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North Korea or Iran…Where Will President Trump Attack First?
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President Trump seems to be impatiently racing toward at least one disastrous war. Maybe two. The big question is who will be first? North Korea or Iran?

Over the past several days President Trump has sent two nuclear-capable B-1 bombers over the Korean peninsula to send a clear message that he is ready to attack North Korea. On Saturday he blamed China for North Korea’s refusal to cease its missile tests. He Tweeted: “I am very disappointed in China… they do nothing for us with North Korea, just talk. We will no longer allow this to continue.”

One press report from an unnamed Pentagon source claimed that President Trump “is to order a military strike against North Korea within a year,” after this weekend’s North Korean test of a longer-range missile.

Iran, which along with North Korea and Russia will face new sanctions imposed by Congress and expected to be signed into law by Trump, is also in President Trump’s crosshairs. He was reportedly furious over his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s certifying that Iran was in compliance with the nuclear deal – even though Iran was in compliance – and he seems determined to push a confrontation.

Twice in the past week the US military has fired at Iranian ships in the Persian Gulf. On Tuesday an Iranian military ship in the Persian Gulf was warned off by machine gun blasts from a US Naval vessel. Then on Friday the US Navy fired warning flares toward another Iranian ship operating in the Persian Gulf.

Imagine if the US Navy had encountered Iranian warships in the Gulf of Mexico firing machine guns at them when they approached the Iranians.

Facing new sanctions, the Iranian government announced that it will not end ballistic missile testing even under US pressure. The missile program is not a violation of the P5+1 Iran deal unless it is specifically designed to carry nuclear weapons.

So whom will Trump attack first? Let’s hope nobody, but with continuing pressure from both Democrats and Republicans over the unproven “Russiagate” allegations, it increasingly looks like he will seek relief by starting a “nice little war.” If he does so, however, his presidency will likely be over and he may end up blundering into a much bigger war in the process.

Although Trump’s bombastic rhetoric on Iran and North Korea has been pretty consistent, the American people voted Trump because he was seen as the less likely of the two candidates to get the US into a major war.

A recent study by the Boston University and the University of Minnesota concluded that Trump won the most votes in parts of the country with the highest military casualties. Those most directly suffering the costs of war were attracted to the candidate they saw as less likely to take the US into another major war. These are the Americans living in the swing states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan that surprised the pundits by voting for Trump over Hillary.

Will Trump’s legacy be blustering us into one or two wars that will make Iraq and Afghanistan look like cakewalks by comparison? Millions dead? It’s time to make our voices known before it’s too late!

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Trump will attack Iran first.

    Duh, China. Duh, money.

    At this point in time, with the avalanche of bought-and-paid “journalism” anti-Iran, it’s the classic no-brainer. No-brainers being a class of intellectual endeavor frequently visited by Mr. “Blood from her whatever” Trump.

  2. neither. both of those countries are back by china and russia. north korea would never happen no matter what, unless usa wants war with china. russia will 100% step in for iran, even more than syria.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I’ll cast my vote for North Korea. Four or five nukes à outrance will do the job with no casualties and minimal disruption.

  4. epnngg says:

    “Any man (or country) who proclaims violence as its method is inevitably forced to take the lie as his principle.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    On through the darkness, foolishness, and hubris that is the US Empire.

    Where are the statesmen who value diplomacy over the disaster of destructive war?
    They no longer exist.

  5. Hopefully the men in white coats will carry Trump off before he attacks either, but seriously, although Trump’s staff have to humor him for now, surely they will have to take the remote control away from him if he gets close to doing anything that imperils the whole world.

    After all, we have already had a kind of silent military coup d’etat with a General taking over the running of the White House and kicking out one Trump’s holy madmen. And it seems that the military is going to do nothing to kick out transgenders, even though the Commander in Chief has tweeted that it shall be so.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  6. What’s truly surreal is that Neolibs find this side of Trump to be least problematic.

    It’s when he talks of peace with Russia and pulling back the empire that the Neolibs fly off the handle and go nuts.

    Trump eases things in Syria… The Neolibs are furious.

    Trump threatens war with Iran and NK. Neolibs are silent and hopeful.

  7. KenH says:

    Twice in the past week the US military has fired at Iranian ships in the Persian Gulf.

    Sounds like the Gulf of Tonkin all over again. If we can’t find a pretext for war then we’ll engineer one and blame the other party.

    Since we usually go for the low hanging fruit my money’s on another false flag chemical attack in Syria so we can oust Assad and cross one more name off the list of people our ally and shining democracy in the middle east hates with a passion. Assad has met his match in Nimrata “we know” Haley. Most of the blustery rhetoric of late seems directed towards Assad and Iran.

    It will be framed as a war to protect women and children as it always is. Anyone who exhibits dissent or skepticism will be shamed and brow beaten into submission. It will also serve as a nice little diversion from the legislative setbacks Trump has experienced. But it very well could wreck his presidency.

    These are the Americans living in the swing states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan that surprised the pundits by voting for Trump over Hillary.

    The hoi polloi in flyover country are only good to fight pointless wars for the MIC and Israel and pay taxes. Nothing more. They should be humbled to offer up their fathers, sons and daughters to another reckless, war mongering and draft dodging president.

  8. nsa says:

    Zero chance of an attack on Korea……nothing in it for the vile jooies and loathsome zios who are not into wasting their US asset outside the ME. Think about it……..

    • Replies: @Herman Stottmann
    , @Moshe
  9. @Jonathan Mason

    Is it Trump himself who is the problem? I mean, it’s not like this trend of war making didn’t start long before him. Would a President Pence be any different? I doubt it, I really do.

  10. Realist says:

    What ever Trump does, the decision will not be his. The Deep State will let him know what to do to further their quest for total world hegemony. Trump is only their sycophant whether he knows it is any
    ones guess.

  11. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Unfortunately the drumbeats seem to be getting louder, ratcheting tension up higher and higher. One hopes that it’s all negotiating bluster but it’s not clear to the average observer what’s really taking place behind the scenes. Are we really headed for war? Both DPRK and Iran are large countries with substantial populations and capabilities, both able to defend themselves. Any conflict would have unforeseen consequences that our brilliant planners can’t know ahead of time. A war against either of them could very well end in a stalemate, most likely, or an outright defeat. It would be a good way to deplete our treasury, get a lot of people killed and destabilize the entire region. A defeat would be the signal event for a rapid American decline with all the financial and social pressures within coming to a head. The US is currently a balancing act; something like this would upend it disastrously. We’ve had a good thing going for us here in the USA; thanks for destroying it.

  12. @nsa

    Israel does have a strong interest in North Korea. Their main concern is that North Korea will sell nuclear technology to other countries in the Mid-East and they will lose their Upper hand with the nuclear arsenal that they are in procession of. Besides what difference to them if the US spends $Billions of dollars and the death of our troops.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  13. MEexpert says:

    IRAN, because Israel, Saudi Arabia, the neocons, the war party, and the Military-Industrial-Complex want it. Furthermore, they don’t gain anything from a Korean war. But think about Iran war and you see OIL.

    So it is OIL the way to Iran.

  14. virgile says:

    The drums are just making noise and filling the media that want to corner Trump in making a foolish move.Tillerson is the secretary of state, he is a wise man and if he is nor forced to resign, he will not allow a war to start anywhere.
    Nikki Haley is a neocon in disguise, a vicious war monger with the ambition of taking the place of Tillerson. Trump should kick her out NOW, before she contributes to bringing wars.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  15. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Herman Stottmann

    Sounds like an interest in a very round about way. Besides, if that is their main worry than Pakistan would top the list.

    I doubt America could fight a 2 front war. So to me it is all about which proxies America can push the furthest as America does not want to get its hands dirty.

    That’s why they are pushing China to handle N Korea and why they are using proxies in the ME to fight the Syrian war.

    This way they can fight multiple wars at once.

  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Nikki Haley is a neocon in disguise, a vicious war monger with the ambition of taking the place of Tillerson. Trump should kick her out NOW, before she contributes to bringing wars.

    True, but too late. Haley is unassailable.

  17. Sorry folks. This is all just more noise to appease the chattering class. Something D. Trump has been doing since he started his run for President. No war. Anywhere.

  18. Moshe says:

    Well, it’s a week later and I assume by now you’ve found a way to say that it IS in fact the (((jooies))).


    You don’t seem very bright so let me help you.

    It distracts from Israel so the (((zios))) will get away with lots and lots of things. Which is why they captured the alt-right candidate – through his vile (((daughter))) to start a war right away.

    Also the jooooooes are international waf profiteers so they prefer a war far from israel so that brainy people like you won’t notice (but you will!)

    Furthermore, they want Trump to go, so they blah blah blahd.

    Also, they love dead people so… blah blah blah.

    Also, they want total world war so that rhey can more easily take over afterwards.

    Also they can fake another holohoax

    Also because they secretly believe that some south korean tribe is Jewish so they won’t to use them to bolster israel’s denigraphics

    Also it doea sonething something something with iran and/or russia etc.

    I offer these to you free of charge.

    You must be embarrassed at saying:

    Zero chance of an attack on Korea……nothing in it for the vile jooies and loathsome zios who are not into wasting their US asset outside the ME. Think about it……..

    But the wool shalt be remivws from thine eyes and thou shall see the truth and be saved.

    Choose one or two (or make up a new one) and then understand why war with north korea was the only option.

    You canbdo it. I have faith in you

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