overwhelming support for their candidate.

    And a side note, future of Jews in the US doesn’t look great either. There is no masterplan. There is just irrational hatred and fear of Whitey, perceived victim status. That’s why they won’t rest until they flood US and West with non-Whites, destroying White heartlands with irrational believe that they will do better in ‘diverse’ society split along racial lines. The reality is/was the opposite, Jews mostly prospered in White societies, where they achieved highest level of achievements and influence.
    Einstein, Born, Bohr, Freud, Oppenheimer, Neumann … Jews just love to boast about their scientific achievements. But they were only able to achieve this in high-IQ White societies (US, NW Europe or USSR).
    Blacks, all kinds of Muslims, Indians, Chinese … not a single group who likes Jews or will be willing to give them anything on a silver platter. Jews may be delusional and think of themselves as oppressed minorities. In reality Blacks will see them as other group of Whites, uber-privileged Whites.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  37. @Non PC Infidel

    Keep looking. There’s also a clip of him executing a faceplant on the street. Not to be missed!

  38. haole says:

    Robert Francis O Rourke might have been Bobby Frank in Texas of yesterday.

    Francis is Franco in Spanish and the nickname for Franco is Pancho.

    Why not Bobby Pancho? Sounds much much more low class/caste gringo, not the starbucks sounding Beto.

    I want a president Pancho. President Mr Pancho.

    Mr Pancho is a well know character from an India Maria movie. A handsome gringo that takes advantage of the poor Maria Indian character. Even looks like Beto.

  39. @Anon

    Not in English-speaking countries.

  40. NYMOM says:

    I don’t know which candidate is more embarrassing to white people: Elizabeth Warren pretending to be an american indian or Beto O’Rourke pretending to be hispanic…At least Bernie Sanders was a real person…not a composite of politically correct characters…

  41. NYMOM says:

    “On the other hand minority Democratic elites Kamala Harris (54), Booker (49), Ocasio-Cortez (29), Tom Perez (57), Ilhan Omar (37), Tulsi Gabbard (37), Michael Blake (36) are on the roll as Blacks, Puerto-Ricans, Muslims and others voting along racial/ethnic/religion lines with overwhelming support for their candidate.”

    I don’t know; but, I think that as those old white Democrat war-horses you mentioned die off, the Democrat party is going to face a decline as well. I see its future as mainly being the party of radical left wing nuts and minorities…I believe most main stream former Democrats will begin to migrate to either the Republican Party (ala the Reagan democrats) or become Independent/unaligned. I think it has happened already but we don’t see it yet because many states don’t allow you to cross party lines and vote in primaries that pick the initial candidates who run for office. So far you can only vote in General Elections unless you are in either party…but once that changes I think you will see more right of center candidates being selected and elected.

    If we can hold on for that long, there could be some hope.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  42. @Augustus

    You don’t understand the Democratic Party?….Then you have the brain capacity of a retard pidgeon…….

    The Democratic Party is about this:NONWHITE RACIAL POWER!!!!=DIE WHITE MALES!!!

  43. @anon

    Secession is the only realistic option now. It is hardly lazy…

    Agree that it’s hardly lazy but unfortunately it’s also hardly realistic. TPTB have made a priority of mixing third-world detritus and negro criminals in with white people nearly every place they can (AFFH etc) and the few remaining white districts up in the cold north are subject to the same MSM propaganda as everywhere else. Plus places like Vermont, which ought to be ours, are infected with New Yorkers.

  44. @Medvedev

    And a side note, future of Jews in the US doesn’t look great either. There is no masterplan. There is just irrational hatred and fear of Whitey

    A tireless and clever minority does not need raw numbers to reign over the other squabbling tribes. All it needs is the wealth and exclusionary mentality to maintain control over the mass media and of course the ‘parliament of whores’ in our capital.

  45. @NYMOM

    the Democrat party is going to face a decline as well. I see its future as mainly being the party of radical left wing nuts and minorities…

    That’s half of white people and nearly all of minorities. Far more than you need to win national elections in perpetuity. And the ‘minorities’ segment is burgeoning.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  46. Reuters reporter struck deal that allowed Beto O’Rourke to keep his Cult of the Dead Cow computer hacking a secret until after cutthroat 2018 Senate race

  47. Ken Sears says:

    There is an all-important, dare I say stratospheric, difference between authentic, thoughtful reflection, on the one hand, and a manic obsession with checking off every point from the Leftist handbook, in every utterance, whether the points have anything to do with the topic or not, lest someone somewhere throw a Twitter fit.

    Indulging in the latter isn’t courage but a spineless, jello-like, wiggly-jiggly infantilism that, out of sheer desperation for acceptance, spouts whatever works.

    “Would you for instance tear down that border wall over there?” “Uh, yeah, sure, I’ll do that! Pleeeeeeeezzzz…love me.”

    “How dare you joke about your wife doing more to raise your children than you!” “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’m guilty, will never do it again, plus (even though you didn’t mention it) I’ve got White Privilege! Hey, slap me for it, I’m cool with that. Pleeeeeeeeezzzz…love me.”

    “We want to use the engine of capitalism (tax the rich). Wait, wait! Step back from the Twitter screens! I HATE capitalism: it’s imperfect, unfair, unjust, and racist (did I forget an adjective; please fill it in and assume I meant it). We just want to use it (tax the rich) but also hate, hate , hate it at the same time, see? Pleeeeeeeezzzz….love me.”

  48. There’s no getting off this ride…

    Oh, yes there is.

    The Democratic Party has never existed for any other purpose than power. If the present song-and-dance gets in the way of that, it will be pulled off the stage for an everything’s-hunky-dory love fest, and a Democratic win.

  49. TwistTie says:

    Apologizing for being white. His name is BETA cuck

  50. In 2004,I stated that the Democratic Party will never again nominate a white male to be their standard bearer.So far,I’m 3 for 3.

    First time on this new format after 10 years on the blog using another handle.

  51. TigerRed says:

    I’m from El Paso, Lower Valley that was all farming from Ysleta to Ft. Hancock. El Paso isn’t a dump, though there are areas that aren’t nice. Most cities have such areas, esp big cities. The weather is absolutely wonderful. The views are beautiful. Mountains to desert to beautiful irrigated farm land near the Rio. Thanks to DC/LBJ and others, the welfare crowd has exponentially expanded, illegals came in and received LBJ’s gimme’s, while the Fed & DC wrote inflated $$ for many years which yes, did adversely affect many otherwise old, lovely parts of town that were lush farmland w/large pecan orchards. HUD housing, schools bursting to accommodate the influx. EP began to have more crime during the 80’s Bush regime… “the business” was implemented by DC & others as they did in other places. Many of us can tell you a lot about that, too, not because we were/are involved but because for a big city, a lot of life-long natives know who’s whom, who’s in charge, and what to look at. It has only been in the past several years that this has escalated very quickly, and it’s all because the Dems want the voter base to pour in b/c they can’t get the support they want from us regular working natives. DC is the bane of our existence.

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