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What if the Children Dying in Gaza Were Jews?

Let’s do a thought experiment and imagine that the Arabs had gotten the better of the Israelis in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War and after years of conflict, all that was left of Israel was the Gaza strip.

Assume for a moment that instead of Palestinians, over 1.8 million Jews were crammed into the 11 mile Gaza strip and the state of Palestine, subsidized and supported by a superpower, was administering the calories to the Jews in Gaza, keeping them to a limit of 2,300 a day.

Imagine that instead of Palestinian children, it was Jewish children living under a Palestinian embargo that denied them toys, books, music and until a few years ago, even pasta. How do you think the world would react? Imagine if it were Palestinian commandos who had assaulted a peaceful cargo ship attempting to break the embargo to bring supplies to Jews in Gaza, killing nine, including one American. Do you think 85 US Senators would have signed a letter supporting the embargo on Gaza and the deadly attack on the cargo ship if that ship had been on a humanatarian mission to help Jews in Gaza?

NBC correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin reported first hand the death of four boys playing on the beach in Gaza. “The attack – and its heartrending aftermath – was witnessed by NBC News. Moments earlier, the boys were playing soccer with journalists on the beach. The four victims were named as Ahed Atef Bakr and Zakaria Ahed Bakr, both 10 years old, Mohamed Ramez Bakr, 11, and Ismael Mohamed Bakr, 9.” Ayman Mohyeldin, who is Egyptian-American, was later ordered by NBC to leave Gaza.

Glenn Greenwald reported that, “numerous NBC employees, including some of the network’s highest-profile stars, were…indignant,” and that Mohyeldin had been removed from Gaza allegedly due to pressure from Neo-con quarters which claimed Mohyeldin had been soft on Hamas.

It’s almost impossible to imagine that Mohyeldin would have been replaced if he had been reporting on the death of four Jewish youngsters at the hands of a Palestinian gunboat. What we see repeatedly in Gaza is how the media values Palestinian lives differently than Israeli ones.

The day after the attack, Samantha Power, US ambassador to the United Nations, began her comments this way:

“The United States is deeply concerned about the rocket attacks by Hamas and the dangerous escalation of hostilities in the region. In particular, we are concerned about the devastating impact of this crisis on both Israeli and Palestinian civilians.”

It’s unimaginable that if a Hamas rocket had landed in a park and killed four Israeli children that Ms. Power would have begun her remarks this way:

“The United States is deeply concerned about the Israeli incursion into Gaza and the dangerous escalation of hostilities in the region…”

Why is this inconceivable? Because Ms. Power and the government she represents support Israeli apartheid and simply do not value the lives of Palestinian children the same way they value the lives of Israeli children.

As reported by MSN, CNN reporter Diana Magnay was removed from Gaza because:

“Magnay was reporting live on the air as a group watched the Israeli bombardment of Gaza around her. After the report was over, she wrote on Twitter: ‘Israelis on hill above Sderot cheer as bombs land on #gaza; threaten to ‘destroy our car if I say a word wrong.’ Scum.’ CNN said in a statement Friday that Magnay was referring specifically to those who threatened her. CNN said the network and Magnay are sorry if anyone was offended. The network said Magnay has been reassigned to Moscow.”

If the people on the hill above her had been Arabs cheering on a Palestinian artillery battery hammering Jews, would Ms. Magnay have been reassigned to Moscow for calling those who threatened her ‘scum’? Unlikely.

World renowned Israeli novelist Amos Oz, who supports the war calling it “justified, but excessive”, asked the following questions during an interview to explain why he supports the Israeli offensive:

QUESTION 1: What would you do if your neighbor across the street sits down on the balcony, puts his little boy on his lap, and starts shooting machine-gun fire into your nursery?

QUESTION 2: What would you do if your neighbor across the street digs a tunnel from his nursery to your nursery in order to blow up your home or in order to kidnap your family?

Maybe the question for Mr. Oz should be: What would you do if your entire neighborhood was forced to live in a giant outdoor prison where your children were denied books, toys and forced to live on a bare minimum of calories? Would you fight back? Would your rhetoric become extreme?

Over 400 hundred Palestinian children have been killed during the current fighting in Gaza, children who during their short lives had been denied the basic necessities for having committed the crime of being born in the land of their ancestors. No one had more of a right to live in Palestine than did those children, yet Bob Scheifer of CBS News said the following:

“In the Middle East, the Palestinian people find themselves in the grip of a terrorist group that has embarked on a strategy to get its own children killed in order to build sympathy for its cause – a strategy that might actually be working at least in some quarters.”

Scheifer can only blame the Palestinians for ‘provoking’ the IDF.

Of course in Europe, the coverage is somewhat more balanced, but Roger Cohen of the NY Times let’s us know what’s behind that. He begins by quoting poet James Lasdun, “There is something uncannily adaptive about anti-Semitism: the way it can hide, unsuspected, in the most progressive minds.” Then Cohen continues, “…the war has also suggested how the virulent anti-Israel sentiment now evident among the bien-pensant European left can create a climate that makes violent hatred of Jews permissible once again.” What Mr. Cohen is saying is that if one applies the full measure of moral outrage towards the Israeli slaughter of children, as the Europeans are doing and the Americans refuse to do, then you are toying with anti-Semitism of the National Socialist variety.

A good example of Cohen’s logic at work was when Jimmy Carter used the word ‘apartheid’ to describe the situation in Gaza and was branded “dangerous and anti-Semitic” for simply stating the obvious.

While there has been some limited criticism from the United States regarding the Israeli invasion, no one should doubt who is calling the shots in the US/Israeli relationship. During the last conflict in Gaza in 2009, Condolezza Rice was going to vote for a UN resolution calling for a cease fire but Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert would have nothing of it. He explained what happened in a speech:

“When we saw that the secretary of state, for reasons we did not really understand, wanted to vote in favour of the UN resolution … I looked for President Bush and they told me he was in Philadelphia making a speech. I said, ‘I don’t care. I have to talk to him now’. They got him off the podium, brought him to another room and I spoke to him. I told him, ‘You can’t vote in favour of this resolution.’ He said, ‘Listen, I don’t know about it, I didn’t see it, I’m not familiar with the phrasing.’ He gave an order to the secretary of state and she did not vote in favour of it – a resolution she cooked up, phrased, organised and maneuvered for. She was left pretty shamed and abstained on a resolution she arranged.”

Who decides when a child deserves books, toys, and pasta or is better served by an artillery barrage? Mr. Netanyahu and his accomplices in the American government and media have no doubts about who deserves what.

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143 Comments to "What if the Children Dying in Gaza were Jews?"

  1. @Yitzhak Yergacheff

    Israel is defending Western Civilization? Ha! Israel cares only for itself.

    If the native people of Palestine were Christian (and many were) or European, non-Jewish Americans (and some who have been murdered by Israelis have been) the Zionist Jews from Europe who created Israel would have expelled them or killed these gentiles without a second thought. Why? They’re not Jewish.

    Either you IN the exclusive Jewish club or you’re not.

    Israel’s ‘special relationship’ with America is all about what our powerful and wealthy nation can do for international Zionism. That’s all that’s ‘special’ about this concocted alliance. America gets nothing from this fake love affair. It’s an arranged marriage with a rabbi officiating and Zionist lobbyists passing out money.

  2. Tenet says:

    @John Jeremiah Smith

    2,279 calories is not enough when you are doing manual labor all day. Especially not when you are denied the machinery that could help you.

    But the Zionists will lie blatantly about everything – pretend that they “researched” the number of calories and it was false, and if faced with clear evidence they will pretend that it is a perfectly fine number anyway. They count on normal people thinking that no one would lie so often and so blatantly as they do.

  3. Tenet says:

    @Charlotte Allen

    You Zionist lovers are so predictable. When the facts speak against you, as they always do, you ridicule and demonize. “Anti-Semitism!”

  4. Tenet says:

    @Charlotte Allen

    You Zionists are so predictable. When the facts speak against you, as they always do, you ridicule and demonize. “Anti-Semitism!” And you hide behind American-sounding names, and in this case a female name, to sound like “just an average American”.

  5. Tenet says:


    “Hamas’s PR campaign”? Zionists like you are really filth. Palestinians are murdered in the thousands by the Israelis, and you blame who? The Palestinian government. Pretending that they want their people to be killed. Sick freak. Palestinians join Hamas knowing many of them will be murdered, they sacrifice their lives to protect others. Unlike Zionists who know they can feed well off the American people’s money.

  6. Tenet says:

    @Charlotte Allen

    “The fact that children have gotten killed in Gaza is almost entirely due to their cynical use by Hamas as propaganda ”

    The Israeli military has bombed Palestinian schools. An Israeli gunboat murdered children playing on the beach. Israeli soldiers have fired at children playing in a school yard. The few Israeli soldiers with a conscience have told peace activists of how their sergeants on patrol beat up and sometimes shoot Palestinians at random to provoke them.

    In the last Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip, Zionist soldiers invaded homes and murdered the families there. In one case the soldiers gathered the children in a home and told the mother to choose “which of her children shall die for Israel”.

    But you pretend it’s the PALESTINIANS’ fault that they are murdered. “Charlotte Allen” who is obviously not a woman, so stop lying with a name. And obviously a Zionist, not an American, so stop lying by using a Western name.

    By your logic, if Israelis would be killed by Hamas, the Israeli occupation government would have orchestrated the killing to use for propaganda. Right? No? What’s the difference?

    And in fact, the Israelis use Hamas’ home-made rockets, which have hurt almost no one, as propaganda in the pro-Zionist media all over the world. While these rags “forget” to show the murder of many thousands of Palestinians. So who is doing the propaganda?

    Most Americans don’t even know that the Gaza Strip is cut up by Jew-only roads, with Palestinians forced to cross daily at checkpoints that deliberately hold them up. In one case a woman was forced to give birth by the road because the Israelis refused to let her cross the road to the hospital on the other side. But Americans are prevented from knowing all this. So who is doing the propaganda?

  7. Tenet says:

    @R Daneel

    “anti-Semitism!” cries “R Daneel”. Coincidentally using a name from books by Isaac Asimov, a Jew. So why don’t you identify yourself as a Jew before you spew your anti-White rhetoric? “Anti-Semitism” is a word used to make Whites feel guilt and shame, pushed by Zionists. Funny how you Zionists never reveal who you are in forum threads. You want readers to believe that you are just another American.

  8. Gypsy says:

    @Nick Mulgrave

    You should be ashamed of the ignorance you display by making this remark. If you had any knowledge whatsoever of the situation, you would know that helpless Palestinians had their land stolen out from under their very feet in order to create “Israel”, a quasi-nation that exists only because of massive infusions of U.S. taxpayer dollars. Or was the holocaust somehow THEIR “fault” now? The Palestinians are forced to live under brutal military law courtesy of a made-up country in what has been their own land for centuries!
    Soooooooooo, the Palestinians have been fighting to gain back a PORTION of the land that the UN STOLE from them (they weren’t ask if they wished for any choice in the matter) and somehow they “deserve” the Israelis, the most psychopathic group of people ever to inhabit this earth?
    The Irish fought the British for hundreds of years until they regained A PORTION of their occupied land. You wanna bitch about the Irish, too? How about the South Africans?
    Don’t comment when you know nothing about which you speak of; it’ll save you from appearing a fool.

  9. Gypsy says:

    @International Jew

    What if the Jews received $3-plus billion annually of MY taxpayer dollars?
    Oh wait….they DO.

  10. Gypsy says:


    You’re hysterical.
    You ARE aware, are you not, that the Psycho-raelis bombed UN shelters in which Palestinians took cover on several occasions?

  11. Gypsy says:


    Heyyyyy, S***-for-Brains, are you still pissing and moaning about those greenhouses?
    Why would the Palestinians want reminders of occupation contaminating their land? And oh, BTW: as an individual who has worked in the horticulture field her entire adult life, I can ASSURE you that greenhouses are far from a necessity in a climate such as Gaza’s. Not that you’d know a carnation from a pomegranate.

  12. Gypsy says:


    Wouldn’t it be “something” if ugly little Jewish girls didn’t write hate messages on outgoing munitions?

  13. Gypsy says:

    @Federale (@Federale86)

    Wow…just wow.
    You really need to google the “high fivers”, and stop ignorantly accepting the drivel the USG feeds you.
    Too lazy to think for yourself though, I suppose.

  14. Ron Unz says:


    As I’ve previously emphasized to other commenters, it’s much preferable to group several small comments together into one or two longer and more substantive ones, since the former tend to clutter up comment threads.

  15. “Why would the Palestinians want reminders of occupation contaminating their land?”

    Well, I suppose that, like other people, they need to eat could be one reason.

    You ladies seem to be having tremendous difficulty controlling your emotions. I am, by the way, agnostic.

  16. Anonymous says:

    @Chet Roman

    Oh my heavens! There is nothing “evil” about this “racism”. It is a matter of survival.

    You need to stop listeningto American Jews and start behaving like Israeli Jews. Don’t bother shaming American Jews, or pointing out the inconsistencies in Israeli Jewish behavior and American Jewish moralizing. Who cares? They don’t! Your race guilt improves the probability they will survive, thrive, and pass on their genes to their children. There is no shame in that. There IS shame in acting like a chump and a loser, being invaded and controlled by aliens and by going extinct. You don’t see the Jews doing that in THEIR homeland, do you? So why are you doing it in YOUR homeland?

  17. donut says:

    Any criticism of Israel and it’s policies brings the inevitable charge of antisemitism .My answer to that is “so what?” Israel is the original terrorist state starting with the Irgun murders and the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946 during the Mandate period and continuing right up to the present .The mass murderers Menachem Begin and Yitzak Shamir responsible for the Deir Yassin massacre in 1948 instead of being hung for their crimes against humanity were both to end up as Israeli Prime ministers. While not a murmur about their crimes was heard.When in 1985 Kurt Waldheim was running for president of Austria it made headlines around the world because he had been an officer in the Wehrmacht during WW2 when his country was at war. During the 6 day war the Israeli’s deliberately attacked a US warship the USS LIBERTY killing 34 Americans and returning to strafe the life boats. By the way don’t rely on the Wikipedia article about this incident it’s a it reads like an Israeli press release ,which it probably is. James Ennes jr. the watch officer on the bridge has written an account of the attack and coverup ‘Assault on the Liberty” available from Amazon . In 1973 Israel shot down a civilian air liner over the Sinai Peninsula killing 108 people but don’t trouble your selves they were all brown . IN 1983 there came the Sabra and Shatila massacres of Palestinian refugees (more brown people ) in Lebanon. In this case the Israeli’s used the Phalange Christian Militia as their proxies , much like the Nazis used the Ukrainians in WW2.this Crime occurred in the context of a much larger crime :the 1982 invasion of Lebanon arranged by war criminal and future Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon.The list goes on and on.If being against the policies a murderous racist state like Israel makes me an Anti-Semite I’m proud to be one.

  18. Heaviside says:

    Antisemitism is the highest form of patriotism.

  19. @Tenet

    Love your comments–especially about the “Western” name I’m “hiding behind.”

  20. donut says:

    @International Jew

    December 12, 1954 a Syrian civilian airliner was forced to land at Lydda / Lod Airport, Israel, by the Israeli Air Force . That is when you’re not shooting them down :Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114.Southern Lebanon? The Jews have been scheming to take over southern Lebanon since the time of the criminal Ben Gurion . Terrorizing the local population ? The Sabra and Shatila massacre. UN dole ? You’ve been on the US tit for 66 years you hypocrite . World’s one Jewish country? More like a Generalgouvernement .And just as legitimate . Your grip is slipping “They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind”.

  21. You’re basic scenario is absurd. To correct it,
    it would be “what if Israel had lost in 1948 and
    eas reduced to a small sliver of land 11 miles long,
    surrounded by 22 Jewish countries filled with and
    ruled by Jews. Would the Jews refuse entry or aid
    to their fellow Jews?”

    The problem is that there was an exchange of
    refugees after a war. The Jews took care of each other.
    The Arabs hate each other. The more I see of Arabs,
    the more I understand why.

  22. Current Commenter says:

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