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February 5, 2015. There is a brouhaha underway about an American journalist who told a story about being in a helicopter in a war zone. The helicopter was hit and had to land. Which war zone and when I don’t know. The US has created so many war zones that it is difficult to keep up with them all, and as you will see, I am not interested in the story for its own sake.

It turns out that the journalist has remembered incorrectly. He was in a helicopter in a war zone, but it wasn’t hit and didn’t have to land. The journalist has been accused of lying in order to make himself seem to be “a more seasoned war correspondent than he is.”

The journalist’s presstitute colleagues are all over him with accusations. He has even had to apologize to the troops. Which troops and why is unclear. The American requirement that everyone apologize for every word reminds me of the old Soviet practice, real or alleged by anti-communists, that required Soviet citizens to self-criticize.

National Public Radio (2-5-15) thought this story of the American journalist was so important that the program played a recording of the journalist telling his story. It sounded like a good story to me. The audience enjoyed it and was laughing. The journalist telling the story did not claim any heroism on his part or any failure on the part of the helicopter crew. It is normal for helicopters to take hits in war zones.

Having established that the journalist had actually stated that the helicopter was hit when in fact it wasn’t, NPR brought on the program a psychologist at the University of California, Irvine, an expert on “false memory.” The psychologist explained various reasons a person might have false memories, making the point that it is far from uncommon and that the journalist is most likely just another example. But the NPR presstitute still wanted to know if the journalist had intentionally lied in order to make himself look good. It was never explained why it made a journalist look good to be in a helicopter forced to land. But few presstitutes get to this depth of questioning.

Now to get to the real point. I was listening to this while driving as it was less depressing to listen to NPR’s propaganda than to listen to the Christian-Zionist preachers. In the previous hour NPR had presented listeners with three reports about civilian deaths in the break-away provinces in eastern and southern Ukraine. The first time I heard the report, the NPR presstitute recounted how explosives had hit a hospital killing 5 people in the break-away Donetsk Republic. The presstitute did not report that this was done by Ukrainian forces, instead suggesting that it could have been done by the “Russian-supported rebels.” He didn’t offer any explanation why the rebels would attack their own hospital. The impression left for that small percentage of informed Americans capable of thought is that presstitutes are not allowed to say that the Washington-backed Ukrainians attacked a hospital.

In all three reports, Secretary of State John Kerry was broadcast saying that the US wanted a diplomatic, peaceful solution, but that the Russians were blocking a peaceful solution by sending tank columns and troops into Ukraine. On my return trip, I heard over NPR Kerry twice more repeating the unsupported claim that Russian tanks and troops are pouring into Ukraine. Obviously, NPR was serving as a propaganda voice that Russia was invading Ukraine.

Think about this for a minute. We have been hearing from high US government officials, including the president himself, for months and months about Russian tank columns and troops entering Ukraine. The Russian government denies this steadfastly, but, of course, we cannot trust the now-demonized Russians. We are not allowed to believe them, because they are positioned as the Enemy, and good patriotic Americans never believe the Enemy.

But how can we help but believe the Russians? If all these Russian tank columns and troops that have allegedly been pouring into Ukraine were real, Washington’s puppet government in Kiev would have fallen sometime last year, and the conflict would be over. Anyone with a brain knows this.

So, we arrive at my point. A journalist told a harmless story and has been roasted alive and forced to apologize to the troops for lying. In the middle of this brouhaha, the US Secretary of State, the President of the United States, innumerable senators, executive branch officials, and presstitutes have repeatedly reported month after month Russian tank columns and troops entering Ukraine. Yet, despite all these Russian forces, the civilians in the break-away provinces of eastern and southern Ukraine are still being slaughtered by Washington’s puppet state in Kiev.

If Russian tanks and troops are this ineffective, why are NATO commanders and neoconservative warmongers warning of the dire danger that Russia poses to the Baltics, Poland, and Eastern Europe?

It doesn’t make any sense, does it?

So the question is: Why are the presstitutes all over some hapless journalist rather than holding accountable the Great Liars, John Kerry and Barak Obama?

The answer is: It is costless to the presstitutes to try to destroy, for totally insignificant reasons–perhaps just for the pleasure of it, like “American Sniper” killing people for fun–one of their own, but they would be fired if they hold Kerry and Obama accountable, and they know it. But they have to get someone, so they eat their own.

A democracy without an honest media cannot exist. In America democracy is a facade behind which operates every evil inclination of mankind. During the past 14 years the American people have supported governments that have invaded, bombed, or droned seven countries, killing, maiming, and displacing millions of people for no reason other than profit and hegemonic power. There is scant sign that this has caused very many Americans sleepless nights or a bad conscience.


When Washington is not bombing and killing, it is plotting to overthrow reformist governments, such as the Honduran government Obama overthrew, and the Venezuelan, Bolivian, Ecuadoran, and Argentine governments that the Obama regime is current trying to overthrow. And, also, of course the democratically elected government in Ukraine that has been supplanted by Washington’s coup.

The new Greek government is in the crosshairs, and so is Putin himself.

Washington and its fawning presstitutes branded the elected Ukrainian government that was a victim of Washington’s coup, “a corrupt dictatorship.” The replacement government consists of a combination of Washington puppets and neo-nazis with their own military forces sporting Nazi insignias. The American presstitutes have been careful not to notice the Nazi insignias.

Ask yourself why a journalist’s false memory episode of an insignificant event is so important to the American presstitutes, while John Kerry’s and Barak Obama’s extraordinary, blatant, blockbuster, and dangerous lies are ignored.

In the event you have forgotten the efficiency of the Russian military, remember the fate of the American and Israeli trained and equipped Georgian Army that Washington sicced on South Ossetia. The Georgian invasion of South Ossetia resulted in the deaths of Russian peace-keeping soldiers and Russian citizens. The Russian military intervened, and the American and Israeli trained and equipped Georgian Army collapsed in five hours. All of Georgia was back in Russian hands, but the Russians withdrew and left the former province of Russia independent, despite the lies from Washington that Putin intends to restore the Soviet Empire.

The only correct conclusion that any American can make is that every statement of the US government and its presstitute media is a blatant lie designed to serve a secret agenda that the American people would not support if they knew of its existence.

Whenever Washington and its whore media speak, they lie.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy, Ideology • Tags: American Media, Ukraine 
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  1. rod1963 says:

    The press is a extension of the permanent political and money class in this country. Just look at who owns the press:

    Clear Channel

    The old papers like NYT, LAT, BG are owned by billionaires who just love the status quo and basically hate the American middle-class.

    None of them are about to be honest on a multitude of issues. That’s not their job, their job is to misinform the American people and misdirect their attention to issues that are essentially irrelevant or dangerous to them and convince them that what is dangerous to them is good for them. Like going to war with Russia and keeping our borders wide open.

    We don’t live in a Democracy or Republic anymore, we live in a oligarchy where the very rich call the shots – Adelson, Soros, Zuckerberg, Gates, Buffett, Rubin, Blankfein, Koch brothers, Summers, the Chambers of Commerce, Business Roundtable etc. All of them are mortal enemies of the middle class in this country and have promoted policies that have harmed the country terribly.

    They own politicians across the board from the Clintons, to Cruz and Bush and everyone in between that holds a important role in our government like Boehner, McCain, Graham and McConnell.

    Look at the police state they’ve erected. it’s not there to protect us but to monitor us. The NSA along with corporations like Google, Apple, AT&T, routinely spy on us and collect data on us. No warrants necessary, they just do with such efficiency that Himmler would be green with envy.

    • Replies: @Quercus
  2. “I’ve turned friendship and loyalty into a sick joke” Mel Profitt storyline

    Washington, D.C. storyline
    Vinnie was summoned to the Justice Department and put in charge of an investigation of Japanese Yen counterfeiting, unaware that the whole thing was a setup by certain unscrupulous government figures who sought payback for damaging fallout from the Mel Profitt case. Based on the real-life Operation Bernhard, the conspirators aim to undermine the Japanese economy by printing large amounts of counterfeit Yen, smuggling them into Japan on cargo aircraft, and then announcing it all in order to devalue the currency. After the revelation, a convenient scapegoat is supposed to take the blame, in this case, Vinnie. When the plan is foiled en route, Vinnie nevertheless becomes the focus of an investigation, and is only saved when a third party “connects the dots” for the investigating committee.

    Maybe we can counterfeit Russian currency and loan it to them and collect interest.

    • Replies: @Willem Hendrik
  3. Kiza says:

    As a former citizen of the Eastern Block now living in the West I have stated before that Communist media had a Credibility Rating of about 20%, in other words that only about 20% of descriptions put out into the public domain were close to the truth (or there was an honest effort to reach the truth/reality). In the West, the credibility rating has sunk to 0.1%, in other words the Communists’ Credibility Rating was about 200 times better. Another way to look at this is that in the West only one in a thousand stories could be called truthful reporting. Lies have become the only currency of the Western media and the political system, constant, blatant, incessant, mind-numbing, unadulterated lies. We are drowning in lies and telling the truth is the revolutionary 0.1%.

    Further, it is not only the Western regimes which lie, then also their crawling servants. As much as Obama, Kerry, Hillary, Nuland and the rest of the “leadership” gang lie, so much their “public servants”: the police, TSA, FBI, NSA etc lie. How is it different that Western media constantly talk about the non-existent Russian tank columns in Ukraine and that a TSA low-level manager accuses a passenger in court, under oath, of agitation and bomb threats, which are totally disproven by TSA’s own video? Or when the police shoot a 17 year old mentally disturbed girl and then claim that she was brandishing a gun, which does not exist in the police video. I guess, the point is that the crawlers are trying to imitate their masters – I am the authority, I am the Law, I need no proof! Thus, truth becomes the fringe benefit of the power.

    Finally, some absolute truth on its own cannot be the goal. Yet, too much lying hollows out the society and makes it unsustainable. Because human society has always existed in a balance of lying and truth telling, two opposite forces. But when some society ends up with lying only, then it is ready to implode. Let us see how long it takes.

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  4. Quercus says:

    I’m not sure I would include Larry Summers in with Adelson,. Buffett and the like, but I would include him in a list of fools-pretending-to-be-wise, as I’ve yet to hear the man say anything more profound that even a moderately intelligent person.

    • Replies: @rod1963
    , @Realist
  5. fnn says:

    “Whenever Washington and its whore media speak, they lie.”

    They’re also unspeakably vile:

    But what really blew my mind was the story of the Grafton Memorial. This relates to the privately-funded memorial library to be established in the city of Grafton near Milwaukee twenty years after the attack. As was and still is required in the Land Of The Free, the Israeli connection was played down with the focus almost exclusively on commemorating those who had served and suffered.

    Now you’d imagine that local Jews would have at worst kept their heads down, at best supported the project while apologising for the Israeli ‘mistake’. Not a bit of it! Instead the attack dogs were unleashed, crying – you’ve guessed it – ‘anti-Semitism’. Rabbi Gideon Goldenholz declared it ‘insulting to Jews’ while James Fromstein of the Milwaukee Jewish Council proclaimed the Liberty incident(!) to be a ‘sensitive subject considered offencive to Jewish people everywhere’

    But it gets better. The local press turned on the Outrage Button. An editorial in the Milwaukee Journal thundered ‘where is the outrage in Grafton? Why is there no outcry?’ Now let me be clear, because we’re talking about an upside down world here. The requested outrage and outcry were against the idea of commemorating American servicemen who had given their lives for their country, because such commemoration might offend the sensitivities of the people who cost them their lives!

    But it gets better still. The full machinery of the national and local government was brought to bear on the memorial organisers. An $83,000 federal donation was withdrawn, an invitation to the White House to send a representative was ignored (as was a personal invitation to GHW Bush), the local high school refused to provide a band for the opening ceremony, denouncing the organisers as Nazis, while the Commander of a nearby Naval Training Centre was ordered not to attend by Naval brass.

    • Replies: @DCThrowback
    , @Hersh
  6. @rustbeltreader

    “Maybe we can counterfeit Russian currency and loan it to them and collect interest.”

    You would just be helping the Russian treasury reducing paper/printing cost. The Russians would ask for more to pay the interest 😉
    In the digital age coin and paper money are a fraction of global currency flows.

    Entertaining thought though: If the Russians would somehow be able to print enough trillions of US dollars to have an impact on the U.S. economy. It would take 10.000, 1 ton pallets of 100 dollar notes for one trillion.

    Over 90% of production is to replace old notes.

    The Russians would ruin their own economy just by trying to keep printing and somehow distribute enough physical U.S. Dollars to make a dent in U.S. dollar confidence.

  7. Fake Name says:

    What was the remark of the preachers about? I kept reading, expecting Mr. Roberts to explain this, but the explanation never came.

    Presstitutes, John Effin’ Kerry and Barry O, telling blockbuster lies.

    Oh, and this late-breaking news flash, I also hate preachers, not that that has anything to do with anything.

    Freshman Composition 101: Stick to your subject, man. If you’re talking about political liars, fine. Talk about them. If you hate preachers, fine. Write a different article on that subject.

  8. Robert says:


    Thanks for the great article and so true.

    It is well known that much of the US media is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Demogangstser party. The Demogangster party is well known all over the world as the biggest criminal enterprise that steals elections (Al Franken, Harry Reid), frames opponents who win elections (such as Perry, Tom DeLay, Stevens, Meacham, etc. etc.) in its Kangaroo courts using its own gang members as prosecutors and Judges and jurors, kills and rapes (the Kennedy and Bill Clinton gangsters) and flooding the nation with 3rd world aliens through immigration, besides looting and stealing (like the Clinton) and other criminal acts (Obama and his gang members). It is also well known that the Demogangster party and the media are also owned and operated by the Judaists. A few Judaists control most media:

    • Replies: @rod1963
  9. Cahokia says:

    “What was the remark of the preachers about? I kept reading, expecting Mr. Roberts to explain this, but the explanation never came.”

    He’s eluding to the fact that practically all radio evangelists are rabid Christian Zionists.

    I have the same dilemma. Do I listen to the liberal war-mongers on NPR, the neo-conservative war-mongers on talk radio, or the Christian Zionist ones on Christian radio stations?

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Fake Name
  10. Realist says:

    “I have the same dilemma. Do I listen to the liberal war-mongers on NPR, the neo-conservative war-mongers on talk radio, or the Christian Zionist ones on Christian radio stations?”
    Or the war whores on Fox.

  11. Ed says:

    Rod1963 makes an excellent point that is worth repeating. Once media consolidation happened in the early 1990s, I noticed a definite deterioration in reporting (in terms of accuracy and willingness to resort to propaganda), which I still notice when I happen upon a newsmagazine from the 1970s or early 1980s. Its pretty clear there is a connection.

    Once you get down to less then ten players, its practical to start having them coordinate and basically fix things. They don’t have to do this and can compete instead, and the fix won’t happen all the time, its just that putting the fix in is a possibility. Americans seem to have a hard time understanding this. Once you get down to a few of anything in a category -major media outlets, firms in an industry, political parties, mafia families, they no longer have to compete. They can choose to compete or they can come to some sort of an arrangement.

    I’ve also seen the products of the old Soviet Union (later stages) and I think Kiza exaggerates. I would put the credibility of what comes out of current American media outlets at about the same level, though I will grant the Soviet stuff was maybe pitched at a higher intelligence level.

    Also, thanks for the term “Calvinist Zionist” which I’ve never seen before and is a very useful term to describe a certain outlook which I encounter repeatedly and have never had a good word for.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  12. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The article puts things into their proper perspective; first things first. I suppose things like Hillary Clinton being shown to be an obvious liar when she claimed to have dodged bullets at a Bosnian airport or this anchorman provide the public an ‘aha’ moment where they see that people in responsible positions reflexively lie as a matter of course. It might provide some useful lessons to those willing to learn.
    That the aggressions of the past fourteen years have caused hundreds of thousands of people to die and turned millions into paupers and homeless refugees doesn’t seem to have captured the attention of the American public as much as some under-inflated footballs have. They just prefer to tune out uncomfortable images; don’t know, don’t want to know, don’t care. Over the years one of the most popular phrases I’ve come across is ‘nuke ’em’; either in person, letters to the editor or internet comments, it’s always the same idiotic attitude. I’ve concluded that the majority of Americans are incapable of any sort of empathy and are completely self-absorbed, magnifying minor things into the important topic of the day. The political class, Hollywood, television and print media all contribute to the infantilization of the American mind; it seems that they prefer to keep it that way.

  13. GW says:

    So lying isn’t bad because war is bad but only war fought by Americans because Russia fights it’s wars justly.

    Got it.

  14. bossel says:

    Well, too bad if you only have the choice between the “presstitutes” or the russtitute PCR. But maybe you haven’t…

    “The world body has sharply criticized both sides for indiscriminate shelling that is causing civilian deaths.”
    From the Washington Post. Funny enough, our russtitute never mentions civilian deaths on Ukrainian side. Wonder why…

    the unsupported claim that Russian tanks and troops are pouring into Ukraine

    Unsupported? Seems like there is quite some evidence for Russian interference by now. But, then again, this would probably be reported by the “presstitutes” & PCR oviously doesn’t believe anything that doesn’t come from RT.

    despite all these Russian forces

    IIRC, the Ukrainian government claims 9,000 Russian troops in Ukraine. Does PCR have other numbers?

    the conflict would be over. Anyone with a brain knows this.

    Yeah, of course. & PCR is the only one with a brain here.
    Only… maybe the Russian government doesn’t want the conflict to be over. Maybe, just maybe, they want it to turn into a frozen conflict, like in Georgia or Azerbaijan. Too bad that they seemingly miscalculated Ukrainian resolve for winning back Eastern Ukraine.

    The replacement government consists of a combination of Washington puppets and neo-nazis with their own military forces sporting Nazi insignias.

    What our little russtitute forgets to mention: the new government was also elected. & the far right is only a (very) small part of the new government.
    These evil Ukrainians! How dare they elect a government PCR doesn’t like!?

    The American presstitutes have been careful not to notice the Nazi insignias.

    Little liar, you… e.g.:
    ” the Azov Battalion, has become a source of controversy for its use of neo-Nazi symbols and rhetoric”
    from the Washington Post.

    “Azov Battalion members routinely sport military insignia associated with Nazi Germany”
    from the Huffington Post.

    No time now for more, but our russtitute wouldn’t believe it, anyway.

    • Replies: @schmenz
    , @annamaria
  15. Fake Name says:

    Rabid? Not a smidgen of bias there!

  16. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    PCR has a brain….. but he wierds out with 9/11 nuttery….

    • Replies: @Hersh
  17. DCThrowback says: • Website

    There’s a ton of evidence indicating we (LBJ) put the Israelis up to the attack so that we’d have an excuse to attack the Russians in Egypt. It was a false flag operation to gin up support for an attack.

    Nuclear planes went on alert like 3 hours before the attack, stuff like that. I encourage you to read Operation Cyanide ( as the author explains that there’s not really any logic for the Israelis to attack us, but a ton of support for us putting them up to it. For example, despite our ‘neutrality’, many veterans went on the record to talk about how they were flown to Israel and into the war zone to provide support. LBJ was a huge supporter of the Jews (and some argue at least half Jewish).

    The Israelis actually fucked up (thankfully!) because they didn’t sink the ship and several citizens survived. This gave them tremendous leverage over us, their (unofficial) sponsors…

    The Israelis love leverage.

  18. I once heard the following (probably specious) anecdote. When Khrushchev went to America, he enjoyed pleasant tete-a-tetes with Kennedy. One time Nikita told John the following: “You know, Mr. Kennedy, your propaganda here is much more advanced than ours. Our journalists know that what they write is false. But yours actually believe in their own lies.”

    Then there’s the issue of “unbiased coverage” that rags like the NYT are so conceited about. There is no such thing as unbiased coverage. At best, there is the notion of giving the other side its say. But every newspaper follows a certain line. In the old Communist world, everybody knew the newspapers followed the party line. But in the West, many seem to think that various outlets are actually unbiased – or, worse, “on the right side of history.”
    Bias is not bad. Bias is great. The thing to do is to read both the hard left (e.g. Counterpunch) and the hard right (e.g. First Things or Taki or Pat Buchanan or whatever), and produce one’s own conclusions. It would be nice to also read the WaPo and the NYT (or whatever); but most of the time they are almost completely unreadable.
    In my experience, the hard left and the hard right both offer more accurate reporting than does the mainstream, and tend to agree on a variety of important issues. Charlie Hebdo is a recent example. Both the hard left and the hard right were quite sure they are not Charlie.

  19. Blobby5 says:

    I too listen to NPR as a lesser evil, until the talk of gays and blacks becomes too much to bear (usually about 5 minutes in), but Diane Rehm et al are endlessly pressing for war on every conceivable front, it is so bizarre. I thought they were were peaceful ex-hippies, what is with all the war mongering?

  20. rod1963 says:

    Summers is a extortionist/economic terrorist for the banking class. He’s the a**hole who went to Congress in 2007 to get them to give the banks TARP(trillions) to bail them out and then threatened that if they didn’t do it, all hell would brake loose.

  21. schmenz says:

    Bossel: When you have finished protesting too much, please link us to the aerial reconnaissance photos of Russian troops entering Ukraine, Russian equipment entering, etc. And please tell me which of the 38 (and counting) invasions of Ukraine by Russia in the past several months is the right one. I’d like to keep up on such things.

  22. rod1963 says:

    The MSM is owned by 5 very powerful corporations, who work hand in glove with Wall Street, the Chambers of Commerce and others for their end.

    They also own both parties. The political parties now are merely fronts for the very rich and don’t even bother to hide if you bother to see who are the contributors.

    Partisanship is just a device to give the people the illusion that there are two different parties.

    Witness the homage paid to Adelson by the GOP presidential hopefuls or to the Koch Brothers and the CofC. The Clintons have their own billionaire backers as well – mostly a Wall Street who’s who. It’s all out there and it’s all rather sickening.

    But don’t expect the MSM to talk about it, instead lets talk about the Patriots football controversy, Putin has aspergers 0r why Bruce Jenner is going to be a tranny or some idiot man bites dog story.

    The MSM role is to keep us sedated and distracted while the oligarchs finish off the middle-class through economic and demographic warfare and reduce this country to some sort outright dictatorship.

  23. annamaria says:

    You protest too much:

    But your line of reasoning would make Mrs. Nuland (and her chicken-hawk husband Robert Kagan) very happy.

  24. Art says:

    Why do all the presstitutes, left and right, endlessly pump out war propaganda? Why is no one for peace? In every political matter, a third of everyone takes one side, and another third takes the other side, and the last third decides the outcome. When everybody speaks like a clone on some political matter, is not fear involved, is not coercion involved? Who do all the presstitutes fear? Is it government, is it Obama, or is it something else?

    The answer is they fear their Zionist bosses. The Zionist media oligarchs have an economic gun to the head of every presstitute. The unspoken message is, “follow our agenda or you do not work.”

    We have endless war because Zionism benefits – end of story!

  25. David says:

    Idea for The Unz Review Gift Shop: a Paul Craig Roberts Poetry Kit, a set of refrigerator magnets like those in the graphic accompanying this piece.

  26. Gordo says:

    BBC are the same, implying that attacks on Russian civilians are by Russians! They must think all British people are too stupid to notice their lies, let us hope those creepy little BBC sh1ts are wrong.

  27. geokat62 says:

    During the past 14 years the American people have supported governments that have invaded, bombed, or droned seven countries, killing, maiming, and displacing millions of people for no reason other than profit and hegemonic power.

    Profit and hegemonic power were merely byproducts… the real reason was to enhance Israel’s security. Read Mearsheimer and Walt!

  28. Biff says:

    NPR = Fox news for the left

  29. KA says:

    NBC is investigating the lies of Brian Williams . Nice distraction and cheap way of earning the trust and confidence of the citizen ! Another street hooker is trying to prove chastity by showing off the cheap rosary around the Botox treated neck .Will it investigate itself how it ended up having same mindset and same talking points and same emotional impetus like the neocons had in blaming Iraq for WMD,Anthrax,911 ?

  30. Heh heh… There’s a reason as to why some call it “National Pentagon Radio.”

  31. @Kiza

    I define a psychopath as one who manipulates, controls, or uses other people as objects. They are usually the ones to whom the American public hands over control of their lives.

    Americans are getting their just deserts.

  32. Truth says:

    Good article again, Mr. Roberts; although vis-a-vis Georgia, I’m not sure how relevance the “backing” of an army has. The Iraqi army was alternatively Russian backed during Dessert Storm, and US backed now, and has twice folded up like a cheap suit.

  33. Kiza says:

    It is encouraging that you accept an even spread of lying, because Communists were The Liers, the ultimate. Maybe I did exaggerate when stating the Communists’ credibility advantage of 200x, maybe I did not. I consulted a friend from the same nation who I met in the West for a second opinion on this matter. He highlighted that there was one MSM which had a credibility rating of almost 80%, but the general rating was as low as I rated it. He also agreed that the West is now totally drowning in lies. The more reality digresses from the desired, the more functional lies are employed by the regime and its media.

    It is very important to remind everyone that my ratings apply only to MSM. If MSM were not at about 0.1% credibility, would we even need Unz Review?

  34. Hersh says:

    The Israeli attack on the Liberty is still a great danger to the powers that be. It can’t be 5% of Americans who know about it, maybe not 1%, maybe not 1/10 of 1%.

    We’re at an interesting point what with the social media able to spread information quickly and without filter and Obama taking on Netanyahu. Congressional Democrats would normally love to kiss Netanyahu’s rear end but they have to be very careful now that Obama let it be known that Netanyahu insulted him. Black voters take insults to Obama very seriously and most Democrats need a solid, high turn-out black vote to win a statewide election.

    Who knows where it could go? Social media might now have the power to force something onto TV. How do the “Chris Kyle-great-American-hero” people at FoxNews deal with the Liberty?

  35. Hersh says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    RE 9/11 “nuttery”

    Problem is we know that our politicians and media lie about everything all the time so why would they be telling the truth about 9/11?

    Lately, there is so much demonizing Islam, the actual religion and not just “ISIS” (whatever that is and how many are there? I can’t find a number.) I’ve even heard the old “72 virgins” business again recently, the Israeli media staple that our media ran with and pounded over and over after 9/11.

    For a few years, the demonizing Islam died down and now its back with all the demands for Obama to say “radical Islam” and “Islamic extremism.” Maybe the whole thing really is a Crusade, a war on Islam, just as most Muslims believe? Do the powers that be actually fear the religion itself because it has some popular appeal that Christianity is losing/does not have? Could China become a Muslim country like Indonesia in 100 years? Maybe the fear is not just the Islamicization of Europe.

  36. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I thought reporters were to report the truth, the facts , not their editorials or theory ! At Least when I worked in local radio, Richmond Virginia , I reported a story as it was really happening . If I want fluff, I’ll tune into daytime talk shows !

  37. Realist says:

    And just what have achieved in your life bright boy? I do mean you….genius?

  38. One point.

    Endless words of anguish have been spilled blaming the press for it’s utter ineptitude. I have no argument with this and I am glad to see the Unz Review flourishing. However I don’t see any connection being made to the actual cause of this situation, a stupid, apathetic, and gullible public which the MSM is simply catering to. STOP childishly and emotionally appointing blame without seeing the big picture. The MSM is just another profit based business and they will say whatever it takes to maximize ratings. STOP wishing the world was different, it is what it is. Ditto with the politicians, we will never get better elected officials than we deserve. That doesn’t mean we quit bitching, we shouldn’t. We need to see the whole picture and stop pointing our fingers at small parts of the big picture and appoint blame to those spots.

    • Replies: @solontoCroesus
  39. @Dave Chamberlin


    How do the “Chris Kyle-great-American-hero” people at FoxNews deal with the Liberty?

    Answer: By publishing photos of the incineration of the Jordanian pilot.

    By all accounts, that event — the killing of a member of the adversary’s military — provided “the wake-up call the Pentagon has been hoping for” (to quote Kevin Baron on C Span Wash. Journ. Feb 7). Jordan went into action and deployed its jets to bomb ISIS targets, under US guidance & support.

    On the other hand —

    In the first days of July 2014 Israeli settlers captured a Palestinian 16-year old, Muhammad Abu Khudair. Gasoline was poured down his throat and he was set afire.
    Here’s a picture of what was left of his body — Fox did not publish it

    Abu Khudair was killed (and his American-born cousin beat up by uniformed Israelis ) in revenge for the deaths of 3 Israeli teens at unknown hands. Netanyahu was aware that the 3 Jewish boys had been found dead but kept alive the panicked search for them for several days.

    Netanyahu’s Israel launched Operation Protective Edge against Gaza in July 2014, precipitated by the the deaths of the three Jewish teenagers.

    Between 2,140[27] and 2,310[25] Gazans were killed (including 513 children)[34][55] and between 10,626[25] and 10,895[29] and were wounded. 66 Israeli soldiers, 5 Israeli civilians (including one child)[56] and one Thai civilian were killed[21] and 469 IDF soldiers and 261 Israeli civilians were injured.[23] The Gaza Health Ministry, UN and some human rights groups reported that 69–75% of the Palestinian casualties were civilians;[21][26][29] Israeli officials estimated that around 50% of those killed were civilians.[30][57] On 5 August, OCHA stated that 520,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip (approximately 30% of its population) might have been displaced, of whom 485,000 needed emergency food assistance[58] and 273,000 were taking shelter in 90 UN-run schools.[59] 17,200 Gazan homes were totally destroyed or severely damaged, and 37,650 homes suffered damage but were still inhabitable.[21] In Israel, an estimated 5,000[60] to 8,000[61] citizens temporarily fled their homes due to the threat of rocket and mortar attacks.[60] Nearly 3,000 properties in Israel suffered direct damage from rockets and mortar shells fired from Gaza.[4

    The US Pentagon did not label the deliberate incineration of the civilian Palestinian child, nor even the savage beating and Israeli police detention of an American teenager, as “the event it had been waiting for” to motivate “the international community” or the “civilized world” to join a coalition to contain and destroy a terrorist entity that is plaguing the region and threatening to impose its Yahwist genocidal law throughout the world, destroying civilization as we know it.

  40. Ichthys says:

    As blatantly dishonest as the media has become in the States, the UK has descended to newfound lows in its allowance of Chanel 4 to air a “mock”umentary attempting to smear UKIP & Nigel Farage; all within a few months of the General Election. One has to see it to believe it. For your viewing pleasure (If you’re so inclined, and are accompanied by a bottle of Pepto):

    David Mirsky is the head of Channel 4 documentaries and enthusiastically gave the green light to air this piece of slander.

    UKIP favors immigration control and the right to hold a referendum on EU membership, yet the Zionist media feels that a population of 65 million on a landmass roughly equivalent to the combined size of New York State & Pennsylvania is not enough. London is now minority White and the UK is bursting at the seams, yet the Zionists & “bought out” elites press on. They will not let up until British culture lies in tatters.

  41. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website


    Kindly include Erol’s work on your lists of goto sites. He selflessly exposes Zionist Jews ‘and’ the organised rings of sex~offenders, of our own tribes; from the free~masonic pedophile~ring {of imaginary~Satan~worshippers} all the way down to the Kangaroo~courts and police~farce. {Not forgetting ‘child~services.’}

    He’s allowed himself to be arrested, to ‘study’ from the inside and the serial~killers still pursue him to this day. They’ve committed ‘countless’ crimes against him, yet he ‘triumphs’ over them and blasts them all on his website and exposes and ridicules them through his standup comedy.

    As you’re no~doubt aware; the ‘good news’ is, ridicule ‘hurts’ them, the ‘truth’ hurts them. They are obsessed with trying to find our Achilles heel, but they have an Achilles body and an Achilles ‘brain;’ which is what Erol teaches.

    I.e. The not~so top~secret is that a live fMRI brain~scan ‘proves’ that Zionist Jews are mental~quadriplegics, their emotional~intelligence tests ‘prove’ they don’t develop beyond 3~5 years of age and here’s the top~secret, the ‘reason’ is; They ‘inherit’ a Neanderthal ‘amygdala’ and 90% of ‘male’ Ashkenazi Jews have the ‘opposite’ brain for their body.

    So no wonder ‘ridicule’ hurts the monkey~girls ‘and’ it also explains why they’re so attracted to 7 year old boys, as to a 3 year old girl, that’s an older man and it’s more attractive; than a monkey in human ‘form.’

    The ‘human’ genes for ‘appearance’ are dominant; whereas the ‘neanderthal’ genes, for the amygdala, are ‘dominant.’ Thus their desire to ‘genocide’ human men, especially those born in the ‘right’ body for their sex of brain.

    This is Erol’s popular Zionist~Jewtube channel; Where he helps people recover from psychopaths who are addicted to mind con~troll and causing us PTSD. So I recommend ‘Erol On P.T.S.D.’ which is his latest video aimed at helping people ‘recover’ from the stress~factors which lead to ‘suicide.’ He truly is a Christlike man;

    This is his regularly updated site, where he reveals top~secrets;

    This is his older website; he updates monthly; where he reveals top~secrets in~depth and has been exposing a mob of serial~killers who’ve stalked him for 4 years, since he triumphed over them and the police~farce who were complicit with them, behind whom lay a pedophile~ring of pseudo~satan worshippers, who ‘run’ the police~farce in the Jewnited states and Jewnited Kingdom.

    I’m a neuro~scientist and I discovered Erol’s work because I’d noticed that the fMRI brain~scan of public volunteers had begun to so closely resemble the brain~scans of the incarcerated test~group. I went on to ‘expose’ that on face~crook where 5,000 people witnessed them flock to my profile; they then spewed their hatred all over it and then had the awful truth ‘banned’ as they don’t want you to wake up to Erol’s brain~child;

    Which is that ‘obligating’ your representatives to a live fMRI brain~scan would ‘separate’ the human adult men, from the permanently~raging ‘nymphomaniacal’ bird~brained girls, in the wrong body ‘and’ the Neanderthal~amygdaloid ‘females’ who are also emotionally~incontinent, hostile~independents, who prey~on the public from the ‘needless’ perches were they’re happy to betray us from.

    Keep up the ‘great’ work and ‘my apologies’ for the ‘hair~brained~bunch’ who no doubt send you 2D wish~typing impotently~hoping you adopt them as being the arbiter~of~reality and are ‘conned’ into thinking they’re making ‘definitive’ statements on their Tommee~Tippee laptop.

    I.e. Because they ‘hate’ their own ‘reflection’ and the Synagogue of satanic Jews don’t want ‘whitey’ waking~up to the ‘fact’ we’re genuinely being genocided and ‘our own’ tribe are helping ‘enormously.’

    ps Erol’s music is excellent too; He exposes the ‘hypocrisy’ of Jews in it;


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