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If Americans Elect Hillary President, the One Percent’s Control Will be Complete
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Richard C. Cook thinks that Bernie Sanders could become the next president:

But could Sanders make any difference?

Obama’s regime was totally different than his campaign messages, just as George W. Bush’s regime was different from his campaign messages. The neoconservatives created the specter of terrorism and successfully used it to create a warfare/police state. The One Percent rakes in the billions of dollars from US financial and military hegemony. These formidable private powers also own Congress. Any president who tried to redress the power imbalance would likely find himself outgunned.

Americans have a history of being easily manipulated and brainwashed, but a couple of decades of economic disappointment is finally producing some dissatisfaction. Mike Whitney explains Donald Trump’s popularity with voters:

“The point we’re trying to make is that Donald Trump’s meteoric rise in the GOP can be traced back to the failed economic policies of prior administrations. He’s the political beneficiary of 3 decades of stagnant wages, falling incomes, declining living standards, and a cataclysmic financial crisis that wiped out trillions of dollars in home equity leaving behind a battered middle class and sluggish economy that doesn’t grow, doesn’t generate opportunities for upward mobility, and only produces low-paying, deadend, service-sector jobs that barely pay the rent.” You have heard me say the same thing many times.

Some Americans are waking up. As the hardships they suffer intensify, perhaps a movement will arise that can force through changes. However, as former president Jimmy Carter says, America is no longer a democracy; it is an oligarchy. Elections are manipulated in order to strengthen the oligarchy. As the electorate has no presence in Washington, violence is emerging as the only possible method of change.

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  1. alexander says:

    Right on target, Mr Roberts.

    However, one need only to take a cursory look at our nations balance sheet to see what a catastrophic mess these oligarchs have created.

    As stewards of our nation, they have failed us, in every conceivable way.

    They have eviscerated our constitution.

    They have exterminated our solvency.

    They have destroyed our good name and reputation, and they have nearly decimated our Republic.

    These “oligarchs” have failed us.

    They need to be permanently remaindered to federal prison or Guantanamo bay, and all the billions in profits, from the pernicious fraud they foisted upon us, should be clawed back to the people, in the process.

    This should be “Job One” of our next Commander-in-chief.

    Job One.

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Alexander – you are so correct! Two things that could realistically be done: First, the next marches should not be to the steps of the Capitol building, they should be to the front lawns of the 158 families that own and run the USA, preferably equipped with pitchforks and torches. Second, start a general economic strike, organized via the internet and social media. The strike would be for everyone to simply not buy anything except food for 2 weeks. That would shut down the 0.01%’s economy for two weeks and cost them dearly. It would get their attention like nothing else.

  3. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The people running the show are keenly aware of the incremental growing dissatisfaction of Americans and their realization that the electoral process is rigged and presents no alternatives. They’ve been aware of this even before the public itself. That’s why they’ve been busily putting the total security state into place, spying on everyone and collecting total electronic records on the entire population. Police forces everywhere right down to small local ones have been militarized and all sorts of government agencies have their own SWAT type teams. They all have armored vehicles, robo-cop uniforms, snipers and the latest military gear. One can see where hundreds of armed individuals came out in response to the events of Boston and California, both of which involved just two individuals each. The heavily armed black clad individual wearing a ski-mask is by now a ubiquitous figure in American life. Constitutional protections have been thrown out. Should any Americans try anything the state is ready for them. They’ve been creating a huge national security apparatus with all kinds of armed goons ready to shoot anyone they’re told to shoot by their bosses. The government will pay half the population to shoot the other half if need be.
    The upper .1% control the wealth and live high on the hog beyond the dreams of bygone kings and rulers. Trillions and trillions are at their disposal to buy off all those in their service, from the top trickling down to the local level. They’ll never let the riches of the world slip out of their fingers; if a certain percent of the population has to die then so be it. They’re not patriotic nor do they identify with the average person whom they view with distaste. They’ve been ahead of the curve, anticipating a disgruntled and restless populace for a long time.

  4. @Anonymous

    The general strike is an underutilized, but very powerful political weapon.

  5. Lot says:

    While I am not a fan of Obama or Hillary, I don’t agree with you that either are totally on board with the top 1% agenda. That’s why, of course, the Koch Brothers and other billionaires spent more than a billion dollars against Obama’s election and reelection.

    Obama’s income tax “increase” was letting the Bush tax cuts expire for the top 2%, but continuing them for everyone else. Obamacare had three major tax increases. Two were felt by the upper middle class and rich, one almost entirely by the rich.

    The benefits of Obamacare, rather than go to the poor (who already qualify for free coverage from Medicaid) instead went to the working class, who either received extended Medicaid coverage to people ABOVE the poverty line, or subsidies to buy silver-level exchange plans.

    I hope in 2016 I can vote for Trump for president, but if the GOP nomination is stolen from him by Open Boarders Fundie Lying Ted Cruz, I will have no problem voting for Hillary.

  6. alexander says:

    You mean like a modern day…… “Storming of the (oligarch) Bastilles” !

    Many would argue its long , long overdue.

    19 trillion in overspending,…. with zero accountability…is truly beyond the pale.

    Beyond the Pale !

    Its beyond “taxation without representation”…….its beyond “grand larceny”…its…its …. “Terror Larceny” !

    Storm the Bastilles of the Belligerent Billionaire Boys Club and take back our money, our country and our liberty !

    Hip-Hip-Hooray !!!

  7. Hbm says:

    That’s exactly right.

    My opinion, as a Trump supporter, is that when they steal the nomination from Trump, rioting in Cleveland isn’t the answer– the Establishment expects it and prefers it to go down there. The parties responsible plan on not being in Cleveland anyway, to escape any retribution and more easily pin the blame on Trump and his supporters when things get ugly.

    I can already hear them denouncing the protests and proclaiming that such behavior is why they didnt give Trump the nomination in the first place. Thank goodness he will never be President!

    What Americans need to do is protest at Bill Kristol’s house; at Mitch McConnel’s house; at Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s houses. Frankly any rioting needs to be in Alexandria and not Cleveland.

    I wish someone would organize this. It would have to surreptitiously, though, because they would never let anyone near their neighborhoods if they got wind of it.

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