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Don’t Count On Trump Being Inaugurated
The Ruling Establishment Does Not Intend For Trump To Become President.
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The latest “explosive” fake news is that “multiple US officials with direct knowledge” told CNN that they have “classified documents” that Russia has compromising documents on Trump that would allow them to blackmail the US President. The documents consist of memos compiled by a former British intelligence operative “whose past work US intelligence officials consider credible.”

According to “the dossier claimed several figures in the Trump campaign were in league with the Russian government during the campaign, and that Russia had been conspiring with them to groom Trump as an ally for ‘at least five years.’ It also claims exchanges of information between Trump and the Kremlin for ‘at least eight years,’ . . . The dossier names former Trump adviser Carter Page, his personal lawyer Michael Cohen, as well as incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn as having personally and repeatedly met with Kremlin officials on anti-Clinton leaks.”

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is the former Director of the Defense Intellience Agency. If such a high level US intelligence official is repeatedly meeting with Kremlin officials and the CIA has to learn about it from memos written by an unidentified former British intelligent agent, the CIA is totally incompetent.

The dossier claims that in Russian hands are videos of “wild sex parties” staged by Trump on his numerous trips to Moscow. And it gets wilder.

The New York Times also ran with the story but did state that there was at the present time no confirmation for the story.

Consider these three questions:

How would a former British intelligence operative get such extraordinary documents from Russian intelligence?

If he had such documents, why would he hand them over instead of selling them to Trump for a major fortune?

Why would such a crazy story be on CNN and in the New York Times unless the ruling establishment intends to use it to block Trump from the presidency?

What this elevation in wild charges tells me is that the CIA’s effort to sell Trump on the Russisn hacking did not succeed, and the CIA has escalated its attack on the president-elect.

Here are the URLs to the CNN, NYTimes, and reports:

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  1. Well, the Constitution doesn’t have anything about impeaching a President-elect. 20th, 25th Amendment and Presidential succession acts would also not seem to apply since Trump would appear to qualify for office and would only apply if he dies before taking the oath, although after taking the oath he might be deemed by the Cabinet under the 25th amendment to be unable to discharge his duties and therefore removed. Any way you look at it, if he lives to the inauguration, he will be inaugurated, so what exactly are you suggesting will happen?

  2. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This has all gotten into la-la land. The sex story is colorful and lurid, the product of someone who obviously spends a lot of time watching pornography. If the Russians had some hotel room bugged when Trump was there then they must have also gotten the Obamas who were there previously. I suppose we can all look forward to disinformation campaigns, endless marches by hired protesters and others forms of disruption in our own color revolution carried out domestically. Seems as if they are getting desperate. Probably a lot of files and records are being deleted by the outgoing administration. It’s a strange situation to have the CIA being used against a legitimately elected president. Who knows what’s been going on in the insider’s club all these years?

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
  3. It does look more and more like a CIA coup against yet another election that didn’t turn out right, this time at home instead of abroad. All legal, now the law was changed last year to allow disinformation campaigns domestically.

  4. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Stray thought: Could VP Pence and the Republican house use these “scandals” to pull a 25th on Trump?

  5. These intelligence agency “investigations” are a ruse. The Democrats and media want Trump to cancel these types of deceitful and irresponsible actions so that Trump can be accused of having something to hide. Ridiculous!

  6. Is there any way that someone could set up a betting pool for predictions? Maybe if the proceeds went to charity it would be legal.

  7. Skeptikal says:

    It is hilarious.
    But the CIA probably isn’t laughing.
    It doesn’t like being made to make a fool of itself.
    They will be more scary and dangerous than ever.
    Like an injured lion.
    Well, maybe like an injured orangutan.
    Now the Trump-hating orangutans will go ever farther out on a limb to “be right.”
    Because, surely they have just signed their own pink “you’re fired” slips with latest Keystone Cops fiasco.

  8. My take is that a coup is most likely, and as it appears out of the latest increasing vertigo of WH/CIA actions, it is very probable that it will take place before or during the inauguration… Plausible scenarios: a Kennedy blue-print (expeditive but dangerous), a Maidan-like purple “revolution” (including snipers-a fashion in recent years), a Deir-Az-Zor provocation expecting retaliation… Perhaps a newly designed conspiracy… All will lead to Obama declaring an emergency state and staying in the WH, and war on Russia, on whatever false flag, in order to avoid civil war by militarization and “patriotic” hysteria…
    Another modus operandi might follow a Brazilian path, fabricating fake charges in order to impeach Trump, but it has the disadvantge of being cumbersome and slow, and above all, of depriving BHO from keeping/seizing power.
    All of it will depend on the balance of power and occasion. But “they” will not allow Trump, like “they” didn’t allow Kennedy, and for a very similar reason: dialogue with the alleged enemy, and removal of the major obstacle for war. Only this time war is not on Vietnam but on Russia. And they badly want that war, whatever the cost.
    It is, again, the march of folly.

  9. MarkinLA says:

    The dossier claims that in Russian hands are videos of “wild sex parties” staged by Trump on his numerous trips to Moscow. And it gets wilder.

    I don’t know about this. I saw some pretty hot chicks in Moscow when I was there. If they had a sex tape of me and some of them I would ask for a copy and see if I could sell it. I would at least be pretty proud of it.

  10. I find it extremely funny how 1 media source is taken as holy grail, while dismissing every other ones as “fake news” now that is funny.

    Megathread: Intelligence report claims Russia has compromising information on Trump; Trump denies allegations in press conference from politics

    keep an open mind, no need to rush to any conclusions. follow this. this is gonna be huge.

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