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"English for the Children" Initiative to End Bilingual Education by June 1998
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For those of you who haven’t previously heard, we are in the process of placing an initiative on the June 1998 ballot which would more-or-less end “bilingual education” in California once and for all. The program have been a disaster, the legislature has been gridlocked for ten years, and a statutory ballot initiative is necessary to finally solve the problem.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the current system of teaching English to children in California public schools has an annual failure rate of 95%! Immigrant parents in Los Angeles and elsewhere have even had to begin public boycotts of schools in order to try to pressure school administrators to teach their children English rather than Spanish.

Our initiative is currently awaiting title and summary at the Attorney General’s office, and the signature drive should begin around the beginning of July. If any of you wish to help put this initiative on the ballot or support our efforts in any way, just send us an e-mail, or get more information by visiting our web site at Also, send us the names of any other individuals who you think should be put on our e-mail distribution list.

Help get the word out, and this next school year will be the last burdened by the failure of bilingual education.

Let’s get the job done!

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