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President Trump: Cancel Your Saudi Trip, Play More Golf
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President Trump is about to embark on his first foreign trip, where he will stop in Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican, before attending a NATO meeting in Brussels and the G-7 summit in Sicily. The media and pundits have loudly wondered why hasn’t he gone on a foreign trip sooner. I wonder why go at all?

What does the president hope to achieve with these meetings? This is a president who came into office with promises that we would finally start to mind our own business overseas. In December, he said that the policy of US “intervention and chaos” overseas must come to an end. Instead, he is jumping into a region – the Middle East – that has consumed the presidencies of numerous of his predecessors.

On Saudi Arabia, President Trump has shifted his position from criticism of the Saudi regime to a seemingly warm friendship with Saudi deputy crown prince Mohammad bin Salman. He has approved weapons sales to Saudi Arabia that President Obama had halted due to Saudi human rights abuses, particularly in its horrific war on Yemen.

While visiting Saudi Arabia, one of the most extreme theocracies on earth – where conversion to Christianity can bring the death penalty – President Trump will attend a meeting of Muslim leaders to discuss the threats of terrorism and religious extremism. No, not in Saudi Arabia, but in Iran, where Christianity is legal and thriving!

Perhaps President Trump’s flip-flop on Saudi Arabia was inspired by the ten separate Washington, D.C. public relations firms the Kingdom keeps on the payroll, at a cost of $1.3 million per month. That kind of money can really grease the policy wheels in Washington.

From there, the US President will travel to Israel. Does he believe he will finally be able to solve the 70 year old Israel-Palestine conflict by negotiating a good deal? If so, he’s in for a surprise.

The problem persists partly because we have been meddling in the region for so long. Doing more of the same is pretty unlikely to bring about a different result. How many billions have we spent propping up “allies” and bribing others, and we’re no closer to peace now than when we started. Maybe it’s time for a new approach. Maybe it’s time for the countries in the Middle East to solve their own problems. They have much more incentive to reach some kind of deal in their own neighborhood.

Likewise his attendance at the NATO meeting is not very encouraging to those of us who were pleased to hear candidate Trump speak the truth about the outdated military alliance. We don’t need to strong-arm NATO members to spend more money on their own defense. We need to worry about our own defense. Our military empire – of which NATO is an arm – makes us weaker and more vulnerable. Minding our own business and rejecting militarism would make us safer.

Many pundits complain that President Trump spends too much time golfing. I would rather he spend a lot more time golfing and less time trying to solve the rest of the world’s problems. We cannot afford to be the policeman or nursemaid to the rest of the world, particularly when we have such a lousy record of success.

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
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  1. What does the president hope to achieve with these meetings?

    Ask Kushner.

  2. Tony says:

    Yo Paulie, youre misleading us by telling us that Christianity is thriving in Iran. Not quite. Its tolerated but still considered a threat to islam. Try going there and start to actively convert people. You will be taken prisoner.

    • Replies: @MEexpert
  3. MEexpert says:

    You have no idea what you are talking about. Thriving does not mean you have to convert anybody. If christians are allowed to practice their faith in Iran that is fine with me. For your information, there are also more Jews in Iran besides Israel. More than any other Muslim country in the Middle East.The only faith that threatens Islam is the Wahabi faith.

    • Agree: truthtellerAryan
    • Replies: @Tony
  4. Tony says:

    Youre no middle east expert if you think Iran is a good place to be Christian. It sucks. Not as bad as Saudi Arabia but it still sucks. Maybe you think Wahabi is the only threat to islam but its not what the mullahs of Iran think.

    • Replies: @jtgw
    , @MEexpert
  5. jtgw says:

    Paul’s basic claim that Christianity is doing better in Iran than in Saudi Arabia is correct, but only because Christianity is completely outlawed in SA, while it is tolerated in Iran. However, I agree that the comparison was slightly misleading when RP pointed to the fact that conversion to Christianity is a capital crime in SA, because conversion to Christianity is also a capital crime in Iran! The only conversion allowed in Iran is conversion to Islam; otherwise, you are expected to keep the religion of your ancestors. Even then, only Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism are tolerated, while other minority religions like Bahaism are not.

    Having said all that, I do agree with Paul that our ME policy makes no sense. We are allied with the most intolerant Muslim regime in the region, one which deals with domestic political threats by exporting extremist Wahhabism throughout the Muslim world and funding terrorists throughout the world, including the 9/11 hijackers. I’m not saying we should suddenly ally with Iran, just that it would make slightly more sense than allying with SA. Iran is currently not funding rabidly anti-Christian terror groups, the way SA and the Gulf states are backing ISIS and al-Qaeda. What we should do is not ally with anybody in the region and be strictly neutral.

  6. The only thing that keep the house of Al Saud standing is the U.S.A. It’s one of the most oppressive and closed societies today, maybe second only to N. Korea. But they have oil (it’s ours actually), they are only custodian. So whatever they do, together with Israel, we ignore it, we praise them and arm them. They both keep our arms industry afloat, one pays a hefty price, the other gets it for free. Both of them have made us spend trillions of $ to fight their imagined “ENEMIES”. All of the so called our “enemies” have their origins from these two countries (ISIS, Al-Qaeda, MOSAD connected terrorists etc..). Iran has never invaded any country in the area (last Iranian invasion was over 270 years ago). Iraq, which invaded Iran with military support from most of Arab countries, led by SA, Kuwait, and all Western powers has a legit interest in Iraq than any other country, and we handed it to them. Which fool will refuse such an offer?
    Then candidate Trump, with all his “hands off” proxy wars promises seems to melt away as POTUS. Can we really get out of this endless circle? Won’t get fooled again?
    The visit are just to pay homage, nothing will change…..Playing golf would be less expensive and way safer for America and the world………..

  7. MEexpert says:

    Youre no middle east expert if you think Iran is a good place to be Christian. It sucks. Not as bad as Saudi Arabia but it still sucks.

    How do you know? Have you lived in these countries? I have been to Iran and have lived in Saudi Arabia. I know first hand how the Christians are treated in both countries. You have been drinking too much of neocon Kool-Aid.

    Maybe you think Wahabi is the only threat to islam but its not what the mullahs of Iran think.

    Again, you have no idea what the mullahs of Iran think. Furthermore, this statement doesn’t even make any sense. Are you implying that the mullahs of Iran think that wahabi’s are not a threat to Islam? Then why are they fighting Al-Qaeda and ISIS? Unless you think that Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Saudi Arabia are the standard bearers of Islam. If you do, then you have absolutely no clue as to what Islam is?

    • Agree: truthtellerAryan
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