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The West, the Greatest Cause of War in Human History, Stands Stripped of All Legitimacy
The Donetsk National Republic States The Facts
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“Every time you come to Russia with a sword, from a sword you will perish.”

The former Russian provinces, which Soviet party leaders carelessly attached to Ukraine at a time when it seemed to make no difference as all were part of the Soviet Union, are now independent republics with their own governments. The West pretends that this isn’t so, because Washington and its puppet capitals don’t recognize the independence of formerly captive peoples. But the West’s opinion no longer counts.

In the last couple of days the newly formed military units of the Donetsk National Republic have defeated and surrounded large portions of the remaining Ukrainian military. Russian President Putin asked the Donetsk Republic to allow the defeated Ukrainians to return home to their wives and mothers. The Donetsk Republic agreed to Putin’s mercy request as long as the Ukrainians left their weapons behind. The Donetsk Republic is short on weapons as, contrary to Western lies, the Donetsk Republic is not supplied with weapons by Russia.

Washington’s puppet government in Kiev declined the mercy extended to its troops and said they had to fight to the death. Shades of Hitler at Stalingrad. Western Ukraine has remained the repository of Nazism since 1945, and it is Western Ukraine with which Washington is allied against freedom and democracy.

Thanks to The Saker we are provided with a press conference with English subtitles that Alexander Zakharchenko, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Donetsk National Republic, held with media. Present are Russian and Western press.

You will be impressed with the ease with which Zakharchenko handles the ignorant and corrupt Western media representatives, and your sides will burst with laughter at his reply to the media question: “Are there there regular Russian military units fighting on your side?”

The British and American journalists were the most stupid, as we already knew. You will die laughing at the response to the question, “why did you parade the prisoners.”

This person Zakharchenko puts to shame every politician in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, all of the puppet politicians of the American Empire. If only the United States had people of the character and quality of Zakharchenko.

Now that Zakharchenko has revealed himself and made mincemeat of the stupid Western media, he will be demonized and misrepresented. So use this opportunity to see for yourself who has integrity and character. Hint: no one in political and media circles in the West.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. Priss Factor [AKA "Andrea Ostrov Letania"] says:

    “Western Ukraine has remained the repository of Nazism since 1945, and it is Western Ukraine with which Washington is allied against freedom and democracy.”

    I appreciate Roberts’ exposing some of the lies in the Western media, but it’s too simplistic to denounce Ukrainians for their Nazi-sympathies.

    We have to remember that Ukraine under Stalin(and the Jewish Kaganovich) suffered one of the great horrors of the 20th century: the Great Famine.
    So, when the Nazis came invading, many Ukrainians greeted them as liberators.
    As it happened, the Germans were just as bad and, in some cases, even worse. So yes, it’s damned stupid for Ukrainians to harbor Nazi sympathies since Nazis regarded Slavs as good only slaves.

    Still, Ukrainians suffered for much longer under communist rule than under Nazi rule in the 20th century, and some Ukies think ‘enemy of your enemy is your friend’.

    At any rate, the neo-nazi types are meatheads who only provide the muscle. They are only being used and exploited like the Brutals by the Eternals in ZARDOZ. It’s the Globo-Zionists who are really pulling the strings. US media are anti-Russian because they are essentially Jewish-controlled propaganda machine.

  2. This is really really really sad. I mean I’m laughing my ass off at this pathetic chest thumping. but for the sad sacks that put all their faith in Putin to get excited that Russia can push around its third world neighbors is delightful for someone who relishes Russia’s crippled state. Mother Russia the bitch gone in the teeth celebrating because it can push around a third world neighbor. The beat part is until a few months ago Putin controlled all of Ukraine through his lap dog. Now he’s reduced to scrounging a few scraps. But what’s more Russian than scrounging for scraps. Passing out drunk maybe, fantasizing about past glories. Enjoy it while it lasts I guess. Next time Russian forces will be retreating in disarray from NATOs rapid reaction force or Chinese tanks either way I hope Russian tanks have a reverse gear.

    • Replies: @Hunsdon
    , @The Anti-Gnostic
  3. Jim says:

    The greatest cause of war in human history by far were the Mongols. They are so far ahead of anybody else that one can hardly speak of second place.

  4. Hunsdon says:
    @Sam Haysom

    Say, it’s Sam Haysom again! Go figure.

    Sam, I was going to head over to Mike Whitney’s column to engage with you, and ask, “OK, so let’s posit that Russia is the aggressor here, purely for the sake of argument. What’s your solution?” Now I see that you have (apparently) already provided your solution.

    In the interest of clarity, I’d like to check my understanding. Do you advocate sending a NATO rapid reaction force into Ukraine to fight against the separatists and Russians? Or by using the phrase “next time” do you prefer to wait for some other Russian aggression? If that’s the case, what do you recommend doing now?

  5. @Sam Haysom

    If I’m a German or French soldier in the NATO forces, I’m probably more pre-occupied thinking about the inevitable conflict with millions of Muslim net tax consumers in my homeland than with who gets to rule various parts of Ukraine.

  6. Also, “The Greatest Cause of War in Human History?” Really, Paul.

  7. Speaking of former Russian provinces, lets not forget NATO’s three Chihuahuas:

    The present day Baltic states Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia would make Stephan Bandera proud

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