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Will Congress and Trump Declare War on WikiLeaks?
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The Senate Intelligence Committee recently passed its Intelligence Authorization Act for 2018 that contains a chilling attack on the First Amendment. Section 623 of the act expresses the “sense of Congress” that WikiLeaks resembles a “non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors and should be treated as such.” This language is designed to delegitimize WikiLeaks, encourage the federal government to spy on individuals working with WikiLeaks, and block access to WikiLeaks’ website. This provision could even justify sending US forces abroad to arrest WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange or other WikiLeaks personnel.

WikiLeaks critics claim that the organization’s leaks harm US national security. However, these critics are unable to provide a single specific example of WikiLeaks’ actions harming the American people. WikiLeaks does harm the reputations of government agencies and politicians, however. For example, earlier this year WikiLeaks released information on the CIA’s hacking program. The leaks did not reveal any details on operations against foreign targets, but they did let the American people know how easy it is for the government to hack into their electronic devices.

For the last year, most of the news surrounding WikiLeaks has centered on its leak of emails showing how prominent Democrats worked to undermine Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. In order to deflect attention from these revelations, Democrats, aided by their allies in the media and even some Republicans, promulgated a conspiracy theory blaming the leaks on Russian hackers working to defeat Hillary Clinton. Even though there is no evidence the Russians were behind the leaks, many in both parties are still peddling the “Putin did it” narrative. This aids an effort by the deep state and its allies in Congress and the media to delegitimize last year’s election, advance a new Cold War with Russia, and criminalize WikiLeaks.

If the government is successful in shutting down WikiLeaks by labeling it a “hostile intelligence service,” it will use this tactic to silence other organizations and websites as well. The goal will be to create a climate of fear to ensure no one dares publish the revelations of a future Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning.

Some have suggested that criticizing police brutality, the surveillance state, the Federal Reserve, or even federal spending aids “hostile foreign powers” by weakening the people’s “trust in government.” This line of reasoning could be used to silence, in the name of “national security,” websites critical of the welfare-warfare state.

By labeling WikiLeaks a “hostile intelligence service” and thus legitimizing government action against the organization, the Senate Intelligence Authorization Act threatens the ability of whistleblowers to inform the public about government misdeeds. It also sets a precedent that could be used to limit other types of free speech.

President Trump should make it clear he will veto any bill giving government new powers to silence organizations like WikiLeaks. If President Trump supports the war on WikiLeaks, after candidate Trump proclaimed his love for WikiLeaks, it will be further proof that he has outsourced his presidency to the deep state.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, along with notable whistleblowers, foreign policy experts, and leading champions of peace and liberty, will be addressing this important issue at my Institute for Peace and Prosperity’s conference on Saturday, September 9 at the Dulles Airport Marriott Hotel in Dulles, Virginia outside of Washington, D.C. You can get more information about the conference and purchase tickets at the Ron Paul Institute.

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Deep State, Russia, Wikileaks 
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  1. Speakers at the 2017 Peace and Prosperity Conference include Scott Ritter and Phil Giraldi, And then there’s Julian Assange. And, last but not least, from the home team, Lew Rockwell and Dr. Ron Paul himself. Will Assange be arrested as part of the entertainment? … or is he speaking by some kind of closed circuit arrangement? Rockwell is still just a kid, but I have to doff my cap to Dr. Paul who is a bit older than myself … and still a superstar attraction!

  2. lavoisier says: • Website

    Trump is easily manipulated because he does not read.

    He is barely literate, and it makes him an easy mark for the neo-cons.

  3. Brabantian says: • Website

    With all the evidence in our faces that Julian Assange & Edward Snowden are total frauds, hoaxers run by the US intel agencies, pumped by the CIA’s own core media outlets, it’s amazing we still have articles like this helping to hype these two frauds. There is zero that is real about these guys.

    With the absurd story that the Rothschild-lawyered Assange is ‘living in a closet at the London Ecuador Embassy’ for a number of years … and ‘still there’ for no reason tho the fake ‘Swedish rape charges’ were dropped … apparently moved in & out by UK MI5-MI6 when the coast is clear, Assange just there for photos & meetings … Assange looking quite dapper despite his ‘closet’ existence … he apparently actually lives at a UK country house with a friend of the Rothschilds

    Zbig Brzezinski & Bibi Netanyahu, both admitted that Assange is a fraud; plus Vladimir Putin hints he knows his guest Snowden is a fraud, Snowden who is also tied to the Brzezinskis, plus to Dick Cheney, with Snowden laughably claiming he first ‘leaked’ to Cheney’s friend & biographer Bart Gellman at the CIA-tied Washington Post … before getting pumped by the ex-gay-pornographer & Rothschild employee Greenwald … funded by CIA billionaire & Ukraine war criminal & now internet censorship sponsor Pierre Omidyar… much more re the Snowden hoax run by US intel, also touching on Assange:

    Amongst the many proofs Assange & Snowden are frauds, is the key item that both of these anti-9-11-truth, intel fraud kids, totally refuse to say anything about the files they both have, on the corruption of USA 4th Circuit Virginia federal judges, the same judges who ‘would put Assange & Snowden on trial’ … files that would, in other words, totally block the extradition of Assange or Snowden, yet Assange or Snowden say nothing about them … there was a court filing in England made with those files in 2016 … a case highlighting how Assange & Snowden actually betray other people to be extradited to the USA:

    Those files also point to how Edward Snowden & Julian Assange can actually be said to have triple paedophile connections: (1) They pump the paedophile-preferred Tor browser (2) They are supported by the USA ACLU who supported the ‘Man Boy Love Association’ (3) Assange & Snowden both praise, & both were promoted by, CIA-tied news sites UK Guardian & NY Times, both named in the above UK court filing as taking bribes to create fake news in child-rape-tied crimes

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  4. @Brabantian

    … plus Vladimir Putin hints he knows his guest Snowden is a fraud.

    Yet, for some odd reason, VVP chooses to let his ‘fraudulent’ guest stay forever, thereby helping his dear friends in CIA perpetrate a psy-op?

    Likely story!

    • Replies: @TACAMO
  5. If President Trump supports the war on WikiLeaks, after candidate Trump proclaimed his love for WikiLeaks, it will be further proof that he has outsourced his presidency to the deep state.

    Assange had better be worried now. How does Trump usually treat his political ‘friends’? Go ask Flynn, Bannon, …

  6. TACAMO says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    Yet, for some reason Snowden hasn’t been exploited for a spy swap. Even whites with good hearts have to do their job once in a while; you’re fooling yourself if you think Snowden playing “From Russia with Love” is fueled with altruism and good notions in either party.

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