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70% Black Baltimore vs. 77% White Portland, Oregon: Both Dominated By Elected Democrats, Why Did Baltimore Have 10x the Number of Homicides in 2018?
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Baltimore vs. Portland (Oregon)

What do you notice about the differences between 70 percent black Baltimore and 77 percent white Portland, Oregon?

If you’ve read The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore (and if you haven’t, get it here now!), you know the truth about Baltimore our elite have spent more than half a century trying to explain away as the fault of pernicious white people and their insidious redlining, systemic racism, and racial criminal justice system.

But what happens when you compare the city of Baltimore to another American city dominated by a Democrat-controlled government, albeit one of a different racial hue? Recall, in 2009, the Oregon Live lamented how Portland, “with its overwhelmingly white population and leadership — is demographically out of step with 2009 America.”

No one has ever questioned if Baltimore’s majority black population and almost entirely black elected/appointed officials is out of step with America in 2019, because it’s axiomatic such a diverse, vibrant population is America’s Great Strength.

Well, okay, a white female reporter did question if it was time to try something else, but she was promptly removed from polite society for daring to question our commanding, domineering egalitarian norms.

Deviate from the accepted script on the disaster of 2019 Baltimore (blame some cocktail of white privilege, white flight, discrimination and lack of capital investment and you’ll be fine!) and promptly find yourself quieted with devastating finality.

But here’s the tale of the tape:

  • Baltimore has a population of 619,000 people. Its 70 percent black and 25 percent white. There were 309 homicides in 2018, meaning Baltimore had 53 homicides per 100,000 citizens. The city has had a Democrat mayor for 52 straight years.
  • Portland has a population of 647,000 people. Its 77 percent white and six percent black. There were 29 homicides in 2018, meaning Portland had 3.4 homicides per 100,000 citizens. The city has had a Democrat mayor for 39 straight years.

So why is Portland so devoid of homicides, when it is dominated by Democrats (mind you, white Democrats who are probably more anti-white than the blacks in Baltimore)?

Can we blame the carnage in Baltimore on Democrats when the same cruel fate of electoral control by the same party in Portland hasn’t resulted in the daily bloodshed as found in The Charm City/The City That Reads/The Greatest City in America?


It comes down to a simple, four letter word.

Go ahead.

Say it.


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  1. At the FELLOWSHIP OF THE MINDS web site there are some really good video clips showing the rat problem in Bulletmore.


    Hop to it Shartavious, get cracking on that violin. You’ll always have minsrelry to fall back on!

    • Replies: @Mr. XYZ
  3. eah says:


    However as Mr Kersey suggests, I don’t think the problems seen in Baltimore are due to “democrats” — but better governance might help a little.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @AnalogMan
  4. ” Civilization is much more than a subjective code which any barbarian can determine for himself. The fact that he is a barbarian renders him Incompetent to set the standards Of social order and refinement.

    Civilization is the matured product of Intellectual culture and material progress formed under the guiding influence of Religion, morality, decency, justice, brotherhood, knowledge, science, industrial enterprise and the inventive genius of (white) man.

    Its goal is prosperity, peace, happiness, and the highest good of the race.

    Its code consists of those principles, laws, and customs which have become regulative among the enlightened nations of the earth, and have been drawn from the higher and purer sources of morality and culture.

    The elevating and fixing of refined standards of civilization is an achievement which cannot be surrendered at the dictum of a less civilized society, nor levelled down to coincide with the views and traditions of those peoples who have not yet passed the stage of barbarism.

    It must rather be maintained and cherished as a helpful incentive and guiding standard to communities which are still in a state of arrested development, under the blinding ignorance or degrading custom. ”
    Page 130 of
    Social Evils of the
    Non-Christian World

    BY THE REV. JAMES S. DENNIS, D.D. New York, 1899. (Available at

    Students’ Lecturer on Missions^ Princeton, 1893 and 1896; Author of Missions After a Century;” Member of the American Presbyterian Mission, Beirut, Syria

    • Agree: 95Theses
    • Replies: @Love Street
    , @95Theses
  5. @Patrialiberty

    Ther ya go with them ther factses an numbers them don’t meen sheet it just be old ded white man rules . This be 20 centurys now .
    He ain’t no reel reverends anyways Reverend AL be keeping it reel.

  6. unit472 says:

    Beyond homicides I was curious as to fatal drug overdoses thinking this might somewhat level the playing field but was surprised to learn Oregon with a population of 4.2 million reported 344 in 2017 while Maryland, population 6,085,000 in 2018 reported 1985 drug overdoses.

    I had thought whites and blacks would have similar levels of drug abuse. I even suspected whites might be the heavier abusers of opioids and fentanyl type drugs which are the main culprits for fatal drug overdoses. While the data is not broken down by race, even here, blacks seem to outpace whites in the abuse of hard narcotics, as Baltimore, with a tenth of Marylands population, had almost 800 drug overdoses last year.

    There seems to be no area of human depravity that the negro does not excel at.

    • Replies: @DINDUNUFFINS,esquire
  7. Saira Rao says:

    Oh, I see. I have been following you guys and reading the vile hatred spread by you guys on this far right website.
    Paul Kersey, you live in Colorado, that is my state and we shall never tolerate bigots like you in my state of Colorado. It is full of White bigots like you and I found it when they voted for a White woman over me during Democratic primaries.
    White women are losing their minds over being called out for racism. It must be devastating to be seen for who you are after all these centuries.
    Facebook systematically silences Brown and Black women speaking out against racism, while allowing white supremacists to post hate, along w videos of themselves shooting guns, waving confederate flags. Facebook supports Nazis and silences marginalized voices.
    Donald Trump is a rapist, a white supremacist, a fascist who cages children. He hates Muslims, Jewish people, trans people, non-white people, poor people, disabled people, women. He’s a pathological liar. By not impeaching, the Democratic Party co-signs all of the above.
    Get out of my state of Colorado, Paul Kersey.

  8. @Saira Rao

    This is a post by an artificial intelligence entity, right?

    If not, it will be soon. 😉

  9. CENTURION says: • Website
    @Saira Rao

    Sairo Rao: You get out of my country, ok?

    Every thing you said about TRUMP is why I, and millions of us are voting FOR him.

    • Agree: Gunga Din
  10. Trump is now zeroing in on the billions of dollars that have been stolen in Baltimore, the DCCC is in chaos because of lack of diversity, and finally, Sharpton has been recognized for the fraud he’s been since he was born.
    Enjoy the show folks!

  11. @Saira Rao

    Get out of my state of Colorado

    Do you have a deed?


  12. Ivan says:
    @Saira Rao

    Who’s “we”, Pajeeta?

  13. Ivan says:
    @Saira Rao

    And why do you think white men will vote for you? Normal people always vote only for their own kind

  14. This one is behind those dinners for white women to hear the whine du jour from blacks and whitey gets the tab.
    She is also listed as a top sore loser.
    This rao chick is just plain nuts.
    Rao, however, has gone haywire on her Twitter account since the election. While saying she’s left Colorado because of death threats following a social-media post attacking white people, her Twitter attacks against fellow Democrats and journalists have been overly harsh.

  15. @Saira Rao

    I have been following you guys and reading the vile hatred spread by you guys on this far right website.

    Awww, thanks!  You seem pretty sweet too.

    BTW, have you cleaned up your caste problem in India, aka Street Shitter Nation?  You might want to start at home before criticizing Americans.

  16. @Saira Rao


    Good to see you back, dear! Your little take on “Raira Sow” is great! Maybe make her speak of how bad the whites of the USA are while her black ass relatives back home are known worldwide for defecating willy-nilly in the streets.

    Well, that and their gang rape problem.

    And their caste system.

    Maybe you can even have her rail against that Indiana Jones movie where Hindoos are portrayed as movie characters meant for a couple hours entertainment for imaginative children.

    That bit about the president being anti-Jewish and this website as a right wing place is really funny. He is the most pro-Israel president we’ve ever had (his daughter converted to marry in) and I don’t consider National Socialism as right wing.

    Can you do Tulsi Gabbard next?

  17. The last election was one huge circus. A mob of “carneys” and clowns hustling the ignorant voters with a barrage of lies and fairy tales. The next election looks like it will be a total FRIGGING FREAK SHOW. Promises of every kind of “gimme dat” you can imagine. The free shit express keeps chugging along. The large cities are nothing but a human garbage dump filled with junkies, crime, welfare breeders and people who shit in the street.

    I never thought I would see the day when people would be taking a dump on a public street. In New York I saw winos and street bums passed out in the gutters lying in a pool of their own vomit and shit. The Africans would take a piss in the hallways of apartment buildings if the front door was unlocked. Buildings on the Lower East Side stunk of piss and airplane glue because of the spick (aka…Spanish) glue sniffers.

    America is now becoming a giant cesspool while the rich and crooked politicians spend all day making speeches about racism. Carnival freaks and sex perverts are now our new leaders.

    • Agree: Glock45, Female in FL
    • Replies: @Johnny Paytoilet
  18. Saira, either shut up, behave yourself and open up a Dunkin Donuts franchise here, or head back to your ancestral homeland. With your attitude, you are neither needed nor wanted here.

    • Agree: Female in FL
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  19. 95Theses says:
    @Saira Rao

    Somebody call Guinness. There may be more lies packed into those six paragraphs than even Tom Daschle was capable of doing. Congrats!

    And when, pray tell, did the mere words “White People” ever become a pejorative? Disgusting.

    • Replies: @The Bland Enchilada
  20. Memphis has an almost equal percentage of blacks compared to Baltimore

    Yet Baltimore is twice as deadly.

    What is the difference between these two cities?

    Note: I do not dispute that lots of blacks = violence. And Memphis is still very violent. But I do wonder what individual and local factors come into play to make Baltimore dramatically worse.

  21. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    OT, but amusing.

    Today in the subway I saw a old blind black man walking with a black boy likely in his late teens. My first thought was that it was a bit refreshing to see this kid helping out his grandfather/uncle/neighbor navigate the subway.

    But then I realized the stupefying reality. Instead of the blind man putting his hand on the younger guy’s shoulder and having the younger guy lead the way, it was the other way around. The blind guy was in front walking while feeling around with his long cane, while the young black guy walked behind him with his hand on his shoulder voicing directions.

    Yes, sure, maybe the kid was in the process of robbing the blind guy, but I don’t think so. I think he just saw on TV that blind people were lead around by other people when someone put an arm on someone else’s shoulder, but didn’t have the sense to think about who should be leading and who should be following in such an arrangement. The kid was so dumb that the blind were literally leading the blind, something one could imagine in a Beavis and Butt-Head storyline.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  22. @Ex New Yorker

    It was never like this when I was growing up in the 1950’s!


    Off topic: Mama orc takes her daughters to a beauty supply shop to confront and attack employee. Employee shoots and kills daughters. Mama orc splits the scene, leaving her offspring behind and doesn’t even call for help. No maternal instincts whatsoever.

    I’m a mom, and not that I would EVER put my kids in such a trash situation, but under whatever circumstances it happened, if my kids are shot, I am not leaving. I will stay and die with them.

  24. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    They were probably working some hustle, and the “blind” guy was not actually blind, but they will ultimately fail at whatever scheme they hoped to accomplish because neither was smart enough to realize that the blind guy in that arrangement shouldn’t be leading the one who can see.

  25. Mr. XYZ says:

    Black names really are quite amazing, aren’t they? Shitavious, Shuntayvious, Sharvatious, Lonzo, LiAngelo, LaMelo, LaFrance, LaVar, LaValle, LaRenzo, LaShon, NaShonda, LaSondra, Na’Shantea, LaToya, Laquan, Laquaneesha, LaToya, Dar’shun, DeShawn, DeAndre, Jataveon, et cetera.

  26. eah says:

  27. @Saira Rao

    We shall never tolerate bigots in my state of Colorado / Colorado is full of bigots.

    Well, which is it?

    • Agree: Female in FL
    • LOL: Augustus
  28. @eah

    I think he’s off base. Portland is lagging Baltimore in the number of years of Democratic leadership. In 13 years, Portland can catch what Baltimore is today, but will never catch Baltimore if the “democrats” continue there.

    All kidding aside, I met a young male from Baltimore, when overseas in the early 70s. He claimed a couple of murders, sometimes 3, a day during the hot summer weather was not uncommon. A quick 90 days X 2 calculation gave me 180+ murders, minimum, over the summer. I believe the number of murders, at the time, were around 280. Nothing much has changed – for the better. On the bright side, with a little encouragement, they can hit 400 this year.

    • Replies: @eah
  29. Back in the good old days when the Down Low Bro from Chicago was sitting on the throne the “subject of the day” was all about having a “conversation about race”. This was talked about night and day on television and radio while Mr. Down Low’s wig wearing “wife” was spending a fortune on “her” world wide shopping trips and dragging “her” staff of twenty people and security along for a free ride. “She” was finally “proud” of America.

    This was before I killed the TV set. One night while channel surfing I came across the Communist Nightly News stations week long special which was having this “conversation about race”. Each and every night there was a slew of Welfare Land Whales complaining about all the free shit they were not receiving.

    Da roof be leaking an nobody be coming to fix it. I wents to da food bank and all dey hads was cans of beans. Ma baby git sent home from school and he din do nuffin. Da white peoples nots be treating us right. Nobody can gits a job if he be a felon…… This shit about all their misery went on and on. Not one white person was on the show.

    One night a 400 pound Land Whale with three chins was bitching about the white peoples be “holding her down”. Holy bat shit, batman. It looked to me like it was her 300 pound fat ass that was holding her down. This blubber queen would need a weight lifter to help her get out of the chair.

    This “racial awareness” show came on nightly and not one of these victims did a days work or ever went hungry. Every one of them was fat. My barf meter would come on after fifteen minutes of this crap. They all be suffering in the “gimme dats” struggle.

    • Agree: Augustus
    • LOL: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @CENTURION
    , @Curmudgeon
  30. @Saira Rao

    Still mad because even the bruthas and sistahs thought you were too radical to run for congress and chose Diana DeGette instead?

    As for Trump I didn’t vote for him in 2016 (I voted Gary Johnson) but I’m seriously pondering casting my vote for him come 2020 because I like how he shakes things up. We finally have a president that makes these overpaid bureaucrats quake in their loafers. We finally have a president who is willing to enforce the rule of law in deal with immigrants.

    We finally have the first president in over 3 decades who is willing to tell the world “No!”.

    I certainly don’t agree with him on some issues. His fetish for Israel I find to be troubling.

    Could he be more diplomatic? Sure, but Americans love that about him: he calls it like he sees it. He doesn’t talk out of both sides of his mouth like those before him.

    As for being racist I don’t find it racist in the least to secure our borders and admit those who will BENEFIT US not who we can benefit. It’s not racist to note that certain groups commit crimes at levels disproportionate to their numbers and to focus law enforcement resources in those communities. In fact they did that in New York City under a CONSERVATIVE, REPUBLICAN mayor and crime plummeted to levels unseen in decades.

    As for Denver, I remember when places like Highland and Park Hill were gang and drug infested ghettoes, now they’re highly sought after neighborhoods. Even infamous Five Points is starting to bloom again. Thanks to those White “gentrifiers” people like you love to hate, we now see mom ‘n’ pop businesses come back, children riding bikes and playing, people enjoying dinner at a cozy little restaurant in areas where paramedics used to drag away the bodies of shooting victims and junkies who OD’d.

    Personally I like the change that’s coming over Denver – it’s becoming Whiter, safer and wealthier.

    Perhaps you should make your way to Detroit or Gary, Indiana. Those places might suit you and your rhetoric better.

  31. anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:

    How to spot Anti Whiteism:

    When politicians talk about “immigration” and “diversity,” what they always mean is “fewer White people.”

    When they say “Diversity is our greatest strength,” what they mean is “White people are our greatest weakness.”

    Anti Whites point to slavery, colonialism, etc. but refuse to mention that these were common to all peoples, acting and receiving. Uniquely, Whites have built the most safe, free, and technologically and morally advanced societies in history. The abolition of slavery? Equality under God? Thank a White man for that.

    If you want to see what the Anti Whites have in store, look to South Africa, where racial minority White women are gang raped, and both sexes literally tortured to death with power drills, blowtorches, broken glass, and skinned alive with clothing irons. The “anti racists”, “minority rights”, and “diversity” advocates don’t seem terribly concerned.

    Anti racist is a code word for Anti White.
    Diversity is a code word for White G-nocide.

  32. David says:

    Black man in Louisiana gets 1997 life sentence (for, among other things, one count of negligent homicide and two counts of attempted homicide) vacated in 2018. Kills two black men and wounds a third a year later.

    Already a convicted murderer since 1993, he was convicted of two counts of attempted homicide in 1995.

    He was walking the streets selling cocaine less than two years later. Amazing his case could even be adjudicated in so little time, let alone allow him to serve an appropriate sentence.

    I think these cases of murders committed by previously convicted murders are worth compiling stats on.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  33. @Boomer Realist

    Don’t feed the troll.  Mockery only.

  34. CENTURION says: • Website
    @Ex New Yorker

    YOU, da man

    And you are on a roll !!!

    • Agree: Feedsackroad
  35. Familiar phrases to everyone involved in policing and prosecuting the African American.

    pleaded guilty to the lesser charge
    pleaded down to manslaughter
    credit for time served
    released on probation

    ‘Leon Terrell Flowers, 23 from Troy – charged in murder/robbery’

    Jul 29, 2019

    BRUNDIDGE, Ala. (WTVY) — A suspect has been arrested in the robbery and shooting death of 30-year-old store clerk Neil Kumar.

    Leon Terrell Flowers, 23, of Troy, is charged with capital murder and robbery, according to Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas.

    Kumar was shot and killed Wednesday morning at the Gulf Gas Station, known as the J&S Buy Rite convenience store. The Brundidge business had only been open for minutes when the suspect came in.

    A part-time employee of the store, Kumar was also a graduate student at Troy University. Police indicated he did not put up a struggle and was shot to death at near point-blank range almost immediately after the robbery…

    Flowers is well known by area law enforcement and has an extensive rap sheet. In 2015, he was charged with felony murder in the shooting of 19-year-old Mantrell Jordan. He pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

    According to Pike County District Attorney Thomas Anderson, he has four felony convictions. He was previously charged with felony murder, but pleaded down to manslaughter in that case. He was given credit for the time he served while awaiting trial and was released on probation on April 30. The district attorney said the victim’s father asked for leniency in that case…

    • Replies: @bruce county
  36. eah says:

    All kidding aside, I met a young male from Baltimore, when overseas in the early 70s. He claimed a couple of murders, sometimes 3, a day during the hot summer weather was not uncommon.

    You can track homicides in Baltimore here –> Baltimore Homicides — there’s a filter you can set at the top — below that a map — then further down a list — at the bottom some charts and graphs plus links to select previous years — 38 homicides so far in July 2019.

    It’s a fucking horror show — yet media cretins get upset about Trump’s tweets.

  37. @Feedsackroad

    He’s an animal.. he should swing.

    • Agree: Augustus
  38. @Saira Rao

    “Donald Trump is a rapist, a white supremacist, a fascist who cages children. He hates Muslims, Jewish people”

    If Trump was a white supremacist, he’d be closing the borders and making sure that Indian H1Bs were sent home.

    If he hated Jewish people, he wouldn’t be letting his kids marry them, and he most certainly wouldn’t be kissing Jewish asses all the time.

    The only things Trump has really accomplished have been for Israel. The rest of his campaign promises are sorely lacking.

    • Agree: By-tor
  39. @Saira Rao

    “It must be devastating to be seen for who you are after all these centuries.”

    You might want to read recent papers on ethnic groups and racism. You’ll find South Asians score quite high, moreso than Europeans.

    Speaking of which, any thoughts on the riots in India over granting Bangladeshis and Pakistanis permanent residence? Doesn’t sound very progressive to me.

    For that matter, what of the Indian attitude towards blacks?

  40. AnalogMan says:

    All Democrats.

    All black. All female. Which is/are significant?

  41. Augustus says:

    TNB at the beauty shop. TNB everywhere any more. The lowest common denominator. The subspecies doesn’t regress to the mean, but below the mean. They must be attracted to, and admire the bottom of the barrel.

  42. Gary577 says:

    @Saira Rao

    Your racism is sickening and you are an embarrassment to all immigrants. Do you even possess the self-awareness to realize how ironic it is that someone so full of hate for whites actually complains about racism?

    You are a hideously ugly woman by Indian standards and definitely also by white standards. Is that the root cause of your hatred for whites?

    You could really be a poster child for an anti-immigration campaign – how has the United States benefited from your presence?

    • Troll: Jim in Jersey
    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  43. @Saira Rao

    Thanks for following us.

    That’s a good first step.

  44. @David

    Kills two black men and wounds a third a year later.

    Ah, a silver lining!

  45. BigEd says:

    One significant piece of data is missing from the comparison: the rat population. I think it’s clear that the CIA has developed a program to train the rats to mind-control the citizens of Baltimore to commit violent acts.

    • LOL: Augustus
  46. SMK says: • Website
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    One reason is that violent black criminals are probably more likely to be arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and imiprisoned in Tennessee than in Maryland. Tennessee, home of Lemaricus Davidson and the Knoxville savages.

    All black-majority cities and black-ruled countries are hell-holes. The reason is race, innate racial group differences: low average intelligence, higher levels of testosterone, greater impulsivity, and the resultant propensity for violence and criminality. But Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingroham, Ruch Limbaugh, and all the other “talking kead” on Fox News believe and affect to believe that Democrats and “liberals” are entirely to blame for the hell-hole that is Baltimore and all other black-majority cities. The murders, crime, poverty, anarchy, rat-infested neighborhoods, etc. have nothing to do with blacks and innate racial group differences.

    All black-majority cities are not only ruled by democrats, since 90% of blacks vote democratic, but also by black democrats, who are not liberals Louis Farakhan and Al Sharpton and their ilk and supporters are not liberals.

  47. Augustus says:

    The people you listed ALL know the truth about race and crime, but don’t want to lose their jobs by being brutally honest. That’s just not going to happen. Individually, we all live in our own little, imperfect worlds.

  48. @Ex New Yorker

    Obumboy was just restating what old fart Canadians, like me, went through in the late 60s, when our trendy, newish Prime Minister Trudeau, talked about a “North-South dialogue”. Before you knew it, multiculturalism became policy, and the floodgates opened to the 3rd world.

    Conversations and dialogues, for politicians, are pronouncements.

  49. Thank you, P.K.!
    I am so tired of hearing, from “Conservatives” and “Republicans”, that the rot in these cess-pits is caused by “Democrats” and their infernal Gun-Control laws! I was banned from Breitbart about a year ago, but I still enjoy perusing its comment sections (and I can still upvote?). Just moments ago, I read a comment that would’ve seen me banned.
    “Baltimore is not a sh***ole because it’s full of Democrats. Baltimore is a sh***ole because it’s full of ni***rs.”
    Were truer words ever spoken?

    • Replies: @Female in FL
  50. I apologize if I am showing bad form by commenting a second time. But I cannot overstate my joy at seeing this argument broken down to racial demographics (rather than the more socially-acceptable, political demographic).

    • Agree: Gunga Din
  51. @The Bland Enchilada

    AmRen is the same. They banned me as well but they keep that boring multiracial freak.

  52. @SMK

    I think the talking heads know the truth especially Tucker.
    Thier (((bosses))) won’t let them speak the truth.
    They will lose their high paying jobs.

  53. Jake says:

    Obviously, the only way to get this mystery solved is to take 15,000 white Portland Liberals (not people actively supporting Antifa violence, just run of the mil white Liberals) and swap them for 15,000 of most Baltimore’s most representative Numinous Negroes.

    Paradise for both cities – which will set the example for all of America. The white Portland Liberals relocated to Baltimore will see proof positive, proof totally indisputable, that their Liberal ideas are TRUE. And the white moderates in Portland will see their racism and repent for the rest of their miserable lives.

  54. Jake says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    I think Memphis had only 1 Black Lives Matter ‘rally’ of any size, and police kept it contained so that no buildings and no cop cars were destroyed.

    When the authorities act to prevent blacks from going as apeshit insanely violent as they could get, they tend to clam down to their normal levels of endless violence.

  55. @unit472

    Blacks LIE about everything they do. The MYTH of Whites smoking weed more than Blacks is a myth.Whites will admit what they do but NOT Blacks. When they do these studies and surveys Blacks always LIE so we know Blacks do more of everythng.

  56. @SMK

    The only piece you are missing is black leadership.

    They are “in it for number one” and are “artists” when it comes to extortion, graft, skimming and scamming.

    They view the public treasury of their city as their personal piggy bank, and the feds as their senile uncle (whose social security check they cash every month)–and could not care less about the well-being of their fellow black residents.

    This is as true in Baltimore as it is in Nigeria.

    Watch what they do, ignore what they say.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  57. @95Theses

    I hear the same pejorative tossed about at my work, occasionally. It is usually accompanied by an eye-roll and a condescending sigh of disgust.
    My usual response is:
    “What have they done now? Invented something else? Cured another disease? Let me guess, discovered some heretofore unknown fact about the physical universe in which we live?”
    As you can imagine, my contributions to this lighthearted, workplace banter is rarely met with gales of laughter.
    It seems like no one wants me in their Honeycomb Hideout!

  58. Why Did Baltimore Have 10x the Number of Homicides in 2018?

    Wait, I think I know this…

    In my studies I have spent much time deep into reference materials, researching just such a deep question. While there are many avenues for discussion which will delve into topics such as opportunity and education, the problem tracks to a different conclusion that caught us all completely off guard.

    They’re black.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  59. Truth says:

    Hey Cursey: Give it a few years…

  60. @Jim in Jersey

    Lol. Yes the simplest answer is the correct answer .
    It ain’t complicated folks.

  61. @Saira Rao

    Saira Rao Post 7——No, President Trump is not an evil , racist, White Supremacist. Wish he was. As for guilty White women,they are like all women of any color.They are air heads. They have feelings that they mistake for thinking. Black women are just louder with their “thoughts” echoing off nearby buildings.

  62. @Gary577

    Gary 577 Post 45——About Saira Rao.. Could we all agree that if we are going to allow 3rd world women to immigrate,that they should at least be young,attractive 3rd world women ????

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  63. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Could we all agree that if we are going to allow 3rd world women to immigrate,that they should at least be young,attractive 3rd world women ????

    So they can have more sub-100 IQ babies?

    Third-worlders of any variety are trouble.  Regardless of who they are or what they want, letting them wind up HERE is the worst thing we can allow them to do.

    • Agree: AnalogMan
  64. Paco says:

    Baltimore resident here

    -it has become a shithole over the last 20 years
    -wife and I rarely go into the city
    -single black women breeding like rabbits is a major issue. The odds of a black male w/o a father type influence breaking out of poverty crime etc is less than 5%
    -the public schools are worthless. The math proficiency is less than like 5%
    -Baltimore has the honor of being in the top 5 the country in murders,rats,STD’s,bad drivers etc

    My take-poor black leadership. Corruption and stupidity. All I hearing is whining and “we need $ we need this we need that. Elijah Cummings doesn’t do shit and I hope he goes down like the CVS during the Freddy Grey riots-which is another story in itself.
    I give zero shits as there is no self reliance and the same scumbags keep getting elected. I’m convinced if Hitler can back as a black person and the other candidate was white -Hitler would be elected.

    I am counting the days until I can make my “Escape from Skankamore”

  65. Paco Says Post 68——-For Whites fortunate enough to live far,far ,FAR away from the nation’s Baltimores——–Have you noticed that Baltimore and Common Core RHYME ???????

  66. @Saira Rao

    The only state you should be calling home is a state mental facility.

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