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In the Western World Insanity Reigns
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As I wrote earlier today (, “the entire Western world is insane.” More evidence has been jumping out at me all day. For example:

President Trump has nominated a person, Gina Haspel, to be CIA Director who is deeply implicated in CIA torture and destruction of the evidence.

The Republicans want to confirm her as “an excellent choice.” One assumes the feminists also favor confirmation as she is female. That she is a woman, a torturer and destroyed incriminating evidence qualifies her to be CIA Director. Compare her treatment to General Michael Flynn’s. Trump abandoned Flynn as National Security Advisor on a nothing charge and puts in charge of the CIA a person who the ACLU calls the “central figure in one of the most illegal and shameful chapters in modern American history” and a “war criminal.”

Washington continues to murder citizens in Trump’s “shithole countries” around the clock and is apparently preparing to do the same thing to Russians and Iranians, and where is Amnesty International? Margaret Huang has Amnesty International on a campaign to hold Trump responsible for not supporting women’s rights.

With the Trump regime headed to war and more war, where is the Democratic opposition? Hillary Clinton is in India explaining that Democrats “do not do well with white men, and we don’t do well with married, white women.” Hillary is expressing the Identity Politics line that the problem is white people. If the problem is white people, that includes not only the “Trump deplorables,” but also the populations of Australia, Canada, UK, Europe, and Russia. If whiteness is the problem, how is it that Americans are “exceptional and indispensable”? How can leadership of the West emerge from a political party allied with Identity Politics?


With the Trump regime opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, tuning over to mining corporations US National Monuments, and condoning extermination of endangered wildlife, where is the Sierra Club? If you look at the current issue of Sierra (March/April), the Sierra Club is fighting against the lack of racial and sexual preference diversity in outdoor recreation with “Out in the Woods-Nature Doesn’t Care If You’re LGBTQ+.” Venture Out Project is a nonprofit organization that rescues “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and nonbinary and differently gendered people” from self-pity by taking them “on wilderness adventures” in a safe outdoor environment where they don’t have to be afraid of heterosexual males. Of course, nature most certainly does care if you are LGBTQ+. Nature is set up for procreation, not for same-sex sexual pleasure. Who has ever heard of a lesbian lion pride or a LGBTQ+ wolf pack?

Is this sillyness or insanity. I think it is insanity. Perversion is normalized and heterosexual males are demonized and delegitimized. The self-confidence and motivation of the warrior class is destroyed while Washington issues threats to superior military powers.

I am waiting for the day when an army of feminists and LGBTQ+ defeat the Russian military.

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