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Lest We Forget — the USS Liberty
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• Category: History • Tags: American Media, Israel Lobby, USS Liberty 
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  1. MEexpert says:

    Unfortunately, the “America First” President will also cover this story up. He is already showing his loyalty to Israel by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, knowing full well that it could cause some American causalities. Another recruitment tool for ISIS.

    • Agree: Realist
  2. It really does seem quite telling that with all of the massive work load ahead of Trump he has made Nutandyahoo’s visit a priority. Add to that the moving of the embassy at the very same time as the announcement of 600 new residences in E. Jerusalem and American’s morning coffee is starting to smell like a Trump Israel First Presidency already.

    • Replies: @alexander
  3. KenH says:

    Mr. America first would just dismiss this as a case of mistaken identity and a “tragic accident” which is the standard explanation offered by the Israelis and their partisans in America. The evidence sharply contradicts those claims. Then with a straight face he would tell us that “Israel is our greatest friend and ally in the region”.

  4. Here is a quote from the American survivors of the deliberate Israeli assault on the US Navy:

    On June 8, 1967, US Navy intelligence ship USS Liberty was suddenly and brutally attacked on the high seas in international waters by the air and naval forces of Israel. The Israeli forces attacked with full knowledge that this was an American ship and lied about it. Survivors have been forbidden for 40 years to tell their story under oath to the American public. The USS Liberty Memorial web site tells their story and is dedicated to the memory of the 34 brave men who died.

    The Attack

    After surveilling USS Liberty for more than nine hours with almost hourly aircraft overflights and radar tracking, the air and naval forces of Israel attacked our ship in international waters without warning. USS Liberty was identified as a US naval ship by Israeli reconnaissance aircraft nine hours before the attack and continuously tracked by Israeli radar and aircraft thereafter. Sailing in international waters at less than five knots, with no offensive armament, our ship was not a military threat to anyone.

    The Israeli forces attacked without warning and without attempting to contact us. Thirty four Americans were killed in the attack and another 174 were wounded. The ship, a $40-million dollar state-of-the-art signals intelligence platform, was later declared unsalvageable and sold for scrap.

    The Cover Up

    Despite a near-universal consensus that the Israeli attack was made with full knowledge that USS Liberty was a US Navy ship, the Johnson administration began an immediate cover-up of this fact. Though administration officers continued individually to characterize the attack as deliberate, the Johnson administration never sought the prosecution of the guilty parties or otherwise attempted to seek justice for the victims. They concealed and altered evidence in their effort to downplay the attack. Though they never formally accepted the Israeli explanation that it was an accident, they never pressed for a full investigation either. They simply allowed those responsible literally to get away with murder.

    In an ongoing effort to reveal the truth about the attack, the USS Liberty Veterans Association has filed with the Secretary of the Army in the manner prescribed by law a detailed, fully documented Report of War Crimes describing the circumstances of the attack on our ship and evidence that it was a crime under international law. In accordance with international law and treaties, the United States is obligated to investigate the allegations. So far, the United States has declined even to acknowledge that the report has been filed. The full text of the report can be found at

  5. alexander says:

    Hey Nosey,

    Well our entire congress, senate, and executive branches seem to have been decidedly “Israel first” at least since 9-11.

    Can anyone really dispute this, after bearing witness to the 35 congressional standing ovations for King Bibi, over the Iran brouhaha, two years ago.

    It makes you wonder how deep the Adelson/ Bibi/ Donald connection really is ?

    The tension between Obama and Bibi was personal to a large degree…they did not like each other, and Obama would have loved to have gone down in history as the President who carried the two state deal over the finish line.

    Certainly one of the highest priorities at the outset of his administration was also one of his most bitter defeats, at its end.

    But below the surface, our Israel first “deep state” seemed to purr along, almost without a hitch.

    The Libya fiasco, the ongoing dismemberment of Syria, the continued collapse of Iraq, as well as the “Israel first” dictatorship in Egypt are all a continuation of the “clean break strategy” which has functioned as the singular outline of US foreign policy over the last fifteen years.

    Witness too, the 38 billion to Israel, coming from a nation now 20 trillion in debt. It is quite extraordinary.

    If you are a pessimistic realist, one can look at the militarized dictatorship in Egypt as a template for what the United States might become under Trump .

    In too many ways, we are already half way there.

    There will be some of this, no doubt, but Trump will want to make the American people happy, this is his greatest ambition, since he doesn’t really need more money.

    I do believe the suburban sprawl of millionaire mansions ,that have cropped up over the last decade, surrounding Washington , and that were built on war profiteering and tax payer largesse…will not go away any time soon….but in time it will wind down.

    I think Trump is, at heart, more of a builder than a bomber…so our policies should reflect that.(Thank God)

    The American people have so despised our constant wars, their costs ,and the lies that started them ,the media now refuses to discuss them and will dump them down the memory hole as fast as they can.

    There should be accountability…there really should….President Trump should never forget that,,,and neither should we.

    The fact the Donald prefers to use what wealth we have left to build something (like our infrastructure)…rather than obliterate someone else’s also most welcome by the nations electorate.

    Hey,he wants to rebuild our nation, make it great, make it solvent, make it whole.

    He should..It is smart policy….and it is what we need…..Congress should hop on board.

    If the Neocons get in his way… will not be pleasant.

    So I think the warring for Israel is over, and we will see good relations between Trump and Bibi on the surface…

    But below and above the surface ,our government will focus on “creation” of the US, for the US, by the US, ,now, …….not more “destruction” or “false flags” for Israel.

    The United States has to come first,…or we are all sunk, and so is Israel.

    Let me say something too, for the record. The ‘international order” put in place after WWII, was shattered by our Iraq war of aggression.No one else’s. The absence of all accountability for the Iraq catastrophe,which persists to this day, has destroyed nearly all credibility the US had as the leader of the free world, the international community, and the rights of men..

    This is very sad, for a nation such as ours, which always stood for much more good, than evil, in the world.

  6. Ivan K. says:

    Yes, Trump has started with a false premise. At the same time, I conceive of president Trump as a virtual computer program that is clever enough and goal-focused enough to find for himself the initial error, and fight his way toward completing the mission – the one we know as America First.

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