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11-Year-Old White Boy Defends His Home with Machete from Black Home Invader in 70% White Mebane, North Carolina
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It’s time to admit large portions of the United States are no better off than 2019 South Africa (25 years after the end of Apartheid).

Mebane, North Carolina is 69 percent white and 24 percent black. It’s a city that’s been in the news of late because of a home invasion ending with an 11-year-old child striking (defending his home) the intruder with a machete.

What’s been largely left out of the news is the 11-year-old is a white boy and the 19-year-old attacker is black. [‘Let ’em have it:’ 11-year-old boy uses machete to stop home invader,, June 17, 2019]:

An 11-year-old boy is credited with thwarting an intruder with a machete while he was home alone.

The suspect, 19-year-old Jataveon Dashawn Hall, was injured after being hit in the head with the machete and is now in custody in Orange County.

Burlington Police Department got an anonymous tip the burglary suspect was at his parents’ home.

Braydon Smith, the boy who fended off the suspected burglar, says he was on the phone with his mom when the suspect entered the home through a window.

He spoke with ABC11 about how he fought Hall off.

“He pointed a pellet gun at me that was located in our house. I knew that it wasn’t loaded so I just sat down and got in my closet like he told me to,” Smith said. “He went into the living room to grab my phone to make sure I didn’t call the 911 or anything. When I saw him try to put it in his pocket. I grabbed my machete off of my wall and went to hit him. I hit him in the back of the head like right here.”

Smith continued by expressing his dissatisfaction with the suspect.

“You shouldn’t have done what you’ve done. You’re better off to get a job than breaking into other people’s houses.”

Smith says he bought his machete with gift cards some time ago and normally uses it to chop down trees. But on Friday, it was a self-defense weapon.

A lesson he says his dad, Christopher Smith, taught him a few years ago when thieves ransacked their home.

“If they come in the door, you let ’em have it,” Christopher Smith said.

Braydon Smith says he was hesitant–but he wasn’t scared.

“It went by really fast. I knew I didn’t have the time to think about what I was going to do. I just grabbed a weapon in the house and acted with it,” Smith said.

Orange County Sheriff’s deputies say Hall rushed himself to the hospital but refused further treatment and later escaped when he knew they were looking for him, investigators say.

With Hall in custody, deputies are looking for two of Hall’s alleged accomplices.

Braydon Smith told us he’d feel safer knowing the other two suspects are caught. But he’s ready to protect himself again.

“Always have your kids prepared for anything,” he stated.

Hall is now in the Orange County Detention center and is set to appear in court tomorrow. He’s charged with breaking and entering, second degree kidnapping, interfering with emergency communications and assault on a child under 12.

The Boy Scouts of old had a useful motto Braydon Smith understands perfectly: “be prepared.”

This is a motto all of white America must take to heart.


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  1. A spear would have been more appropriate.

    • LOL: Anonymous0619
  2. Waiting for the BLM outrage machine to start up:

    “Why dat whi boi gotta hit muh baby wit a mo’shetty fo? He dindu nuffin wrong! He jus’ tryin to get money fo skrool n sheeit!”


    • LOL: Augustus
    • Replies: @DINDUNUFFINS,esquire
  3. 95Theses says:

    I can see a future in the military, law enforcement, or martial arts for that young man. Gotta commend the parents – he’s certainly being brought up right in the way of refusing to be a victim.

    It’s just too bad that little Braydon didn’t have access to a sword instead of a machete, as the outcome might have been more lethal. Up until a couple months ago I would have been skeptical of this; but that was before I read the two stories in the links I’ve posted below. Now I am completely convinced of a sword’s effectiveness.

    WARNING: the second link contains some very graphic photos – definitely not for the squeamish.

    The Deadly Danger Of Swords
    2015, April 16 | Mike McDaniel

    Man uses katana to stop home invasion
    2015, April 11 | Brandon

  4. I am genuinely and pleasantly surprised that some shiester attorney or criminal black prosecutor hasn’t charged the kid and the parents.

    A civil suit will come, without a doubt.

    As will the retaliatory strike.

    • Replies: @Glock45
  5. anon19 says:

    “What has been largely left out of the news is that the attacker is black.”

    Of course the marxist mainstream media is going to do that…..BUT….WE…CAN…READ…his name – Jataveon Dashawn Hall.

    Thank goodness blacks insist of giving themselves such ridiculous and idiotic names.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  6. I’m glad the kid defended himself. I just wish the machete had hit the negroes neck and severed all the arteries there. It would have been a permanent solution with no danger of him ever coming back.

    • Agree: By-tor
  7. I know the name Smith is as common as it gets, but couldn’t the parents find something more respectful than “Braydon” for their future hero? He deserves much better.

    It’s essentially a white “Jataveon”.

    • Replies: @Jim bob Lassiter
  8. Good for him but if I were his parents I’d be looking to move. The fellas don’t like getting disrespected and will be back for payback. Don’t think the danger has passed.

    On a side note, is anyone else sickened by the “Central Park 5” revisionist fairy tale that’s being pushed? Those guys are absolutely guilty of brutal assaults and likely rape as well. Also I remember the saintly black community calling the rape victim a “white whore” outside the courthouse.

    There can be no peace with these creatures. I just want to be free of them.

    • Agree: 95Theses
    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @Mr. Grey
  9. I wonder what the black man’s father taught him? A 11 y/o white boy is as mature as a 40 y/o black man. How many blacks will buy a machete to chop down trees instead of robbing people with it?

    “You shouldn’t have done what you’ve done. You’re better off to get a job than breaking into other people’s houses.”

    A lesson he says his dad, Christopher Smith, taught him a few years ago when thieves ransacked their home.

    “If they come in the door, you let ’em have it,” Christopher Smith said.

  10. Segreg8 says:

    Just watch white boy will be charged with a hate crime.

  11. STFU says:

    The only problem with hitting him in the head with the machete is that he probably damaged his blade.

  12. Glock45 says:

    Uh oh! A white person defended themselves from a black criminal.

    Is that still legal?

    If it is, it probably won’t be for long the way things are heading.

    And Braydon Smith better watch his back. He has the whole (((MSM))) and their shitlib allies now watching him. And a whole lot of shitlibs out there would just love for something really bad to happen to Braydon and his family, for daring to defend himself, a white male, against a black criminal. Not to mention, “Jataveon” will probably be back on the streets in no time (if he isn’t already), given freedom to prey on more people. “Jataveon” and his buddies might very well to decide to pay Braydon another visit.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  13. Glock45 says:

    I am genuinely and pleasantly surprised that some shiester attorney or criminal black prosecutor hasn’t charged the kid and the parents.

    Give it time.

    They’re probably looking, in cooperation with Big Tech, for any “racist” tweets, Facebook posts, or posts on “hate sites” such as this one, to see if Braydon or anyone in his immediate family is a “racist.”

    If they find anything, they will definitely try to punish Braydon and his family.

    We can’t have whites defending themselves from black criminals, after all. Such recalcitrant whites need to be taught a lesson that that’s not acceptable. That’s not who we are!!

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
    , @RockinSockin
  14. It’s great to read some good news here today.

  15. @95Theses

    Swords killed people for thousands of years but became impractical with the advent of the firearm.

    Tactical advantage goes to firearms every time. The fact this particular miscreant was not armed and dismissed the kid as ‘harmless’ proved his undoing and left him with a part in his hair he won’t soon forget.

    A better ending to the story would have been an obit for the felon. Instead, he may not be so dismissive in his next encounter with a white youth.

  16. @anon19

    Thank goodness blacks insist of giving themselves such ridiculous and idiotic names.

    I was thinking the very same thing after I read your 2nd sentence, Anon19. It still doesn’t help for people who simply scan the headlines. Inside the story, the American Pravda will have to think of another way to hide race. It’ll just be “the teen” this, and “the teen” that, I guess.

  17. It’s pretty sad when an 11 year old, forced to defend himself with a garden implement, is then ’feel good’ story of the day!

    Kudos to the boy, though. Although small, his balls must be made of cast iron. To cleave the skull of an adult opponent surely isn’t the norm for a boy. Maybe it’s time it was.

    We’re returning to the times of ‘cowboys and indians’, where every person; man, woman or child, is a combatant. If you’re not shooting, you’re loading.

    I was thinking as I awoke this morning. It’s a time of mental clarity for me. I can see what many are saying. That we’re being led into a civil war. I can see that now. I always had my doubts before but the border, deliberately left open, unvetted illegals dispersed throughout the nation, police with their hands tied, blacks, browns and all sorts of illegals emboldened by the left…. Yeah, I can easily see it. It won’t take much to spark it out of control.

    Don’t know if it can be called a civil war but nomenclature certainly won’t matter at that point. It will be a merciless bloodbath when it comes.

    So harden your hearts, boys. A fights coming and you can’t afford to lose. But remember, the enemy is not just the guy in front of you.

    Save some ammo for their handlers .

    • Agree: CENTURION, bruce county
    • Replies: @UrbaneFrancoOntarian
  18. What a great story, though! It beats the hell out of “His name was …” (That’s not a criticism of Mr. Kersey’s writing, but just a comment on sadness and anger that you run into with the usual posts vs. this one. )

    We need more kids like this, and especially more Dads like this. I agree with the commenter above that says the family ought to move, though. It’s that or be very watchful for a long time. BTW, Mebane (a few miles W. of Chapel Hill and Durham, NC) is pronounced Meh bin – accent on the 1st syllable, weirdly.

  19. Loren says:

    46 Nigerian students graduate from Howard University, USA, Abike Dabiri-Erewa celebrates them
    a day ago 3511 views by Adeyinka Odutuyo

    – 46 Nigerian medical students have recorded an astounding feat of success in Howard University, USA

    – Of the 27 awards of excellence given at the prestigious institutions graduation ceremony, 16 were claimed by Nigerian graduates

    – An elated Honorable Abike Dabiri-Erewa shared the news on her social media page

    There is no doubt that Nigeria is truly blessed with a crop of young, vibrant and talented minds that continue to exhibit excellence in any part of the world where they find themselves.

    Such is the case of 46 Nigerian students, who recently made the bulk of the 96 medical students, that graduated from the prestigious Howard University in the United States of America (USA).

    Even more interesting is the fact that out of 26 awards of excellence that were given out at the institutions graduation ceremony, 16 were claimed by hardworking and well-deserving Nigerian students.

    READ ALSO: Nigerian student honoured with Governor General’s Academic medal in Canada

    It was gathered that the feat of academic excellence achieved by the student remains one that has never been recorded

  20. @It's all so tiresome

    There were vicious mobs outside the Manhattan courthouse. When the victim limped in to testify, the Good African Americans yelled “Slut! Whore! The boyfriend did it! You did it to yourself!”

  21. The Boy Scouts of old had a useful motto Braydon Smith understands perfectly: “be prepared.”

    A weapon within easy reach at all times will prevent your home from becoming your tomb.

  22. The boy went for the skull.  He should have gone for the nape of the neck.  Severing the scumbag’s spinal cord would have put him out of the home-invasion biz permanently, and if he got the nerves to the breathing muscles it would have been game over.

  23. @Glock45

    It is sickening to think MSM is going to paint him and his family in hateful light while championing the rights of this feral blcak savage. You wont here a thing about it on late night tv thats for sure…

  24. @Loren

    I’m sure there are other people that could do just as well, or better, but because of affirmative action were not allowed to attend Harvard. Can you prove that these graduates were not affirmative action students? Blacks and Hispanics are given acceptance above that of other people who had better scores. This is racism.

    Are these students going to stay here, or go back to Africa where their skills are needed? Most of the doctors over there tend to be white. Don’t you think it is time that blacks try to fix their own continent?

    Beyond my couple of complaints and affirmative action, if I were from Nigeria, I would also be proud. However, if I found out that any was an affirmative action student, that would take away from their honor because they got their admission because of racism.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter, anon19
    • Replies: @Patrialiberty
    , @AnalogMan
  25. Polemeros says:

    This is a racist lie.

    I have watched a lot of commercials for security systems that protect you from home invasion and not once has the invader been African-American.

    Only White guys do this. Just look at the TV. They’ll tell you.

    • Replies: @Jim bob Lassiter
  26. @Loren

    Well, it’s Howard after all.

    Wouldn’t take much manipulation to put the Nigerians near the top. Especially if it fits the narrative they seek.

    I’d suggest however, continuing your search for a primary care physician.

  27. Another off topic post…

    Shark tries Halfrican American for first time and spits it out.

    Come on… I thought it was funny.
    She will be the new talk show regular.

  28. Lesson number two: When you must use your weapon, finish the job.

  29. Anonymous[347] • Disclaimer says:

    From this day forward, as many others have suggested, this boy’s life is naught.

    If he was old enough to be tried as an adult, he would be already be arrested for a hate crime with people hard at work creating a social media backlog for him full of “hate speech” and racial epithets.

    Since he is not old enough to put away in jail (and get quickly dispatched by black inmates within), they will have to wait, but for how long? If they want to get back at him quickly, they can hire some local thugs to end his life in the more horrific fashion, with a bit of torture and rape of his entire family before the end comes.

    Or perhaps they’ll play the long game with him and slowly and methodically accumulate social media and other data on the boy as he grows up. If Braydon Smith’s life doesn’t crap out on its own and he ever has the chance to achieve anything for himself, that is when they will finally doxx him and burn his life and future to ashes. The Left never forgets–they will get back at this kid one way or another for daring to stand up to a member their protected class before he has a chance to go out in life and use the knowledge of the true realities of the world of to change things.

    • Agree: bruce county
  30. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    Who is killing the black trannies in MD?

    Sex work is currently illegal in both Maryland and Washington, DC.

    In DC, City Council member David Grosso has put forward a bill to decriminalize sex work in the city, with the aim of making it easier for sex workers to report violence to the police.

    “By removing criminal penalties for those in the sex trade, we can bring people out of the shadows, help connect them to the services they need to live safer and healthier lives,” Grosso said in the statement announcing the bill.

    Massachusetts senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren tweeted about Spears’ death, saying, “The murder of Black trans women is a crisis. We’ll fight this, and we will continue to say their names.”

    And the wiki for Fairmount Heights. More likely it’s Unfairmount Heights.

    There were 589 housing units at an average density of 2,181.5 per square mile (842.3/km2). The racial makeup of the town was 2.9% White, 88.6% African American, 0.4% Native American, 0.8% Asian, 5.3% from other races, and 1.9% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 8.1% of the population.

  31. Mr. Grey says:
    @It's all so tiresome

    I’m sickened by it. I understand Ava Duvernay, she’s a race hustler who knows her job. Ken Burns is another filmmaker who understands his role is to shape the American narrative. He is of that class that despises working class people and what better way to separate himself from the deplorables than to signal he is “not racist” by redeeming a group of vicious punks. Unfortunately there are many white Americans who feel the same way. They don’t have to live in black communities, they think they are protected from crime and want to assume anything bad about black people is really the fault of the great unwashed mass of racist deplorables.

    • Replies: @JR1967
    , @Augustus
  32. @Loren

    46 Nigerian medical students have recorded an astounding feat of success in Howard University, USA

    One of the dozen or so doctors in the clinic I use is a Nigerian. A sign posted at the front desk informs the patients of Dr Nigerian’s policy that prepayment of co-pays is required before seeing Dr Nigerian. The remaining doctors in the group collect co-pays after services are provided. Seeing as how only blacks use Dr Nigerian I’m flabbergasted there hasn’t been a social media firestorm about his policy. Give it time.

  33. NYMOM says:

    I agree with many of the posters here that this kid’s life could be in danger especially since his picture was posted….

    That family should move preferably to a gated community and their son should keep a low profile for the next few years.

    • Replies: @Jim bob Lassiter
  34. Update on Jataveon’s bond set in Orange County court yesterday:

    Hilarious finger pointing between UNC Hospital and Orange County Sheriff’s Office regarding Jataveon’s escape from hospital.

  35. My baby done be an honor stoodint an he done moved to New Yerk and wint to actors skool an learned how to be in da movies and gots him an agent who gits him a job in a telebision commercial for KOOL AID where he be married to a white woman an be in a big new fancy house an day be in dah kitchen making kool aid for day keeds an sheet an den next week he gone be in a TV ad for DOG FOOD showing him an his white wife as dey be playin in duh back yard with dare poodle dog.

  36. JR1967 says:
    @Mr. Grey

    Many of these White Americans you mention towards the end of your statement will be the same ones who will celebrate the day when their own race ceases to be a majority in this country.

  37. D-FENS says:

    I would hope he would AVOID the military or law enforcement. They are the PC enforcers of (((BRA))).

    OT – An off duty LA cop was involved in a shooting in a Corona, CA Costco. The cop was described as having a Mohawk style haircut, which made me think he was probably White. But after several days without the name of the cop (or any videos) being released and the media spinning the story that one of the victim’s who died “assaulted” (not even allegedly) the cop, I began to suspect the cop wasn’t White. It now turns out he’s hispanic. What’s interesting is that the LA Times will jump on a story about the cops stopping too many hispanics or arresting too many negroes, here they are spinning a narrative sympathetic to a cop.

  38. 95Theses says:

    Forgot to mention that the great Colin Flaherty featured this story in his latest video (courtesy of Flaherty mirror channel PghMD):

    Colin Flaherty: 11 year old white kid. A machette. A fella during a home invasion.
    2019, June 17 | PghMD

  39. @NYMOM

    It is highly doubtful that any of us here have any idea about the kid’s family or it’s economic ability to move to a gated community and if your moniker of NYMOM is an indicator, you probably don’t have a clue about the lay of the land in the Mebane, NC area.

    • Replies: @By-tor
    , @RadicalCenter
  40. There is a supplementary article in the Raleigh N&O that I failed to mention in #35.

    It is remarkably complimentary of the young man and also offers some insight on all the personal wealth and Huwhite privilege this mobile home dwelling family has. Look at the furniture in the kid’s room. It’s all particle board, but it’s clean and neat. The article deviates radically from the normal narrative style of the Raleigh N&O (and virtually all other MSM news reporting in America) , as its default reporting mode usually favors some SJW point of view or goes into the opaque journalistic prevarication by omission/obfuscation mode for reporting on this kind of event. That said, no Gonzo reader comments allowed at the N&O.

    • Replies: @Feedsackroad
    , @NYMOM
  41. luludog says:

    Now there’s news about an undercover dog-fighting ring in Florida that’s just been exposed by the NY Times. Before the news deleted the video, it showed a dog-fight in progress surrounded entirely by a crowd of blacks waving money. I guess the NAACP got to the Times before word got out about who the gang is really comprised of. Besides, I’m sure they will make the excuse that its just a “Black Thang”.

  42. @Jim bob Lassiter

    After reading the story I see the young man is no stranger to the baseball field. Instead of the machete too bad he didn’t grab the baseball bat. Game over.

  43. By-tor says:
    @Jim bob Lassiter

    They live in a mobile home park, and moving to a gated community would not be likely.

    The Afro kicked the 11-year old in the stomach. Too bad the boy did not get a nice and swift perpendicular strike to the Afro’s neck with the blade. But, the Afro bleeding and running off is a better outcome than what most white adults could have managed, especially given the pro-minority tilt of the white upper classes.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  44. @Reg Cæsar

    Not so fast Reg Caesar, Braydon has good solid founding stock tradition (albeit, slightly Americanized) behind it.

    “Braydon is an Americanized respelling of Braden. Braden is the transferred use of the Irish surname O’Bradain. The name comes from the Gaelic word “bradán” which means ‘salmon.’ ”

    Or if the Irish aren’t your cup of tea, we can go English.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  45. Put “Braydon” by itself in your Google search slot and you get a quickie dropdown prior to hitting search. Braydon Smith occupies number two position in that flash drop down. Remarkable. Let’s see how long that lasts.

  46. @Ex New Yorker

    That’s “skoo”, not “skool”.

  47. @Polemeros

    Yeah, but the switchboard boiler room full of security company heroes answering the phones look like the clerical staffing pool at the UN building.

  48. Joe C says:

    Very concerned that the Orange County DA’s office will go easy on Jataveon. Hopefully there are minimum sentencing guidelines. Orange is the most progressive county government here in North Carolina.

    Here’s the contact information for the office:

    • Replies: @Jim bob Lassiter
  49. Augustus says:

    Better to have an 11year old son like Brandon Smith (if I knew the young man I’d hang the nickname Carl on him, after Carl Childers), than one of America’s ‘new,’ sensitive males like David Hogg.

    I can’t help but be proud of this young man. If there was a video, we could all get copies and pass the popcorn.

  50. @Mr. Rational

    The boy went for the skull. He should have gone for the nape of the neck. Severing the scumbag’s spinal cord would have put him out of the home-invasion biz permanently, and if he got the nerves to the breathing muscles it would have been game over.

    Better luck next time. Maybe when he’s twelve. Going forward, I’ll bet that he gets laid a lot.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  51. Augustus says:
    @Mr. Grey

    “More rich cultural, full diversity of strength for the crew to experience on shore leave,” Jon Luc Picard. I always hated that old, virtue-signalling, pomous ass.
    2.9% white? They’re going to have trouble finding some old, senile white guy to blame for these murders.

  52. @Joe C

    Judges ostensibly have to follow minimum sentencing guidelines. DAs can only recommend sentences, but DAs conduct the plea bargaining process (assuming no trial, as is the case 95 plus per cent of the time) with the defense and then all go before a judge to present the plea. The judge can reject the plea (a somewhat rare occurrence) , in which case it is either quickly modified into something the judge will accept or the defense attorneys accept the rejection and proceed to shop for another judge on a future session of court.

    In any case, the Orange County Criminal Courts are , as you have correctly implied, very loose with the garbage on their dockets.

  53. NYMOM says:
    @Jim bob Lassiter

    The problem is now this kid’s picture has been shown all over the news along with his name and the perp knows where he lives. He might even know the schedule of his parents as he probably checked out the house a few times before breaking in…

    Additionally he had two others with him so at any point they can return and try to hurt this kid. Or another black person who sees him in a store or on a bus and recognizes him can attack this kid. I just think the parents have to lower his profile at some point and maybe send him to live with a relative for a while (hopefully in another state) until this blows over…

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
    , @anon19
  54. @Anonymous0619

    Uh-Oh that White Boi be culturally appropiatin’ a machete an sheit!

    • LOL: Anonymous0619
  55. NYMOM says:

    BTW, it’s even better I just realized he’s living in a mobile home. Just start driving to another location in another state, register him in new school.

    Better than a gated community…

    Before something else happens to him…

    • Replies: @Jim bob Lassiter
  56. @Loren

    All due to WHITE WESTERN EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE!!!!!!!!!!! So Nigerians made it ,big deal. And they get a hand up because of White altruism not because anything their own did for them or even their own country. Funny isn’t it. I don’t give a shit how many Blacks from where-ever receive this or that.It is all only due to the WHITE MAN AND WHITE WESTERN CIVILIZATION!

  57. @Loren

    I had to give this a second read.Thought it said HARVARD . Still,it’s only a matter of time.We are being “Common Cored” to the back of the bus. If you can’t raise American Blacks to the required standard,find ways to handicap the White students.Don’t matter to Uncle Fed how a state narrows that achievement gap.

  58. Augustus says:
    @Ex New Yorker

    Wow, yo son be the new, super smart and physically powerful black mainz. I bet duh boi buys you a new car out of state each year and has a white girlfriend in the capital DMV who retitles it in yo state. He a gut boi!

  59. @Jim in Jersey

    Totally agree with the comment.

    But WHY? What is the end goal? And who is setting it up? Who is benefiting?

    Being on Unz, I know the “Jews” and “white genocide” will be the first answer that pops up. Okay, but why?

    Is the plan to make the whites fight everybody else, and ultimately have the whites lose and be genocided? Is the goal to have the whites win, and the only way we can make tough white men again is through another conflict? Or is this simply nature’s way of curing a degenerate, loony, and excessive society? Maybe there is no conspiracy; rather the collective dysfunction of obscenely wealthy people simply leads down this road because it’s imbued in human nature?

    Either way… get armed and get defensive. The unprepared will not survive.

    • Replies: @NYMOM
  60. Augustus says:
    @Jim bob Lassiter

    Insult a Yankee, he gets a lawyer and sues, insult the Scots/Irish, and they get a gun.

  61. @Dr. Pepper

    I used the college race of student body checker from unz and the howard university is basically all black.95%
    So that’s how there were so many blacks.

    How can there be an all black medical school is the question??? But arguendo if there is one. Why so many Nigerians? The university needs to get tuition somewhere so international students who pay out of state tuition are key.

    And since I find it hard to believe in the competence of any black doctor given the iq distribution in that race, any special best student awards given to the Nigerians gives prestige to the government of Nigeria for free advertising for new international students.

  62. @NYMOM

    You don’t know too much about mobile homes either NYMOM. It’s very expensive to move them and even more expensive to move them great distances (especially across state lines). It’s also very hard to find new places to set them up in and if there is a lenders’s lien on them, it’s almost impossible to move them at all. The Smith’s may even own the land that their mobile home sits on.

    Besides, maybe the Smiths don’t want to run like a bunch of Yankee trash at Bull Run. It’s a Southern thing (albeit a dying tradition) and you just wouldn’t understand.

    • Agree: Augustus
  63. J1234 says:

    I’ve given both my son and daughter ceremonial swords a few years ago. Large and impressive, but not as effective as real swords, though they could be of some use in a defensive scenario. Afterwards I bought both my son and myself shorter swords with full tangs and completely sharpened blades. I guess you could call them machetes. He’s not old enough to own firearms, so this will have to do until he comes of age. Of course he doesn’t carry it, but keeps it in his room. I’ve been teaching him about firearms, and he’s shot .38 Specials, 9mm’s and .40 autos, all very effective defensive firearms. I hate to admit it, but these are skills he will need to know when he grows up.

  64. @Glock45

    You speak truth.

    That’s the hardest part about racial honesty is that anytime one shares the truth, the forces of evil align themselves to destroy.

    And I mean honesty.
    The media wants everyone to think that blacks are just like us, but they are not.
    They will spare no expense to present those facts, but never discuss the horrific rapes and murders of whites at the hands of criminal blacks.

    This kid did the right thing, but Mom and Dad need to get a Rottie and train it to protect with deadly force.

  65. NYMOM says:

    I think it’s the collection dysfunction of obscenely wealthly people which leads down the same road…

    I mean it happened before with Rome. Weren’t they destroyed eventually through ‘barbarbian’ invasions that time from the Eastern Steppes…

    Now we are heading in the same direction only this time the barbarians are hitting us from the South.

    Maybe it’s the fate of the Western world for some reason. We appear to hit the pinnacle of civilization only to have it torn down around our heads in a never-ending catastrophe…

    It’s our karma as they say.

  66. @Jim bob Lassiter

    I also think that the family would be wise to move reasonably far away when possible, gated community or not.

    Meanwhile, two large young dogs (safely trained) need to be in that household ASAP, and the kids should be trained in defensive use of firearms. Same things that we will be doing for our children’s safety at home, even without that horrific personal experience.

  67. anon19 says:

    Sadly i have to agree. The boy’s identity should have been protected but the media is too biased and irresponsible to do that. His family should move to another state and keep a low profile.

  68. OT: Jacksonville, Fla, legal firm recruits victims of apartment shootings in order to sue apartment owners for ‘premises liability.’ The full weight of the US government and every political subdivision thereunder is unable to control the unruly black mob yet private enterprises are expected to magically accomplish just that.

    ‘Jarring billboard on Jacksonville’s Eastside is turning heads’

    The advertisement is for a personal injury firm that has filed 8 recent lawsuits

    June 18, 2019

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – For drivers exiting the Mathews Bridge and heading onto Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, it’s hard to miss “APARTMENT SHOOTINGS” plastered on a nearby billboard.

    Neighbors first noticed the signage a couple weeks ago. But those who spoke Tuesday with News4Jax said they believe it casts their Eastside community in a negative light.

    Barbara Jones said the billboard, which caters to victims of shootings at Jacksonville apartment complexes, tells passersby that the area is dangerous and crime-ridden…

    The advertisement appears to be linked to one of the firm’s areas of practice: premises liability. Duval County court records show the firm began filing lawsuits related to apartment shootings/assaults in 2016, four of which were homicide cases…

  69. Augustus says:
    @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    Must have been one of those cheap machetes that don’t hold an edge. Instead of kudbey’s (notice I avoided the name) catalog, please get the kid a good machete, or a lawnmower blade that will hold an edge. Kid’s willing. Give him proper tools. That head should have opened up completely.

  70. @Augustus

    To be fair, a kid who uses his machete to cut down trees is not likely to always have it in a state of peak sharpness.  Perhaps his technique could use some improvement:  first strike to the head/neck, second to a leg or arm.  And KEEP STRIKING!

    One hopes that in any future confrontation, he has at least a shotgun rather than only a machete.  The perps should ALWAYS be favorites for the room-temperature challenge.

  71. @Augustus

    Like I said, the poor kid is only eleven. I don’t remember when my dad put my 20 gauge under the Christmas Tree, but it was probably when I was twelve. Imagine if the negro who crawled into the trailer through a window caught a load of bird shot in its face.

  72. yomama says:

    Way to go Bradyen!!!!! I’m sure you were probably scared, but you acted so bravely. There are so many people in this world who would rather rip someone off than work…..we must never let them win!

    I say, “Take away all of their welfare, food stamps, cell phones, etc. and MAKE them work. No work, no food or housing…..their choice”.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  73. @yomama

    I say, “Take away all of their welfare, food stamps, cell phones, etc. and MAKE them work. No work, no food or housing…..their choice”.

    If you try to MAKE them work, you will find they WILL NOT work.

    Not even at the cost of their lives.  They hate you more than they love to live, and they will starve to spite you.  Either that, or they’re just too fscking incompetent to do anything well enough to be worth feeding them to do it.

  74. It doesn’t matter whether Braydon lived in a trailer park or in a 20-acre mansion .He exhibited the kind of Courage ,fighting spirit and tenacity that today is missing in some men 3 or 4 times his age. His father at least is helping to raise him as a father should and is providing a roof over his head instead of depending on the gubmint to provide it for him . It is time we put our money where our mouths are and stick together. Can someone here that is good at these kind of things set up a fund for this family so that they can move somewhere safer?? I’m on a fixed income and will gladly contribute. We need to do the same for ALL of OUR community attacked by the media for defending themselves, home, or family and potentially losing homes and careers. Or for telling the truth. Let’s get started .

  75. @Glock45

    Too true, America is rapidly going the way of Rhodesia and South Africa.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  76. @RockinSockin

    Funny thing, though. Rhodesia and South Africa both fought the scourge of Marxist against what appeared to be an indigenous enemy making the claim seeming valid in its face. Africa for Africans was the message. Understandable. Simple. Easy for idiots and Hollywood to get behind. Evil white men stealing minerals from the downtrodden black man. It writes itself.

    In this case, we have a relatively small segment of the population demanding reparation with no proof other than skin color that they were oppressed. Hollywood and the usual idiots are trying to back it but I think even they’re having trouble convincing themselves that ‘America for blacks who have never been slaves and have been afforded every opportunity to succeed for the past sixty years without achieving a rudimentary milestone’ probably won’t sell well here.

  77. @Jim in Jersey

    We can HOPE it wouldn’t sell here, but we had same-sex marriage and tranny bathroom and locker room “rights” crammed down our throats anyway.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  78. @Mr. Rational

    Exactly! Crammed down out throats. Unpopular. Wildly divisive. It can’t and won’t hold for long. Social politics run their course and disappear. It may take longer than we want, but these are temporary realities.

    To push a Rhodesian style reversion to non-indigenous blacks would require no one to be armed and no opposition.

    It would also require those in power to show their faces and tip their hands as true enemies of America and that could prove fatal.

  79. CENTURION says: • Website
    @Jim in Jersey

    IT will sell here.

    PansyAss Lutherans, Methodists, etc will sell out their “souls” for the negro.

    Brain dead, vapid, desperate “white” women will give up their vaginas for the same reason.

    We whites will be oppressed and then used only for sex purposes (the white girls and gaysoy boys)

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey

    Wow. That’s a pretty dim view for a centurion. I think there’s a lot of fight left in the dog.

    Remember, it’s only a small percentage of men that actually get things done. The rest debate and wring their hands while thumping their chests crying foul.

    At Bull Run the retreating union soldiers collided with the picnicking spectators gathered to watch the battle. The useless still play the part of being useless.

  81. @AnalogMan

    They’re both institutions on an inexorable convergence of excellency so it doesn’t matter how you spell them.

  82. @Jim in Jersey

    Speaking of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa’s historical past, I’ve always wondered if the outcomes in both of these countries would be vastly different IF they were governed by leaders with a different mindset or mentality.

    I’m a big fan of What If analysis so I’d sometimes say to myself the following:
    1. What if Zimbabwe were governed by a man of President Vladimir Putin’s high esteem & technocratic competence? Would he have created an exploitative atmosphere where whites & blacks have tensions?
    I don’t think his authentic Orthodox Christian values would allow that. And let’s not even compare his humble values to a Cecil Rhodes or Ian Smith.

    2. What if South Africa were governed by a man of President Putin’s high esteem? Again, would his government have created an exploitative atmosphere where whites & blacks have tensions? Or, would there be peace similar to how the Russian government manages its vast territory spanning numerous diverse cultures?
    In other words, would a South African President Putin have steered that country to greater heights compared to Cyril Ramaphosa, Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki, Mandela, F. W. de Klerk, or P. W. Botha? Absolutely!!!

    1. President Putin and all other white South Africans/Rhodesians are of Russian origin — not Dutch or British where both possess a colonial mentality.

    2. President Putin is a uniter, not a divider like other corrupt AngloSaxon or black “leaders”. And most African leaders luv playing the tribalism card to divide their ignorant black sheep.

    I think exceptional leadership makes all the difference. If you have sh!tty leaders, you’ll definitely get sh!tty results. Moreover, if you have morally bankrupt & divisive leaders, you’ll get a divided country a la Zimbabwe or South Africa. Truth! Finally, it appears that white Russian leaders differ greatly from AngloSaxons in the exploitation and imperialism department. Yes??

    Food for thought:

    Many Russians look white. Most of them eat with knife and fork, they drink alcohol, excel at Western classical music, poetry, literature, science and philosophy.
    To Western eyes they look ‘normal’, but actually, they are not.
    Russians always want ‘something else’; they refuse to play by Western rules.
    They are stubbornly demanding to remain different, and to be left alone.
    When confronted, when attacked, they fight.

    source: Why the West Cannot Stomach Russians

    Ten Good Reasons to Hate Putin

    Putin: The Man Who Stopped Washington’s Regime Change Rampage
    “It is essential to provide conditions for creative labor and economic growth at a pace that would put an end to the division of the world into permanent winners and permanent losers.” -VP

    The Latest Globalist Accusations Against Russia are Preposterous, They Now Include ‘Racism’

    Foreign World Cup Fans Share Their Impressions of Russia – Very Revealing (Russian TV News Video)

    As Venezuela Festers, Russians Wake Up to America’s Blind Hate

    Putin Explains Why He’s So Polite When Western Elites Are So Rude to Him

    Why Does the American Establishment Hate Russia So Much?

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