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The Power of Lies
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It is one of history’s ironies that the Lincoln Memorial is a sacred space for the Civil Rights Movement and the site of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Lincoln did not think blacks were the equals of whites. Lincoln’s plan was to send the blacks in America back to Africa, and if he had not been assassinated, returning blacks to Africa would likely have been his post-war policy.

As Thomas DiLorenzo and a number of non-court historians have conclusively established, Lincoln did not invade the Confederacy in order to free the slaves. The Emancipation Proclamation did not occur until 1863 when opposition in the North to the war was rising despite Lincoln’s police state measures to silence opponents and newspapers. The Emancipation Proclamation was a war measure issued under Lincoln’s war powers. The proclamation provided for the emancipated slaves to be enrolled in the Union army replenishing its losses. It was also hoped that the proclamation would spread slave revolts in the South while southern white men were away at war and draw soldiers away from the fronts in order to protect their women and children. The intent was to hasten the defeat of the South before political opposition to Lincoln in the North grew stronger.

The Lincoln Memorial was built not because Lincoln “freed the slaves,” but because Lincoln saved the empire. As the Savior of the Empire, had Lincoln not been assassinated, he could have become emperor for life.

As Professor Thomas DiLorenzo writes: “Lincoln spent his entire political career attempting to use the powers of the state for the benefit of the moneyed corporate elite (the ‘one-percenters’ of his day), first in Illinois, and then in the North in general, through protectionist tariffs, corporate welfare for road, canal, and railroad corporations, and a national bank controlled by politicians like himself to fund it all.”

Lincoln was a man of empire. As soon as the South was conquered, ravaged, and looted, his collection of war criminal generals, such as Sherman and Sheridan, set about exterminating the Plains Indians in one of the worst acts of genocide in human history. Even today Israeli Zionists point to Washington’s extermination of the Plains Indians as the model for Israel’s theft of Palestine.

The War of Northern Aggression was about tariffs and northern economic imperialism. The North was protectionist. The South was free trade. The North wanted to finance its economic development by forcing the South to pay higher prices for manufactured goods. The North passed the Morrill Tariff which more than doubled the tariff rate to 32.6% and provided for a further hike to 47%. The tariff diverted the South’s profits on its agricultural exports to the coffers of Northern industrialists and manufacturers. The tariff was designed to redirect the South’s expenditures on manufactured goods from England to the higher cost goods produced in the North.

This is why the South left the union, a right of self-determination under the Constitution.


The purpose of Lincoln’s war was to save the empire, not to abolish slavery. In his first inaugural address Lincoln “made an ironclad defense of slavery.” His purpose was to keep the South in the Empire despite the Morrill Tariff. As for slavery, Lincoln said: “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.” This position, Lincoln reminded his audience, was part of the 1860 Republican Party platform. Lincoln also offered his support for the strong enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act, which required Northerners to hunt down and return runaway slaves, and he gave his support to the Corwin Amendment to the Constitution, already passed by Northern votes in the House and Senate, that prohibited any federal interference with slavery. For Lincoln and his allies, the empire was far more important than slaves.

DiLorenzo explains what the deal was that Lincoln offered to the South. However, just as empire was more important to the North than slavery, for the South avoiding large taxes on manufactured goods, in effect a tax on Southern agricultural profits, was more important than northern guarantees for slavery.

If you want to dislodge your brainwashing about the War of Northern Aggression, read DiLorenzo’s books, The Real Lincoln, and Lincoln Unmasked.

The so-called Civil War was not a civil war. In a civil war, both sides are fighting for control of the government. The South was not fighting for control of the federal government. The South seceded and the North refused to let the South go.

The reason I am writing about this is to illustrate how history is falsified in behalf of agendas. I am all for civil rights and participated in the movement while a college student. What makes me uncomfortable is the transformation of Lincoln, a tyrant who was an agent for the One Percent and was willing to destroy any and every thing in behalf of empire, into a civil rights hero. Who will be next? Hitler? Stalin? Mao? George W. Bush? Obama? John Yoo? If Lincoln can be a civil rights hero, so can be torturers. Those who murder in Washington’s wars women and children can be turned into defenders of women’s rights and child advocates. And probably they will be.

This is the twisted perverted world in which we live. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, is confronted with Washington’s overthrow of the elected government in Ukraine, a Russian ally and for centuries a part of Russia itself, while Putin is falsely accused of invading Ukraine. China is accused by Washington as a violator of human rights while Washington murders more civilians in the 21st century than every other country combined.

Everywhere in the West monstrous lies stand unchallenged. The lies are institutionalized in history books, course curriculums, policy statements, movements and causes, and in historical memory.

America will be hard pressed to survive the lies that it lives.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History • Tags: Abraham Lincoln, Civil War 
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7 Comments to "The Power of Lies"
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  1. Why shouldn’t Lincoln be a hero to the Civil Rights movement? He is celebrated not for who he was (an extremely intelligent and crafty politician) nor for what he espoused (white domination of those blacks who chose not to “return” to Africa) but for what he founded: An all-powerful Federal Government, capable of freeing slaves and enslaving freemen.

    The centralized industrial state he forged out of the crucible of his War was later used by his spiritual sons Wilson and FDR to create Festung Amerika, leader of the “Free World”. Yes, the bombs are falling on Yemen. Is Al Sharpton out with his megaphone, ranting about the Yemenis or the Palestinians? No; Washington delivers the food stamps. That’s all that matters to the blacks. (And they don’t know who Paul Craig Roberts is, nor would they care if they knew). The blacks don’t know who Julian Assange is; they don’t know who Edward Snowden is. They don’t care.

    The fake Lincoln-as-Savior narrative is an easy one for them to understand. And it must be true; the schools told them so.

    • Replies: @Lousteau
  2. Dear PCR,

    You write, “Washington murders more civilians in the 21st century than every other country combined.”

    Would you be so kind as to cite facts, numbers, statistics, etc?

    Peace, love, truth,

    The Grate Deign

  3. The court historian-approved Official Line on Lincoln is that he’s The Greatest American Who Ever Lived.


    As revisionist–i.e., honest–historians like Thomas DiLorenzo have shown, Lincoln was a murderous warmonger. He was a Constitution-defiling scumbag. He was a statist devoted to corporate welfare and crony capitalism.

    In short, Lincoln set the stage for what we have today.

  4. Bob says:

    You lost. Your beloved treasonous racist Confederacy didn’t even make it 5 years.
    Get over it.

    • Replies: @Eustace Tilley (not)
  5. Lousteau says:
    @Eustace Tilley (not)

    Your statement that “[the blacks] don’t know who Paul Craig Roberts is, nor would they care if they knew. The blacks don’t know who Julian Assange is; they don’t know who Edward Snowden is. They don’t care.” applies with equal if not greater force to the whites (and more generally, Americans, regardless of color, height, weight, etc.). They don’t know, either, and they don’t care. Their ignorance goes from not knowing what the capital of Detroit is to not knowing where Iraq is . . . although they do know, when are told to do so, that Iraq needs to be bombed . . . whatever.

  6. @Bob

    You call the Confederacy “treasonous”. That just goes to show how well 150 years of Yankee school brainwashing has worked. Lincoln betrayed the principles upon which this nation (originally a voluntary federation of sovereign states) was founded.

    “Racist”? The North was every bit as “racist” as the South. Read the Fred Reed article, “Purity of Soul” to learn a little history. I suspect you’re in for quite a surprise.

    “Get over it.” Yessuh. Yes, massuh.

  7. Jim says:

    Of course people like Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, etc. were all treasonous. No question that they were guilty as hell of treason against the British monarchy.

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