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The Militarization of the Police Has Produced a Murder Machine
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Update: Here is a report on the autopsy. The facts directly contradict the false information police apologists are sending around the Internet.

I wasn’t surprised at some of the crude comments and hatred expressed toward blacks that came from a few white male anti-immigration Republicans in response to my article Cops Gone Wild. A few were so choked with rage over a “f****** pinko-liberal-commie” who would take the side of a “black bully thief” over the police that they never read beyond the introductory comment about Ferguson. Criticizing police can ignite the same kind of hysterical hatred as criticizing the Israeli governments murders of Palestinians.

As readers know, I often emphasize that a significant percentage of the population is incapable of thought and rational response. They want to hear what they want to hear and go into a rage when they don’t. They read not to learn but to have their ignorant biases substantiated.

Perhaps this is the way Americans have always been. However, it seems to me that it is much worse today than I remember from earlier decades. However mindless Americans might have been in the past, they seem much more so today.

Indeed, the media seems to speak with one voice–the government’s. Even academic freedom has been terminated in universities. There are so many examples.

One of the most notorious examples is the case of Professor Norman Finkelstein, whose parents were holocaust survivors. Finkelstein, who is Jewish, is a distinguished scholar who became a high profile critic of Israel’s misguided and immoral policies toward the Palestinians. The Zionist Lobby was able to reach into DePaul University, a Catholic university, and cause the cowardly president to overrule the decision of the Political Science Department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Personnel Committee, supported by the student body, to grant Finkelstein tenure.

Some suspect that the Zionist Lobby bought off the university president with promises of financial support for the university. Whether bribes were combined with threats, the university president, in my opinion, is a person devoid of integrity, and he drove a dagger through the heart of academic freedom and allowed Zionists to determine who receives tenure at DePaul University. Why parents would send their sons and daughters to such a university is beyond me.

Zionist attacks on American academic freedom are routine. Professor William Robinson of the University of California, Santa Barbara, tells the story of his experience with the Zionist Lobby on

The Zionist Lobby’s unethical and immoral tactics create massive hostility toward Jews in general. From time to time I receive emails upbraiding me for refusing to blame everything wrong in the world on Jews. The extremism of Zionists prevents many critics of Jews from recognizing the fact that the strongest, most moral voices against Zionist extremism come from Jews themselves including some Israeli citizens and the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz.

Jewish critics of Israel’s behavior cannot be called “anti-semites.” The Zionist Lobby invented a new term for Jews afflicted by a moral conscience–”self-hating Jew.”


The Zionist Lobby with its ridiculous “enforcement organizations,” such as the ADL, by misusing the “anti-semite” accusation have made “anti-semite” and “self-hating Jew” badges of moral honor. Once upon a time “anti-semite” referred to a person who disliked Jews in general and perhaps wished harm to be inflicted on every Jew. Today “anti-semite” means a person who objects to illegal and immoral policies of the Zionist state, the government of which does not speak for all Jews or even for all Israelis.

Zionist focus on silencing their critics because Zionist policies cannot stand examination.

We see a similar response on the part of many Americans who rush blindly to the defense of the police whenever psychopaths with badges murder a black, a hispanic or a homeless person.

The gratuitous violence employed by police is no more justified than the gratuitous violence employed by the Israeli military toward Palestinians. “Law and order conservatives” confuse police accountability with the coddling of criminals and terrorists. They are unable to comprehend that unaccountable police are a greater threat to them than are criminals without badges.

This brief video, sent by a reader, shows how the militarization of US police has produced a murder machine.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. D. K. says:

    You have accused a White policeman, with an apparently spotless six-year record, not only of felony murder but also of being a psychopath. The main witness that the media are relying upon is a Black criminal– the actual accomplice of the deceased– whose unsworn testimony has been shown by the reports of the celebrity pathologist to be a lie! The deceased was not shot in the back. Whether he was shot with his arms up, down or in between cannot be determined, based solely upon the postmortem, as reported. The policeman’s account is not inconsistent with any of the public claims of Dr. Baden and his associate, and is consistent with the comments of an alleged witness who is overheard (on a posted video, taken by someone who was not a witness) explaining to someone else what he allegedly observed. You both ignore this eyewitness account, and mischaracterize the postmortem evidence that Dr. Baden and his associate have publicly presented.

    If the deceased attempted to take the policeman’s gun, in the patrol car, the policeman had the authority, and the right, to shoot his attacker dead, then and there. If the deceased then subsequently attempted to rush the policeman, in the street, whether with his arms up, down or in between, the policeman had the authority, and the right, to shoot the deceased dead, then and there. If you fail to grasp those basic rules of law and principles of self-defense, you are the ignoramus, Doctor, not the policeman– whose life is at risk at the hands of the very people that you now are defending, who already have engaged in rioting, looting and arson, and made explicit threats to kill the man whom you, as a result of your own patent ignorance, innate stupidity and/or acquired mental defect, have publicly condemned as a psychotic murderer!

    Frankly, Doctor, as someone who, unlike you, is trained in both Law (J.D.) and Psychology (M.S.), inter alia, I have to say that you are the one here who has exhibited definite signs of a serious mental illness. (I say that, by the way, as someone labeled a “liberal patriot” by the folks at– not as some racist, gun-toting, right-wing nut, as you prefer to label anyone, here, who fails to accord you the deference that you seem to believe is your natural due.) I suggest that you consult your personal physician for a referral to a qualified neurologist, a.s.a.p.

  2. miles says: • Website

    I wish a street surveillance camera had the pertinent footage. I think a fiber-optic badge camera, that is programmed to turn on when an officer opens his cruiser’s doors and steps out of it, could help both the police and the public. The technology exists to enable this. It should not be a crime to video a public servant like a policeman out in public on shift hours.

  3. D. K. says:

    A new report says that the local police have had over a dozen witnesses confirm the policeman’s version of the shooting. How do you suppose that they were able to round up over a dozen genocidally racist Whites willing to perjure themselves, from that particular neighborhood, in that overwhelmingly Black city, Doctor? By the way, another unarmed victim of genocidal White oppression, this time a 21-year-old Hispanic in California, has righteously left a local policeman in critical condition.

  4. Jason says:

    Paul Craig Roberts writes …

    “I wasn’t surprised at some of the crude comments and hatred expressed toward blacks that came from a few white male anti-immigration Republicans in response to my article Cops Gone Wild.”

    Oh those viscous white males! I wonder how PCR knew those comments were from White men by the way? Funny how guys like him see RACE when it fits their agenda.

    It seems to me PCR is revealing himself to be increasingly anti-White in every article.

    And since he told us we will all be dead SOON from nuclear war I am not sure why any of this matters. In fact, he said ALL life would be over quite soon. Then he gave us a bunch of silly conspiracy theories to explain how things “really work”. Then he bashes Whites who don’t want open borders.

    I guess I don’t know why he gets paid to write articles.

  5. Your first mistake — and one deliberately made by all the MSM — is to impose your interpretation on the autopsy report. The forensic pathologists doing the autopsies did not do this and you and your fellow MSM witch hunters are putting words in their mouths.

    Without being as egregious as you have been and without imposing my interpretation on the facts I can legitimately say the following: The autopsy is entirely consistent with the policeman/shooter’s story and inconsistent with the early stories coming out of Ferguson of some kind of execution. The deceased was facing the policeman and probably coming at him in what is commonly referred to as a bum’s rush. He was not, as early reports suggested fleeing away from the policeman. There is no autopsy evidence one way or the other whether the deceased was attacking or surrendering to the policeman at the time he was shot.

    We do know that the shooting occured after the deceased had committed a strong arm robbery (caught on video tape) and physically attacked the officer (testimony from the officeer and at least several witnesses). Very preliminary toxicology results suggest that part of the deceased’s behavior may have been due to some form of drug intoxication. Open eyewitness testimony caught as background on video tape and making the rounds of the internet completely supports the police officer’s version of events. Aside from the deceased’s partner in crime all credible witness testimony supports the officer’s report.

    The best evidence suggests that about 400 persons are killed by police in this country each year. About one-quarter of these are African-American. Almost all are justified. The data suggest a police bias against killing African-Americans since this portion of the population is responsible for more than one-quarter of all crime and a much higher proportion of violent crime, e.g., murder, robbery, assault, and rape. By contrast about 7,000 African-Americans murder each year and they are heavily biased against their fellow African-Americans.

    But don’t let the truth stand in yiour way. It very seldom has before.

  6. Bill says:

    Here is a report on the autopsy . . . The facts directly contradict the false information police apologists are sending around the Internet.

    Does anyone know what PCR is talking about? Which aspect of which police apologist’s story is contradicted by the linked article? I don’t need links and stuff—I know how to google—but there is literally nothing here to go on.

  7. Dave B says:

    PCR is 100% correct, and if you have been paying attention it is clear that the police no longer limit themselves to bullying minorities, so if you white folks think that what is happening in Ferguson in OK because the victims are “criminals” or “thugs” or “n***s”, well, you’re time is coming. As the police get more militarized and get away with more bullying, including murder, the more they will feel confident in doing this anywhere and anytime. The police and the military are the ultimate expression of Big Government, so if you say you are against an overly-intrusive government and support the men in uniform then you are a complete hypocrite, and fool.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  8. fnn says:

    If you want a genuine police atrocity you can revisit, for example, Ruby Ridge. Some more recent examples of gross police misconduct were the cases of Douglas Zerby and Kelly Thomas.

    And someone needs to launch a campaign to radically reduce the number of SWAT raids:

  9. @Dave B

    If you want Mayberry-style policing, you’ve got to have Mayberry-demographics, Mayberry-culture, Mayberry-geography.

    Large metro areas require a big police footprint because of so many low-g, unassimilable ethnics, net tax consumption, tragedy of the commons, and generalized low social trust.

    When the police no longer bother confronting intoxicated thugs walking in the middle of the street, then you’ve arrived at diversity’s endgame: black monoculture. Welcome to Camden, NJ.

    Personally, I’d love to see an America where 1965 never happened but I doubt you would. So you will just have to learn to live with a militarized police force.

  10. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Roberts is right. American White people are evil. They killed Indians and lynched Blacks.White Americans want to do in Russia what they are doing in Ferguson. White Americans kill innocent Black youth. Now they want to kill innocent Russian youth.White America is evil.

  11. “As readers know, I often emphasize that a significant percentage of the population is incapable of thought and rational response. They want to hear what they want to hear and go into a rage when they don’t.”

    Are you talking about the looters? Because I have some serious doubts that they are “readers.”

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