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Because of High Levels of Theft, Kroger in 92% Black Community Near Atlanta Under Fire for Enclosing Aisles Within the Store
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Previously on SBPDL: Two Kroger Grocery Stores in 98% Black Communities in Memphis Closing Because of High Rates of TheftTwo Kroger Grocery Stores in 98% Black Communities in Memphis Closing Because of High Rates of Theft

Why do food deserts exists? The answer is so obvious, but one few dare give in the current year.

Here’s a hint…

Zip code 30349 is found in College Park, Georgia. Located just outside Atlanta, black residents make up 92 percent of the population in this zip code.

What does social capital look like in a 92 percent black community? This… [Enclosed aisles of goods at Kroger angers Metro Atlanta customers,, September 25, 2019]:

COLLEGE PARK, Ga. (CBS46) — Stereotyped, intimidated, racism, and uncomfortable, all words used by shoppers to describe their shopping experience at a Kroger in South Fulton.

“I think it’s kind of racist you definitely see that here on Old National,” said a mother of three who had just finished shopping.

College Park Kroger shoppers are upset over a new security installation leaving them to feel stereotyped.

“You won’t see that in Fayetteville or maybe Cobb County anywhere, doubt it,” said the mother.

The security installation only has one entrance.

Many took to social media to voice their anger at what they say feels like shopping in a prison just to buy toiletries or laundry detergent.

We asked the City of South Fulton for crime rates at the store but did not get an answer in time for this report. However, shoppers were more than happy to tell us about the amount of theft at the store.

CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy asked customers if they’d heard of theft being an issue at the store. “Yes I have, I have, yeah, quite a bit,” said a longtime Kroger shopper.

Other shoppers tell CBS46 that many people take things from shelves and use them in the bathroom without paying, but feel a less intimidating approach should be taken.

CBS46 spoke to the company who sent a statement reading:

“Thank you for reaching out to us. These changes are being implemented to help improve operational efficiencies, provide better inventory management and increase profitability. We take pride in keeping our shelves fully stocked with the items our customers want and need and we believe these changes, which are part of a pilot project, will help us do so.”

An officer with the city of South Fulton, on duty at the store, said the Kroger doesn’t have anymore thefts than other stores in the area.

Besides the inconvenience, shoppers say if they care about their customers a different solution should be found.


“Of course you don’t want to come in to where you’re afraid to shop, because you’re afraid someone’s going to steal or you’re afraid you’re going to be enclosed in the environment of them stealing, so of course you’re going to take precautions, but I don’t know if that’s the safest precaution,” said the longtime Kroger shopper.

Enclosed aisles of goods in a Kroger… a protected store within a store! Taking the whole concept of the most enduring symbol of the civil rights movement to a whole new extreme!

At the end of the day, publicly traded companies must answer to balance sheets, income statements and shareholders.

The Visible Black Hand of Economics is a foolproof concept, capable to withstand any peer review and providing irrefutable evidence to how and why communities flourish or flounder in the United States of America.

The blacker a community in the USA, the less likely social capital will flourish.

In laymen terms: a food desert is what occurs when you regress to the black mean.

• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: American Media, Black Crime 
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  1. anarchyst says:

    A good example of disparity exists in retail establishments in urban areas for good reason. . . .the “vibrant (ghetto) culture” is responsible for the disparities…of course, naming “the elephant in the room” will subject one to accusations of (gasp!) “racism”–I DON’T CARE.
    Compare hardware stores in urban areas and suburban / rural areas.
    The suburban / rural hardware store has everything out in the open. Customers are free to pick and choose, examine the merchandise, take it to the cashier and purchase their products. Help is readily available.
    The urban hardware store has everything behind bullet-resistant barriers. One cannot even purchase a twenty-five cent plumbing fitting without having to ask for it. The employees are safely sequestered behind these barriers and may be unwilling to venture beyond them. Quite often, a security guard is posted at the door to “inspect” purchases and act as a deterrent to “shoplifting”.
    On a personal note, my local (rural) hardware store experienced a power outage. The proprietor of the store gave incoming customers flashlights so that they could shop while power was being restored. Try doing that in an urban hardware store. Both flashlights and merchandise would be picked clean . . .

    • Replies: @Sbaker
  2. Oh boo f n hoo. They are lucky the Kroger hasn’t shut down yet . It will happen soon enough.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  3. That’s funny, when I shopped at the Kroger in Flowery Branch, there were no such issues.
    Ditto the Publix.

    I’m sorry, there was a Kroger called “Murder Kroger” down off Ponce.

    Blacks in the ATL are a curious bunch. Entitled, emboldened, and enraged, that the white man could build a community and not GIVE them part of the white man’s wealth.

    They claim racism because they won’t admit they are lazy, uneducated, unmotivated, and unable to keep up with a world that has rendered them obsolete.

    And that’s what they are. Obsolete. There are better workers, stronger machines, all with less problems. Outside of sports, they struggle.

    • Disagree: Love Street
    • Replies: @Love Street
    , @Jake
    , @athEIst
  4. Food deserts are created by the community getting their just desserts!

    • Replies: @brandybranch
    , @AnalogMan
  5. I like the liquor stores where the clerk is behind thick bullet-proof glass and your purchase comes rolling down a chute

  6. Black economy is enriched through welfare and crime. If a business is accused of racism because they are trying to prevent blacks from stealing that itself is proof of who the thieves are. Trying to prevent black crime is racism. Not allowing Fateesha to steal hairspray is racism.

    The huge economic boom for the ghetto is from 75% of unmarried black women being paid to have babies. Half of these babies will soon be having more babies which will become a nonstop source of “free shit” (aka….income) from Uncle Freebie. Since the males raised on welfare don’t get pregnant they must resort to the good old ghetto method of “bringing it home” THROUGH CRIME AND THEFT. One dollar stolen from the white population passes three times through the hands of the black population. This is an incredible finance system which is supported by liberal whites and leftist communist.

    White people who become tired of home invasions, car jacking, mugging, armed robbery, theft and their children being attacked and raped are called racist when their only option for safety is through “white flight”. Wanting to live in a safe place is racist. The further they run the worst racist they are. When the safe zone they become settled in soon becomes a crime zone they will be forced to move again. By always packing up and moving away this adds to the ghetto life style because of the home properties losing it’s value. Cheap property make good crack houses which contributes to the “ghetto economy”.

    When supermarkets lose their good customers because of white flight they become replaced with black shoplifters. Shoplifting is an important factor in keeping the ghetto economy afloat. After the supermarkets leave the food desert soon has Ahed from Arabia running a quick stop from behind a wall of bullet proof plexi-glass.

    When the local natives have no place to shop or steal they complain about racism. Cops no longer arrest black shoplifters so these creatures simply walk in and carry out anything they want. Reselling stolen loot in the ghetto is called “trunk sales”. They just drive around the streets selling shit out of the back of their car. The Mexican resell the stuff on EBAY.

    If the day ever comes when Uncle Freebie runs out funny money things are going to get a little crazy in the hood.

    • Agree: Augustus, Bubba
  7. Orcs angry at Kroger, never at the shoplifters.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  8. They’re angry? In the words of the esteemed actor,Robert DeNiro,fuck ’em!
    They’re a bunch of bums,crooks and leeches!
    Dont like it,go to the park and catch your dinner.

    • Replies: @Lancelot Link
  9. This store will close soon enough. Grocery stores operate on very thin margins. Customer theft is one issue. What is more important in low social trust scenarios is employee theft, vendor theft, management theft, a variety of schemes that boggle the imagination (example–employees working with customers or vendors to steal large volumes of product).

    Think of it as slow motion looting.

    In this day and age a lot of it will get caught on security videos, but most of the thieves will not be prosecuted.

    If the crime in the neighborhood is a little more organized, the store manager’s life may be threatened unless they agree to participate in the schemes.

    So, if anyone from Kroger corporate is reading this–get ready for some big time red ink, and feel free to use this posting as the basis for your report on the store.

  10. College Park Kroger shoppers are upset over a new security installation leaving them to feel stereotyped.

    If the stereotype fits, wear it.

    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @Augustus
  11. Duke84 says:

    “A food dessert is what occurs when you regress to the black mean.” That’s what happened in Rhodesia when they kicked out the white farmers.

  12. unit472 says:

    LOL! Years ago in Richmond,Va. a negro tried his hand at operating some big grocery stores. He got backing from the big local grocery chain and opened 4 “Community Pride” stores. Three of them were in heavily black areas and the other one was by Virginia Commonwealth University in the heavily white ‘Fan District’ but with large negro populations nearby. The negro owner drove around town in a yellow Rolls Royce convertible, I guess, to inspire his people that he was a success. But he wasn’t. He quickly went bankrupt. He then sued the grocery wholesalers for racism because they liked to get paid for the millions of dollars worth of goods they delivered to the Community Pride stores.

    The negro got a black jury to award him $30 million dollars but the verdict was overturned on appeal and the negro lost his Rolls Royce, his fancy condo and his white wife. Last I heard he was running a janitorial service.

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Twodees Partain
  13. As always, the NECESSARY reaction to black crime is denounced as “racist”.

  14. Anonymous[416] • Disclaimer says:

    I would say that the majority of blacks are more criminal and violent than the majority of whites, but on the few occasions I have encountered exceptionally violent and aggressive people in public they have all been white men.

    My experience has been that most whites are more peaceful and law abiding than most blacks, but the worst of whites are worse than the worst of blacks, by that I mean the worst 5% of whites or so.

  15. Gunga Din says:

    File this under “Things that only happen in black neighborhoods.”

    • Agree: eah
  16. One word; „plexiglass „.

  17. @Father O'Hara

    Robert DaNegro has had some good roles and has been lauded by some group for his Italian-Americanism, but it seems he always had romantic relationships with folks from south of the Sahara.

  18. For the record, about 10 years ago I used to patronize a HyVee store in a mostly-white city but not far from a concentration of blacks.  This store was forced to cordon off the liquor aisle at night.  When I asked why, I was told that the local miscreants were putting their feetsbaw skills to work passing bottles of hooch over the registers to receivers near the door who would then dash out of the store.

    Plexiglas and doors are just more of the same.  Like the bulletproof glass in Baltimore, it’s either that, the store stops selling those items, or the store closes completely.  It is all due to the African not being able to conform to or even understand the rules and behaviors required for civilization.  That is why civilization disappears wherever they are sufficiently numerous to escape external control.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  19. Park n son says: • Website

    You cannot expect a company to continue to lose money just to spare your feelings it is what it is if you don’t like don’t shop there you made it that way kroger didn’t deal whih it

    • Replies: @Aardvark

    15 year old killed defending his family home and little sister. Looks like the perp is biracial/Halfrican.

    • Replies: @By-tor
  21. Mace says:

    To state the obvious, large corporations don’t make these sorts of decisions willy nilly, on the basis of stereotypes. You feel stereotyped? Sorry, them’s the brakes, it’s a sure thing that the community that shops at that store is, well, stereotypical. Maybe work on that.

    • Replies: @Piglet
  22. @Sick of Orcs

    The typical response. It never changes.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  23. @Feedsackroad

    A stereotype is based on reality.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  24. Lacking any white infrastructure, services or support, black areas would be exact copies of downtown Mogadishu, Somalia or Port Au Prince, Haiti. I have zero sympathy for the conditions they create for themselves. They can eat rats for all I care once they’ve chased all the grocery stores out of their areas by stealing them blind. The only concern I have is how to keep blacks from coming to white areas and destroying them too once they’ve destroyed their own.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @Glock45
    , @Jake
    , @TKK
  25. loren says:

    color us surprised.

  26. @Love Street

    We are paying for the groceries of the majority of the clients of this store, and yet they bitch about living with the absurd security measures that their people make necessary. Wow.

  27. I just watched a show on CBS called “All Rise”. It was supposed to be a drama but it was actually a hilarious Liberal comedy. One of storylines involved a a racist white inner city bodega owner (like that even exists) who calls ICE on some troublesome illegals who were exposing the fact that he was selling out of date products (one example was 3 year old baby formula) to an unsuspecting minority hood. Anyway, our heros, a hispanic lawyer and black judge intervene to save the day and put evil whitey in his place to keep the illegal here. This is the sludge network TV is shoveling now.

    • Replies: @Augustus
    , @AceDeuce
  28. In the past there was an articles about Kroger shutting stores in Memphis….rightfully so. Now we have what looks to be a white cuck coming to the rescue. Read the news article and be sure to click on the Superlo link 3rd paragraph and then look at the about heading and click on memory lane for pictures. Oh Lord what used to be. And what WILL happen. —-

    • Replies: @NC Realist
    , @Piglet
    , @bomag
  29. Piglet says:

    them’s the brakes

    I know you meant “breaks.”

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  30. @NC Realist

    btw……. I dont need to stereotype the common racist lowlife black. They stereotype THEMSELVES.

  31. Piglet says:
    @NC Realist

    The article stated “The building is worth about $500,000,” but if it’s located in an orc-infested area, what is its true value? I can see why Kroger donated what was essentially worthless property, making the company no longer liable for property taxes on it.

  32. Glock45 says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    The only concern I have is how to keep blacks from coming to white areas and destroying them too once they’ve destroyed their own.

    Buy an assortment of good rifles and tactical shotguns and start stockpiling ammo…while you still can.

    Because when the Democrats achieve one-party rule in the next 4 or 8 years (thanks to demographics), their response to the inevitable collapse of our urban areas (thanks to blacks) will be to move literally MILLIONS of blacks into OUR neighborhoods. It will be what Obama and Holder were doing but on a scale 1000x more.

    And we all know how that will play out. These blacks won’t become responsible white-presenting citizens. They will just bring their terror, bloodshed and blight to our neighborhoods….so start preparing now.

    • Agree: Mr McKenna
    • Replies: @KentuckyMom
  33. @JustVisiting
    This store will close soon enough. Grocery stores operate on very thin margins.

    They operate on thin margins and I wonder how many of the high-profit items have low sales in Black areas.

    In White areas you will see a large floral section because it is a high-profit item. The same is true for the bakery and any type of cafe or espresso stand. When you see a Starbucks it is actually franchised by the store, not a leased space.

    The further you travel into mixed areas the more the floral section will shrink.

    Liberals are in serious denial of the fact that certain types of businesses depend on White people. They assume that all people basically make the same purchases provided that they have similar levels of income. This isn’t true.

    • Replies: @Glock45
    , @Ralph Abernathy
  34. Augustus says:

    There has never been a race more determined to make every stereotype fit. They walk into every racial joke ever told.

  35. @David In TN

    “A stereotype is a statistical truth.” — unknown

  36. Augustus says:
    @White Panther

    You are right. TV is like Jussie Smolett, always inventing racism where it doesn’t exist. They never accurately portray crime in America with all the black murders and rapes. European shows have been even worse for decades and even more formulaic. They think they could visit American ghettos at night if it just wasn’t for racism in America making those poor people violent

    • Replies: @Realist
  37. Mr. Grey says:

    The comments on that Atlanta CBS46 website are interesting. All but one sound like they listen to Colin Flaherty, and then one ignorant black woman who blames it all on slavery. I hope more people are becoming conscious of the hustle.

  38. Thats because you live away from blacks in a white neighborhood. Try living near blacks.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  39. Glock45 says:
    @John Johnson

    They assume that all people basically make the same purchases provided that they have similar levels of income. This isn’t true.

    Yeah, this is another aspect of clown-world hilarity. When I am out and about and catch any TV (since I don’t have one on in my house), it seems like 85% of the people in advertisements are blacks.

    And all these blacks are doing things like dressing up nicely, having a wife and kids, all of whom dress well, behave well, and seem smart and respectable, and living in clean and neat houses. And, even more funny, they’re doing things I’ve never seen (or heard) blacks ever do: like going to Dick’s to buy camping gear, visting history museums, reading books, etc.

    Outside of buying highly overpriced cars that are way outside their means, I see no similarity between the blacks in commercials and the blacks I interact with in my day-to-day life. I never see the typical thug-presenting dindu who just got released from his 6th felony conviction; the 320 pound ham planet with a gaudy weave and press-on nails; the welfare mom with her 5 keeedz at the Dollar Store trying to contain them as they run violently through the store hitting people and knocking things off the shelves, etc. etc. etc.

    It’s all a lie. This clown-world cannot come crashing down in flames fast enough.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  40. @Glock45

    Some folks here didn’t like the show, but I learned a lot about the black community when I watched “The Wire”.

    After I saw it I could recognize what many young black males in the downtown area (where I worked at the time) were doing. I could actually spot drug deals in progress, petty theft activity, and blacks in vehicles scouting the area for potential robbery targets.

    The body language gave it away. (Look around in all directions before you do a drug deal or steal something… 🙂 )

    Most white people don’t have the skills to notice what is happening right in front of their noses.

  41. HT says:

    Several Kroger stores in the Negro areas of my city have closed because of both high rates of shoplifting and the fact that after dark, it was much too dangerous for most people to shop there. I am actually shocked this Kroger is still open because they are bleeding money. People don’t realize the tight margins for grocers. They are literally leaving this store open as charity.

  42. Here in OKC , the North East side went full food desert so the city made Bus rides free in that area so they could get to the grocery store.

    Wish I got free bus rides.

    • Replies: @HT
    , @nymom
  43. Anon[561] • Disclaimer says:

    You should get out into the world more. Your lack of experience reflects in your words

  44. @Piglet

    They got a healthy tax write off as a charitable contribution, and looks good PR wise, as opposed to taking a bath on it, and having it sit vacant for a few years earning nothing.

    • Agree: bomag, Alfred
  45. Most white people don’t have the skills to notice what is happening right in front of their noses.

    Most Whites are unaware how serious (and censored) a problem black crime is.

    The Bluepill Adage is, “Every race has its bad apples,” while ignorant of how many bad apples (a whole orc-chard’s worth) are black.

    • Agree: Oil 'n Water
  46. HT says:
    @Baron Munchhausen

    And soon they will destroy those stores in nicer areas too. That is also happening here as the black plague travels into nice areas to shop.

  47. Elizabeth Warren has a plan to remedy this dilemma by eliminating that oppressive symbol of capitalism – the cash register.

    Just last month a local gentleman gave the program a trial run. What’s the harm in walking out of Winn-Dixie’ with a buggy full of $576.64 worth of steak, shrimp, crab legs, beer, and miscellaneous other food items.

    ‘Man arrested in Marianna for attempting to shoplift from a local Winn-Dixie’

  48. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    Yeah, even though there was a decidedly liberal Narrative at its heart (“there are plenty of black geniuses out there, it’s just their environment/racism holding them back”), “The Wire” did get a lot of things right. I learned about the whistling/bird-cooing signals they give each other alerting the rest of their pack to the presence of a threat (police officer) or prey (white mark). If I see/hear a solitary black on the street suddenly start whistling when I approach, I get the hell away to a more crowded area because I know he and his unseen buddies were planning on jumping me.

  49. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    My experience has been that most whites are more peaceful and law abiding than most blacks, but the worst of whites are worse than the worst of blacks, by that I mean the worst 5% of whites or so.

    That’s because the mainstream media prohibits reporting about the “worst of blacks”. If you peruse the comments section of these PK posts, you’ll see links from local news sites which detail the horrors blacks can perpetuate in this country. And we can only imagine the inhumanity of black behavior in Africa–the stories that trickle out of South Africa give us just a taste of that reality.

    The “worst of whites” always makes for front page international headlines which is why you think the way you do (you think the way the media wants you to think).

  50. @Anonymous

    I’m just imagining that when in public, you are around a majority of people who are not black.

    Yes, we have our share of assholes. No race is immune.

    Some just dominate.

  51. @Justvisiting

    I watched some seasons too.

    Too many ‘magic negros’ for my liking.

    Interesting take on how the cops had to operate with beepers and burners.

  52. @ShermanFan

    Definitely Agree SF. I hit the wrong button ☹️

  53. lavoisier says: • Website

    Most white people don’t have the skills to notice what is happening right in front of their noses.

    Many white people are so afraid of being “racist” that they are in denial about the risk posed by black people to their health.

    No one is more vulnerable to potential black predators than the white liberal who comes too close to real life interactions with the denizens of the hood.

    Liberalism is indeed a mental illness, but this world view can also be hazardous to your health if you are indeed a true believer in this nonsense.

  54. KenH says:

    We just had a grocery store close on “the bad side of town”. It used to be about 75% white working class but since the 80’s is now about 60% black. As the black population increased so did the problems and there were several robberies in the parking lot by negro “youths”, so the store opted to close since they have two other stores that don’t have that problem (one located in an 80-85% white area and the other a mixed white and hispanic area with perhaps 10% black). So thanks to negro DNA it is now a food desert.

    The mixed white and hispanic area has had some issues with hispanic burglars but they seem to leave the grocery store and its patrons alone.

  55. AceDeuce says:

    Remember: Only 84 more shoplifting days ’till Kwanzaa !!

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  56. AceDeuce says:
    @White Panther

    There are two other CBS “comedies” One, “The Neighborhood” is about a millennial white cuck, his wife and young son, moving into a groid ‘hood. The actors playing the cuck and the son are both “rhymes with Chew Toys” but here they are presented as “white” .The cuck grovels to win approval of the stern negro neighbor.

    The other has a fat ugly white man chasing after a fat ugly African immigrant groid, who rebuffs and insults him, which makes him chase after her more.


    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  57. JNG says:

    I find it particularly galling how blacks act so indignant when these stores implement measures that are a direct result of their proclivities for crime, theft, and general dysfunction. As someone has already mentioned, they ought to be happy Kroger hasn’t decided to go ahead and close the store completely.

    We went through a similar bout of outrage in my local area when Kroger decided to shut down a store in a rapidly declining part of the city about two years ago. Our local paper published many stories about the store’s closure and I found the background of the store’s initial construction rather interesting. The store was built on a parcel of land that was literally located on a line of demarcation separating the black-infested areas from some rather wealthy neighborhoods. No lie—right across the four-lane street from the store was a very established neighborhood with homes dating back to the 1920s that would routinely sell for half to three-quarters of a million dollars; conversely, you could easily walk two blocks south and find yourself in a run-down urban hellscape.

    According to the local paper, when the store was originally built in 1997, the residents of the nearby well-to-do neighborhoods adamantly opposed it as they felt it would bring increased traffic as well undesirable individuals to the area—gee, what foresight. However, the openly black-activist mayor at the time did all he could to secure Kroger’s intent to build a store there. The store originally had features such as a bakery, floral section, and an extensive wine and cheese selection. These higher-end features soon disappeared as the local customer based could/would not support them; the more wealthy residents in the area apparently chose to do their grocery shopping elsewhere so as to avoid having to mingle with their more… “diverse” fellow shoppers.

    In fact, in 2012 or thereabouts, a large and mentally unstable black man (think 6’5”, 300 lbs. kind of large) was shot and killed by police in the parking lot. He was known for hanging around the front of the store most of the day, usually bothering no one but at times panhandling, sometimes aggressively. On the day he met his demise, he was evidently a little too aggressive in his panhandling, so when he accosted an elderly woman loading groceries into her car, she called the police. When the officer arrived, he was promptly attacked by this rather large man, who grabbed the officer by the neck and began digging his fingernails so deeply into his skin it looked as if the officer had been sliced open by a surgical scalpel. Understandably, he drew his weapon and shot his attacker in the chest, killing him.

    Of course, cue the outrage from the man’s family and the local “community.” An independent inquiry by the state bureau of investigation found that the officer acted appropriately, but of course that did nothing to quell the cries of “racism” and “injustice.” Looking back, I would be willing to bet that the man’s family scored a nice monetary settlement from Kroger for having the temerity to allow police on its property to deal with some lunatic attacking its customers.

    I suppose the point of my writing all of this is to again illustrate the utter futility in trying to help these people (as if that horse hasn’t already been beaten to death). Municipal governments will try their best to entice Kroger, or Wal Mart, or CVS to build a store in an “economically disadvantaged” area, only to have the customers rob them blind (or in the case of the Baltimore CVS, have the store burned to the ground because the locals wanted to throw a temper tantrum over Freddie Gray). About a month ago, I read a local news article about how a Boys and Girls Club was forced to close for the summer because they could not afford to replace equipment stolen or damaged in a spate of recent burglaries; in that case, the primary reason was that thieves had stolen copper wiring from all the external air conditioning units, thus rendering the building uninhabitable over the hot summer months.

    Why even try to help them any longer? When a local business opens in a white community, everyone benefits: the business itself, the local residents who act as paying customers, and even other nearby businesses who could benefit from the increased foot traffic. If a business tries to do the same in a black community, it’s just asking for failure—crime, theft, fights, riots…even a bunch of bogus slip-and-fall claims on their premises by those looking to win at playing the “Ghetto Lottery.” Anyone who fails to see this is willfully choosing to be blind.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
    , @eah
  58. @JustVisiting

    Some folks here didn’t like the show, but I learned a lot about the black community when I watched “The Wire”.

    I definitely enjoyed the show. It clearly had a more realistic perspective than your typical Hollywood crime show.

    But it also had quite a bit of liberal fiction. The unrealistic part is how many homicides are gang hits. It’s about organized crime and wants you to think that these gangs are just today’s mobsters and the killings are mostly about business. This is a common view held by liberals and even conservatives with the implication that they’re just reacting to be oppressed and organizing to control what they can. Libertarians tell us that it’s just the result of prohibition which means we should legalize all drugs.

    The show is at least in the 90s when the gang wars were taking place but it still doesn’t show the daily chaos of these areas. To be more realistic some of the main characters should have been shot in a dice game or in an argument at a gas station. Or just shot in a dark alley without knowing who or why.

    First 48 gives a better view of the problem. Most of the killings are nothing like mob hits. You see case after case where a victim in a robbery complied but was still killed. Or where someone was killed over a small debt or an argument. There isn’t a hit squad that is hiding bodies in abandoned houses.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  59. Mary says:

    The community ought to be glad that there are enclosures. If the theft continues, they will close. Then, they will have to travel a long distance to get their merchandise and food.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  60. Outside of buying highly overpriced cars that are way outside their means, I see no similarity between the blacks in commercials and the blacks I interact with in my day-to-day life.

    My favorite was a commercial where a Black guy bought his wife a luxury SUV so they could go skiing. Totally realistic stuff.

    Made me think about how nothing on TV shows the real cars of Black areas.

    Haven’t seen a Law & Order where a Black guy pulls up with 10k oversized novelty wheels and blasts bass to where you can’t hear what the characters are saying.

  61. buckwheat says:

    You won’t find any grocery store in Michigan with a black majority population that doesn’t have an armed guard. Party stores in groidsville are better protected than Ft. Knox with their bullet proof glass and armed Arabs behind the counter.

  62. @Anonymous
    My experience has been that most whites are more peaceful and law abiding than most blacks, but the worst of whites are worse than the worst of blacks, by that I mean the worst 5% of whites or so.

    That may be your experience but the numbers don’t back this up at all.

    There are 95% White counties that are heavily armed haven’t had a homicide in years.

    This is why the whole “gun violence” argument is a joke.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  63. @John Johnson

    Fair enough critique–but of course murders are a small percentage of the total crime numbers.

    What I learned about was the routine petty crime, the theft of everything that could be moved, the lifestyle of routine theft that looked at every piece of the urban landscape as territory to be plundered.

    It is this looting mentality that makes legitimate retail business in such areas a ridiculous proposition.

  64. loren says:

    Cost of your food includes


    What would groceries cost if those 2 werent in the bill?

    • Replies: @Love Street
  65. @loren

    We’re all paying the negro tax.
    Groceries would probably be at least 1/3 lower I’m guessing.

  66. Back in the 80s, my family moved to College Park. I was about 19- soon to get my own apartment. My friends and I would regularly shop at Richway on Old National or visit a club with no worries. Now you couldn’t pay anyone I know to go near that area. More land conceded. True story- I now shop at a Kroger about 15 miles from the College Park Kroger. There is a great clearance section at this one, which I peruse regularly to make my fixed income go farther. There was a (usually) expensive makeup item I had been wanting for a while, and a pair of walkie talkies with weather emergency radios, both marked down. I made a mental note to return in two days after receiving my check, to purchase both items. BOTH packages had been torn open and the contents stolen. When you snooze ( and don’t shoplift), you lose.

  67. Augustus says:

    Black criminals do NOT care about the welfare of the group. They do not have a sense of shame, guilt, or empathy as middle class white people feel.
    Rather, it is all about them and their desires. To meet their wants they do whatever they want and move on without shame or remorse. A subspecies with a large number of narcissists, or sociopaths. That’s why profiling (pattern recognition) is so important to the rest of us and our survival.

    • Agree: Oil 'n Water
    • Replies: @Oil 'n Water
  68. @John Johnson

    This is why the whole “gun violence” argument is a joke.

    I don’t have another “Agree” for 25 minutes, so consider this one.

  69. The Walmart in South Central closed because of black thievery.

    Colin Flaherty always has clips of black mobs raiding stores and malls…..and beating people along the way.

    You rarely see the truth of black crime in the Jmedia.

    • Replies: @Alden
  70. Biff says:

    Well, at least they still get to shop in the aisles. Could be worse.

    Over in Africa(Sierra Leone and through sub Sahara) a lot of the products are behind bars, and you can only have them after you hand the money to the cashier.
    What’s Africa supposed to do?

  71. Paul says:

    Some companies will not locate stores in black, high-crime areas. Kroger should consider closing down the store. The store could be more trouble than it’s worth.

    • Agree: Love Street
    • Replies: @brandybranch
  72. @JNG

    Yep. Capital flow diversion through political action into urban areas is unproductive, but became the primary source of income for these areas after about 1970. The world is taxed out, and the diversion will fail sometime with in the next 2 to 20 years (depending on how the current Trump related fight comes out).

    If the failure is gradual then the urban populations, imported because they cannot earn a living in an industrial society, spread out from the urban areas. At this point, the formerly urban population’s survival will depend on their ability to displace industrial society, and that of the current rural inhabitants on their ability to retain industrial society.


  73. Realist says:

    If televisio isn’t presenting racist hoaxes they are promoting miscegenation. Always anti-White.

    • Agree: Augustus
  74. @John Johnson

    Balloon sales are skyrocketing in black areas, though. Balloon releases are popular following the deaths of shooting victims.

  75. @Paul

    exactly…fekk em. let em starve

  76. Negroes live in food deserts, and yet they still manage to produce professional athletes and obesity is omnipresent, especially among the females. How do malnourished, underfed people attain such physical strength or accumulate an extraordinary surplus of body mass? I’ve seen photographs of underfed and malnourished Negroes living in a food desert in Ethiopia, and none of them looked like they were ready for the N.F.L. or even the N.B.A. None of the starving Ethiopians appeared to weigh more than a beached Orca. In fact, they all looked like they were underfed and malnourished. I must be missing something, somewhere… can someone please explain to me how these two polar opposites are more similar than entirely incomparable?

    Do Liberals, Negroes and Neo-Cons ever, for even a moment, stop to consider how ridiculous all of their lame excuses and exaggerated, or imaginary, grievances sound to anyone who is paying even the slightest amount of attention to what is going on around them?

  77. @NC Realist

    the stereotypes exist for a reason-

  78. @NC Realist

    the stereotypes exist for a reason-

  79. If executions were established for black crime, the jails and prisons would be empty.

    Executions are the only thing the stupid people and hard core criminals understand.

    • Agree: Feedsackroad, AnalogMan
    • Replies: @TKK
  80. bomag says:

    Even if that is really your experience, it changes nothing.

    Whites don’t excuse the crime, complain about crime stopping efforts, or expect others to put up with it.

  81. bomag says:
    @NC Realist

    Oh Lord what used to be

    Yes. Painful to see what was and what we have lost.

    • Replies: @Bubba
  82. Alden says:

    In all these years of big city living, I have never encountered a violent aggressive White man in public. Did you encounter these violent aggressive Whites in state prison?

  83. Jake says:

    You forgot low end pop culture singing and dancing, shucking and jiving.

  84. Jake says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    I have sympathy for the basically decent blacks. White liberals make everything worse for them, much worse.

    But most are too stupid, and perhaps cowardly, to ever oppose the white liberals and the very large black criminal class.

    • Replies: @Avalanche
    , @The Village
  85. Jake says:

    At some point, white liberals will decide that he was among the more sacred victims of racism and name a street or a college dorm or a court building after him.

  86. In my native Miami Florida neighborhood, an early hint to decline was the appearance of abandoned shopping carts well off the shopping center property.

  87. Arnieus says:

    Crime statistics indicate that over 50% of crime is committed by 4% of the population. Black men 18-30 or so. Facts are racist now.

  88. @AceDeuce

    Do yourself a favor and bring your tv to an open field in the country or a gun range and shoot holes in it like Elvis. You’ll be better off and much happier.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  89. @Augustus

    Blacks are only considered dysfunctional when they live in an advanced society.
    Concepts such as cause and effect as well as how to conduct themselves to maintain a healthy community escape them. Food deserts are the result of racism, not the fact that Le’Genius rips stuff off now and then. Hey, the shelves will fill themselves again tomorrow – they always do. And he has no concern about turning an orderly business into a chaotic mess if he feels the clerk is making him wait too long in line. Or stealing that White chick’s wallet from her open purse because the bitch was stupid enough to take her eyes off the shopping cart. Or ventilating La’Trocious in the parking lot because he looked at him funny.
    He has little understanding that (A) if you bleed a business dry or make it an unsafe place to be, that (B) it cannot survive. And the entire community suffers.
    Place them back into their natural setting and their behavior would be looked upon by fellow blacks in Africa, as virtually normal.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational, Augustus
    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  90. Acknowledging reality is rayciss. Because freaking reality is rayciss and must be banned. Thus spake globohomo.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  91. SafeNow says:

    The future will see a large expansion of private security in middle-class and upscale areas — not only stores, but also residential streets. When I was visiting an upscale suburban neighborhood of Buenos Aires many years ago, I saw that a small guardhouse was situated at every intersection. This is our future; private security, armed. Many will self-segregate by moving to rural towns in Iowa, etc. located 20 miles from any interstate highway exit.

    • Replies: @Alden
  92. Other shoppers tell CBS46 that many people take things from shelves and use them in the bathroom without paying

    I would like more information on this. Do the customers take a steak into the bathroom and cook it on a small fire they build in the room? Do they take deodorant in there and spray themselves down? Maybe open a bottle of wine and sip a glass while on the toilet?

    Whatever this behavior is, it seems like a small price to pay for the happiness that POC provide to all of us.

    • LOL: jim jones
    • Replies: @unit472
  93. Agent76 says:

    03.04.19 This inner-city farm is changing lives in an extraordinary way.

    For many of Bonton’s residents, fresh produce isn’t a realistic expectation. Nearly two-thirds of the people who live there don’t have reliable transportation.

    August 8, 2017 Zoning’s Role in Segregation

    An editorial in the New York Times argues that exclusionary zoning reinforces segregation and must be curbed.

    Apr 9, 2014 Lawn Vegetable Farmers Fight the Law and Win!!!

    Jason and Jennifer Helvenston, gardeners who were targeted by the state. Are Americans losing their right to grow their own food peacefully on private property? The U.S. and Florida constitutions protect property rights from arbitrary invasions. After taking the fight to the government and winning the city has withdrawn their demands to tear up a beautiful garden.

  94. Similar thing occurred at the Fry’s (Kroger) store at 19th Ave and Glendale Ave., the vibrant Westside of Phoenix. Used to have two entrances, but one would be shut off at 8:30 pm. Plus always a (worthless)security guard at the main entrance. A short while back they shut down the second entrance and built over it, and also built inside a dedicated room for hard liquor, wine and beer, accessible through automatic doors. You have to purchase your adult beverages in that area, away from the regular checkout stands. This was done because of high levels of shoplifting. However, at the signature Fry’s at Tatum and Shea, near Paradise Valley, multiple entrances, and no security guard. And no separate room for alcohol products. I happily drive out of my way to shop there to select my groceries amongst well-bred, civilized people (mostly whites, and some minorities). I bet at least half of the shoppers at the signature store are virtue-signaling white liberals. But no matter, it’s a pleasant place to shop.

  95. Anonymous[113] • Disclaimer says:

    I can relate to these patterns as I live in Africa. Same behaviourial traits continents away same shit if it were applied to other planets or even galaxies. I rest my case.

  96. eah says:

    I find it particularly galling how blacks act so indignant when these stores implement measures that are a direct result of their proclivities for crime, theft, and general dysfunction.

    Whose “proclivities for crime, theft, and general dysfunction”? — I’ll again point out something obvious (that is nonetheless controversial here): most Blacks are law-abiding.

    It’s a reaction against what’s seen as a kind of collective punishment/inconvenience — or collective stigmatization — I imagine even if only 10% of locals are habitual shoplifters it could result in losses significant enough to trigger this sort of measure (which from the store operator’s perspective has probably proven to be worth the investment elsewhere) — the other 90% pay the price too.

    Are you familiar with the term “globohomo”? — what percentage of the population is homosexual? — transsexual? — yet look how much attention they get, even re the military — it’s insane, and people are tired of it for a similar reason (besides the aberrant/degenerate nature of both).

    That said, typical reactions to such a reasonable loss prevention measure are often childish and dishonest, as seen in this story.

    It’s not clear why Kersey wants to flog a story like this — the most interesting thing about it are the comments (at the link), some of which are funny:

    Humans will continue to be more and more inconvenienced and annoyed in their daily activities simply because blacks cannot be civilized.

    And I thought the Kroger on Wesley Chapel was the only one with the enclosure. Well, guess I was wrong. I don’t like it but the owner’s of the store can do what they want with their store. To me, it is just like my house or car, I make the rules and you gotta abide by them or you don’t have to come to my house or ride in my car…simple as that.


    If certain demographics didn’t steal things and rob others they might be treated like people who don’t do those things. They really need to look INWARD and reflect on the problems that plague their own communities instead of blaming other people for “racism”. They are their own worst enemies. It’s very sad to see.

    >implying they have the intelligence necessary for introspection

    No more theft than any other Kroger? Next you’re gonna tell me there is no more food stamps used here than at any other Kroger.

    Isn’t it a curious coincidence how when you travel to ANY city that has a large population of blacks, EVERYTHING is hidden behind an inch of Lexan?

    I wonder how much longer this media outlet will allow comments…

  97. Flo says:

    Holy cow. That story is bad enough, but scroll down and glance thru the other stories on offer at this Memphis TV news station’s site. It’s one squalid crime after another, all committed by blacks, all with the same soulless eyes. Stereotypes don’t spring from thin air.

    • Replies: @eah
    , @AnalogMan
  98. Jews, Italians, Polocks, now Koreans and Indians have made money in the ghettos. Why can’t the blacks? There’s cash money there, or at least there used to be. Now with EBT cards the state has figured out how to tax it. So, maybe not so much (cash) now.

  99. unit472 says:
    @Just another serf

    Actually I read a police report where the (Mexican) female thief did just that. Took a bag of Doritos and some wine coolers into the ladies room and consumed them.

    To be honest, I wish food stores kept their toilets locked. I don’t want someone urinating or defecating and then wandering the aisles touching fresh food or even packages. Even if you wash your hands thoroughly ( and modern plumbing devices limit the water supply) as soon as you touch the handle on the bathroom door your hands are recontaminated.

  100. Get a copy of “White Girl Bleed A Lot”

    or “Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry.”

    We are in a low level civil war but most whites don’t even know.

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  101. @Ex New Yorker

    I have some relatives who use to live in Detroit for years.
    When Coleman Young became a mayor in Detroit, the white business move into the suburbs and the city became a drag hub.

    Detroit now is in a huge mess. A ghost city.
    Not even the police can protect you.

  102. eah says:

    It’s one squalid crime after another

    Yes — I often see that on (select) local news outlets: really heinous, brutal violent crimes that never make the national news — one after the other — it’s grim.

  103. Aardvark says:
    @Park n son

    Banks had to comply with the Community Re-investment Act which forced them to have X amount of their loan portfolio in higher risk lending areas.
    Fast forward to what might be coming… I won’t be surprised if States or the Fed impose some sort of requirement to operate X amount of retail space in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Since their competitors will be in the same boat, store operators will compensate by jacking up prices outside the disadvantaged hoods so the looting will be subsidized by the non-looting customer base.
    Let us recall that Dallas county already had announced that they will not prosecute theft cases valued under $700.

    • Replies: @jpp
    , @Augustus
  104. @fish

    This type of behavior is likened to a hyper gear I have noticed only in blacks. On two separate occasions, I have seen the demeanor of “easy going” young black males change in an instant when confronted about inappropriate behavior in a structured setting. Instead of being remorseful, the hateful look in their eyes and the threatening sound in their voice that suddenly emerged, told you it wouldn’t take much more to put them over the top. I just recall it because the abrupt change was almost shocking. While two isn’t much of a sample, I have not experienced it in Whites under similar circumstances.

  105. @eah

    most blacks are law abiding

    This is probably a true statement–but the law abiding blacks seem totally unable or unwilling to control their criminal brothers and sisters–in US cities and around the world.

    Further, most blacks will shield criminal blacks from law enforcement.

    Too many poison apples in the tree…that is why it is called a poison tree.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Pheasant
    , @Jason Calley
  106. Ardvark——White people be thieving too.When the white colonizers left Africa they stole all the wells and took them back to Europe. That is why White christian missionary groups have to dig wells for Africans.

  107. jpp says:

    Nevermind whether states, the Fed, etc. force businesses to operate in the ghetto. What if, more gratuitously, cities decided apropos of their own volition that subsidizing high end outlets in the slums perforce of their own tax money would be a fantastic idea? It might here be germane to note, for instance, that in my esteemed city of Chicago, 10 million $ of city subsidies have been recently afforded to underwrite the existence of a Whole Foods in the Englewood neighborhood, one of the nadirs of the city’s infamous south side.

    • Replies: @The Village
  108. @Robert Dolan

    It’s only a war if both sides fight.

    It’s a massacre.

  109. Avalanche says:

    A commenter here
    I don’t mourn the loss of Baltimore. Or Detroit, Chicago, Gary, Atlanta, etc etc etc.

    It is ultimately a huge benefit to have Negroes concentrated in these huge teeming Petri dishes.

    As always I advocate the complete White withdrawal from these horrible urban shitholes, and as always I advocate that since Negroes do not want to be policed, to immediately stop policing them.

    And to anyone who might be naive enough to say “hey, there are good people in those neighborhoods, who try to work and raise their kids, who obey the law and who abhor the lawlessness and rioting as much as anyone”…. my response is that these same IKAGO’s voted for a Negro president, for Negro mayors, Negro city council members, Negro police chiefs and Negro school superintendents, and now they are getting exactly what they deserve, good and effing hard.

    I have ZERO sympathy for blacks.

  110. @AceDeuce

    Oh, that’s precious.

    I’ll have to remember.

  111. TKK says:

    You are right but the pity is the savviest, most dedicated lawyers I have encountered are death row attorneys. Sharp, relentless and excellent at teasing out appellate issues that can stop the case for years.

    We need to restructure the entire criminal justice system from soup to nuts. From death sentence to actual execution averages about 25 years. Appeal is automatic in a death sentence. After state appeals are exhausted, its kicked up to a federal court.

    Its understandable with colorable issues to litigate the heck out of it, but not with lock downs, like Chris Watts. But he received life after choking out his little girls and stuffing them in an oil tank.

    There’s no logic or justice in American courts. Avoid at any costs unless entirely unavoidable.

  112. TKK says:

    Whose “proclivities for crime, theft, and general dysfunction”? — I’ll again point out something obvious (that is nonetheless controversial here): most Blacks are law-abiding

    I am a criminal defense lawyer.


    I know this: black people are disproportionally represented in criminal court. I am not a data wonk, but I see on the felony docket about 60% of the defendants are black and are “frequent fliers “.

    In the counties I take cases, blacks are around 15% of the general populace, MOL.

    Further, I have found many instances of blacks in university engaged in criminal conduct: SNAP scams, selling dope, and tearing up campus property.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  113. TKK says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    I wanted to print a T- shirt:

    Clean water is cultural appropriation.

    • LOL: Lancelot Link
  114. madmarc says:

    “An officer with the city of South Fulton, on duty at the store, said the Kroger doesn’t have anymore thefts than other stores in the area.”

    I’m guessing that’s not very reassuring for the store owners. If you don’t like it, don’t shop there.

  115. @Agent76

    What a bunch of (((commie))) propaganda that article, linked, referencing Bonton Farms is!!

    • Replies: @Agent76
  116. athEIst says:

    There’s that use of struggle…..meaning FAIL!

  117. @Anonymous

    “the worst of whites are worse than the worst of blacks, by that I mean the worst 5% of whites or so.”

    You’re describing what is known as “Serious White People” or SWP. No kidding. It’s a term used even among blacks for a badass white man or woman. The term originated in prisons. SWP’s are said to be much better shots than black gangstas as well as being proficient fighters and will suddenly initiate violence at the least provocation or with no apparent provocation at all.

    I saw an HBO series my daughter gave me on DVD titled True Detective season 1, and one of the murderers killed by the heroes was covered in tattoos of the jailhouse variety. He had the SWP tattoo on his upper left chest area by the collarbone.

  118. anon[105] • Disclaimer says:


    The Kroger could place a catalog (a big, thick honker like the old Sears catalog) at an “ordering counter” and clerks could pull the orders, fill the shopping cart.
    Personal service with a smile!
    Shoppers would receive their merchandise after Kroger was paid.

    The clerks could say “my pleasure” when the happy customers said “thank you”.

    I have a dream . . . .

  119. @unit472

    I remember that chain. The guy got a gift of $700k from the Ukrop’s grocery corporation to start up. Here’s an article from Black Enterprise blaming his failure on an evil, racist white corporation from Minnesota that loaned him money.

  120. Its probably for the pilots. Lots of pilots hang on the corners around there, all of the pilots I ever knew were raging alcoholics. Best to keep the booze locked away when the pilots are around. The Nodoz, Dramamine, and Tylenol PM too. They’re hoodlums. The flight attendants ain’t much better.

    When can I expect a 15 minutes of hate article on the drunken pilots and flight attendants?

    The politicians that run these cities are to blame, blacks included, they would rather give the money to Israel, or the MIC, to piss away on killing black and brown people, than to invest in these neighborhoods. Try to make a difference. Sad!

  121. fnn says:

    … but on the few occasions I have encountered exceptionally violent and aggressive people in public they have all been white men.

    You must live in Russia.

  122. @Just another serf

    I would like more information on this. Do the customers take a steak into the bathroom and cook it on a small fire they build in the room? Do they take deodorant in there and spray themselves down?

    It’s make-up.

    • Replies: @Mike-SMO
  123. Bubba says:

    And what could have been….

  124. My younger brother once managed a Winn-Dixie in a black neighborhood. The store was sinking fast because employee theft was rampant and utterly shameless. And of course, when the store finally closed, the staff said it was because my brother was racist. The angry shouting got so loud and threatenting my brother just walked out, drove home and phoned in his resignation.

  125. Augustus says:

    That will NOT end well for Dallas county. The politicians have sent the message for white businesses to leave town, and for the criminals to remain. Another instance of BRA destroying decent people. A wise teacher once said, “If you want to see America’s future, look upon Bombay.” At the time, the largest slum in the world. Here we are now, Dallas meet Bombay. Bombay meet Dallas. It’s coming.

  126. @Piglet

    them’s the brakes

    I know you meant “breaks.”

    Brakes on civilization.

  127. Alden says:

    Until ADL does what it did to many Iowa and Wisconsin small towns, building sec 8 apartments and relocating blacks from Omaha St Louis and Chicago

    Or the farmers bring in desperately needed farm workers like the one who murdered Mollie Tibbets. Or the local slaughter house canning factory packing house brings in illegal immigrants.

  128. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    I understand that a Wakandan billionaire’s going to open up a chain of black only stores called Gibmedats in every area with a large African-American population. Money’s no problem because Wakandan businesses are always in the black. Lateesha doesn’t need to worry about paying or showing her EBT card, she just takes the item and walks out. No intimidation, no racism, just plain old good shoplifting like the good old days. Gibmedats associates are always there to help you find the item you want to “liberate”. The New York times and Atlanta Constitution are praising Wakandan genius entrepreneur Cleatus Y. Jefferson on his radically new concept of opening up a store that eliminates, intimidation, racism, and poverty in one location.

  129. AnalogMan says:
    @Oil 'n Water

    Not virtually. Absolutely normal.

    In South Africa, during the terrorist incursions, men were required to spend a few weeks a year in the army guarding against the Freedom Fighters coming into South West Africa (now Namibia) from Angola. I worked with one man who had been a medic there. They used to run a free clinic for the local Ovambo natives.

    He told me that one child brought to him was seriously ill, and needed hospitalisation. The parents told him it was impossible. He told them, “Don’t you understand? If you don’t take him to the hospital, he will die.”

    Then he will die, they said.

    Eventually they explained it to him. If the mother took him to the hospital, their hut would be unguarded while the father was working. Their friends and neighbours would steal everything they owned.

    This was normal, and to be expected.

    In those small rural villages, everybody knows everybody. All are neighbours. And everybody steals from everybody else. It’s the Circle of Life.

    • Replies: @unit472
    , @AceDeuce
    , @Alden
  130. AnalogMan says:
    @Lancelot Link

    Not desserts. Their just deserts. What they justly deserve. “Just dessert” means only the last course of the meal.

  131. AnalogMan says:

    My reaction, too. I actually laughed. You mustn’t get emotionally involved by anthropomorphising these creatures.

    One of those linked stories:

    A motive for the shooting was not released by police, but the victim’s family blamed the shooting on Gaddy’s son’s involvement in a local gang.

    “I hope don’t anyone else get killed over this mess,” the victim’s great-aunt Gladys Bowen said. “I’m glad they got that kid but the kids that were there, they’ve got parents too. So it’s not just hurting my side, it’s hurting their parents too.”

    What’s a gang for, if not to help each other out with a little matricide now and then?

  132. AnalogMan says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    I can vouch for that. Not only will you be happier, you won’t be able to believe that you ever watched that stupid crap. The sound of that silly laugh track machine will make you cringe.

    Consider it a test. Or the first step in a recovery programme – the recovery of civilization. If you can’t give up your television, you’re never going to be any use in the struggle.

    Do it for your children.

  133. Alfred says:

    Australian is the same.

    Two Mauri brothers stabbed in Melbourne by a gang of 5 – because they would not hand over their hats. One boy dies and the other is grieviously injured.

    The media don’t mention the race of the attackers. IMHO, Black Sudanese. The cops call it a “robbery gone wrong”. It was nothing of the sort. It was a racist attack.

    ‘Killed for a hat’: Teen may have been stabbed to death in robbery gone wrong

  134. If you try to stop theft, you may get sued.

    • Agree: Dannyboy
  135. but feel a less intimidating approach should be taken

    Cucky comments like this are always tagged onto the end of real talk about black crime, but of course, there’s never any realistic or feasible suggestion on offer. The people spouting such things are just thinking “Pleasenobodycallmeracistpleasenobodycallmeracistpleasnobosycallmeracist”.

  136. unit472 says:

    Years ago I read an anthropoligists account of an tribe in East Africa that deliberately left young children as ‘bait’ for leopards and other predators so that the adults could work unmolested in the fields. To me this seemed perfectly rational. The economic value of a small child was negative and he/she could be easily replaced in a society where women gave birth to six or more children routinely. OTOH to lose a breeding adult women or a working adult male was very costly to a primitive population.

    • Replies: @Alden
  137. Although they kept the reason (for moving) out of the news media, two Kroger stores in Augusta, Georgia recently closed and re-located for the exact same reason.

  138. After 9:00 pm, all convenience stores in the heavily-black north Charlotte, NC area, lock their doors. Followed by all subsequent cash sales conducted through slide windows by attendents working behind bullet-proof glass.

  139. @Piglet

    They demolished the building and made a fenced-off parking lot out of one of the former Kroger store locations in Augusta, Georgia near the Medical Center

  140. @Glock45

    Already happening in Louisville.

    The wealthiest neighborhood in Louisville, located furthest from federal housing projects, is targeted for a large “affordable housing” apartment complex.

    Libs are dumping 100 families from the projects in a zip code of $700K houses. The residents have lawyered up to fight it while the local libs call them racists, of course.

  141. @TKK

    on the felony docket about 60% of the defendants are black and are “frequent fliers “.

    In the counties I take cases, blacks are around 15% of the general populace, MOL.

    Relative felony propensity:  (0.6/0.15) / (0.4/0.85) = 8.5 times as felonious.

  142. The hunter-gatherers are just adapting to white man’s civilization.

    Feed and breed welfare and foraging on Kroger’s shelves – survival with little effort invested. Those hunter-gatherer genes just want to get passed on.

    Nature in action. Gotta love it.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  143. Agent76 says:
    @Eternally Antifascist

    “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” Albert Einstein

  144. nymom says:
    @Baron Munchhausen

    In NYC many are moving to online ordering their groceries and other food items from Amazon which just purchased Whole Foods. Also many order from Fresh Direct.

    You still have to go into Whole Foods to shop but I believe that will be ending soon and with Fresh Direct you either can go online or just call in a delivery…after a while you have your orders memorized and as soon as you type in your account number all of your previous orders pop up…

    Online shopping will be the wave of the future with the possible exception of a once weekly farmers market which we still have here and is a little too small and carefully monitored for much theft to take place.

    The same with clothing, shoes and pharmaceutical products…after a few times you get your sizes correct and don’t even have to go into a store anymore…All of the Manhattan storefronts are slowly closing one by one; so this theft will become a smaller problem in the future. Of course, we will then increase credit card fraud but there will always be some theft/fraud that takes place. Its will never totally be wiped out.

    Now I notice the latest thing is “it’s becoming racist to ask to see a picture ID with a credit card purchase”…that will be the next newsworthy item…

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  145. @KentuckyMom

    The project is for “working families”, according to the article.

    The “working families” will be “working” at figuring out ways to steal stuff from their new neighbors.

    Think of it as reparations in action.

  146. @KentuckyMom

    It’s way past the time to divide the US up into producers and parasites. If not, the marginalization and dilution of productive people will ensure that Am:erica as founded will exist in name only.

    Conservatives and libertarians think that this is a war to fought. No, it’s a cancer to be removed.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  147. nymom says:

    Gardens in suburban areas will eventually encourage vermin infestations (as in rats and field mice) and, of course, following behind them the homeless who will steal the produce/fruit gown for their own consumption leading to more police interventions as people will begin to call them more frequently for assistance…

    We have already established the orderly appearance and purpose of the suburbs and it’s not to move into one and then decide to grow your own little vegetable/fruit garden on your front lawn.

    • Replies: @NC Realist
    , @Sunshine
  148. @nymom

    In the future…look for prison style barbed wire fences surrounding cornfields and watermelon patches.

  149. @nymom

    Whites are withdrawing from the commons.

  150. Shaman911 says:

    Hire black security and let them shoot the looters. At some point it might sink in. This is everywhere and not going away. I might show some sympathy if it was food but that is rarely the case. As you can see this picture is the hair and cosmetics section.

    • Replies: @Alden
  151. @eah

    …most Blacks are law-abiding.

    Here’s one from personal experience.

    I think it could be conceded that blacks who attend church regularly would be considered the most virtuous in their community. The cream of the crop.
    I worked with a black woman – who held a college degree – who related that after church services, the congregation moved to the back room where they proceeded to purchase new clothing hanging on racks. She commented, with a smile, that all of the clothing was stolen merchandise.
    And these, the best of the community.
    If most blacks are law abiding, where is their effort to lessen crime in their communities, rather than contributing to it, as in the example above? Where is the mobilization to end problems such as food deserts and other dying businesses? Why aren’t black parent(s) ensuring that their children are not out at two in the morning committing crimes, thus making the parent almost as guilty as their offspring?
    Law abiding? Some, yes. Most, questionable.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Logan
  152. Pheasant [AKA "anonymous215"] says:

    Virtually all blacks have close relatives that have committed serious crimes. Most blacks are not law abiding in the way Whites are.

  153. Pheasant [AKA "anonymous215"] says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Digging wells in any but a temperate environment is a bad idea. It just depletes the water table.

  154. Alden says:
    @Oil 'n Water

    The criminal courts building where I worked was full of affirmative action blacks. It was near one of the worst black neighborhoods in the city.

    Every once in a while word would spread through the affirmative action blacks who worked in the criminal courts building that cars and trucks full of microwaves suede and leather coats and jackets food processors TVs Nike’s this and that were parked in Silver av. The blacks would leave for their typical 2 hour lunch break and come back with cars full of stolen goods.

    And these were criminal courts employees. How do you think all those affirmative action black single moms can wear such expensive clothes?

    The city jail guards had to stay on site for lunch. They had to wait till end of shift to get over to Silver av. So many city bus drivers were robbed not of the fares but their own wallets and even uniform jackets they called it the Silver av Suicide route. Drivers were all black of course. So who cares?

    Drug dealing and not just weed at work, rapes, and assaults are common for black employees Some of the black security guards at the county hospitals raped patients and fellow hospital employees in the parking lots and stairwells.

  155. Alden says:

    “ may have been stabbed to death” Presumably when knives flew through the air and inexplicably landed in someone’s vital parts.

  156. Alden says:

    I dunno Remember the 6’5 300 pd black security guard trampled to death by an impatient black crowd at a Long Island NY Walmart Black Friday sale a few years ago?

  157. Alden says:

    Thinking of blacks, the black Mayor if Atlantic City NJ was arrested today for theft of $87,000 from the funds of the disadvantaged youth sports teams. Name Frank Gilliam.

    We will never be rid of the Black Plague

  158. @KentuckyMom

    And this is with Orange Man in the White House. Even if he were perfectly focused and didn’t have the Dems & Deep State at war with him, there’s only so much one man can do to revamp and revise the colossal gov’t bureaucracy–nearly every bit of which is opposed to him (and to us) as well.

    This is going to get worse–much worse. The enemies of freedom are slavering daily in the mass media and elsewhere. They have declared war upon us, and it’s just beginning. Prepare accordingly.

  159. Sbaker says:

    I live in a rural area where customers are 95% white. As you state, trust is earned and not a privilege.
    The African community views theft as a privilege. Some affies view theft as a profession.

  160. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Why can’t the blacks dig their OWN wells??

  161. melpol says:

    Ten honest black customers make up for one black shoplifter. Peace can flourish in black communities in the midst of occasional shootings. Life in the jungle is OK even if a native sometimes is eaten by a Tiger. Safe or honest living is not needed because space is needed for Human Nature.

  162. Sunshine says:

    Thank you for reminding me why I moved to a rural area and not in a neighborhood. I think that’s why so many rural people have junky homes and trash in their yard, to deter neighborhood developments. I already have loud, constantly honking geese, and a bunch of chickens, maybe it’s time to get that pig pen built. You’ll be pleased to know my garden is discreetly located in the back yard though, behind the large confederate flag that hopefully reminds any dusky by-passer to keep it moving, this isn’t the place for you.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Justvisiting
  163. Alden says:

    Something I’ve always wondered. First college now elementary grade textbooks, history channel NOVA nat geo movies, the quality press we’re constantly told how all these wonderful just marvy primitive peoples are sooo superior to us Whites.

    And then we’re told they can’t find water unless the Peace Corps or some other do Gooder group does it for them.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  164. Alden says:

    Do you have a gander? Some friends of my parents had one. It was enormous. With that long neck it was taller than I when I was 7 or 8. Every once in a while they’d find a dead fox it killed in the chicken yard. It walked around all day guarding its territory and being macho

    At least I thought it was taller than I was.

  165. Alden says:

    Must have been a very very unusual tribe if men worked in the fields. African SOP is women do all the work while the men spend 80% of their time lounging about and 20% of the time hunting and warring.

    I’ve always thought that might be a reason why Africa was so primitive compared to every other society except Aboriginal Australia. Half the population, the physically strongest and most mechanically adept does nothing. The physically weakest half does all the work while pregnant nursing and raising kids.

  166. @JabbyDaWok

    JabbyDaWok————-Only Wakandan Blacks dig “they” own wells.The rest of Africa is short on vibranium.

  167. @Sunshine

    The added bonus of keeping a rural home a bit junky is it keeps the property value down, which in turn keeps the property taxes relatively low.

    These days people will need to learn how to keep a low financial profile–if you aren’t poor then fake it!

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  168. Alden says:

    That happens often when a black who lives alone gets arrested. His friends relatives and neighbors break in and steal everything. When police arrest a person in their home, the police often don’t bother to lock the door when they leave.

  169. Alden says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Isn’t that the one in the Magic Johnson shopping mall that was supposed to revitalize S Central?

  170. @Justvisiting

    Justvisiting———Walls,fences,alarms,dogs,and guns are the new American welcome mat.”Diversity” is the new mother of invention.

  171. @Hippopotamusdrome

    When I win the lottery, the first thing I will do is NOT TELL ANYONE I WON THE LOTTERY, OR HOW MUCH I WON. That goes for family, friends, and coworkers. If I gave them $50k they’d complain I was being cheap and could have given $100k. In the case of this guy, too many people found out and it cost him his life.

  172. Augustus says:

    When water IS found, they keep crapping in it to spread disease.

  173. Sink says:

    Why are minorities “bussed” to white neighborhoods and not other neighborhoods such as Latino, Jewish, Muslim, Asian, etc.?

  174. Logan says:

    Somebody else may have already mentioned this.

    Till recently Home Depot had (almost) all their tools isolated in a separate section with only one entrance. Presumably to make shoplifting of these items more difficult.

  175. Logan says:
    @Oil 'n Water

    About 20 years ago I traveled all over North America teaching three and four day certification courses in my field. Very often at the end of the day I’d be restless so I’d go for a walk. Sometimes covered 10 or 12 miles, physically wearing myself out enough to sleep.

    So this one time I’m in a Florida city and head off in a random direction. After about an hour I discover I’m walking through the ‘hood. By this time it’s well after dark. I get offered a variety of illegal merchandise and services but keep walking. Eventually I get to a convenience store and decide I do not want to walk back. So I call a cab.

    The store of course is in the middle of the ‘hood and it’s closing on midnight by now. I see empty cabs go by, none stop. I call the dispatcher back twice and she says a cab will be by within a few minutes.

    It’s now well over an hour since I called for a cab. So I call her back yet again and tell her the driver will be able to identify me since I’m the only white guy in the place. Two minutes later a cab pulls in.

    Driver is black. He says none of the drivers will pick up in that neighborhood after dark. Not no way, not no how. Several drivers had been murdered in the previous year when they picked up black passengers after dark.

    Ever since, I’ve been trying to figure out why it’s my fault black drivers don’t want to pick up black fares.

  176. Anonymous[840] • Disclaimer says:

    Teen may have been stabbed to death in robbery gone wrong

    So did he get stabbed or not?

    The brothers refused and a fight broke out, prompting the attacker to get out of the car armed with a knife, the family source said.

    “numinous people may move suddenly and without warning”

  177. Mike-SMO says:
    @John Johnson

    Restrooms be the place.

    In the restroom of a grocery near the “edge”, there are frequently empty blister packs of “cold medicine”, empty coat hangers (the store occasionally sells seasonal or team sports T-shirts), wrappers for prepared foods (baked goods, usually), or the small, empty “sampler” bottles for liquor. No BBQ grill, as yet, but it is a good idea. Rare or medium rare, please.

    Most retail stores in this area have a sign “No store merchandise in this restroom”, but that is just a joke. The restrooms provide privacy for stuffing the expensive stuff down the shopper’s pants.

  178. Observer says:

    I visited Botswana a few times in the course of my previous employment. The capital, Gabarone, is about 45 minutes flight from Johannesburg in South Africa.

    South Africa has a murder rate of approximately 30 per 100,00 per year (it’s hard to be precise, because due to the very nature of South Africa the numbers are far from trustworthy).

    South Africa has a murder rate of whites by blacks of about 150 per 100,000 per year.

    Botswana has a murder rate of about 1.2 per 100,000 per year.

    The murder rate of whites by blacks in Botswana in not measurable because it is so small.

    Botswana is also one of the wealthiest and most politically stable countries in Africa.

    What’s the difference between these two neighboring majority-black southern African nation?

    Botswana is over 90% Christian.

    (UN organs give a murder rate for Botswana of 18 / 100,000 per year, but one also notes this: “Since 2000, because of deteriorating economic conditions in Zimbabwe, the number of Zimbabweans in Botswana has risen into the tens of thousands.”)

  179. @Justvisiting

    Hey Justvisiting, you say, “Further, most blacks will shield criminal blacks from law enforcement.”

    Very true. I have seen the same thing in very poor white areas, but among black people the same tendency exists not just among the very poor, but well up into the middle class. A couple of years ago I was traveling through Mississippi and the only radio station available was a black station. The host was having a discussion with his co-workers on the subject of “if you see another “brother or sister” shoplifting, stealing something or breaking the law, don’t say anything. Keep your mouth shut and ignore it.” One of the reasons was “if they didn’t need it, they wouldn’t be taking it!”

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  180. They should have closed the store.

    • Agree: Augustus
  181. @Alfred

    Regarding “robbery gone wrong” scenario, there is an excellent article on this bull crap take on heinous crimes

  182. Truth3 says:

    Nobody says the Truth about pervasive African (Black, Colored, Negro, whatever) malevolence in our society.


    Per Capita Murder rates 10x+ higher for Blacks than Whites on the opposite race. Truth.

    But no… we must disregard this. Pay no attention. Just move along.

    So why is anyone surprised by the Rodney King riots, the OJ Acquittal celebrations, Detroit 1967, Ferguson unrest, etc. ???

    Truth. The indispensible part of Civil Society. Our Society is no longer Civil.

    This leads to Civil War. Enjoy protecting your family when it happens.

  183. Garliv says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    True. Whites are thieving too. What’s debatable is the level of thieving. White neighbourhoods have by far low level of thieving than Black neighborhoods. Reasons may be varied and historical.
    As for “colonisation”, that is a different level altogether. White colonizers steal/stole in the form of Imperialism: their armed army invade a territory, they impose White laws of Ownership and scatter blacks/browns to hell. By that fact alone they claim legitimate ownership. Remember Israel and Palestine of late?

  184. I was raised in the South, but from my early teens I worked in the mountains during the summer, and the population there was far less black than in more eastern parts of the state. Then grad school at Yale and for three decades after that I lived in Vermont, where there was only a small black population. In the end I moved to Canada, where I have lived for years in a remote town in Nova Scotia. As far as I know there is only one black guy in town, and he has a white wife. His property is different from all of the rest of the trim, spare, orderly homes in the village; his yard is a chaos with dozens of small statues, tools and ladders left everywhere, bushes untrimmed, and piles of junk everywhere. Never once have I heard anyone here complain or point this out in any way; everyone just ignores this weird discrepancy. In the fifteen years that I have been here I have never had anything stolen or heard of thefts here. Living but one block off the main street I hear a few cars moving about, even the odd teenager screeching around a corner, but after midnight it is generally silent for hours.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Jeff Stryker
  185. Botswana is also one of the wealthiest and most politically stable countries in Africa.

    What’s the difference between these two neighboring majority-black southern African nation?

    Botswana is over 90% Christian.

    It’s closer to 70% and South Africa is also majority Christian. African Americans are more Christian than Whites so it’s clearly more complicated than that.

    Botswana is definitely doing better than a lot of neighboring countries but I’m not convinced that Christianity is the difference.

    Botswana has a very small population while South Africa is closer to a US state with Blacks, White and Coloureds (a self-identifying group in SA) living next to each other. As with the US the Blacks are typically the poorest which will of course lead to natural resentment. That resentment is then flamed by leftists and egalitarians. I suspect it is more of a toxic cultural combination like we have in many US states. Inequality and materialism also play a role.

    But I’m not sure if we can even get to a point where culture can be discussed. The left and MSM wants to blame guns and society. The US right still thinks “moar capitalism” is gonna solve all of it. White people will probably just have to make a tactical withdrawal from the cities and wait for the system to collapse. Just look at the guns issue. The left and right can’t even state the most simple facts let alone debate them.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  186. Alden says:
    @Mike Garrett

    How was New Haven as far as crime and black behavior?

  187. @Mike Garrett

    The Natives in Canada have higher crime rates. Though I am sure every Canadian you meet will swear they are not racist.

  188. Nicholas says:

    Iz B rasism at its rurst! When da Grate sqaw Bcome Pres nxt yr, sh’ill STOP iz rite quik. Sh’ill gits her Justice Depot ta fine Kroggers. MayB 1 Million $ a day 4 Bing so Bad wit da rasism. Shur nuf we kuld use da $ here as Repairzateions! Dats Y i votz fer da Grate sqaw fors o fiz timz nxt yr.

  189. We need to bring back Freedom of Association. A private business should be allowed to refuse entry to anyone for any reason. That’s how it is with private houses and so too should it be for private businesses.

    Let stores put up signs saying “No blacks allowed”.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @Sbaker
  190. @Jason Calley

    For a while there was discussion about how black women shouldn’t report being raped by a black man because “too many of our men are already in jail.”

    (1) I wonder if this was true?
    (2) If it was, I wonder if it’s still “a thing?”
    (3) If it was, and it is, I wonder how many black women are raped because another black woman who was raped refused to get the rapist put away?

    If I’m informed correctly, one of the reasons NW European peoples are relatively low in impulsively violent behavior is that the DNA was removed from our genome by our Medieval ancestors hanging the impulsively criminal with abandon, and perhaps because people inclined toward violent criminality in those times were more likely to starve to death with their kids.

    Unless humans are utterly alien to the animal kingdom, we too are products entirely of our genetic inheritance. Our behavior is just as genetically-determined as are our hair and eye color (albeit that our behavior is extremely complex and includes mutually contradictory subroutines.)

    Genetics 101 is that if you promote the reproductive success of ill-behaved individuals in a community, you simply get more ill-behavior. (This is why I loathe the AKC, because from where I sit, it encouraged breeding of dogs for physical attributes at the expense of behavioral attributes.)

  191. @John Johnson

    Just look at the guns issue. The left and right can’t even state the most simple facts let alone debate them.

    Is being “against” black guns racist?

    FTR, essentially ALL gun crime is perpetrated by black guns. There are essentially no white guns, but perhaps we can substitute stainless steel or nickel- and chrome-plated ones for the sake of consistency.

  192. @Hang All Text Drivers

    Let stores put up signs saying “No blacks allowed”.

    Let neighborhoods, town, counties and states do the same.  And not just for blacks.  Let them blacklist any troublesome group or ethnicity, such as Indians, Mohammedans or gypsies.

    I read a WSJ story a while back about a gypsy couple who bought themselves a nice mansion with money they got from shoplifting.  Such people should literally have every door closed to them, except the one marked “International Departures”.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  193. @Mr. Rational

    You’ve got it backwards. These groups kicked whites out of cities.

    Whites talk about how great it is to live in the country but this coward-talk for “Blacks don’t want to drive ten miles down a dirt road or wake up with twenty feet of snow outside a drafty farmhouse.”

    It isn’t that blacks or Hispanics are tougher. They are simply more willing to kill and having sex with AIDS-riddled trannies in jail means nothing to them. They figure they’ll go to prison anyhow. And anyhow, PC is on their side.

    So whites flee.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  194. @Jeff Stryker

    These groups kicked whites out of cities.

    No, before that.  We used to have segregated neighborhoods, “sundown towns” and the entire Oregon territory officially barred Africans from residing there (though enforcement was lousy).  Get rid of “civil rights” and we can do that again, and e.g. stop Chinese and Indians from causing housing shortages and inflation by not letting them own or occupy residential real estate.  “Pajeet Go Home” would be very popular in some circles, I suspect.

    We could get rid of most of the black problem by forcing them to live in camps to get their welfare.  Without affirmative action and “disparate impact” nobody would hire them anyway.

    Whites talk about how great it is to live in the country but this coward-talk for “Blacks don’t want to drive ten miles down a dirt road or wake up with twenty feet of snow outside a drafty farmhouse.”

    To be fair, you generally have the benefits of cleaner air and less noise.  There is the issue of neighbors being unable to hear you if you yell for help so you are more vulnerable to surprise raids, but if that became more than a vanishingly rare event there would be measures like FRS radio networks for neighborhood watch.

    It isn’t that blacks or Hispanics are tougher. They are simply more willing to kill and having sex with AIDS-riddled trannies in jail means nothing to them. They figure they’ll go to prison anyhow.

    So you’re saying that having nothing to lose makes them less restrained?  Quelle surprise.

    And anyhow, PC is on their side.

    THAT is the problem.  We need to get rid of the legal and moral authority of PC.  Given how much it is hated, I can see this happening somewhere fairly soon.  Probably by referendum first.

    • Replies: @Truth
  195. Truth says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Under the auspices of your brilliant, well-reasoned plan, would we be allowed “Nordic Only” neighborhoods as well?

  196. Wally says:

    Crime stats prove you are lying.

  197. Simple solution to your,,,,,,, HURT FEELINGS,,,,,, Stop shop lifting!

  198. @Jake

    I know what you are saying, but they want it both ways

  199. @jpp

    I’m from Canaryville, so everyone who is here, who responds (Blue Juice Father O’Hare) dogs the Southside, ,and claims they are from Chicago, you know,we still have some good spaces and I know…quit running wtf

    • Replies: @GavinCato
  200. GavinCato says:

    Would they expect a bank or jewelry store to remove all physical security structures?

  201. GavinCato says:
    @The Village

    It is a losing proposition to stand your ground in the city in places like Canaryville. The public schools are not an option and the private schools have gotten too expensive.

  202. Sbaker says:
    @Hang All Text Drivers

    Let stores put up signs saying “No blacks allowed”.

    That sign would be racist. More simply, put up a sign that says thieves not allowed and eliminate 90% of African entry. This fixes the problem without having your business fire bombed by a tribe of Hotentots.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  203. @Sbaker

    put up a sign that says thieves not allowed and eliminate 90% of African entry.

    Which is why it would be outlawed for “disparate impact”.

    We HAVE to get rid of the lawfare regime.  Maybe SCOTUS can overturn AA, disparate impact and “diversity” but we need parallel efforts instead of betting everything on 9 justices.

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