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It Is Time to Call Radio “Liberty” What It Is: Radio Gestapo Amerika
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Radio “Liberty” has always been a propaganda ministry. Formerly its propaganda was directed against the Soviet Union. Today it is directed against distinguished Americans who are known and respected for their allegiance to the truth.

Radio Liberty’s latest target is an American scholar who is far more widely respected than Radio Liberty. Like everything else in Washington the two-bit propaganda ministry is carried away by hubris and a mistaken opinion of its own importance.

A Radio Liberty non-entity named Carl Schreck, of whom no one has ever heard, has declared America’s most distinguished Russian scholar, Stephen Cohen, to be “a Putin apologist.”

Stephen Cohen, a professor of Russian studies at both Princeton University and New York University, was advisor to President George Herbert Walker Bush. Cohen was also respected by the Soviet government. Consequently, he was able to convince the Soviets to rehabilitate the widow of Nikolai Bukharin, a leading Bolshevik, one of Lenin’s favorites, who was murdered by Joseph Stalin. Mikhail Gorbachev also trusted Cohen, and little doubt that Cohen helped to bring about the end of the Cold War.

Like myself, Cohen comes from a time when academic reputations were based on discerning and telling the truth regardless of the government’s propaganda line. Those days have passed.

For propagandists like Carl Schreck, truth is whatever serves Washington’s agendas. Schreck is incapable of comprehending that truth is independent of Washington’s agendas. Therefore, when Cohen speaks the truth, Schreck brands it the Kremlin propaganda line.

Another non-entity of whom no one has ever heard and never will again, Lynn Lubamersky, declared Cohen to be “a mouthpiece for a mass murderer.” If the non-entity means Putin, who did Putin mass murder? The mass murderers of our time are George W. Bush and Obama, and clearly Cohen is not a mouthpiece for them.

So many academic careers today depend on federal and corporate money, that it remains to be seen if the academics in Cohen’s area of expertise can afford to stand up in his behalf.

Cohen’s position on Russia and Ukraine is the same as mine. The crisis began with the Washington organized coup in Kiev that overthrew the democratic government and replaced it with a puppet government answerable to Washington. In the official Radio Liberty propaganda this coup never occurred. Instead, there was a Russian invasion and annexation. No informed person can believe this abject nonsense. Yet, this nonsense is prevailing over the truth.

The Washington establishment is trying to silence Stephen Cohen, but I think he will give the liars the finger and continue to speak the truth.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, Russia, Stephen Cohen, Ukraine 
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  1. Make that “…whom did Putin mass murder?”

  2. “Carl Schreck”? What a wonderful name for a Cheneyite propagandist!

  3. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the great article, Mr. Roberts. Good job pointing out the fraud Radio Liberty and much of MSM is.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you and convey my deepest appreciation for the great work you do. I believe you deserve to be called Mahatma.

    Mahatma means Great Soul. A Mahatma (Great Soul) has only 2 masters—truth and righteousness. The Great Soul does not care how many people mock his pursuit of these 2 great objectives, or obfuscate his pursuit of truth with lies and personal attacks, because the Mahatma knows that if there is God, He stands for Truth and Righteousness.

    The 2 roots (Maha and Atma) are derived from Proto-Indo-European.

    Maha means Great or big (like mega, eg. Mega hertz, megalopolis).
    Atma = Soul, or essence (like atom, atomic).

    Mahatma means greatness is his essence, and that is the national treasure we have today in Mr. PCR.

    Liars and frauds like Radio Liberty are a disgrace to humanity and represent the cesspool
    in comparison.

  4. The G-D lies about Russia and Putin have become an absolute staple of the Western media. I subscribe to the WSJ, and the BS they publish on this topic literally horrifies me – not for disagreeing with me, but for the overt, immediately verifiably dishonesty of it. Again and again they refer to Russia invading harmless and blameless Ukraine – and make no reference to the grotesque, Noodelman-sponsored coup the US orchestrated, nor the ensuing anti-Russian efforts at ethnic cleansing. They also refer again and again to Putin “invading” Georgia. Never mind the facts, which I assume those reading this site know. I have yet to meet anyone who can explain why NATO still exists, and why it includes Poland, and why Ukraine would be in the EU. “F” the American foreign policy establishment. Keep after those foul bastards, Mr. Roberts!

  5. Stephen Cohen is an honest academic. He’s not corrupted by corporate money, nor is he susceptible to anti-Russian lies. In short, he’s unbought and unbossed.

    Russia isn’t warmongering around the world–the U.S. and Israeli governments are doing that.

    Radio Liberty, of course, is a purveyor of crap.

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