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How They Brainwash Us
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Anyone who pays attention to American “news” can see how “news” is used to control our perceptions in order to ensure public acceptance of the Oligarchy’s agendas.

For example, Bernie Sanders just won six of seven primaries, in some cases by as much as 70 and 82 percent of the vote, but Sanders’ victories went largely unreported. The reason is obvious. The Oligarchy doesn’t want any sign of Sanders gaining momentum that could threaten Hillary’s lead for the Democratic nomination. Here is FAIR’s take on the media’s ignoring of Sanders’ victories:

We can observe the same media non-performance in the foreign affairs arena. The Syrian army adided by the Russian air force just liberated Palmyra from ISIS troops that Washington sent to overthrow the Syrian government. Although pretending to be fighting ISIS, Washington and London are silent about this victory on what is supposed to be a common front against the terror group.

It has been left to the Independent (, RT( and the Mayor of London to break the silence.

What the Washington/London silence on the victory tells me is that Washington still intends to unseat Assad. The most likely reason for Secretary of State Kerry’s trips to Moscow is to try to work out a deal in which Washington accepts the defeat of ISIS in exchange for Moscow’s acceptance of Assad’s removal. The neoconservatives have not lost control of the Obama regime, and they remain committed to removing Assad for the benfit of Israel. Moscow wants to get along with Washington, and if Moscow is not careful about trusting Washington, Moscow will lose in diplomacy the war it has won.

Yesterday I was stuck in front of Fox “News” for some minutes on both sides of 1:00 PM US East Coast time. It was one of the blonds and some character presented as a terrorism or ISIS expert. It seemed to me that the purpose was to prepare Americans for the next false flag attack. ISIS, we were told, will be branching out and bringing its bombing attacks to America.

All of these bombing attacks have anomalies that the media never notices. Whatever officials say is reported as factual. How these bombings serve Washington’s agendas is never mentioned. The bombings often have the same pattern—brothers who conveniently leave their IDs on the scene. I suppose that having hit on an explanation that worked, the explanation is used repeatedly.

Liberalism has helped to make Western peoples blind by creating the belief that noble intentions are more prevalent than corrupt intentions. This false belief blinds people to the roles played by deception and coercion in governing. Consequently, the true facts are not perceived and governments can pursue hidden agendas by manipulating news.

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, American Media 
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  1. Junior [AKA "Jr."] says:

    Yep. They use “Perception Management” to brainwash us.

    “Perception management is a term originated by the US military. The US Department of Defense (DOD) gives this definition:

    Actions to convey and/or deny selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning as well as to intelligence systems and leaders at all to influence official estimates, ultimately resulting in foreign behaviors and official actions favorable to the originator’s objectives. In various ways, perception management combines truth projection, operations security, cover and deception, and psychological operations.”

    Below is a GREAT article by Robert Parry on Perception Management. He gives a great history of how it HAS BEEN and STILL IS being used to brainwash us. A must read for any in search of truth.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  2. The neoconservatives have not lost control of the Obama regime, and they remain committed to removing Assad for the benfit of Israel.

    But they don’t control the Putin regime. Putin seems to stay one step ahead of them. It’s not like the neocons have any intelligence. The Empire is as stupid as it is powerful. The neocons want to rule the world by force of arms. That’s stupid. They deal in mass murder. That’s insane. When the imperial rulers are stupid and insane the Empire is in the grip of entropy. Our job is to avoid a nuclear winter. To survive the collapse. We will have a new set of problems and opportunities on the other side.

    • Replies: @another fred
  3. They can manage my perceptions all they want. My perception, despite their best efforts, is they tell a lie where the truth will do. Fact is, who cares if they got Bin Laden, or they “killed” him or not? The create a story that they killed this number 2 or that number three. Am I to do cartwheels at their manufactured “success”?

    Their success is, they keep the bullshit wars going on and on and those plugged into the inside doings get richer, stay in command, keep selling their weapons. Democrat, Republican, none of that matters anymore. The war and business and banking Leviathan is unstoppable, it is of no account to anyone. I certainly don’t matter to them enough to bother stopping me from calling them the liars they are. None of us matter, not the critics of their wars nor the critics of their business practices.

    At the end of the day, they could just own up to all of it and say to us all, “Fuck You ALL. Whaddya gonna do about it?”. What indeed? They don’t even have to kill their critics because the critics have no power. Elections don’t matter, the candidates don’t matter, the “elections” are a sham because no matter the winner, the game goes on. The rest of us, the outsiders, exist merely to keep the lights on and the toilets flushing, so to speak. Never bullshit yourself about your true status. And especially, don’t bother getting your nuts in a twist over Hillary vs. Trump/Cruz/KuntStitch. None of them matter. This one, that one, merely a pawn that continues the game.

    We’re so irrelevant, they don’t even bother with us no matter our harshest judgment of them. How’s it feel to know you matter so little, they don’t even bother to kill you?

    • Replies: @Junior
  4. @Junior

    I don’t know why they bother..

  5. Kiza says:

    Sorry to say so, PCR, but brainwashing is truly old news (no pun intended).

    The most important news is something else. Top news is that the US has started deploying regime change packages in South America, in Africa and in Asia en masse. The US has been losing its world leadership in natural sciences, but it has developed the world-leading social technology for societal control. This is a field in which the US is unchallenged world leader, in this social science based control of countries.

    This is what the government/regime change package consists of:
    1) the social media and public media campaigns for bringing down the existing non-US aligned government and
    2) the appointment of a new elite which ‘purchases’ a franchise for societal control (for a controlled faux democracy) from the US Ziocons.

    Need an example, how about Malaysia in the news? Just open the news and listen to the countries in which socio-political conflict is boiling – this is where the societal control franchised package is in action.

    The US military will be used only for confronting China and Russia, all smaller countries will be conquered by the the societal control franchised package.

  6. Rehmat says:

    Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders happens to be two-faces of the same coin. The only difference being the Israeli leaders prefer to have a Crypto Zionist Jew in the White House than a real Zionist Jew. A poll in Israel last month cleared that smoke – 67% in Clinton favor.

    Bernie Sanders and his supporters claim he is different, a breath of fresh air. Yet he “won’t state for the record how his foreign policy differs” from Hillary Clinton and Republicans. “He doesn’t question why the US has the right to dictate policy to other nations, and “repeat the same discredited mantra” as Obama on the nuclear threat from Iran – a threat that even CIA has declared never existed. Socialism? He won’t even say the word.”

    • Replies: @Sean2007
  7. polistra says:

    I think PCR is underrating Russia. Russia has ALWAYS understood us better than we understand ourselves.

    Russia watches USA the same way a human watches a cat. Cats can be dangerous if you’re not careful, but a human can always outthink a cat.

  8. OutWest says:

    It’s actually a three-cornered process. The pols raise money by selling their voting loyalty to commercial contributors. The money thus raised is used to convince the voters of the pols devotion to the voter’s interests. But of course the successful candidates are preowned by their contributors.

    For some reason the voters are subject to severe cognitive dissonance as described by Mr. Roberts and are unable to link the multimillion dollar advertising campaigns with the fact that the candidates have presold their loyalties. The system promptly converts even the most public- minded candidate.

  9. Junior [AKA "Jr."] says:
    @Jim Christian

    I fear that your nihilism is correct, Jim. I still do however hold out hope that a peaceful change is coming. My hope for that change is Trump. Now whether this is displaced hope or not, I think it’s still worth the try by supporting Trump. Whether that change comes by Trump doing it as I hope or from the financial collapse that is going to occur when our debt bubble finally bursts and the dollar ponzi scheme comes crashing down as I fear, remains to be seen. But that change is coming one way or another.

    I know that you’re thinking that even when the change does come that it is going to be more of the same with the same people at the top minus a couple of their sacrificial lambs below them, but you gotta start somewhere. That’s why I intend to vote for Trump. Better to light one candle, than to curse the darkness.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I’d rather the truth comes to light from me lighting a Trump candle, instead of it being brought to light by an angry pitch-fork carrying mob that is bringing it to light by lighting torches and cars in the streets.

    One can hope and dream, can’t one? 😉

  10. Every six weeks or so the FBI announces and the meda dutifully report that they have foiled some plot. More often than not, the “attacker” has actually been armed by the Feds with inert weaponry and the bust is made when he presses the button and nothing happens … plot foiled. Most of these guys are mentally challenged at best and could not find their way to a hardware store on a good day, much less build a deadly device. As an added bonus, the perp is often branded a lone-wolf of the self-radicalising variety. Makes for great TV, better than the old Effram Zimblist FBI series at getting out the word about how in danger we are and how well they are looking out for us.

    • Replies: @Junior
  11. Junior [AKA "Jr."] says:
    @The Alarmist

    During Trump’s Town Hall last night I think that Trump was making reference to the fact that he believes what you are saying, in your above post of patsies and false-flags, to be the case. He kept making reference to the perpetrators of the plots as being “drugged up”.

    Now, I MAY be reading into his statements but I think that Trump was saying that they are false flags without blatantly coming out and saying it.

  12. Sean2007 says:

    He’s a “socialist” who says white people don’t know what it means to be poor–as big an idiot as a fraud.

  13. @WorkingClass

    But they don’t control the Putin regime. Putin seems to stay one step ahead of them. It’s not like the neocons have any intelligence. The Empire is as stupid as it is powerful. The neocons want to rule the world by force of arms. That’s stupid. They deal in mass murder. That’s insane. When the imperial rulers are stupid and insane the Empire is in the grip of entropy.

    I doubt that they are all that stupid, I mean so stupid as to believe they can rule the world by force of arms.

    Surely some at the top are trying to pre-shape the coming war just as Roosevelt did. No doubt there were believers in the PNAC scheme, but if their eyes have not been opened by the last twenty years then they are just willfully blind. It is not so much that they want war as that they see it as inevitable. They have, once again like FDR, the problem of needing a casus belli – continued pressure on the jihadis will eventually bring that.

    The wars will be so horrible that it will take extreme provocation to bring them.

    I don’t think we will see serious wars until after international economic cooperation has broken down. That is what is keeping the music going now in our game of musical chairs. Those in power know that, that is why they are doing everything they can to keep Trump from being elected and stopping the music.

    Our job is to avoid a nuclear winter. To survive the collapse. We will have a new set of problems and opportunities on the other side.


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