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Cold War Renewed with A Vengeance While Washington Again Lies
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The Cold War made a lot of money for the military/security complex for four decades dating from Churchill’s March 5, 1946 speech in Fulton, Missouri declaring a Soviet “Iron Curtain” until Reagan and Gorbachev ended the Cold War in the late 1980s. During the Cold War Americans heard endlessly about “the Captive Nations.” The Captive Nations were the Baltics and the Soviet bloc, usually summarized as “Eastern Europe.”

These nations were captive because their foreign policies were dictated by Moscow, just as these same Captive Nations, plus the UK, Western Europe, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Georgia, and Ukraine, have their foreign policies dictated today by Washington. Washington intends to expand the Captive Nations to include Azerbaijan, former constituent parts of Soviet Central Asia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

During the Cold War Americans thought of Western Europe and Great Britain as independent sovereign countries. Whether they were or not, they most certainly are not today. We are now almost seven decades after WWII, and US troops still occupy Germany. No European government dares to take a stance different from that of the US Department of State.

Not long ago there was talk both in the UK and Germany about departing the European Union, and Washington told both countries that talk of that kind must stop as it was not in Washington’s interest for any country to exit the EU. The talk stopped. Great Britain and Germany are such complete vassals of Washington that neither country can publicly discuss its own future.

When Baltasar Garzon, a Spanish judge with prosecuting authority, attempted to indict members of the George W. Bush regime for violating international law by torturing detainees, he was slapped down.

In Modern Britain, Stephane Aderca writes that the UK is so proud of being Washington’s “junior partner” that the British government agreed to a one-sided extradition treaty under which Washington merely has to declare “reasonable suspicion” in order to obtain extradition from the UK, but the UK must prove “probable cause.” Being Washington’s “junior partner,” Aderca reports, is an ego-boost for British elites, giving them a feeling of self-importance.

Under the rule of the Soviet Union, a larger entity than present day Russia, the captive nations had poor economic performance. Under Washington’s rule, these same captives have poor economic performance due to their looting by Wall Street and the IMF.

As Giuseppe di Lampedusa said, “Things have to change in order to remain the same.”

The looting of Europe by Wall Street has gone beyond Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Ukraine, and is now focused on France and Great Britain. The American authorities are demanding $10 billion from France’s largest bank on a trumped-up charge of financing trade with Iran, as if it is any business whatsoever of Washington’s who French banks choose to finance. And despite Great Britain’s total subservience to Washington, Barclays bank has a civil fraud suit filed against it by the NY State Attorney General.

The charges against Barclays PLC are likely correct. But as no US banks were charged, most of which are similarly guilty, the US charge against Barclays means that big pension funds and mutual funds must flee Barclays as customers, because the pension funds and mutual funds would be subject to lawsuits for negligence if they stayed with a bank under charges.

The result, of course, of the US charges against foreign banks is that US banks like Morgan Stanley and Citigroup are given a competitive advantage and gain market share in their own dark pools.

So, what are we witnessing? Clearly and unequivocally, we are witnessing the use of US law to create financial hegemony for US financial institutions. The US Department of Justice (sic) has had evidence for five years of Citigroup’s participation in the fixing of the LIBOR interest rate, but no indictment has been forthcoming.

The bought and paid for governments of Washington’s European puppet states are so corrupt that the leaders permit Washington control over their countries in order to advance American financial, political, and economic hegemony.

Washington is organizing the world against Russia and China for Washington’s benefit. On June 27 Washington’s puppet states that comprise the EU issued an ultimatum to Russia.The absurdity of this ultimatum is obvious. Militarily, Washington’s EU puppets are harmless. Russia could wipe out Europe in a few minutes. Here we have the weak issuing an ultimatum to the strong.

The EU, ordered by Washington, told Russia to suppress the opposition in southern and eastern Ukraine to Washington’s stooge government in Kiev. But, as every educated person knows, including the White House, 10 Downing Street, Merkel, and Holland, Russia is not responsible for the separatist unrest in eastern and southern Ukraine. These territories are former constituent parts of Russia that were added to the Ukrainian Soviet Republic by Soviet Communist Party leaders when Ukraine and Russia were two parts of the same country.

These Russians want to return to Russia because they are threatened by the stooge government in Kiev that Washington has installed. Washington, determined to force Putin into military action that can be used to justify more sanctions, is intent on forcing the issue, not on resolving the issue.

What is Putin to do? He has been given 72 hours to submit to an ultimatum from a collection of puppet states that he can wipe out at a moment’s notice or seriously inconvenience by turning off the flow of Russian natural gas to Europe.

Historically, such a stupid challenge to power would result in consequences. But Putin is a humanist who favors peace. He will not willingly give up his strategy of demonstrating to Europe that the provocations are coming from Washington, not from Russia. Putin’s hope, and Russia’s, is that Europe will eventually realize that Europe is being badly used by Washington.


Washington has hundreds of Washington-financed NGOs in Russia hiding behind various guises such as “human rights,” and Washington can unleash these NGOs on Putin at will, as Washington did with the protests against Putin’s election. Washington’s fifth columns claimed that Putin stole the election even though polls showed that Putin was the clear and undisputed winner.

In 1991 Russians were, for the most part, delighted to be released from communism and looked to the West as an ally in the construction of a civil society based on good will. This was Russia’s mistake. As the Brzezinski and Wolfowitz doctrines make clear, Russia is the enemy whose rise to influence must be prevented at all cost.

Putin’s dilemma is that he is caught between his heart-felt desire to reach an accommodation with Europe and Washington’s desire to demonize and isolate Russia.

The risk for Putin is that his desire for accommodation is being exploited by Washington and explained to the EU as Putin’s weakness and lack of courage. Washington is telling its European vassals that Putin’s retreat under Europe’s pressure will undermine his status in Russia, and at the right time Washington will unleash its many hundreds of NGOs to bring Putin to ruin.

This was the Ukraine scenario. With Putin replaced with a compliant Russian, richly rewarded by Washington, only China would remain as an obstacle to American world hegemony.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Yakov says:

    To call Putin a humanist is absurd. Otherwise I agree with this article. US wants a war in Ukraine, wheras Russia needs to avoid a military confrontation right now. If Ukraine adopts a federal constitution it will be possible. I’m betting on Putin to win this round. At an opportune time Donbass and Luhansk republics will be reunited with Russia, just like Crimea.

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Considering that Mr. Roberts played an integral role in formulating “Reagonomics”, his quote of “The looting of Europe by Wall Street” is delicious irony. Most assuredly, he and his ilk have contributed to the ruin of a civilization abandoned by its watchmen and looted by its jackals.

  3. KA says:

    Britain has been on a suicidal path from 1914. Churchill was the single most pathetic instigator to this act prior to 2nd World War. The vainglorious possibly compromised this hubristic man singlehandedly destroyed UK . He had skeletons inthe closet that were never allowed day light.
    He was blackmailed according to some . That is always a distinct reality given the facts that Americans leaders of current genre are all victims and participants in the similar corrupt culture ready for abuse and manipulation . likec Churchill these leaders of different clubs are always ready to offer similar Churchillian services in the name of the vainglorious nationalistic claims and bold patriotic assertions

  4. Art M says:

    I don’t know if Putin is a humanist (whatever the hell a humanist is – I suppose it has something not to do with Gorillaists or Kangarooists) but I have heard that Ukraine has been keeping itself warm and fuzzy running up a 5 Billion dollar gas bill- an outstanding gas bill they don’t seem to have any intention of repaying (which must look like fresh meat to the IMF). Mr. Roberts has been announcing his man-crush for good ol’ Vlad for some time now and I’ve, kind of, gotten used to it; but, I suppose in the absence of any other worthy recipient, Putin is as good a choice as the next. Interestingly, Putin seems somewhat calm about the whole thing, almost uncharacteristically (humanisticly?) calm. Hmmmm. It makes me suspect that Putin has seen Bill Hicks’ comedy routine about the movie Shane.

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It’s such a relief to find a website dealing with accepted/established geopolitical variables at hand, as opposed to simply regurgitating partisan talking points.

    A most informative article indeed.

  6. Kiza says:

    Commentators mention irony, but the irony of the highest degree is that the EU states have issued an ultimatum to Russia almost on the day of Austro-Hungarian empire’s ultimatum to Serbia 100 years ago. After this ultimatum, the AH empire attacked Serbia, which was under protection of the Russian Tzar. This started the WW1. The greatest irony is in the fact that on this horrible anniversary the EU countries blather ‘never again’ whilst issuing an ultimatum to Russia very similar to the one which started the ‘War to End All Wars’.

    An extremely powerful historical revisionism and propaganda movement in the West and, especially in the most US-servile Anglosphere, creates an alternative reality in which it was Serbia, Russia and France which started WW1. They even have a propaganda one-liner catch phrase: “The shots which started WW1, by a Serbian terrorist.” It is not the killing of one man which starts a global war, it is the policy of government or governments. WW1 was started by Austro-Hungary emboldened by Germany.

    Parallels with today’s situation are painful.

  7. BDoyle says:

    This is my first time visiting this blog. Since the author appears to be unhinged, it will probably be my last.

    I did want to comment on his misreading of the crisis in Ukraine, though. Putin’s problem is not that he is struggling to maintain some image of a virtuous humanitarian: if it were in Russia’s interest to annex eastern Ukraine, he would do this, and sanctions be damned. The slap on the wrist he got for annexing Crimea demonstrates that sanctions are theater, and the West does not have any actual vital interests in this area.

    No, his problem is that slicing off pieces of Russian-speaking Ukraine is not good for him in the long run. Those areas act as an anchor, holding the entire Ukraine within the Russian sphere of influence. (Krushchev put them in there deliberately.) Subtract them, and the rest of the Ukraine is gone. As the author would have it, into the greedy arms of the IMF. There is some truth in this paranoid fantasy, Western Ukraine would now owe nothing to Russia and start orbiting around Europe.

  8. Kiza says:

    It is terrible to state that someone is unhinged when the same could be leveled at you.

    Yet, even though you start from the US propaganda established premise that Putin is to blame for the Ukrainian crisis, which the “unhinged” article author has not fallen for, you do make a one valid point. The point is that Eastern Ukraine had a chance of keeping the whole of Ukraine in the Russian sphere of influence. Unfortunately, now there is a full scale war in Eastern Ukraine that the US engineered. Due to the current situation on the ground, after so much killing and destruction in the East, the federalization of Ukraine, which Russia has proposed in earnest, is not an option any more. Peace can now be established only be the division of Ukraine. It is just a matter of time before the Russians roll their tanks into the Eastern Ukraine and kick the US supported Nazis death-squads out. Another huge massacre in Eastern Ukraine (like Odessa), or any major new sanctions imposed on Russia by EU, and Putin will have no other option. I am reading that Russians are getting fed up with the waterfall of BS coming from the USG Putin is fully aware that Russian tanks in Ukraine has been the US goal from the start, to isolate Russia from the EU.

    BTW, the 2014 Winder Olympic Games in Sochi will go into history as the most stupid Olympic Games in their history. Whilst the Russian security apparatus was fully focused on protecting against terrorist treat inside Russia, the US apparatus did a coup in the neighboring country, absolutely vital for Russia. Whilst Russia was working so hard and paying a huge amount of money to project to the world an image of a modern and successful capitalist country, the US neocons were cooking its demise in the neighborhood. Putin did not see that one coming.

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