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He Who Hesitates Is Lost and Russia Hesitated
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The Russian government deceived itself with its fantasy belief that Russia and Washington had a common cause in fighting ISIS. The Russian government even went along with the pretense that the various ISIS groups operating under various pen names were “moderate rebels” who could be separated from the extremists, all the while agreeing to cease fighting on successive verges of victory so that Washington could resupply ISIS and prepare to introduce US and NATO forces into the conflict. The Russian government apparently also thought that as a result of the coup against Erdogan, which was said to implicate Washington, Turkey was going to cease supporting ISIS and cooperate with Russia.

Alas, the Russians so fervently, or perhaps I should say feverishly, desired an agreement with Washington that they deceived themselves. If Finian Cunningham’s report is correct, Washington has taken advantage of Russia’s urging that Washington and Turkey join in the attack on ISIS by invading northern Syria under the guise of “fighting ISIS.”

Syria has now been partitioned, and the pretend or fake “moderate rebels” can be built up inside the US/Turkish occupied areas of Syria and the war against Syria kept going for as long as Washington wants. The western presstitutes will report that the Turkish/American forces occupying areas of Syria are not invaders but are attacking ISIS.

With US, Turkish, and, little doubt, soon other NATO troops operating inside Syria, the neoconservatives will have many opportunities to provoke a conflict with Russia from which Russia will have to stand down or reply with force. In the event of a Trump presidential victory, the neocons want to make certain Trump is embroiled in a war that will prevent an accommodation with Russia.

It is unclear whether US Secretary of State Kerry’s effort to arrange a Syrian ceasefire was sincere and he was sandbagged by the Pentagon and CIA. Regardless, if Kerry was sincere, he is obviously unable to stand up to the neocons, blessed as the State Department is with Victoria Nuland and a number of other warmongers.

Obama is equally weak, which is why he was chosen by the oligarchy as president. A person without experience and knowledge is an excellent tool for the oligarchy. American blacks and white liberals actually believed that an inexperienced candidate from nowhere without an organization of his own could make a difference. Apparently, the gullibility of a majority of Americans is endless. This American hallmark of gullibility is why a handful of neoconservatives can so easily lead the sheeple into endless wars.

The idiot Americans have been at war for 15 years and the morons have no idea what has been achieved. The fools are unaware that the US in its decades long accumulation of weakness now confronts two major nuclear powers: Russia and China.


Americans have been taught by the presstitutes serving the military/security complex that nuclear war is not all that different from ordinary war. Look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two targets of American atomic bombs. Today, seven decades later, the cities are flourishing, so what’s the problem with nuclear weapons?

The atomic bombs that Washington dropped on these helpless civilian centers while the Japanese government was trying to surrender, were mere popguns compared to today’s thermo-nuclear weapons. One Russian SS-18 wipes out three-fourths of New York state for thousands of years. Five or six of these “Satans” as they are known by the US military, and the East Coast of the United States disappears.

Russia had a victory for Syria and democracy in its hands, but Putin lacked the decisiveness of a Napoleon or a Stalin and let his victory slip away as a result of false hopes that Washington could be trusted. Now a Russian/Syrian victory would require driving the Turks and Americans out of Syria.

If Russia struck hard and fast, Russia could succeed by using Washington’s lie and claiming that Russia thought the US and Turkish forces were ISIS, just as Washington claimed when Washington intentionally struck a known Syrian Army position.

If Russia actually annihilated the Turkish and US force, which Russia could easily do, NATO would collapse, because no European country wants to be destroyed in World War 3. But Russia won’t collapse NATO by decisive action. The Russians won’t fight until war is absolutely and totally forced upon them. Then they will pay a huge price for their indecisiveness rooted in their foolish belief that Russia has common grounds with Washington. The only common grounds Russia has with Washington requires Russia’s surrender. If Russia will surrender, Russia can achieve Western acceptance, and Washington’s agents, the Russian Atlanticist Integrationists, can rule Russia for Washington.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Russia, Syria, Turkey 
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  1. I think you’re right. But its hard for me to blame Putin for error on the side of caution when nuclear winter is at stake.

  2. Turkish occupied areas

    The Turkish invasion of Syria was fishy from its inception. To save face (and Syria), Putin needs to hit Turkish forces in Syria hard. Following the US precedent, Putin can claim it was a mistake.

  3. Again, Roberts gives too much credit to the Russian gene pool. He has this vision in his mind of a perfect textbook example of a Russian ethno-nationalist country where all the citizens practice Caucasian nationalism and eugenic breeding. But, the problem with his vision and the visions of all Caucasian nationalist leaders like Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald is that these leaders have their ethnic blinders on, thinking that Gentiles have the innate intelligence and personality required to be able to practice this utopian political system. But, in reality, Caucasian nationalism is too intellectually demanding for the Gentile brain, and so it can never be made a reality.

    It is the destiny of Russia to become a genetic and cultural cesspool, as it’s the destiny of all Gentiles.

    • Replies: @uslabor
  4. Did i miss something? The Aleppo pocket of terrorism is being wiped out…no more unilateral ceasefires.

  5. artichoke says:

    I figure the Russians are leaning to conservatism and risk reduction in the short term, because if Trump wins and Putin and Trump mutually want to stop fighting, they can stop fighting. Why would that not be possible?

    If Hillary wins … let’s not think about that and just hope Trump wins. Because if Hillary wins, Russia’s back would be against the wall, with our missiles pointed at their homeland, our missile shield activated and our betrayal in Syria. Then they might really be forced to consider the nuke (I assume they have a way to hit our mainland nevertheless — missile defense is much harder than missile attack), I shudder to think about it.

  6. Historian says:

    Russia doesn’t have enough troops in Syria to push for an absolute victory. Assad can’t get the job done, because he’s outnumbered.

    Nor can Russia deploy more troops to Syria. With the situation in Ukraine and NATO troops in the Baltics, Russia needs its troops at home.

    Putin is making the best of a bad situation. He would much prefer to get a negotiated settlement, so that he can withdraw all Russian troops.

  7. Diogenes says:

    Dr. Roberts, the Syrian game is not over yet, it is too soon to declare great power winners and losers although there can be no doubt the Syria has largely been destroyed and depopulated.
    We don’t know what the Kremlin Game Plan is but I am willing to bet it is better than the American Plan[s] are. If as you say the Americans want a direct conflict with Russia that is a pretty dumb plan but as you say Washington is populated by a lot of dumb politicians and government careerists. For my part, I commend the Kremlin’s caution and incrementalism; I for one would have pressed for the final showdown by now but would have been unconscionable and irresponsible of me. If Putin was more”decisive” we would be facing WW3.

  8. Russia and China may be using a “strategy of tension” to weaken the United States. Syria isn’t the only flashpoint in the world. China is making inroads into Eurasia While America is flailing about in Syria, and Obama drone attacks seven (7) countries in one (1) week.

    Obama’s TTIP seems doomed. His pivot to Asia and TPP are in deep trouble. The possibility exists for a pro Russian anti Globalist administration to take power in Washington. All this is set against the background of rising civil unrest in the US.

    China now has the yuan in the SDR basket making it one of the world’s reserve currencies. America has destroyed its credibility with its own people and with the rest of the world.

    So let’s do a recap:

    American military is over stretched and somewhat degraded after years of war.

    The American Security Complex can’t even secure its own servers. Its hacking software just got hacked and sold to the highest bidder on the Dark Web.

    American financial power is being challenged by China’s new financial institutions. (They have an alternative to SWIFT now.)

    America’s edge in technology (satellites, computers, software, etc) is fading quickly.

    America’s media/propaganda complex is degraded to the point where nobody trusts it.

    The American people are bordering on rebellion.

    America’s economy is teetering on the edge. Europe which should be a net plus might become a boat anchor dragging America into economic the abyss. ( Arrivederci Italy. )

    Fred Reed did a column recently where he basically acknowledged that America’s military superiority doesn’t translate well into dominance in the 21st century. America is rapidly becoming a spent force, intellectually, culturally and economically.

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
  9. If Professor Nadim Shehade is in the business of teaching diplomacy at Tufts University, then no wonder Amerika’s diplomacy is in such a sorry state. I wonder if professor Shehade is a neo con stooge for he sounds totally detached from the reality on the ground. His way of debating reminds of many talk shows in the Middle East that can be described as nothing more than a dialogue among the deaf who do not speak sign language. I think Professor Shehade is aiming for a career as a White House spokesman; what a pity he is not so articulate.

  10. Marcus says:

    Completely disagree, Russia has exposed US impotence and incompetence yet again in Syria. I don’t like Putin because of his domestic policies, but his geopolitical strategy has been masterful.

    • Replies: @JL
  11. JL says:

    Do you live in Russia? Have you ever even been there? If not, then please explain, how is your opinion on the domestic policies of a foreign country in any way relevant?

    • LOL: Marcus
    • Replies: @woodNfish
  12. crobert says:

    11 comments here; 179 on Information Clearing House

  13. woodNfish says:

    Roberts is a wannabe russian with occasional fits of lucidity, but those are becoming more rare.

    • Replies: @uslabor
  14. As I recall, just as Russian-backed forces were on the cusp of final victory over NATO-backed forces in eastern Ukraine, Putin fell for the same-ole neocon tactic of “let’s be good buddies and call a ceasefire” – you know, for humitarian reasons. Sadly, it seems that Putin and Lavrov find it impossible to abandon the foolish notion of one day, being accepted by the US as a “partner” in good standing.

  15. uslabor says:

    Yeah, Roberts is a wannabe Russian. That explains everything. I can see him now, dancing like a Cossack while eating cabbage and drinking vodka. Roberts is a wannabe Russian, yeah, that’s the ticket.

    • Replies: @WoodNfish
  16. WoodNfish says:

    You are free to explain his russian obsession any way you like.

  17. uslabor says:

    Thanks, Woody, and you are free to express your lunacy likewise.

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