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The Dumbed-Down New York Times
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I was happy to read this column by Robert Parry. He managed to avoid blaming Ronald Reagan for the dumbed-down state of the NYT.

I appreciate Parry’s hard-hitting columns. He is one of America’s few remaining real journalists, the likes of which can no longer be found in the US print and TV media. But somewhere along the way he got very sour on President Reagan and has a hard time explaining any of our current woes and evils without blaming Reagan. About much else, Parry is correct.

We need to ask ourselves why first class journalists like Parry are not editor-in-chief of the New York Times. Why, instead, is the NYT a propaganda organ for the government?

When you read Parry’s critique of the NY Times’ Russian/Ukrainian coverage, ask yourself why the Times cannot report a story truthfully. The facts about Russia and Ukraine are not hidden, so what is the reason the NY Times cannot report them truthfully? Is the reason the stupidity and ignorance of the reporters and editors, or is it that the reporters and editors are required to lie in order to serve Washington’s goal of US hegemony?

When a country’s newspaper of record is only a propaganda organ, what becomes of public discourse ? What happens to the ability of free speech to constrain the government and to hold government accountable to the truth? Obviously, these foundational principles of American democracy cannot be performed by a media that serves as a ministry of propaganda.

Ask yourself how the liberal NY Times, publisher of the Pentagon Papers, became a warmonger that validates neoconservative US government lies.

Then read Professor Lance deHaven-Smith’s book and gain insight as to the answer.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, New York Times 
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  1. Robert Parry is one of those idiots who blame all and everything they don’t like on Ronald Reagan. Rather like some British leftist hacks blame everything they dislike on Lady Thatcher.
    I don’t know why Roberts even mentions him.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The NYT is not “dumb”. I only wish is was in a literal sense. The NYT has sold out. It’s owners and editors should be in prison for treason. I feel guilty myself for even responding to a story ABOUT the NYT. Why do people read it? Why do people respond to it? Newspaper of record? Hilarious if not so sad.

  3. Mark Green says: • Website

    May the Gray Lady die a slow and agonizing death. Its vaunted ‘objectivity’ has long been overrated.

    The manipulative and dishonest ‘newspaper of record’ has caused incalculable harm.

    The TIMES has helped poison race relations in America, legitimized Zionism inside Washington, pimped for unnecessary wars, and helped transform America into a vast, pro-Zionist military empire. The TIMES deserves obloquy and oblivion.

    • Replies: @Exudd1
  4. MarkinLA says:

    If you connect the dots logically back to many of our stupid policies, the big bang if you will, started at the Reagan administration.

    Free trade stupidity – Reagan campaigned for a NAFTA and it was negotiated under Reagan’s third term – GHWB.

    Massive deficit spending – any argument there? What about Carter’s dollar bills to the moon? Reagan went way beyond Carter. Of course Reagan accelerated the increases for Social Security taxes to hide some of those deficits. Why should rich people pay taxes, said Ronnie.

    Guest workers – The Reagan administration used the NSF to create the big lie about the “tech worker shortage”. The legislation was signed under GHWB.

    Looking the other way while illegals were flooding the country and taking American jobs – some companies went so far as to send buses to Mexico. You really think nobody in the administration knew?

    The savings and Loan melt down was almost totally because of Reagan – he gutted thrift oversight and he signed the Garn-St Germain Act

    His stupidity caused the Russians to consider a first strike when Ronnie wanted to attend a massive NATO exercise where he would be on the flagship of the fleet.

    He brought the neocons into the White House – Wolfowitz, Perle, and Feith and probably a whole sty full of those pigs.

    His stupidity got all those Marines killed in Beirut after he had the navy shell Lebanon with another one of his mistakes, the previously mothballed Iowa.

    There were so many it is hard to keep up.

    He just happened to be there at the right place at the right time – semiconductor revolution entering every industry, stocks so cheap there was no place to go but up, and Carter’s Fed chief Volcker killing off the inflation of the 70s.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  5. ‘…Then read Professor Lance deHaven-Smith’s book and gain insight as to the answer.…’

    Isn’t that necessarily an impossible question to answer-CIA or otherwise?

  6. Ivy says:

    Old: All The News That’s Fit to Print
    New: News For Dummies

  7. @MarkinLA

    Too true, Mark. Almost as soon as Ronald Reagan was sworn in to office the homeless people started showing up on the streets of LA and illegals looking for work seemed to multiply

    RR was just a sock puppet for Big Business and that’s when the rot really started to flourish.

    Same with Thatcher in the UK.

  8. hbm says:

    It’s not a crazy Neo-Nazi conspiracy: Jews own and staff virtually all of the major media. Most Jews are instinctive, reflexive propagandists for their own ethnic-religious interests and feel absolutely justified to warp all honesty out of our public discourse to achieve their goals.

    Why does the media behave towards Russia the way it does? Because the vast majority of Jews, whether they label themselves Left or Right, work at NYT or The Washington Post, want war with Russia to settle old scores. Jewish ethno-religious interest drives them, no matter what they might claim to the contrary about their motivations. Moreover they long to get rid of Putin so that they can install a puppet and achieve their post-nation-state, Globalist-Messianic dream.

    I agree with other commenters: saying that the NYT is dumb or that, say, Bill Kristol is stupid, misses the target. These people want what they want. What the other 98% of us want or the consequences for us are irrelevant to them.

    So we have to get over our naivete with respect to their predictions and the outcomes of what they advocate. We must allow ourselves to accept why they make these predictions and why the things they advocate turn out the way they do. They aren’t “wrong” or incompetent once one understands what they really want isn’t what they say they want, or why they claim to want it. Jewish linguists and deconstructors like to talk about a “gap” between the words– the signifier– and the thing described– the signified. There isn’t a finer example than when a Jew touts his love of Freedom and Democracy as the reason why the rest of us should murder Vladimir Putin.

    Despite protestations of being an insignificant and belabored minority in a perpetually hostile world, in their own minds Jews place themselves at the center of all events, and they tirelessly work to shape things to reflect their own ethno-religious narratives and concerns. When one’s media control is virtually hegemonic, these things can be achieved.

    Putin is the eternally recurring Jewish fantasy “tyrant”– corrupt; bent on world domination; most evil creature ever to exist, & etc. It’s phony but they agitate and agitate until they get the result they want. They are are old hands at manipulating us to behave in ways to serve their interests, not ours. Western media’s disgraceful behavior toward Putin, towards Trump, is a prime example.

    • Replies: @alexander
  9. Meh, the Washington Post is more egregious at all of this and more than New York Times.

  10. woodNfish says:

    When a country’s newspaper of record is only a propaganda organ, what becomes of public discourse ?

    Stop claiming that piece of shit fish wrapper is our “newspaper of record”. It isn’t and never was. Just like the Kennedy presidency was not “Camelot’ as the LLSM presstitutes would have everyone believe. Stop repeating leftist lies.

  11. Exudd1 says:
    @Mark Green

    Excellent comment; overdue, most appropriate recommendation. Thanks.

  12. alexander says:

    This is an interesting comment, hbm,

    Its loaded with lots of stuff.

    But I think you have to see clearly what Israel wants, and then move from there.

    For example,Israel made a very clear (If hidden)decision to keep the Golan Heights, and much of what has happened over the last six years has been about implementing a specific course of action to achieve this objective.

    Stop and imagine if you are Israel and you absolutely wanted to keep the Golan, permanently.

    What do you need to do to make this happen ?

    You could offer to purchase it from its rightful owner, Syria, but would Syria ever agree ?

    Most probably not..and who would decide on a price ?

    You could petition the UN, to amend its laws to allow Israel to keep the territory that it conquered and took ?

    But for the UN to do this it would have to upend its central tenet against war of aggression, which is the singular most potent international law that exists.

    So if you cannot buy the Golan , and you cannot change the laws , perhaps you change Syria ?

    You would have to create a civil war within the country that is so destructive it permanently alters the sovereign territorial integrity of the state.

    So Assad becomes “Hitler” , not because Israelis give a hoot about Assad (because they don’t) but they understand the insurrection they created against an “evil dictator”,initiates the destabilization of the state which will lead to its dismemberment.

    Israel will never have to return the Golan to Syria if there is no Syria left, to return it to.

    Do you understand this thinking ?

    Putin ONLY became the enemy “du jour” once he stepped in to assist Syria in withstanding its brutal dismemberment.

    This was (also)the catalyst for the Neocons to take the Ukraine , in the coup.

    To hold it as a card against Putin, and put the pressure on his doorstep to pull back from the Syria quagmire.

    He didn’t, he went all in, in Syria, and put a pasting on the terror mercenaries paid to destroy the state.

    This transformed him into the number one “demon seed” of all humanity, for the Neocon pundits, acolytes, as well as the N.Y.Times.

    Hatred for Putin is avalanched into a tirade of false invectives merely for virtue of the fact he is standing up for the integrity of all states to retain their sovereign territory.

    The Ukraine coup was designed around the absolute certainty Russia would not give up its entire naval fleet in Crimea to the coup forces (would you?) …thus seeking to put the same dirt on Russia over Crimea, that the world has on Israel over the Golan.

    Its clever, do you see it ?

    Not clever enough, because Crimea countered with an overwhelming referendum to join Russia and secede from the Ukraine.

    Putin will remain enemy number one in our dominant media until he yields on Syria, and allows its chopping up to run its course.

    What is most shocking is there is no restraint, none whatsoever, on the desires of either the Neocons or Israel ,to carve up whatever county it chooses to, whenever it chooses to.

    This is a horrible precedent, one which most of the world, including Putin, find abominable.

    Putin is, in fact, holding the line on basic international order and the decency of its accepted laws .

    He is reviled by them, for stymieing their rapacious designs, and for no other reason.

  13. The editorial board of the NYT was always liberal, but the actual news reporting used to be first-rate. Well… for the most part anyway (scope out “Walter Duranty” in Wiki). No more though. Given the emergence of the internet and the easy access to information and the corresponding rise of so-called “social media”, all of which, no doubt, have contributed to the increased polarization of society as a whole, The Times and similar such news organs have seen fit to drop any pretense to objectivity and instead have joined everyone else in preaching to the choir.

  14. KenH says:

    Although a flaming liberal, Robert Parry does seem like a real investigative journalist rather than just a hack puking out the received leftist and pro-Israel wisdom of the day, but he likes to take shots at Reagan which is idiotic considering he let office nearly three decades ago.

    Reagan was imperfect and did things that IMO were inimical to the founding European stock, but he was far better than Jimmy Carter and all the presidents who succeeded him.

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