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#540. the Michael Oher Story
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Question: What is 6’4 and 310 LBS. of cuddly warmth? If you answered Michael Oher, you would be correct.

Oher is a member of the National Football League and one of that organizations most prized employees, for he is also the subject of an upcoming movie that details his incredible life:

“The Blind Side” depicts the remarkable true story of Michael Oher, a homeless African-American youngster from a broken home, taken in by the Touhys, a well-to-do white family who help him fulfill his potential. At the same time, Oher’s presence in the Touhys’ lives leads them to some insightful self-discoveries of their own.

Living in his new environment, the teen faces a completely different set of challenges to overcome. As a football player and student, Oher works hard and, with the help of his coaches and adopted family, becomes an All-American offensive left tackle.”

Be honest with yourself: what is more heartwarming and touching then a bourgeois white family opening their home to a down-trodden Black dude in need of an abode and vast amounts of tutoring to ensure he can stay eligible in high school to one day need even more tutoring to stay eligible in college?:

“Oher’s father, murdered while Oher was a senior in high school, was not involved in his upbringing. His mother was addicted to crack cocaine. As a result, he received little constructive attention during his formative years. He repeated both first grade and second grade, and attended eleven different schools during his first nine years as a student. He also alternated between time spent in various foster homes and periods with no fixed address until he was sixteen years old.

That year, Oher applied for admission to a private school, Briarcrest Christian School, at the instigation of acquaintance Tony Henderson, with whom he was staying temporarily. Henderson was sending his son to the school in order to fulfill the dying wish of the boy’s grandmother, and he decided that Oher might as well come along. Although the school’s football coach was interested in Oher, school administrators did not feel that he was capable of handling the school’s academic workload due to his scant educational background; however, he was admitted after he attempted to qualify for admission through a home-study program that removed him from the public education system.

A couple with a daughter at the school, Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy, allowed Oher to move in with them and began taking care of his needs after becoming familiar with his difficult personal circumstances. They also connected him with a tutor, who worked with him for twenty hours a week. He eventually brought his 0.9 grade point average up to 2.65. Later, the Tuohy family adopted him.”

Stuff Black People Don’t Like has pointed out one truth that cuts to the core of modern America: were it not for sports, it would be next to impossible to find a positive example of Black people in America. Black Entertainment Television (BET) does a wonderful job in perpetuating negative stereotypes of Black people, as does all of gangsta rap and Chris Brown and Rihanna.

However, sports (especially football) offer a rare glimpse into an activity that Black people excel at, without any mention of affirmative action or special privileges being put in place to grant Black people a competitive advantage over white people.

Watching Football Night in America on NBC (or any NFL telecast) one would be led to believe that America is a land where Black people are worshiped (consider the NFL is 65 percent Black, yet the United States is only 13 percent Black), since the vast majority of spectators in the stands are white people.

Mr. Oher is an admirable chap, as he went to both the University of Mississippi and was the Token Black at his high school – demographically speaking, Briarcrest Christian School is hideously white.

Yet, this story doesn’t have the fairy tale ending that it should have, because it bespeaks an uncomfortable truth to all Black people everywhere: the only way to true success in life – if you are a 6-4, 310 LBS. Black dude – is to be adopted by a rich white family where you can live a peaceful life, which is not available in the Black community.

Is the white community that much more stable than the life that Black people and Black fathers can provide their children? Since Hollywood is producing a movie, starring Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw, based on Oher story, SBPDL would like to suggest that Hollywood is trying to say only white people are capable of raising non-white children in a loving, nurturing environment.

Why else would the commercials for this film be so ubiquitous on television? Had Oher never been adopted by this loving white family, then he would more than likely have failed out of his high school, never have played college football and never have been drafted by the Baltimore Ravens.

Instead, he would be a statistic, much like the ones denoted in this recent article:

“For example, most of the black characters in Mad Men have servile jobs. Today, of course, things are infinitely better. Black men are seldom seen in servile jobs (unless they are African immigrants or gay). In fact, black men aren’t seen in any jobs as much anymore: ten percent of black men were out of the work force in Don Draper’s 1960 versus 24 percent in booming 2000.

Indeed, black men aren’t even seen at all as much anymore because a million are now locked away in prison. (The incarceration rate of black male high school dropouts was one percent in the Bad Old Days of Dwight Eisenhower’s last year in office versus 25 percent in Bill Clinton’s glorious finale.)”

The moral of the story is simple: Michael Oher would be in jail or the streets were it not for the benevolent actions of a white family to magnanimously welcome him into the home, where he found compassionate people who cared for his well-being:

“Michael Oher grew up in inner-city Memphis. In and out of foster care, Michael’s lucky break came when his dying grandmother extracted a promise from a family friend to get Michael into a private school.Michael was enrolled in a private Christian school called Briarcrest. On a cold day, a parent of another Briarcrest student found Michael breaking into the school to stay warm. The parent, Leah Anne Tuohy, a successful interior designer and wife of a Memphis businessman, took Michael in. Despite the fact that Michael scarcely spoke, a bond developed between the Tuohys and Michael and they eventually adopted him.Although he had never played sports Michael was a natural athlete and was identified immediately by college scouts as a potential NFL left tackle. If Michael could get to college and play football, he was very likely to win a multimillion dollar contract to protect a quarterback’s blind side.The Tuohys and the faculty at Briarcrest engaged in a Herculean effort to make Michael eligible for college. When Michael came to Briarcrest he had only erratically attended school, could scarcely read and knew little about anything.Lewis skillfully explains the role of poverty in education, writing, “Michael wasn’t stupid. He was ignorant, but a lot of people mistook ignorance for stupidity, and knowingness for intelligence. He’d been denied the life experience that led to knowingness, which every other kid at Briarcrest took for granted.”Michael was not unintelligent, but he was profoundly uneducated. Leah Anne would, for example, take Michael to an Italian restaurant and order multiple meals in order teach him the difference between different types of pasta dishes.The implications of Michael’s story for public policy are profound as well. Lewis writes, “Michael Oher was in possession of what had to be among the more conspicuous athletic gifts…and yet, without outside intervention even his talent would likely have been thrown away…If Michael Oher’s talent could be missed, whose couldn’t? Those poor black kids [in the inner-city] were like left tackles: people whose values were hidden in plain sight.”With a committed family, school, and private tutors, Michael was accepted to college.Today he is approaching his senior year at the University of Mississippi, made all-conference as a sophomore and junior, and carries a 3.7 grade point average.Michael made it. But he is very much the exception. For every six inner-city Memphis public school kids with the athletic ability to play college sports, only one qualifies academically to attend college. This says something about the state of inner-city public education.”

Let’s be honest: the gregarious nature of the white family to spend vast amounts of money to ensure that Mr. Oher was eligible to play football is the sole reason why the Chinese are buying United States debt, for the Chinese are so worried about the melancholy existence of Black people in the inner-cities of America.

Of course, not everyone shares the exuberance that SBPDL does for the film (release date set for 11/20/09):

“The book is an analysis of the evolution of the left tackle position, using as illustration the story of why seemingly every rich white person in West Memphis was willing to bend over backwards for a young, disadvantaged man who perfectly fit the physical specs of an LT. It tells the story of Michael Oher, a black teen who out of sheer luck ends up at a nearly all-white prep school. His coaches and other school parents see his potential as a pro athlete and take him under their wing.

I loved Michael Lewis’ book for a couple of reasons. First of all, I love football, and offensive linemen are my favorite unsung heroes of the game, so the fact that Lewis focused on their work was fascinating for me. But the book also brings up some pretty heavy issues for discussion (though certainly not as in-depth as I would’ve liked), namely: if Michael Oher weighed 90 pounds soaking wet and showed zero athletic ability, would the well-off families who helped him still have put so much effort into his rescue? Would his adoptive parents and school officials have worked so hard to get him into college? Had the family who wanted to pull him out of his horrific upbringing NOT been wealthy, influential and white, would they have been able to quasi-adopt him?


There are several places in the book where Michael is torn between returning home to his estranged mother and staying with his adoptive family. He also wants to play basketball, but his benefactors push him into football because he’s such a perfectly prototypical left tackle. (Football FYI: after quarterbacks, left tackles are, on average, the highest-paid offensive players in the NFL.)

This story is tailor-made for Hollywood, with all the big issues – race, class, redemption. Unfortunately, from the looks of the trailer, the film version of “The Blind Side” seems to center on the wife and mother of the family who takes Michael in. Not surprising, since she’s played by Sandra Bullock. Sure, it’s easier to get a film made if you can turn it into a vehicle for a star. But I’m disappointed to see that Michael’s voice appears to be many rungs down on the importance ladder, as compared to Sandra.

Race, and class-based racism, played such enormous roles in Michael Oher’s youth. As a teen, the kid had something like a first-grade reading level. That scene in the trailer about him never having had his own bed was straight out of the book. And the social agencies that were supposed to protect him lost track of him for years. I’m glad that Oher managed to get out of this situation (after a few years at Ole Miss, the Baltimore Ravens drafted him in the first round earlier this year). But there are thousands of other kids out there in the same circumstances who don’t have his luck and physical gifts that, at the moment, happen to be in demand by pro teams.

I sincerely hope that this movie version doesn’t ignore those realities in favor of giving us yet another iteration of Caucasian Mighty Mouse is Here to Save the Day.”

Stuff Black People Don’t Like strongly endorses The Michael Oher Story and the movie The Blind Side for all to see, for Disingenuous White Liberals and Crusading White Pedagogues worldview will be available for all to see in this film.

The thesis of the film: all Black children should be removed from their parents pronto, so that they can be privy to the glorious family setting that white people provide, for only a white family can provide stability (you have to love the movie poster for the film… a white woman pushing a large Black man to the promised land of football glory and NFL riches).

For only Miss Congeniality herself (Bullock) could dare bestow wisdom and intelligence upon Oher, and yet, Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes the Michael Oher story. If you can’t figure out why, then you don’t understand SBPDL.

(Republished from SBPDL by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I can't wait to see Blind Side on DVD. It will be an interesting comedy. Any realistic person knows it's all a joke. How many white people are really like that in real life? I would say 1% at best.

    -Black guy

  2. I likes da cornbread

  3. Please! More social engineering pap from the "entertainment" branch of the Powers That Be Master Indoctrination Plan. The movies' message seems to be that (well off) and extra guilty white families should adopt their very own big teddy bear of a poor ill-raised black man. They're so cute and cuddly and oh-so abused, poor dears. Yes extra guilty white folks, REDEEM yo'selves, Hallelujah!! I've already ordered some for my nieces and nephews this Christmas. The movie poster has a whole "beauty and the beast" thing going on. Or dare I say, King Kong? I believe the film also posits the idea that well-intentioned white women can do a better job raising a black child than their own black mama. So that's a slap in the face to blacks, though that isn't the movies' target audience anyway. I suppose guilt ridden white fools will view it and feel all warm and fuzzy at how "diverse" and "with-it" they are. Poor brainwashed fools.

  4. wuf da guvmint jus takz ova da NFL an da NBA an expans dem ta say 10000 teems eech.Prezto no mo black unploymint!! I iz a jeneyes!

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "Race, and class-based racism, played such enormous roles in Michael Oher's youth… And the social agencies that were supposed to protect him lost track of him for years."

    Holy S, Batman. Racism is the shadow that hung over young Michael's head? Not the Dad who was not there or the crack head mom? Whitey W. White was the enormous trouble spot? Social Agencies were supposed to keep track of him? Maybe if his dad's name was "Social" and his mom's name was "Agencies" this would be true.

    Do the Marxist really believe their own nonsense? That could be the silver lining in this cloud: They are their own best customers in the propoganda department…

  6. I saw the poster-advertisement for this mendacious propaganda work. It's more nefarious, I'm afraid.

    Given that White women, no longer morbidly obese "trailer trash", but nubile blonde bombshells have an alarmingly high rate of predilection for buck blacks, this movie exudes a sexual message of miscegenation.

    Given the above, one can no longer think that a soccer mom would try to "uplift" this "youth" through misplaced altruism alone. Frightfully, there is a chthonic attraction to the monstrously-sized black man.

    Just look at the poster.

    A huge muscular young man being touched by a dolled-up petite blonde in a provocatively tight outfit. This has all the workings of an interracial affair.

  7. Interracial affair? Don't you mean interspecies?
    I'm not the first to raise this question but I will certainly pose it again.
    Why are all the people in the world despite looking so very different all considered the same species yet we have classification of different species of tigers and other animals that look so much alike? By that thinking lions and tigers should be the same species since they can breed too.
    What kind of white woman in her right mind would find such an appalling creature attractive?
    That's not what this article is about, I know but I'm just responding to Iranian for Aryans.

  8. BTW, Paul, this would be a great tie in to your upcoming post on whites adopting black kids. Can't wait for that piece.

  9. I think you are – IFA – missing the point. This is a true story of an upper-class white family adopting a large Black dude and then pushing him to excel, at the expense of their own progeny.

  10. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Do you think the Tuohys are somehow evil for helping Michael Oher? Do you think Leigh Ann Tuohy is a bad person for mothering the shit out of Oher? Are you upset at Oher for accepting help from a white lady? What was the negative of this situation for the people intimately involved in it?

    While this is an uncomfortable story from a perspective of "the way things ought to be", it seems to be a relatively uplifting story for the unfortunate truth of the way things actually are. Oher needed help. He wasn't getting help for anyone, anywhere. These people wanted to help and seemingly wanted nothing in return.

  11. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Rich whites dont adopt poor whites, they see us as garbage and will sell us down the river in a heart beat. We are the human shield if you will that keep the "undesirables" off them. So you adopted blacks enjoy your free ride. You may aswell take advantage of it after all the world is a harsh place.

    -Wilt Chamberlain

  12. The truth hurts huh? Deal with it.

  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


  14. humans helping other humans how digusting.


    Wasn't Devine Intervention a negress involved in a hoax crime?



  16. Booster club of all white prep school bringing in prototype left tackle in ultra-competitive southern hs football out of human compassion? Who knows? Regardless, this story wouldn't make it to theaters without a human element and a means for social engineering, false or real.

  17. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "Stuff Black People Don't Like has pointed out one truth that cuts to the core of modern America: were it not for sports, it would be next to impossible to find a positive example of Black people in America."

    What a truly moronic sentence. Regardless of your political bent, how about Colin Powell, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Barack Obama? I could go on. But I find it's useless to try and depict successful blacks unless "they down for the struggle" against whitey.

  18. Why does everyone have to make it thier business to judge this situation? Why don't you na-sayers ask Michael Oher his opinion. I'm sure he would have been just as happy to have a black family take him in and give him the same opportiunity, but they didn't. Why does it matter who helped him? It's not a Hollywood made up story, it's a true story, weather you like it or not. Who are you really mad at here? Sounds like some of you have your own racial insecurities!

  19. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    See this is the problem with America!!! We start to move forward and stupid stuff like this comes along! We have our first black president but its been said he is more white then black! We say we want to get over the racial problems in this country and aslong as dumb stuff like this is around we never will!!

  20. "What a truly moronic sentence. Regardless of your political bent, how about Colin Powell, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Barack Obama? I could go on. But I find it's useless to try and depict successful blacks unless "they down for the struggle" against whitey."

    Hmmm… what Black people even know who Sowell is? Thomas has spent his entire career running away from his blackness and acting white at every turn.

    Colin Powell is an affirmative action posterchild and showed his true colors when he voted for Obama strictly out of racial allegiance (admirable in SBPDL's opinion).

    Halle Berry? SBPDL doesn't find her that appealing and she is after all, just an actress.

    Bill Cosby is someone that SBPDL admires greatly, but the Black community rejects this man now, since he has the audacity to call them out constantly.

    Obama – please. He bows to Asians and is seen as a joke by the entire world and an increasing number of Americans.

    Oprah? Where it not for white people embracing professional athletes, Black people would be forced to create other forms of "mainstreaming" positive images.

    SadForYou –

    He didn't seem to happy with the Black family he had, so why would he want another one. White people love to adopt non-white babies, for it makes them feel extra important in a "We are the World" kind of way.

    Of course it is a true story, "whether" I like it or not. Why would I be mad at anyone? Wait until the reality of adoption comes out; then you'll see who is really trying to help out Black people (hint: white people).

    And final anon – How have we moved forward? By electing Mein Obama as president?

    Perhaps this story shows we have moved forward! A white guy is beat by two Blacks for merely saying "watch out"… that's what I call healing racial wounds!

    Bottom line: Without sports, the horrible rate of minority crime (black on white violence) would have long ago been addressed. Black people would have no positive images, for sports opened the door to Hollywood and the entertainment industry (remember, OJ Simpson was a big crossover star – how'd that turn out?).

  21. Just saw the movie and the fact of the matter is that someone was 'saved'! Take that as you will…

  22. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    When a white person adopts and helps a black person they get shit for it. If they don't "help" they are labeled as a racist and get shit for it. You gotta choose a position and stick with it. Do you want help or not? Or maybe it's you want help just not from a white person. All I know is I'm willing to take help from a black person, white person, Indian, Native American, Asian or any other race who is willing to help me and I'm glad that she gave a child a chance at life period….

  23. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It's not like this is a 'made up' story, folks! This happened, whether you like it or not. His mother WAS a crackhead. He WAS homeless.

    As someone else pointed out, Black people were certainly free to step up to the plate and help their own! A lot of people knew his situation. I'm Black, I saw this movie, and it was AMAZING! I don't know what's wrong with my people! The brother made it out, and was helped by some good folks, and here many of you are dissing Mike was he was some kind of Uncle Tom or something, and that the Touhy's helped him out to piss off Black folk. HUH!!!???

    And to the person who said:

    So that's a slap in the face to blacks, though that isn't the movies' target audience anyway. I suppose guilt ridden white fools will view it and feel all warm and fuzzy at how "diverse" and "with-it" they are. Poor brainwashed fools"

    No, actually, YOU are the "poor brainwashed fool", for not understanding that it's okay for one human being to reach out and help another human being in this world.

    It's a great story, and so many of you spin it with such cynicism and bitterness. The same old bullshit line about how "white people suck" and they have ulterior motives for everything, just like the person above me said.

    "When a white person adopts and helps a black person they get shit for it. If they don't "help" they are labeled as a racist and get shit for it."

    As far as the sports thing…we'll if we Black people could teach our children that's okay to like academics and be good at it, and that wanting to succeed does not equate to "trying to act white", then we can really get somewhere. Teach your children to have some dreams and aspirations like wanting to be a scientist, a mathematician, a college professor, a business mogul, or maybe the next Oprah, or even the next Barack Obama!

    WE are the ones enforcing the stereotype that we are only good at sports!

  24. Having read this, I'm reminded of a quote from "Billy Madison":

    "Mr. Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you ever close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. everone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

  25. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It's funny how black people seem to want white people to be color blind and yet…..according to you they are not.
    I am white. I am not racist. I am prejudice.
    (know the difference?)
    I am prejudice against stupidity.
    From my viewpoint, it seems the black culture embraces thier own form of "keepin' the man down" without any help from whites. For example. How about valuing education and not being proud of not being able to read or speak with proper grammer(ebonics). In case you don't remember your slave history. That is how the plantation owners kept the slaves in servant positions by not allowing them to read and write so they could not get ahead.
    Think about it. Do you really think the people who died for civil rights would be proud of your culture today? Yes, there is a 1/2 black man as president and what does he have…. an education!
    Come on. Step up to the plate and quit leaving so many children uncared for so us rich white people don't have to take them in!
    P.S. This goes to all the white trash people too!

  26. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    There is no missive in this movie about whites having 2 take care of black folk. The point of the story is someone stepped in, if not for them, then who? If everyone is so upset about this story or others like these then go work as a social worker, philanthropist, legislature etc.. This story, race aside, is more about the plight of children wherein children's services cannot do anything other than offer pathetic foster homes and certain people of any race simply shouldn't have children. No is it ideal that a white family stepped in NO but again who would have? Should he have starved on the streets looking for a brother? GO DO SOMETHING rather than write a pithy long winded diatribe way off point.You are mad fopr the wrong reasons, you should be mad any child is neglected, abused and left to their own accord, and it happens to other children of other races as well. This is not driving Ms. Daisy.

  27. I'm not mad at all. Read the "Reality of Adoption" entry.

    I think there should be a Michael Oher Act passed by Congress. All white families should take care of a Black person, thereby ensuring success in life, for that is the moral of the this movie.

    Were Michael Oher not adopted and taken care of by a white family, he would never have had the opportunity to go to a good high school; have thousands of dollars worth of tutoring; attend Ole Miss and have thousands of dollars worth of tutoring there just to stay eligible to play football; and then make the NFL.

    He would probably be in jail. Thus, the need for every responsible white family to adopt a Black person and remove them from the unsafe environment of being brought up by a Black single mother – since more than 70 percent of Black people are born out of wedlock.

    I'm not mad any child is abused and neglected, actually. The world is a horrible place, where any cracked out individual can give birth and perpetuate the cycle.

    Read "The Reality of Adoption"… white people care for non-white people, not the other way around. "The Blind Side" glorifies this reality, one that doesn't sit well with Black people.

    Thus, the need for the Michael Oher Act: we can save Black people from the vicious cycle of Black indifference by bathing them in the warmth of white altruism.

    The problem is that white people our a dwindling minority on the planet and the hordes of Black and Brown people is only growing, thus necessitating two or three Black people per white family.

  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I can't believe what I am reading here. Would everyone be happier if Michael Oher didn't catch a break and have someone, anyone, give him the help that he needed. Would you have felt better if the family had just kept going because they were scared of the large black teenager?S BPDL states that "70 percent of black people are born out of wedlock." That would certainly seem to be a larger cause for concern than a movie about a rich white family helping out a homeless black male.

  29. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    To the person who said:

    "The problem is that white people our a dwindling minority on the planet and the hordes of Black and Brown people is only growing, thus necessitating two or three Black people per white family."

    Careful….your racism is showing. "Hordes", are we? At least you stopped short of saying "infestation".

    The fact of the matter is, at no time in history have Causasians EVER been the minority on this planet.

  30. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Extremely sad to have wasted my time reading this! Blacks (I am one by the way) need a serious wake up call! Enough with the 'Down with Whitey' crap. Seriously?! Who has time for this anymore. Each person who commented negatively – What have you done to offset the statistics? If you have a problem with a 'White' family adopting a Black teenageer . . . then shut-up and go do something about it! As Blacks, it seems like we always have something to say when it comes to things like this (usually negative)! Believe it or not – not all White people have an ulterior motive. Ignorance blinds you.

  31. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Black White it doesn't matter. Did any of you ever think that Leigh Anne may not have seen a "big black guy" but a young man in need of a real family. She loves him for who he is not what he does. Her love is without condition or color. the problem with our culture is that we worry to much about the black/white issue and less about the real issues!!

  32. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I am horrified at what all of you are saying about this moving. GOD created ALL of us and maybe, just maybe there are some people out there regardless of race or creed that really care about people in general. And to ALL of you Christian's have any of you asked yourself (WHAT WOULD JESUS HAVE DONE?). All Of GOD'S Creatures are not BAD just you who want to continue to live in the pass and not live and see life for what it really is. WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT, NOT WHAT IS DILLED OUT TO YOU. Move on and get over it. GOD comes in every shape and color. So if you died today and JESUS asked you to come up to HEAVEN'S and spend your life with him in eternaty when the Hand reaches out to touch you is WHITE/BLACK what will YOU DO?



  33. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    When blacks hate whites simply because they are white, they become the very kind of redneck that they despise.

    Tell me, why didn't any black people reach out to Michael Oher back then? I'm sure there were black families who drove on past him when they saw him on the streets. I am not saying none would have helped him but why be so cynical because w white familiy stopped?

    Black parents need to start teaching their kids that not all white people are racists. Many whites risked their own saftey back in the 1960's when they went to the south and marched along side of blacks in the cvil rights rallies. Millions of whites voted for Barack Obama. Many of us cried tears of joy right along side of blacks on election night. I remember being so happy, and so inspired when televisions showed how happy black people were that night.

    I would like to think that there are good and decent black families that would have stopped to help a homeless white kid under the same circumstances that Michael Oher was in. I'm sure some would.

    Hating people based on race is wrong no matter who does it.

  34. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    When blacks hate whites simply because they are white, they become the very kind of redneck that they despise.

    Tell me, why didn't any black people reach out to Michael Oher back then? I'm sure there were black families who drove on past him when they saw him on the streets. I am not saying none would have helped him but why be so cynical because w white familiy stopped?

    Black parents need to start teaching their kids that not all white people are racists. Many whites risked their own saftey back in the 1960's when they went to the south and marched along side of blacks in the cvil rights rallies. Millions of whites voted for Barack Obama. Many of us cried tears of joy right along side of blacks on election night. I remember being so happy, and so inspired when televisions showed how happy black people were that night.

    I would like to think that there are good and decent black families that would have stopped to help a homeless white kid under the same circumstances that Michael Oher was in. I'm sure some would.

    Hating people based on race is wrong no matter who does it.

  35. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    To the poster who claims Obama is a "Joke" to the world, and to most American's. You have been listening to Rush Limbaugh too long. The USA was hated around the world when G.W. Bush was president. Even the Canadians were starting to hate us. Obama has restored America's good will around the world. As for bowing, I guess you do not know that other REPUBLICAn president's have also bowed before the emporer of Japan. Even Bush's father. LOL

    As for America, only the FAR right hate Obama. The rest of us are wiling to see how it goes. It took ROnald Reagan three years to show any econonmic success. Unemployment was 10.8% in Reagan's third year. Obama has inherited a far bigger mess than any president since FDR. G.W. Bush was the worst president in ournation's history.

  36. Saw the movie last night and was moved! First off, this is Michael Oher's true life story…whatever you may think about it's "stereotyping" of the black and white communities. He grew up in a horrible situation with parents unable or unwilling to care for him. He had to fend for himself for most of his life. He had the incredible blessing of meeting the Tuouy family…and his life was drastically altered for the good. If the movie depicts the black community negatively…it was the black community that Michael grew up in…not the ENTIRE black community! Seven years ago I was on the jury for a capital murder trial. The young man on trial was a 21 yr old black man. He didn't know who is father was and his mother was a prostitute. He grew up in a horrible situation…his life was changed forever because of a bad decision…he's in prison for life. Amazingly…his name was Michael Williams…which is Michael Oher's birth name. It was a stark contrast to me how both of these young men had horrible childhoods…one is in the NFL…one is in prison. I still pray for the Michael Williams in prison and I rejoice in Michael Oher's life and I very much admire the Tuouy family!

  37. Who else was offering to take the boy in? The Tuouy's saved a life and reversed the curse for this young man. Who cares what color they are- or aren't. They demonstrated what it means to "…show love for others by truly helping them…" (1 John 3:18) That is awesome! Instead of focusing on race, we should focus on demonstrating love and generosity the way they did.

  38. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Whom ever is responsible for this blog/website is an extremly bitter person who needs to take a walk and smile the flowers. Wow I can't believe Micheal's situation is even seen as an issue. I am black with a white brother whose father died in iraq and his mother fell ill and died. This family were my neighboors. My family stepped in because the poor boy had no where to go and we believe he deserves to live a decent life in a stable home. Are we racist for adopting a white boy? I think not. I think its called stepping up and doing the right thing!

  39. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This is simply a story about one child in need of help, and I would say a community rather than a family that reached out. Instead of questioning motives why not rejoice in the the outcome. Michael was given the opportunity and support to change his life and succeeded. This is a good thing. I think all involved here were enriched in one way or another.

    P.S. Get off your soap boxes about the state of racial problems. Last I heard we elected a black president. I am as astonished as I am proud to see this. Anyone who would say that it was because of all black people voting, only 13% of USA population is "African American". Nothing can erase the past, but creating a better today and tomorrow can change the pasts of our future generations.

  40. The five previous entries all hit it right on- get off your negativity and help save our comunity!

  41. If my whitey friends started a blog called
    "Stuff White Folks Don't Like", and spewed it with the ignorance and intolerance you started at the top of your blog – do you think it would be positive thing? Wake up, Brother!

  42. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This is a ridiculous argument being made in this blog. First of all, Michael played football and excelled b/c he wanted to. The family that took him in just provided a stable, loving homelife that nurtured his development. Secondly, I guarantee that if someone were to ask Michael he would say the family gave him something no one else ever did…love. So instead of taking it for what it is which is a success story…lets look at it from the ridiculous and dumb point of view and say that the whole story says that if ur 6'4", 310 lbs and afro american, u better become a football player.

  43. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Are you people for real??? I was shocked to come upon this as I goggled Michael Ohor after coming back from seeing this movie. The only thing wrong with this…is this blog. Give me a break! No one else was willing to help this kid, especially his own kind! He got help, bottom line! The only thing this black person does not like is your blog-you are just ignorant!

  44. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    this site is a joke. when can we stopping saying black and white or brown and yellow. how about just a boy and family. minorites continue to create their own divide. i'm white, i'm not trying to "hold you down." i like to see everyone succeed regardless of race or origin.

  45. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    If you can't see the subtle racism in this movie then you're blind. It's definitely a covert message, but it's there. It's stories like this one which helps racism perpetuate itself in this great country (ahem…founded in racism, by the way). Now I'm not saying that the story of Michael Oher isn't a great one, it is. It's great when people care about other people, PERIOD. My problem was the Hollywood spin of this story. This movie seemed less about Michael Oher and more about Sandra Bullock's character, Mrs. Touhy; It glorified her role and didn't reveal much about Oher. In addition, it seems that anytime we talk about black success in America its all about sports. From my perspective, the movie's message was that the only way Oher could be successful is if he followed the rules, white rules. His options were the project crack life where he could live with his cracked out mom who couldn't even tell Oher who his father was. The representation of black people in this movie was definitely negative: gansters, crackheads, absentee fathers… Don't you think these perpetuated sterotyped images stay with people? If we can't have other role models we're doomed to never change….

  46. Wow. Ignorance.
    No one can do anything humane these days
    without being judged.
    Yet when there are controversies that are not being helped or solved people want to open up with their dissatisfaction.
    "Fairy tale" ending?
    It is what happened that made an impact in this person's life.
    Why does it matter who adopted him or took care of him? Look what they did for him.
    I don't understand this racial issue. We complain about racism yet we don't do anything ourselves to stop it, those people who despise it do not do anything to prevent it, they just contribute to it.
    I believe there is no "Black Community" or "White Community".
    There are rich Black people as well as White people. In this story, do you see a single black soul helping Michael? No. It just happened to be a White family.

  47. Yes Michael Oher derived great benefit from the white charity; but so did the school and the family that adopted him.

    This was a business deal…we take care of you and pay your tuition to an exclusive prep school…you play foot ball for us.

  48. Get real. Just be happy for Michael. His accomplishments has nothing to do with white or black. It has to do with a family who loves him as a son and a brother. Get off the case of making it white or black and be THANKFUL.

  49. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Wow, a majority of these comments make one point very clear…racism will NEVER be a thing of the past. Nobody can do something out of the goodness of their heart. I guess if Michael would ahve been a 300lb white child walking around in sub freezing weather that night, the family would of passed him up. I know when they saw him walkiing in the cold, they said "ah look, a poor black kid; lets stop and ahve him come live with us so we can make sure racism lives forever." Please, this movie, this guy's story is no more about "mighty whitey" coming to the rescue than it is a reflection of the plight of black children today. It's about a young man who was in need and by the grace of god someone held out a hand to help. Having said that, for those who see the negative of this story are the perpetuators of racism. You do nohting to help, you just complain about those who do.

  50. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This movie wasn't made to spark a racial debate. It is a good story. The Touhys helped Michael because they were concerned for his welfare. They wanted to help him! They, for that, are good people. It just so happens that they are white, and their being white, had nothing to do with their actions. I'm sure Michael wouldn't want to have his story used for others to use as another means of racial divide. It should bring us all together.

  51. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    hollywood created this story?? isn't this based on a true story- hollywood did not create it.
    give me a break….this is not about black and white. i didn't hear any complaints when the black women took in dakota fanning in the secret life of bees- which is fiction, i know.
    the truth is there will always be whites who hate blacks and blacks who hate whites. there will always be people who help people regardless of black or white, or whatever. there are thousands of these kinds of stories in the world. look around.

  52. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This blog just goes to show that there is such a thing as black racist. You earn your place in life. The white man doesn't keep you from success or grant you success. I have plenty of black colleagues who made it through hard work and common sense. The world is a rough place so deal with it. Figure out your reality and then work to make it better.

  53. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I'm so tired of my brothers and sisters making race an issue at every turn. We have BET, our comedians constantly make fun of white people and that's ok, we have a whole month devoted to our history. We have black colleges, the NAACP, black civil rights leaders. Now picture this, White Entertainment Television, white comedians constantly stereotyping black people in their acts, an organization named for the advancement of white people, and leaders there to specifically protect the rights of white people. Do you think our community would find this acceptable? I don't think so…Yet we constantly criticize others for racism. We need to stop blaming others and take responsiblity. I am embarrassed by this article…

  54. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I don't care about the motivations of anyone involved. This helped Mike and that is all that matters. Why does it matter to some people so much what the motivations were? That is for God to decide. Believe whatever you want, because you were going to anyways. Thank God, not everyone gets caught up in B.S. of talking and not acting. There are no pure people in the world so when something works out, rejoice!

  55. Oh yea, nothing special about a family helping a young man. Lots of christians do that.

  56. here we go again with the white and black thing you make me sick

  57. it's a true story, like it or not. not all white people are this altruistic, but all black people are not either. why can't you just enjoy the movie, for what it is = an excellent story. black or white, who gives a damn.get a LIFE!!!

  58. I, personally, think it's a sad thing that SOME…not ALL African American communities must pick apart everything that is good in life and make it a racial issue. The Civil War is over….you didn't pick an ounce of cotton in your life (although your great great great grandparents might have…hey mine might have too…) so please, for the sake of all humanit…GET OVER IT! I know what's coming next so I'll save everyone that's bitter in this world the time of typing it…I'm probably a spoiled white kid who doesn't know anything about being a "color". Last time I checked, when you buy a box of crayons…white is a color in the box. But I guess you'll never know what color I truly am, huh?? Does it really matter?? Oh wait, to you…yes, it probably does…

  59. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I totally agree with Anonymous's comment (from November 15th) that begins "SOMEONE HAD TO HELP HIM AND THEY JUST HAPPEN TO BE WHITE. BIG DEAL, MAYBE DEVINE INTERVENTION TOOK PLACE." Everybody should read that comment. Some comments are so cynical. Is that such a wonderful thing — to be cynical? Does that make people MORE REAL? Does it make the world a better place? I am definitely not a right-wing religious supporter of the Republican party, but I saw this movie yesterday and found it excellent — most especially, because it was based on a true story. Although I prefer to see myself as being more of a 'democratic' (from Canada) mindset, I certainly know that some people on the left can be absolute hypocrites. People who pride themselves for their superior attitude towards human rights and who would scoff at this movie (as being an example of white paternalism and condescension), but who, on the other hand, have probably never really gone out of their way to give another person a 'lift up'. In the end, what matters most is that Michael Oher is now a very successful person in his own right and it's his opinion of both the book and the movie that should really matter the most. As the Beatles put it in their song, The End, "And, in the end, the love you take/ Is equal to the love you make." …
    The Tuohys and Micheal have added a lot to each others lives, and the love they have for one another is not something that should be viewed with cynicism but with admiration. (And people who try to put a 'sexual' connection here are either the most cynical of all or are people who have extremely perverted minds.)

    To all those people who have preferred to cast a cynical eye on this uplifting story, it might be good to think about the words from the George Harrison's (of the Beatles) song, "Isn't it a pity":

    Isn't it a pity
    Now, isn't it a shame
    How we break each other's hearts
    And cause each other pain
    How we take each other's love
    Without thinking anymore
    Forgetting to give back
    Isn't it a pity

    Some things take so long
    But how do I explain
    When not too many people
    Can see we're all the same
    And because of all their tears
    Their eyes can't hope to see
    The beauty that surrounds them
    Isn't it a pity

  60. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Someone posted a comment about the movie poster depicting an interracial affair. That is really digging deep. You apparently do not understand Hollywood. As a white I would go see a movie about a black family that took in a white boy. But if it starred Oprah and Andy Dick I guess I would have to pass.

  61. this blog and maybe this site(I haven't fully researched it yet) is a joke and the racist people on here included

  62. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Psychology 101 teaches us that our consistent gripes about 'other' people are the traits we hate most about 'ourselves'. Gripes about the Touhy's are people's jealousies. This is one story only, not a huge race war. It is one lost child found on a cold street and one woman who wouldn't turn away from his shivering cold. The rest is destiny….I'm certain Mrs. Touhy wasn't thinking "he'll make a great football player" that night fate decided their course. The social picture needs to stay out of this story….save that for the front page of newspapers and your blogspots. I see this story as: one family with means finds themselves facing a person with great need BUT also great potential at becoming something better than his environment gave him. This family obviously became 'well off' because they value hard work, determination, and staying strong towards lofty goals in all areas of life. Yea, maybe Mrs. Touhy was trying to prove how good a Christian she could be, but shouldn't we all strive to practice what we preach? We need more Touhy's in this world….of all races !!!! Not all helped children will become sports stars…that's the ONLY reason this became a movie. But it's the kind of movie that motivates others to do the small changes we have power over in for our own communities.

  63. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The only relevant thing race has to do with this story is that it did not matter to Michael Oher nor to the Touheys. The Touheys only deserve credit for giving Michael the opportunity, his talent, intelligence and effort is why he was successful- that is what America is about- opportunity.

    The Love of Christ is what motovated the Touheys to reach out to Michael. That is the real story here.

    I understand why SBPDL doesnt like this story but this is a great story for anyone to understand.

  64. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    People are getting confused between the actual life of Michael Oher and the life of a character based on Michael Oher in the movie "The Blind Side". I enjoyed the movie as a good sports tear-jerker. I happen to be old fashioned sentimental, and the movie depicts a story that should've been. The real story was probably more complicated. I am sure the movie underplayed the role of Ole Miss booster spirit in the family's decision to help Michael Oher. I would like to point out that in the 1960s when I was young, an Ole Miss booster wouldn't have dreamed of helping a black youth even if he'd been the most talented athlete on the planet. That in the 21st century, Ole Miss boosters are helping Blacks get athletic scholarships to their school shows how the world has changed.

  65. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    He received help. Regardless of motive, he didn't have to sleep in the gym anymore. Scrutinize it all you like but the bottom line is that Michael Oher did what was best for him as well. Had he thought it an awful situation then he probably would have bolted but he stayed. He stayed because he was smart enought to accept help and know a good thing when he saw it.

    It kills me when people sit in judgment of others. I am almost certain that nearly all the people posting about the Tuohies motive would not have taken him in. If so, then I'm sure your couches and guest bedrooms are full at this moment due to your big hearts.

  66. I have never read so much BS in all my life. Hollywood is in businss to make money! The movie was produced to make money! There is no message but entertainment and if you don't like the movie you wasted your money unless you get sarisfaction from compaining about your disappointment.

    Be happy for Michael and then look at what you have to be grateful for and thank God.

  67. The sad part about this site are the Black followes who are blissfully unaware that this Blog is a mockery to them.

  68. Hollywood is in the business to make money? Yes and no.

    Hollywood pushes an agenda, whether or not you want to admit it Mr. Oberg.

    This movie is a fine example of that, and more importantly, why we decided to push for the creation of THE MICHAEL OHER ACT.

    Black people – since 70 percent of Black children are born out of wedlock – can't be held liable to take care of their kids anymore.

    Thus, put a Black child in a white family.

    This is the only way to close the racial gap in learning (IQ isn't heritable, right?), so through nurture, Black kids can excel like Mr. Oher.

    The Blind Side is a feel good for white people to enjoy, as they grow tired of watching commercials for sending 18 cents a day to Africa or some other third world nation to care for the proliferating populations there.

    White people – here's the shocker – are very caring and giving people. They volunteer their time to build Habitat for Humanity houses and give vast amounts of money to causes that directly influence Black people and benefit their lives greatly.

    Read this entry to learn more about the magnanimous nature of white people:

    TO anon above:

    This site is not about belittling Black people. It is pointing out uncomfortable opinions – using facts – that most people, white or Black, refuse to acknowledge.

    I say Good Day sir.

  69. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It is amazing to read the string of garbage being thrown out here. First, If a child needs help what difference does it make if he is helped by a wahite person or a black person? Second, and lets be honest about the fact that a large # of inner city black kids like Oher do not have a fair shot in life due to the so called adults that they were born to at a young age. Politicians continue to want to throw money at poor blacks who do not have a job because they did not not get an education, because they did not have good early childhood education because thier mother was 15-18 years old when they were born and was forced to drop out of school while the sperm donor/father is no where to be found. The easy fix: If you are on gov assit you should be on birth control. Stop the cycle and allow young black men and women to grow up and educate themselves without having to raise a child. Lord knows there is an abundence free resources that go unused by young black americans because they are too lazy to take advantge of the opportunities that are available to them

    It is not hard to figure out why blacks that educate themselves leave thier communities so that they are not lumped in with the majority that do nothing with thier life. If you want to see the biggest failure in america invistigate the Memphis City School System where kids have multiple periods a day where there are no teachers present and a large majority can not pass a test on the items they are teaching. There is now a no fail policy so a kid can goof off and become lost in the crowd and graduate in 7-8 years. It is not hard to figure out why Michael Oher was what is was before he met the white folk.

    Don't judge with out knowing all the facts and be willing to step in and get your hands dirty with the rest of us self serving white folk as you would say!

    A caring volunteer.

  70. At the end of the day its a dramatized version of a true story. I will accept all your comments if it was a work of fiction…

    Come on, be reasonable, its an inspiring story..

  71. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It will always be a no win situation for white people that want to help people who happen to be black. Help people who need to be helped and do it because it is the right thing to do. The hell with the black racists who see everything from a color of your skin perspective.

  72. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    if all you can see is how white this woman is then you are missing a very important point. compassion has no color. by the way, i live in the hood in oakland, ca. i'm a white middle-aged woman. i picked up a used condom out of my front yard yesterday. my house has 3 bullet holes that weren't there 22 years ago when i moved in. at least once a quarter someone drops off a stripped stolen car in front of my house. often, someone steals my trash cans. if one has the money, no matter what race they are, they don't have to deal with this stuff. who doing it? don't know. could be any race you can think of, so don't assume i think it's anyone in particular. it's bad behaviour neverthless, and it doesn't help to make their world or mine any nicer. i liked the movie, it was about a racist, classist lady and others like her, stepping out of their comfort zone and acting with compassion. michael ohre benefited from it, and i'm glad.

  73. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


  74. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vein conceit, but in humility, consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but to the interests of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Jesus Christ – Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, and being found in appearance a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient to death, even death on a cross! Therefore, God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

  75. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I'm sadden to see how cynical we have become as a nation. Is it impossible for a family of any color, to open their hearts to a person of need?
    Is all hope lost?
    Must we always have an ulterior motive?
    I saw this movie as a Christian family doing what God called them to do.
    I saw a man, who had every reason to be angry, sidestep all that junk, and excel to something great.
    I see, a country that needs to stop everything, bend a knee and thank God. It's what this country was built on, and one point, made it great.

  76. Why is a racist considered a redneck? I'm a redneck, but no racist. But your a jackass

  77. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I feel sorry for the people who saw the story and missed the entire point of it. I was a depiction of a life a a family not something scripted but real people showing that we are all human and tragedy could befall anyone of us. I feel really sorry for black American's who think that race has a part to play in everything stop blaming white people the woman showed compassion and you all want to bring her down for that. Her being black white or green should hold no bearing on what she did to help a fellow human in need. I saw the movie and did not think to look at it from a Sociological perspective because all of those theories Functionalist Marxist even Interactionist are just that theories and not all can transcend into the real world.

  78. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    To: stuff black people dont like,
    You said this story doesn't sit well with black people. I think this story doesn't sit well with you, and only you. You created the blog to ruin good stories that may inspire more people of many backgrounds to do more. Maybe you are just a bitter person, maybe someone hasn't showed you this kind of compassion. It's called karma, if you put bad in the world you will get it back, put some good out there and you will get it back. Maybe next time you see a child that needs a parent, you should stand up and adopt and take the child in. Im bothered that I'm wasting my comment on a site to a person who can only see the bad, and will probably not change. But hey look at all these other people hoping you will open your heart and change your opinion a bit.

  79. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Wow! The opinions this movie has brought up. I was brought to tears because of the compassion of the Touey's, the innocence of SJ and his love for his "big brother", the sweetness of Michael Oher and so many other facets of the characters and movie. This is a true story based upon where Michael came from and from where the Touey's came from. In Mississippi for a white family to do what they did for Michael says more about them as humanitarians than about race. I think it was a wonderful movie and had little to do with race between the Touey's and Michael. Leigh Anne's friends were the stereotypical white snobs, Michael came from a stereotypical inner city project and there were a lot of other nuances in the movie but what I saw was a genuine caring develop between the Touey's and Michael – both ways. By the way, I am a white woman who works for a black, family-owned company who have adopted me as one of their own and I love them as my adopted family. I would lay down my life for any of them and they would for me as well. I love them because of who they are, not because of the color of their skin.

  80. cavmanrockrdude says:
    It is truly a sad thing to put these people lives under any lind of scrutiny they did what there hearts demanded and made a differance in one persons life all of us CAN make a differance every day in the lives of people around or CHOOSE not to do the right thing. Its not a color issue its a choice issue. My hats off to the people who spent the money on this instead of SAW #56 .It means there is stil hope that as humans we value the right things…..!

  81. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    At a time in history when "WE" as a united people, chose to elect a BLACK man as President of the USA, some blacks still want to continue the "it's because Im black" card. Until blacks accept the long and incredible journey to where we are now and continue to succeed, we will continue to repeat and not defeat racism! The fight is amongst the blacks themselves! Why is it so difficult to see a step forward and just once let us learn a lesson of true acceptance of one another as God wills.

  82. His story is much like mine – right down to the name. I was even 6'6' at 14 years old. On my journey I encountered the type of racism on this page. Almost all of it came from Black People. Moan moan moan moan. boo hoo, it takes a white family to raise a black kid ..sniff.

    What it takes, what it took me, was love. Tell me all you moaning racists, what color is love?

  83. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I think it's quite humorous that some of you have trouble believing that a white family would not open up their home to a black child. It happened to me and for the most part it didn't have anything to do with my colour but the fact that my father was an alcoholic drug addict and my mother a severe alcoholic. I am so thrilled to hear this story considering the fact that it is hard to make the decision to adopt let alone it being harder to make the decision to see a teenager struggling and alone, to take them in without knowing who they are and what they've been through. This is a story about true heart and if you guys can't see that then you are the real racists because what they did had nothing to do with the fact that they played into the stereotypes. We as black people can change these stereotypes but instead choose to use them as a cruch. Grow up. The world is what we make it and if a white family had the heart to help a black boy who needed them then that is a blessing not a sin.

  84. Leigh Anne Touhy and her family are Conservative Republicans.

    Don't think a white Democrat would have taken Michael Oher in.

    … but this Republican family, the Touhy's, did!

  85. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Wow… all these comments left me with mixed feelings about what really goes on in the mind of folks when push comes to shove.

    Are you people so caught up in the stereotypes that it hurt you so much to see a white person had the heart and compassion to do what no one else did?

    In the movie, Mike used to sleep on his friend's father's couch, and he left after hearing the mother or whoever she was, complaining that Mike was eating all their food and he was not their responsibility.

    The white couple didn't see it that way. We as blacks are so mistrusting and lack the compassion to see it for what it was… love. They had a big heart, and with Gods blessing, they had the means to help that young man. Now, ask Mike what he felt like when they took him in. He didn't say no because they were white, he accepted the offer because no one else stepped in to help him. Like someone else said, "The world is what we make it and if a white family had the heart to help a black boy who needed them then that is a blessing not a sin."

    It could have been a white kid, and the ones who helped him were black.
    I would have taken the help if I were in that position and needed it as well. Tell me who wouldn't!

  86. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I am Black and my best friend it White. In her junior year things got worse at home with her father's drinking and prescription drugs and her stepmothers abuse. She was beaten and my family took her until we graduated high school.
    It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with being a decent person. or in my family's case, Christian.
    Judging from the many comments on this post, I am glad to see that I am not the only one sickened, disturbed and thinking you wrote a truly rancid article.

  87. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The movie was Great i dont know what the hell most of you are talking about im black and i think that what the white people did was great.He was poor had no where to live and was going to get killed if someone did not help him black or white or any other color it dont matter.I seen some of the comments on here and i have to say from what i readed there Garbage Mostly black people that are mad because a white family not a black family made him who he is.

  88. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "Humans helping other humans, how disgusting."
    Yeah, because humans helping abandoned dogs is also a crime.

    It could have been any family, white, black, Chinese, Mexican, etc. Yeah, they did a good thing, but white people like em ought to be spared criticism, since they're considered crazy by their own kind.

    In the end, Michael's opinion bout them is the only thing that matters.

    You can base it off statistics. You can base it off of faith. In the end, it's up to that person what they want to do with their life, or whether they want to comform to a statistic.

    Oh, and someone mentioned politics. I choked in my chair when I found out they were (conservative, white) Republicans. I could've sworn they were Democrats. That alone makes me wonder how insane that family is (in a good way)

  89. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    wow. there are no words to describe what i felt after reading this blog. this is a joke. this blog just shows how narrow minded some people are. especially during hard times like now, people should help each other no matter what race they are. helping others has no race/color involved… you just do it out of the goodness of your heart.

    to SBPDL: if you're such a good person, why don't you go adopt a child in need of a family right this second? can you do that?

  90. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    wahh, wahh, so what.. the family that saved him happened to be white. It's not always a Black/White thing, it's a human thing. It seems that this blog is presenting black people as people who are unable to accept the fact that we are living as equals. It doesn't always have to be a fight. Nothing new though, right?

  91. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Saw the movie last night…liked it…it's a "feel good" film. Who doesn't like one of those? Reminded me of the time I tried to help a young man stay within a particular school district. The powers that be (in the end, his father) did not allow it. This young man was not an athlete of any kind – he was simply a kid who should have been granted a decent education. We managed to have him live with us for a year before the hard questions rolled around and he was banned from the school for not having a legal residence within the zone. I love that kid to this day, and he still calls me "Mom". All I want to say is – think before you judge.

  92. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This was a wonderful feel good movie, about people helping one another. I was saddened that someone grew up in that enviroment, black or white..and was moved that someone stepped in to help them. It's unfortunate that you have a website to rip it apart..based on the difference on race. Really you should look past the color of skin…and appreciate one person helping another.

  93. This whole site is a joke. The ignorant fool that wrote this isn't even worth the time that has been spent explaining to him why its wrong. He is clearly just some intolerant nobody with too much time on his hands.

  94. Hit a little too close to home, huh? Why doesn't the Black community step up and take care of its "own". I don't so much see racism as I do guilt.

  95. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This story was a good change b/c just like one of the earlier statements.. the kind of white people in the Michael Oher story are VERY RARE. Most white people are like many of you who have made horrible statements here. I would roll over in my grave a million times before I would let people like you raise any child that looks like me… I was shocked to hear that this story was true and that white people could be some kind of good… Everyone always wants to talk about black history at least in that history we overcame white peoples bullshit.. white history is always about how you all kill and steal things from people… never have you overcome you step on people to get ahead… and yall are mad because people are sick of yall bullshit and starting to fight back and you all are scared that you may lose your grip, even your own white people see that black and every other race is where its at…

  96. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Someone's post earlier talked about "guilt-ridden" whites trying to redeem themselves. Do you think that all white people feel sooo guilty this way? I think that's hilarious. What are we guilty about? The injustices of slavery and racism that plagued our country for so many years? Do we lug around this guilt and desperately try to redeem ourselves? Get off your high (or low, whatever you like) horse. Why do you think I should feel guilty for this? I had nothing to do with it. The people who owned slaves have been dead for a century for goodness' sake. Coincidentally, these people were not my ancestors. But if they were, what would it matter? It's all over now, everyone who was responsible is dead. I think it was a shame and we can all learn from it but no, I do NOT feel guilty about it. What an ignorant thing to say. If you blame all white people because of these atrocities, how can you say that you are not racist?

  97. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    My husand and I just saw the movie and we loved it! What a great story of triumph for a young man (regardless of color) and a family with a heart (regardless of color) who took the time to care for another human being. For me this isn't about race, it is a story about people who cared enough to care. Period! So what if they just happen to be caucausin? For those critics who see this as racial, shame on you. Where were you when this young man was walking the streets cold? Where were you (or the NAACP) when he needed help in his own home, in his own neighborhood? For that matter, where was I? Some things are just not about race….and this is one of them. In every racial group there is someone who has a story like Michaels. Thankfully, there's a Touhy family in every racial group that lends a hand in some way to uplift. It's not about the money or the color of skin, it's about having a heart to care. All children, regardless of color, socioeconomic status, or where they live, need someone to show them love. We all wanted to be loved and needed. Thank God Michael found it. Maybe not where it should have initially come from (his family) but can't we be greatful that he found it? Now, I just look for him to pay it forward to other children…regardless of the color of their skin.
    One more thing…I'm an African American woman

  98. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Loved the movie.I took my whole family to see it and am so glad that I did. I was moved at the story, not because Michael is black, but because someone did what most of us think about doing, but rarely do; they helped someone in need. Notice I said someone, not someone black, just another human in need. It inspired me to give and reminded me of all of the simple things that I take for granted daily. Regardless of Hollywood's financial motivation for making the film, there was something for everyone to take home with them. I also believe that people are mostly good and when we continually find the negative in everything, we are only going backwards.

  99. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This site is indeed ludicrous. Instead of celebrating humanity, it propagates racism. Regardless of color or race (I'm Asian, btw, residing outside of America, in a third world country), what the family provided to Michael Oher is something not all are willing to give, even if they are able.

  100. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Stuff Black People Don't Like is reaching on this one. I don't give a damn if little green men came from Mars and helped this kid, what matters is that somebody did. So they made a movie about it. Wasn't cause they was white and he was black…'s cause he made it to the NFL. Plenty of white folks probably don't like this story either by the way. Just let it be.

  101. Stuff white people don't like:
    Criticism for helping out a homeless black kid!Who cares if the family was white or black all that matters is this kid was well taken care of and given an education.

  102. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    just fukkin ignorant…the name of this website says it all, "stuff black people don't like" y'all worried about racism look at ur own dumbass n im hispanic and i've lived in the hood, and the suburbs. i have a black daughter and white neices and nephew. we all have the same thing underneath, unless y'all got some type of chocolate blood or something… whether the family was white, black, asain, or whatever, the point of the story is that he got a chance to a better life whether it be playing sports or big shot position at wall street. they helped him bust his ass at school and whatever he did to make him better… this website sucks

  103. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It doesn't matter what the people say or write. If you do or say something good or bad there will always be something negative or positive to follow. Do you stop trying to be the best you can; God forbid. People whose heart is not in the right place will always find a reason to negative. They know it's not about color, race, or gender. They just need a reason to complain. But if know you're doing something out of the kindness of your heart, keep doing it. We have to be the christians God called us to be. And in the end we only have God to answer to any way. Do what God has placed in your heart and you will be alright. Besides, we know every body won't make it to heaven any way. Not because they don't have the opportunity, but because they refuse to accept it. Somebody has to fight the opposing war. I'm just glad it's not me, I'm on God's side.

  104. we spend more time talking about what should be done rather than taking care of business like the Tuophy family did for Mr. Oher…all love to the Tuophy family for their contributions to a better America….

  105. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I commend the family for adopting this young man.
    However, I am not interested in viewing the movie, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the "playing to stereotype controversy." I am more interested in the realities of his life, not a Hollywood version.
    Still,everyone is entitled to an opinion regarding what did or did not motivate them to do so. From my perspective, there is validity to both perspectives. The family has definitely benefited. But in the end, the young man received necessary help and as a result is doing fine on his own.

  106. I think it is wonderful that someone took in and helped this young man. We should be happy that it was a success story. If i could I would have done the same thing. In some of these comments I have found a lot of negativity. So take it this way ." The devil might have brought it; but the lord sure sent it." Go with that

  107. u liked it or not, it was a TRUE story, am I wrong? That was the point I enjoyed: u deserve everytng only if u learn its way!

  108. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This is stupid blog. And I'm pity my self ever to read it.

    "The thesis of the film: all Black children should be removed from their parents pronto, so that they can be privy to the glorious family setting that white people provide, for only a white family can provide stability (you have to love the movie poster for the film… a white woman pushing a large Black man to the promised land of football glory and NFL riches)."

    Its a true life story, and hollywood cant change that.
    What matters is there was someone out there helping others and they didn't even care if they are different color.

    And stuff black people dont like, cmon, if there is stuff white people dont like, WET (white entertainemnt tonight) then you will call it racism.

    But its ok for you to rant about others helping others.

    Heck.. I am not even black or white.
    But down here where I live, I am a minority and I know how it feels for minority to be treated, but that doesnt automatically make me hates what others doing for me or others, if it was for the better.

    "Yet, this story doesn't have the fairy tale ending that it should have, because it bespeaks an uncomfortable truth to all Black people everywhere: the only way to true success in life – if you are a 6-4, 310 LBS. Black dude – is to be adopted by a rich white family where you can live a peaceful life, which is not available in the Black community."

    The only true sucecss in life is to never give up. And if you are adopted by other rich family where you can live a peaceful live then its a great blessing one can ever have.

    Ask Michael Oher and the family to decide if they don't like what they have now.
    For what I see is, the family never wants anything in return because when they adopted him, they didn't know any potential Oher got.
    And Oher him self, when adopted also never knows anything he would received.

    this websites sucks and racist.

  109. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    While I can understand the frustration for blacks it should only motivate US to do our damn jobs and take care of our damn children. I'm speaking to all blacks. We can purchase rap CD's of people gloating how they sell crack cocaine to their own, bust shots on their own, make imaginary money while leasing cars they cannot afford. Enough is enough. The excuses are tiring and while we may still have an unfair advantage the only ones who can overcome this is US. Wake up and smell the coffee. We may not have equal opportunity to succeed in America but damnit we're strong enough to overcome any obstacle. So lets act like it and stop the b.s. Stop supporting these sellouts and start using time and energy pumping up those who actually promote what hard working individuals we really are.

  110. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    White people will never understand the reason for minority programs because we've been living in a white majority since the beginning of time. Care to mention the last Bachelor that wasn't white? What's with the Tom & Jerry and Disney cartoons showing their depiction of blacks anytime a cartoon character is blown up? White media glorifies Hugh Hefner as every mans idol when we all know if he was Black white America would have that pathetic show banned in a minute. We get to watch all white shows such as O.C. highlight underaged kids drinking alcohol and going to clubs when any other kid would be fined for underaged drinking etc, etc. We still celebrate the most racist holiday ever "Christopher Columbus Day" while the Native American's are reminded yearly they didn't discover jack sht. Why in the hell do we have African American history month? wtf is that all about? We shouldn't have to have specific months to talk about our people. it should be incorporated into yearly history lessons as any other ethnicity should. Of course we don't hear about this. I came from a middle class black family and I'll tell you 90% of what I learned was not black or any other ethnicities culture. It was white america. And you wonder why there are Black Universities? Maybe if black americans were taught more than the underground railroad and jackie robinson we wouldn't need them any longer. I love it how white american's point out the little things minorities have but fail to realize everything that currently exists in todays media, current events is 80% + white.

  111. wow..sad that something so wonderful has brought about so much anger and negativity. It is a shame that people cannot accept the good that came from this.

  112. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    What an ugly commentary. I saw an interview with LeeAnn Touhy and it is evident how much that family loves him. To say that no white family would take in a black youth is absurd. We have had a young man in our home for 4 years. I am a nurse and my husband is a teacher. He isn;t going to be a pro athelete. He is, however, going to be this first of his siblings to graduate from high school, and I hope to see him off to college next year. I take him home every weekend. I have told him many times that I don't think he has to stay with a white family to do better, but the fact is, I live in a better school district and can give him a leg up. I have told him that I am not telling him to have a better life than his parents, but maaybe he can have an easier one, which is what they want. I don't judge their life and I hope they don't judge mine. It is sad to read such vitrolic comments. There are good people in the world. The Touhgy's said that they were the one's who benefitted from the arrangement, that he would have made it with anyone, but there was only one Michael. That is how I feel-I am happy that his family shares him with me, which I am sure wasn't an easy choice. Try not to be a hater. I don't tolerate racist comments from whites and it's equally ugly on the other side.

  113. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Oh for god sakes, whine, whine, whine Michael needed help he got it and those of you who didn't receive as much help as you wanted are angry…I get that. However damned if you do help, damned if you don't may just keep the next person who wants to help from doing so because of your anger. Pull yourself up look in the mirror and address your jealous nature. Stop bitching and find someone to help yourself or are you JUST MOUTH and GREEN with envy. Until you do the same for someone who needs it you are just GREEN not black…

  114. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Wow some of you people are truly amazing. Are you really that ignorant? What does race have to do with anything when your trying to help someone. The Touhys obiously didn't care if Michael was black, white, yellow, or purple they helped him anyway. If they were close minded as some of you seem to be, Michael Oher may still be living off the streets or even worse dead. They took him in and treated him EQUAL to their own biological children and made him the man he is today. Just because none of you have experienced that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Maybe if you were more open minded good things may happen more often..

  115. I have only read about 20% of this thread and feel as though I have wasted 15 minutes only to be a little dumber. Get a life!

  116. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks are just as guilty of separation of race. Let's take color away and look at it has an act of humility from the human race. I thank God someone and a christian at that, took him in who could afford to give him a better life. How many well off blacks stepped up to the plate? If you are complaining, then contact the nearest foster care department and adopt a needy child…better yet, volunteer at a halfway house and help those who are addicted to crack coccaine recover from their addiction. I challenge everyone who has something negative to say about the movie to do so and see how challenging it is. I rest my case. Oh BTW….I am black.

  117. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks will always be where they are because they have a victim mentality. With that they have created for themselves the single most powerful excuse as to why they should gave up trying. When are you guys going to wake up and look and learn from other minorities like the asian for example. Indian/Pakistani went to England poor as shit with only the clothes on their back, they are as dark color skin as Black people, worse still they can't even speak English and have no education when they arrived there. Yet after just 1 generation, now they are now one of the richest group of people in England. Their kids become businessman, lawyers, doctors, engineers. Same with Chinese people, they are also minorities in country like Indonesia, Malayia where they continued to be oppressed even today, not allowed a chance to study in local universities in those country because those country give preference to the majority race. Yet the Chinese work hard save money to send their kids overseas to study. Now they own 80% of those country's wealth. How can that be? They came into the country as plantation workers. They are successful in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England. They came in as refugee without much ability to speak English. Yet within 1-2 generation they are successful as businessman, doctors, lawyers, engineers.

    Do you know why Asian although being a minority can still succeed but the Black cannot?

    The Asian are willing to sacrifice their own life for their children education. Parents work hard to send their kids through school and uni at the expense of their own future and enjoyment. That is all the secret is. Nothing but plain old hard work and sacrifice for family. Majority of Black just want to wallow in the past blaming everyone and just want to have fun in life.

    That is why I believe Blacks will always be where they are. As majority of Blacks don't believe in sacrificing for their kids.

    The same is starting to happen to the white trash. Why work hard to send kids to school when can use the money to buy booze and drugs.

    Disagree with me? Well opinions are like asshole, everyone got one.

  118. This entire website is a shame to black people all over. Not "all" black people share such prejudice and silly views. Thats why american blacks are so angry. Get over it.

  119. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It's funny how u all fighting over which one is the best fact or moral of the story or the real ugly truth behind the story of Michael Oher. I watched that movie and i loved every single of it how it deeply touched me emotionally. I don't see Michael Oher as black or white but all i could see in that movie is a boy who really need help and for all that matter there is a lady with her good family that can give that help and willing to groom him for a better life.
    What fault in doing that consider as sin of eternity or a crime for the rest of life is it??? As long he turn out to be well and not being damn arrogant about his real life then what a big deal in all of this nonsense about black or white???
    Do you all think only black and white people live in this earth??
    Come on guys!! If you cant be sincere and honest with yourself then what's the point living in one country??? Why making so hard accepting the fact of the story and make better of yourself by proving you can do better instead of being jealous like this??

  120. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    this is what black people need to understand. you think every white person in the world is racist. granted there are some but most are not. you think the world owe's you something because decades ago your ancestors were treated horrible. sorry, there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it.the only thing to do is move on. there are millions of black people that have made something for themselves without the help of a white rich family. the only difference between them and the ones that have a crappy life is they do something about it. there comes a point in everyones life when you realize right from wrong. no matter what age you are you are never to young to realize this and do something about it. black people always expect things to be given to them. what they need to realize is you have to work for what you want. you have to make things better for yourself by yourself. no one is just going to give it to you. white people aren't successful because they are white, they are successful because they work for what they have and don't expect others such as the government to hand it over. you can only change your life by changing yourself. if you can do that you can have anything your hart desire's. i am white, and i am not racist.i currently attend college in houston and my two best friends attend with me. they are black. they took the change…why can't you?

  121. you think your the minority because your black and people are racist. did you ever think youre the minority because you spend all of your time killing yourselves and your own kind because your life revolves around drugs and violence.

  122. when are black people going to stop feeling sorry for themselves and make something out of their lives?

  123. mann im so happy for the damn boy step off ignorant black people(im black by the way)i love white people.

  124. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Noone cares what black people don't like, just like noone cares what white people don't like. Grow up and do something for your community, besides trashing white people and whining. A family helped someone in need, basically. It takes a special group of idiots to turn that into another bogus reason to hate white people. Why don't you get off your lazy butt and start tutoring an underprivileged black kid 20 hours per week.

  125. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Please people read the blog carefully. The blogger isn't a black person but some white person with a hard on for blacks. A hard on so raging that a site was dedicated to the object of his fascination/obsession.
    This website will teach you nothing about blacks but everything about whites.

  126. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    blacks are always crying racism but they are the most judgemental, bigoting, racist people I know. Instead of crying unfair why don't you be thankful someone made a change in the outcome of one of your own–white or black. Instead of focusing on what whites are doing why dont you start teaching your young black men to stick around and raise the babies they make and support their families. Maybe then your race with strengthen and "whitey" as you say wouldnt have to step in.

  127. This blog is ridiculous and a total joke. You're a blogger who brings up topics and theories which are extremely judgemental and unnecessary. I find it sad that you ruined a great movie like The Blind Side. It is meant to change our outlook and teach us something positive yet you question the story and conclude that it's about race?!? You are shocking. YOU ARE THE RACIST! I pity you because for as long you are alive, you and many others like you will never be happy. Happy about anything or anyone, especially yourselves.
    My question to you Mr. Blogger is, from what you wrote I can't help but feel that you think you would do a much better job and you're a much better person than the Tuohy's.. so, would YOU have helped Michael Oher or any black, white, asian, hispanic, green, blue, whatever person who was in dire need of help?!?

  128. what the hell? michael's story only shows that there are still people who love and are capable to do something for another person, it's not about racism. you know, racism is not about a white person dispising a black person, it's about a human being dispising another human being from a different race. Unfortunately, there are racist people everywhere, from every race! and it seems that there are a lot of that people in this site!

  129. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    You know, I just saw this movie with a friend last night, and I loved it. I feel sorry for you if you assume all white people make assumptions about black people based on this movie. I also feel sorry for you if you think it was all luck and chance for Michael Oher – no education is ever luck. He had to work to get his high school education and then his college education, against huge odds; tutor or no, he still had to do the actual work. You can't take an education away from someone; you can't take the drive to get that education away from someone. So no matter the reason, Micael Oher had drive and ambition, and he didn't quit – and for that, I admire any person from any race. And as for trashing the family which took him in as being only 1% of the families out there (and believe me, you are shortchanging people to think that), can't you at least be grateful that they did what they did? They had choices; Michael had choices. Your own ignorance shows through, Mr. Blogger, to assume that this is a story that fills people with ignorant assumptions and prejudice toward black people. Rather, it shows what can be done when people try and when people care. So there aren't enough people who try or enough who care? Well then, rather than trashing them, set about helping them. This blog is so mean-spirited it makes me hope it's NOT truly representative of how ANYONE thinks.

  130. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Wow, this guy has a chip on his shoulder. So… let me get this, you have a problem with someone taking in a young, homeless man, and helping him excel? What does race have to do with it? Get your head out of your ass.

    Oh my god. Humans helping out another human. GROSS. EW.

  131. FYI: the reason that Mrs. Touhy is featured more prominently in the movie (and in the book) was because Michael was always very reticent to discuss his past and upbringing. Therefore, there's just no material there to include. He doesn't talk much about it. Period. And frankly, that was one of the qualities that enabled him to survive his circumstances. He didn't become bitter or angry, he just did what he had to do like a man (even though he was just a child). That reserve and quiet dignity is one of the things that those of us fortunate enough to know him admire the most. His success is based on help yes, but never could have happened if he were less the person that he is. Those of you who are disparaging his story are doing him a real injustice. Of course the Touhys grew to love him — he is a wonderful person. They are the first to admit that knowing Michael and witnessing firsthand his heroic efforts to succeed has inspired them to live better lives, too.

  132. dear blog author,
    man you struck a nerve. glad to see others see you for the dickhead you are.

    sandra bullock has a nice ass. second best part of this post. the first is the aforementioned dickhead thing.

  133. Hey everyone,

    I really appreciate those of you who have taken the time post.

    I have stated my case in the reality of adoption and in my pieces on Haiti that white people go out of their way to do the job that Black sperm donors – i.e. fathers – fail to do.

    Michael Oher is Black. He is a byproduct of the Black race and – by extension – Black culture.

    His biological family failed to take care of him, so a white family fed, clothed and paid a tidy sum of money to educate and tutor him.

    At Ole Miss, he had an army of tutors at his disposal to maintain his eligibility with the football team.

    I'm sorry, but this story of "hope" is about as laughable as the millions/ billions spent on bringing "hope" to Haiti.

    What blows my mind is how people can't seem to see what this post is about…

  134. Penis size is inversely proportional to intelligence, i.e., black men with large penises are inherently stupider than white men with small penises.

  135. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    this is completely ridiculous….

    this is a story about what each and everyone of us should be doing for one another; reaching out to those who are in need. It is our responsibility as members of a society to care for others around us. It is also our responsibility to make sure that we do all that we can for others.

    Why has this story turned into an issue of black and white. Its an issue of right and wrong, and what this family did for this boy was the right thing to do.

    I am a minority, and its become an old story to victimize ourselves. Yes, its true we don't get the same opportunities as others, not only white people. Get over it, such is life.

    Life is rough, and we all aren't lucky, but let us not have our noses stuck so far in the air that when people are helping those less fortunate than ourselves that we miss a chance to be inspired to do more for our community. We could all use more inspiration to make our future a bit brighter.

    To always focus on the negative and complain about it is useless. Recognize what is wrong and instead of complaining about it, do something. Why waste your energy to bring others down who are trying to do good, when with your words you can uplift another.

    Its obvious that whoever wrote this article is an eloquent write. Why waste such wonderful words, be an inspiration.

  136. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Has anyone seen the Ben Carson story? He's a famous African American neurosurgeon in Baltimore. He and his brother who's now a professional engineer were raised by their single biological mama by cleaning houses. I saw the movie, read the book and i loved it. Why was the movie made only for dvd release?

  137. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I'm from the Philippines and I just wanna say that the movie is inspiring.

    It doesn't matter to me who helped who here (whether black or white). What matters to me is that someone helped someone who needed help. This family did what 99.9% of us won't do, which is help people maximise their own potential.

    It is just sad to see people who are so negative about this movie that they would nitpick it. Yes, some people earned money from it. Yes, some people may have taken advantage of Michael, but in the end, he was succesfull because he was helped.

    My own race and country is being steroetyped as helpers and maids, but it doesn't really matter to us because we do this to survive, and we do this to the best of our ability. The African-American people should be proud of what Michael has done, regardless of who helped him. In the end, it was his own courage to not be a statistic that helped him who he is now.

  138. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I really feel sorry for you people who missed the point. It was never about black and white. It was about one family who opened their house, their heart to a child who had nowhere else to go. Who loved him, supported him and wanted only the best for him. And it's about a young man, who love the family he was with, who said "I don't want to live anywhere else' when Leigh Anne asked him if he wanted to stay there. It was a young man who said 'I though I already was' when she asked him if he wanted to be part of the family. And some of you just can't look at it and think…they helped him, loved him, cared for him. Not everything is about colour anymore. It's about loving others as much as God loves us, regarding of their race

  139. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe if black people stopped following these negative stereotypes then they could be known for more than sports. Please do not make the mistake of thinking that racism only comes from white people. There are plenty of blacks who are just as racist and hold a grudge against white people. No one in American in this generation is slave. So get over it. If we cannot overcome our past we cannot push forward into the future.

  140. The Young Turks recently discussed this review of The Blind Side. They seem to be under the impression that this site is actually run by black people.

  141. A little math:

    Disliking the story because the Tuohy's are white = racism

    Disliking the movie because it is told from a white perspective = jealousy

    SBPDL = troll

  142. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    it all boils down to jealousy, most of you people won't get off you butts to help youreself, so you trash people who do, this is not a country of hand outs, mike earned what he has through hard work, dedication and love from an unexpected be honest i see more racism from black people these days than from "whities". grow up and be happy a good kid got a lucky break

  143. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Wow!! After reading a majority of these comments…it's really sad to see the racism towards "whitey"! Really??? You guys who talk like that are a joke! I don't care if you are black, white,green,or blue~you're comments are ignorant! This is an amazing story for any human being to over come! Get over yourself and your self pity.

  144. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Every one has their views on this beautiful true story. Thank God for people like the Touhys. I was really touch with the story to see have Michael behaved himself wisely and the Touhys respected him for that, and Michael respected them…a great big applause to the Touhys and Michael Oher.

  145. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    bad things happen to everybody. some skip bad ass things because they aren't encumbered by an institutionalized culture that condemns them to poverty, poor education, lack of opportunity, blah, blah. nevertheless, irregardless of the system one is a product of THANK GOODNESS!!! someone helped a human being in need. if there is changing that needs to be done then each of us needs to rise above the stereotype others may attempt to use to encumber us. for example, not all fat people (maybe i'm fat) are lazy, stupid and undisciplined. not all ugly people (maybe i'm ugly) are not worth respect or love. not all old people (maybe i'm old) are feeble minded, useless, and pathetic. so, where does social engineering end and individual responsibility begin?

  146. excuses excuses! go michael oher!!! you are the bomb!!! yahoo!!! right on!!! way to go touhy family!!! way to GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  147. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I am a white female w/ three African American children. I did not seek out to adopt or foster these young men, BUT I do thank God He brought them into my life. We have all learned that family means more than whether or not I gave birth to them or if we are the same color.

    Unfortunately when I try to educate myself about things such as how to help teach my 11 year old to care for his hair, I have received bad looks and comments from African American's I've reached out to for help. The saving grace is that the kids "real" auntie supports my husband and I and our parenting of these children. Her support has gone a long way. She tells us how much she prayed for a loving family for her nephews and feels like God has answered her prayers. Praise God she doesn't hold our "color" against us!

    Stop trying to make this a black/white issue. It is a story about how one family followed God's call to love someone less fortunate.

  148. Everyone,

    I have finally read the book that the movie is "LOOSELY" based upon.

    I plan on writing a long review of it soon. Really, everyone should read this book.

    It showcases why the United States is on verge of collapse…. caring for individuals whose own family cared nothing about and then devoting thousands of hours to "educate" them enough to be eligible to play football is an absolute misappropriation of funds and precious resources.

    The Chinese will use this book in the coming decades to show why the United States collapsed.

    "The Blind Side" is the blueprint for the United States' ultimate demise.

  149. Flip the coin over and look at the bright side. Drugs, crime and alcohol do not contribute to a healthy society. Perhaps Americans should reject "gangsta rap" crap and white whores to concentrate on the positive qualities that made the United States a great and powerful nation.

    –Jon Craig, Melbourne, Australia

  150. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I've just seen this at Vue Cinema in the UK. I think the strength of the film is that IT'S TRUE!! Right or wrong (though I can't see how) it happened. We know from watching "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" that there are plenty of wealthy black families in the US. Does it take a certain amount of humanity to reach across the racial divide? Or is there an issue with helping 'your own kind'? "My family made it without resorting to drugs etc., so why didn't you? I'm not helping you." So it may be easier to help 'others'. Either way, you can't take it with you so why not set up some formal charitable institution to help those whom the system has failed AND want to help themselves? I'm sick & tired of schemes to rehabilitate and 'reward' offenders. Why should juvenile delinquents be given courses in car mechanics and all sorts of other ‘rewards’? They know how to play the system and deserve harsh punishments. Where are the deterrents? I don’t think this film has a general message; it just tells this particular story. Good luck to all the Michael Ohers out there.

    Des Lavender
    London, England.

  151. I saw the movie the Blind Side and all I can say is God Bless the Tuohys and Michael Oher for finding each other.

  152. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Gotta love the racist people. Who cares. We're all the fucking same. Color this, color that. This is the reason why there is racism in the world. Trying to bitch and bring up color like its a big deal. What if it was an Asian boy adopted by some Latin Americans? Would you be saying the same thing? No, because its a black man being adopted by a white family.

    Get the fuck over yourself. Just because you can type and make a blog sound intellectual doesn't make you sophisticated. You are one the most ignorant people I have ever come across.

    "Running away from his blackness". Seriously, I didn't know color makes you act a certain way. Complete idiocrisy.

    I got a blog, entitled 'Stuff People Don't Like'. #1: This.

  153. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    So, I take it as you're this type of person:

    White Person: I don't like you because you did this.
    You: You're racist. You don't like me because I'm black.

    I think someone should take you out back and beat the shit out of you.

    BTW, with all these posts I take it as you don't get laid either. But its just probably because all females are racist too, isn't it?

  154. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Last anon,

    Obviously, you haven't read this article from ABC NEWS!!

    Color doesn't make you act a certain way. Genetics do!

    Why do half of Black women have the herp?

    Why are so many BLack men in jail, despite the best intentions of the police to stop racial profiling?

  155. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It was interesting to find this blog. I am white and I thought the movie, although entertaining, revealed some really uncomfortable premises. If it were fiction, do you think perhaps people may have kicked up more of a stink? Here comes the rich white family with the 80 fast food joints (whose main customers are probably poor blacks) to rescue the poor, dumb, 'gentle giant'. They get so many accolades in the movie for the rescue of Oher, but the conflicts of interest and the possible (probable) exploitation of this man were called into question in a big way.

    I just couldn't get the idea out of my head that Michael was Big Jim, taken in by the big plantation owners to eat at the masters table.

  156. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Every body is missing the point! This was an unselfish act by a person who didn't have to look sideways to help a broken black man child. Everybody is so caught up in white people jumping in to save a Black boy, where are the black people jumping in to save Black boys?

    I am a Black Woman and understand…well I guess most black people understand, but how many care? You can't get mad cause a white family jumped in to help when no one else did. There are way too many of our children being murdered (by others AND their own) and being put in jail for that to matter.

    This story is not just about white and black, it's about people stepping out of their comfort zone to help some one who needs to be helped.

  157. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    is this a joke? why can't society be happy for Michael instead of thinking up conspiracies and finding ways that Americans are "hurting" black people. Get over yourselves and be proud that Michael was able to get out of the slums and make a life for himself! The movie is not saying that salvation can only be achieved from being helped by a white rich family. It could have just as easily been any minority family. Again this is paranoia of the black folk that whites are always out to get them . What a touching story of Michael Oher and the kind Tuohy family.

  158. For God´s sake this is a true story. You are a sour, sad person.

  159. Why can't we all just take it as it is? Why do you guys exert so much effort in looking for something negative in a truly positive story?

    Oher would have never made it to the NFL if he was to be left unguided..

    White or Black, the family that took him in guided him to reach his potential.. nuff said

    This is about parenting and family life, not about race…


  160. Danny,

    Come on dude. Recognize? The whole story is about race. Read the book by Michael Lewis.

    Had a WHITE FAMILY not helped him out, Oher would be either dead or in jail.

    Black families tried to help him and merely left him with the intelligence of a sixth-grader.

    Anon before Danny…

    This is a true story??? No way. I have both read the book and seen the movie.

    I'm not sad, I just point out that white people saved Oher and Black people did nothing to help him out.

    End of story.

  161. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I saw the movie and read the book. I'm a teacher in a mostly black HS in Atlanta and will be using it as an assignment for reading choices, GOOD ONES! I have to wonder on those who complain or cry "racism" in this movie, what have THEY done to help ANY child ANYWHERE? Spare me!

  162. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I live in the Caribbean and I also just saw this movie yesterday. IT was absolutely one of the most uplifting and warming movies I've seen in a while. Let's not forget, this is a 'true' story. I am sorry to say, but some Black-Americans tend to focus so much on race and racism, that the sun doesn't shine for them…ever! Get a grip, get over your preconceived notions. This kids was "saved" from the death his neighborhood homies suffered (or did you not pay attention to the newspaper clippings at the end of the movie?). This is one victory, and for that, you should celebrate. Be proud. Anyone could have helped him. Black folks didn't do it. But a white family did it. So who cares what color they are? Good for them! Good for Michael! Oh, if "Black-America" were only so helpful to their own. Your idea of helping your own is to offer him/her to sell drugs and pimp the streets. God help you racist idiots. Why can't you just see this for the good, positive uplifting story that it is? And yeah, I'm black. So spare me, too!

  163. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I just watched the movie and also looked up Michael Oher on the internet. My opinion is that he was very lucky to have this family take him in (be they white, black, green). It is only sad, with so many young people (of every colour) without homes that more of us won't find it in our hearts to accept them and take them in.

  164. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Good God. If a white kid, black kid, red, yellow, or brown kid or a kid with two heads came to my door for help – I would help him. Sometimes things are just done because it is the right thing to do. Thank God Mr. Oher found a family to take him in and love him – does not matter their color or financial standing.

  165. This is not a racist movie. If anything it is a protest to the education system in America where so many black kids are potentially the next Einstein !

  166. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    If the "rich white family" had left Oher on the streets he would have eventually dropped out of school, never made the pros and who knows where he would be today. SBPDL needs to get away from the fact that his family is rich and white and get back to the fact that they loved him and helped him as if he were one of their own. Who cares what color he is or they are? SBPDL cares…I wonder why?

  167. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Yeah a white woman could take better care of him than his momma. She was a crackhead!! She wasnt even taking care of him. Ingnorant people infuriate the hell outta me! Who cares what color their skin was, the boy needed help and the Touhy's were the ones who helped him and loved him!

  168. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This is the saddest blog that I have ever read. The amount of idiocy that seems to come from the general public is what will be the demise of the United States of America, not the caring and generous nature of a family (regardless of race) to step in and care for a downtrodden teenager (once again regardless of race). I say this as a member of several different races. We are not separate, we are equal. I love my background, black and white and even Native American. I am not proud of everything all my fellow society members have done or are now currently doing, but I have seen the good in each and everyone. We all love unconditionally and are cabaple of great things. One is not better than the other and I am sorry SBPDL but you may state facts and statistics, but the conclusions you draw from them are not sound.
    You say the black man "is not capable" of caring for his own, that is complete and utter BS. There are many black families making a good and decent life in the US and the world(without being a football player). For the rest it is not about ability it is about desire and perseverance. Raising a child is a difficult task for any adult whether black or white or purple. Black people in today's America have every opportunity if they just work for it, most of us have to! We have affirmative action, and a plethora of minority scholarships and organizations to help fund education and support employment. It is up to black society to say that it is okay to want a better life than the one they have and it does not make them more white. Black leaders (Frederick Douglas, W.E.B. Dubois, Martin Luther King Jr. and hell even Bill Cosby) have been urging their society to embrace education and see that it is only by releasing the bonds of ignorance that can raise the black population to the level that white people take for granted. Being educated does not make them less black. It gives them a foothold to advance themselves, their families and their communities within society. If they chose,and strived for it, all black homes could be as bountiful and comfortable as the white home in the Blind Side, and they could take pride in themselves knowing they earned it! Once again on the matter that black men can't take care of their own… just because you say he "can't" do it does not mean that it ultimately becomes the white persons responsibility. There are a billion Chinese on the planet, they have more people to care for the rest of us, but that does not make it their responsibility to do so. That is the point of the movie. It was not this families responsibility that made them take him in, it was the compassion for a hurting human being. They may have helped him above and beyond the call of duty, but it was within their means to provide for him in such a manner, and when you love another person like family you typically give them all you can to see them succeed. And they did not do it because they were white or because they felt guilty but because they felt compassion. I know many black people and none of them seem as eager to dismiss the black community as this site seems to. They understand and see the HUMAN complexity and emotion from this movie. The black people I know are better than to allow race to interfere with seeing and doing what is right. And on a side note black people are not a subject matter to be studied and generalized. They are a vast and varied culture of PEOPLE, whose views and lifestyles are all different. So this site should be called "what a few black people don't like", instead of reinforcing negative stereotypes and images of/to black people everywhere.

  169. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Before you label this movie as racially biased propaganda, you may want to take your own "thorough" moral inventory. The very title of your Blog denotes cynical racism. Perhaps you, whatever race, creed or color you may be, are the racist. Maybe I should start my own Blog entitled "Stuff White People Don't Like" since me being white makes me an expert on the likes and dislikes of all other white people..Get a grip.

  170. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Let me ask you one question.

    Why does it really matter if it was a white or black person?

    Shouldn't the lesson be from this story that if you can and are able to take in a help someone less fortunate, maybe you should take a chance and change a life.

    Everyone should stop and look around at what is happening in the world, in our country. The dividing of the races causes more probelems than learning to live together. We are all humans, end of story!

    We can all make an impact on our society. an affluent black family can adopt and raise a white child and make a difference in their life just as well as a white family can do that for a black child.

    There is no "white guilt"! The past is the past. We have learned from our mistakes, thank God! It is what it is! Move on, live and learn and don't let it happen again!

    When you see a homless person give them your change, if you are able, become a big brother or big sister. How about taking in a city kid for the summer. Fresh air kids! bring them into your home, your heart. Who knows what they will do for you! Everyone and I do mean Everyone has something to teach us.

    Black/White…Please! Let it go! Agree to disagree and move on.

    This story was about a young boy who closed his eyes to a terrible life he was dealt! This boy new right from wrong and new that he did not want to be a product of his society. A member of his own community saw he had something to offer. Drove hime to a private school. The private school gave him a chance, offered their services to help him. But HE had to be willing to learn. He WAS! He took a chance and found someone that could help him make those changes.

    What has he learned? He knows the man he wants to be. He is a hard worker. He looks forward to one day being a Father himself and giving his child something he didn't have, a Father.

    Who cares how it happened! He made a difference, stop whining about the past, step up to the future and be part of the HUMAN RACE! Where color no longer matters!!!!!!!!

  171. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    AMEN…it's a great story and the color of the folks involved doesn't make it less or more great. Hats off to the Tuohys for their compassion and dedication to see this kid through to success. As one black voice amongst many this was a great story and I am certain that it is being repeated by both blacks and whites across the country daily but not nearly enough…

  172. i want a big teddy bear black man of my own!

  173. Racism is for ignorant fucks. We are all people and we all bleed the same
    When all racists are dead u will see how important your stupidity matters.I bet you all just cringe at our new president.

  174. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Why do we have to measure a good deed in a black and white metric? Why can a good deed be celebrated simply for what it is a good deed! Does every white person always need to have an impish ulterior motive when helping some one that is less fortune? Does a black child finds his mother’s love suspicious simply because she is white? Unconditional love if appreciated is just what it is unconditional.

  175. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I think maybe you wish you had been adopted by a white family.

    I don't have one solitary problem with the Tuohys reaching out to a hurting and broken kid -I'm grateful to them for doing so.

    A successful black woman raised and nurtured by a good black family

  176. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I think this was an awesome thing this family did for Micheal Oher. I think its a shame that more people with money dont do what they can to help the youth of our communities, but that would be living in fantasy land. This family saw potential and had a wonderful heart and that is a rare thing these days. Im am sure that all their intentions where for his good and not theirs. They helped a kid off the streets, gave him a home and a family that really loved him unconditionally, whats wrong with that? What does color have to do with it? Not one thing. The Tuohys are good people and God saw into their heart and Micheals and put them together.We all could learn something here, its all in the heart and what God sees! All things are possible with God!

  177. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I am a middle class white woman – 56 years old. You know – I grew up in Detroit – post riots, post civil rights era. I never lived or went to school with blacks or hispanics or asians until college. I have lived through the whole white/liberal/guilt era as well. If this had not been a true story, I don't think I would have watched it – in fact, I was not even interested in it at first. What? A rich white family raises a poor black kid who becomes some football star? Ouch – do we still make movies like this? But, it is a true story – and I think the lesson to learn from Mr. Oher and the Touhys is what can happen when one has the eyes to see someone's need and has the heart and the will to meet that need. And it is also about have the strength, grace, and will to receive help – not everyone can do that. I cannot change the world – but when some needs something, I can step up to it. I wept for relief and joy the night that Barack Obama was elected. Besides all of his other wonderful qualities, I think he is the man of the hour because he has the life experience to push us all toward each other – he has the experience of both the black and white worlds – unfortunately, still somewhat separated.

  178. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    For the few Black people who succeed in sports and get the push from the loving white environment like the family in The Blind Side, you have hundreds of stories like that of Reuben Houston.

    Houston is a Black athlete from Peachtree City (one of the best places to live in America).

    He was one of the few Blacks in the community of 45,000 and was beloved by all of the white families who looked after him.

    Thus, he vicariously lived through successful white families. Yet, upon going to Georgia Tech, Reuben blew at a shot at the NFL by integrating with the Black Thug culture of Atlanta.

    How about a book and movie about "The Rough Side"… a story about a Black Guy who have white families who loved him, yet embraced Black culture and eschewed white culture, thus costing him his future?

    For every Michael Oher, you have thousands upon thousands of Houston's.

  179. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Seriously, this is why black people have the stereotype you guys do! You are so judgemental against white people, its your own fault!! I come from a very well to do WHITE family, and sorry but if I were to see a person in distress regardless of their skin color I would help them out! I would have no problem letting a homeless CHILD sleep on my couch, and if he wanted to stay permenantly, that just means that I am doing something right! What the Tuohy's did was not out of guilt, it was simply a person reaching out to another person! What is being discussed in the "blog" is the most idiotic crap I have ever read! Maybe you need to open your bibles, and read a little bit, and maybe you will understand why they did what they did! Sorry but the truth does hurt! So next time you go to judging we wealthy white people, you better hope it is a really good reason, and not because we HELP PEOPLE OUT!!!

  180. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I just saw this movie recently, and I will now always have a soft spot for Michael Oher in my heart, and I commend the Tuey family.

    That being said, I have worked with, and been friends with, many people of various races throughout my life. The best friends I ever had who were black were from either the West Indies or Africa. The black folks I met from abroad never based someone's "worthiness" or "trustworthiness" on color, but rather the PERSON you were….your character and integrity.

    I was, I had thought, very good friends with some folks who were black who I worked with. I would have gone to any length to help them, or be there for them in any way. Then one day I was told by one of them, that the other had said, "Yea, she's cool, but at the end of the day, she's still WHITE." That, I will never forget, because it really hurt me. I never had seen them as "black" until that moment. Then, it became an obstacle that could not be overcome, because they didn't like ME really…they liked a portion of me. Black people from abroad never viewed friendship that way….you either were cool or you were not. End of story.

    I think a lot of black people in this country need to wake up and realize that many of us (white folks) are not out for some type of "guilt" redemption by doing something that is THE RIGHT THING TO DO. It's about being human – love for thy fellow man. Not love of thy fellow man because he can GET me something. Perhaps YOU are the ones with guilt. Guilt that you would not have done the same thing if you were in the Tuey's shoes, and anger because their kindness got Michael Oher to where he is today. Perhaps it's time for a bit of self reflection, and to quit blaming everyone else for the things you have failed to acheive. The only time you are unable to change your life and acheive something more is when you're dead.

  181. Amen…. well said…

  182. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I once told a black friend of mine that he was a racist because he called another black guy the N***** word. He responded to me that HE could not be a racist, that you had to be white to be racist. Got me to wondering if all blacks thought that way. If they do, then THEY are definitely racists. Anyone can be racist, regardless of their color. It's an attitude, people! And this blog is definitely an "I-hate-Whitey" racist blog!

  183. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Comments that this film is a plot of the WHITE man are pure ridiculous! Who cares if this family was white?! You should be glad that a family had the heart to give Michael Oher everything that he wasn't getting, to give him a chance at life (despite the color of his skin).

    And let's be real…he had NO one! His black family was not around and no other BLACK family took him in. So don't go making this positive and inspiring story into something negative! If we (black people) had our "you know what" together, there wouldn't be a need for a family to take in someone like Michael Oher. Black people need to get it together and take control of their lives.

    And let me just get this off my chest while I'm at it…I'm a math teacher at a school in a small rural town. The school is classified as having low socio-economic status.

    To all black parents…START RAISING YOUR CHILDREN!!! Not just (half-way) taking care of them but RAISING them, like back in the day! Parents are not investing in their children's education. It's like your children are not a priority! When I see 6 parents during progress report night and I have about 100 students, this is NOT right! Yall need to get your priorities together, stop letting your children grow up so fast and know all your "grown up" business. Because they come to school acting grown and telling all your business. Stop giving these kids "things" that they don't deserve. What ever happened to rewarding kids with their wants when they prove themselves through good grades and behavior! And have high expectations for your children; they will actually strive to meet them. And take your kids places and expose them to things. Even if you don't have a lot of money to go places, there are free activities in your city, you just have to actually look for them. Make reading important…they can go anywhere they want if they can read a book.

    Also, BLACK MEN need to step up and do better. Someone has to show young black boys how to be BLACK men! If men would spend less time on foolishness and grow up, then our boys would have more role models. Because we (black women) can NOT teach a boy how to be a man as well as a man can…period!

    Okay I'm sorry but I had to put that out there. I think we can do soooo much better! But I love MY black people and I LOVE the skin I'm in.

  184. i never realized there was still so much racism in america…

  185. Everybody has an effin' opinion. It's an inspiring TRUE story. Nough said. I LOVE MICHAEL OHER!!!

  186. Most of the people who posted on here are more racist than the white people they speak of. Shame on you!

  187. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The point is that these people took this kid in and made it happen for him. Who cares if they are white? They LOVED him. They made him their kid. Get over it. This isn't about being black or white. It is about being an irresponsible crackhead who makes 13 babies and then ditches them all. This is a true story, not a made up stereotype, and it is not just a jock story. Michael also graduated Ol' Miss with a 3.7 GPA.

  188. Patti LaBelle Saved my Life and I am White and was sitting in her crowd at a concert and she cried because I was so thin. She show me love crying over mye know I was sarving myself to look thin. I got help thanks to her singing There is a winner in you for me. As she cried I felt love my parents could not give me. I have since counseled Black, Chinese, Korean and many others children and adults gotten them help and to get them back their self worth. Just as this family did for Michael they showed him as Patti did me what they knew he was made of deep inside and unconditional love. They didn't see a color of skin they saw a youngman who had a need for a home and that his gentleness could never get him by in life without getting stucture to go with it. They did not do it for gain as Patti LaBelle did not cry over me to get applause from anyone the song was being dedicated to her firend dying of aids and her last two sister battling cancer yet she cried hardest over me. Since then we have talked and at her last concert she gave me the mike and I told a crowd how she saved my life and she told them how I have gifts to see and counsel people of all races. I do not see color Sandra Bullock Line says it all We aren't changing his Life He Is Changing Ours. SO EVERYONE THAT IS LOOKING FOR PLAYING A RACE CARD HERE SHOULD WATCH THE MOVIE OR LISTEN TO AN INTERVIEW WITH MR. OHER. OR SEE THE TEARS ON HIS FAMILY'S FACE IN PICTURES OF HIM. This world and mother nature is trying to tell us to wake up, so lets grow up also. God Bless. Linda H.

  189. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    What race is mankind? I did not know that a man and a woman in need is based on the color of their skin. Next time you want to be so hypocritical and racist about man helping man, get off you sorry butts (no matter what color it is) and truly reach out and help someone financially and spiritually with no expectation in return. "Shut up and quit your complaining" should be the words for the day for any color of the skin when it involves hatred and ignorance.

  190. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    These comments are ridiculous. Why can't people just focus on the positives of this story. It is a wonderful story for Michael, not the Tuoy's that inspires many to do more, not out of guilt but out of the pure goodness that exists in all humans! Shame on you all.

  191. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Its funny how this article portrays this movie as something somene wrote to somehow suggest negative connotation about the black family. This was a true story, and it was interesting one. A stereo type is something assumed, so therefore this movie does not portray any type of stereo type, it is based on fact. Michael Oher was a poor black teenager whos father was a dead beat and his mother was a crack head. A white family did open thier homes and thier hearts to him, and as a result of this he was successful. So dont be angry at the writers, because they didnt write this, reality and god wrote the story, they just put it on film.

  192. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Stuff Black People Don't Like— How about Stuff Americans Don't Like!!! And lets start with the racist stereotypes.
    And lets get real with the sad fact of the "crab in the basket" analogy. Black on black hatred is so prevalent in America that it seems futile to ever acknowlege a success story for anyone of black heritage.
    This story could be called EOF. And for you who are unfamilliar to the academic Dept's throughout America, its called the Equal opportunity Fund. News flash folks, there are millions of people, black, white, native american, latino who are assisted in their progress in life every year.
    I am a proud Black Man, and it is a damn shame how any black person reaches for the "quick fix" to simply blame whitey. If we all tried 1/2 as much as the refugee asian's who after a generation are putting their kids through Harvard, then the focus on who to blame would have a whole different meaning. Again, I'll reiterate sadly- the "crab in the basket" analogy. How sad but true. 2010 people- get real!!

  193. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Does it really matter what color the people are that helped him? What should matter is that he got the help he needed? It has always amazed me that people, regardless of race or color, can turn anything into a negative. I am a proud black woman and yet will never understand how most black folks think that they are owed something by whites because of things that happened 200 years ago. The white people walking around today had nothing to do with slavery. I know that there are still people who act a fool and think that they are better than people of color or people of a different race, but that does not describe the majority of people today. Some blacks want to blame slavery, white opression, or pretty much anyone but themselves for ghettos, gangs, or black men being incarcerated. Anyone who commits a crime should go to jail, regardless of the color of their skin. It is long past time for ALL people to take responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming everyone else. I personally have white and black friends and while there are differences in culture (just as there are differences in culture between the chinese, japanese, italians, irish, etc), they are all the same under the skin. We ALL bleed red. This is 2010 and as horrible as it was for some of our ancestors this is not the way it is now. It sometime seems to me that some black folks are the racists these days.

  194. Unbelievable people would try to turn this story into something negative. So what if the family had their own intentions, if everyone family, white, chinese, black, or whatever with the ability and means to take in an underprivileged child so many of our young brothers would not be in prisons. I applaud this family for what they done, all this child needed was love, guidance and stability and thank god they stepped up to the plate to provide it!

  195. wah wah i'm a victim, everyone at some point has been a victim.

  196. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    You are stereotyping yourselves by even having a website called "Stuff Black People Don't Like". Such is the case with most everything else you do, such as "Miss Black USA". If white people had one called "Miss White USA", you would be ALL over it. You have double standards, and you can't cast blame when you are guilty yourselves. It is not your job to judge others. You don't know the motives and intentions that lie in other's hearts, but God does. And He knows what lies in yours.

  197. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


  198. Michael Oher proved one thing no matter how bad the circumstances a good hard working person can rise above it and excel! This blog proves one other thing this is a racist web site!!!!!!!

  199. Whatever, blacks need to get over it. Oh, poor this and poor me that. Just shut up and stop sucking up welfare. Boo Hoo!

  200. This is the most ridiculous website ever! Thanks for the good laugh though…Hope the inventor of it never needs a hand.

  201. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This is such an ignorant, racist blog. Want to keep racism alive and well? Keep on bogging, idiots. Yes- children should be taken away from their parents if they are cracked out. What negative role does skin color play in this story? None. In fact it's realistic. How about taking responsibility for yourself? Is that something you don't like???

  202. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    WOW! You could have saved a lot of time and space by merely stating you are a racist and disagree with what the Touhy's did for Oher. I also noted a hint of envy for Oher as well. Your entire blog translated to how dare this white family do this for a black man!

  203. Dude you're pretty racist… and on top of that you're not even funny. If you're going to try to rip off someone else's idea (stuff white people like) at least have the decency to be good at it.

  204. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I hope God does not see color – only people and their true goodness. I hope one day MLK's dream will REALLY come true, and a description of a person will not be first stated as black, white, yellow, etc – but tall, short, honest, loving, or other descriptions that you could define a person you knew even if you were blind and could not visualize race. I don't understand how an act of such kindness could ever seem racist.

  205. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I agree, when each and everyone of us is asked "what is your race?", we should come together and state my race is "human", not black, white, etc. Can you all imagine if this spread and truly worked, what a different world we would be living in. One where everyone is equal. I understand people can be difficult and have their opinions sometimes regardless of what race they are, but come on something has to give at some point. Lets raise our children not to hear this and teach them everyone is the same.

  206. Last Anon,

    Everyone isn't the same. No two people are the same (not even twins).

    Even Barack Obama put "African American" on his census form… rebuking any notion of post-racial idealism.

  207. I understand why you would hope that God, and for that matter, people to not see "color". I would rather respect and honor each others color, race and culture, not ignore it!

  208. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I saw the movie and loved it. It's a story about opening your heart and the ability to love. As for the spin towards the mother versus the child, we know the obvious (the happy ending already) in the story is the portrait of the love of a mother for a son and the fight to make a difference in her child's life. The force behind what made him who he is today. His adoptive mother was a strong woman and pushed all three of her children to excel that is why she is portrayed as such. A mother's love goes a long way as portrayed in the story.

  209. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Anyone who tries to suggest that the story of Michael Oher is something other than a story of compassion between people, regardless of race, is a race baiter. The same people that stand for the ilk of other race baiters and the entire industry that has arisen – see Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, etc. The race baiters need conflict for their own success. Stories of compassion like this scare the race baiters to their bare bones because it takes away from the control they have over many in the AA community.

  210. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Wow! I had to finish reading this so I would get the "picture" so to speak.This post will be in 2 parts: I grew up in the projects and foster care, in Akron/Youngstown, Ohio. Then I was adopted into an abusive home. My biological mother was a prostitute because my birth father-her pimp did not want to work…Because I am stubborn (or is that determined) I had to fight every step of the way in my life for everything. Do you not see that Michael was quietly, fighting for his life? How many times are we offered help, but we stubbornly or pridefully refuse it? But more often do most of us not get out of our comfort zone to help someone else? How many times have you had the urging to do something…yet you do not follow through because of fear, uncertainty, they may say no…whatever—we all have many opportunities to become a hero…If we try to quietly help someone–they may become the next Attorney General–come up with a cure for cancer…if everyone did 1 act of kindness every day–how much would our "hoods" and communities be improved!!! We all have gifts and talents and experiences that can enrich other lives…we can always learn something from others. I may do something different than you–does that make me wrong and you right? No -it means we come at things from different perspectives-as long as NO ONE is getting hurt; there may be no right or wrong just different! This country was founded as a REPUBLIC–a melting pot of ideas, beliefs, and cultures….How many countries even today 2010 still actively capture and torture slaves? Too many to keep track of…In this country we have so many opportunities–most do not take them. For instance, our right to vote…How many Americans have died fighting for that right? TOO MANY!!! yet only a small percentage of persons do follow through with voting? Too FEW it is a shame. In so many countries persons have to walk for days to cast their vote…we need to go online or go to several buildings in nearly every city-show a picture ID and a piece of mail–we are now registered to vote…We as Americans and citizens of the HUMAN RACE need to get down and get educated on several fronts–then we need to get off our DUFFS and do something-vote responsibly-be heard, and make positive decisions for our families, four communities, for our state, for our country, now we can go and help others make a difference in our world…See how that expands outward versus becoming bitter/mean/hateful/and foolish-ignorance means we did not have the means/opportunity to learn–IN 2010; there is no excuse for foolishness !!!
    You do not think persons will personally sacrifice to help others? Well, we do not have cable, have very little personal debt, we go to library weekly to get books for personal interest as well as current releases and old journals of early Americans, etc. We do not have the funds for college–but we are self teaching ourselves and our children to read/and think/fell/ and inspire them to make a difference…By the way, we also personally sacrifice over half our income to help those who are going through Domestic Violence/Assault/medical crisis/military personnel returning from war and suffering from PTSS; At Risk Teens, and families in crisis…
    Helping Hurting Children & Their Families!!!

  211. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This is part 2: If they will even post both parts I will be surprised!

    We are sacrificing our personal time/funding so we can help inspire and encourage others to become a better young man or young woman–We have served every ethnicity in Ohio, met several families from 18 foreign countries–we respected each and every person and were enriched to see glimpse of their culture…we value life be it 3 days old, 98 years old, we are here to improve our world; we recycle and add no products to the landfills–we used cloth diapers when our children were younger-, we can vegetables so we are reusing our mason jars lots of times, we live simply, in a mobile home on rented property. We could have a home in a better neighborhood…but we choose to live simply so we can help others.I am inner city born and bred and I leave a very small imprint on my environment….I carry no consumer debt—I choose to rise above my past–to help other arise up from their pasts-to become better persons impacting our world—Does it really matter what race or political party I belong to?
    Michael had several choices along the way-good and bad..he could have said no; he could have stolen them blind…but I think he was at a point where he saw that lifeline that was Mrs. T. He bravely accepted it. I remember growing up and Mr. T. was the epitome in my eyes of a Positive, Strong man, who talked about his beliefs and lived them out; I look at Mrs. T. and I see someone to admire—but I also admire Michael for accepting that lifeline and making the best of it. He could have just floated through life in his new home–but he pushed himself. Anyone who has raise teenagers knows:
    YOU CANNOT MAKE A TEEN DO ANYTHING THAT THEY DO NOT WANT TO DO!!!! To the editor of this blog—if you are not doing 50% of what I am doing to make a positive difference, maybe you should go and do something constructive instead of polluting the world with your FOOLISHNESS and HATRED!
    Helping Hurting Children & Their Families!

  212. I find your blog racist. Stuff black people don't like. Who are you to assume that ALL black people have the same likes/dislikes? Why are you propogating stereotypes? What a VERY RACIST thing to do. Shame on you. I suppose that you're not really that unintelligent rather that you're like Ann Coulter- you're just looking for attention through controversy. Congratulations you've got it! You have ticked alot of people off! Notice I said people and not 'blacks' or 'whites' as I don't believe in colour coding humans or in linking traits/personalities to a certain racial group. You have seriously undermined yourself through this blog.
    Did you happen to know that Mr. Oher also received a degree in criminal studies? This is not about the perception that blacks can only find success in sports- that's your bias my friend.He chose of his own volition to continue in football, instead of pursuing a career in justice. Because he liked it. Who white black or green wouldn't want the opportunity to get paid well to do something they loved? No brainer there. And you know it really is actually quite 'heartwarming and touching' to know that there are good people out there and to know that this 'white burgoise family' gave Michael the support and unconditional love he needed in order to heal from the trauma of being raised in abject poverty by an addict. Notice addict, not black person as addiction has no face. What this movie hints at is that those who are more fortunate have a moral obligation to help those that are experiencing difficulties, point blank. I hope you learn something today.

  213. Austin, Texas. Twenty years ago….

    I ran a big-box retail store and had hired an attractive young black girl as one of our checkout operators. This girl was smart, efficient, and very proud of her heritage….proud to a fault (I know I'll hear about that!). All too many times she would come across as rude and indignant in her aloofness to our white customers, and I received a number of complaints about her attitude and coldness. Each time I would discuss this with her, and each time she said she would improve. This did not improve fast enough, however, so we had a very serious conversation about treating everyone equally (that being friendly, helpful, and sincere), stating that she would lose her job if we had just one more genuine complaint about her in this regard. We had actually grown rather close during these conversations trying to address and sort out the racial bias she showed to the whites….I actually said "you've GOT to get rid of the black chip on your shoulder and treat ALL of our customers well".

    Well, she got it! She miraculously became the best at her job, so much so that we promoted her to run one of our high-volume departments. She was conscientious, meticulous, and excelled at this new job, all the while enjoying her interaction with customers of all races. She was happy, caring, and, in general, enjoying her new life as a contributor in the real world….until….

  214. She made a mistake. We had advertised something at a certain price and a customer asked her if an item she had picked up was that adverised merchandise. Our girl said yes, she thought it was. A short time later, upon ringing up that customer, she realized that the item was NOT the one advertised but actually a much higher-priced one. Embarassed for having mis-spoke to the customer, she excused herself to ask upper-management if she could sell this higher-priced item to the customer for the sale price. I was away for a business meeting so our assistant manager got the story and told our girl to politely apologize to the customer, NOT sell the item for the sale price, and point out the actual item that was specifically advertised in the paper.

    She went back to her department, apparently debating how to tell the customer that she had erred, and decided to avoid the embarrassment by selling it to the customer anyway, without discussion of any kind.

    I heard of this later that afternoon (when I was reachable). My assistant told me that, when asking our department manager about this customer situation a short time later to see if everything had gone okay, she was told the story honestly, as stated above. I told my assistant to send our girl home, as she had disobeyed a specific direction by her boss, and that I would talk to her the following day.

    I let her go that next day, discussing the repercussions of insubordination, emphasizing to the young lady that if she did indeed want to avoid the embarrassment of having told a customer something by mistake and trying to correct it, she could have asked her boss to help explain it to that customer. I was distraught over this, seeing that this girl had come so far over the course of a year in so many ways. By the end of our final conversation she too was regretful and heartbroken, but truly seemed to understand why she was losing her job.


  215. She returned to her support base, whatever that was. Unemployment turned her down, as she was fired for cause. She got convinced by people she knew that it had to be a black thing, so a hearing was scheduled to determine the facts. Upon arriving at the hearing, in she walks being represented by a prominent black woman lawyer AND one of the local female leaders of the NAACP.

    Everyone is introduced, we all sit down. Our ex-employee sits smugly at the head of the table, me at the opposite end, my assistant alongside the left of the table, and the two representatives alongside the right. I am asked specific questions by the two noteworthy representatives, including "Did you not tell ***** that if she had even one more customer complaint she would be fired?" I answered yes, a year before. Then "It was in *****'s mind that to avoid a complaint she decided to satisfy the customer by selling the item at the price she had quoted", to which I answered that she had specifically been directed not to do that. Then race was brought in, the 'black-chip on her shoulder' comment. After explaining the history which led to the comment, then stating how the girl had seemingly understood and overcome her barriers, I paused, then sighed. I looked at the our ex-employee, then the two woman representing her, and said "Look….there's nothing racial here. She did a good job and had improved enough to get promoted to an important position in our store. Then, due to embarrassment or ego, directly disobeyed her assistant manager to avoid having to admit to a customer she was wrong. That's all there is to this". Then, looking directly at the NAACP rep, I said "I have always thought that the NAACP was a good and necessary thing to fight for the rights of blacks….legitimate rights. In my opinion, the worst thing that could happen is for you and your organization to let this girl think that it's okay to convert a legitimate firing into a racial issue….it's wrong, and what does this girl learn? That she's not responsible for her actions? That it couldn't be her, that it's a black thing? Doesn't this perpetuate the wrong idea? If this is what you do now, then the NAACP stands for the wrong thing, if anything at all. Don't teach this young lady that this is okay, because it is NOT".

    Well, to sum up, the hearing ended and we all went our separate ways. Later that afternoon I got a call from the female lawyer who informed me (first saying that she really shouldn't be making the call) that she and the NAACP rep would no longer be representing their client (my ex-employee), and she thanked me for my candidness at the hearing.

    Wow! Did this restore my faith!

    There is right and there is wrong, and I say that too many of us see things with shaded racial attachment either out of hatred or self-preserving necessity. Much of the world operates without racism or bias yet somehow the naysayers find it necessary to hurl their muddy interpretations or opinions to the wall, hoping it'll stick.

    Don't let it. Hurray for Michael Oher and the Tuoys!

  216. How can you tell a white owl from a black owl???
    The white owl says "Who", "Who"….
    The Black owl says…"Who dare…Who dare"


  217. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    SBPDL: Most of these people are too ignorant and oblivious to even understand the basic ideas this site is offering. Their liberal indoctrination is a mighty beast indeed.

    What all of you antis here fail to realize is this: we were all indoctrinated into the same thought control, propaganda…it's just that some of of have woken up to – REALITY. I watched the interview video above with the real family and even though I can understand the "big picture" of what SBPDL is trying to say…and it's true folks…I still can't help feeling happy for Michael. Sorry SBPDL.

    What does this mean? It means taking a story like this and seeing both sides is possible people.

    What if the world you think you know…the one you've been taught to believe…is not what you've been taught? What now?

    I agree with most of what this site/blog is about…it's just honest, real.

    Having said this, I don't hate black people.

    I just don't.

    But something has got to change…

    Keep telling like it is SBPDL.

  218. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This is a ridiculous post. I'm not white, I'm not black. I'm a minority. I saw the movie, and it moved me. Geez, whoever wrote this is a hateful person and really, as intelligent as he wants to make himself sound, is really moronic and ignorant himself. You are the reason there is hate in peoples hearts.
    This shouldn't be a site of "Stuff Black People Don't Like," it should be a site of "Stuff A Lonely Sad Black Person Doesn't Like."
    From the majority of what I read here, the people posting in opposition to you ARE BLACK!
    God forbid a HUMAN BEING actually has a heart to help another HUMAN BEING OUT. God forbid they're well to do, God forbid they're white and he's black.
    I pray to God you don't have children or are trying to teach them that you're point of view is right. Ignorance at it's finest.

  219. Wah, wah, boo hoo. I am an African American, shame on you whites, don't you know us black people are always the victims. Drama, Drama, boo hoo Wahhhhh!

  220. Who cares about what Black People like anyway? You all complain when you don't get it, and complain when you do.

  221. It seems to me that you are the racist. let it go. they happened to be white. he happens to be black. it actually happened. get over it and stop reaching! love sees no color. the only reason why racism exsists is because of people like you.

  222. I have a little advise for everyone. GET A LIFE! Michael Oher did.

  223. For all the black people that hate this movie, your just pissed off because someone didn't try to help you out. If your bitter over this movie, then you deserve nothing more in life but to be where you are. This movie is an inspiration for all people to help each other. It doesn't matter what color your skin is, if you are truely deserving, then you should be helped out once in a while. There are too many of you black people that think you should have everything handed to you because your ancestors were slaves. Get over it! Get off your lazy ass' and get an education no matter what. If you want it, you can get it. Don't sit around and whine about how bad your life is, do something to change it. You are the way you are because you don't want to make the effort to change it. It's too easy to sit back and bitch about it. When I hear people whine, I tune it out. Now if you want to show me how much you want to change your life by doing something about it, I'll listen. It's all up to you. Decisions yours.

  224. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I really enjoy reading these posts. The ignorance just makes me laugh and question, how can people be so stupid? I’m not speaking to those of you who embraced the story, I’m sorry not just a story but, something that actually happened. I’m speaking of those of you throwing some kind of race card into this. This was a family of humans helping another human and just because they happened to have different skin color, the white people are horrible persons for trying to help? Really? What if this movie was flipped and it was a black family taking in a white family and you saw all of the same posts flipped? Would the Black family be evil for helping the white kid? Think about that, I mean really think about that. Just imagine a site just like this for whites, saying the same thing about the black family helping the white kid that most of you are saying. This was a great form of humanity and I wish there were more families like the Tuoys, white, black, or whatever color.

  225. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I really enjoy reading these posts. The ignorance just makes me laugh and question, how can people be so stupid? I’m not speaking to those of you who embraced the story, I’m sorry not just a story but, something that actually happened. I’m speaking of those of you throwing some kind of race card into this. This was a family of humans helping another human and just because they happened to have different skin color, the white people are horrible persons for trying to help? Really? What if this movie was flipped and it was a black family taking in a white family and you saw all of the same posts flipped? Would the Black family be evil for helping the white kid? Think about that, I mean really think about that. Just imagine a site just like this for whites, saying the same thing about the black family helping the white kid that most of you are saying. This was a great form of humanity and I wish there were more families like the Tuoys, white, black, or whatever color.

  226. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I just watched this movie tonight and as a child that had a crack head for a mother, didn't know her father, lived in the projects, went days without eating, and had to dodge bullets IN my home when a drug deal went bad, when I had a home that is, and so on and so on, I thought this was an uplifting story about people helping people. I think back to all the hell I was put through as an innocent child and wish I had someone, anyone, to truly care for me. I am WHITE, but does that really matter? I was most of all a CHILD in need of love!

  227. How sad. I'm South African and was adopted by a white family whom I'm as close as blood to and in a country like mine, what they did was brave especially in 1974. Today I successfully run my own media agency at 35, once again in a country like mine that's an amazing feat. My alternative may have been great I'll never know, but because I had the luxury of private school education and attentive parenting I now am financially responsible for 7 kids who belong to my two sisters. Unless you've lived it you can't judge it. Don't be bitter, celebrate the generous 1% rather than celebrating mass ignorance. Just saying.

  228. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Just watched the movie the Blind Side,although my husband and I worked in Group Homes where we took in kids whos parents either didn't want them or couldn't take care of them, People always said that we wre special for taken in these young people and helping them turn their lifes around… always telling them that it was the kid that did it. this movie was very touching,knowing that there people out there that open their home and family to help Michael Oher. They wanted nothing for them just giving a home to a young man that had NO ONE to care for him. I give them 2 thumbs up. Because of them I'm sure that Michael will bea great role modle for other young kids, that grow up without leadership. Thanks for shareing Michael's story

  229. Michael Oher graduated from Ol Miss…..he did not just spend "a few years" there, but received a BS in Criminal Justice and graduated on the Deans list…..

  230. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Where were any of you enlightened African Amaerican souls when Michael was freezing by the side of the road? If he had not become successful, you wouldn't have had an article or movie to comment on, would you? In fact, unlike the Touhys, you wouldn't even care. Finally, why do you care what color he is?

  231. oh god what is wrong with the people who wrote this blog!!! what ever race a person is does not matter if a child needs love and care and they are willing to do the right thing for the childern i wish them all the blessings in this unkind world we need more caring andloving people that know race does not matter

  232. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    So sad that this story ever became an issue on a site like this. The article written sounds like a bitter, jealous person seething with anger from their own bad decisions. I love the Blind Side – Incredible movie and a must see – REGARDLESS OF RACE – GET OUT OF THE RACIAL RUT AND ENJOY being happy and caring about your brother / sister regardless of their skin color.

  233. You have got to be kidding me. What this website says is a joke. It's always something. They are criticizing a family for helping someone? Who cares about what color the family or Oher is–someone helped someone else in need.

  234. Brenda Bickerstaff Writes:

    I just saw the Blind Side Today, and I have read all the comments posted, and there is one key point that was overlooked. Many times when children are adopted through the Children and Families through out the world, the adoptive parents often does not want the child to know who their biological parents are, and in the move, Michael's adoptive mother challenge the adoptive agency and went to visit his mother. I thought that was a powerful connection between both Leigh Ann and his biological mother. Because many times it is a disconnect between the adoptive parents and the biological parents. I am a private investigator and I have some many clients who was adopted and later as adults they want to know who their biological family is and in the movie, even though Michael's mother had an addiction Leigh Ann did not want to separate her from her son Michael, and I thought that was very powerful because every person has a right to know their true identity and know where they come from and they have a right to make a choice if they choose to associate themselves with their biological family.

  235. im sick of white folks and blacks folks

  236. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This website is proof that racism is a 2 way street, i am a white student at an HBCU, i have a black girlfriend and all my friends are black, but would you believe that most of the racial comments i hear come from african-americans, not whites………so some white family helped a young black man out…big deal! why can't people just be happy for Michael? why do people insist on race being the first issue in this story. You want to concentrate on the fact that it was a white family…….but no one seems to think its a big deal that his mother basically abadoned him, and the system lost him for years…..this family did something great for that young man…….and you should all be ashamed that you can't just see the good in that………P.S. whoever said that the family had something to gain from Michael going pro must have forgotten that the man that adopted him owns like every Taco Bell and KFC within like 100 miles of Memphis. They didn't need the money….that was just a cheap shot….and you should be ashamed that you still think like its 1810 and not 2010.

  237. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, SBPDL, the liberal "headwash" is powerful indeed. ONE well-propagandized story of the success (with racio-sexual undertones, to be sure… it is after all a Hollywood production) of a person with black skin, and any further discussion about the engineered demise of the European American heritage is off the table. (All racial crimes against Euros don't exist; black degeneracy is really the fault of the Euros; etc., etc.) Why don't you stupid lemmings run off the cliff now… eliminate a bit of pointless CO2 production. LOL!!!

  238. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


  239. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I am a white male in my 40's. If I were in a position to help someone out being they were black, white, or purple, I would do so !!!
    I often hear people speak of "Don't hate",
    Why do people hate the family that has done this, and why can't they be happy for Michael??

  240. TORIE says: • Website

    While this story may be unrealistic, it IS true…No, you don't have to be taken in by a rich, white family to become successful, if you're Black-this is evidenced by TONS of successful Black Americans who were raised by Black families-but maybe this story really shows that we as Black Americans need to STEP-UP and help our own, so that white families like this won't have to! Yes, successful Black Americans are known for donating to charitable causes, but realistically, how many rich Black families have opened their hearts AND their homes to impoverished youths the way that the Tuohys did for Michael Oher?! If they would not have stepped-up for Oher the way that they did, then who would? I say KUDOS to the Tuohys for their incredible acts of kindness, and if it makes Blacks feel guilty for not giving a helping hand to each other, then to HELL WITH THEM!!!

  241. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I loved The Blind Side and to me it was only an inspiration for me to help others who need help in my community. If you want to make the movie into a racial issue that is your choice. However, I choose to not see these people in colors, but in how they treat each other. I choose to live my life based on who I am inside, rather than the color I am. Therefore, people respect me and befriend me whether they're black, white, pink, gray, purple, etc. Stop looking at everyone in color, but look at what is inside a person. Then you will truly be someone to admire. I hope the person who created this blog will read this and realize how incredibly immature/prejudice he or she is.

  242. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Why can't it just be that a family did a good thing for someone that was down on his luck. Quit reading such negative crap into it. Are you mad that someone didn't rescue you????? This family would've done it for anyone…black, white, red, brown, or yellow. They're just good people. Leave it at that. This was a good story, with a great ending. Get over yourselves.

  243. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Simple, a fortunate group of HUMAN beings were given the chance to help another HUMAN being in need and they did it with common sense. You know, that endangered resource where you use your intelligence, work ethic and empathy to fashion a successful life? Then, Michael Oher, being obviously full of common sense used it to help himself succeed. All other drivel is irrelevant and if more people just focussed on getting their crap together and using common sense they might be successful as well and make the world better for all.

  244. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The creator of this site is a racist idiot. This is one of the many reasons why racism won't die. As long as you're running your mouth, spewing hate, it will all remain the same. You should seriously find a hobby away from a computer.

    What exactly is the problem with a white family adopting a black child or vice versa? It's not about racism. It's about being human and helping someone who needs it. Some people can't have their own babies. That's why they adopt. I had 5 miscarriages before I finally got pregnant with my daughter. My husband and I were contemplating adoption and I didn't care what color that child was. I just wanted a child to love and nurture. What's wrong with that?

  245. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I'm sure Michael Oher thinks you racist blacks are idiots. There are good people everywhere regardless of color and The Touheys are good people. Get a job, stop leaving your families and be accountable for your actions or you're as bad or worse than all the ILLEGAL MEXICANS who take advantage of our country! Sorry ass MF's!

  246. Sandra Bulloch does have a sweet ass!

  247. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    anyone who can't find the postive in this story are just jealous!!!! how dare you be so insensitive! there are TONS of kind people in the world and think how lucky michael was to be given a break. are you pitying yourselves because you didn't get the same break??? get over yourselves and open your heart!

  248. stuff WHITE people don't like….idiots such as those who feel sorry for themselves b/c they weren't as fortunate as michael oher…or the many OTHERS both black and white who were given a break!!
    *and yes, what a STUPID blog!

  249. Oh my god! You people! Get over yourselves!!!! Does it matter about colour?! Really?! If it does with you, then you yourself can call yourself racist. A HUMAN BEING HELPING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING! BASED ON A TRUE STORY!!!!!

  250. Why is it so hard for black people to accept the good in most white people? Granted, not all white people feel comfortable around black people but isn't that true with all races to some extent.
    I am an Irish American but have never stepped foot outside America! My husband is German but again has never been out of America. My husband was not a Nazi and I was not a poor Irish immigrant that lost my land to the rich! Black people hold on to a past that they were never a part of and call white people racist when the truth be known, they are the most racist of all. They were never slaves, nor were their parents or grandparents before them but they hold on to that like it is a lifeline when in truth if they would let it go they would see that whites and blacks can live together peacefully and get along great! I have many black friends and I hope they feel as strongly about me.
    I believe the Tuohys took in a young man that needed love, not because he was black or a good athlete but because they saw someone in need and wanted to help. Why is that so hard for people to accept?

  251. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Thank God there are people in the world who do reach out and help others. Quite frankly, whether they be black, white or otherwise, I hope that more people will be willing to reach out to care for the many children in need of help (whether they need foster care or adoption). Right now, there are thousands of couples looking to adopt children (regardless of race) who are in need of homes. It can take a couple 1 to 4 years to receive a child; if an infant is put up for adoption (regardless of race) they are guaranteed to be placed with a waiting family. I'm sure that the children placed in waiting homes don't begrudge those who lovingly care for them or judge their adoptive parents as harshly as the author of this article. As a waiting adoptive parent, I personally can say that we want the best for our children & don't look at parenting as a means of profit in any way.

  252. I think anytine a person helps someone they don't have to help that's a good thing, and how many black famailies would have took him in not knowing anything about him or without expecting anything at all, I don't see the problem with these people giving him a good life, which I think he deserved.

  253. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I think you all should take a look at yourself i was raised by white and black and i will tell you dude your a ass you are just jealious you need to grow up …all my life i was called zebra,oreo,and whatever you need to quit being rediculous ,whites are no better then blacks and blacks are no better then whites.As far as i am concern you need to jump a is to short for this black and white deal,pull up our skin and we all are rede

  254. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Why must we be so idiotic? I am a Black American that was happy to see that someone took an interest in this person (black or white). The person that wrote this really need to stop hating. I am going to assume that because you felt so negative about this that you can show proof, via this site, that you have brought a number of Black Americans into your home and helped them get a start in life. What are you doing to solve the problem. We sure are good at identifying problems but can never come forward with a solution or a helping hand. Provide solutions not problems in 2011.

  255. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I don't see why a white has to adopt a black kid. White women are having enough black kids of their own. Besides, who do you think pays for all those food stamps, welfare checks, public housing, free medical, free school lunches, ad infinitum? How many whites have been denied jobs, professions, careers, et al because of affirmitive action, another name for racial discrimination?
    For whites the road to hell is paved with affirmitive action and welfare to the so-called minorities. "Minorities", you know that 92 percent of the world's population.

  256. I hv prayed for everyone that was negative, ur welcome-

  257. My question is: Why is it that "black" is capitalized and "white" is not by this writer?
    That is basically the basis of this article.

  258. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    In reality he taught himself about football, and had a lively personality and a foster mom who encouraged him. There were Blacks in his hood who inspired him ,but the move showed all the Blacks he encountered as mean,ignorant and the whites smiling and loving. It would have been nice to see an ambitious Black teen pulling himself up by his own bootstraps who meets others who assist him. If he were white I don't think he would have been portrayed as so brain dead/ void of personality.

  259. Why are his personality and ambition as well as positive Blacks he met in life ignored by the film producers. He says he was a football expert on his own. Why give whites the credit for this in the film ? IS it propaganda ?. Can we see a smart, ambitious Black man or does he have to appear nearly brain dead in order to appear non threatening ?

  260. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I'm black and I loved this movie, the book and the book that Michael Oher himself just put out. Like someone said above what isn't to like about this story? So what if it was a white family who took this kid in. My mom took in my older sisters best friend who was white after her parents kicked her out for being gay and THEN paid for her first semester of college! And we are hardly made of money, my mom gets no help from my dad and works two jobs! Who the hell cares if a black woman takes in a white girl, or a white family takes in a black boy…let's just be thankful that there are some people in the world who actually DO what others just talk about.

  261. What about the Cornbread???

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