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All Statues to Whites in America Must Go: Kate Smith Statue in Philadelphia Removed Because if Her Perceived "Racist" Songs from 1930s...
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Every statue to a white person erected in the Old America must come down. Not just Confederate monuments and not just statues/monuments built to honor the Founding Fathers (those old, outdated, dead white males), but every statue built to honor the life of a white person.

After all, honoring a white person from the past with a statue is humanizing white supremacy. Right? [Kate Smith’s Family ‘Appalled’ by Flyers’ Decision to Remove Statue Over Racist Lyrics,, April 22, 2019]:

Kate Smith’s family is none too pleased by the Philadelphia Flyers’ decision to cut ties with the late singer after racist lyrics she recorded in the 1930s resurfaced.

The NHL team, following in the footsteps of the New York Yankees, vowed to replace Smith’s 1939 recording of “God Bless America” as old song lyrics have been reexamined due to what appears to be racist language and stereotypes.

The Flyers took their course correction one step further Sunday, as they removed a statue of Smith outside the XFINITY Live! arena that was erected after her death in 1986.

“I’m appalled,” Smith’s niece Suzy Andron told CBS Philadelphia. “Aunt Katherine was probably one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She was certainly anything but a prejudice person. She loved everybody.”

The Flyers explained their decision in a statement, writing that while the song has a permanent place in Flyers history — it’s been considered good luck for the team since 1969, according to the Associated Press — Smith’s other lyrics do not align with their current values.

“In recent days, we learned that several of the songs Kate Smith performed in the 1930s include lyrics and sentiments that are incompatible with the values of our organization, and evoke painful and unacceptable themes,” the statement read.

“While Kate Smith’s performance of ‘God Bless America’ cannot be erased from its place in Flyers history, that rendition will no longer be featured in our game presentations. And to ensure the sentiments stirred this week are no longer echoed, earlier today we completed the removal of the Kate Smith statue from its former location outside of our arena.”

CBS Philadelphia reports that the statue was initially covered with a black drape before it was fully removed.

Still, Andron said the Flyers should consider Smith’s legacy before severing all ties for good.

“I think you need to go back and look back at your own history and what Aunt Katherine gave to the team,” she said.

The New York Yankees, meanwhile, have used the song for the past 18 years to signal the start of the seventh-inning stretch.

A representative for the team told the New York Daily News they’d “been made aware of a recording that had been previously unknown to us and decided to immediately and carefully review this new information. The Yankees take social, racial and cultural insensitivities very seriously. And while no final conclusions have been made, we are erring on the side of sensitivity.”

Two of Smith’s songs in particular, “That’s Why Darkies Were Born” and “Pickaninny Heaven,” have come under scrutiny in recent days.


The former includes offensive lines like, “Someone had to pick the cotton /Someone had to plant the corn/Someone had to slave and be able to sing/That’s why darkies were born,” though some theorize it’s actually just satire, considering she recorded it with African-American artist Paul Robseon.

The latter, though, Smith sang by herself as an ode to “colored children” living in an orphanage. In the song, she urges the kids to dream about “great big watermelons” to get their minds off their troubles.

All statues to whites must go, even to one as beloved as the Kate Smith monument in Philadelphia.

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  1. gkruz says:

    Hockey…muh huWhite sport!

    • Replies: @Luludog
  2. This was not about erasing Kate Smith’s obscure recording of “That’s Why Darkies Were Born.”That was merely the convenient pretext to erase “God Bless America,” the pretext to erase Christianity and, yes, it was also the pretext to erase yet another white all-American patriot.

    • Replies: @Days of Broken Arrows
  3. The Puritans on a march. No whitey statue is safe.

  4. ‘…“While Kate Smith’s performance of ‘God Bless America’ cannot be erased from its place in Flyers history, that rendition will no longer be featured in our game presentations. And to ensure the sentiments stirred this week are no longer echoed, earlier today we completed the removal of the Kate Smith statue from its former location outside of our arena.”…’

    Hasn’t ‘God Bless America’ itself been irremediably contaminated by this association? Shouldn’t the song itself be repudiated and banned — not just by the Flyers, but by all right-thinking Americans?

  5. The negroes are upset that they were referred to as darkies. If the blacks did not feel umbrage about everthing, then their reason for living would fade away.

    What started out as the Civil Rights Bill has morphed into the hideous beast we see today. It makes no difference what white people think, only negro feelings are important. Martin Luther King’s monuments would be missing as well were he a white man.

    It’s funny how the left gives negroes a pass on all their bad behavior. I think the black man throwing a 5 year old off a balcony in a mall is worst than Kate Smith singing a song about darkies.

    • Agree: Anonymous0619
    • Replies: @Kevin O'Keeffe
  6. Anon[365] • Disclaimer says:

    Separate countries, folks. Lets get to it.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  7. dvorak says:

    Say, who owns the Flyers? Oh, the usual suspects.

    • Replies: @JR1967
    , @AV 1611 in Jersey
  8. LSD says:

    Considering hockey players are a superstitious bunch, having KateSmith sing before a Flyers game truly appeared to help them win two Stanley Cups. The attempt here to “erase” the past collaberation with Kate would indeed indicate Flyers management believes they won thier trophies with the help of a racist.

    Removing her statue will not expiate the supposed sins of the “White” man. The proverbial burden of the White man has now become himself. The Flyers are surely going to do thier part ridding the white man from hockey and bringing in all those non-racist non-whites. I’m positive the NHL has a great future in China or Venezuela.

    As the article above stated, Kate recorded her offensive song with Paul Robeson, an “African-American”. No, Paul Robeson was a Communist. Why was this not mention by the reporter? Maybe it has something to do with “who” is doing the erasing.
    As a decades long Flyers fan, I can only wish they never win a Stanley Cup again. I mean, you wouldn’t want the racists to win, would you?

    • Replies: @Ragno
    , @Anton Chigurrrh
  9. Luludog says:

    Don’t worry, hockey will soon be banned by the same idiots who cower behind their “values”.

  10. Wkr says:

    How many diversities even go to a Flyers hockey game?

    • Replies: @Known Fact
  11. RickTen99 says:

    In the near future the only monuments, statues, buildings etc that can be erected must be dedicated to the negro who has killed the most whites, cop killers, rapists, and of course to honor the local drug dealer or pimp. Black run America is here now. 15% of the bottom feeder population is in control for only one reason and that is the pandering politicians who are selling our souls for the negro vote or white guilt from people whose only interaction with the negro involved seeing “cool negroes” on TV or those who think “rap music” is the bomb. In todays society if you dont worship at the altar of the negro you are a racist. Personally I’m not a racist, I just dont like n….rs. Yankee fans, dont support the team, dont buy tickets. Flyers fans, do the same. Boycott these idiots.

    • Replies: @Inthemix18
    , @Johann
  12. Such insanity, they will never be happy until they erase everything white, why we let this happen is beyond me. A ignorant, parasitic, violent minority group of people trying to call the shots, even though they can’t even feed themselves.

  13. Perhaps the sports teams can have statues of negro rappers grabbing their crotches, smoking blunts and advocating killing cops and beating women, this shouldn’t offend anyone in clown world

  14. I just love the faux outrage the media stirs up…songs 80 years ago.

    Where is the true outrage…little white boy thrown from 3rd story at Mall of America?

    Where is the true outrage…2 little white boys targeted and run over?

    The list can go on, ad nauseam.

  15. Vojkan says:

    Curiosity killed the cat, I googled for the full lyrics of the two songs. My command of the subtleties of the English language is admittesly imperfect but no matter the effort I put in it, my ability to grasp the hidden racist meaning of the following lines is overwhelmed:

    Sing, sing, sing when you’re weary and
    Sing when you’re blue,
    Sing, sing, that’s what you taught
    All the white folks to do;

    Someone had to fight the Devil,
    Shout about Gabriel’s Horn,
    Someone had to stoke the train
    That would bring God’s children to green pastures,
    That’s why darkies were born.

  16. Anonymous[300] • Disclaimer says:

    The thing is that Kate Smith, when she was performing these songs in the 1930s, was likely engaging in her time’s equivalent of white liberal moral preening of today. These songs as written were not meant to denigrate black people. Today, the language and imagery are considered highly offensive, but the underlying themes are not. Also, most articles don’t take the time to explain that Smith didn’t write these songs (or productions these songs were in) that she’s getting excoriated for.

    Take the “Darkies” song. It was actually a hit song, so it’s a wonder why it took so long in this age to dredge this up to use against Smith (a topic for another discussion). When this story broke last week, most sources pointed out that the song was meant to be a “parody” or a “satirical take on racism”. I just went to look up the lyrics and it seems the internet scrubbers have been hard at work. When I looked up and read the lyrics last week, I could see how it was called a parody. Basically it was a song saying how black people were born into a life of toil and misery but in the end they are the ones who are morally superior and it is the whites who owe them everything (sound familiar?). However, the lyrics I found online today seem “trimmed” so as to make this satirical angle much less obvious.

    As for the other “more controversial” Pickaninny song, it sounds condescending today especially given the imagery and words, but back then, singing a song with the underlying theme of “I care about you, black orphan children” was likely controversial. Smith herself likely believed she was being a good person singing this sort of lullaby.

    What would be interesting is if someone could dig up what legitimate racists felt about these songs when they were popular. My guess is that they would have bristled at songs implying blacks were morally superior to whites or songs trying to lift the spirits of orphaned black kids. The words and imagery wouldn’t do it for the racists of the time because they were acceptable in the population at large (look at old Bugs Bunny cartoons). However, the (for the 1930’s) “woke” themes of those songs would have irritated them. One of the clues as to what the underlying messages of these songs really were was that black performers went on to record their own versions of the songs, and would not have done so if the messages of the songs were merely derogatory.

    The irony is that if Smith were alive today to defend herself, she would likely claim that she truly believed she was fighting against racism when she performed these songs in the 1930’s.

  17. F100 says:

    Blacks are never happy

  18. F100 says:

    They really want us all dead

  19. TrainDoc says:

    Want to laugh? In about 1968 my family had relatives immigrate to the USA. They had learned a little English in Italy before coming over. At our first meeting at an all you can eat Italian family dinner we taught them the lyrics to “God Bless America”!!!!! and sang the song. Pretty soon this will be considered a hate crime.

  20. Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
    ‘a programme to combat racism’ isnt that the definition of what is happening to whites these days? Otherwise why are the MLK statues still standing?

  21. Ohhhh the insanity that is the SJW mindset. Deep, diabolical..and so relentless…it’s scary as shit..
    If only Kate had come out, prior to her passing, that she wants to be recognized as black..or a 426 Hemi or a Radio Flyer wagon. Would they still be removing her statue? . Likely, because blacks couldn’t afford to buy the wagon and the Chrysler boys were racist and sheeeit. It really is just too much to wrap ones head around any more. No one nation on the planet has done so much for one race of people (blacks) in the history of mankind that America has done for such a thankless group of people. This is one species that will never be species that will never accept responsibility for a godamned thing. They will never embrace modern civilization and they will forever be digging into our wallets for another “helps me wit dis shit or helps me wit dat shit. Youz cracka’s be da ones dat caused all dis sheeeit Yt… You owe us.. Its pathetic.
    Somedays you have to laugh to prevent yourself from crying. A cold beer helps as well … Barkeep!!! One Bourbon, One Scotch and one beer.

  22. They’re arranging for Barack Obama to select the African American artist who will sculpt the replacement: a statue of a rapper. Let’s all bow our heads, praying that the artist he selects will turn out a better—and a more respectful—statue than Obama’s floating, jungle-foliage-backdrop portrait with no grounding cast shadows and sperm detailing on the chair.

  23. 80 IQ Just won’t do, segregation, repatriation, isolation….Jubilation.

  24. Anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    She obviously shouldn’t have done this, but “Terriers in the Trash Terri” will feel the wrath of people who would never go after “Third Floor Throwin’ Theondavius” or “Runnin’ Rugrats Over Raekwon”.

  25. Wait. Just wait. Not only will they charge us for removing statuary that reflects our brilliant past, we will also have to foot the bill for statues to snoop dog and tupac and biggie…

    “Wite man posta hepp! We tried it ahhseves but’s da rain kepp on nockin’ dems down!”

    That’s because here, just like in Africa, you can only stack shit and mud so high…

  26. Groveling to the negro like this is why I stopped watching pro and college sports.

    I do occasionally watch the nearby Christian high school’s team play. Not a negro on the roster and it’s refreshing to see players who are unafraid to pray before a game.

    • Agree: Feedsackroad
  27. JR1967 says:

    Comcast… good reason to cut the cable cord especially if you are one of their subscribers.

  28. @RickTen99

    Agreed. If Flyer’s fans had any balls,every season ticket package would be cancelled. As a diehard follower of the sport for over 50 years its finally hit me why the NHL has always been treated like the ugly step child by media. Look at the embarrassment that is ESPN. Intentionally try to bury the NHL as much as they can . Why? We all know. And it think i may have figured out why Quebec City may never get another team. Wizardry in plain site . And yet the National Felon League cant be touched.

    • Replies: @JR1967
  29. CENTURION says: • Website

    Well, I thought “progressives” and Leftist, and Liberals hates “book burning” and all that HORRIBLE Nazi stuff? Really?

    I guess Nazi Book Burning is fine as long as YOU are the Nazi, and are not White………………

    I would rather speak German than Spanish…………………..

    • Replies: @JOHN CHUCKMAN
  30. This means that the Statue of Liberty will have to come down. However, any statues of Jesus can stay because He was Black.

    • Replies: @Known Fact
  31. Pro-White or Anti-White.
    Only one issue.
    Only two sides.

  32. Ragno says:

    Considering hockey was a suprema-ciss, all-huwite sport back when the Flyers won their Stanley Cups, I demand their championship seasons be vacated!

  33. I’m wondering if Comcast and The Wells Fargo Center will ban Billy Joel songs from being played at sporting events or him performing in the building because his song, “Only the Good Die Young” is offensive to Catholics and perpetuates negative stereotypes. I know it was 40 years ago but…

    • Replies: @gkruz
  34. While we’re at it, let’s remove this historical motion picture, The Jazz Singer, the first talking motion picture, from history. It features Al Jolson, in black face, singing “Mammy”.

    Where does it end?

  35. Crap like this wakes up more normies than any 3000 word cited/referenced essay ever could and it changes almost nothing in practical day to day life. No big loss, especially if it wakes up even just a few.

    I’m in the Philly market and this morning the conservative AM radio host (1210) was talking about exposing MLK’s positions on homosexuality as a means to tear down his statues in response to the relentless targeting of white monuments. This is the channel that carries Rush Limbaugh so we’re not talking about some HAM radio operation.

    I’ll take “things we’d have never heard on the radio 4 years ago for $1000” lol.

    -A Lurking Flyers Fan

  36. Perceived “Racist” Songs?

    Please, tell me you are joking?

    I know we have a lot of noise these days over the uses of words and images which truly are not what is claimed for them by attackers.

    This is not the case with the Kate smith songs from the 1930s.

    I’ve seen a number of the lyrics, and they are just filthy low and embarrassing.

    Yes, I do think in such a case actions taken are appropriate.

    And, if I never hear her signature tune, “God Bless America,” again,I could only count it again.

    It isn’t racist at all, simply an over-the-top, self-congratulatory piece of bellowing. A dumb song, entirely.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  37. as soon as trump is out of office, the currency will be next. bills first, then coins.


    What a hopeless comment.

    Not listening to someone’s records is not “book burning.”

    All individual remain free to buy copies and listen to them.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  39. Chilly8 says:

    Celine Dion did a version of God Bless America some years ago, and it did fairly well on the charts.

    • Replies: @mr meener
    , @Jim in Jersey
  40. mr meener says:

    Celine is a coven witch satanist

  41. gkruz says:

    No, because Comcast doesn’t care about Catholics or any other Christians. And (((Billy Joel))) will never face a similar delegitimazation over anything he sang.

  42. @Chilly8

    Thanks. A good first comment.

    She’s Canadian, no? Or, eh?

  43. Hey, by the way, I recall Groucho Marx using the same ‘darkie’ line back in one of the ‘duck soup’ era movies.

    Groucho was a Jew talking about darkies.

    Oh, the quandary…

  44. JR1967 says:

    I am someone who used to look forward to the College/NFL Seasons which included going to sports bars on weekends to see multiple games at a time. Also, used to be a fan of both the MLB and NBA.

    But no more….those days are over with the way sports leagues have basically been brought to their knees by Political Correctness.

  45. On March 13, 1965, Gov. George Wallace and LBJ sat down in the Oval Office to discuss the situation brewing in Selma. During the conversation Wallace told LBJ:

    You cannot deal with street revolutionaries, you can never satisfy them, first, it is a front seat on the bus; next it’s a takeover of parks; then it’s public schools; then it’s voting rights; then it’s jobs; then it’s distribution of wealth without work.

    Wallace was right. You can never satisfy blacks. Each new day brings a new grievance. Digging up lyrics from almost a hundred years ago while the damn fools are gunning their children down while sitting on the sofa in their living room. We live in buffoon world.

    Vigil to be held for 7-year-old girl killed by stray bullet:

  46. AceDeuce says:

    To paraphrase what the baby killers say–if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. If you don’t like eeevilll statues-of Kate Smith, Robert E. Lee, etc. then don’t look at them.

    You sound pretty dumb yourself.

  47. And to think of all those Canadian hockey players who are now nominal racists after listening to Kate Smith…lol. The attacks on what people are beyond absurd at this stage of the game.

    • Replies: @JR1967
  48. @Anon

    Could be a plan, only the number of countries available to whites is dwindling rapidly.

  49. JR1967 says:

    Before you know it, some loony person will petition to have Kate’s Body exhumed from the grave to have her tried for a hate crime.

    Yes this idea is absolutely absurd….but so was taking down her statue for something that she sang several decades ago.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  50. @Wkr

    They did have one big mean black player but just traded him

  51. @Inretrospect

    Nah, Lady Liberty has been co-opted by the left as a billboard for open borders so she gets to stay

  52. We must also relentlessly track down and de-person anyone who ever sang the original lyrics to My Old Kentucky Home

    • Replies: @Feedsackroad
  53. Ragno says:

    Don’t forget Louis Armstrong! A few quick finger-math calculations indicate half of his career got to be got.

    • Replies: @Ragno
  54. Ragno says:

    …..on the other hand, we may want to consider a permanent ban on Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland.

    Let’s face it – at the rate we’re going, will it even matter in 20 years or so? Potable water and gasoline will the priorities by then.

  55. @Known Fact

    I’ve learned to pick a simple version of Dixie on the guitar. I fear this information has been relayed to the authorities by unenlightened family members under the See Something, Say Something® campaign. Any day now I expect to be roused from my slumber at 4 AM and taken away as an ‘enemy of the [black] people.’

  56. @Auntie Analogue

    “God Bless America” was actually written by a Jewish man, Irving Berlin (real name: Israel Beiline). I think by bringing Christianity into this, people are obscuring the larger, more important issue.

    This needs to be seen in context. And that context is that in the past few years, countless monuments and statues of white Americans have been deemed “wrong” and “sinful” in a secular sense. This is a way to obliterate white culture and enshrine minorities as martyrs. It’s a recasting of history, making whites “oppressors” rather than innovators. It’s making whites one-dimensional Bad Guys.

    If there is any good in this, it’s that whites might just start waking up and realizing this is the future they’re going to get with a majority minority country. Is this what we want?

  57. @Bruce County

    This is one species that will never be species that will never accept responsibility for a godamned thing. They will never embrace modern civilization and they will forever be digging into our wallets for another “helps me wit dis shit or helps me wit dat shit.

    Or they will stick a gun in your face when you are putting gas in your truck on your way to work tomorrow.

    • Agree: Feedsackroad
  58. @LSD

    Removing Kate’s statue is the 21st Century equivalent of the Curse of the Bambino.

  59. Ragno says:

    Jesus! Since when does a Louis Armstrong audio clip require TWO ENTIRE DAYS to get out of “awaiting moderation” jail?

    Or is it the verses Bing Crosby sings that are too toxic for public consumption?

  60. Johann says:

    Philadelphia is a left wing sanctuary city run by a Jim Kinney . The city cabal is made up of Irish drunks who were educated by the Jesuits like Kinney was. These Irish buffoons are following the example of their countrymen. The Irish elected a Pakistani immigrant as leader of their country. He has publicized his plan to bring in one million African immigrants into Ireland in the next twenty years. There are less than 4million Irish in Ireland so they have voted to exterminate themselves and they are ever so proud and elated over transforming their fatherland into an exotic country. Anyone in Philadelphia who wears the colors of their sports team is an idiot; their iggles dissed Trumps invitation to the White House and they embraced the Kopernick version of football. Philadelphia is a city full of stupid sports fans and very crooked democrats. No wonder Biden picked it as one of his launch cities.

  61. Patrick says:

    If taking down statues is an important part of cultural and political orders, then that means monuments and statues are important, and it is important for people to erect and preserve and defend monuments that are related to them.

  62. The former includes offensive lines like, “Someone had to pick the cotton /Someone had to plant the corn/Someone had to slave and be able to sing/That’s why darkies were born,” though some theorize it’s actually just satire, considering she recorded it with African-American artist Paul Robseon.

    This is hilarious. Anyone who knows who Paul Robeson is, knows that the late Kate Smith is being slandered here.

  63. @Dr. Pepper

    The negroes are upset that they were referred to as darkies. If the blacks did not feel umbrage about everthing, then their reason for living would fade away.

    I doubt any Black people were particularly involved in this latest outrage. White Puritans/SJWs get angry on their behalf. Blacks don’t even know who Kate Smith was (in fairness, a lot of Whites don’t either).

  64. AnalogMan says:

    I’m typing this really slowly, so maybe you’ll understand it.

    The article is not about listening to music. It is about banning an artist, and removing her statue. There is a clear parallel with book burning.

  65. AnalogMan says:

    Yes this idea is absolutely absurd…

    So is the idea of homosexual “marriage”; or the idea that a man might lose his job for suggesting that men are not the same as women; or the idea of awarding women’s sporting trophies to men who “identify” as women. Ten years ago these ideas were self-evidently absurd. Ten years from now…

    You’d better hope that nobody digs up your comment ten years from now. You could lose your job.

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