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Happy Birthday Magna Carta
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Monday, June 15, 2015, is the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. In his book, Magna Carta, J.C. Holt, professor of medieval history, University of Cambridge, notes that three of the chapters of this ancient document still stand on the English Stature Book and that so much of what survives of the Great Charter is “concerned with individual liberty,” which “is a reflexion of the quality of the original act of 1215.”

In the 17th century Sir Edward Coke used the Great Charter of the Liberties to establish the supremacy of Parliament, the representative of the people, as the origin of law.

A number of legal scholars have made the irrelevant point that the Magna Carter protected rights of the Church, nobles, and free men who were not enserfed, a small percentage of the population in the early 13th century. We hear the same about the US Constitution–it was something the rich did for themselves. I have no sympathy for debunking human achievements that, in the end, gave ordinary people liberty.

At Runnymede in 1215 no one but the armed barons had the power and audacity to make King John submit to law. The rule of law, not the rule of the sovereign or of the executive branch in Washington acceded to by a cowardly and corrupt Congress and Supreme Court, is a human achievement that grew out of the Magna Carta over the centuries, with ups and downs of course.

Blackstone’s Commentaries in 1759 fed into the American Revolution and gave us the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The Geneva Conventions extended the rule of law to the international arena.

Beginning with the Clinton Administration and rapidly accelerating with the George W. Bush and Obama regimes and Tony Blair in England, the US and UK governments have run roughshod over their accountability to law.

Both the US and UK in the 21st century have gone to numerous wars illegally under the Nuremberg Standard established by the US and UK following Germany’s defeat in WWII and used to execute Germans for war crimes. The US and UK claim that unlike Germany they are immune to the very international law that they themselves established in order to punish the defeated Germans. Washington and London can bomb and murder at will, but not Germany.

Both governments illegally and unconstitutionally (the UK Constitution is unwritten) spy on their citizens, and the Bush and Obama executive branches have eviscerated, with the complicity of Congress and the federal courts, the entirely of the US Constitution except for the Second Amendment, which is protected by the strong lobby of the National Rifle Association. If the gun control “progressives” have their way, nothing will be left of the US Constitution.


Washington and its European satellites have subordinated law to a political and economic hegemonic agenda. Just as under the heyday of colonialism when the West looted the non-white world, today the West loots its own. Greece is being looted as was Ireland, and Italy and Spain will not escape looting unless they renege on their debts and leave the EU.

Western capitalism is a looting mechanism. It loots labor. It loots the environment, and with the transpacific and transatlantic “partnerships” it will loot the sovereign law of countries. For example, France’s laws against GMOs become “restraints on trade” and subjects France to punitive law suits by Monsanto. If France doesn’t pay Monsanto the damages Monsanto claims, France is subject to punitive sanctions like Washington applies to Russia when Russia doesn’t do what Washington wants.

A new slave existence is being created in front of our eyes as law ceases to be a shield of peoples and becomes a weapon in the hands of government. Eight hundred years of reform is being overturned as Washington and its vassals invade, bomb, and overthrow governments that are out of step with Washington’s agenda. Formerly self-sufficient agricultural communities are becoming wage slaves for international agribusiness corporations. Everywhere privilege is rising above law and justice is being lost.

The concentration of wealth and power is reminiscent of the aristocratic era and of Rome under the Caesars. The demise of the rule of law has stripped ordinary people of security and dignity. Peoples of the world must protect themselves by acting in defense of the Great Charter’s principle that governments are accountable to law. Governments unaccountable to law are tyrannies whatever they might call themselves, no matter how exceptional and indispensable they declare themselves to be.

Monday in Westminster in London, the International Tribunal for Natural Justice is forming. If my understanding of this work of Humanitad is correct, we have a cause for hope. Perhaps the Tribunal will try the criminals of our time, almost all of which are “leaders” of Western governments, on the Internet with juries and prosecutors so that populations everywhere can witness the evil that every Western government represents.

Once the West is perceived as the evil force that it is, it will have to reform and again embrace Edward Coke’s vision of the Great Charter or become an unimportant backwater while the rest of the world goes on to better things. The world is saved once the world ceases to bow down to the American Caesar.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. alexander says:

    Dear Mr Roberts,

    Very few people seem to recognize how the transformation of the United States from an esteemed and vibrant democracy into a despised (quasi) totalitarian tyranny …. mimics, in so many ways, the transformation of Germany from the Weimar Republic into the Nazi Empire, between the world wars…
    The “catalyst” for the transformation of Germany was ” The Reichstag Fire”…The catalyst in the United States was “9-11″…
    In Both cases, the heinous and shocking act of terrorism was followed by a rapid transformation in the law…
    In Germany it was the “Reichstag Fire Decree”….In the United States it was “The Patriot Act” !
    In Germany the “New Law” overthrew the pre-existing constitution as the” Nazi party” staged its coup, and began its ” Totalitarian Reign of Terror” !
    In the United States the “New Law ” overthrew our pre-existing constitution as the “Neoconservative party” staged its coup and began its” Totalitarian Reign of Terror”.

    In Germany, “the Age of Nazism” was defined by a massive increase in (false)propaganda, a Massive increase in militarization , a massive increase in Gestapo tactics: torture and state surveillance, a disregard for the rule of law (both internal and international,) and an insatiable desire for war, empire, conquest and global domination…

    In the United States,” the Age of the Neocon” is “tragically” defined in exactly the same way…….It is as jf the “Neocons” have copied nearly every aspect of “Nazism” , appropriated it, “disguised” it ,and retooled it to fit its “agenda” of world conquest !

    The “twist: In Nazi Germany the “scapegoat” was ” the Jew Rat”.
    In the United States the “scapegoat” is ” The Muslim Snake !”

    We know very well that it took nearly the complete destruction of civilization during World War Two to bring an end to the Nazi drive toward world domination…..

    What is bringing an end to the “Neocon Reign of Totalitarian Terror” we are all living under now?

    Could it be the Massive 18.5 trillion dollar US Debt accrued under Neocon tutelage and the potential collapse of the US Economy that triggers sweeping arrests and a claw back of defrauded funds to the American People ?

    The President, in what time he has left, acting as America’s Robin Hood.reestablishing justice..and hanging the “Neocons” with their own ” terror” noose ?

    Could it be a” nuclear war” with Russia or China or somewhere in the middle east ?

    Could it be a reasonably just and finalized resolution to the Israel /Palestine conflict?

    Could it be a massive uprising of the 99% against the 1% in our country ?…. A modern day “Storming of the Bastille”…with much tragic violence and crack downs. Yet in the end victory for the American people and The Magna Carta, as the Police side with the public and take down the Tyrants ! ?

    Or are the people crushed by the Tyrants and the age of “martial law ‘ begins?

    Does the Tyranny of Totalitarian Terror reign on, indefinitely ?
    Having usurped all the avenues of accountability that would ,indeed, seem to be the case !
    Perhaps modulating its aggression and feigning reform, running “proxy” elections every four years,disguising and re-disguising its true nature
    in endless platitudes of false freedom , false democracy and false hope ?

    We will see… time…. we will see !

  2. BillyClub says:

    Justice Blackstone, author of the Common Law Commentaries, was an arch-conservative and opposed the American Revolution. Our US Constitution and Bill of Rights have a number of sources. The main one, however, was that 5 ft. 4 in. wonk from Virginia – James Madison.

  3. The Magna Carta, another specious attempt by half-wits and dupes to restrict an entity that has no right to exist in the first place – government.

    Government is just the social hierarchy of the animal world wedded to a formal chain of command power structure.

    It benefits the savages at the top in the animal world and it benefits the savages at the top in man’s world. The rest get had.

    Poor stupid dupes.

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