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How Voting Machines Are Programmed In Order to Steal Elections
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Americans are being told by “experts” (read “Hillary supporters”) that election fraud in the US is rare. They are also being misinformed that voting fraud would be detected. The fact of the matter is, as has now been proven, that no vast conspiracy is required. One person suffices to have the machine count the votes as desired. Once the vote is recorded the code erases the elements that would reveal the fraud.

The entire purpose of the presstitutes reporting a non-existent Hillary lead is to create in advance acceptance that she won, thereby discrediting in advance any challenge to the rigged outcome.

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  1. Computers, paper ballots, acorns, peas, corn cobs, it doesn’t matter which medium is employed the cold hard fact being :

    Democrats cannot win an election without cheating, and they most likely have never won a single election without cheating.

    The old worn-out cliche’ about grandpa having been a republican voter all of his life, and after he passed away he switched to voting for the democrats, this running joke has been around for eons and there is always a spark of truth to be found in persistant rumors.

    And this FACT, the fact of eternal cheating by the democrats, is what is being brought out of the closet by DT, and things will change in a most profound manner as a result.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” Society member of forty-plus years, and pro jazz performer.

  2. Homeland Security and the Deep State has been lobbying to conduct the elections for the states, to “secure” them. Secure them from whom, or secure them for whom?

    Given that the supervision will be entirely secret and the methods used Top Secret, it’s beyond accountability – and they will know how each individual actually voted, information kept for “future examination.”

    As Stalin put it, he didn’t care who ran or who voted, as long as he got to count the votes.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    They will know how each person voted?

    Since when it’s like that?
    You could hardly think of a more absurd mechanism.

    • Replies: @Fran Macadam
  4. If you think that the election will be stolen by Clinton, why bother to vote? Stay at home Trumpkins.

  5. Stay at home? Give it a rest! Trumpkins would be well advised to have staffers AND volunteers stationed outside every single polling place to conduct an exit poll.

    This trend towards early voting is a bit suspect too.

  6. @Anonymous

    Since when has it been like that?

    We were told for years, that there was no mass spying and recording of everything we do … until it turned out there was. Do you trust the same exact organizations to NOT spy on you as they “secure” the elections with their “secret security measures” you aren’t allowed to know about?

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