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Why Is the Progressive Left Helping the Elite Elect Hillary?
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Have you noticed that it is not only the presstitute media and the two establishment political parties that are beating up on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump but also the progressive left? Sometimes the messages overlap so much that the progressive left sounds like the One Percent. But mainly the progressive left is down on Sanders because he is “not pure,” and they don’t like Trump because he hurts people’s feelings and doesn’t apologize.

This is astounding. Here we are faced with the corrupt media and the corrupt party establishments determined to put in the Oval Office a tried and proven agent of the One Percent, and the progressive left is beating up on the only two alternatives!

I doubt that Sanders or Trump would be able to achieve much for the American people except to reduce the flow of official lies that the presstitutes turn into truths by constant repetition. The Oligarchy is too strong. It was more than a half century ago that President Eisenhower warned us of the threat to American democracy from the military-security complex. That complex is much stronger today, and, in addition, we have Wall Street and the mega-banks that control the US Treasury and Federal Reserve, the Israel Lobby that has the US Congress wrapped around its little finger, the extractive industries (energy, mining, timber) that prevails over the environment and preservation, and agra-business that poisons our food, exterminates honey bees and butterflies and produces chemical fertilizer runoff into waters that result in massive fish kills from algea blooms. None of these powerful interests will permit the welfare of the American people to get in the way of their agendas and profits.

Nevertheless, the election of Sanders or Trump is important, because it demonstrates that American citizens are emerging from The Matrix and have no confidence in the two corrupt political parties that betrayed them. The message would go out to the world as well that the American people have no confidence in the Washington Establishment. These messages are very important and can only have beneficial effects.

So why is the progressive left helping the One Percent keep the lid on the rest of us? Has the progressive left sold out or is the progressive left putting its emotional needs above the general welfare?

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Hillary Clinton 
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  1. Moose says:

    The progressive left are the one percenters. Their foot soldiers are the blacks and hispanics.
    The military- industrial complex was a cold war construct and ceased to exist after the Berlin war. They performed reasonably well producing the world’s most sophisticated weapon and surveillance systems. Light years ahead of the the Russians in electronics, who just barely grew out of vacuum tubes in the 80s.
    Today the bankers, lawyers and wall street are the government – industrial complex that is the problem.

  2. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    The ‘progressive left’ has been bought by the GLOB oligarchs long ago.

    And the main obsession of the GLOB is homo agenda. Hillary is wild about homos. She is wild about the GLOB.

    Proggies talk socialism but they know that working class is dead in the US. Proggies’ real source of power is in the rich globalized cities where finance, high-tech, entertainment, and etc dominate.

  3. Parbes says:

    “So why is the progressive left helping the One Percent keep the lid on the rest of us? Has the progressive left sold out or is the progressive left putting its emotional needs above the general welfare?”

    That’s because the so-called “progressive left” of the present-day West is PART OF THE PROBLEM.

    The fake and disingenuous “progressive leftists” in the U.S. and most of Europe today are, with the exception of a small minority, PINOs (Progressives In Name Only). They support imperialist interventions around the globe in “humanitarian” guise. They are usually fully onboard with the globo-imperialist agenda, and against national sovereignty of countries – but on the other hand they do NOT oppose the “exceptionalist” warmongering of the U.S., Israel and NATO. They cheered on and participated in every unprovoked, merciless U.S./Western assault of the past quarter century against small nations that refused to toe the line and tried to maintain some semblance of national independence – Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia/Serbia. (In each of these cases, they told shameless lies about supporting “democracy” vs. “dictators” while in fact they were supporting conservative Islamist, irredentist, sectarian, ultranationalist, or otherwise reactionary and ANTI-progressive groups/rebels against independent-minded secular nationalistic regimes which had at least some trappings of actual progressive ideas and policies.) They are mostly enthusiastic abettors of the Two-Minutes-Hate demonization drive against Putin, Russia, China, Assad, and so on, under the laughable pretext of “opposing authoritarianism”; while uttering nary a word of protest or criticism against nefarious U.S./Western allies like the Saudis, Erdogoonist Turkey, belligerent Zio-supremacist Israeli governments, the Ukro-Neo-Nazi freakshow coup regime, the whole Wahhabi/Al Qaida/Muslim Brotherhood/Chechen extremist proxy terrorist constellation, the Kosovo Albanian and Bosnian Muslim thugocracies, etc., etc. Domestically, too, they try to cover their complete subjugation to the Establishment and the globo-corporatist agenda by engaging in a pretense of “progressivism” via heavy dollops of racial and social identity politics agitation (pro-black, pro-gay, pro-feminist, pro-immigrant, pro-Muslim etc. activism and propaganda). They rarely challenge the lying narratives and misinformation of the corporate MSM in any meaningful way.

    The long and the short of it is: Today’s Western “progressive left” cannot be called “progressives” in the real, original sense of that word.

  4. Because they are stupid? (Re: the titular question)

  5. The progressive left is supporting Jill Stein of the Green Party. Left leaning Democrats are supporting Bernie but most will support Hillary in the general election. Actual progressives are at least as rare as actual conservatives. Neither has any real influence. What’s different this year is we have a populist making waves in the Republican Party. Trump’s immunity to the mighty corporate media propaganda machine is a hopeful sign that Americans are waking up.

  6. Ivan K. says:

    Bravo, an excellent short article.

    As for the question: … I only have a vague idea. It is that it has something to do with attaining an imperialistic mindset simply by living as a citizen of an imperialist country.

    Some people avoid that, others don’t.

    P. S. Parbes, comment no. 3, is quite right, of course.

  7. Greg S. says:

    The answer is simple: people don’t think for themselves. If you listen to the MSM, you will “learn” how bad Trump and Sanders are. A lot of people (the “progressives” being only a subset) are not smart but like to think they are smart. So they will do something like a read a newspaper every single day, and tell themselves how smart they are. That newspaper is filled with propaganda telling them how awful Trump and Sanders are, so they come out with the “informed” opinion that Clinton or Cruz it must be! For the good of the nation! Many feel so compelled to go forth and share their knowledge with others, also for the good of the nation.

    We need to find ways of producing smarter, less lazy people. I’m open to ideas.

  8. I worked in the Reagan administration and what fascinates me as I become more political in my old age (go figure) is how a number of us, like PCR, have become what we might have called “nut-case conspiracy theorists” in our younger days.

    I constantly ask myself, “Have my values and perception changed, or is the world really spinning out of control?”

    I wish I could live another 1,000 years to hear what the future generations think really happened in these few years we walk the Earth.

  9. Sean2007 says:

    The reason much of the left rejects Bernie is because he is as big a fraud as Hillary is. Why should anyone vote for another Zionist warmonger and servant of the 1 percent who has voted in near lockstep with the corporate and Zionist-controlled Democratic party for much of his career? Remember the last time the left voted for the lesser evil which was Obama. How’d that work out?

    The left should categorically reject the Democratic party and its operatives by voting for no one, or even voting for Trump who I suspect will also be a disaster though perhaps not as bad as the two confirmed Zionists. That would put done to Killary just as surely as wasting your vote on the useless Bernie.

    It is both immoral and stupid to vote for the lesser evil, particularly as the lesser evil could turn out to be the greater evil. Vote your conscience or not at all.

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