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Ukrainians Dispossessed, Americans Are Next
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Over the last 15 months Ukrainians have paid for Washington’s overthrow of their elected government in deaths, dismemberment of their country, and broken economic and political relationships with Russia that cost Ukraine its subsidized energy. Now Ukrainians are losing their pensions and traditional support payments. The Ukrainian population is headed for the graveyard.

On June 1 the TASS news agency reported that Ukraine has stopped payments to pensioners, World War II veterans, people with disabilities, and victims of Chernobyl. According to the report, Kiev has also “eliminated transport, healthcare, utilities and financial benefits for former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps and recipients of some Soviet-era orders and titles. Compensations to families with children living in the areas contaminated by radiation from the Chernobyl accident will be no longer paid either. Ukraine’s parliamentary opposition believes that the Prosecutor General’s Office should launch an investigation against Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk who actively promoted the law on the abolition of privileges.”

Notice that this is a yank of the blanket from under the elderly in Ukraine. “Useless eaters,” they are assigned to the trash can. How do the deceived Maiden student protesters feel now that they are culpable in the destruction of their grandparents’ support systems? Do these gullible fools still believe in the Washington-orchestrated Maiden Revolution? The crimes in which these stupid students are complicit are horrific.

Yatsenyuk, or Yat as Victoria Nuland calls him, is the Washington stooge that the US State Department selected to run the puppet government established by Washington. Yat sounds like a right-wing Republican when he refers to pensions, compensations, and social services as “privileges.” This is the Republican view of Social Security and Medicare, programs paid for by the payroll tax over the working lives of Americans. The Republicans stole the payroll revenues and spent them on their wars that enrich Wall Street and the military/security complex, and now blame “welfare handouts” for America’s fiscal plight.

Is Monsanto’s right to turn Ukraine into GMO food production a privilege? ls VP Biden’s son’s right to destroy Ukraine’s surface and underground water in fracking operations a privilege? Are the external costs imposed on Ukrainians by these looting activities a privilege? Of course not! These are not privileges. This is the operation of free market economics creating the greatest good for the greatest number. (As many Americans will not realize that I am engaging in satire, I would like to affirm that I am.)

The news report does not say whether the abolished “privileges” are one part of a reform that will replace the terminated “privileges” with a new social support system. Possibly this is the case, but as the termination of pensions and payments was triggered by the coming into effect of Yat’s law to “stabilize the financial condition of Ukraine,” the purpose of the termination of Ukraine’s social welfare system might be to free up money to hand over to the IMF and Western banks. In Ukraine, as in Greece, the gullible and naive population that saw salvation in unity with the West will be driven into the ground.

Russia, of course, will be blamed. I can already write the New York Times and Washington Post editorials and the words that will come from Obama, CNN, and Fox “News.” In fact, so can my intelligent readers.

The same looting is underway in Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the United States. In Great Britain everything achieved by the Labour Party over many decades has been taken away, and not only by the Conservatives but by Labour leader Tony Blair himself.

Tony Blair sold out his constituents for money and is now among the One Percent. Bill Clinton did the same thing. Bill and Hillary were able to spend $3 million on their daughter’s wedding, almost a world record, dwarfing many Hollywood weddings. Obama is not even out of office and is already rich. America’s faithful vassals–Merkel, Hollande, and Cameron–can look forward to equal riches.

Karl Marx was correct when he said that money corrupts all. Everything becomes a commodity that is bought and sold for money.

When money becomes the measure of a person, people have become corrupted. And that is the plight of the Western world.

Where in the West is your wealth, small or large, safe? Nowhere. Washington has destroyed financial privacy everywhere in the West. Washington even forced Switzerland to violate its own laws in order to comply with Washington’s insistence on the absence of any financial privacy.

For decades Americans with foreign bank accounts have been required to report them on their income tax returns. Now if an American owns a gold coin in a vault overseas, this must be reported to Washington.

Once Washington knows the location of your assets, the assets can be confiscated at will. Washington only has to make some declaration or accusation or the other, and your wealth is gone.

As Washington has run the printing presses hard in order to serve a handful of banks that control the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve, unless China and Russia acquiesce to becoming Washington’s vassals, at some point the dollar’s value is going to slide downward. When that happens, the Federal Reserve cannot continue to create new money to meet Washington’s needs.

Where will the money come from? It will come from Americans’ pensions.

Pensions accumulate tax free, and this accumulation will be confiscated in whole or part to make up for the failure to tax, another “privilege.”

That confiscation works that year. But what happens the next year when the dollar is reeling on foreign exchange markets from over-supply?

The answer is that another chunk of American pensions, and I am speaking of private pensions, will be confiscated “in order to stabilize the financial system.” Social Security will be long gone by this time.

Alicia Munnell, who was my replacement as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Clinton regime, advocated many years ago a confiscation of private pensions, including your IRAs and 401Ks, in order to compensate the US government for their non-taxed status.


Alicia has a sinecure at an Eastern university where she continues to advocate against your pension. The joint attack by Clinton Democrats on private pensions and by Conservative Republicans on public pensions means that no American can look forward to having a pension. Americans are only one presidential election away from the loss of their pensions, and it doesn’t matter who they vote for.

Economic security is a thing of the past. Security was a product of the US being the only extant economy following World War II. In those days corporations believed, as did Washington, that companies had obligations not only to shareholders but to employees, customers, and the communities in which they were located.

This meant prosperity for all, not merely, as is the case today, for corporate management and shareholders.

Apologists for exploitation claim that the rich are richer because they are smarter. But the stupidity of the rich is everywhere visible. The greedy fools have destroyed their domestic US market. Really, how stupid can you be? How do Americans buy when they are forced by offshoring out of well paid manufacturing and software engineering jobs into being waitresses, bartenders, retail clerks and part-time Walmart workers in order that corporate bottom lines improve? Who buys the stuff that sustains the profits? Not Americans who no longer have the incomes to do so.

The belief spread by Wall Street and “shareholder advocates” that corporations only have responsibility to their owners and managers has destroyed the American economy.
By locating production offshore, corporations have destroyed the incomes that supported the American consumer market. For example, the incomes associated with the production of Apple computers, I-Pads, and I-Phones are in China. Apple’s American customers do not have the incomes associated with the production of the products that Apple markets to them.

Americans are already dispossessed of their livelihoods and careers and their pensions are next. Wherever we look, the fate of populations under Western influence are the same. The Ukrainians are exploited, the Greeks, the British, the Americans.

Wherever the West has an imprint, the populations are exploited. Exploitation of the many for the few is the Hallmark of the West, a decrepit, corrupt, and collapsing entity.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics • Tags: Ukraine, Wall Street 
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  1. “For example, the incomes associated with the production of Apple computers, I-Pads, and I-Phones are in China. ”

    What percentage of the the cost of an iThingy is manufacture and assembly?

    Apple probably have a whopping mark-up on the net list. Then you have license revenue to Arm, Imagination, Corning etc That supports thousands of research, development and design jobs.

    • Replies: @Exudd1
  2. “Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey,
    Where wealth accumulates, and men decay.”

    — Oliver Goldsmith, “The Deserted Village”

  3. Tom_R says:


    Sir, thanks for the interesting article. You are so right on every count.

    Maybe the stupid Ukrainians will wake up and decide to join Russia, after all, instead of being a puppet of USA.

    It is unfortunate that the Judaists, who own and operate the US govt. are inciting war in our motherland Ukraine.

    Ukraine and Russia are our motherland, because almost 2/3 of European white people’s ancestors came to Europe from the Pontic Caspian Steppe, which is in Ukraine and Russia. These ancestral people are called “Indo-Europeans” by scientists because some of them went as far East as India also. Their ancient cultures are called Yamnaya or Andronovo cultures.

    Now there is genetic research that proves this further:

    The reason this is relevant, is because, if the Judaists (who are inciting Obama and John McCain to fight with Russia) knew this, they would think twice about inciting brother to kill brother and destroying motherland Ukraine.

  4. The hope is that the war economy can replace the once normal one that has been eviscerated by offshoring. The thinking is that this can continue to supply better jobs, because by its nature war technology ought to remain indigenous.

    What this portends however, is an economy that then depends on war for stable income streams. Thus wars and conflict become a necessity for economic ends and peace a liability.

    Yet the greed of the post-modern corporations is as relentless in this venue of the merchants of death and destruction. The Pentagon has demanded for an exemption to the ban on using Russian manufactured rockets for its missions, because the huge military contractors, such as Boeing, instead of building them themselves as they used to, offshored that too in the interest of more for investors, less for “expensive” American employees.

    During the Cold War, I was a higher level participant in the Armed Forces Communications and Electrical Association, a private/public organization made up of members of both sides of the military/industrial complex. Many fine patriotic folk from both military and the private sector participated. The advertisements from the major sponsoring corporations in Signal magazine always touted the companies’ dedication to defending liberty and democracy. What do you think happened once peace broke out with the rapprochement of Gorbachev and Reagan and the Cold War ended, without a shot fired, because the Russians decided on their own to change what seemed an implacable and static conflict? Why, scandals where those “loyal” corporations sold their key American technology to dictatorships for massive amounts of money. So much for the pretense of defending and furthering liberty and democracy.

    And now, with the unlimited ability to buy elections by donorists allowed, they openly lobby for more war everywhere because – it’s good for the bottom line. ISIS is a boon to their business, not a threat – which is probably why our own government appears to have covertly funded some of its membership. Everytime it seizes weapons from our hapless overt allies, why, orders for replacements pour in. The worst thing that could happen would be for anyone to prevail, as the income streams and stock prices would be affected.

    We desperately need a rebuilding of our own industrial base, manufacturing peaceful goods, paying Americans enough that they can afford them.

  5. Exudd1 says:

    University of Berkeley Professor Robert Reich who was labor secretary during Clinton’s first term has broken down the gross revenue earned by Apple, Inc., China and those countries who supply the components that go into an IPhone in his popular documentary, “Inequality for All”, (available on Netflix). China’s share, as the assembler, is less than 4 percent, Apple’s share is less than 7 percent. Japan’s share, as the supplier of the most sophisticated and high tech components that go in it, is a whopping 34 percent and Germany’s is 17 percent. Next comes South Korea with slightly less than Germany’s followed by others.

  6. Realist says:

    “Apologists for exploitation claim that the rich are richer because they are smarter.”

    In some cases this is true. But in many cases lying, cheating and stealing was the method. And in some cases just being in the right place was the reason.

  7. Realist says:

    “When money becomes the measure of a person, people have become corrupted. And that is the plight of the Western world.”

    We are there.

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