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I just heard the rawest kind of propaganda from former presstitute David Satter, who hangs out at the right-wing Hudson Institute and pretends to be an expert on Russia and Putin. On August 10 Satter told NPR’s audience that Washington’s hope to bring peace to Syria would fail unless Washington understood that the Russian government had no humanitarian feelings and did not care about the loss of human life. What Washington needs to do, said Satter, was to make sure that Putin and his henchmen understood that they would be held accountable as war criminals.

I should be hardened by now, but it never fails to astonish me that agents for the elite are willing to tell the most blatant and transparant lies. Perhaps this is because they know that the media and their fellow bought-and-paid-for “experts” will not challenge them on their statements. In fact, this is the way explanations are controlled and history rewritten.

Perhaps everyone has already forgotten that when Washington’s plan to invade Syria was blocked by the UK Parliament and Russian diplomacy, Washington sent the forces used against Gaddafi in Libya to overthrow Assad in Syria where they emerged as ISIS and commit extraordinary atrocities.

As ISIS was serving Washington’s purpose, Washington took no action against them. After a couple of years of death and destruction suffered by Syrians, the Russian government lost its patience and backed the Syrian Army with air power. Soon ISIS was defeated and on the run.

Washington was caught in a bind. In Iraq Washington was fighting ISIS, because ISIS was overthrowing Washington’s puppet in Iraq. However, in Syria Washington was supporting ISIS, often characterizing ISIS as “moderates” fighting to bring democracy to Syria. Now that ISIS is on the verge of total defeat in Syria, Washington’s whores among the “experts” want Russia punished for blocking Washington’s overthrow of Syria.

In the 21st century the numerous war crimes are all accounted for by the US and Israel. These crimes were enabled by the EU which provided cover for the official lies, such as Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and Iranian nukes, that were used by Washington for its unprovoked aggressions that have destroyed in whole or part seven countries.

Real experts have integrity, and these experts want the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes tried for their war crimes. I think David Satter should be in the dock with them.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, ISIS, Syria 
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  1. alexander says:

    Amen, Mr Roberts.

    Throw em ALL in the clink.

    • Replies: @exiled off mainstreet
  2. David Satter is scum. I wouldn’t know him if I saw him. I never heard of him until now. But I hate his guts because his kind of lies get people killed.

  3. @alexander

    I fully concur with you and Mr. Roberts. I don’t see any legitimacy remaining.

  4. The American Economy will collapse very shortly and the American Military shortly thereafter. This will be a very dangerous time for the Neocons and Neolibs. They will faced violent hostility from ordinary Americans, including physical attacks and assassinations as the truth finally seeps in about how they ruined America.
    Externally, there is the likelihood that many will face Tribunals to answer for their crimes. Bush II at least covered himself legally by obtaining Congressional approval for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He would be difficult to extradite.
    The same is not true about Clinton and Obama. Clinton’s 1999 campaign fits perfectly the concept of waging aggressive war. Obama’s drone campaign has no basis in law and is nothing other than a murder operation.
    Forthcoming American governments will be hostile to Neocons and Neolibs and will co-operate with external governments in this matter, especially if financial aid is offered.

  5. khavlicek says:

    I just came across this on yahoo news, and it ‘feels’ like a press release by the DNC being pushed as news. IMO it’s a misdirection by using unnamed high-level security types in government to confirm that it was the Russkies who hacked the DNC servers – and it was so secret that they couldn’t tell anyone, except a limited group of super special folks. (Are we supposed to believe that the likes of Pelosi, Reid and Feinstein wouldn’t spill the beans to the DNC about this? That they held their tongues for a year?!? That’s a bit much.)
    And then it closes with that bit about the DNC getting best-in-class cyber security by creating a new committee. That’s just fluff…
    Any thoughts on this?

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