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Does Russia (And Humanity) Have A Future?
Europe is complicit in its own demise
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The Russian government has finally realized that it has no Western “partners,” and is complaining bitterly about the propagandistic lies and disinformation issued without any evidence whatsoever against the Russian government by Washington, its European vassals, and presstitute media.

Perhaps the Russian government thought that only Iraq, Libya, Syria, China, and Edward Snowden would be subjected to Washington’s lies and demonization.

It was obvious enough that Russia would be next.

The Russian government and Europe need to look beyond Washington’s propaganda, because the reality is much worst.

NATO commander General Breedlove and Senate bill 2277 clearly indicate that Washington is organizing itself and Europe for war against Russia (see my previously posted column).

Europe is reluctant to agree with Washington to put Ukraine in NATO. Europeans understand that if Washington or its stooges in Kiev cause a war with Russia Europe will be the first casualty. Washington finds its vassals’ noncompliance tiresome. Remember Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s “fuck the EU.” And that is just what Washington is about to do.

The US Senate’s Russian Aggression Prevention Act, about which I reported in my previous column, does even more mischief than I reported. If the bill passes, which it likely will, Washington becomes empowered to bypass NATO and to grant the status of “allied nation” to Ukraine independently of NATO membership. By so doing, Washington can send troops to Ukraine and thereby commit NATO to a war with Russia.

Notice how quickly Washington escalated the orchestrated Ukrainian “crisis” without any evidence into “Russian aggression.” Overnight we have the NATO commander and US senators taking actions against “Russian aggression” of which no one has seen any evidence.

With Iraq, Libya, and Syria, Washington learned that Washington could act on the basis of baldfaced lies. No one, not Great Britain, not France, not Germany, not Italy, not the Netherlands, not Canada, not Australia, not Mexico, not New Zealand, not Israel, nor Japan, nor S. Korea, nor Taiwan, nor (substitute your selection) stepped forward to hold Washington accountable for its blatant lies and war crimes. The UN even accepted the package of blatant and obviously transparent lies that Colin Powell delivered to the UN. Everything Powell said had already been refuted by the UN’s own weapons inspectors. Yet the UN pussies gave the go-ahead for a devastating war.

The only conclusion is that all the whores were paid off. The whores can always count on Washington paying them off. For money the whores are selling out civilization to Washington’s war, which likely will be nuclear and terminate life on earth. The whores’ money will incinerate with them.

It is hardly surprising that Washington now targets Russia. The world has given Washington carte blanche to do as it pleases. We have now had three administrations of US war criminals welcomed and honored wherever the war criminals go. The other governments in the world continue to desire invitations to the White House as indications of their worth. To be received by war criminals has become the highest honor.

Even the president of China comes to Washington to receive acceptance by the Evil Empire.

The world did not notice Washington’s war crimes against Serbia and didn’t puke when Washington then put the Serbian president, who had tried to prevent his country from being torn apart by Washington, on trial as a war criminal.

The world has made no effort to hold Washington responsible for its destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria and Gaza. The world has not demanded that Washington stop murdering people in Pakistan and Yemen, countries with which Washington is not at war. The world looks the other way as Washington creates the US Africa Command. The world looks the other way as Washington sends deadly weapons to Israel with which to murder women and children in the Gaza Ghetto. Washington passes Senate and House Resolutions cheering on the Israeli murder of Palestinians.

Washington is accustomed to its free pass, granted by the world, to murder and to lie, and now is using it against Russia.

Russian President Putin’s bet that by responding to Washington’s aggression in Ukraine in a unprovocative and reasonable manner would demonstrate to Europe that Russia was not the source of the problem has not payed off. European countries are captive nations. They are incapable of thinking and acting for themselves. They bend to Washington’s will. Essentially, Europe is a nonentity that follows Washington’s orders.

If the Russian government hopes to prevent war with Washington, which is likely to be the final war for life on earth, the Russian government needs to act now and end the problem in Ukraine by accepting the separatist provinces’ request to be reunited with Russia. Once S.2277 passes, Russia cannot retrieve the situation without confronting militarily the US, because Ukraine will have been declared an American ally.

Putin’s bet was reasonable and responsible, but Europe has failed him. If Putin does not use Russian power to bring an end to the problem with which Washington has presented him in Ukraine while he still can, Washington’s next step will be to unleash its hundreds of NGOs inside Russia to denounce Putin as a traitor for abandoning the Russian populations in the former Russian provinces that Soviet leaders thoughtlessly attached to Ukraine.

The problem with being a leader is that you inherit festering problems left by previous leaders. Putin has the problems bequeathed by Yeltsin. Yeltsin was a disaster for Russia. Yeltsin was Washington’s puppet. It is not certain that Russia will survive Yeltsin’s mistakes.

If Washington has its way, Russia will survive only as an American puppet state.


In a previous column I described the article in Foreign Affairs, the journal of the Washington foreign policy community, that makes a case that the US has such strategic advantage over Russia at this time that a “window of opportunity” exists for the US to remove Russia as a restraint on US hegemony with a preemptive nuclear attack.

It is almost certain that Obama is being told that President John F. Kennedy had this window of opportunity and did not use it, and that Obama must not let the opportunity pass a second time.

As Stephen Starr explained in a guest column, there are no winners of nuclear war. Even if the US escapes retaliatory strikes, everyone will die regardless.

The view in Washington of the neoconservatives, who control the Obama regime, is that nuclear war is winnable. No expert opinion supports their assumption, but the neocons, not the experts, are in power,

The American people are out to lunch. They have no comprehension of their likely fate. Americans are an uninformed people distracted by their mounting personal and financial problems. If Europeans are aware, they have decided to live for the moment on Washington’s money.

What life is faced with is a drive for hegemony on the part of Washington and ignorant unconcern on the part of the rest of the world.

Americans, worked into a lather about Washington’s unfunded liabilities and the viability of their future Social Security pension, won’t be alive to collect it.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. syonredux says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that this article was written at the end of a 72 hours without sleep amphetamines binge….

    • Replies: @KA
  2. Mr. Roberts, I have kinda been waiting for you to make this assesment. Having been born in the 40’s and watching america ravel and now unravel with exceptional prowess I am still mazed (yeah like being in a maze with no exit) how difficult it is for people to hug fear so tightly that their brains are constantly in fight or flight mode. They seem to flee from reality and so fight against reason and compassion. Anyone whi takes the time as you so eloquently do, could see this coming as far back as the 1980s. I don’t do it often but now I pray that your words reach the public river called the usa and realization sets in. Only that way can our children escape from “DUCK AND COVER” that was so poular when I was groeing up. Thank you

  3. MarkU says:

    @ syon

    Your masterful point by point rebuttal of Dr Roberts evidently deficient article was a joy to read, I was beginning to think that intelligent debate was a dying art.

    • Replies: @syonredux
  4. syonredux says:

    MarkU:”Your masterful point by point rebuttal of Dr Roberts evidently deficient article was a joy to read, I was beginning to think that intelligent debate was a dying art.”

    How does one rebut hysteria? Best to simply observe that Roberts long ago ascended to his own private reality, a realm that only occasionally intersects with our own mundane sphere.

    • Replies: @KA
  5. KA says:

    Why are you saying this?

  6. KA says:

    No you have not answered which part of Robert you don’t like or find wrong.
    Is the portion that deals with facts or is the part that deals with opinion? Help us . It is important.
    If it is both,tell us how and why.

    • Replies: @syonredux
  7. syonredux says:

    “Why are you saying this?”

    The old fashioned reason.Because it’s true.

    “No you have not answered which part of Robert you don’t like or find wrong.”

    How does one go about analyzing a fever dream?

    “Is the portion that deals with facts or is the part that deals with opinion?”

    MMM, where does the one end and the other begin?

    ” Help us . It is important.”

    Dear fellow,Sheldon Adelson’s opinions are important. Indeed, his very bowel movements deserve the closest study for the insights that they might bring to the course of events. The people who spend their time posting on blogs are not important, myself included. It’s simply a way for them to feel important.

    “If it is both,tell us how and why.”

    Do categories like “how” and “why” exist in a dream?

  8. Evidently, Sheldon Adelson has named one of his bowel movements “syon”.

    • Replies: @syonredux
  9. syonredux says:
    @Option Value

    Option Value:”Evidently, Sheldon Adelson has named one of his bowel movements “syon”.

    If only I were that important….

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