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JFK Turned to Peace and Was Assassinated
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Researchers who have investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy for 30 or more years have concluded that he was murdered by a conspiracy of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, and the Secret Service. See for example, JFK And The Unspeakable by James W. Douglass. Shortly before he was murdered, President John F. Kennedy gave an extraordinary speech at American University. In the speech he came out against continuation of the Cold War that risked all life on earth for the benefit of the profits of the military-security complex and the budgets and power of the Pentagon and CIA.

President Kennedy was already marked for assassination. He rejected the Joint Chiefs’ belligerence toward the Soviet Union and their belief that nuclear war could be won. He rejected Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lemnitzer’s “Operation Northwoods,” a plan to carry out false flag terror attacks on Americans and blame Castro in order to create support for a US invasion of Cuba. He rejected US Air Force support for the CIA’s Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. He worked outside of channels with Khrushchev to defuse the Cuban Missile Crisis. The paranoid anti-communists who controlled US military and security forces concluded that President Kennedy did not serve their career interests and was soft on communism and thereby unable to stand up to the Soviet Union. They viewed Kennedy as a threat to US national security that needed to be removed.

A new peace movement, NoWar2016 has utilized part of President Kennedy’s speech to build interest in its September 23-25 conference at American University. David Swanson points out the difference between President Kennedy’s approach to the Soviet Union and Washington’s approach to Russia today. There was hope in Kennedy’s approach. There is no hope in the approach today.

Listen to Kennedy’s speech and despair that such brilliant and fearless leadership was snuffed out by the military-security complex.

Like almost all Americans at the time, Senator John F. Kennedy regarded the Soviet Union as a threatening adversary. He campaigned for the presidency on “the missile gap,” the presumption of which was that the Soviets were gaining military supremacy over the US. But once in the Oval Office, Kennedy witnessed the extreme risks that US military leadership was willing to impose on American lives in behalf of a war than no one needed. He realized that the US military-security complex was as great a threat to life as the Soviets. He understood that tensions between the two nuclear powers had to be defused, not increased. Once reelected, he intended to cease the US intervention in Vietnam and to discipline the CIA. Kennedy’s approach was not acceptable to the military-security complex, and he was eliminated.

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  1. Kyle a says:

    And this whole time I was under the impression that he was killed by a dude with Aspergers who got lucky. Obama has also screwed with the military -security complex…….why haven’t they peeled his wig back yet after almost two terms? Perhaps they can’t find a right leaning Manchurian candididate with decent aim.

    • Replies: @pink_point
  2. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    There’s no doubt that many people hated Kennedy.

    But the idea of a vast conspiracy across so many departments to kill the president sounds outlandish to me.

    I still go with Oswald theory…. though the Ruby angle has always intrigued me.

    Anyway, if US government is filled with goons who will kill any peace-maker, how come Reagan wasn’t killed for making peace with Gorbachev?

    Also, Kennedy was a cold warrior.

    As for Vietnam, there was no easy way out.

    US withdrawal would have meant handing South Vietnam to the communists.
    It wouldn’t have mattered if Eisenhower hadn’t created South Vietnam, but he did. And it was difficult for Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon to abandon a US ally or US-made ally, especially as assurances had been promised.

    Eisenhower deserves most blame for Vietnam. He never should have gotten involved in the first place.

    And Eisenhower should have stayed out of Guatemala and Iran too.

  3. Yeah, that’s a compelling story, but I like the one where the Bankers did JFK in to prevent him from doing an end-run around the Fed by taking control of the currency. Everyone who has tried screwing the Greenback (Saddam, Khadaffi, etc. etc) has met an untimely end.

  4. To really solve the JFK murder, the crime would have to be investigated honestly. 53 years later and it never has been really, truly, fairly investigated. Every “investigation” has turned out to be a PR campaign, designed to reach the pre-ordained conclusion that Oswald did it by himself.

    “Oswald” is a mystery. That his identity was being used by multiple people on multiple occasions is no longer in doubt. His precise role on 11/22 was probably what he later claimed, that he was the “patsy”. I think he was to be killed within fifteen minutes while on the bus on Main Street, just east of the TSBD. Luckily for him, he had just departed the bus moments before the unexplained arrival of two uniformed Dallas cops, intent on searching the passengers on that very bus.

    Who was running “Oswald” remains unknown. Who placed him in the Texas School Book Depository is not clear, but it seems clear the story told by Ruth Paine is a lie. Find out who was running him, trace who placed him on the parade route, and you’ll have a path to the first level of the conspiracy.

    I doubt we’ll ever be able to pinpoint with certainty the ultimate sponsors, but you’ve made a reasonable guess.

  5. @Kyle a

    The magic bullets: 2 of them, 7 bullet hits.


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