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Will Russia and China Hold Their Fire Until War Is the Only Alternative?
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Obama’s September 24 speech at the UN is the most absurd thing I have heard in my entire life. It is absolutely amazing that the president of the United States would stand before the entire world and tell what everyone knows are blatant lies while simultaneously demonstrating Washington’s double standards and belief that Washington alone, because the US is exceptional and indispensable, has the right to violate all law.

It is even more amazing that every person present did not get up and walk out of the assembly.

The diplomats of the world actually sat there and listened to blatant lies from the world’s worst terrorist. They even clapped their approval.

The rest of the speech was just utter bullshit: “We stand at a crossroads,” “signposts of progress,” “reduced chance of war between major powers,” “hundreds of millions lifted from poverty,” and while ebola ravages Africa “we’ve learned how to cure disease and harness the power of the wind and the sun.” We are now God. “We” is comprised of the “exceptional people”–Americans. No one else counts. “We” are it.

It is impossible to pick the most absurd statement in Obama’s speech or the most outrageous lie. Is it this one? “Russian aggression in Europe recalls the days when large nations trampled small ones in pursuit of territorial ambition.”

Or is it this one? “After the people of Ukraine mobilized popular protests and calls for reform, their corrupt president fled. Against the will of the government in Kiev, Crimea was annexed. Russia poured arms into eastern Ukraine, fueling violent separatists and a conflict that has killed thousands. When a civilian airliner was shot down from areas that these proxies controlled, they refused to allow access to the crash for days. When Ukraine started to reassert control over its territory, Russia gave up the pretense of merely supporting the separatists, and moved troops across the border.”

The entire world knows that Washington overthrew the elected Ukrainian government, that Washington refuses to release its satellite photos of the destruction of the Malaysian airliner, that Ukraine refuses to release its air traffic control instructions to the airliner, that Washington has prevented a real investigation of the airliner’s destruction, that European experts on the scene have testified that both sides of the airliner’s cockpit demonstrate machine gun fire, an indication that the airliner was shot down by the Ukrainian jets that were following it. Indeed, there has been no explanation why Ukrainian jets were close on the heels of an airliner directed by Ukrainian air traffic control.

The entire world knows that if Russia had territorial ambitions, when the Russian military defeated the American trained and supplied Georgian army that attacked South Ossetia, Russia would have kept Georgia and reincorporated it within Russia where it resided for centuries.

Notice that it is not aggression when Washington bombs and invades seven countries in 13 years without a declaration of war. Aggression occurs when Russia accepts the petition of Crimeans who voted 97 percent in favor of reuniting with Russia where Crimea resided for centuries before Khrushchev attached it to the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine in 1954 when Ukraine and Russia were part of the same country.

And the entire world knows that, as the separatist leader of the Donetsk Republic said, “If Russian military units were fighting with us, the news would not be the fall of Mariupol but the fall of Kiev and Lviv.”

Which is “the cancer of violent extremism”–ISIS which cut off the heads of four journalists, or Washington which has bombed seven countries in the 21st century murdering hundreds of thousands of civilians and displacing millions?

Who is the worst terrorist–ISIS, a group that is redrawing the artificial boundaries created by British and French colonialists, or Washington with its Wolfowitz Doctrine, the basis of US foreign policy, which declares Washington’s dominant objective to be US hegemony over the world?

ISIS is the creation of Washington. ISIS consists of the jihadists Washington used to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya and then sent to Syria to overthrow Assad. If ISIS is a “network of death,” a “brand of evil” with which negotiation is impossible as Obama declares, it is a network of death created by the Obama regime itself. If ISIS poses the threat that Obama claims, how can the regime that created the threat be credible in leading the fight against it?

Obama never mentioned in his speech the central problem that the world faces. That problem is Washington’s inability to accept the existence of strong independent countries such as Russia and China. The neoconservative Wolfowitz Doctrine commits the United States to maintaining its status as the sole Unipower. This task requires Washington “to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.” A “hostile power” is any country that has sufficient power or influence to be able to limit Washington’s exercise of power.

The Wolfowitz Doctrine explicitly targets Russia: “Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere.” A “rival” is defined as any country capable of defending its interests or those of allies against Washington’s hegemony.

In his speech, Obama told Russia and China that they can be part of Washington’s world order on the condition that they accept Washington’s hegemony and do not interfere in any way with Washington’s control. When Obama tells Russia that the US will cooperate with Russia “if Russia changes course,” Obama means that Moscow must accept the primacy of Washington’s interest over Russia’s own interest.

Clearly, this is an inflexible and unrealistic position. If Washington keeps to it, war with Russia and China will ensue.


Obama told China that Washington intended to continue to be a Pacific power in China’s sphere of influence, “promoting peace, stability, and the free flow of commerce among nations” by building new US air and naval bases from the Philippines to Vietnam so that Washington can control the flow of resources in the South China Sea and cut off China at will.

As far as I can tell, neither the Russian nor Chinese governments understand the seriousness of the threat that Washington represents. Washington’s claim to world hegemony seems too farfetched to Russia and China to be real. But it is very real.

By refusing to take the threat seriously, Russia and China have not responded in ways that would bring an end to the threat without the necessity of war.

For example, the Russian government could most likely destroy NATO by responding to sanctions imposed by Washington and the EU by informing European governments that Russia does not sell natural gas to members of NATO. Instead of using this power, Russia has foolishly allowed the EU to accumulate record amounts of stored natural gas to see homes and industry through the coming winter.

Has Russia sold out its national interests for money?

Much of Washington’s power and financial hegemony rests on the role of the US dollar as world reserve currency. Russia and China have been slow, even negligent from the standpoint of defending their sovereignty, to take advantage of opportunities to undermine this pillar of Washington’s power. For example, the BRICS’ talk of abandoning the dollar payments system has been more talk than action. Russia doesn’t even require Washington’s European puppet states to pay for Russian natural gas in rubles.

One might think that a country such as Russia experiencing such extreme hostility and demonization from the West would at least use the gas sales to support its own currency instead of Washington’s dollar. If the Russian government is going to continue to support the economies of European countries hostile to Russia and to prevent the European peoples from freezing during the coming winter, shouldn’t Russia in exchange for this extraordinary subsidy to its enemies at least arrange to support its own currency by demanding payment in rubles? Unfortunately for Russia, Russia is infected with Western trained neoliberal economists who represent Western, not Russian, interests.

When the West sees such extraordinary weakness on the part of the Russian government, Obama knows he can go to the UN and tell the most blatant lies about Russia with no cost whatsoever to the US or Europe. Russian inaction subsidizes Russia’s demonization.

China has been no more successful than Russia in using its opportunities to destabilize Washington. For example, it is a known fact, as Dave Kranzler and I have repeatedly demonstrated, that the Federal Reserve uses its bullion bank agents to knock down the gold price in order to protect the dollar’s value from the Federal Reserve’s policies. The method used is for the bullion banks to drive down the gold price with enormous amounts of naked shorts during periods of low or nonexistent volume.

China or Russia or both could take advantage of this tactic by purchasing every naked short sold plus all covered shorts, if any, and demanding delivery instead of settling the contracts in cash. Neither New York Comex nor the London market could make delivery, and the system would implode. The consequence of the failure to deliver possibly could be catastrophic for the Western financial system, but in the least it would demonstrate the corrupt nature of Western financial institutions.

Or China could deal a more lethal blow. Choosing a time of heightened concern or disruptions in US financial markets, China could dump its trillion dollar plus holdings of US treasuries, or indeed all its holdings of US financial instruments, on the market. The Federal Reserve and the US Treasury could try to stabilize the prices of US financial instruments by creating money with which to purchase the bonds and other instruments. This money creation would increase concern about the dollar’s value, and at that point China could dump the trillion dollars plus it receives from its bond sales on the exchange market. The Federal Reserve cannot print foreign currencies with which to buy up the dollars. The dollar’s exchange value would collapse and with it the dollar’s use as world reserve currency. The US would become just another broke country unable to pay for its imports.

Possibly, Washington could get Japan and the European Central Bank to print enough yen and euros to buy up the dumped dollars. However, the likelihood is that this would bring down the yen and euro along with the dollar.

Flight would occur into the Chinese and Russian currencies, and financial hegemony would depart the West.

By their restraint, Russia and China enable Washington’s attack upon them. Last week Washington put thousands of its NGO operatives into the Moscow streets protesting “Putin’s war against Ukraine.” Foolishly, Russia has permitted foreign interests to buy up its newspapers, and these interests continually denounce Putin and the Russian government to their Russian readers.

Did Russia sell its soul and communication system for dollars? Did a few oligarchs sell out Russia for Swiss and London bank deposits?

Both Russia and China have Muslim populations among whom the CIA operates encouraging disassociation, rebellion, and violence. Washington intends to break up the Russian Federation into smaller, weaker countries that could not stand in the way of Washington’s hegemony. Russian and Chinese fear of discord among their own Muslim populations have caused both governments to make the extremely serious strategic mistake of aligning with Washington against ISIS and with Washington’s policy of protecting Washington’s status quo in the Muslim world.


If Russia and China understood the deadly threat that Washington presents, both governments would operate according to the time honored principle that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Russia and China would arm ISIS with surface to air missiles to bring down the American planes and with military intelligence in order to achieve an American defeat. With defeat would come the overthrow of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt and all of the American puppet rulers in the area. Washington would lose control over oil, and the petro-dollar would be history. It is extraordinary that instead Russia and China are working to protect Washington’s control over the Middle East and the petro-dollar.

China is subject to a variety of attacks. The Rockefeller Foundation creates American agents in Chinese universities, or so I am informed by Chinese academics. American companies that locate in China create Chinese boards on which they place the relatives of local and regional party officials. This shifts loyalty from the central government to the American money. Moreover, China has many economists educated in the US who are imbued with the neoliberal economics that represents Washington’s interests.

Both Russia and China have significant percentages of their populations who wish to be western. The failure of communism in both countries and the success of American cold war propaganda have created loyalties to America in place of their own governments. In Russia they go by the designation “Atlanticist Integrationists.” They are Russians who wish to be integrated into the West. I know less about the Chinese counterpart, but among youth Western materialism and lack of sexual restraint is appealing.

The inability of the Russian and Chinese governments to come to terms with the threat posed to their existence as sovereign countries by the neoconservative insistence on American world hegemony makes nuclear war more likely. If Russia and China catch on too late in the game, their only alternative will be war or submission to Washington’s hegemony. As there is no possibility of the US and NATO invading and occupying Russia and China, the war would be nuclear.

To avoid this war, which, as so many experts have shown, would terminate life on earth, the Russian and Chinese governments must soon become far more realistic in their assessment of the evil that resides in what Washington has turned into the world’s worst terrorist state–the US.

It is possible that Russia, China, and the rest of the world will be saved by American economic collapse. The US economy is a house of cards. Real median family incomes are in long-term decline. Universities produce graduates with degrees and heavy debts but no jobs. The bond market is rigged by the Federal Reserve which necessitates rigging the bullion markets in order to protect the dollar. The stock market is rigged by the outpouring of money from the Federal Reserve, by the Plunge Protection Team, and by corporations repurchasing their own stock. The dollar is supported by tradition, habit, and currency swaps.

The American House of Cards continues to stand only as a result of the tolerance of the world for vast corruption and disinformation and because greed is satisfied by the money made from a rigged system.

Russia and/or China could pull down this House of Cards whenever either country or both had leadership capable of it.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: China, Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. Kiza says:

    Another nice write up by PCR.

    I guess, the main issue is if the US&EU will be able to corrupt the Russian and the Chinese elite sufficiently to turn them into captains of the US driven global regime. That this elite is already decadent, there is no doubt, but whether they will bet their own future on being under the US master or whether they will want to be their own masters, remains to be seen. This is actually the toughest outcome to call of them all.

    Clapping by the UN bureaucrat to Obama for his crazed ramblings is so typical. How representative is the US Congress or Senate? How representative is the EU “parliament”? Therefore, add another assembly to the list of no-credibility assemblies: the General Assembly of UN. Whichever level you look at – CORRUPTION and SYCOPHANCY. As long as the West is around, all political assemblies will be like this.

  2. “Will Russia and China Hold Their Fire Until War Is the Only Alternative?”

    Probably. Meanwhile here is a parody of Obama’s UN address:

    ^ Obama’s speech to Skull & Bones

    • Replies: @MarkU
  3. The house of cards is going to come down anyway. Russia and China know the US political class is cowardly. Can American hegemony go on forever with the serious mounting economic problems the US faces? I think their concern would be how the American Empire will fall rather than the games the US political class likes to play. The US political class just wants to scrim with Russia like the good ol’ days when they had an excuse to have a ridiculously huge military budget. They are trying to relive the country’s glory days during the cold war. Everyone was united against communism and welcomed American hegemony.

    If they act aggressively then the US political class will use it to shore up support from the US population. If the country collapses an American Hitler will rise who promises the population that he/she will restore its greatness and take revenge for the injustices inflicted onto the US by China and Russia. Why would China and Russia invite their wrath onto themselves? A nuclear powered madman would be much worse than a nuclear powered country controlled by cowardly swindlers. If they actively supported ISIS then they would be behaving like the US, and they might catch the Country Immunodeficiency Virus, and possibly come down with a bad case of Imperially Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. There is talk about China developing IAIDS and taking up the white man’s burden until it too dies from IAIDS. Also, how would China be affected if the US disappeared? Are the Chinese ready to lose the American consumer? Is China ready for the fall of the American Empire? Can the Chinese miracle withstand it.

    • Replies: @viking
  4. KA says:

    Johnny F Ive

    Russia has bad memories of Hitler but the hope of a Roosevelt instead will not save Russia from any mayhem either. Psychopaths car rise on the back of any ideologies . The ideology has to have a pervesive presence . Islam provides that for ISIS . Manifest destiny with indispensable traits will do that for US. Hitler will come draped in flags and waving bible in one hand and the position paper of Congress on human rights in another hand .
    China will lose the market anyway for US will clamp down on import either unable to pay or to incite nationalism or both . China after losing the market will create financial problem both for itself and other adding to the tension . It will lose the treasury investment . This fear will drive China to demand real estates or gold or exclusive right to various US patents . Meanwhile China still be able to expand the market in S America , Russia,and Africa .

  5. Evan says:

    This piece immediately challenges me to judge whether its author’s viewpoint is so valuable that I can tolerate his flagrant language and careless expression.

  6. Thankfully, the Russian and Chinese governments are behaving with a certain restraint to avoid making things worse. Wanting them to “do something” is the affliction that has seized American policy. Why act pre-emptively, as America now does, emulating a policy of failure? Adding wrong to wrong doesn’t make things better.

  7. rod1963 says:

    Russia has the ball so to speak, via the EU being dependent on Russia’s NG. Should Putin be pushed into a corner, all he has to do is shut off the gas to Merkel’s Germany and then watch Germany’s economy seize up and take the rest of the EU with it. Thing is Germany is the EU engine and lynchpin, should it sicken, it could very end the EU and the U.S. will not fare very well either, given the sickened state of our economy and the presence of multiple bubbles(stock, real-estate). The collapse of those bubbles this time around will be catastrophic for our ruling class and for the country as a whole.

  8. moi says:

    It surprises me that Russian and China have not reacted more firmly to Imperial America. Putin, despite his image in the west, is weak and stupid. I think Chinese are playing a long-term game and will eventually pull the rug from under the dollar.

    Frankly, the only real opposition is from the Muslim masses who want to keep their religion and its values.

  9. bossel says:

    Ah yes, what a “nice write up by PCR”, esp. this part says it all: “utter bullshit”.

    Delusions flare high & bright in this text, full of “blatant lies” which seem to get worse every time PCR repeats them, eg: “European experts on the scene have testified that both sides of the airliner’s cockpit demonstrate machine gun fire”, again “utter bullshit”.

    “The entire world knows” that PCR completely lost it. Stopping gas deliveries “could most likely destroy NATO” by making Europeans freeze? Yeah, sure, very likely indeed, particularly when – as in the case of Germany – a sensational 15 (fifteen) % of households actually use natural gas for heating purposes.

    a.s.o., just too much to mention…

    or, well, just one more thing:
    “[…] Chinese boards on which they place the relatives of local and regional party officials. This shifts loyalty from the central government to the American money.”
    Once again “utter bullshit”. Obviously PCR doesn’t have the slightest idea of business in the PRC in spite of his alleged contacts to “Chinese academics”.
    This practice is not about loyalty to “American money” but about the PRC web of money & politics. Companies (not only US ones) want to avoid problems with the commies, & having some commie officials’ sons or daughters in well paid positions helps a lot.

    • Replies: @bossel
  10. bossel says:

    Oops, sorry, heating with natural gas in Germany is actually at almost 50 % nowadays. Got the numbers mixed up.
    Still, that wouldn’t make much of a difference, since most people can easily use other sources to heat their homes.

  11. KA says:

    “China is subject to a variety ———-represents Washington’s interests.”

    It is nothing new . European colonial powers did same during their height of glories in Africa,Asia,and Latin America through academic and military establishments ,creating middle classes ,diving local citizen along established and newly created charecteristics and types . In India English created ” Babus” that opposed independence movements . In post independence Africa they created tyrants who would stash money in Switzerland and kill the babies at home and guard the corporate offices . Some of the savvy locals will become local elite from European education and grabbing of jobs offered by the corporates or the military. These elites will nurture the corrupted system from within ,the rest of the population will look with awe,admiration,and respect at the new class hoping to join Them oneday .
    But the joining means pursuing only one set of education,skills,and training that will not serve the country but the corporation,military,and foreign interests . Ideologically they or this elite class will remain beholden to the allure,promises,sense of safety offered by the west . Their survival depends on the survival of the colonial system . America had replaced the European presence ( has absorbed to be more accurate ) . Now the local elite has to work for the Neo liberal system . Survival of the elite whether in Ukraine,Pakistan,or Colombia or India depends on the continued growth of the new world economic order . The difference between these countries and China or Russia lie in the recognition of this dangerous dependence by the rulers in China and Russia . China and Russia are trying to confront it while India ,Pakistan ,Egypt ,or Nigeria or Colombia are trying to survive by getting closer to the illusory embrace of the current western economic and poltical philosophy .

  12. viking says:
    @Johnny F. Ive

    no im not going to take revenge on the Chinese and Russians im going to simply deport all non whites including jews and im going to make the progressives live in Africa with their little pets instead of the BoBo enclaves where they can pose as vibrant loving hipsters. Russia and china are conservative countries that understand business understand ethnicity and tradition and minding ones own business. They also get that democracy is is a really stupid form of government that lets all the idiots votes for free stuff and makes them weak and decadent we will get along swimmingly

  13. Kiza says:


    Good that you correct your own rants these days so that others do not have to. Call PCR’s writing whatever you like, he is a canary in the Western mine shaft. However, it is true that it would be easy to summarise all PCR’s writings in a few points combined with my own comments.
    1) The Western political, economic, legal and every other system have been so corrupted that they work in a positive feedback: the worse things get, the worse they will get.
    2) “It is the economy stupid” is the essence: healthy economy = employed people = Happy People. This is disappearing in the West.
    3) With collapsing economies, the Western regimes are scaring the masses to cover own incompetence in management and limitless greed by the elites controlling the regimes; terrorism is the leading tool, the second best tool is the Hitler of the MonthTM (e.g. Putin).
    4) The Western media have reached the lowest point in human history by relentlessly promulgating all the bull that Western regimes produce.
    I and the several people from the same background, who lived under Communism vouch that Western media total and constant lies and manipulations are now much worse than what Communism ever produced. Whilst the communist media had a Credibility Rating of about 20%, the Western media now have a rating of around 0.1% (one in 1,000 pieces of news could be called truthful). It is worth following Western media only to know what the regime wants us to “know” (this was the same with Communist media).
    5) The near term future of the West is in:
    a) economic, financial and military wars on competitor economies (Russia and China),
    b) domestic suppression justified by wars on terrorism, and
    c) simmering and sometimes boiling rebellion by the unemployed masses (e.g. London riots).

    The Western civilization has achieved great things in its 2,500 year history, since Ancient Greek times. But it looks like it may be heading towards an end. Perhaps some wise mandarins in ancient China may have understood that the Chinese empire was too corrupted to survive, they were making an effort to save it, writing, talking, explaining, but the system was in a groove and it was impossible to change the course. Too many interests were aligned on the side which was pushing the empire to collapse. For me PCR is such wise mandarin of the West, because he was a member of the US regime under Reagan, much like ancient Chinese mandarins were members of the Chinese imperial court.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  14. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    The Western political, economic, legal and every other system have been so corrupted

    Actually, Western countries are consistently rated as the least corrupt in the world — unlike, say, Russia, with its Africa-like levels of corruption.

    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @Rich
    , @KA
    , @Anonymous
  15. Kiza says:


    Consistently rated low on the corruption scale by who? By a non-Western NGO?

    Transparency International is a Western NGO which “measures” corruption in a very narrowly defined and highly subjective way. Should corruption in Aphganistan be measured the same as corruption in the US, for example? Why TI never pursued Eric Holder for his out of this world corruption?

    Western NGOs are part of the system and its problems. One could think of them as that “positive feedback” I mentioned in my previous post. Instead of providing a correction mechanism for the Western societies, TI serves the Western regimes to put another targeted enemy of the month onto their List of Shame. Its international board of directors is how it purchases credibility.

    In the whole Western world there is only one NGO which is not part of the problem. It is the Red Cross/Red Crescent.

  16. Sean T says:

    Anyone waiting for the start of “WW3” has missed the boat. It started on 9/11/01. The anticipated military/nuclear response of Russia and China will mark the end of “WW3.”

    Iraq War 2 was not truly an “American War”, and thus, it’s universal unpopularity. “American Wars” are always marked by an enemy attack or at least a false flag. The Russian and Chinese response to the American Empire’s endless provocations will no doubt fit this mold.

    I’d like to think that future historians will find better descriptive phrases for the Anglo Empire’s wars than the drab and unrevealing monikers of “WW1, 2 and 3.” The current phase that began on 9/11 might be called the “Wars of American Imperial Overreach.” Perhaps, the more adventurous will argue that Saddam was indeed correct, when he proclaimed that “the great mother of all battles had begun” with the onset of bombing in Iraq War 1.

    • Replies: @Sean T
  17. MarkU says:

    Actually, Western countries are consistently rated as the least corrupt in the world — unlike, say, Russia, with its Africa-like levels of corruption.

    If a western-based NGO says so, then it must be true, right? The following quotes are from their Wiki page.

    “The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) ranks countries and territories based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be.”

    “the Corruption Perceptions Index is meant to measure perception and not “reality”.”

    “The CPI ranked nations on the prevalence of corruption within each country, based upon surveys of business people.”

    To sum up, the CPI index is compiled by asking business people (ie largely wealthy people from the private sector) how corrupt they think the public sector is. I would hope that most people could see the obvious built-in bias and lack of objectivity.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  18. Ron Unz says:

    Actually, a major article of my own from a couple of years ago is quite relevant to this question. Here’s the link:

    The Sidebar to that article also directly relates to this question:

  19. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    PCR is a bit on the flamboyant side, but he is, I believe, accessing real truths about the US. The US carries the flag of Western arrogance and “universality” into the post-colonial era (and the EU is not far behind) with all the zealotry of the Crusaders. The US is a danger to world stability and appears intent upon world domination. I am less optimistic than PCR at the prospects for determined Russian and Chinese actions positively chastising or destabilizing the West. The Western response to such would likely be a kind of financial martial law to stabilize the West in the short run, the abrogation of understandings, treaties, and contracts with the evil ones, and military action.

  20. Rich says:

    American politicians are extremely corrupt. Every Senator, whether or not he was a millionaire when elected, is a millionaire when he leaves office. Every politician’s wife or son or daughter or cousin is given a job or a contract that makes millionaire’s out of them. We are far more corrupt than other nations because our citizenry is blind to how deep the corruption runs. Just look at the “success” of little Chelsea Clinton and you can easily envision how far the US has fallen.

  21. KA says:

    America has lobby . This is nothing but bribery Bribery of the Congress and Senate.
    When Ron Paul is shut out or Mike Gavel is shut out of the presidential debate or when media says someone is not electable for certain ideas ,need to corrupt the voters with money are done ,achieved,and met by the corruption of the electoral processes at a very fundamental level.
    When think tank advises government over certain issues like defense or energy or health and the respective advisors are paid by the respective organizations or corporations or business, the need to bribe the government officials separately are taken care of under the guise of the expert’s consultation fees . When bank auditors certify the banks of good health and also get the funding from the bank the need to bribe separately does not arise.
    Corruption is part of the fabric that runs America.

  22. KA says:

    Despite the recent fracas between Russia and Western countries, there are enough reasons to suspect that at the end of the day Putin and other elites in Russia will move away from confrontation,submit to US elites and betray Russian.
    Iran is possibly already doing that . China may not do despite the wishes of the few billionaires . China still has a central party and military that may be an obstacle .

  23. Is there a problem in the world anywhere that is not America’s fault?

    • Replies: @byrresheim
  24. @Bro. Steve

    Indeed, there still are such problems.
    But we’re working hard on it.

  25. Sean T says:
    @Sean T

    ” it’s universal unpopularity.”

    “its!” Ugh

  26. KA says:

    “”After the election, according to several sources, the tycoons met and decided to insert one of their own into government. They debated who – and choose Potanin, who became deputy prime minister. One reason they choose Potanin was that he is not Jewish, and most of the rest of them are, and feared a backlash against the Jewish bankers.

    Bankers still are waiting for the return of the good old days when their words used to express the voice of the democracy in Russia

  27. Blondie-2 says:

    O dear, just another one dimensional doomsday prophet on the information market.

    Surely, some points picked are correct, but there are a lot of wrong and wrenched parts.

    1. There is no evidence that MH11 was shot down with machine guns, regardless which experts said what. If you’re not able to judge this at your own, better be quiet.

    2. Russia is partly a corrupt, bureaucratic and archaic society. But they never break a contract. Gas delivery was always exact the amount agreed, even at the high time of the cold war. This wouldn’t be changed and there is a lot of demand for $ and €.

    3. The whole bunch of sanctions, accusations, misinformation and pure and primitive propaganda is mainly against the own population. The €U, a corrupt, overpaid, overdebted and undemocratic structure is unable to make anything right. It needs a proof of existence. This is done by making lies, breaking laws and contracts and an advance move towards fascism. The only motivation is a bigger chair in Bruxelles where Apparatschicks can fart more comfortably in.

    4. The Maydan putsch (with personal support from Mrs. Merkel et. al. for the Ukrainian right wing trash) results in lost of crimea and donbass region. Russia did nothing more then an election and a little “support” for the terrorists/freedom fighters in the region. After all there is a bankrupt country, plundered by oligarchs. It will crumble soon in more bankrupt interest spheres of some clans. A total western made disaster. This has to be hide from the rubes that consumes mass propaganda any more by loud accusations to others. Childish is the wrong word for that because childs know better what they doing.

    5. The US lost the ability to form states at their own will (like they do in Chile/Pinochet, Iran/Schah, Kuba before Castro, Nicaragua before Sandinista etc. pp.). All they can do is destroy, seed anger and initiate civil wars. This is simple the result of a “Mike Tyson in Kindergarten”policy that has lost the background in morality and believes in nothing more
    than money revenue and the own superrotty. Insisting of a cowardice drone/bombers tactic from “10.000 feet above” shows it’s results. The piss price president is nothing more than the cream topping of this cup of bull****t.

    “Gods own country” said the devil

  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    That’s why they brainwash you daily. Westerners are now willing to believe any lies on China and Russia. At the macro level, the West is the most corrupt dump that ever existed.

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