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For Israel’s Sake the Israel Lobby Must be Held to Account
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It was ten years ago that the London Review of Books published an article on the Israel Lobby by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt, distinguished scholars at two of America’s top universities. The following year the publisher, Farrar, Straus and Giroux found the courage to publish The Israel Lobby, a book with 357 overwhelmingly 5 star reviews.

The Israel Lobby is an understated critique of the enomous influence that the tiny state of Israel, which consists of land stolen by fire and sword from the helpless Palestinians, exercises over United States foreign policy. The crazed Israel Lobby went berserk. Mearsheimer and Walt were demonized as anti-semetics who wanted to bring back Hitler.

Also in 2006 former President Jimmy Carter’s book, Peace Not Apartheid, was published by Simon & Schuster and became a New York Times bestseller with 846 overwhelmingly 5 star reviews. Carter, who as US president did his best to bring Israel and Palestine to a settlement, truthrully explained that Israel was the barrier to a settlement. The Israel Lobby demonized Carter as an anti-semite, and the Jews on the board of the Carter Center resigned.

No member of the Israel Lobby has the stature and distinction of Mearsheimer, Walt, and President Carter. The Lobby’s operatives are people of no significance who make a living slandering, libeling, and trying to destroy the reputation of everyone who makes the slightest criticism of Israeli government policies.

This tells us that the Israel Lobby knows that Israel’s behavior is so atrocious that it cannot stand the slightest examination. We can criticize Moscow without being labeled “anti-Russian,” and we can criticize Washington without being labeled “anti-American,” but we cannot criticize Israel without being labeled an “anti-semite” and accused of wanting to restart the holocaust.

Nevertheless, just as the Gestapo was untruthful but effective, the Israel Lobby is untruthful but effective. The Lobby has established its hegemony over the US publisher, McGraw-Hill. The cowardly publisher was forced to burn its own books and to destroy all copies of a widely used textbook,Global Politics: Engaging a Complex World. The book had to be destroyed, because it contained accurate maps showing the transformation of Palestine from a land inhabited by Palestinians into a land occupied by Zionists, sprinkled with a few Palestinian ghettos.

These maps are available all over the Internet, and any remaining professors sufficiently brave to call them to the attention of students can refer students to the Internet. Here is the URL to an article by Lawrence Davidson about McGraw-Hill’s submission to censorship that contains the maps:


The behavior of the Israel Lobby indicates that far stronger criticism of the Lobby is warranted than supplied by Mearsheimer, Walt, and President Carter. In 2007 the Lobby was able to reach into a Catholic University, DePaul, and overturn the decision of the tenure committee to award tenure to Norman Finkelstein, a distinguished Jewish scholar of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, who was declared by the Lobby to be an enemy of Israel. The craven cowardice of the DePaul University president, administration, and trustees indicates the power that the Lobby is so proud to have but consistently denies having.

In 2015 the Israel Lobby was able to reach into the University of Illinois and have rescinded the tenured appointment extended to Steven Salaita and accepted by him. Salaita resigned his tenure at Virginia Tech and sold his home, only to have his appointment resinded by University of Illinois chancellor Phyllis M. Wise and the university trustees, who apparently were offered large monetary donations to the university in return for reneging on the university’s contract with Salaita. Salaita had tweeted some criticism of the Israeli government’s behavior, and this transformed the scholar into an anti-semite.

Of all the countries in the world, only Israel cannot be criticized, not even by experts on the basis of established facts. This kind of power is illegitimate and unconscionable. The fact that American universities and publishers submit to it indicates the death of free speech and academic inquiry in the United States.

The Lobby’s power is a danger to Israel. The Lobby’s reliance and that of the Zionist government on force majeure alienates the rest of the world, but creates a hubristic sense of invulnerability in Israel itself. The pride that Israeli politicians express in their ability to control US foreign policy and the pride that the Lobby enjoys in its influence over US academic appointments, journalism appointments,and decisions of textbook publishers leads to an arrogance that eventially over reaches. In the meantime Israel is busy at work eliminaing friends whose constructive criticisms are intended to save Israel from a future of woe and misery. The result for Israel will be isolation.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Israel, Israel Lobby 
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  1. I’m curious-does whatever agreement have with its columnists require to publish all their output?

    I ask this because it doesn’t make sense to publish an article by an anti-Israel writer that claims to be pro-Israel.

    Imagine if Victoria Nuland had written an article here (wouldn’t happen) called ‘For Putin’s sake RT must be held to account’. I can imagine the reaction.

    I understand why James Petras and Philip Giraldi write for (although I don’t understand why Giraldi routinely gets ten times the comments, but that’s a different matter). To an extent the audience makes the writer. It at least makes sense.

    But ‘For Israel’s Sake the Israel Lobby Must be Held to Account’ by Paul Craig Roberts. Wrong everything.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  2. I don’t have a problem with Israel occupying or reestablishing its land by force. All nations were founded along these lines. European settlers dispossessed the natives in the Americas. The Rus subjugated local peoples as they embarked on their expansionary period which would create the Russian Empire. The Jews and Kurds deserve a homeland. In fact, the Jews probably deserve a larger slice of land. Jordan is effectively the Palestinian state. I have no problem with ‘soft’ ethnic cleansing. It solves conflicts and simplifies the security architecture.

    But the power the Israeli state enjoys over the foreign policy of a superpower is obscene. If we are wearing the hat of US foreign policy, properly framed as ‘what set of external relations benefit the American PEOPLE the most’, then the question of who is ‘right or wrong’ in the Israeli-Arab conflict is misformed. The question is ‘should America become involved in a dispute outside its own borders, and does taking a particular side in any way benefit the people of the Republic? Should we genuflect to Ethiopian interests in their territorial squabbles with Eritrea? Lets say the Ethiopians are 100% in the right. Is this a justification for making them a ‘key ally’? It’s none of the US’s business. What irks me about Zionism isn’t the Jewish nationalism; it’s that many of the supports of Zionism decry its national equivalents as ‘racist’. Thus my main problem with the tribe and its supporters is they won’t let us do what they do.

    • Replies: @alexander
    , @SolontoCroesus
  3. alexander says:

    What an interesting comment,

    So you have no problem whatsoever with Israels’ expulsion and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homes, property and land…

    Do you also have no problem with Hitlers expulsion and ethnic cleansing of Jews from their homes, property and land in Germany.?…commonly known as the Holocaust.

    I suppose you believe in Hitlers ideology of Lebensraum , too ?…(living space), which calls for the acquisition of territory through force, and war…

    I suppose all these activities , when Hitler does it , are the epitome of evil , monstrous, criminal behavior ….but when Israel does it…. its just fine and dandy ?

    For the record, all these activities, (ethnic cleansing, land grabbing ,etc,) were and are recognized as supreme international crimes after WWII…by the entire world.

    All the international laws , forbidding it, are established norms… much the same way its unacceptable for you to walk over to your neighbors house…shoot him in the face and take his home and property.

    Rather than act as an exemplar of high moral and ethical conduct,in a post holocaust world, Israel seems to betray the very lessons it seeks to impart ,by holocaust-ing Palestine and the Palestinians on a daily basis.

    Rather then face squarely the supreme hypocrisy of its own behavior, Israel spends enormous amounts of mental energy , time ,and money obfuscating, denying and falsifying its ongoing extermination of Palestine.

    Part of the pernicious power of the lobby lies in convincing , coercing , or bribing our government officials into not only carrying water for their obfuscations, but in committing some form of heinous criminal belligerent behavior too, then the dirt that exists on them, they smudge all over us.

    One can argue, in no uncertain terms, the abandonment of our constitution, and the values it imparts, post 9-11, was a direct result of the lobby’s desire to have our country betray its most sacred ideals…and enter into the nether regions, along with them, of what is supremely criminal behavior….initiating war of aggression.

    They spend enormous effort in concocting “pretexts” which make this criminal act seem good or heroic….but the curtain has been pulled back sufficiently to expose these “pretexts” for what they are…..Fraud”.

    Its very tragic for all of us this fraud has cost the american taxpayer tens of trillions of dollars in insolvency and created tens of millions of refugees from war torn areas of their creation.

    I guess making sure the evil is stained on US, guarantees the evil on them doesn’t look so bad.

    It doesn’t have to be this way, for Israel or the US, but unfortunately, for the moment, it is.

    It is quite tragic, in fact, for us all.

    • Replies: @Lemurmaniac
  4. @Lemurmaniac

    I don’t have a problem with Israel occupying or reestablishing its land by force. All nations were founded along these lines. . . .

    But the power the Israeli state enjoys over the foreign policy of a superpower is obscene. . . .The question is ‘should America become involved in a dispute outside its own borders, and does taking a particular side in any way benefit the people of the Republic?’

    What is unique about the establishment [please, not reestablishment] of Israel is that from the very beginning of the zionist idea Jews have obscenely exploited and manipulated the superpowers of the day and dragged that state into taking a particular side in a conflict that did not involve them, for the purpose of benefiting Jews and creating the Jewish state in Palestine.

    The people of the United States had no interest in the disputes between the French, Russians, Germans and British in World War I, but as Leonard Stein has detailed in The Balfour Declaration, Chaim Weizmann, in concert with other Jewish zionist leaders and organizations in Europe and USA, “made the bet” that if the British won that conflict, the Jews could acquire superpower support and protect of a homeland for Jews in Palestine.

    As this video explains (h/t Agent76) propagandist and master at manipulating the minds of men and crowds Edward Bernays, created the memes that Wilson mouthed that drew USA into WWI, and Bernays was at Woodrow Wilson’s elbow throughout Versailles negotiations.

    Of the Versailles treaties Edwin Black wrote: “Jews emerged from Versailles with a dual triumph: they acquired a homeland for Jews in Palestine, and they were guaranteed rights in the European states where they were a minority.” (The Transfer Agreement)

    “There is only one power which really counts. The power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it.” — Vladimir Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, 1935

    Bernays and the increasingly powerful zionist organizations, and the US institutions Bernays’ acolytes such as Paul Warburg established or influence, such as the Federal Reserve bank and an income tax — were deployed to elect Franklin D Roosevelt; to gather money from US taxpayers and funnel it to Stalin; to demonize Germany; to draw USA into another war in Europe, from which Jews also derived multiple benefits, including the Esther-on-steroids destruction of the German people and state; and to flip the narrative of this genocide to appeal to the world’s pity and sense of justice to demand support for the declaration of the state of Israel.

    Jews continue to use these methods to maintain their position as manipulator of US foreign AND domestic policy.

    That is what is unique about the establishment of the Jewish state.

  5. Rehmat says:

    Dr. Roberts – Americans are not the only people victimized by the ‘Israel Lobby’. The British, French, Australian, Canadian, and German.

    On October 9, 2015, Jewish commentary website The National Interest, published Israel-First John Ford’s cry that next American president’s priority must be repairing US relations with Israel damaged by its friendly gesture to Iran.

    “In January of 2017 a new president will be sworn. He or she should immediately seek to repair American relation with Israel. From the Israel perspective, a strong relationship with the US provides valuable security in a dangerous region. From perspective of the US, Israel can check the rise of a regional power that could threaten the position of United States….. Until 1979, America aligned itself with Iran to check Soviet influence in the Middle East. Now, with the Soviet Union gone, Iran is the country that poses the greatest risk becoming a regional hegemon that could drive American influence out of the Middle East,” Ford said.

    Ford doesn’t need a PhD to learn that Israel is and always has been the most pampered American ally. It has been receiving an annual military aid worth $3 billion, which Barack Obama has promised to increase to $4.5 billion. Not only Barack Hussein Obama’s administration is loaded by pro-Israel Jew and Christians, the Czar of US coalition against ISIS/ISIL is no other than Israeli-poodle Gen. John Allen. He is Fellow at several Jewish advocacy groups, such as, Center for New American Security and Bloomberg Institute. He is against US-Iran nuclear deal. As it seems Obama is bent on the agreement, Allen has announced to quit his post in order not to lead a war against Israel’s baby monster IS.

  6. Lemurmaniac says:

    “I don’t have a problem with Israel occupying or reestablishing its land by force. All nations were founded along these lines.”

    What kind of logic is that?

    “The Jews and Kurds deserve a homeland.”

    Many Jews have homelands all over the world, and many of them are quite well at home in the USA in fact. Do they “deserve” a special homeland any more than Christians and Muslims? Why or why not?

    Kudos to PCR for another fine article.

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
  7. Realist says:

    Great article with excellent points.

  8. Rehmat says:

    I agree. In order to join the ‘free journalism’ UNZ must follow the hatred of ‘freedom of speech’ by the Organized Jewry in the West.

    On April 2, 2016, Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Telegraph reported that British government had ceased funding of a charity, War on Want that was accused by the Jewish Lobby of sponsoring events that promote violence against Jews.

    The newspaper claimed that the Department for International Development ceased funding the charity, said to amount to £260,000 (The Jerusalem Post raised the figure to £500,000) in the past year, apart from a small project in Northern Ireland.

    On April 3, War on Want, UK’s most respected charity dismissed the news as a Jewish fabrication.

    “The story in today’s Telegraph is a complete fabrication. War on Want has not sought any UK government support for its operations for a number of years now, so it is absurd to suggest that we have had our funding ‘pulled’. The insinuation that we have been criticized by the government for standing up for the rights of the Palestinian people is equally bogus. We will be contacting the Telegraph to help it set the record straight,” said John Hilary, Executive Director at War on Want in a statement.

  9. I agree with the title of the article and would go a step further. I believe that for the For the Sake of Jews Israel Must be Held to Account, and here are some prominent reasons why:

    “All prominent Jewish Rabbis, both Hasidic and anti-Hasidic, condemned Zionism as a heresy. The People of Israel were united by their absolute obedience to God’s 613 commandments, not by any “national” bonds.
    God had strictly forbidden any mass return to the Land of Israel, since He had exiled the Jews for their sinful behavior. The Jewish Diaspora was thus decreed by God and had to remain, until He changes His mind.
    And here came the Zionists, mostly atheists, and wanted to bring the Jews to the Land of Israel without God’s permission, indeed abolishing God altogether.
    They built a secular society. They held abysmal contempt for the Diaspora, especially for the Orthodox “ghetto Jews”. Their founding father, Theodor Herzl, held that after the foundation of the Jewish State, no one outside it would be considered a Jew anymore.”

    Uri Avnery, Nothing New Under the Sun ,Feb 1, 2014

  10. @alexander

    “So you have no problem whatsoever with Israels’ expulsion and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homes, property and land…”

    None of my business. It’s happen often in the third world. It’s pretty much how all modern states were founded. The USSR deported thousands of Germans from Polish territory after WWII, which was good. Fixed irredentist tendencies.

    Ethnic cleansing is on a scale. I don’t support massacring people to create a homogenous ethnic state, but it makes a lot of sense to me to say, ‘Armenians on THIS side of the line, Turks on THIS side. The Kurds are doing this now in Kirkuk. I have no objection to that. By crystallizing contradictory and often hostile ethnic identities into distinct units, you can sometimes stop long term conflicts, or at least define them so they can be managed. Much better Armenia vs Azerbaijan than a Lebanon scenario.

    “I suppose you believe in Hitlers ideology of Lebensraum , too ?…(living space), which calls for the acquisition of territory through force, and war…”

    That’s the reality of the international order. Everyone secured their patch of land through force. We generally recognize once the cage match for territory ends and a stable state emerges, its in the long interests of everybody to respect sovereignty. That’s why France doesn’t attack England anymore. Because its just destructive. Not because a bunch of people who happened by genetic and migrational accident to end up in the British Isles or Southwest continental Europe have some kind of inherent title deed to their lands.

    “For the record, all these activities, (ethnic cleansing, land grabbing ,etc,) were and are recognized as supreme international crimes after WWII…by the entire world. All the international laws , forbidding it, are established norms… much the same way its unacceptable for you to walk over to your neighbors house…shoot him in the face and take his home and property.”

    This policy makes sense only for identity groups who been through the cage match and got their trophy as i explained above. Norms have to be embedded in some generative reality. They can be changed by establishing facts on the ground. Just because the UN says it doesn’t make it true, right, or sensible It’s like Kelson’s theory of the grundnorm. If a revolution succeeds, the revolution is the ‘legal’ foundation of the new order. If it fails, the old legal order condemns them. Paradox.

    What I do have problem with is funding random groups nationalistic programs. So I have a problem with the Jewish lobby in that regard.

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