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Did Donald Trump win the election because he is a racist and misogynist and so are the American people?

No. That’s BS from the Oligarchs’ well-paid whores in the media, “liberal progressive” activist groups, think tanks and universities.

Did Trump win because he stole the election?

More BS. The Oligarchs controlled the voting machines. They failed to steal the election, because the people outsmarted them and told the pollsters that they were voting for Hillary. This led to the presstitutes’ propaganda that Hillary was the certain winner, and the Oligarchs believed their own propaganda and didn’t believe it necessary to make certain of their victory.

Trump won the presidency because he spoke directly and truthfully to the American people, telling them what what they knew to be true and had never before heard from any politician:

“Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American people. The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election. Those who control the levers of power in Washington and the global special interests they partner with, don’t have your good in mind. The political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry.

“It’s a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities. The only thing that can stop this corrupt machine is you. The only force strong enough to save our country is us. The only people brave enough to vote out this corrupt establishment is you, the American people.”

Trump did not promise voters a bunch of handouts. He didn’t say he would fix this and that. He said that only the American people could fix our broken country and identified himself as an agent of the people.

The people won the election, but the Oligarchy is still there, as powerful as ever. They have already launched their attack using their whores in the media and liberal progressive groups in attempts to delegitimize Trump with protests, petitions, and endlessly false news reports. George Soros, using the money he made by his attack on the British currency, will pay thousands of protesters to attempt to disrupt the inaugeration.

What about Trump’s government? As Trump discovered, finding appointees who are not part of the Oligarchy’s economic and foreign policy establishment is very difficult.

Washington is not a home for critics and dissidents. Consider Pat Buchanan, for example. As a White House official in two administrations and a two-time presidential candidate, he is experienced, but Washington has marginalized him.

Moreover, even if there were a stable of outsiders, they would be eaten alive by the insiders. Trump will have to take insiders. But he has to pick insiders who are to some extent their own person. General Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor is not a bad pick. Flynn is the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency who advised the Obama regime against employing ISIS against Syria. Flynn has publicly stated on television that the appearance of ISIS in Syria was a “willful decision” of the Obama regime. In other words, ISIS is Washington’s agent, which is why the Obama regime has protected ISIS.

Trump’s chief of staff (Priebus) and chief strategist (Bannon) are reasonable choices.

Sessions (Attorney General) and Pompeo (CIA) are disturbing appointments based on their media-created reputations. But in the US where there is no honest media, we don’t know the truth of the reputations. Nevertheless, if Sessions does support torture, he is disqualified as attorney general, because the Constitution prohibits torture. The US cannot afford yet another attorney general who does not support the US Constitution.

If Pompeo actually is so poorly informed that he opposed the Iran settlement, he is not fit to be CIA director. The CIA itself said that Iran had no nuclear weapons program, and with Russia’s help the matter was resolved. Does Trump want a CIA director who neoconservatives could use to restart the conflict?

The views of Sessions and Pompeo could be products of the time and not visceral. Regardless, Trump is a strong and willful person. If Trump wants peace with the Russians and Chinese, appointees who get in the way will be fired. So let’s see what a Trump government does before we damn it.

Presstitute reports of extreme neoconservative John Bolton and former US attorney and NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani being candidates for Secretary of State do not seem credible. If Trump intends to get along with Putin, how can he do that if his Secretary of State wants war with Russia? Trump should find an experienced diplomat who negotiated with the Soviets. Richard Burt, who had a major role in the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, is the sort of person it would make sense to consider. Another sensible candidate would be Jack Matlock, Reagan’s Ambassador to the Soviet Union.

If Trump wants peace with Russia, the Secretary of State is the important appointment.

If Trump wants to stop the Oligarchy’s rip off of the American people, the Secretary of the Treasury is the important appointment.

Under the last three presidents, treasury secretaries have been agents for the banks-too-big-to-fail and for Wall Street. It is now a tradition for the financial gangsters to own the Treasury. It remains to be seen if the tradition is too strong for Trump to break.


The Oligarchy is trying to discredit the Trump Presidency before it exists. This effort is discrediting liberal and progressive groups by identifying them with nonenforcement of the immigration laws and with homosexual and transgender rights, issues not on the agenda of an electorate whose economic fortunes have been declining and who are tired of 15 years of war that serves only the hegemony agenda of the neoconservatives and the profits and power of the military/security complex.

According to The Saker, Putin has begun removing the Atlanticist Integrationists, Russia’s Fifth Column, from influence. Let’s see if Trump can remove our fifth columnists—neoconservatives and neoliberal economists—who have sold out the American people and America’s integrity.

If Trump fails, the only solution is for the American people to become more radical.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Donald Trump 
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  1. Seems unlikely that one guy, even if really determined, can change the system. It takes a movement, organized movement, but I don’t see it anywhere. Most likely, it’s going to end with a fizzle…

    • Replies: @Exudd1
  2. Exudd1 says:
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    Exactly! On the mark! Great comment. Thanks.

  3. Now that this election is over I will be setting sail from the Unz com boxes. I am pleased (understatement) with the results of the election. I can see that my brethren here in the cheap seats are not going to be happy with the Trump Administration. Understandable as Trump is not a creature of the Alt Right. But then neither am I and I have no appetite for defending Trump to the Alt Right. Thank you for your hospitality. So long and thanks for all the fish.

    • Replies: @Kyle a
  4. Kyle a says:

    So long. We hardly knew ya. Be sure to fry that fish up this evening. It’s getting an aroma about it.

  5. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Will Romney be SecState? If so, that would make, per the administration metric, 47% instead of 50% deplorables. That’s progress, isn’t it?

  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    If Trump wants to stop the Oligarchy’s rip off of the American people, the Secretary of the Treasury is the important appointment.

    Under the last three presidents, treasury secretaries have been agents for the banks-too-big-to-fail and for Wall Street. It is now a tradition for the financial gangsters to own the Treasury. It remains to be seen if the tradition is too strong for Trump to break.

    It’s become a rule, and in the very same years (the last 10-15) in the whole West Europe as well.
    Head of state/Presidents no longer pick their Ministries of Economics. Goldman Sachs and Wall Street do, in the Uk as well as Italy, Germany, Sweden, France (and presumably Spain).

  7. Diogenes says:

    Much will depend on the people he puts into his administration; it could make or break his presidency. His choices will be critical and if he acts in good faith his choices should be consistent with the electoral promises he made to his constituents. It’s significant that he has disavowed the “Alt Right” movement that’s a positive sign. Now if he can defuse the “cold war” between the US and Russia and create economic growth and more employment in the labor sector of the US economy that would go a long way in justifying him as the peoples choice [albeit by only a minority]. He also needs to heal the social fabric of American society to be a successful president.
    The best assessment of the significance of his victory I have read to date is found at Counterpunch:

  8. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Trump appears to be a hands-on manager so if some of his appointees go off on their own too much he’ll rein them in-I hope. The talent pool seems rather shallow so it’s hard to find people outside of the club. I’m gradually coming to realize the scope of the bullet we all dodged by not having Clinton as president. The ultra-secret TTIP deal may be dead now, a deal that probably would have put more Americans out of work and further eroded the quality of life for it’s citizens. The brouhaha over race and gender has been a smokescreen thrown up by the oligarchs to cover up what is really taking place which is class warfare, the transference of money and assets from the mass of people to themselves.

  9. alexander says:

    Dear Mr. Roberts,

    Let us be crystal clear on this.

    The Belligerent Neocon Oligarchs have launched the most torrid, vicious and sustained assault on the solvency of the United States in recorded history.

    No one alive can bear witness to the massive uncontested carnage to our nations balance sheet over the past fifteen years, and not recoil in utter stupefaction.

    Like Marlon Brando in” Apocalypse Now”……

    The HORROR……The HORROR….

    On these grounds ALONE every one of these “Tyrants of Terror” needs to be “Guantanamo’d” ASAP.

    And every penny of their “pilfered trillions” defrauded from the taxpayer, needs to be clawed back to the Republic, ASAP.

    I see no other way to salvage our country….I truly don’t.

    If our President-elect stays on message about “draining the swamp” then its the Oligarchs he must go after.

    Our political class (our congressmen and senators) function as no more than bribed and dirtied “finger puppets” on the invisible hand of the Oligarchic class….Removing the puppet, but leaving the hand unscathed, changes nothing…

    The entire tenure of the Obama administration proves this point …to a tee.

    Doesn’t it ?

    On the verso, it is Imperative for the Oligarchs to coerce the Donald into committing some heinous crime , as soon as possible, whether its blowing off a surgeons head in Afghanistan, or predator drone-ing Syrian children playing in a park, or scorching alive a young mother in Mosul with white phosphorous….They have got to put the dirt on the Donald “fast”….then they know they OWN him…then they know he will be kowtowed into doing their bidding for the remainder of his term.

    Some brutal, sinister, murderous act is mandatory….like some twisted “rite of passage”… securing their “exceptionalism” along with his , and making any accountability to the American people, impossible.

    So we will see how it all plays out…will the Donald rescue our nation, and cage the Oligarchs ?

    Or will the Oligarchs co-opt the POTUS , force him (and us) into “perpetual war” slavery, and destroy whats left of the USA (and its solvency), forever ?

    We will see.

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