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Fascism: A Bipartisan Affliction
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If neoconservatives and progressives truly understood fascism, they would stop using the word as a smear term. That is because both groups, along with most political figures and commentators, embrace fascist ideas and policies.

Fascism’s distinguishing characteristic is a “mixed economy.” Unlike socialists and communists who seek to abolish private business, fascists are content to let business remain in private hands. Instead, fascists use regulations, mandates, and taxes to control business and run (and ruin) the economy. A fascist system, then, is one where private businesses serve politicians and bureaucrats instead of consumers. Does the modern American economy not fit the definition of fascism?

Fascism benefits big businesses that can afford the cost of complying with government regulations, unlike their smaller competitors. Big businesses, which have more political influence then entrepreneurs or small businesses, also significantly benefit from government subsidies. In order to maintain their power, big businesses finance the “deep state” — the network of lobbyists, journalists, think tanks, bureaucrats, and congressional staffers who work behind the scenes to shape government policy.

Obamacare is an example of fascism that is often mislabeled as socialism. Obamacare did not create a government-run “single payer” system as would exist under socialism. Instead, Obamacare extended government control over health care via mandates, regulations, and subsidies. The most infamous part of Obamacare — the individual mandate — forces individuals to purchase a product from a private industry.

Modern America’s militaristic foreign policy aimed at policing and perfecting the world is another example of fascism that enjoys strong bipartisan support. Both right-wing neocons and left-wing humanitarian interventionists claim our supposedly noble goals justify any and all actions taken by the US government. Thus, these supposed human rights champions defend preemptive war, torture, and presidential kill lists.

Many politicians supporting a militaristic foreign policy are more concerned with spreading largesse to the military-industrial complex than with spreading democracy. This is why some supposed free-market conservatives sound like Paul Krugman on steroids when discussing the economic benefits of military spending. Similarly, some anti-war progressives will support large military budgets if some of the money is spent in their states or congressional districts.

Mass surveillance and limits on personal freedom are additional hallmarks of fascist regimes. While there is a movement to “reform” the police state, few want to abolish mass surveillance, civil asset forfeiture, police militarization, and other police-state policies adopted in the name of the wars on terror and drugs. The federal government has even used force to stop people from selling raw milk! Attempts by progressives to silence political opponents are more examples of how many supposedly anti-fascist Americans are embracing fascist policies.

The growth of the welfare-warfare state has been accompanied by an increase in presidential power. This centralization of power, and the support it receives from the political class, is one more indication of the fascistic nature of our current regime. Of course, many in Congress will fight to rein in the executive branch, as long as the occupant of the White House is of the opposing party. Even the fiercest opponents of excessive presidential power instantaneously become lap dogs when their party wins the White House.

For all their alleged anti-fascism, today’s neoconned conservatives and progressives both support the use of force to reshape society and the world. This is the defining characteristic not just of fascists, but also of authoritarians. The true anti-fascists are those who reject the initiation of force. The true path to real free markets, peace, and individual liberty starts with rejecting the bipartisan authoritarianism in favor of the non-aggression principle.

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Fascism 
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  1. the Paul fools’ age is over

    Nobody wants to live in their dildo-ocracy anymore

    • Replies: @jtgw
  2. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says:

    No, I’m the only true fascist.

  3. jtgw says: • Website

    What makes you think we live in a Paul “dildo-ocracy”? The whole point of this article is that we don’t live in a libertarian, free-market society, but an authoritarian, corporatist and fascist one.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  4. Hbm says:

    Forever a holier-than-thou gadfly wonk; forever accomplishment-free.

    Libertarianism is for smug, impotent masturbators and Paul is their king.

    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
  5. Ron Paul u r great sage politico wish u were pres. Lo Stato Corporato Benito Mussolini wrote this book it mirrors western style economies of the 21st century. Corporatocrocy this is how it is both parties endorse it and so do most political forces in Europe. Its also called the Washington consensus hence ur r so spot on. Still wish u were pres. they really robbed u of that .

  6. @Hbm

    Unlike so many politicians who haven’t worked an honest day in their lives, Ron Paul is a doctor who has delivered thousands of babies. That’s an accomplishment in itself. It’s true that when in Congress he was blocked on most of the libertarian agenda, but his campaign has inspired a whole generation to should “End the Fed!” Centuries from now, when the corrupt Bushes and Clintons are long forgotten, Paul will be remembered as an American hero.

  7. woodNfish says:

    Agree, but corporatist is just another word for fascist.

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I wish Ron Paul had run for president !

  9. Ivan K. says:

    Fascism’s distinguishing characteristic is a “mixed economy.” Unlike socialists and communists who seek to abolish private business, fascists are content to let business remain in private hands.

    False. I’ve lived under socialists and communists. Private business was generally growing. The communists completely controlled the political & economic system and failed to abolish private business for decade after decade.
    That nothing in socialism is inherently against private property was explicitly argued by, for example, an eminent socialist and economist Branko Horvat. Google and you’ll find direct quotes.

    Obamacare is an example of fascism that is often mislabeled as socialism. …. Modern America’s militaristic foreign policy aimed at policing and perfecting the world …. Mass surveillance and limits on personal freedom are additional hallmarks of fascist regimes….

    In Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, the state called the shots and the corporations obeyed as the state’s servants. In America today it’s the opposite.
    What makes Obamacare fascist?
    The fascist were patriots, the current power elites are anti-patriots.
    That’s why I think Ron Paul makes gross distortions in this article.

    • Replies: @jtgw
    , @falcemartello
  10. jtgw says: • Website
    @Ivan K.

    Big business spends a lot of money essentially bribing politicians to pass laws in their favor. But note that the businesses have to spend money. If power emanated from the businesses, they would simply pull guns on the politicians and make them pass laws for free. So no, sorry, government is still the problem.

  11. @Ivan K.

    Ivan K under Mussolini and Hitler the oligarchic industrialist wrote the rules and the state interpreted them justlike it is today in the western world TTIP TPP Free Trade its all the same. The Corporate Stae is the title of the book.

  12. Professor Paul Gottfried has recently published his book on Fascism which was reviewed in this organ. He concluded correctly that the term really only refers to Italy between 1922 and 1943 and involve the fusion of ideas about the corporate state and Roman Imperial absolutism.
    Ignorant and dishonest people use it as a term for things they do not like.
    One of those ignorant and dishonest people is Ron Paul.
    Thank God, this twit never became President.

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